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Positive Talk Radio is all about celebrating YOU, our members!

Members only here, and here is where you get access to an annual on-line birthday party for up to 100 friends!

How does it work?

With your monthly membership you get the option to have a virtual annual birthday party.  You can use it for yourself or someone you care about.  Imagine that!  No matter where in the world your friends and family are; you can all hop on-line to celebrate a birthday together hosted by a professional media company.

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Our host will facilitate games, songs and sharing of great memories to keep the fun about celebrating the honored guest. 

Depending on your preferences we can make it private, public, take callers, recorded and even host it on our website if you'd like. 

If you send us photos ahead of time, we can share them in the party. 

Terms and conditions: Guest registration, content release and other signatures may be required before booking.  Use-it-or-lose-it approach, so make sure to reserve your spot in a given calendar year.  We will provide a link for guests to attend and coordinate the details with you in a short planning session before booking the date.  You must have an active membership at the time of the planning session.

The options to create a meaningful birthday just broke the barriers of space with your new membership at!