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125 | Monica Davis - Media coach and author

May 03, 2022

125 | Monica Davis - Media coach and author
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Exceptional People Magazine is where self empowerment, hope and inspiration happen. I’m Monica Davis the founder of Exceptional People Magazine and my mission is to enhance the quality of life of all people by promoting goodwill, unity and better living through positive media. Through this magazine you will be inspired to reach new heights.




It is your source for encouragement, enlightenment, education, personal power and information that you can apply to your life daily to help you achieve personal power. We inspire you to begin the process of self empowerment and provide you with proven advice and tools that will bring forth the greatness that lies within you. I encourage you to begin benefiting from the powerful insights that Exceptional People Magazine has to offer.



Monica Davis Forbes Contributor Founder and Publisher Exceptional People Magazine




Readers around the world have been given hope and have been moved to make a change in their lives by what they’ve read in Exceptional People Magazine. They’ve started businesses, created new charities and foundations, and personally changed their communities. I have interviewed corporate CEOs, celebrities, sports icons and heroes as well as ordinary people who have changed their lives and have had a remarkable impact on the world.

I believe we were put on this earth to achieve greatness, each in our own way. As a child I always believed in helping people accomplish their goals and dreams and moving them to make their dreams come to fruition. That is still my belief today.

I started Exceptional People Magazine because I believe self empowerment is important to our happiness, our peace of mind and spiritually. My goal is to inspire you by sharing the extraordianry experiences and proven advice of people who are achieving their own personal power and reaching out to help others in their communities and across the globe.

I’ve learned over the years that commitment to self improvement is really the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others. By improving ourselves we automatically inspire and create change in others through family, our communities, at work, or society as a whole. Change must start within each of us.

Kevin McDonaldProfile Photo

Kevin McDonald


Creator and Host of Positive Talk Radio and its Parent Company

Monica DavisProfile Photo

Monica Davis


Monica Davis is a trusted media source that inspires countless people to transform their life purpose into exceptional masterpieces. Her 20+ year career has allowed her to create an entire network of trustworthy brands for people looking to make positive changes in themselves and the world. As a communications and media professional, her expertise has enabled her to develop exceptional and award-winning narratives for small businesses, luminaries, Fortune 500 leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Her newest endeavor, the Exceptional People Network, is an invaluable resource offering a comprehensive selection of life-changing content aimed at educating, inspiring, and helping entrepreneurs and professionals discover their gifts and greatness, personally and professionally, and help solve the problems they encounter in their business and lives.

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