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Positive Talk Radio with Kevin McDonald

Positive Talk Radio with Kevin McDonald

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181 | Anne Scottlin - Author and Coach ”Live For Joy”

June 26, 2022

Hi! I’m Anne Scottlin . . .  I help corporate leaders and entrepreneurs celebrate life again! I teach them how to harness the genius of Joy to maximize profits and their impact in the world. I teach employees how to strate…

180 | Shannon L. Carroll - Author of ”One Thing Remains”

June 26, 2022

David and Shannon were living the typical stressed-out, busy, rat-race of American life until it all suddenly caught up with them and devastated everything. David's mind became broken with amnesia and their world, as they kn…

179 | Rachel Gracia - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

June 26, 2022

My passion for mental health began at Texas A&M University where I received my Bachelors of Science in Psychology. My coursework sparked an intense interest in the human mind. With my innate desire to help others, I pursued …

178 | Danny Vann - Foster Care Survivor, Author and Elvis Impersonator

June 26, 2022

Born in 1953 the oldest of six kids, Danny Vann has faced many challenges in his life. He is a former foster & trauma survivor and a prime example of how to overcome life’s obstacles. He has been inspiring and motivating peo…

177 | Tracy Hemingway - The Clinical Hypnotherapist

June 19, 2022

Tracy is genuinely kind and understanding; she wants to help you in finding your best self.  Her journey has always been one of service and helping others find their personal power.  She has mentored and assisted people from…

176 | James Rice - Author of ”The 100 Pound War”

June 19, 2022

The 100 Pound War is an enjoyable, fast-paced book told through the eyes of James Rice - a 48 year old man who nearly 300 pounds (135kg) and feeling totally defeated. He was taking 6 pain killers a day. Pre-diabetic. High bl…

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Press Release

Press Release

Life After Death

  Is there life after death? One of the most basic questions we all have is "is there life after death'? Well, over time I have developed some …

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Kevin McDonald

Creator and Host

Born and raised in Seattle Wa. This jovial fun loving man experienced life in a big way from star athlete, to actor, Voice Actor, Restaurateur, Sales and Sales Management, Transit Operator, Audio Producer, Talk Show Host, Creative Consultant, Motivational Leader and current podcast creator. (My Independence Report) Who’s mission is to Declare Our Freedom From Hate, Division and Fear, featuring positive motivational guest, music interviews and fun episodes.

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Holly Berry

Executive Producer

Holly is a great leader and a Executive Producer keeps everything moving and Kevin in line which is no small task! She brings a business degree with her and is an amazingly organized person. And fun to boot!

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Demi Dela Cueva

The most amazing virtual assistant and editor!