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Positive Talk Radio

Positive Talk Radio

Started in 2003 by Kevin McDonald, PTR was one of the very first radio show to feature positive discussions designed to
Entertain, Enlighten, Empower and Educate us all by Declaring our Freedom from Hate, Division and Fear
And To Create A better Way of Living. This podcast continues that tradition of helping everyone to be the best they can be. And Now PTR returns to LIVE radio on KKNW 1150AM in Seattle, coming full circle from the beginning to now

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Recent Episodes

Michelle Blood-Positive Thought, Mind Transformation, and Meditation.

Jan. 25, 2022

Michele Blood is a successful, multi-talented lady. Michele was a rock singer in Australia and after a near fatal car accident, she created positive Affirmation Songs which not only healed her body but also took her to world…

PTR- Madi Fogg- fashion Model

Jan. 25, 2022

26-year-old Australian model Madi Fogg has worked with a number of well-known brands, including Chanel, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, and her favorite, The Row. Her most recent engagement was in Los Angeles, where she worked on a …

Aundrea Demille- Author Is it Racism? How to heal the divide

Jan. 23, 2022

Kevin Says, Aundrea is a very positive person! working to make positive changes in everything she touches! I too, am guilty of unconscious bias. I have driven in an inner-city and noticed a group of African American men stan…

Food, Nutrition, Health, Wellness

Adam Hart- Author- The Power of Food

Jan. 21, 2022

My Story I don’t tell people what they should do when it comes to exercise and nutrition. I help make it happen. After years of being a burnout, comfort food junkie, I’ve completely and sustainably turned around my entire…

Food, Nutrition, Health, Wellness

Donna Scoates Nixon- Author, Life Coach ”You Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission To Live Your Best Life

Jan. 17, 2022

A “Real Talk” personal growth journey of self-awareness, healing, growth, confidence and empowerment for people who are stuck in life, want to drop all the baggage weighing them down and get on to their best life. One of my …

Vivianne Knebel-Author ”from Rubble to Champagne

Jan. 14, 2022

Born an illegitimate child in the wake of WWII in Berlin, Nazi Germany to a single mother, Vivianne Knebel’s options were limited and her future looked bleak. She experienced poverty, cold, and hunger, and was even driven to…

About the Hosts

Kevin McDonald

Creator and Host

Born and raised in Seattle Wa. This jovial fun loving man experienced life in a big way from star athlete, to actor, Voice Actor, Restaurateur, Sales and Sales Management, Transit Operator, Audio Producer, Talk Show Host, Creative Consultant, Motivational Leader and current podcast creator. (My Independence Report) Who’s mission is to Declare Our Freedom From Hate, Division and Fear, featuring positive motivational guest, music interviews and fun episodes.

Holly Berry

Executive Producer

Holly is a great leader and a Executive Producer keeps everything moving and Kevin in line which is no small task! She brings a business degree with her and is an amazingly organized person. And fun to boot!