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Who is Kevin?


Hi, I’m Kevin and 20 years ago I read Journey of the Souls it it changed the trajectory of my life. Before that I had grown up in a fundamentalist, conservative Christian world and things weren’t sitting right with me, I had a lot of questions which I’ve been answering and discovering more the more I question. The discoveries I’ve had to date are: we are all one, we come from the same place, we have guides (call it our intuition or external nudges) that help us to evolve to impact the world positively in all our thoughts and actions. And like I say at the end of each show: Be Kind to one another, Cause each other is all we got. 
That’s where Positive Talk Radio comes in. It’s my passion to tell stories of today’s humans doing incredible work in the world, some times coming from adversity and hardships but changing course to lead a life of purpose and positivity. Our guests include innovators, healers, channellers, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors and every day people who are able to make a positive impact. They’ve chosen a better way to live and in turn a better way to be. 
My curiosity to question drives me, and my fulfillment to converse on topics of change sustains me. 
Come join the community of Positive Talk Radio.