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251 | Phyllis Song - Queen of the Virtual Assistants

September 09, 2022

251 | Phyllis Song - Queen of the Virtual Assistants
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Phyllis is a mother, a business owner, a nerd and a master at leveraging virtual assistants to elevate her business in personal and business. She is a true business owner who do what she wants, when she wants with who she wants. She has helped hundreds of business operators to become business owners to achieve the ultimate freedom that they want in time, money, relationship and impact.

Phyllis has spent a decade utilizing virtual assistants, and she have created systems and processes on how to maximize them effectively and efficiently.

For everyone that owns a business or would like to do it all without doing it all, Phyllis has the answers for you. Her mission is to free the business owners from day to day tasks and focus on the business that they love doing. When you connect with her, you will understand that it is easy and you can do it too.

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