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271 | Rachel Sheila Kan - The Ecosystem Incubator

September 23, 2022

271 | Rachel Sheila Kan - The Ecosystem Incubator
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Fashion sustainability specialist, speaker, author & troubleshooter at Circular Earth Founder of The Ecosystem Incubator.

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Rachel Sheila KanProfile Photo

Rachel Sheila Kan


Circular Earth/ The Ecosystem Incubator

Rachel Sheila Kan is a sustainable development consultant in the fashion industry, with 23 years as a designer and design manager inside tough margins and minimums with small to medium businesses – she knows how to get the job done in tight times and budgets. She has been working in sustainability for 5 years and applies her product development experience to help start and work with existing brands who want to work in a sustainable way in her consultancy Circular Earth.

Rachel created The Ecosystem Incubator to work in a different way, a collaborative – where the small / medium Businesses from all sections of the industry can work together creating a trusted community where joint ventures in MOQs for one example are being created. The Ecosystem is built with living systems principles and works towards regenerative strategies for small businesses.
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Kevin McDonald


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