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285 | Makeup Guru Kim Roxie on KKNW 1150AM!

September 28, 2022

285 | Makeup Guru Kim Roxie on KKNW 1150AM!
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In college, I worked as a makeup artist at the mall. I loved helping women discover their natural beauty. I felt a calling to work in the beauty industry and dreamed of creating a makeup line. But when I researched the ingredients used to make the products, I was appalled. I remember thinking, “I can’t put my name on that and sell it to people!”

My mom religiously put on her makeup before she left the house everyday. My mom loved makeup, I loved the way the makeup made my mom feel. When I revealed to my mom I was going to create a makeup line as my career next steps. My mom gave me $500 and her blessing.

In 2004, LAMIK started as a local makeup shop in Houston, Texas. Where women would come to get their makeup and eyebrows done. We started selling them products made by hand and soon LAMIK was much more than a place! LAMIK became a community where women knew they belonged.

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Welcome to positive talk radio evolving ideas, one conversation at a time, great guests dynamic stories and interviews plus new thoughts on a wide range of topics and concepts. I hope that you'll hang with me Kevin MacDonald, my friends. And of course, you as together we work to understand why we are all here and what we can do to make our world a better place for all of us to be happy. Be kind and live in peace together. Yep. As positive talk radio.

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And welcome to Friday. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. It is noon in town. So I hope that if you're out getting going to get something to eat for lunch, that you will go to a drive in and then hang out with us for the hour because we've got a great show for you. Especially if you happen to be one of those 50% of the population that happens to be like I don't know, like a woman. Because we've got we've got a great, great show. I was hoping that Dana would be here. We'll see if she manages to arrive. But Nathan, how are you? I'm doing good. And you're totally right about that. If they know Parker doesn't show up. This could be a very interesting Radio Hour. I mean, typically, when you have makeup shows you have a bunch of women talking with each other. But now we have two guys and the owner of a really great beauty supply that is excited to be on the show. And we're excited to hear from so we'll see if we can handle you know, talking about makeup here, me and you, Kevin. I know I was trying to get stiletto heels on it for my Saturday night excursions and I can't find the 12 double wide II kind of thing. So I can't even get stiletto heels. And so I don't wear makeup either. So there but Kim Roxy is with us. She is the CEO of I'm going to have you say so that I don't screw it up. But welcome to the show. Kim. Thank you for having me. I'm so happy to be here. And it's let me beauty the meet up and if you go to the meek You can find out all about her and everything that she does. And by the way, I have to tell you, I just love the work that you do and the values of your company. They're so in line with what I do here on positive talk, which is love and makeup. Well, I Okay, I don't do the makeup part but love and makeup and kindness. Let me beauty is a vegan makeup line made with natural and organic ingredients for multicultural women. And I love your value statement. Did you write this? By the way?

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Yes, yes, yes, yes. And even though you don't do makeup, it's all about what your made up. Right. And so I think to your point around the positive talk radio is that you are made up of love and kindness. That's how you have the outcomes and outputs that you do. Well, thank you very much. I agree with that. And your values are much just like mine be kind to people. Yes, your support and celebrate women in all their glory, which I I wholeheartedly concur with that. We've we're having a bit of a problem with equality in this country and stuff like that. And I think women need to be celebrated in all their forms. And, and you do it really well with with a natural makeup product, correct? Correct. So we use natural ingredients.

Unknown Speaker  3:56  
And we also just use ingredients that we will use on our sales. So we just try to be integral about what we're using, we like to be trained, like they're very transparent about what we're using. So on our website, you can actually click our ingredients and find out what they're derived from. So even if it's just like a chemical or whatever the case might be, you can see exactly what it is. And I think that's the part that's just very important. It's just knowing what you're using

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helped me here.

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I wish Dana was here because she can answer this question, which would be do women when they are looking for makeup products? Do they actually look at the ingredients that they're putting on their face? Now they are for a long time. We didn't for a long time. We had no idea until sort of the the curtain got pulled back because of just different health issues that came up in women. Then

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A lot of research started to be done. And then that's when people just start to figure it out. So for me personally, it was a couple of reasons. Reasons why I started looking at what was inside of makeup. I had started working in a makeup counter when I was in college. That's how I even landed in this industry.

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And I opened up my own makeup shop in Houston when I was 21. And I ran that for 14 years. And

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during that time, my mom was like the main person who believed in me, she gave me $500 to open up this store, while my mom ended up developing metastatic breast cancer. My mom wore makeup every day, before I even became you know, before I was even 21. When I was young girl, I just remember my mom always put on her makeup, she wear makeup every single day. And when we start to do the research around the link between parabens that can be found in any personal care product. So this is for men or women, rather is deodorant, body lotion, shampoo, makeup mascara.

Unknown Speaker  6:01  
So we saw the link between parabens and tumors, a lot of research was coming out about that. So we stopped using anything like what parabens in it. And so with the makeup, I was like, I gotta create a makeup line that doesn't have parabens in it, because my mom can't use anything like that. And I want any other woman using anything like that. And that's why I started to like create up talc, no talc in our products, all these different kinds of things. And so if you look at the research 75% of beauty products that are marketed to women who look like me, deeper skin tone women, they're toxic 75% of them that are marketed to us.

Unknown Speaker  6:42  
All the way across the board, there's an issue around what's inside of makeup. And so it's not a regulated industry, you pretty much can do what you want to be to be honest, quite frankly. And so at limnic, we're just taking a stance on what we use what we don't use. And that's the reason why so yeah, women are paying more attention because women are having autoimmune diseases like

Unknown Speaker  7:06  
lupus, and then like thyroid and cancer, unfortunately, it's becoming more and more common. And so people care about what they're putting on their skin now.

Unknown Speaker  7:17  
It's amazing to me that and Nathan,

Unknown Speaker  7:22  
even though you're a dude, I would implore your input. I think it's amazing that and what Kim said is that, basically, it's what you're putting on your face as a non regulated product. Which means there ain't nobody looking out to make sure that there aren't cancer causing ingredients in the product. And sometimes, correct me if I'm wrong, Kim, but sometimes the ingredients are not even spelled out on the label.

Unknown Speaker  7:52  
So they're not even there. So they're there. But they're not there, if that makes any sense. But it also works for men too, because we use

Unknown Speaker  8:02  
you know, shaving products, you use hair gel, you use any type of grooming product, shampoo conditioners off, it's all in the same category. Boy, I tell you, I wish I could use hair products. That would be nice, but I don't have any.

Unknown Speaker  8:20  
Well, I have a form of alopecia. So I don't have much hairs myself on my head. But still, what I use for my scalp is deal.

Unknown Speaker  8:31  
So Nathan, do you ever look at the labels of what you're putting on your face and on your body and on your hand and stuff? No, I just look at it and says, Oh, this can do that. This can do that. I mean, it's good for this. I mean, this shampoo gives you extra shine, or maybe extra volume, that's all I see. Oh, there's just some things that give you extra volume I could use.

Unknown Speaker  8:55  
But, you know, in my case, it's like, I always look at the bottom shelf of the grocery store because that's where the cheap stuff is. And that so I'll buy you know, shampoo that costs, you know, a buck for three gallons kind of thing, you know, and that sort of thing. And that can't be healthy for you. And that's probably the two in one like body of Washington shampoo. So you don't have to buy like two separate bottles, right? How did you know?

Unknown Speaker  9:20  
shopping with me?

Unknown Speaker  9:22  
So it's it but it's it's really it's vital. Now, by the way, how was your mom doing?

Unknown Speaker  9:28  
My mom ended up passing away. So metastatic breast cancer is when it is already metastasized. It spreads throughout the body. So my mom passed away in 2014.

Unknown Speaker  9:41  
And that really gave me the inspiration to to really launch my makeup brand itself. So

Unknown Speaker  9:51  
she's looking down at you and saying You go girl. That's what I do. Exactly. Exactly. I have a daughter that was born a year

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
After she passed away that's named after her. So yes, the legacy goes on. goes on. He goes on. That's a that's really cool because, you know, it's it's your your company. And by the way, we're talking with Kim, Roxy, and it's the meek beauty go and find go look it up, and you can buy the products online. And they're all hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic is that? Yeah, that's a word I can I know. But I have no,

Unknown Speaker  10:32  
I know. But what does it mean? Tested for allergies? Oh, thank you. I couldn't have said that. I would have been easier. So you have things that are tested for allergies.

Unknown Speaker  10:47  
The products are designed to all be natural. And you work with and I love the way you put that a darker complexion person.

Unknown Speaker  10:57  
And you you work with them. More specifically, is that right? Well, I just sent her us. So we are I make up all women of all shades can wear our products. So every woman no matter your skin tone,

Unknown Speaker  11:13  
can can't work for me. So make sure you go to limit and take the quiz. So you can find out which shade you need. Specifically for your brows. That's not hero product eyebrow kit. But as a dark skinned woman, I include us I don't know if people know it or not, but not a lot of makeup brands. Huge makeup brands actually don't even care carry shades that fit my complexion. They stopped at probably about four shades lighter than me. So I don't know if people know that. But that's what's happening in the beauty industry every day. Nobody nobody knows that. Why would they? Why would they stop?

Unknown Speaker  11:53  
Good question, Kevin. Let's ask them

Unknown Speaker  11:58  
could you get the

Unknown Speaker  12:01  
mayor MaryBelle or whatever? Maybelline? Maybelline? If that's that's how educated I am about.

Unknown Speaker  12:15  
Head and shoulders. Oh, that's the one that I've been by for a buck for three gallons of I got a target.

Unknown Speaker  12:24  
That's exactly that's exactly right.

Unknown Speaker  12:27  
Yeah, I have less less choices, and what makeup I can wear. So even if they carry like different eyeshadow shades, the eyeshadow. Sometimes they're not pigmented enough, that means they have enough color to show up on my skin tone. So that's some of the issues that we have with the makeup industry. But let me you don't have that issue. That's what that's really cool. Tell talk to us about the brow quiz. How does that. So you just answered about five questions.

Unknown Speaker  12:58  
And through those questions, there's logic behind it. And so when you finish answering those five questions, it will recommend the right shades that you need for your eyebrows. So it's no guessing. And there is a brow powder that comes in it and then a concealer. So you take the brow powder, you put it on your eyebrows, you brush it in your brows, kind of like how you would brush something into your hair, deer on your head or anything like that. You brush it into your brows. It just makes them look fuller or makes them even them out or do that kind of thing. And then after that, you take the concealer that's in the compact and you put it underneath your eyebrow arch. And it will sort of make your eyebrows kind of stand out. It's like an instant eye lift. And it comes inside of that. That brow is called the revelation brow duo. And it comes with the brow powder and concealer. But you take the quiz and then the quiz. I tell you the right one you need. By the way. Kim has been in the industry for I'm guessing 2020 years or so somewhere in there. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker  14:09  
yeah, like since college. So yeah, 20 years. And so she's got a lot of information. And if you happen to be a woman or someone who dresses like a woman and you want to ask her questions about about makeup tips and and how to find the right shade for things and how to how to dress yourself up, you can certainly give us a call. And Nathan's gonna give you the numbers right now. Sure, just give us a call at 425-373-5527 also have a toll free line at 1-888-298-5569.

Unknown Speaker  14:45  
It is really cool to have you here Kim because I'm really nowadays it's really important to have natural products because a lot of people don't realize it. I want to I want to point this out to folks, is you know like if you're trying to quit smoking

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
If you can use nicotine patch, and you put the nicotine patch, you don't eat it, you put it on your shoulder or on your arm or something. And the reason why it works is because the nicotine is absorbed through your skin, into your bloodstream. And by the way, so any product that you put on your body or on your face, is absorbed through the skin and ends up in your body in your bloodstream and can affect your organs and can do all sorts of things, which is why they're finding out that some of these products cause cancer, although they don't want to, there are no studies that are being done to my knowledge now can maybe you can, you can correct me. But I don't believe that there are any studies by the Food and Drug Administration, or anybody else that is that is looking at carcinogens that are in the products that we use to make ourselves look all party and stuff

Unknown Speaker  15:59  
is that

Unknown Speaker  16:00  
the thing that the thing about it is, is that we're using it to look good to feel good, because when you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, most of the time, you want to look good, like that's a part of it. And

Unknown Speaker  16:13  
if the products are not good for you, it's sort of like defeats the purpose. Right? And so there has been like independent studies from like the EW G or different colleges

Unknown Speaker  16:27  
have done stuff. But yeah, there needs to be way more research and connection between it. I mean, there's a documentary that's out right now Docu series is out right now. Called not so pretty. That's on HBO Max, that talks about this very thing that we're talking about right now. And they go really deep and in depth. And they have four different segments, I believe it is one is on Hair, Skin makeup, nails.

Unknown Speaker  16:55  
And once you watch that, you cannot even watch it. Like you cannot unlearn what you learned in this documentary. It's kind of like how a lot of people stop eating animals at a certain time. Because after they watch a certain documentary, this one kind of reminds you of that, where if you watch this documentary, you literally will be like, Oh, I've had people say to me, Well, I'm calling because I just watched a documentary on HBO Max not so pretty. And I need no makeup. I'm just curious, why do you think that is? So little studies? Is it because it's classified as like a cosmetic product? So it's like maybe wearing clothing or something like that? I mean, it's nothing that you really use for your health. But and then and also, it doesn't Oh, I lost my train of thought for a second.

Unknown Speaker  17:45  

Unknown Speaker  17:47  
I want to say I've got to answer your question. I remember my second, or is it because it's just like an optional thing? You don't have to use makeup? I mean, it's, there's like completely no benefit to it, whether you use it or not. I mean, other than looking good, like a cosmetic. So is that why you think it maybe there's not really much like of a department or administration for it?

Unknown Speaker  18:14  
Well, I'm gonna have my, my thoughts around why it's not.

Unknown Speaker  18:20  
And a lot of it has to do with capitalism.

Unknown Speaker  18:23  
Because the beauty industry is very lucrative.

Unknown Speaker  18:28  
And it's pretty, and we even think about the need of it, it's pretty recession proof. So it actually is not even like a commodity is something that a lot of people use and need and want. And so

Unknown Speaker  18:47  
to to the thought around it just being cosmetic, and something that you put on so it's not regulated, you know, it doesn't have any like, was regulated, it seems to have like active ingredients in it, drugs, that kind of thing. So if you ever a sunscreen product, that's, that's more so even regulated, because it has like an active ingredient in it. Anything you get, like from the dermatologist or anything like that. It's actual pharmaceutical, that kind of thing. If you take a makeup product, and then you put some type of pharmaceutical drug in it, right, they'd be to stop you from to take away blemishes or anything like that thing. That part is regulated, right. To your point around just something you put on. It's not regulated.

Unknown Speaker  19:31  
Yeah, but people have been fighting for a long time for it not to be regulated. And, and again, I think that has a lot to do with capitalism. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that things have been this way so long and people have capitalized on all of this.

Unknown Speaker  19:50  
Watch the documentary, I think, I think I think you'll understand it real good. You've watched it. You'll see. I'll tell you probably more

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
Technically minded of us, I would tell you that the reason that that is, is because there's no money in it.

Unknown Speaker  20:06  
It costs money to do studies, it costs money to do research, and to make sure that everybody all the products, I mean, there are a good when you look at the way, you know, better than I do, but there are literally 1000s of different ingredients that goes into some of these products. And they would have to go and research everyone and do studies on they're not gonna say they don't have the money to spend on that sort of thing with me. Am I too cynical? Or is that in the documentary? Well, I think that also, I don't think he's too cynical. I think that yes, it does cost but I think that there's just certain ingredients that maybe we should leave out that there are alternatives to. So it wouldn't, it wouldn't be a situation where you would turn and flip the makeup industry upside down just just by regulators. So what we're talking about, there's just like certain ingredients that a lot of people who are making products now are just not even using. But if you do go, unfortunately, Kevin, and places like some of the lower end drugstores and look for products, they still are in there, because there's just so cheap, and just like people don't care and this kind of thing, even though don't get me wrong, there are high end products that are very expensive, that have some of the same ingredients as these very cheap products.

Unknown Speaker  21:29  

Unknown Speaker  21:30  
there are so many makeup brands, I think five years from now, 10 years from now, the ingredients that we don't use are probably become in place in the makeup industry, because it's going to turn that way. Because Gen Z, millennials already are paying attention more. And then Gen Z. They care. So it just generally like I think in the next five or 10 years, what we're saying no talc no parabens, that will be like, to be honest, common stakes for the industry. It because it's being driven by the consumer right now the consumers are standing up and saying something, even though federally, it might not be regulated.

Unknown Speaker  22:10  
Well, then there again, it's the supply and demand. If people if you put something in a product, and people recognize that it's not good for you, and you don't buy it, they won't put it in there anymore. That's exactly how it goes. And that's what's happening right now. That's what you're noticing what's happening. And that's how that's how things are being pushed down. So the people the people are talking up, and that's to your point, that's the response. So I'm just wondering, why are they putting like talc combs and parabens? And what's the purpose? Is it to maybe make coloring? Or is it to make the product last longer stay on your skin longer? Is it to keep costs lower? What's the main reason? And what are you trying to find alternatives like for in that way? That's a good question. Goodness.

Unknown Speaker  22:57  
Yes, so

Unknown Speaker  23:00  
the parabens are like a preservative. So you put that in the product to make it last longer. So that's what that was for.

Unknown Speaker  23:09  
And then, and that's another thing too. People need to know that makeup, and personal care products. This is where guys, this is really a universal conversation, the whole thing.

Unknown Speaker  23:20  
So just think grooming products are not to last all your life until you use it all up.

Unknown Speaker  23:27  
Okay, you are supposed to get rid of anything that especially gets watered in it or something like that. You should not be keeping that.

Unknown Speaker  23:39  
Sometimes three months, sometimes nothing over a year. Sometimes you know, you you go on a bathroom, you got stuff in there, you may have been for five years you like I'm not done with it yet. Yeah, they have an expiration date on clones, they only last like, you know, maybe a year to two years. And he got goes, I wanted to say bad but I mean it loses its effectiveness, well, it does go back it loses his big goes back it was effectiveness.

Unknown Speaker  24:06  
The efficacy of it is not like you should get rid of it mascara, you should get rid of every three months. So like just it's like different products, different things, you just shouldn't get rid of them. So but parabens is a preservative, just what that is. And then as far as like tout, that is like a powder using that as powder is color. Using that as a way they will put pigment with the with the towel. And that's how you make like a powder that you put on, stop shine on your face and that kind of thing. And also like even at the skin tone, you would take and use that. But again, there's alternatives you can use instead of those particular products. Because the research has shown that it's been linked to different health concerning things so

Unknown Speaker  24:54  
So yeah, those are the reasons why. But yeah, I want to bring that up and then something else I want to bring up Kevin is

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
on the black market, we call it the dark the dark side, there is counterfeit makeup and counterfeit grooming products. Really? Yes. That's amazing. Yeah. So if you have

Unknown Speaker  25:18  
if you have

Unknown Speaker  25:21  
buy something on, I won't say a particular website, but we know these big websites that you just buy stuff from looking for a deal.

Unknown Speaker  25:30  
You need to check the authenticity of the of the seller that you're buying it from. Because you could be buying

Unknown Speaker  25:39  
counterfeit grooming products that then have worse ingredients in them.

Unknown Speaker  25:46  
Particularly where,

Unknown Speaker  25:48  
and there has been, and I know for a fact, people go to the bursting room and all that kind of stuff behind different toxic, very toxic things are inside of this counterfeit stuff. So just be mindful of that if you see something on the on the internet. And it's a particular name brand of a product. But you know, Joe is selling it, but it's by this main brand manufacture, but Joe is selling it on this site. I would question if Joe has the authorization to be really selling those products, or is he selling something else. So he could be selling counterfeit products, and a and those products I assume are much cheaper for him to buy. But he can mark them up to what the name brand pricing would be. But it doesn't have the same ingredients in it. So it costs less for him to make. And he's not particularly careful about what's in it because he doesn't really care. Because he just wants me to buy whatever it is. Well, it's kind of like when you buy a like counterfeit purse or counterfeit wallet. Right? You know, it's not real, right. But that's what they're doing with makeup and grooming products. That's that's, that's just amazing. By the way, we're talking with Kim, Roxy, She is the CEO and head bottle washer with a company that she calls me. And you can go to

Unknown Speaker  27:09  
her website, which is let me and I'll spell that for you. Because it's a little it's spelled a little bit differently than it sounds. It's L A M I gay And she's got tutorials, she's got a you can take the brow credit quiz, she's got a shop, she's got all this stuff. And I wanted to ask you

Unknown Speaker  27:32  
Well, when we come back from these breaks, I want to ask you about you, and how you how you came to be doing, what you're doing, and the values that your company has, and how you put it into practice. I also want to mention a podcast I did yesterday with a young lady that that I want everybody to go to and listen to it is

Unknown Speaker  27:59  
probably the finest work I've ever done as a podcast with this young lady. I want to talk about that briefly. If that's okay with you, Kim, can we do that too? Oh, yeah. Okay, we're gonna take a break right now you're listening to positive talk radio on KK and w 11:50am. And we'll be right back after these commercial messages.

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And welcome back to positive talk radio here on K K NW. 11:50am. My name is Kevin McDonald over there is Nathan I almost said it Nathan. I almost said Nathaniel. Oh, I had to get that buzzer ready?

Unknown Speaker  30:32  
Out there it is. I see it's loaded up. All right. Hi. All right. You've never said it. So I don't have to press it.

Unknown Speaker  30:40  
You're gonna give us a little demonstration. You caught yourself? I did. I did. They did. And we're talking with

Unknown Speaker  30:47  
my Kim Ross, Roxy. And she's gonna be on the podcast on Monday, if you want to go there. On Monday, I think at two o'clock, and we're going to talk more in depth about this stuff. And, and you can see her beautiful complexion, and her beautiful smile. And I'm just, you're just a you're just a wonderful human being. And I want to know, how is it that you became a wonderful human being?

Unknown Speaker  31:13  
Well, we got to talk to my mom and dad about that. And my and my grandmother. Yeah. blame somebody else. Go ahead. Yeah, yeah, my grandmother's, my grandfather.

Unknown Speaker  31:27  
And my great grandmother who, who instilled a lot in me, she lived to be 100 She 100 and 10th year.

Unknown Speaker  31:37  
And while I was in college, I talked to her a lot. Because we lived in the same city at the time.

Unknown Speaker  31:43  
And I was just with my great aunt who's 90 years old last week. So

Unknown Speaker  31:50  
I am, I am a product of everything that they put inside of me. So

Unknown Speaker  31:56  
that's how I got to be. Well, you do realize that if you have a relative that was over 100 and another one that was over 90, I have bad news for us. You're not going away anytime soon.

Unknown Speaker  32:12  
Yes, yes, yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  32:15  
That is that is that's good to hear. Because you know what? I liked the way that they were able just to teach me a lot about my heritage, my background and just the strength of the people I come from. And where are you right now? You're in Texas. I mean, Houston. Yeah. A year you're in you're in Texas down there it has it has life in Texas these days. Chevy What are you talking like that?

Unknown Speaker  32:43  
That's kind of like it's it's my it's, I don't know

Unknown Speaker  32:56  
it's still warm down here? For sure. Yes, indeed. Well see, I used to, I may be the only traveling chicken salesman you've ever met.

Unknown Speaker  33:06  
And I worked for a company out of Arkansas. And I traveled all down through the South and in through the yen. And looked at our chicken houses and all the peoples down there and stuff like that. So, so I that's a that's I'm kind of mimic that. And I probably

Unknown Speaker  33:25  
probably probably get letters from somebody

Unknown Speaker  33:31  
like that.

Unknown Speaker  33:33  
It's kind of a caricature of my there was there was a guy that I worked with, and he was in Arkansas and he was a good old boy. He's one of those guys that when we would go on sales calls, he would stop and get a bush light half piece of Bush light and put it in the I know that you see this that they'd put it I have a case of Bush like put it in the backseat and then we'd go on sales calls all day. And and then he would occasionally stopping us the ditch that was there from when we when he needed to. So it was I got a whole weird opinion of, of what happened with with the good old boys in the south, that kind of thing. And he did talk just like that and, and stuff. So anyway, I I digress because

Unknown Speaker  34:27  
she's, she's she's laughing at me.

Unknown Speaker  34:31  
Oh my gosh, that was simple. It was so funny. But the sad thing is it's absolutely true. I am not embellishing it at all. And

Unknown Speaker  34:43  
so it was like Don't you have to it was like when I went to Louisiana.

Unknown Speaker  34:49  
They have they have drive thru daiquiri bars. Yes, they do.

Unknown Speaker  34:56  
And the whole answer what you do is you drive up to the liquor store

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
They got a daiquiri bar that you can Yeah, I have a strawberry Bakker, you and a half case of beer and Bush light and Bush light is very popular.

Unknown Speaker  35:11  
Bush light and and I have said, Give me a fifth of Jack Daniels too. And then you put that on your car. And then as long as you don't take the lid off this the Daiquiri, but there's a straw in there, but you so you can drive around, and you're drinking your daiquiri while you're driving around. And it's great, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah, it is. It is.

Unknown Speaker  35:34  
My husband is from Louisiana. So he knows. We know it very well. But But oddly enough,

Unknown Speaker  35:41  
I always tried to look and see and see if it felt like they had more drunk drivers or something like that. But it really doesn't feel like they do. I don't know the data on it. But what's interesting, yeah, I know. Well, you know, my favorite story of Louisiana. And you can tell your your husband, this was the I was when I was selling chicken one weekend and had this dad to spend the weekend in outside of Shreveport, Shreveport. And then a nice golf course there and stuff like that. And so I would play golf on Saturday and Sunday. And on Sunday, I got paired with a couple of local guys, local boys and, and so I hit I totally took the driver and I hit the ball and it hooked into the woods. And in see I'm in the northwest, you can go and look in the woods for your ball. And that's perfectly okay. And nothing's gonna happen to you. So they they hit their balls. And then we started walking down the fairway and I started walking over to where the ball went into the woods. And one of the guys said, you know, I don't think I'd go in there fires you. Imagine Why is it good suddenly enlarge gonna eat you. Oh, so I was either gonna be a snake or a tarantula or an alligator or something like that. So. So that's

Unknown Speaker  37:03  
this. So everybody that's in Seattle right now, be thankful that you're living here because we don't have any of that stuff.

Unknown Speaker  37:11  
Which is why I live here. The only thing that really wants to eat us is mosquitoes. Yes. And I was about to say, Yeah, I started my my year off and Seattle. Oh, very cool. Very cool. Yeah. Good time while you're here. I did. I did. I had a good time. While I was there, actually, it didn't rain at all, but it was there which was, which was, which was so funny, because I just was like, expecting it. I was like, oh, it's gonna rain any minute. You know, we're just like, oh, it never rained, which was so funny. And we were there for about three, three days, three or four days. And so but we had a good time. We sort of went around great, great nature out there and all that kind of good stuff. Some really cute shops that I went to.

Unknown Speaker  37:59  
Yeah, I had a good time. I might I love to travel I love different spaces. I love meeting different people. So for me travel is a it's almost like self care.

Unknown Speaker  38:11  
Near the end it really can be if you enjoy travel and and seeing people in different styles of food and and what people do and, and stuff like that I love to go when I was traveling, I would go love to go to the local bar, not the one that the that the tourists went to. But the ones where the people that actually live there went to and so then I get to sit there and watch people but I just wanted to say Kim make sure that when you go back down to Houston tell everybody Iran's a lot here. It's crappy. You don't want to live here. You don't want to move here. And we don't have any jobs here for you. So stay in Houston

Unknown Speaker  38:48  
so I'm I'm trying to see are you not recruiting for people to come to Seattle? Is that what you're saying? Kevin? I got out of my I'm retired. I'm kind of retired now. So I spent a lot of time in my in my home. And yesterday I was gonna go meet a friend and we were going to have dinner and it was like 10 miles away. And so I said well, I got 30 minutes. I'll get there a little early and that'll be fine. It took me an hour to get from where I am to where I was going and it was only like 10 miles so it was it was during rush hour traffic so we got enough we got enough folks here so so matter of fact if you know of any great job openings in Houston and maybe they get you can hire some folks and move from here to there. That would be good to

Unknown Speaker  39:39  
me. I don't know if you saw it to the city of Seattle about this, but they might not like you to turn people from there. They might want more people there. They might be looking to grow the city. Wow, that that could very well be that could vary. But But in any event, we're talking with Kim, Roxy and you're just by the way, you're just adorable and I just I love your concept

Unknown Speaker  40:00  
above the company, the name of the company, again is Olympic. And you can go to Olympic And you can find out all the information about her natural products that are not designed to hurt you. They're designed to work in concert with the planet. And you are you even call it an eco chick vegan company dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship. Good for you. That's for you. Yeah, yeah, it's all about, it's all about you can be eco conscious and eco chic without, it can be chic without being sort of like, you know, granola, you know?

Unknown Speaker  40:43  
Like, granola, it's, it's okay. No, it's just, it's saying a certain style like crunchy granola, you can be chic, and, and very, like, even luxurious, or prestige. And the Eco conscious at the same time. Well, the products that you have that you present to people are very high quality, and natural, and they're all vegan, so and so they're not going to hurt you like, and you have all your ingredients on your label and all that kind of stuff. So that so that people you're transparent about what you do is what I'm trying to say, Yeah, we're very transparent. That's why we say clean, because it's like, you know, we come clean about what we're using, you know, and so then that way, too, if you do have an allergy, or something you can't use you'll see it. So then you'll know not to use it. Like it's not, it's not about the fact that you know, everything is for everybody. It's about being clean and coming, coming clean about things so then people can make the proper choices. Now, are you finding that more and more people are looking to using natural products and vegan products more and more? And so that would mean that your business is growing? Yeah, our business is growing, because people aren't interested people are like, look, if I can use something that doesn't put me at risk. For other things that they've done research about, I'd rather just use that. And it's gonna do it's a, it's a lip gloss, and it's gonna, you know, be a gloss on my lips and do that the imperfect, is it a blush, and, you know, whatever it is the brow product, like if it's going to do the same thing, but it's free of talc or free apparent, Sign me up? Why would I go get the one with parabens and tucking it? And knowing what has been linked to? It doesn't make any sense. So for people, they're just making that other choice, because it just makes sense for them. Isn't it amazing that women have been using talc for huggles for I don't know, decades, long, long time, since it since it was first brought to the marketplace? And then it took them a long time to find out. You know, that's probably not that good for you. Yeah, man and women. And, you know, to the doctor documentary I referred to earlier, it's men and women in there that are suing these companies for using it. So yeah, you just grabbed my attention as a billiards player, you know, in the past, they would always use talcum powder as a way to kind of make the stick glide more smoothly on your hand. And so they would use that to help their game and now it makes me happy that I never went that route. And instead I just use like, spandex glove.

Unknown Speaker  43:22  
Wow, that is such a great point. I grew up with a little pool table in my house. So absolutely, absolutely. Like it was me and and women that are in their documentary talking about it. One of them is a guy, he was a doctor. And he was saying like how the big company was almost like a sponsor, like you know, they, they would bring the products there. So he would always get those kids home with that talcum powder. You know,

Unknown Speaker  43:51  
those babies home with it, but he was using it to. And then yeah, so So yeah, absolutely. It could be so many different reasons why you using it. That's such a great point. Nathan, does it did it make him sick?

Unknown Speaker  44:03  
Oh, yeah. He's suing the company for for getting sick from it. Oh, what did he give him? What was his? I know I know what you can do to women and in some cases, but not cancer to absolute? Yeah. Oh, brother.

Unknown Speaker  44:18  
And you know what?

Unknown Speaker  44:20  
It amazes me because cancer is continuing to grow and fester. And we're finding out more and more reasons and more causes for it. And my, my, my brother died of stage four lung cancer and

Unknown Speaker  44:33  
and of course he was a smoker but more and more and above that he was also a roofer. And so

Unknown Speaker  44:40  
and so the asbestos that they used to put on

Unknown Speaker  44:44  
their off the roofs and and that that's a killer right there. Yes, yes. Yes. I'm so sorry to hear that. And we the environmental phase of it all like and even this whole conversation around it.

Unknown Speaker  45:00  
It has to do with that from, from the environmental from, we're talking about it from like beauty and stuff like that, because like, they were even looking at the nails and the environments of some of the nail shops in the the risk that they cause or hair salons or barber shops and the risks and it cost the professional. So to your point of view, brother, that's where that professional gets caught up in that environmental

Unknown Speaker  45:24  
standpoint around this and what could make them sick. Exactly. Can I kind of tell your story real quick? Sure, Kevin. Wow. Wow, thank you very much. I don't know why I do that.

Unknown Speaker  45:38  
You and this character, we have to get this character name because their character, the way he does jumps out of you. And

Unknown Speaker  45:47  
I don't know what you call him, McDonald. Because that's what it sounds like. But

Unknown Speaker  45:54  
it could be it could be Old MacDonald e i o and that's that's, you know, that's, that's who I am. But

Unknown Speaker  46:01  
AI? Yeah, oh, he's had he's done, dude. But But

Unknown Speaker  46:07  
event. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview and we're talking about this. And it's, I interviewed a guy by the name of Daisy Mae or Daisy page. And she's written the book, unexpected moments. And she, she is, and this is a really important episode. Because she's like, five months away from dying. She's got a terminal disease. That was an autoimmune disease. I don't know how she got it. But, and she talked about her life and all the things that she'd gone through. And she's written this book called unexpected moments. And it's about her entire life. And then she's before she goes to heaven. She's got his other book that she's finishing up. That's called

Unknown Speaker  47:00  
gates of heaven. And, and she's going to be putting that out in the next couple, three months. And I just wanted to alert people that that is going to be on positive talk Right now you can go watch it on YouTube positive talk radio, and it really is my I have my sister listened to it twice. Because, wow, it was it was a really good interview. So I just, I just wanted to make sure that I got that out. Because it was

Unknown Speaker  47:28  
yeah, it was an my honor to be able to talk with her. And she's got, you know, three kids and a husband. And she's had lots of issues in her life, but she's only got five or six months to live, but she treats it like, she's, it's like, I'm sure that, you know, she treated it like, well, when my time is up, and I hope that she had such courage about it. So, so I encourage you to go listen to that. Like extremely, she's extremely generous to us. Because, you know, that's, that's, like, very unselfish of her. Wanting to be like getting these, like writing this book, like trying to get that out, like, you know, come in and talk to other people share, like, you know, like she could be doing something else.

Unknown Speaker  48:19  

Unknown Speaker  48:21  
she decided to do that. So that that's also like a very generous, yeah, I kind of listened to that one. And I want to thank you, because what you're trying, what you're doing is you're helping women avoid some of the things that can shorten their lives and cause cancer. And I think we're gonna find down the road, that makeup, and what we put on our body, and even the clothes that we wear, the polyesters that we use, the different chemicals that are in all of that, I think that we're gonna 100 years from now, people are gonna say, I can't believe that did that kind of stuff, because it's crazy. And

Unknown Speaker  49:02  
so I'm sorry, you got me going again. But you know what I mean? Because I think they and you are on the cutting edge of finding a different way. And yeah, I want to thank you for finding a different way that it can be more helpful to people and people of color. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Not leaving anybody out of it.

Unknown Speaker  49:24  
Or abandoning certain people? Yeah, most most definitely. And, and that's, you know, that's just a part of my mission and purpose.

Unknown Speaker  49:35  
And so we'll continue and the more we grow, the more resources we get, the more opportunities we get. We can continue to scale that so yeah. Well, you are just a You're an incredible lady. And I want to thank you very much for coming here and talking with us today. You're also a lot of fun and when it's fun to laugh.

Unknown Speaker  49:56  
Yeah, I love to laugh. I think it's like the

Unknown Speaker  50:00  
This exercise for your face, but I love to just experience joy. And you know, I think that the being present is really important. And so you are you are a character in

Unknown Speaker  50:20  
I have to be present for this show. So

Unknown Speaker  50:25  
yes you do because it might just slip right on by.

Unknown Speaker  50:31  
So I had a good time here and I'm so happy like, to be honest, you guys were the best when I say do the interview you and Nathan because you know what? Like, I like my daughter, sometimes I have her on some of my live shows that I do when I'm explaining the makeup because she's six years old. And she's been doing this since she was four. She asked me questions. That scene, like, you know how they have those books, this for Dummies, whatever for dummies. And to be honest, from a child's point of view, if they ask something that most of my accent something that people don't know, and they just not ashamed to ask. So talking to you guys, to be honest, even though I feel like in makeup, but you guys probably asked the questions that are the most simple like seeing, you know, like simplistic, but they're actually right on point for people to learn. So thank you. We know and one time I was actually a married person. And my my wife would come home and I'd say you spent how much on that. Well, but there is has to be this and then we got to have it this way. And it's like, Well, okay, I guess that's that's a woman thing. But, and Kevin, I have a confession to I've worn makeup before.

Unknown Speaker  51:43  
Oh, what? Oh, didn't you Well, thank you for bringing no Jaggi. No,

Unknown Speaker  51:50  
let's just get to the point here, it was for a stage play. And it was one of those where you have this standstill. It's not like you're moving around. So like the picture is even more important than so you know, they're putting on things like little red dots between the nose and the eyes to help with the glare and eyeliner as well. And also your it's kind of like setting the Middle East. So I had to put on like a darker tone foundation and like the fake tan and stuff. So I have worn makeup but for those purposes, your celebrity is basically which is saying you're famous.

Unknown Speaker  52:27  
He's he's famous and tall. That's, that's that's what he is. No, I and I agree with you. Because one time while when I was an actor when I was in, in college, I did lays our wolf, the butcher from

Unknown Speaker  52:40  
from Fiddler on the Roof.

Unknown Speaker  52:44  
Grab daddy call me I rep Debbie, I want to buy your daughter anyway. And he was.

Unknown Speaker  52:50  
And so I had to put on the spirit gum and I had to put on a beard and the makeup and all that stuff. So yeah. And so for us it we use it to when you're when I had a friend who swore he didn't, but his eyebrows just looked too good, I have to say, anyway. But we were we're gonna run out of time. And I want to give Kim the opportunity to tell our audience anything that you would like them to know Kim, about anything at all, we got about a minute, minute and a half.

Unknown Speaker  53:25  
I just like for them to know continue to honor themselves. Please, please, please please, if you have any questions around beauty products, grooming products reach out to us. We're on all social media platforms at Let make beauty la mi K. Beauty.

Unknown Speaker  53:44  
But continue to honor yourself. And know that you know your life has purpose and your beautiful and the beautiful body that you came in. And I hope to see some

Unknown Speaker  53:57  
you that is a beautiful way to end the show. And I want to thank you very much for that because I am in my humble opinion, whether you're a man or a woman, we are all one we all come from the same place and we all deserve the same things. We deserve to be happy. We deserve to have kindness around us. And we deserve to be loved. And I really thank you for being here. It is. It's remarkable to meet people like you because you're actually out there doing it and you're helping people

Unknown Speaker  54:25  
and your your company.

Unknown Speaker  54:28  
Mission is all by designed to do that. And I think that's just amazing. And I am Thank you. So that's it really good. Nathan, do you have any other questions that you'd like to ask real quick before we go? I was just kind of reflecting on what we were saying about us wearing makeup and you know there are more men out there than you think that do wear makeup especially like TV anchors or if they're on screen on stage. They're going to be wearing some sort of makeup and it's not just for a woman route, correct? No they have to they have to because Absolutely. They have to is

Unknown Speaker  55:00  
As an example, if I was on TV, I wouldn't have to wear makeup on my on the top of my head to keep my little shiny head from from blinding the camera. So, in any event, Kim Roxie has been our guest and I want to thank her very much for being here and go to

Unknown Speaker  55:18  
the meet and find out all the information that you need to know about her. And by the way, on Monday, Tommy tikka is going to be here we're going to continue our series about his music and the Born Free album was designed there to help the planet. So I hope that you'll pay attention to that and I'll see you Monday at nine a m

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