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325 | ”Human Design” expert duo, Alyssa & Kayla are back on Positive Talk Radio!

October 07, 2022

325 | ”Human Design” expert duo, Alyssa & Kayla are back on Positive Talk Radio!
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Human Design combines astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and Vedic philosophy, centering around the division of personalities into five energy types alleged to indicate how someone is supposed to exchange energy with the world: Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors.

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Unknown Speaker  0:03  
Welcome to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas, one conversation at a time. So stay with us. Right now, we present an amazing show for you today with two dynamic souls to some great, wonderful individuals. And we're going to talk about something that I'm just learning about. And I've only been doing this for like 20 years. And this is something that is really coming about new because I've had somebody else in the meantime, since the last time I talked to you guys. We talked about human design. And she did a reading for me as well. So it was it's pretty amazing what we're going to talk about. Alyssa Han and Kayla Mason, ladies, how are you? It's so nice to see you again. So good, you

Unknown Speaker  0:55  
know, happy to be here. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  0:59  
And we're gonna talk about human design, and all of its ramifications and how it works so that people can come to both of you, and can get the charts done. And you can do the readings for them and figure out how they can live their lives a little bit better, a little bit more authentically, and, and what their lives are really all about. Right?

Unknown Speaker  1:19  
Yeah. 100% Yep, human design gives you the space of what you're actually here to do, and shows you who you are as a unique. So you can actually do what's right for you, rather than following generalities.

Unknown Speaker  1:34  
And it validates you too, so everything that you always thought was wrong about yourself is actually very right. And Human Design teaches you how to step into that. So and embrace it.

Unknown Speaker  1:46  
I'm gonna take a bit of a backseat here, because the two of you are working on it and you are real versed in it. I know nothing. And so I may have a question from time to time, but, but I listen, I'm going to kind of turn it over to you and let you kind of move through what we're going to talk about today.

Unknown Speaker  2:05  
Sure. So I'm Kayla and I have been on before and we talked about the centers in human design. So the centers are associated with the different chakras. Oh, we're unprepared. Kayla. Can we pull up Kevin's chart?

Unknown Speaker  2:19  
I did. I was doing that. While we were Oh, you know, do you want me to put it on the I have it on a different screen. If I pull it up on my computer, then I can share the screen so that we can see his chart? I just need one moment. Yeah, talking Alyssa.

Unknown Speaker  2:36  
Yeah, sure. So. So Kayla, and I came on the show about a month ago, just to talk about the centers, it was episode 247. And so if you want a background of human design, what it is, it's basically the science of differentiation, we all have energy that presents in a different way that is unique to us. And it's exemplified in the charts that Kayla and I know how to read. And then on the charts are these little shapes that are triangles, or diamonds or squares, and they're either colored in or they're not. And they're associated with different parts of the body. So if they're colored in, this means that you have consistent energy in the center, you're meant to be like a radio transmitter conditioning other people with your energy from those centers. If you have them white. As you do Kevin right in the middle of your chart that just got pulled up, it means that you are designed to be an empath there to take in other people's energy, like a receiver.

Unknown Speaker  3:41  
Well, you know, it's interesting, I was always a catcher when I played baseball, so I was always a receiver. So it's really interesting how this all works. So kind of, if you wouldn't mind running down the chart and kind of figuring out how to explain to everybody what it all means.

Unknown Speaker  4:00  
Sure, so as Alissa was just saying, every one of these centers, every one of the shapes that's in the middle of the Human Design person is similar to a chakra, it's an energy space, it's a space that either if it is colored in, doesn't matter what color it is, if it's colored in, you create energy from that space. And if it is white, then you receive energy from that space, you absorb energy from others. So the white spaces are where we find our empathic abilities. And the colored in spaces are where the things that we bring to the world come from.

Unknown Speaker  4:39  
Right, and you'll see a bunch of numbers in the different centers. And each of those is like a gift that exemplifies the unique flavor that you bring to those centers.

Unknown Speaker  4:53  
And then every one of those gates we end honestly in every part of the chart and this is kind over where epigenetics comes in here, the way that you were taught from an early age, the way that society has conditioned you the way that you present, each of these flavors, each of these deep understandings is shows the way that you present yourself in the world. So you are able to choose mindfully to be in either a higher or a lower vibration of any of these attributes. So it's within really discovering these the gates of truth is what one of the people who I've studied with Karen curry Parker calls them, because each of these gates really discusses something that you understand on a very deep level.

Unknown Speaker  5:48  
Gotcha, I think.

Unknown Speaker  5:51  
Okay, yeah, you have questions come in, just ask anytime.

Unknown Speaker  5:55  
Oh, I will. I will, because I'm seeing a bunch of numbers around like the, the colored ones, or the non colored ones are numbers, and then some of them are connected to one another in a different way. I assume all that means something.

Unknown Speaker  6:08  
Yeah. So the ones that are connected, if you see like, the red and black lines connected, all of your seem to be black and red, except for one from your Aashna to your throat and your crown to your head. But those are connecting gates. And when gates are connected like that, that means that you have those centers defined where those gates are. So you can see, I don't know, Kayla, if you can move your mouse so you can kind of run through the channels. So when you have,

Unknown Speaker  6:39  
can you see my mouse? No, that's okay.

Unknown Speaker  6:43  
But yeah, so when two gates are connected by those lines, it means that you have those centers defined. And that that means, you know, you generate consistent energy in those places. So you generate consistent energy all over your body, Kevin, except for right in the center of your heart, or your identity as

Unknown Speaker  7:04  
does that mean, I'm heartless? Not,

Unknown Speaker  7:07  
not at all.

Unknown Speaker  7:10  
What that means is that you're able to feel what other people feel when they feel love. And what that means is that your sense of empathy, for belonging and for the love of others is something that is very, very deep, and you can understand exactly what others need when it comes to love and belonging.

Unknown Speaker  7:30  
Oh, that's that's pretty cool. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  7:31  
maybe we should start there. Maybe we should start talking about the G sun.

Unknown Speaker  7:35  
Let's do it. Yeah. Because we last time we did the the emotions, the root, the sacral. And the spleen. Correct. We

Unknown Speaker  7:42  
didn't do the spleen. We

Unknown Speaker  7:43  
didn't we didn't do the spleen. Oh, no,

Unknown Speaker  7:45  
we didn't get that far. That which is why you guys are back here. So we could get into this in depth.

Unknown Speaker  7:50  
Yeah. So Kayla, do you want to start with the spleen? Or should we start with the G center since we're right on? I would, I would.

Unknown Speaker  7:56  
Let's start with the G center because we're there and then we can go to the spleen. I just did a whole workshop on the spleen. So I'm like. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  8:05  
Okay, so yeah, I'll give a brief overview of what the G center is. So this is the center for identity, self direction love and higher self. This is where your magnetic monopole resides. And this is where you feel your pull towards your individual direction in life. And so if you have somebody with like, the same exact chart as you that magnetic monopole is what makes you different. And physically, this area is associated with your liver and the blood. So Kayla has this defined as does about 60% of the population. Kevin, I'm like you I have this undefined. So I'll let Kayla talk about what it's like having a defined G center because she knows way more about it than I do. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  8:47  
so having a defined G center, I also call it the self center. So if you hear me say that I'm talking about the same center. So having a defined self senator is, it's really all about being able to know for a fact, knowing who I am, knowing who I am and who I show up as in the world, I also have an innate understanding of what I need to feel loved. So when we're talking about like, love languages, that kind of concept, this is something that for those of us who have defined self centers, it's very clear. When I take a Love Languages quiz, I look at that, and I'm like, Oh, my God, of course, this is exactly what I need. I need more quality time. I need to be around people who feel good to me, in order to feel like I belong somewhere. I need to be with people who I can feel seen with. And I think one of the biggest struggles with having a defined self center which is something I have been as I started on this journey, as a coach I've really been diving into is that when we have such a clear idea of who we are, and how we are individual and how we're different from everyone else, a lot of times it can feel isolating and it can feel like Who is ever going to to accept me for who I am? If I can't understand how anyone would accept me, because when you have such a clear and definitive idea of what you want, like of what you are, it's really difficult because you've spent your whole life having other people tell you, you're supposed to be a certain way. You're supposed to be, you know, a good girl, you're supposed to be someone who gets good grades, you're supposed to be someone who takes care of other people, there are so many things that we are told we're supposed to be. And when we are told you're supposed to be insert identity here, but we already know who we are. That can be really, really difficult. Because then we're being told, sorry, you're not allowed to be who you are, you need to be my version of you. So that's where a lot of times the challenge of having that defined self center comes in. So yeah, for me, I recently started to really actively look for my tribe. really finding people who are on the same wavelength as me who want to change the world. People like Kevin, people like Alyssa, who I really started to feel like Oh, my God, these people see me. These people understand me, and I'm allowed to just be myself. And yet don't

Unknown Speaker  11:25  
dim your light. Don't do it.

Unknown Speaker  11:27  

Unknown Speaker  11:29  
yourself is pretty awesome. By the way to say, I agree. And Dr. Marni says, another great episode brought to you by Well, me, Kayla, and Alyssa great information. Very cool. To see you to see my chart and and then she has a question for us, which is, how can these charge guide you when you're already acting in your natural energies and intentions? That's Oh, you're nodding your head?

Unknown Speaker  11:56  
Oh, yeah. This I actually that this, this feels very aligned. For me, I was just doing a post about how self care is different for everyone. I think that the biggest thing that self that human design gives us in the space of I'm already following my energies. And I already feel really good in what I'm doing. Because it gives you that validation, that validation that Alyssa was just talking about that when you learn your strategy. And when you learn where you were you emit energy from, it almost gives you like a divine permission to lean even further into the things that you know, work for you that, you know, feel good for you. So, yeah, that's 100% I think it's an amazing thing to kind of add to your roster of spiritual practice.

Unknown Speaker  12:44  
Yeah, and speaking of leaning in, so one practice that I've been doing with my clients lately is you see the astrological signs on the right and left of the chart. And each of those tells you, you know, how you best communicate what your path to abundance is, and knowing what those gates are, and you can lean into, you know, whatever gate it is to be more abundant in your life. That can be really powerful, too. Because, yes, these energies feel very natural to us. But how can we better lean into them? That's what human design offers. But the sad thing is, most people aren't following there are living their design. It's the very rare person that acknowledges their gifts and really is leans into them. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  13:27  
how long does it take you to learn how to read this silly thing?

Unknown Speaker  13:31  
It's never over.

Unknown Speaker  13:35  
Oh, that's so funny. Wait, can I need to I need to answer this with with an interesting difference between my chart and Alissa's chart. Because the thing that I was about to say was, if it's something that makes sense to you, it just makes sense to you immediately. What's so funny is that I have a two line in my profile, just like you do, Kevin, and the two line is the natural. We are supposed to do things that we're already good at. We're supposed to show up and do the things that we are that we just like, suddenly are just really good at and they're like, oh, wow, this worked really well. For me. I'm

Unknown Speaker  14:10  
an easy breezy genius. Wow, look

Unknown Speaker  14:13  
exactly. Alyssa is a three, five. So you are more in that space of trial and error of learning of taking things in making mistakes and doing it again and doing it again and doing it again. And so for you learning is a totally different animal than it is for a two line like myself.

Unknown Speaker  14:34  
Right, right and what's so we'll get into the mind centers but like you, Kevin, I have to define mine centers, my crown and my Asha. So I have a very fixed perspective on how I view the world and how I think. And so Kayla is more she's more open minded. She can source information from all over. She can literally read people's minds and she doesn't know where it comes from. And so she is She's a much more interesting channel in some ways. Which is funny. I mean, we're both we're both channelers in our own way is it's just different.

Unknown Speaker  15:10  
Oh, yeah, that's it, that's always been an interesting thing for me, with Alyssa, when we work together on things is that the way that you channel versus the way that I channel is very, very different. And yet, we are both able to do that we're both able to channel divine. And like, for me, one of the things that I have always felt a kind of shame around is this idea that I never came up with my own ideas that I always took somebody else's idea. But the thing is, is that's how I'm designed. I'm literally designed to let someone else's idea to come into my mind, and to expand on it and make it bigger and better and more exciting. And then let that come out of my voice. So like, just one of those one of those moments where it's like, yeah, just having permission to be the person who takes other people's ideas and makes them better.

Unknown Speaker  16:04  
For you to be the smartest person in the room.

Unknown Speaker  16:09  
I'm only smart because you guys are smart. I know. All that info is absorbing

Unknown Speaker  16:15  
all of our mental greatness, Kevin.

Unknown Speaker  16:19  
The truth? I gotta tell you the energy that's coming from you, too, and the excitement and the fun. It's, it's you guys are just delightful. I just have to say,

Unknown Speaker  16:28  
Oh, thank you. Thank you very much. It's I feel like I often recently, especially I've started writing a lot of meditations recently because I'm doing a yoga nidra course along with human design. And I've started to have moments of like, just kind of like looking around and being like, holy crap. Is this what I do for work? Right? Isn't it so fun? Fun? Like is this actually like, I just get to like, sit down and like write like channel from the Divine and write a meditation, put on some like didgeridoo music, you know? And that's work. That's work.

Unknown Speaker  17:06  
Are you are you guys on our mailing list, and I send you the guided meditation.

Unknown Speaker  17:12  
Yeah, I saw that. I haven't gotten to listen to that yet. But I think it came out today, right? came out today,

Unknown Speaker  17:17  
late yesterday or early today. And it is a meditation that was done by a friend of mine that's 20 years old. And it's been downloaded like 2500 times or something like that. So but it is very much what you're talking about. It's it's grounding, it's a way to touch the divine and and he does a really nice job with it. So so I'm so listen to that, when you when you get a chance, try it out and incorporate some of your things in with it as well. So it's because it really is cool that you have the ability to do that. And and all three of us, I think, are sitting here doing exactly what it is that we would like to be doing with our lives. And this is what I love to do. And, and I and you guys are doing the same thing. That's, that's really is awesome. So I but I got to ask you, because this has come up and one of us. Which one of these is more for the relationship? Center? Or the is there? Is there one of these that kind of dictates your relationships with significant others and that kind of thing?

Unknown Speaker  18:27  
I mean, they all do. But maybe the emotional center probably jumps out the throat too.

Unknown Speaker  18:34  
So really on it? Honestly, I feel and like this is also from my own life experience.

Unknown Speaker  18:41  
Oh, are you gonna say the G center?

Unknown Speaker  18:43  
Oh, G Center is a big part of I think that a huge most of relationship is about finding someone who you can be in partnership with. And being in partnership with somebody is not about one kind of energy. It's about how you come together and fill in gaps and how you become a whole entity as one. So it's not necessarily about one center or another center. It's what you are bringing to the table. So like myself and my partner, we have almost opposite charts. He has defined head, mind and throat. And I have defined throat, emotions root, spleen, and self center. So he's all defined on top, and I'm all defined on the bottom. And when we come together, we have totally different concepts for how the world is supposed to work. So a lot of times we we clash and our plight has been to figure out how to understand each other. Because when we come together and when we work together, we bring everything in needed to be able to accomplish amazing things that we never thought were possible before. So I think that relationships in general are about Two Souls meeting and becoming partners rather than being focused on any one kind of energy. See, I

Unknown Speaker  20:06  
told you she was the smartest person in the room.

Unknown Speaker  20:10  
That's pretty cool. So, so but all because of all of my centers, except for one are colored in. Does that mean that I don't need to have a partner?

Unknown Speaker  20:21  
Not necessarily. Um, you actually have to split definition. Yeah. So yeah. So usually, yeah. So when your centers are all connected, which yours or not, they're split at, looks like three different gates. But it's a small split. So you only need somebody with one of these gates in order to feel a sense of wholeness. But that doesn't mean you you need a partner, and that you don't need a partner to fill in that gate. either. You can find that wholeness from other relationships in your life. So your partner might not bridge your split, but your best friend might or, you know, being in this conversation right now, Kayla, and I probably bridge or split. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker  21:08  
yeah, I think we do we do? We absolutely do.

Unknown Speaker  21:11  
No, I gotta ask somebody else, because human design is becoming a bigger deal. And it's getting out there more. Somebody else did my chart. And they said that I'm, and tell me if if this if this rings true in this chart, is that I'm kind of a I have I have a part of part of me that really likes to be alone and likes to be not not attached or not running around doing other stuff for other folks. But then there's a part of me that is out there wanting to do all of those things. And I know you're nodding your head. Yes. Is

Unknown Speaker  21:50  
that right? Yeah. I always love hearing what other people like other people who look into human design have to say about charts, because it always like opens my mind to like, oh, whoa, that's such a cool way to see it. Because when you're talking about that, what I'm seeing is that with that open, and we actually, we totally moved past this. But I'd love for Alyssa to talk about it a little. Having that open, undefined G center that open undefined self center means that you take on the identities of other people when you're around them. So having that means that it's very, very important for you to have time on your own. Because when you don't take that time for yourself, you begin to take on the identities of others. So in that way, having that solitude is extremely important. You also have a two line like I was talking about myself the natural the other name for this line is the hermit. We are people who literally need to hermit ourselves in order to be creative. And it's when we go into that hermit hole, that we figure out how to how to do all the things that we're going to do. So it's very important for you to be on your own for those things. As Alyssa was just saying, you have a split definition, though. And having a split definition means that your energy centers are split into two separate spaces. So you might feel like you have a split personality, there is a part of you that is connected to your head and your throat and your intuition. And then there's this part of you that's more connected to your physical body. And those two things don't connect as well with in your whole self. Whereas when you're with someone who has one of the gates that then connects those lines, it can give you that sense of wholeness. And if you fall into the lower vibrations of these connections, that's when we deal with codependency. And this is something that I have dealt with as a person with a split split definition as well. Yeah, yeah. That codependency sneaks in, because then suddenly you feel whole, when you're with this person, and you feel like you can't do it yourself. You need them when in reality, they make you feel, you know, they give you that sense of energies connecting. But having those energy split is also a strength. It's something that allows you to feel and to dig into different parts of yourself at different times. So that's what I hear when you talk about the things that she said about you in relationships. Yeah, and the

Unknown Speaker  24:27  
way you can like dig into yourself and empower yourself more. Talking from an open G center perspective. Like being in an environment that makes you feel good, that you really love is important and building yourself up separately away knowing who you are, and letting a comfortable identity emerge within yourself. You will start to attract the right people to you. Instead of you know hanging on to other people's identity as an engineer

Unknown Speaker  24:55  
over the last 1520 years. That's exactly what's happened to all the wrong people. Were in my life before, including my ex wife and our best friends and that grew whole group of people. They're all gone. They're all gone. And now I've got a group of people that are supportive and caring and loving and all that kind of, including YouTube. I just, I just love the energy to do have you bring to the shows.

Unknown Speaker  25:22  
We have so much fun here.

Unknown Speaker  25:29  
It is great fun to have you here. And I got to ask you, if somebody is listening to this now or listening to this later, and they want to get a chart read by you, how do they go about doing this?

Unknown Speaker  25:41  
You can go first Alissa? Sure. So you can go to my website, Alyssa, I have a list of services, I do multiple things. I'm a manifesting generator, which means I'm here to do all the things that I love, not just one. So I'm a health coach, but I'm also an intuitive theta healer. So I, I channeled the divine to see what negative energies need to be released, what disempowering beliefs need to be let go of I replaced them with more empowering beliefs. I do that that's called Data healing. And then I do human design. I think all three of those things work well together, too. Those are my love languages that I speak to make a healthy person. So you can get your chart read, booking through my site, or if you want to do the whole shebang. You can sign up for my health coaching program where I do human design, but also Theta Healing, diet, lifestyle, medicine, nutrition, that sort of thing. So that's what I do. Cool, Kayla?

Unknown Speaker  26:41  
Yeah, and I can attest Alyssa Theta Healing is amazing. I've worked with her numerous times. Of course, so I can be found on Instagram is the best place to find me. I'm at underscore Kayla underscore Mason. So it's Kyla and a s. O. N. And soon I will have a website. I've been saying this the last like four times I've been on but I have someone who I'm working with now and I am on it.

Unknown Speaker  27:10  
Open Heart Center. It'll happen when it's the right time. Yes,

Unknown Speaker  27:15  
yeah, it will, it will. And that'll bring us into the spleen later. But at like involved in our, our discussion of human design, I'm a projector. And so my my place on this earth is to help guide others into the space where they are meant to go. So I use human design. And I use intuitive coaching. I also channel meditations in the moment, using my undefined mind centers and my totally lit up throat and will create meditations in the moment based on who I'm working with. So I often will work with my clients in a very kind of like, I'll just kind of tap into whatever it is they're dealing with and create a meditation based on what they need in that moment. I also create yoga nidra, which are a kind of a Theta Healing sleep meditation. The idea is that we're getting into the theta brainwave state through putting the body to sleep and keeping the mind awake. It's an ancient meditation technique. And right now I am doing a group program that uses human design in conjunction with yoga nidra, so that we can reprogram your brain to no longer believe the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. So if that's something that sounds interesting to you, I do free workshops a couple times a month to kind of give you a taste of what that is. And my next one is on October 15. I believe I'm doing it at 9am Pacific time. So if you want to check that out, go to my Instagram the link there is there to sign up. Again. It's underscore Kayla underscore Mason.

Unknown Speaker  28:59  
Very nice. You guys are really honored and what I like about you is every time I talk to you you're learning something new. They're waiting you're waiting and learning and channeling and and and all of that, which is just you know, that's really cool. And and as I was telling our listener earlier because she's about half my age. And she was like I said, Can we can you imagine? And Caitlyn said the same thing to you. Can you imagine what you're going to accomplish in the next 30 years? Kinda

Unknown Speaker  29:41  
I have more recently begun to this comes back to our identity conversation and that self center. I've more recently began to really step into what I'm here to do, where I'm going, why I'm here and I really feel that I am at the beginning of the creation of a wellness empire that is going to be able to speak to millions of people. So, in 30 years, I hope to be helping millions of people with self care and human design and meditation on a daily basis.

Unknown Speaker  30:18  
girl's gonna lit up throat.

Unknown Speaker  30:22  
I did I do. Gates coming out of that thing.

Unknown Speaker  30:25  
I do, too. I do, too. That's why we're here right now.

Unknown Speaker  30:31  
Since you brought up the throat and stuff like that, can we talk about that? Absolutely. Oh, totally. I know, I know, we're passing over the spleen, we'll get back to the spleen. But the throat I'm interested in in learning more about.

Unknown Speaker  30:43  
Sure. So the throat is the Center for Communication manifestation interacting with the world. It's associated with the thyroid and parathyroid glands, and all of the centers come out through the throat. It is the way you externalize everything that is internal, within you. And most people have it defined and I'm gonna let Kayla talk about the throat center to find since you know, she's, she is so lit up in the throat. So am I but what I like to talk about it because I think undefined throats are fascinating. So go for it, dear.

Unknown Speaker  31:17  
I'm sure so I one of the things that's interesting about the throat is that it's it's kind of power is dictated by whether you have a motor attached to it or not. And essentially, what that means is that any one of the there are four motor centers in the lower part of the chart. It's the sacral center, the root center, the emotions and the heart center. And all of them create energy in different ways. And this is the kind of energy that gets you to do something, this is the doer energy. So if the throat is connected to any one of those, it gives your voice, the ability to make things happen. Literally, the the word abracadabra translates to I create as I speak, and those who have a motor to their throat, and that's Alyssa and manifesting generators, Kevin, you also have a motor to your throat, and anyone who's also a manifester. When you speak, you are speaking things into existence. For someone like myself, who has a defined throat center, but does not have a motor to my throat, it kind of gives me on the one hand, it's that moment of I'll say things and they won't actually happen. And that can feel a little disempowering. But on the other hand, I have the freedom to say whatever the person I'm speaking to needs to hear. And often, that's the thing that connects me when I'm channeling or meditation is that my voice is creating a ton of energy. And my expression is something that often takes me for a ride. But I have the freedom to just show up wherever my voice wants to be. Because the kind of make it happen. Power doesn't necessarily come through my throat. So that's, that's my feel. That's what I that's what I deal with.

Unknown Speaker  33:12  
What do you mean, it doesn't come through your throat? Where does it come through?

Unknown Speaker  33:16  
For me, I have two motor centers defined in my chart. So I have the emotional center and the root center. So when I am accomplishing things, when I'm getting things done, which, as a projector is one of those things that I have to wait for things to come to me, I have to wait to be invited. And I have to wait for a wave of energy to come to me because I don't create sustainable energy. But when I am in the Space of Creation, it comes from my body, it comes from my emotions, and it comes from my, my space of groundedness. So when I'm expressing if I am creating something that is going to, you know, change the world, I will often do it with my body, I will often either actually use my hand to write something out, or I will, you know, like, create something that I'm going to then put out into the world. These are, it's just a matter of using my body rather than my voice to create.

Unknown Speaker  34:22  
So I kind of asked both of you, since you've been doing this, have you found that the charts line up to how you've always been and now you're just understanding why you are the way you are? Or does it change? Or do you change because of the art? Does that make sense?

Unknown Speaker  34:43  
Yeah, so I think if I would have read my chart for the first time at age 20 I would not have thought it was my chart. No way. I like human design came into my life as I was on my journey. I think it came at the right time. Actually Kayla did my first reading. She's the one who got me into human design?

Unknown Speaker  35:02  
Ah, it's her fault.

Unknown Speaker  35:06  
Right and I mean growing up I was taught you know, I have this open identity Senator Do you know and this too and so I was very much fixated on like, my father's identity and my my husband's identity like that was who I was like, I, I loved NFL football and sports, you know, lots of sports. Sports

Unknown Speaker  35:34  
was your favorite football team.

Unknown Speaker  35:36  
Miami Dolphins because my dad's a season ticket holder. So I have no choice. Sometimes I do have to, you know, hang on to some identity. That isn't mine. But I forget where it was they even going with this oh, about charts and knowing is this always my chart? Yeah, I don't think I would have believed it until I reached this point in my life where I'm like, I am not me. This is not me. I do not like the direction I'm going in. I must go in a new direction. And so my reading came at the right time. And and Kayla, and I will I'm speaking for Kayla, but I think she believes this is everything comes in the right timing. When you're ready. That's when you're ready. And I never try and force readings on people. And Kayla, that's not her strategy at all. You know, people come in the right time when they're ready to hear this.

Unknown Speaker  36:26  
Yeah. Yeah, that's that's a huge thing. divine timing is one of the most important parts of the of the whole human design experience. So I and I think it's interesting that you're talking about this concept of having that in that undefined identity center. And that making you feel like you wouldn't have believed it was your chart. Because for myself with my defined identity center, I felt like when I read by had my chart read for the first time, it was like, Oh, my God, this is exactly who I am. This is who I've always been. And I've just been trying to be somebody else. And like,

Unknown Speaker  37:03  
it's fascinating that you say that, because when I think about the readings I do with people with defined self centered versus undefined. It's the same reactions that we're talking about. It's Oh, my God, I can't believe you're telling me this right now. Versus like, it feels so validated. Yeah, absolutely. That's so funny. I never put that together.

Unknown Speaker  37:24  
I know. Oh, that's so great. I love that.

Unknown Speaker  37:27  
So people will come to you come to you at the right time. They come to you when they're supposed to. And then the universe puts you together that way. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  37:36  
yeah. And following your strategy is usually one of the most difficult and one of the most profound parts of diving into your design. Because following the strategy is what is going to get you to the places where you're meant to go, and is going to make your life feel more peaceful. And so for me as a projector, it is my design to wait for the invitation. Which essentially means that I'm not supposed to reach out to people. I am not supposed to be doing cold calls, or sending people a bunch of emails about all the things that are, you know, happening. I'm supposed to create a lighthouse. I'm supposed to create a beautiful unicorn land that other people will then see and say, Oh, wow, it looks really nice over there. I'm gonna go over there and check it out. And then they show up at my door and they say, Hi, I really like your castle, can I come in?

Unknown Speaker  38:34  
And now I've received an aligned invitation. You

Unknown Speaker  38:38  
build this and they will come?

Unknown Speaker  38:40  
Exactly. She's a queen.

Unknown Speaker  38:45  
I want to I want to ask both of you guys based upon my chart, because I've always felt like my job was to go find and bring people like you to the show to the podcast. And then it's not my responsibility to decide where it goes. So that because that's my guys responsibility. That's on the other side. Am I'm in? Should I be working harder to get it out and to do more things? Or am I doing the right thing?

Unknown Speaker  39:17  
I think you're doing exactly the right thing. I think you're

Unknown Speaker  39:20  
doing Do you it's it's a feeling that you have Kevin, do you feel satisfied with your life? Or do you feel frustrated because if you're feeling satisfied, that's universe telling you you're going in the right direction. If you're feeling frustrated and angry,

Unknown Speaker  39:33  
the only time I get frustrated is when I have my human impatience get involved. Does that make sense? Because I want it and I want it now. And I want it because I feel like it's important that more people hear these messages of what we're talking about and and so and I want to continue to be able to keep doing this. And so there's you know, there's a there's a I've I timeline that's involved and all that kind of stuff. So, so it's just my human impatience that gets involved.

Unknown Speaker  40:06  
Yeah, I think,

Unknown Speaker  40:08  
Oh, I was still had Kayla. And then I'll tell you what a strategy that I have for Mary. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  40:13  
I think that this goes right back to our conversation about divine timing is that what you're dealing with is that frustration that you are not a manifester? That you are not someone who is supposed to reach out and make things happen, you're someone who's supposed to wait for something to come to you so that you can respond to it. And then you can take action, but until something comes for you to respond to taking action is just going to leave you frustrated. So it's that divine timing, it's knowing that what's meant for you is coming, you just need to wait for it. And Alyssa,

Unknown Speaker  40:49  
and I would say Kevin, manage your forest. So any dead trees that you have in your life, anything that isn't worth the time or the energy, take it out, take it out and focus on the things, the healthy trees, because if you want space, for more listeners to come in, you need to remove something that isn't working.

Unknown Speaker  41:11  
Oh, so true. That is so true. You know, I do have to tell you. And this is a 20 year old story. I had just turned 65. And so it's a it's tiny, you know, so all your pensions and all that stuff become become real, I get this, I get this. And I've got I've got my finances set up. So I'm fine. And all that kind of good stuff. I can continue to do this. But I've always said I would really like to have a cushion a little bit more to be able to do this. So last May or just this past May I get this letter. And it's from an employer that I had back in 2000 only was there for a year, year and a half. And they said, You you you know, make sure your address is correct. And all that kind of stuff, because we're gonna send you your your pension. And I said, what, I don't think I have a pension with these needles. So So I called them. And they said, Well, no, you got something. And here's all the information, right? And I said yes. And they said, I said, Can you tell me how much you know, of this pension? I figured a couple 100 bucks, you know, that kind of thing. And they said them. And by the way, this is 20 years ago? And they said, No, we can't tell you. But you will be getting a packet soon. And so two weeks ago, I got this packet. And I looked at and they want me to tell them where they want and how I want the money distributed and all this kind of stuff. And they still didn't say how much it was. it's substantial. It's it's it's not a couple 100 bucks. It's like five figures. And it's like it but I had no idea. And in May I had no idea that this was coming. I think I manifested it. That's what I think.

Unknown Speaker  43:03  
Absolutely. 100% Yeah, absolutely. Because the thing is, is that if you were not in line with what the universe wants for you, and you are not staying in that space, it's very possible that that could have it could have just never gotten to you. That kind of thing happens all the time.

Unknown Speaker  43:22  
There must have been, you know, you must have felt worthy of that money as well. Oh, yeah. Yeah, cuz

Unknown Speaker  43:29  
it's the way I look at it's not my money. It's, it's, it's money that is brought to me by the universe and is is is and the purpose of it is to be able to continue to do this. And that's, that's why it's come to me, so I don't even look at it as mine. So it's not like, I'm gonna go take a trip. I'm, I'm gonna use it to do that. I can continue to do that.

Unknown Speaker  43:54  
I'm gonna buy a yacht that exactly.

Unknown Speaker  43:58  
I'm gonna go on a cruise and meet a 65 year old woman.

Unknown Speaker  44:05  

Unknown Speaker  44:07  
who comes with all the baggage of a 65 year old. You think you're old?

Unknown Speaker  44:13  
You know, you know, it's interesting though. It's,

Unknown Speaker  44:15  
it's funny. It's funny to talk about the concept of baggage because baggage is made baggage is made somewhere. And when I think about the person I was when I was in my early 20s. When I think about the person I was when I was you know, getting into relationships, baggage tree. Those are the relationships that created my baggage. So what which is better, which is worse, you know, to be in a situation where you know that you are a person who has lived and who has been through things and is resilient, or the situation where you are a person who is impressionable and who might, you know, take on any kind of new triggering situation at any moment. And then you know, when you You look back, it's not as though the baggage that was put in place was someone's fault. It's not that there's someone to blame. It just happens that you were in that situation and you experienced these things that landed in whatever undefined centers you have sent you on a path. And now here you are. So I feel like it doesn't matter when in life, we meet someone who is going to really connect with our energy. It's going to be either a connection that we're going to be feel aligned with, or it's not baggage or no baggage.

Unknown Speaker  45:38  
Exactly. And brave young lion says Hi, there. Hello. Welcome. Welcome to the show. And we're we're excited that you're here. We're talking with Allison. We're talking about the camera and we're talking about human design. And we got totally off track. And we still haven't gotten to the to the spleen yet. So Oh, my

Unknown Speaker  45:59  
God, Kayla is itching.

Unknown Speaker  46:03  
Oh, my goodness. I also feel though, that we didn't really

Unknown Speaker  46:06  
talk about what an undefined threat

Unknown Speaker  46:08  
defined throat Yeah, we can I can, I can tell talk about it really quick. So if you have the center open, you're an empath here. So it's very hard to consistently talk about yourself, if you have this open, however, you can consistently talk about others or something outside of yourself with a lot of ease. And if you have this open, which is a small percent of the population, it's less than 30%. You're conditioned that you should always be able to talk about yourself. And I would get so frustrated with my sister who has an open throat because I'm like, Why isn't she so open, all the rest of us are so open, and we talk about our feelings. And she just she needs to wait for the right time. Just because you have this open doesn't mean you don't know how to talk about yourself. It's just that it's there's a time and place for it. And yeah, but you can talk consistently about yourself, if you talk about yourself objectively. Does that make sense? Like like your experiences from an objective point of view?

Unknown Speaker  47:14  
As the observer I like Yes.

Unknown Speaker  47:17  
And brave young lion is Nice meeting you too. Sir. And, and stuff. I'll be hanging out with us because we got lots to talk about still.

Unknown Speaker  47:27  
Yes. One more thing about the open throat to is, when you feel like listening, listen, because it will come across as such confidence when you do. So when you feel like listening, listen, when talking talk. Yeah, and don't worry about it. If you're not saying anything.

Unknown Speaker  47:47  
100% I, the one thing that I want to add in for undefined throats, is that one of the things that someone with an undefined throat is here to do is to be the voice for others when others feel that they don't have a voice. So a lot of times someone with an undefined throat will be like the person who speaks for the group will be the person who sees an injustice and speaks up about it. So that just because your voice is not something that you use to express yourself, doesn't mean that your voice doesn't have power. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker  48:18  
these people make amazing public speakers, even if they have an undefined throat, because they can speak for a group of people. And they can take in everything that they're trying to say, but maybe can articulate and they can articulate it better than anybody else. Yep.

Unknown Speaker  48:36  
And the brave young lion is being a brave young lion. And he's, he is calling you to out. So you know,

Unknown Speaker  48:44  
all the green hearts for you too.

Unknown Speaker  48:48  
And I think it's just magical, what all the things that you're talking about here and how it can affect people in such a positive way. If you and knowledge is power. You learn a little bit about it, and you can deal with it more if you can deal with yourself more effectively, I think and stuff so you guys are really good. Let's talk about the spleen.

Unknown Speaker  49:14  
So the spleen, the spleen is

Unknown Speaker  49:17  
it's the space where all of the senses live. So the spleen is where our sense of survival comes in. This is where our real like connection to human touch, sight, smell taste comes from. And there are actually individual gates within the spleen that kind of power each of these senses from a very primal space. So the spleen is also where our fears come in and where our deep emotions come from. So the emotional center is where our more human emotions come from the you know, anxiety, love the things that we feel and that change on a regular basis. The spleen is where those really deeply rooted human feelings come from. So pain, pleasure, fear safety. So, if you have a defined spleen, which I have a defined spleen, there is an innate part of you that feels into when you are safe. So, and based on what kind of gates you have coming out of the spleen, you're going to feel that safety, that kind of deep, intuitive inner knowing in a different way. For me, I have a gate 44, which you have as well, Kevin, AND gate 44 is connected to our sense of smell, and has this concept of being able to kind of like smell a rat, you know,

Unknown Speaker  50:49  

Unknown Speaker  50:51  
for me, like if I find myself in a, you know, back alleyway somewhere, and I get that kind of tingling, like there's something off sensation, I have a deep knowing that I am not safe, and I need to get to safety. But things like right now, I we talked about this in our last episode, but I'm currently living a nomadic life jumping from place to place. And when I check in with my spleen, and she's like, I have a very, very good relationship with my spleen. She talks back when I check in with my spleen, and I'm like, Are we okay? I know, we don't have housing next week. But are we okay? And she says, Yeah, you're fine. You don't have to worry about anything. I am allowed to take that and know without a shadow of a doubt that I will be safe. Even if my other centers decide they want to start worrying about everything. And I have to calm all of them down, because I have an undefined sacral Center, which causes all sorts of worry. But being able to tap into that sense of survival and safety means that I know that I'm okay. I know when I'm okay. And I know that I will be safe. So yeah, that's, that's what it's like to have a defined spleen Alyssa can talk on. Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker  52:11  
it's, it's funny because the spleen is the Center for intuition. And I'm an intuitive with an open spleen, which means I have inconsistent intuition. Which sounds kind of strange, right. But what this means having an open is that I am very sensitive to other people's fears, I can tell when they're being held back by their fears, if they're out of alignment, if they're toxic or unhealthy. So as a health coach, when I am with my clients, I can sense that in them, and then what they need in order to thrive. So for example, if Kayla and I were to go on a rock climbing expedition with a bunch of people, Kayla would lead the way she would know what tools we would need, she would know where to go. And I would be the one in the back. Like being like, okay, who's scared. Let me see how I can help them feel better about this rock climbing expedition.

Unknown Speaker  53:07  
I love them so much. Let's go rock climbing. Let's do it.

Unknown Speaker  53:12  
Yes. So as from a young age, what happens low vibe, if you have this open, you can take on others fears and pain and mistake them for being your own, which is what happened to me. So I had a lot of chronic illness growing up, I got osteoarthritis when I was a teenager. So guess what, that's crazy. But my dad had it. And my grandmother had it. My grandmother got it at 16, my dad at 40. And me as a teenager. I think I picked that up, I pick that up. And another thing is like I knew flying on airplanes, I would be fine. Like I knew this. And when I thought about flying on an airplane, when I was by myself, I felt fine. But every time I would go on an airplane, I would get so nervous. And I realized I am picking up other people's fear on that airplane. So now when I'm on an airplane, if I feel that I just say Okay, time to empty, and I visualize my spleen emptying out of that fear. And that's what keeps me feeling more grounded, more safe. So I have a very healthy relationship with my spleen and that I'm able to discern what is mine? What is my fear? What is my pain? And what is somebody else's? And so I use it now to help other people navigate their pain.

Unknown Speaker  54:36  
So here's my spleen fearful.

Unknown Speaker  54:41  
You have consistent intuition your spleen you're like Kayla. Yeah, yeah, we have rock climbing.

Unknown Speaker  54:47  
You are you're leading the climb. But what can happen? I think one of the biggest differences between the fears that come up in a defined spleen versus the fears that come up in an undefined is that the fears that come up for a define spleen are often about you, they are fears that you have created fears that are living deep within you that they're a part of who you are. So like, a lot of times when I find a fear that's like, deep within me, it's a limiting belief kind of thing that like, I don't believe that I am worthy of whatever. Whereas the fears of others have never really affected me. The fears of others are the kind of things that like, sometimes I'll like, be like, well, I guess if this person scared of it, maybe I should think about being scared. But I think that's more my undefined mind being like, well, if someone thought this was weird, maybe I should think it's weird. But as far as like actually feeling the fears of others. Sometimes there's this part of me that like, just gets annoyed when like someone else is like, it's like, no, that's not safe. And I'm just like, I know it's safe.

Unknown Speaker  55:55  
Like, don't have to worry about it not being safe, because I know that it's

Unknown Speaker  56:01  
okay, so here's something like when I was young, I used to always think there was like an intruder in my house. And I'd be terrified, right? Because I don't I don't have that consistent intuition. That consistent instinct telling me whether I'm safe or not. So I would lay in bed just terrified. Someone just gonna break in or a spider was gonna come like crawling on my head, like, just, oh, it was a nightmare. It was a nightmare. Not knowing how to manage a spleen is really difficult.

Unknown Speaker  56:29  
Yeah, yeah. Honestly, the thing that I think scares me more than anything. And it's funny, because I've been saying this since I was a little kid is being scared.

Unknown Speaker  56:40  
Literally, being scared,

Unknown Speaker  56:42  
and being out of control, because I so constantly feel like I have control of my safety and my survival, that the fear of not having that is the thing that scares me the most. So like, I hate horror movies, I cannot watch them. But it's because like, it gets in my head and makes me think that like, I'm gonna become the monster, or like, you know,

Unknown Speaker  57:09  
so it's just

Unknown Speaker  57:10  
a very, it is a very consistent space of me. And I honestly never said that out loud in relation to the spleen, the spleen before, but I'm literally afraid of becoming someone with an undefined spleen.

Unknown Speaker  57:24  
And in me watching that horror movie, I'm like, I'm feeling like the knife and the side of my ribcage like, so I was on a date. And this guy was telling me a story about like a knife getting dropped into his foot. And I was just like, I was feeling it. I was like, I can't, I'm gonna vomit like

Unknown Speaker  57:43  
this. I'm gonna throw up on you.

Unknown Speaker  57:49  
I can't listen to this anymore.

Unknown Speaker  57:51  
I can't live the same thing that you do. As far as the fear goes. I get annoyed with people when they are expressing a fear that just doesn't make any pregnant chance.

Unknown Speaker  58:04  
And it's impossible to explain to them why they're going to be safe. Because you don't know why. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  58:13  
sorry. Go. Come on. Put on your big boy pants. You gotta stop that. That's my gosh, you know?

Unknown Speaker  58:19  
Heartless. Like, I know like, I feel it. I feel their fear. I feel their pain. I'm like, You guys are monsters.

Unknown Speaker  58:32  
Have you seen the previews for that movie? Smile?

Unknown Speaker  58:35  
Oh, my God, I can't Oh, I can't.

Unknown Speaker  58:37  
I want I want nothing to do with

Unknown Speaker  58:42  
this ever talk radio?

Unknown Speaker  58:48  
No, no, we are not. We are not. We're not.

Unknown Speaker  58:51  
We need to wrap this up fairly soon. But before we go, I want you to talk about the crown. Because isn't that the your intuition?

Unknown Speaker  59:00  
No, actually that the spleen is more of the intuition. But there, that is the center where you feel mental pressure to ask the questions. So the head centers kind of work together. Most people have them both defined or both undefined. Not all I think 20% of the population has just the ASHA defined. And not this. But when you have it defined, or both centers defined like you and I do, Kevin, you have like a fixed perspective on the world. You're here to be a thought leader. And you feel mental pressure to have the questions and the answers like all the time and trust that you don't need to know everything right now. Just let the information come through and just feel satisfied that the answers will come in their own time. I sense

Unknown Speaker  59:58  
yeah, well I get so that's one of the things that's one of the things I do here is a lot of the questions I asked her just simply through intuition. I don't plan anything. I just, I just listen, and then talk about what it is that we're talking about. So it all it all goes right into line with what you're what you're saying.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:18  
Yeah, I think that the the kind of misconception between the the crown and the spleen is that the crown does have that connection to divine. So the things that come in through the crown are often not actually intuition, so much as they are divine intervention. So intuition is something that comes from your body. Intuition is something that lives within the person that you are your ability to either feel into others know what they need, or your ability to just know things deep within yourself with that would the defined spleen like you and I do, Kevin, where as the crown is the connection to divine so even though messages might seem to come in a similar way, where like, they come from nowhere? Intuition is something that is deeply rooted in your physical human being, whereas the crown is more divine intervention. This is you hearing voices from beyond coming in and helping you ask the right questions, so that you can help to create a new thought world.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:31  
Oh, I love that explanation so much, Kayla. That's cool. So

Unknown Speaker  1:01:36  
awesome. Let's let's before we go, I want to get your information out again, so that somebody would like who would like to contact you can and get the readings done and to work with you if you've got a physical challenge Alyssa would be perfectly capable of helping you and do and to do all the things that can make you better. So last time, so Kayla go first.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:01  
Awesome. So yep, you can follow me on Instagram and I am underscore kala underscore Mason. And on there, you can follow the link in my bio, you can either book a session or you can sign up for my next workshop where we will be diving into reprogramming your limiting beliefs using the ancient meditation technique, yoga nidra and your human design.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:24  
Do you have to be bendable to views that you in particular yoga?

Unknown Speaker  1:02:29  
No, no, not at all. No,

Unknown Speaker  1:02:31  
literally. Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep. So it's entirely meditative. And you lie down and keep your body completely still. For the entire 45 minute practice.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:44  
I can do that.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:49  
Be in a plank for 45 minutes. I'm doing yoga nidra.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:55  
know somebody wants to get a hold of you. They can go to Alyssa I know that much.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:03  
Yeah, yep. Han is in Goldie Hawn, the actress Alyssa Yep. If you go to my services page, you can book a human design session or a theta healing session, or talk to me about potentially doing a full blown health coaching program where we would just help you from the bottom up mind body spirit. So

Unknown Speaker  1:03:24  
and we're not done with this yet. Could you guys come back and we do this again.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:32  
Human Design is so complex. So we always have an endless supply. Just talk about

Unknown Speaker  1:03:40  
it'll be great fun. And we've had listeners that are here and more than we'll follow later on. And brave young lion. I'd like to thank you for for participating in the show. That was awfully nice of you. Thank you. Let's see. And can I invite you guys on my stream? No. More mine. You can't have mine.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:07  
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Go to go

Unknown Speaker  1:04:09  
to my website or Kayla's and send us a message. Yeah. Yeah. Love to be on.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:15  
Absolutely. And, and you and I'll do you if you do me, well, wait a minute. That's not right. If you want to be on my show, Mr. Lyon, you could do that tonight. Let's get in touch. And you can do that by going to positive talk radio dotnet and you can find me there and stuff like that. So and, and then my friend Holly Berry says, she's got a great job. She's gonna buy me a cup of coffee by the way, you can always go to my website, and there's a little button there that has a coffee that you can buy me a cup of coffee cause like constant like fighting the whole dollars, or any any part of it. So thank you, Holly and and This has been real good for me because Holly is if she works with me a lot. And today I had a crisis of confidence. And so you guys have helped me a lot today. So I appreciate it. Oh, yeah, we

Unknown Speaker  1:05:12  
have so much fun every time we come on the show.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:15  
This is one of my favorite things. That is one of my favorite places to get to just talk.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:21  
Yeah, you do you guys do such a great job. And you're you can tell your energy is right there. And, and you care about people and you care about humanity. And you want the best for everybody. And it really does show it. It radiates. And so you should be pleased with yourself. Back at you.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:44  
Yeah, absolutely. Right back at ya.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:48  
Yes, indeed. And Mr. Young, Mr. Brave, or Mr. Lyons as amazing. So, and yes, and you can have her, you can have them on your show anything to help them get the word out about what they do, because it really is amazing. I support. So I was just having a moment of jealousy there for a second.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:13  
You're living with low vibration.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:19  
That's right. We all have them we like but the reality is, there is enough, and there's enough for everybody. And there's nothing that we have to do. All we have to do, we can just relax and enjoy it and they will

Unknown Speaker  1:06:32  
come to us. Exactly, exactly. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:35  
So ladies, I gotta go. We gotta go. But listen, is there any last thing that you'd like to tell our audience that's listening now or in the future?

Unknown Speaker  1:06:46  
Um, support Kevin show. It's amazing. Positive talk radio. You have so many great guests, and everybody just wants to make the world a better place. Listen to as many episodes as you can.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:00  
Oh, you're sweet.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:03  
All right. I concur. That's Yes.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:12  
And you guys are just, you guys are just sensational. And let's see, Kayla Mason is I don't see. Is that correct? I'm searching now on Instagram.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:24  
It's an S and not a Z. S as in snake, not zebra. I don't

Unknown Speaker  1:07:31  
do my Instagram either. Mine's add Alyssa unhealth. Sorry about that. Okay. With an S,

Unknown Speaker  1:07:40  
your words of wisdom, I am acquiring knowledge here. See? The cool thing is, is that the end of the week, the reason why we Sra. Yep, he's got it. The reason why we do this is if we can touch one person, either this listening now or them in the future, then we've done our job. And then the read that we allow the universe to do whatever the universe is going to do with it. And one of these days, you're gonna have somebody who's very important, we're going to call you up and say, I saw you on I can't remember the name of the show, but you were there and I got your number. And there we are. So that's that's gonna be cool.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:19  
And crap, probably gonna be positive talk radio.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:22  
And while I'm calling you again, you bet. Yeah. Because we'll set it up. And we'll do this again. And I want to have you on KK and W again, as well.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:33  
Amazing. Yeah, we'd love to.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:35  
So you and you guys are a great team. And you're also across the country from one another. So

Unknown Speaker  1:08:42  
yes, but I love knows no bounds, no bounds.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:47  
I love the technology. Ladies, thank you so much. And if you'll wait right there, I've got to do this and I'll be right back. Hey, thanks for enjoying this episode. All the way to the end. Please give us a like and subscribe to this channel. This has been a production of positive talk radio dotnet please visit our website oddly named positive talk radio dotnet for more details about us and our mission, which is to provide great positive programming designed to inspire us all. I'm Kevin Macdonald real I'm proud of these shows, and I truly hope that you'll like them and share them with friends and family. So on behalf of our entire team, remember, be kind to one another because each other's

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Alyssa Hawn

Holistic Health Coach / ThetaHealing Practitioner

From my website:

Hi, I'm Alyssa Hawn.
And I believe that anyone can overcome chronic pain and illness. Allow me to explain...

At age 31, I was officially diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, a chronic, painful bladder condition with no known cure. I felt so helpless, unsure I wanted to live if it meant dealing with this debilitating distraction for the rest of my life. I wasn't able to show up fully for what mattered most, including my relationships, my work, and myself. Instead of settling for symptom-treating medication with devastating side effects, I was determined to find and address my root cause.

In my extensive search for answers, I discovered holistic and integrative medicine. What I learned was root cause was not one thing, but a multitude of factors that included stress, poor nutrition, harmful lifestyle choices, lack of self-care, and limiting beliefs. I learned that health was not as simple as taking a drug or a supplement, although both have their place.

After less than a year of dedicated (ahem, obsessive) research and implementing solutions, I not only reversed interstitial cystitis, but also osteoarthritis, chronic acne, blood sugar imbalance, heartburn, leaky gut, back pain, and food sensitivities. I dropped 15 lbs, reduced stress, and improved my mood and energy levels. Most importantly, I embraced my spirituality and learned how to respect my body and intuition. I want you to know that it is possible to heal and feel amazing in your body, and it is my mission to bring true health quickly to those who want it. I became a certified Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition so that I could use my knowledge and intuitive gifts to help busy, hard-working women like you take the fast-track to better health.

Recently, I became a certified Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner so I can help people overcome limiting beliefs and live a more positive lifestyle. The health of your body is of the utmost importance, but imagine how much better life can be when you eliminate old, destructive patterns and beliefs. (Hint: it's a lot better)

I don't want you to suffer needlessly like I did for so long. I couldn't live my life fully because I was so distracted by my wide array of health problems and was looking in the wrong places for answers. This does not have to be you. As your personal health detective and guide, I help you identify your root causes and come up with practical, personalized solutions that directly address your health goals and lead to profound results in a short amount of time.

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Kevin McDonald


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