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333 | An Amazing Psychic Medium takes on KKNW 1150AM!

October 10, 2022

333 | An Amazing Psychic Medium takes on KKNW 1150AM!
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Unknown Speaker  0:05  
Welcome back to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas, one conversation at a time. So come on over into our world, I know you'll like it. Because on today's show, we feature a couple of dynamic individuals. And I'm so glad that you guys are all here today, Jen Gilbreath. He is the modern sage or one of the modern sages, and she's a psychic medium, and she's traveling around in her car today. I think, gosh, we have got good technology these days. And Dana Park is with us. She's an intuitive life coach, and she's really hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. And the two of them do some really good work. But before we go there, I have been waiting 21 years to say this. And Nathan, what are you? What are you wearing?

Unknown Speaker  1:09  
That mariners are going to the playoffs,

Unknown Speaker  1:13  
they're actually going to be in the playoffs and starting in about an hour. So what I want you to do is on your way home, listen to this show. And then the game will start about 115 or so. And they've got a lot of pregame stuff they got to do and stuff like that. So you can get the whole game. And you can listen to the show in its entirety. I think that's pretty cool.

Unknown Speaker  1:32  
And if the game was going live, we could probably give you a play by play. But you know, we're just gonna have fun here and give spiritual guidance.

Unknown Speaker  1:41  
That's right, because Nathan was eight years old the last time that the mariners were in the playoffs, and that was like 2002 I think

Unknown Speaker  1:50  
2001 Just after 911 About a month after 911

Unknown Speaker  1:56  
Oh, yeah, that's right. That's right. That wasn't a very good year. So anyway,

Unknown Speaker  2:00  
I mean, it makes sense that, you know, the Yankees mean, that city really needed to do something to help, you know, lift their spirits. So, I mean, you gotta hand it to them and give them that respect.

Unknown Speaker  2:12  
It's a New York Yankees. Are you kidding me?

Unknown Speaker  2:16  
But it's the city of New York, when you know, but we won't talk about that. That's too depressing.

Unknown Speaker  2:23  
Yes, it is. That was that was a while ago and stuff. But today, we got a great show for you. We've got two of the most fabulous people that, that I know. And they are really good at what they do. And we're going to invite you from the very first moment of the show that you can give us a call. And you can if you've got a question about somebody that's crossed over, if you've got a question about your life, your lifestyle, what's going on with you how you want to change what you're doing today into something that you would like to do in the future, we can do that. And you can give us a call right now. And Nathan's gonna give you the numbers

Unknown Speaker  3:01  
are number to go a call into the show and have spiritual guidance from Dana Parker and Jen Gilbreath. Is 425-373-5527. Also toll free at 1-888-298-5569.

Unknown Speaker  3:16  
And if you call right now, Nathan wins 20 bucks. So call right now

Unknown Speaker  3:21  
find my trip to Toronto.

Unknown Speaker  3:24  
Exactly. Exactly. So Dana, how are you?

Unknown Speaker  3:28  
So good. I'm so good.

Unknown Speaker  3:30  
You have been just flying all over the place doing some cool things and and introduce our friend Jen to our audience, would you please Oh,

Unknown Speaker  3:40  
I love this is my favorite time this these Fridays, once a month, I get to be on this incredible station with Jen Gilbreth. And she has been a friend of mine for several years. It feels like we've just been friends for a long time. But I don't know how many years but Jenny's so Oh, gifted in the realm of spiritual gifts. intuitive knowing she's very connected to the other side to ancestors. She's a medium that is just I personally have done several sessions with her and just love her big heart, her willingness to teach other people how to tune into their gifts. And she's just she's an incredible human being that I just love and adore. So I'm so excited that that we get to do this and have this time together. John, thanks for being on.

Unknown Speaker  4:32  
Well, thank you. Thank you. I feel the same way. I'm so honored. So I'm very excited today. I apologize. My audio isn't the best. But sometimes life just happens the way it happens. So we just roll with the punches. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  4:44  
It's a message and unnecessarily the audio so people can hear it. So that's, that's good. But you know, Dana, I gotta tell you the last time Jen was with me, you were not here. And Jen and I did some really cool stuff. Jen, tell us a Love the type of readings and type of work that we did together?

Unknown Speaker  5:05  
Well, it was actually really fun to see Kevin also deliver messages and tune in and pick up on stuff too. So we talked about past lives a lot, we brought in quite a few different people. So it was really fun to see Kevin. Also in action. It's, it's, it was really cool.

Unknown Speaker  5:23  
That's a byproduct of connecting with Jen is your spiritual gifts open and incredible teacher that way. We're not only are you getting edified and uplifted through what she's teaching and the connections, but people just naturally when they're in her presence, they their gifts open up more and more. And I think it's because she just loves teaching. That's part of why she's here. So thank you. I love that for you, Kevin, you, you do you have a sixth sense, the I love that you're embracing more and more, that intuitive side of you

Unknown Speaker  5:54  
in a while, it's it's really good. And if I have somebody to be there with me to hold my hand, and we can talk about and I can fill in just a little bit about what I know, then that works out really, really well. So if you want to give us a call now you the time for Nathan to win 20 bucks as passed. So now if you want to give me 20 bucks, no, I'm kidding. Give us a call at 425-373-5527 or 888-298-5569. So, Jan, what have you been up to since the last time you were on the show?

Unknown Speaker  6:30  
Um, a lot of fun things actually. I've been working on this soul tribe, all about helping women embrace the medicine within, because I feel like kind of like what you're saying, Dana is, we all have spiritual gifts, we all have these purposes, or these passions in life. And it's so easy for us to get worried about what other people will think or if you can do it, or if you can't, or maybe you just feel limitations in a lot of different ways. Or you want to just embrace yourself even more. And so I've been really working on cultivating the modern sages, Soul tribe, helping others really learn to embrace and cultivate the medicine with them and find what makes them excited. And what makes them feel alive was healing and uplifting. So it's been really beautiful.

Unknown Speaker  7:15  
When did you come up with this idea?

Unknown Speaker  7:18  
Um, well, I've been thinking about it for a while. But then when Candace she was also on the modern stages, she went back to school. And so I felt like it was kind of that about two months ago, that I just felt this drawn this push to kind of change the direction of modern stages a little bit because we were really practicing and like talking a lot about shamanic practices. And so of course, we're still adding that into the space where it's kind of shifted a little bit. So it's been really cool.

Unknown Speaker  7:48  
And where can people find that and join that tribe? Yeah, so

Unknown Speaker  7:54  
I have the tribe on the modern But it's also on Facebook, it's called the modern stages, the tribe embracing the medicine with him. So

Unknown Speaker  8:05  
the modern stages tribe

Unknown Speaker  8:08  
is really important right now, in this time in history, that we work together and form communities, to form like minded communities of people that you can relate to, who you can help and who you can, who can be helped by you. It's really as important and I know Dana, you're working on a similar path, are you not?

Unknown Speaker  8:31  
Yeah, I have my definitely my own spin and my own own thing that I'm working on and joining forces with to help really uplift women in the workplace and their mindset and skill set their understanding of themselves. It's it's been really new time for women. Because we have right now we have all of the we have all the freedoms to be do have everything we want. And that hasn't always been the case in history. And what what I think Jen and I were we kind of aligned is just because you have all the external freedoms doesn't mean you have all the internal freedoms that match that and so really, our passions align and inviting women into that internal freedom to then achieve and be and do and have the things that they their heart's calling for in their life. And you know, just in we had slightly different focuses Jen really is incredible when it comes to spiritual gifts and the spiritual aspect of things really opening up and and I'm very much focused in that realm of of goal setting and achievement and stepping up into leadership helping women step into their type of leadership because the way women lead is different Brenton women lead. But Jen and I both really believe in that internal healing. That's the beautiful part we wholeheartedly both of us. That is the the medicine within is it's a real thing and leading women to that place. You know, there's nothing. I've worked with 1000s and 1000s of clients now all over the world. There's nothing on this planet, like your own self love, self compassion, self introspection, to your wounds to your experiences. There's no amount of anything external, valid, external validation, external shopping, food, all the things we look for, to fill these wounds and these holes inside of us. But there's nothing outside of us not a thing that can fulfill those places than better than us going within doing that, that healing work on those wounds. And those those cultural generational personal wounds from our life that hold us back those stories, that we think we are those fears of what we think about ourselves, that are playing out in everyone's minds. When you bring your own presence, and you bring your own love to those places. It's it is incredibly transformational. And to watch other people do that right before your eyes, I think for I, I believe that Jen experiences as to it is one of the most sacred spaces and incredibly joyful spaces that you can participate with another human being in. So

Unknown Speaker  11:40  
Jen, do you agree with that?

Unknown Speaker  11:42  
Yeah, I absolutely agree. And I think along with that, too, you know, we're all here, just navigating life. And I still though, that a lot of people are being called into this space, and really living authentic and living true to them, and like Daring to step out and be bold. So we do need try, we do need people to also offer a support, we are cheerleaders. So we can learn so much from what has worked for other people, because we can get stuck in our own ways. And so when we see someone else, it's perfect to have that connection in a different aspect. So I think it's beautiful that way.

Unknown Speaker  12:17  
You know, first of all, Jan is Is there like a window open that you can close or

Unknown Speaker  12:26  
I just closed that I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. It's just kind of a crazy day.

Unknown Speaker  12:30  
But that's alright, we just you've got a great message and we want to make sure everybody can hear it. You know, I gotta tell you have you ever had the the thought of picking up a book and opening up to a particular page and just reading the page and just seeing what message comes through? Have you ever done that?

Unknown Speaker  12:53  
Yes, many times.

Unknown Speaker  12:55  
I did that last night and you know what the you know what the the author's name you may have heard of him is Neale Donald Walsch. And in the book is Conversations with God. And I just opened up the page. And the first line that I read was Neale Donald Walsch was saying, you know, God, that's a radical concept. And God was saying back to him, while you need to be self centered. And in our society, it is not acceptable in a lot of people will say, it's not acceptable to be self centered. But because everything starts with yourself and the center of yourself, you have to be in order to be good for other people. Is that do you guys agree with that? Jen?

Unknown Speaker  13:44  
Yes, absolutely. I think that that's where it comes. So you have to fill your own bucket before you can fill it for others. You don't we all know that concept. And, and I think that it's time to give ourself permission to really embrace that for ourselves and to say, you know, it's not selfish. If I do take time for myself, in fact, it's exactly what's needed for for who I am and how I can help other people as well. So I think that's a perfect concept.

Unknown Speaker  14:10  
Yeah. And I think that it's a matter of observing yourself. Because I think that there are people out there that do think about themselves a lot, that that's actually a very natural thing that it just happens and and so if that's something that people are experiencing, I often will say you know, taking time to think about the group as a whole and the people as a whole and other people and consider that and and then there are people who only and really focusing on everyone else, right? That's adds it's actually trained in us as women very commonly to think about and care for everyone else. And just think about the Wii and think about the community and, and all the other people and So I think depending on where you're at, it's really important to self introspect to look within be aware of where you're at, and then bring yourself into a different, more balanced place if you become out of balanced and out of balance. And I really do believe taking that time. I mean, I've spent the last almost 13 years now, investing in myself and taking that time to fill fill myself and fill my bucket and be a mom and do a business. And it really is, it's, it's a constant check in it never really. And we speak about balance, but everyone's balance is going to look different at different times in their life, too. And it's something that we always I find myself always having to circle back. And I think that's normal circle back. Am I in balance? Am I taking good care of myself? Am I am i doing my inner work? You know, am I doing those things? And am I creating? And am I showing up as a mom and and really seeing and looking at giving to your life in those ways in those areas that need it? And, yeah,

Unknown Speaker  16:19  
but it's, it's like a push pull kind of thing. But why is it that so many women feel that taking care of themselves first? Is is both selfish, and they feel guilty about it? Why is that?

Unknown Speaker  16:36  
I think because culturally, we're trained that our worth as women is really derived from, from our, our abilities to care and nurture, and make everyone else happy around us, you know, and at least I'm speaking for myself, the culture that I grew up in is, is very much like, make sure you're taking care of your husband, like, go get your house, even a plate of food, if there's food out, go get him a plate of food and all the kids. And it's like, that's the trainings a lot for me that I grew up in, of your job as nurturers to care for everyone. And to make sure everyone's happy. And to make sure everyone's good. And actually, I was reading a lot about this, how when girls are often trained in being sweet, like if they get too emotional, they they they're trained in this idea that they need to be sweet that they need to be and maybe sweets, not the the the overall, that doesn't relate to everyone, but to be sweet to show up kind to show up generous to show up. feminine, right. And I think it's culturally trained. And so that's why we have to kind of unravel some of those things, and really create new patterns for ourself new expectations of you know, I know I choose to take care of myself. And it's not either or, it's not an aura thing. It's an end thing. And my children, absolutely 100% are better for it. Because I've invested in myself, they have a better mom, my six year old said it best Mom, I love your love. It is the best love.

Unknown Speaker  18:24  
Oh, and your heart melted all over the

Unknown Speaker  18:28  
melted everywhere. Yes. And I had that ability to show up that way because of that. What are your thoughts, Jen?

Unknown Speaker  18:34  
I love that. I think that's the sweetest thing. Here's the best love. That's beautiful. Yeah, I think it's just that space of wanting to give to like, give, give, give. And just, it's easy to fall into that pattern of nurturing and wanting to take care of and, and wanting to make other people happy. It's just this natural essence, that doesn't have to be for everybody. But it can be more like that in a lot of ways. Or it's also you're just taught that it has to be that way too. And so how know there's just this shift going on that I feel like so many people are experiencing where it's like, is that right? For me? Does that feel good? Am I connected, and it's just time to embrace that and to not make that a bad or a wrong thing. But to just make that part of this human experience because we're always learning lessons, whether it be in the cosmos, whether it be collectively whether it be individually, but I find that a lot of people are in the same space at the same time. Because it's like cultivating the space of wholeness for everybody. And so it's kind of fun to see how that there's a pattern in that for a lot of people.

Unknown Speaker  19:40  
You know, I gotta I gotta I gotta say that this is not in a vacuum. Because there are other people around you, other people around you with their expectations of who you should be, rather than who you are. And how do you get Get past the expectations of Oh, as an example. Yeah, I'm sitting here I'm having a beer, I'm talking with my friends, you should bring me a plate of food. What's the matter with you? You shouldn't be you should be the one to take care of me and stuff. How do you because there's a little bit of guilt that goes with that, when they don't feel like they're measuring up or meeting the expectations of the significant other? How do you how do you change yourself and change the significant other at the same time, there's a trick, I

Unknown Speaker  20:30  
think a lot of that starts with love and compassion. I feel like and communication. Of course, we know communication is key. But we've all had that where we're built up anger, or we want to say something, we just haven't done it. And then instead of like, talking about it, or moving forward, we like build it up, and it gets angrier and angrier and finally explode. And so I think honestly, the first thing is like, if something is bugging you, if you're like trying to shift into this perspective, it's almost like giving yourself space to fill that. And to not make it wrong. But to also not lash out right away. Because that might not be the healthiest or most effective way of communication, and might actually have the opposite effect. And so it's really like, you know, we care, like go into the closet, or go into the bathroom, and just take five deep breaths, connect into yourself, and then move forward. I think that's very applicable for everything, but especially when you're shifting into this new perspective. And I think that goes with like people, honoring who they are stepping into their spiritual gifts is because not everyone's going to understand it. And of course, when you give yourself permission to listen to your own voice, then you can more strongly or more effectively share what you want experience or who you are, in the way that other people can understand. But you kind of got to understand it for yourself first, that's the most effective way of doing things.

Unknown Speaker  21:54  
Yes, yes. That's self introspection. Oh, Jen. So well said it is vital that women actually take that time to stop the doing the doing doing doing doing doing all the time, and the default, and really pay attention. How do you feel about the actions that you're taking and what you're doing in your life and where you're putting your energy, really take that time for self introspection, that's the very first step. And knowing that your emotions and feelings about your life about your experiences are valid. And some of them might not be totally 100%. True. Both exist. And we have to be able to start looking at and gain the, the understanding and the tools to challenge some of our stories, meaning, the story that says if I don't do for everyone, like I always have, then I'm not good enough. As a mom, I'm not showing up, right? That's a story. That's a story based off of old expectations, you were told by someone else. And you're you're trying to live up to that, when really we deserve start looking within and say what is what is Dana's version of being a good mom look like, because it's getting me different than Jen's, and it's gonna be different than my mom's and it's going to be different, what is my best version look like right now with everything I have in my life, and start really looking within that's the very beginning. And you have to navigate that before you can even start communicating with other people, where you're at and what you need and how you're shifting. And it's it's actually very messy process. And I say that with a smile, because it's it is it's messy for everyone, it's gonna be messy. And that's why you know, hiring somebody like Jen and or other coaches is so important and really helpful. Well, because in the messiness, you can have a cheerleader that's really, really supporting him or joining Jen's tribe, those kinds of things, being surrounded by people who are doing this work is so valuable, because then you have that outside perspective and that support of other people doing that and the messiness and learning how to love yourself through the mess and the craziness of adjusting those things. It's it's, it's gonna be messy, you guys and it's okay.

Unknown Speaker  24:29  
Oh, that's easy for you to say.

Unknown Speaker  24:32  
You're right, actually, it's really easier said than done. Oh, I continually have to bring myself back to loving myself through the mess. You too, right, Jen?

Unknown Speaker  24:44  
Yeah. So So when we come back from this break, which I need to take, it's just a short one, so everybody can hang with us. But I want to ask you because, you know, a lot of times we develop relationships and friendships from years ago and as we continue to change and evolve and grow and trying to become who we really are, in, which is our goal for all of us in life, to become our best version of ourselves that has been yet created, that you change. And when you change, what happens to the other folks that are around you, that are still looking for you the way you were 10 years ago. And what that's, that's part of the mess you're talking about in the data. Oh, yeah. So we'll be right back in just two short minutes, so please, stay with us.

Unknown Speaker  25:41  
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Unknown Speaker  26:57  
And welcome everybody back to positive talk radio on KK and w 11:50am. And I want to thank everybody for being here. And it's it's great fun. By the way, I got to ask you guys, what do you think of my new seat theme song?

Unknown Speaker  27:13  
And it just muted everybody.

Unknown Speaker  27:16  
Love it left them speechless. Yes. Speechless. I love it couldn't.

Unknown Speaker  27:22  
It's such good vibes. It makes you feel good. Yeah, it's everything. Everything that you're all about Kevin,

Unknown Speaker  27:28  
I agree. Very fitting.

Unknown Speaker  27:31  
Well, thank you very much. And my friend Tommy tikka, who is a singer songwriter. He's gonna be on the show on Monday morning at nine. And he is a master musician. And, and he put that all together for me. And so that's not out anywhere in the world. Except for me.

Unknown Speaker  27:48  
Oh, that is so cool. He's very gifted.

Unknown Speaker  27:53  
Let's see, it's really a really cool thing. But getting back by the way, I would be remiss if I did not invite you to come and give us a call. So you can talk to Jen. She is a psychic medium. And she works with people and she can talk to the other side she can talk to, to your your guides, she can do all kinds of different things. And so I would be remiss if I didn't offer give you the opportunity to talk to her because it's trust me it's really well worth it. And with Dana chiming in and me throwing that my two cents worth in. You we can call it the psychic carwash and you can get you can get a real nice cleaning done here. If you give us a call, right. And Nathan's gonna give you the numbers,

Unknown Speaker  28:38  
or numbers to call in are 425-373-5527 or toll free yet 888-298-5569. We're at the homestretch of our show only 30 minutes left to go. So give us a call now before it's too late.

Unknown Speaker  28:53  
There's a salesman for you. Good job. Good job. So I wanted to ask you because Danny, you've been through this. I don't know that. Janet, I don't know your background to know enough. Whether you've been through it or not. But when there was a point in time when Danna needed to make a change in her life, and it brought forth if you go back to the whole thing, it really you were like stepping in a mud puddle all over your house and creating a great big mess. And but you felt that it was necessary to do that. Jen, how about you? Have you when you when you got into this and it moved in stuff? Did it? Did it affect your friends, your family, your the people that you'd grown up with and are used to Gen presenting yourself in a certain way and suddenly you're not presenting yourself that way anymore?

Unknown Speaker  29:43  
Yeah, I think that's been an unraveling throughout time. As you know, as I get older, and as I develop my gifts more in my own beliefs in life, I felt like it transition and changes which I think we're all here to do is to evolve in one way or another. But it wasn't easy, that's for sure. Uh, you know, especially when I got started wanting to be a medium, you know, I grew up in a very religious household. And luckily, my family was pretty supportive. But at the same time, like I had some people that I cared very much so about. And they weren't accepting of that, and they didn't want to support that I remember a conversation in the car where, you know, people that I cared dearly for were like, you know, if you do this, we, we can't have you in our life anymore. We're not accepting that. And that was devastating. And most people that I've loved, and I've viewed as family in many ways, and so it seems like those times though, that sometimes we do change, and transition, and friendships come and go, and relationships. And it's kind of one of those bittersweet things, because there's always lessons in those. And I look back, and those were some of my core wounding when it comes to like, stepping into my own gifts. But that's also what I needed to give myself permission to heal enough to be able to stand where I'm at now. And so going back, if I could go back to that girl who was brokenhearted in the car, like driving away, just sobbing? Like, I feel like, I want to do this, why would I be given a gift and then have so many people that I love not accepted? It was such a gift, and I wish I could go back there and be like, hey, look, Jimmy is gonna be worth it, I promise you, you know, it's gonna be hard. But these are going to be the moments that you're going to help other people embrace, as well. So it's not easy, but it's definitely worth it.

Unknown Speaker  31:27  
You know, in my experience, when I started positive talk radio, and back in 2003, and I was married and been married for 20 some years. And that fell away. At the same time, all the friends that I cultivated within that framework of that they all went away, every one of them. And it was like, gee whiz, this is kind of tough, but you know, what, if you if you stand fast, and believe in what you are doing, is the correct thing to do. The right people show up in your life, and and much better people. And I know, Dana, that's happened in your case? Yes,

Unknown Speaker  32:03  
that's true. Yeah, very true. And I think it's really normal. When you're going through big changes, big internal changes, that you're, you're different, you're, what you're putting out is different, your ideas are different. And so the people that you used to, you know, resonate with, it becomes a different resonance. And so part of the journey of a really big part of the journey, is learning how to be okay, within yourself, even if others aren't okay, with what's going on in your life. And I do, I do have to say, Here, Kevin, that you never actually know the impact of you honoring yourself, because a life of self betrayal of showing up how everyone else wants you to show up, will internally, like, internally harm you. It is it's what is at the root of a lot of anxiety and depression, and really deep emotional things that a lot of people are dealing with right now. And it's because they don't feel the space to honor themselves. And as we step into that, even if, even when those closest to you struggle with the changes, there's positive things that come from it. And I just want to mention this, that, you know, as I've had these big changes in my religious world, I left religion that I grew up in and had some really big changes. It was very, very difficult for my family, and very difficult for my parents, and my mom in particular. And as she's navigating, we've navigated it. It's been messy. It's been a bit of a messy navigation, but I was fully, fully committed to honor myself and to forgiveness through the mess. And I just stuck with it with her. And we have had lots of talks and lots of experiences and lots of hard conversations. But that willingness to say, You know what, my mom's never experienced this before. This is new for her, to have a daughter that is no longer part of this core religion that she loves. And to have that compassionate perspective, but also honor myself, in my experience, what's been so incredible in the last few months, as I've talked with her, you know, she said to me, Dana, I'm so grateful. I'm so grateful that you did this for you because it's opened my heart. It's made me more loving, more loving to other people and other experiences and people that don't think the same as I do and don't feel the same as I do. And it's really challenged me To be a more open, loving person, and I don't know that I would have fully achieved that without that. And so that's an incredible experience. And you know, not everyone will get that. And, and it's okay. I feel really lucky that that's been the conversation and where we've landed recently. And it's been through a lot of the mess it has been. And you never know, you just never know, as you stand in your power and honor yourself, who you're inspiring, who in your life actually is feeling those similar, same things? And it's beautiful, what what can happen and what's created?

Unknown Speaker  35:41  
Absolutely, Jen, your thoughts?

Unknown Speaker  35:43  
I love it. I think it's so beautiful. And, and I love hearing that to Dana because there have been times where we have done ceremonies and gatherings and, and we both have healed a lot of those aspects of who we are. And so just hearing that circle of Completion is so powerful, but it just shows that we do need people in our life who are willing to support us and, and maybe that's us reaching out to groups of people who maybe we're really intrigued by and we want to participate in it's like, this is the invitation and the time to really honor and jump in and, and try new things, looking at new people's ways of life and what they're doing. And like why not, am I the other thing I have to say with that too, is this is what I get over and over and over again, delivering messages from our ancestors is that the end of our life, we are the only ones responsible for how we live life, we are going to be the only ones walking over I always call it like the Rainbow Bridge. It's kind of like looking at your life sketch and your choices and others choices and, and everything like that. But in the end, you're more mom or your dad or your your great, your great grandma or your best friend, they're not going to be responsible for your impact or what you've learned in this life or your soul's growth, it's going to be you. So it's time for us to remember that it's really about us and what we came here to experience. And so I don't know, it's just time to cultivate that within the world for sure.

Unknown Speaker  37:11  
Yes, that's that self centeredness that you have to begin to understand and to and to work within yourself before you can take care of anybody else. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  37:22  
self interest. self interested.

Unknown Speaker  37:27  
And, and a lot of people will say, Oh, you can't do that. But, you know, I've talked to I've talked to a lot of people that when they get to the end of their life, and by the way, I'm not as young as I used to be to start thinking about in terms of that. And it's like, I cannot imagine how different my life would have been had I just shut it down in 2003, and not to the radio show, and not gone down this path, and just sat there, I would be friggin miserable today. Yeah. But I get the opportunity to meet extraordinary people like you guys, I wouldn't have I would not have met either of you. If I had not gone down this path. And it's been. It's remarkable that people I get to meet and you two are two of them. And I want to thank you for that.

Unknown Speaker  38:17  
Thank you so much, Kevin. I'm so glad you listened and I'm so glad you pursued it. And I'm so glad you really you just never gave up on it. And to anyone listening. If there's a part of you that gave up your hearts calling things that your heart was calling for. This is an invitation to reopen, it's never too late. Reopen to some of those things. You more than ever. You can find communities on anything that sparks your passion, anything that sparks your joy. You can find support groups, you can find people who are in that, that arena who have that passion, who will be supportive of that and you evolving into that. And it will reignite your love for life. It will reignite your love for life you will be shocked what it will do for you as you honor yourself and stop betraying your own heart. Stop betraying yourself. That's one of my huge message is right now, stop betraying your hearts messages and start listening. No matter what, and it will ignite no matter what happens in your life who doesn't agree with it, it will ignite in your life. This joy and excitement and this magic for life. Unlike anything else, unlike any path you'll take that someone else gave you. You honoring your path, your soul's path will ignite in you that love for life again, and it's time we won't live that.

Unknown Speaker  39:50  
Absolutely. And I think you know, it's good to remember that there will be times that maybe you will have to shed some layers of friendships or relationships And that doesn't have to mean getting rid of somebody. You deciding that relationship is going to look and be experienced differently. But that's part of the lesson of growth. That's part of why we're here. And everything around us this is one thing, too, that's been sticking out for me a lot lately, is everything in this life is temporary, or physical body, everything we're doing the things that we have the car that we drive, the clothes that we spend so much money on, right in our souls evolution of growth. In the big picture, we came here to learn lessons to have connection and to co create with spirit. And I strongly believe that and so nothing in this life really is permanent. And when we can give ourselves permission to see that and to embrace that fact, of not holding on to make everything mean something. It gives us a better sense of like courage to actually step in and do the thing that we've always wanted to do. Because why not? That's my, that's my message today is like, why not?

Unknown Speaker  41:00  
Why not? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  41:03  
I think that's a wonderful thing to say, why not? Because it's, you know, it's important. It really is because so many, all right, I'll be I'll be 100% transparent. So many people turn 6566 67. And they quit their or they retire from their job, they've retired from what they're doing, they don't have anything else to go to. And so they consider that to be kind of like, nearing the end of their life. I am going to continue to do this, and work with people like you. And I've also got 750 shows up or 750 hours of programming up that will be here long after I'm gone. And so it's important that if you have a desire, and it doesn't have to be going on the radio, you have to be a little nuts to do what I do. But if he says, Okay, what do you mean that so I don't know what you're talking about. But you know, it's whatever it is, if you want to paint, if you want to volunteer, if you want to pet, go to a dog petting service, because you love dogs, do it. Don't sit in your house, and watch television all day, because it's a wasted year. It's a waste of your God given talents and as a waste of your time. And when you are on your deathbed many years from now. And you say, gosh, did I do everything that I leave it all on the table that I do everything that I could to live my life to its fullest? And if you can't say yes to that you have done enough, you get guys agree with that. Even though you guys are gonna be young, a lot longer than me because you You're young and vivacious and all that stuff.

Unknown Speaker  42:50  
I love that. Yes, absolutely. Everything you said is so perfect. And I'm just laughing and smiling. My cheeks. I'm smiling. Because I just think that spirit is so funny, you know, we came on today without having any agenda. And all of us have been led into the same conversation, the same aspect of what whoever's listening. And even for ourselves. It's like reminding ourselves all these things. But it's all in this one direction that we keep all taking it. And that wasn't even the intention of what we were going to do today. You know, we came with an open heart. And I think that's just how Spirit works. And that's what we're here to do is to just trust and it's gonna look different. And you might start one thing and be like, I won't like that. But it could spark an interest to go somewhere else. And then all of a sudden, you're at this place that you're so excited, and you're so happy. You're like, how did I even get here? Oh, it's because I took that one action. And I have loved it. And so now I'm, that's where I'm at. It's just a little bit.

Unknown Speaker  43:51  
You know, just to follow up on your point, Jen, there are people that will say, you know, you really should prepare, and you really should have questions that you're going to ask people in the end, and really delve deeply into that. And my answer to that is No, I want it to be free flowing and I want it to go where it's supposed to go. I don't I didn't know where it was gonna go when we started the show today. But it's gone in the into a very, very important direction. And the reason that did that, I believe firmly is because there's somebody in our audience and it's maybe you that's listening right now that needed to hear this message. And so Dana, continue that message.

Unknown Speaker  44:30  
I absolutely agree. Continue that message no pressure whatsoever. No, I I completely agree with what you're saying Kevin and and I love this dude. We just keep circling back to this. And that's actually the most beautiful part about the work that we do is when you show up with an open heart and allow allow yourself to connect in to the message. It just flows through and it happens As naturally. And you know, when you have all these preconceived notions and all these plans and everything of like, here's how it's gonna go, here's what it's going to be. Sometimes that can trump what the heart is calling for. And I think that actually applies in life to that if we get too rigid, or if we get too caught up and culture says it has to be this way, or this is how it's always been done. And this is what I'm going to do if we get too caught up in that. And and and doing what everyone else tells us we should do. We will end up at the end of our lives, I think unfulfilled? You know, how many times do we hear of those people in, in the end the near end of their life, and they're like, I wish I wouldn't have worked as much. I wish I wish I would have enjoyed this more and done this more. And, and, you know, I think it's really important to take the wisdom from those conversation, chins of those that are nearing, nearing the end of this particular life. And really look at Wow, how can I live along the way? How can I really enjoy and change my relationship with life in a different way and do what maybe hasn't been done before. Because my heart says so because there's something inside of me that's calling for that. And you know, everything great in this world was created from those kinds of ideas that were never created before, they were never done before. And we're grateful for it, and we're better for it. And Kevin, just like you said, you're you following your heart and putting out the, you know, 750 hours of positive, positive talk positive conversations, it will precede you in this life, you will leave an imprint, a positive imprint on this world. Because of your willingness to hear. And that goes for every person. I mean, even down to somebody who let's say you love dogs, and that's where you want, you'll leave a positive impact in that world. That's that matters, that matters, that positivity, doing what your heart calls you to, it matters and it makes a difference to your world. But when you're in a good place, and you're acting in that, there's a ripple effect that you cannot stop, it just will take place and it will happen. And that's the beauty of all of us being so intricately connected, that when we start living from that space of doing what our heart calls, it inspires other people and it changes other people for the better.

Unknown Speaker  47:44  
And you know, Jan, I know that you came on today, and you're a gifted psychic medium, and we were hoping to have a few people call in but I this is what I'm going to tell you is that because of the conversation that we're having today, there are people that are sitting in the driveway of their home, that are continuing to listen to the show, because they don't have an radio in the house and they want to continue to listen to it. So even though we're not helping people as we normally would if they call in and you help them with their ancestors and where they've been and their loved ones on the other side, you're still helping people today. And I want I want to thank you for that.

Unknown Speaker  48:21  
Well, thank you, Kevin, I feel so honored. And I'm always so grateful. And, and I think that's also and I was thinking about that too, as I'm like, I feel like we've all channeled in exactly what needed to come through today. And I feel so aligned with it. And I know that we're all like sparking inside, like just knowing that sometimes you don't need to have a personal, a personal message like that. It's we're all delivering this and it's exactly how it's supposed to be. And, and I think in addition to that, too, is I just keep thinking about nothing has to be perfect. So if you want to move forward in a way, and you keep getting paralyzed by imperfection, I mean, today this, I'm in the car, which is definitely not ideal. And I could have allowed that to be like, Oh, I can't show up today, or I'm not in the flow or like putting myself in this awkward position mentally and it's like, no, you know, it's just time to trust and nothing has to be perfect. That's just part of how life is. And, you know, you just keep trying next month, it'll be different, I'll be in a completely different space. And so it's just that same aspect of like, nothing is gonna be perfect. So we just have to take the steps we have to show up in life, and miracles will happen and you'll effect and you'll inspire whoever it is that you're supposed to. And vice versa. It's just stepping into that space and trusting your heart and moving forward and miracles will always come so I love everything you do Kevin and what you said so thank you so much for that.

Unknown Speaker  49:46  
But having said that, if somebody would like to you know, like get off the get out of their car while they're in the driveway and then go in the house after this. And they want to give you a call or they want to contact you so that you can work with them. How do they go about doing that?

Unknown Speaker  50:01  
Yes. So that will be on www dot modern And I have all the information to work with me personally join the tribe to listen to the modern sages podcast, all of the good things of just bridging that. So I'd love for you to be a part of the modern stages soul tribe on Facebook as well.

Unknown Speaker  50:25  
And Dana, who also is an extraordinary intuitive, and by the way, you know, every show that I've done with you, Dana, at one point or another, you've gotten emotional. That's because of the type of person that you are, and how you wear your heart on your sleeve. And you really have a deep, deep, deep desire to help people. So if somebody wants to contact you, to work with you, how do they get that done?

Unknown Speaker  50:51  
Yes, first, I just want to say, if you reach out to Jen, just just prepare yourself that your life will be very different, life will shift and your relationship will live with life will change. Jen is so gifted in that way. So I just I've done sessions with her, I've connected with her before I've, I've spoken with her. We've taught groups together, we've done healing together. She's an incredible, incredible teacher, and I highly recommend time with her. So I'm second, thank you, Kevin. I agree, my my whole heart, I can't help it. And I don't want to hope it I just speak with my heart, I feel with my whole heart. I think that's part of why I'm here on this planet, it's to show that all emotions are acceptable. All emotions are okay to feel. And it's part of a huge part of my message. And why I feel like I'm here is to help others embrace that human experience of emotions. And so if you want to get a hold of me, you can reach out to me at inner world and set up a discovery session. And or time to meet with me. And I'm definitely open and wanting to I have I have a few spots for clients that just opened up actually. So I'm open. And if you fill reach out, and let's see if we're a fit.

Unknown Speaker  52:16  
That's that's really cool. And I've worked with both of you to some degree. And I haven't been addressed by Jen yet. But she's one of these days where I'll have to hire her and then she'll have to do that. But it's it really I you know, you guys have got such remarkable spirits and such wonderful energy about you that I'm just really appreciative that you'll come here and talk to our audience today and every time that you're here, because it's it really is important people, people need to see that there are people like you out there that are actually available to them. Because they don't some people. And if you're listening to this right now, and you feel less than hopeful, if you don't feel like you've got a way out. I got two ways out and they're sitting right over there. Jen is one day and as the other so please, if you feeling less than don't make that your life's calling are your excuse for it. Change it, fix it, you can do it. And And anyway, I we've got at

Unknown Speaker  53:27  
least at the very least join Jen's Facebook group.

Unknown Speaker  53:30  
Exactly. We've got two minutes left and Dana, you've got a minute to tell us what you need. What what our audience needs to hear.

Unknown Speaker  53:37  
Yeah, the message that is just loud and clear. Honor your hearts calling. Honor it's time it's time to stand in that it's time to listen to yourself. It's time to be connected to you stop self betraying, by by denying those hearts callings by denying how you really feel about your life. If and what's going on, and step into change, step into something different hire coach, hire somebody that can give you perspective, help you heal from some of those inner wounds, give you the tools to do that so that you can move forward in your life powerfully, and really live life to the fullest. Jen,

Unknown Speaker  54:19  
your emotions are the secret magic sauce to life. And I think that's why I love working with Dan has so much to do and, and even Kevin, it's just fun because it's all about embracing life. And when we feel numb, well, we might not really be feeling our emotions. And so I think that's the main thing is in all of these things, following your heart honoring that, but also don't be afraid to feel emotion because that is the magic sauce of life. It's beautiful. So don't shy away from it because it's holy, it's sacred, it's beautiful. And that's why we are here.

Unknown Speaker  54:57  
I want to thank Jen Gilbreth and they Parker for being here. Thank you very much. We'll see you Monday morning at nine with Tommy Tikka. And go mariners Have a wonderful day everybody and be kind to one another because each other is all we got

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