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338 | Interview with Jennifer Etzwiler on Positive Talk Radio!

October 14, 2022

338 | Interview with Jennifer Etzwiler on Positive Talk Radio!
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With her second contribution to the Behind the Power book series, Jennifer continues to dance off-beat to life’s music. She found non-traditional methods that work for her to live with depression. She is an intuitive and talks to animals, arachnids, and sometimes even people.

When Jennifer isn’t filling the shoes of Dr. Doolittle, she can be found enjoying creative hobbies like sewing, knitting, and jewelry making. She also is frequently found on Zoom, helping others connect with each other and learn new things.

If you are curious about what your animal friend might be thinking or saying to the next-door neighbor’s cat, then you can contact her through

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Unknown Speaker  0:03  
Welcome to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas, one conversation at a time. So stay with us. And right now, we present an awesome show for you today. We've got a couple of fine ladies. And we are covering the entire country all the way from Seattle, Washington, where two of us are two down in the keys in Florida. And Jennifer and Blair are with me, and they both are authors of a brand new book that is coming out. I think it comes out this week.

Unknown Speaker  0:39  
Okay. Yeah, Kindle version released today.

Unknown Speaker  0:43  
Awesome. So we're going to talk about the book we're going to talk about behind the power, we're going to talk about animal communication, and we're going to talk about healthy living through food. I can't think of a wider variety have topics covered. But it'll be it'll be fun to do so. And if there are people that that are showing up to say hello, as an example, Mr. Cole, and by the way, Mr. Cole, your your episodes have done very, very well. I mean, in the end, anyway, and and Dr. Marnie is here as well. She's She, and we're gonna start off by talking a little bit about hurricanes. Because Dr. Marnie lives in your neck of the woods, Blair and weighed down I think she is, I can't remember which country she's in. But it's, it's in the Caribbean. And so it's but But you you you survived the hurricane, and it missed you. Is that Is that correct?

Unknown Speaker  1:50  
It did Kevin so the Florida Keys is 100 mile long chain of islands. And so it's very interesting. Our schools were closed for three days, schools up in Key Largo in the northern part of the island chain are completely unaffected but because Key West was definitely affected and that's about an hour southwest of us. There was a lot of flooding down there but here in the middle keys we were not affected. We're very very fortunate to have been missed by Ian's destruction.

Unknown Speaker  2:16  
And I tell you we've seen the pictures I think everybody's probably seen the pictures at this point but it's the devastation that that brought to to where it hit is nothing short of amazing IT people were just houses just disappeared.

Unknown Speaker  2:37  
We have friends who used to live here and they're up on Sanibel and you know in Florida it's not uncommon for your homes to be stilted and the high water line reach the the the the floor of their home and it's it's unreal to think about the one road access to the island where you're living being completely wiped out. And kudos to the utility teams or construction teams that have rebuilt the bridges to I believe it was Sanibel but yeah, homes completely gone. Buildings just completely wiped, wiped away washed out to sea. It's it's it's an emotional experience. No for a lot of people here in the keys at Sprott, you know, we just looked at the five year anniversary of Hurricane Irma, which was very devastating for the middle and lower keys five years ago. So with Ian passing that close, it brought up a lot of PTSD for a lot of residents and business owners and people here and the key. So yeah, we're we're we're counting our blessings. And there's been a lot of outreach and support to reciprocate what we what we received five years ago and send a lot of support and relief up to those families and residents up in South in southwest Florida.

Unknown Speaker  3:53  
I have to ask you, like two days before the hurricane actually hit? And you're there was a question as to whether where it actually was going to land. Did you at one point say, why didn't I move? Why didn't I move?

Unknown Speaker  4:09  
I don't understand your question. Why didn't I move?

Unknown Speaker  4:12  
Yeah. Were you thinking to yourself, I wish I had moved because I don't want to deal with what's coming in the next day or two? Or is are you guys more hardy than that? And it's like, it's just a hurricane.

Unknown Speaker  4:25  
I think everybody kind of has, you know, in five years ago, it was different. I had an she was coming up on a year old. And so my husband was managing a restaurant at the time and and my in laws have a home here. And so he said, you know, we're going to button up the restaurant and then tomorrow I'll button up their house and believe on Thursday, I said No, sir, we're leaving Wednesday. I think one of my biggest fears is getting caught. Because we have one road in one road out. One of my biggest fears is getting caught, stuck somewhere in traffic and we had a lot of friends who you know that Irma five years ago was going up the center of the state and back and forth, and people wound up in, you know, South Carolina, Virginia and then completely displaced, waiting to be able to get back home with roads and access and you know, getting the electricity back on. So, you know, I think I know for our family personally, we tend to say, category three and below. We have safe places to stay. It's, it's terrifying to think about being in a place where it's so hot, and how long you're going to have to live without electricity after the storm, you know, clean water. But category three and higher then you start to have contingency plans. So, yeah, it you know, there's a lot of memes and jokes about hurricane parties and things like that. I don't think after you've been through a really destructive storm, you take it very lightly. But then again, you know, I was I was giving birth to my daughter when Hurricane Michael was passing, and I was getting texts from friends in Atlanta, and they were like, you can come evacuate here. I'm like, What are you talking about? So you always can tell how sensationalized storms are with the 24 hour news cycle. When you start getting offers, uh, you know, evacuation safe havens from friends on the mainland. So

Unknown Speaker  6:18  
Oh, yeah. Well, and Dr. Marnie says that she she's in the US Virgin Islands, and she got hit by Irma. Wow, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  6:27  
Wow, Dr. Marnie, that's unbelievable. Yeah, that was, that was a rough year. That was a really rough year.

Unknown Speaker  6:35  
Yeah, it really was. So and, and by the way, Jennifer and I are out of harm's way, because we are in Seattle, and more than we have in that area. And so we're very happy about that. And, by the way, on glare, you're welcome to come up and visit us if you if you want to, you know, because we can always use another really cool place to buy healthy food. And we only

Unknown Speaker  7:00  
have earthquakes and active volcanoes here. So no big deal. Right?

Unknown Speaker  7:05  
Exactly. But it's been a while since we've had a major catastrophe, but they tell us a nine a nine category earthquake is is do our way sooner or later. You know, I'm

Unknown Speaker  7:22  
pretty sure I've been hearing that for about 30 years. So I'm not holding my breath at this point. But I've been alive for Mount St. Helens, and, you know, the the earthquake and that sundered in Pioneer Square and 2001 or two, I was in Bali for that and found out from another tourist that that my parents had done earthquake. But yeah, I mean, it's like it's all what you're used to. I think

Unknown Speaker  7:53  
we you know, what's interesting, Blair, because you talk about the 24 hour news cycle. And they do generally get really involved with that. And I was actually in Arkansas at my, the place that I was working, and we were having a conference there. And somebody came up to me and said, Did you hear about the earthquake? I said, What was it there was a 7.5 earthquake, and there's devastation and we're in Seattle. And so then I tried to call and of course, the lines are busy and you can't get get through and, and stuff. And so I was in a Motel Six style hotel rumens in Siloam. Springs, Arkansas, and there was nothing I could do to help them. That's the most helpless feeling in the world.

Unknown Speaker  8:34  
Yeah, that really stinks. It's um, and that, that even flashes back to, for me, um, 911. I was in college. And, you know, I knew my parents were traveling at the time, I couldn't get in touch with them. Still going to class. They eventually they canceled classes that morning, but that that feeling of helplessness and powerlessness is just yucky.

Unknown Speaker  8:58  
It really is. And John is in New England. And they have to worry about nor'easters and snowstorms and, and, and traffic. It seems like everybody gets to have traffic except if you're well, even in the keys because there's only one road in in and out. I imagine you have your traffic jams. Is there there as well?

Unknown Speaker  9:17  
Yes, we do. You know, with tourism being our primary industry. We don't measure the seas. We don't measure the seasons here in weather. We measure them in tourist season, you know we have Snowbird season and then we have many lobster season. And so yeah, our season our seasons are a little bit different. It's cool here for about five days out of the year. That's when otherwise Yeah, you know, it's funny. I went I lived in New York City when the weather got to 60 degrees. We were wearing shorts and flip flops. And when that now that I live in the tropics, when the weather gets to 60 degrees, we're We're in close toed shoes and jeans and hoodies, so about the acclamation of your blood. Right?

Unknown Speaker  10:07  
Well, exactly. But Jennifer will tell us that in Seattle, we set another record this year, for the most days over 90 degrees in the history of the city. And, and that's,

Unknown Speaker  10:21  
it's one of those times, I'm really glad I live in a basement. Because I didn't notice most of that. But I think we also set the most number of days without

Unknown Speaker  10:31  
rain. We did. And we're still we're still in the middle of that.

Unknown Speaker  10:34  
Yeah, I just looked down at my screen. It says it's 72 degrees in Seattle right now. And I'm like, wait, like, no. That's way too warm for this time of year here. Low 60s, maybe the 50s.

Unknown Speaker  10:53  
Yes, indeed, and and times may be changing for all of us. And, and that's why but let's, let's, first of all, Jennifer, I want to let everybody know that you are also you're an animal communicator, and you're going to be speaking as is Blair. You're both gonna be because Blair's moving, nobody gets movement throw up or anything, but

Unknown Speaker  11:19  
I'm trying to make sure I don't get robbed Kevin, I'm locked locking my front door.

Unknown Speaker  11:23  
That's a good idea. That's always a good idea. But Jennifer's an animal communicator of note and and she's written a chapter for the book as has glare. So first of all, Jennifer, what's your chapter going to be into the book is coming out today? And how can they pick it up and somebody wants to buy it.

Unknown Speaker  11:43  
You can go to and search for behind the power. And there are two books in the series. The one that dropped today is called behind the power. You're not crazy. You're powerful. And I think the listing even says second book in the series. And my chapter this year is about how miserable I was in college and how long it took me to figure out that college just wasn't right for me. And and how much shame I carried around that because I'm the only grandchild in my generation that doesn't have a degree.

Unknown Speaker  12:24  
Oh, that would be something that you would have to every Thanksgiving. You'd have to deal with that.

Unknown Speaker  12:30  
Yeah, yeah. I mean, like, I have a Jag lawyer and two accountants. And you know, like, I can't even keep track of like a filmmaker and all the things and here's me, I didn't even finish a two year certificate. And not for lack of trying, I just was so miserable that I undermined myself at every turn. And now that I'm doing some work in, you know, cognitive behavioral techniques with our coach, Allison Roberts, who put this book together, I understand a lot more about what was going on with me is that I just, it wasn't what I wanted to be doing. But I didn't know what else to do. And it was just had been drummed into me from the youngest age that you got to go to college so you can get a good job and make more money and have a better life. So you got to go to college. And I was I was absolutely miserable.

Unknown Speaker  13:26  
So some of us are designed to go to college and some of us are not. I was clearly not. But I will tell you this. I was in the restaurant business for about 20 years. And I had five Hotel Motel graduates from Washington state and Oregon State worked for me. I never worked for one. Because they all because I was general manager and they and they were my assistant managers, but I never worked for a guy who went to school. And I can't I think that's a if you go to college to go into the hotel, motel management program, you're there to party.

Unknown Speaker  14:08  
Well, it is wazoo, right? I mean exactly. It's a small college in a small town. I guess it's not that small of a college. I did visit there. I was gonna go there and I ended up changing my mind at the last minute going to community college instead.

Unknown Speaker  14:27  
So what Pohlmann is a small town. Pullman is a very

Unknown Speaker  14:30  
small town that like loses most of its population. In the summer when all the students go home.

Unknown Speaker  14:38  
Yes, and all the students go to Idaho where the drinking age is less. It's it's a whole ritual that they have over there.

Unknown Speaker  14:48  
Yeah, you can almost walk to Moscow Idaho from Pullman if you're in good shape, like seven or eight miles. Yeah, yeah, my my cousin actually worked at the school. In, in Moscow at the same time, I was visiting Coleman, and so it was very interesting to us to see how far it was.

Unknown Speaker  15:08  
So they go over to Moscow, they walk to Moscow and they stagger home.

Unknown Speaker  15:13  

Unknown Speaker  15:15  
So in any event, so you're talking about that, and and what was the conclusion that you reached at the end of the chapter.

Unknown Speaker  15:21  
The end of the chapter was that, you know, like, college wasn't for me, and I'm okay with that. Now. I wasn't for a very, very long time, but I'm okay with that now, and, and have I gone to college, I probably wouldn't be an animal communicator now. And I freaking love my job. I know, I can't say the other F word on the radio. But I really, really love my job, I get off almost every appointment I have. And I'm just like, I love my job.

Unknown Speaker  15:55  
That's, that's the important part of life. If you're not designed to go to college, and you've got to be regimented, and all that kind of stuff in the end, if you don't want to work now, now Blair, do you have a degree Blair?

Unknown Speaker  16:10  
I do have a degree. Interestingly enough, it's in journalism. So I'll figure well, hold

Unknown Speaker  16:17  
on, wait a minute, you have a degree in journalism, and you are the owner of a of a health food store?

Unknown Speaker  16:26  
Yes. My husband and I own a natural market and Organic Cafe. And I also am a Wellness Consultant for clients, helping them regain control of their health. So yeah. You know, it's it's interesting, Jennifer. I grew up and it was like, it was never a question whether or not you're gonna go to college. And I think that, I think there's certainly, it's, there's some value there, but it's not, it's no longer a predetermination about your career for the rest of your life. And I remember feeling like, what if I pick a major and I want to do something different, and I think higher education has evolved, and not that there's anything wrong with higher education, there's a lot of value there, but it has become so expensive. And, you know, anyway, that's a whole nother topic. But yes, yes, to answer your question, Kevin, my degree is in journalism. And I live in the Florida Keys, and I own a health food store, and I'm a wellness and a wellness coach. So go figure.

Unknown Speaker  17:42  
Well, you know, I, for one, have never been able to understand how we can expect an 18 to 22 year old to actually have a clue about what they're going to do for the rest of their life. And so they have to pick a major two years in and that's, that's the major that they're going to have. My sister was going to be a teacher, she's never taught a day in her life, she was in retail in her life.

Unknown Speaker  18:06  
You know, and I was just having a conversation with a young man who is in here looking for some supplements, and especially down here in the Keys, where it's very expensive to live it even even in a professional role. So many people have secondary or supplemental income. And someone told me it has been my husband several years ago, you know, to live in the cage, you either need to be highly specialized, or highly diversified. And a lot of the people I know are highly diversified. You know, we certainly fall into that category. He's a charter fisherman. He was a bar and restaurant manager before, before we purchased this business. And, you know, we apply a lot of those skills from different roles we met working in the restaurant business. And I jokingly told my father when I was getting ready to go to college that I wanted to be on the 10 year plan, I wanted to be a psychologist and you know, not unless you're getting your doctorate you're not but I wanted to bartend on my way through college because I knew that talking to Pete bark, you know, bartending and listening to people's problems over the side of the bar be such good training for to help support them in a therapeutic role. And, you know, if you don't set goals or you have somebody squash your goals for, you know, strictly financial reasons for from their own background or their story, the universe brings you to where you're supposed to be so in the in the in the health coaching role, you know, I'm helping people regain control of your health and, and lose weight. But there's so much psychology that's involved in that. And the universe brought me to to work with Allison through health coaching so that you know, I had to do some deep personal work about my parents role about parents relationship, and and how what I watched as a kid growing up was beginning to affect my current day relationship, not only with my spouse, who just happens to be my business partner that adds a whole nother level of complication there. And then oh, by the way, we're raising this amazing, spunky, redheaded six year old together. So

Unknown Speaker  20:12  
who is one of the hugest kids I have ever seen. And I like animals better than people. So like, me saying that she's a cute kid is really saying something she's adorable.

Unknown Speaker  20:25  
She really is, I probably missed the boat on monetizing her when she was younger, you know, somebody said, You just call I mean, there's probably like Old Navy or J Crew in Miami, just take her up there to do some modeling. But you know, I won't let them be little has been really kind of driven into me because that it's such a short window. And I'm starting to understand that growing up in a dysfunctional home with a mother who tried to protect from some, you know, family anger issues, and trying to put off divorce for as long as possible, you know, you wind up, I've heard this term parental FIDE, but I really kind of lost that, that really precious window of childhood. So I want to make sure that I am doing the personal work on myself to recognize some behavior patterns that I have that might be negative, negatively affecting my parent child relationship, my spousal relationship, my employer employee relationship, so I can recognize behavioral patterns within myself like, oh, that might not have been the kindest, most loving way to say that, you know, I'm so, so grateful for this. It's been it's been, you know, somebody described parenthood as the best hardest job. And this, this work has been the best hardest work. So yeah, that's,

Unknown Speaker  21:56  
and it will get better. Because, you know, she's six now, when she's in her teenage years, it might go south a little bit, but it does get better. And you get, it's amazing how much smarter you get when she turns 30.

Unknown Speaker  22:10  
Yeah, you know, and I started Kevin, it's really interesting, because I went to the inaugural behind the power of them a year ago, I was looking at, you know, a pirate approaches for the pirate looks at 40. And, you know, I was such a pivotal time in my life, or my, my five year old. And then my aging parents, like smack dab in that, you know, midlife, like reflecting on your childhood, and then looking ahead to you know, what your future is going to look like. And so I'm so grateful for that I came to this work when I did I, you know, it's amazing. The things that your kids do that drive you the craziest, you're like, Oh, you got that from me. I gotta work on that. So this, this, you know, she's still challenging, but this little mirror to you know, I remember I lost my cool with her one night and we were getting ready for bedtime. And I said, you know, mommy, sorry that she yelled. You know, we talked about it. And I said, you know, she's, I'm working on that. And she's looked, she looked at me very frankly. And she said, Well, you better work harder

Unknown Speaker  23:23  
I'm pretty sure I said that to my parents.

Unknown Speaker  23:28  
One of my one of my favorite stories is, you know who Neale Donald Walsch is, he wrote Conversations with God. And he's right, he's an author this written like 10 bucks. And one time he said, his son looked at him and he said, Dad, maybe you should read one of the books you've written the babes we are all humans. And the interesting thing is, my, my, my sons are now 30 and 3431 and 34. They'll come up with stories that I have no earthly remembrance of. They'll say, Dad, you remember the time that you know, this is always shaped my entire growing up life and it's like, I am sorry, I I didn't mean to. And and so it is, you know, it's tough. And that's why Allison, she really gets in deep with with her clients and working with you. I like for both of you just to talk a little bit about her and your experiences of her because she's brought all you guys together for behind the power. It's going to be a great event, which is happening next week. So it's really cool. So Jennifer, start with you.

Unknown Speaker  24:45  
So I had to have a little bit of introduction to cognitive behavioral techniques before I met Allison but um, she really like because her group has a A weekly class. And for a while we even had two classes a week, and then the one on ones to help you apply it personally. It was like, I remember being like a month into her classes and being like, why don't they teach this in elementary school? I would be so much mentally healthier. Had I known this as a child. I'm sure it would have screwed myself up in some other way. But it was like, how did I have to be in my 40s to learn this stuff that like that. Now I'm looking back at childhood and like things make so much more sense why I reacted that way. I just like, I really think that this stuff should be taught to everybody from a very young age, it's and and Allison is the best kind of cheerleader, she knows when to kick you in the rear end and when to cheer you on. She has like a gift for knowing when to do that. And she is one of the first people that ever said to me, I love you because you breathe. And I honestly did not believe her for a really long time. But when it started to sink in, it was like, oh, somebody can love me just because I exist without any transactions attached to it. And once I started accepting that, I started loving other people just because they exist. And that's life changing. It's completely life changing.

Unknown Speaker  26:34  
I believe that there are no accidents in life, and your experiences that you've gone through, up until your 40s and then getting to meet Allison, all of that was by divine intervention, I believe, because now you're able to do what you are doing in a really positive way. And you're able to help people in their animals get along and you can communicate and like John said that you are an excellent animal communicator. And it is your calling, and that's what you should be doing. And he also says that it's that's true unconditional love. What, what Allison is teaching is teaching you guys glare. What's your experience analysis?

Unknown Speaker  27:17  
Well, like I said, Kevin, you know, I do wellness, consulting and health coaching, and I was actually in Atlanta for our annual conference last year. I learned about Allison's coaching through some clients and friends here locally. There's a pretty sizable contingent from the Florida Keys actually

Unknown Speaker  27:41  
seems to be Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  27:44  
But um, you know, something that she told me even I think just last week, and I told my therapist, like, it's interesting Juniper that you talk about, you know, the unconditional love for yourself, and then not believing that somebody could love you just because you breathe, I didn't realize how deeply rooted my trust issues were with other people, but mostly with myself. And so, you know, her guidance. One of the things that I love and respect about Alison is its firm. There's an intuitive component that I think is something that I can respect and feel and believe, when coupled with the spiritual side to so the cognitive behavioral therapy with the spiritual science and the intuition. It's such a beautiful combination, but she, you know, I met her last year and we sat in Centennial Park and had, you know, some discussions about goals and what I was looking to accomplish and you know, thinking small, you know, it's like, well, I would never be at the level where I would need to hire a personal assistant and she was like, why not? Why couldn't you be so starting to dream and and think bigger and believe in myself and so many adults? Don't we aren't asked what do you want? Yeah, you're right at 1819 20 years old, you you know even people who are like, oh, I want to be a doctor. They get they take their first college biology class nearly I don't want to be a doctor at all. All right, you know, are you learned how much medicine is more can be more about having to run a business? Yeah. And, and so I digress because I get so passionate about this stuff, but I met Ellison last year. She has been kicking my booty offering loving guidance, and I you know, it is it is a significant financial investment in yourself. And for a lot of people, you really have to dig deep to justify that. But I told her last week like thank you for working with me, thank you for supporting me, and she said, I will continue fighting for you until you're willing to take the gloves and that was Oh, very powerful. Because I had so much anger, that I'm still working to process. And I've been fighting everybody else, and beating up on myself. Well, instead of fighting for myself in realizing my value and loving myself and then like you said, Jennifer being When you love yourself and realize it can feel and understand what unconditional love is, it's amazing what the what the universe can open up for you, you know, when you let go well, when I let go and stop trying to wrest control with my type A personality. And like, oh, and the universe just brings you these things, and then you begin to function from, from a place of gratitude and even the challenges you're like, that might have sucked. But thank you for giving me that teaching opportunity to learn. So it's so much about attitude and perspective and having this amazing community. I mean, I would never have met Jennifer at Swidler, and, and, and interacting with her last year, there's a very poignant moment that I can't wait to reflect on with her this year in Atlanta.

Unknown Speaker  31:09  
I remember exactly like, I remember the first thing you said to me, and the conversation we had, and it was about that your mother came with you to behind the power. And and yeah, I remember it. Like every time I talk to you, I think about that moment.

Unknown Speaker  31:28  
And she'll be here this year, I was telling Allison last week, she went home, she'll be she'll be here again this year, but she went home and she bought herself a car. And that may not seem significant. But my mom like a lot of Southern women, because we're people pleasers. You know, we want an extra happy right since taking care of. We're not significant. It's okay, we're back here. Just making sure my IELTS is happy.

Unknown Speaker  31:52  
Biscuits and Gravy. Are you

Unknown Speaker  31:55  
fat? Are you hungry? Love you.

Unknown Speaker  31:56  
Unless you're not just Southern women, lots of women now.

Unknown Speaker  32:00  
They're exactly right. You're exactly right. Anyway, she went home from the event last year and she bought herself a car not. I remember seeing her be so proud. That, you know, she used and she's a well respected woman, people love and adore her. When we when we see and recognize and feel our own value, we are so freakin powerful. And we don't give ourselves enough credit.

Unknown Speaker  32:25  
That is so true. By the way, what's your chapter about in the book,

Unknown Speaker  32:29  
um, it is about healing, that some of that childhood trauma, not not recognizing that divorce could be a traumatic experience, you know. And in making sure I heal some of those wounds too. I don't repeat breaking breaking patterns of behavior. So that I don't repeat some of those patterns that I learned from my parents, or, you know, lack of healthy communication. raising our voices and not speaking from a time loving place. Just so you know, my beautiful spunky six year old is not 40 years old and trying to unpack some unhealed trauma. So breaking breaking generational cycles and trying to let go of perfection. It's a lot of stuff. Kevin, you know, that's a thing. Like, we all say, you you start addressing one thing, and it feels good. And you're like, Okay, great. Well, it's like peeling away layers of an onion, you're like, Oh, crap, I can do that, too.

Unknown Speaker  33:37  
It's a never ending process. It seems

Unknown Speaker  33:40  
it is. But I love the word journey. You know, because even even as a health coach, people think like, Oh, when I get to my target goal, weights, and wallah, my life is so it's fixed, right? Well, you know, losing weight can be I love this. And it's something that I say all the time. I'm losing weight below the neck is easy. Losing weight above the neck is much harder. So that's no good. Yeah, that's that's where this work has really come in to support my own personal development and in turn my my business development, my personal relationship. So to answer your question, in a nutshell, healing the trauma of being a being a child of divorce.

Unknown Speaker  34:24  
You know, in Seattle, we have some major health care places where you can go and get your stomach stapled and that kind of thing. I know, I know, a number of people that have that procedure done. And it's remarkable when they are really heavy. And then they have that procedure and then they lose all the weight. But they haven't done the work above the neck. And then a lot of them gain all the way back over time. Because they haven't dealt with the reason why they got heavy in the first place.

Unknown Speaker  34:56  
You know, it's funny, I have a client and I coach clients all across the country. I used to live in speaking of hurricanes, I lived in the panhandle of Florida, right? Right out of college. Oh, 405. That was when oh five, Katrina hit New Orleans. And I have a pretty sizable contingent of law enforcement officers that I used to work with when I was utilizing my journalism degree. And I have a client in that area who I think his wife, yes, his wife flew to Mexico to have gastric bypass surgery in the staples. But it's like people who come into our store, now they're looking for a silver bullet for weight loss. There are short, short, short term surgical fixes for weight loss, but when you're not truly trained how to eat and understand the scientific function of your body, you know, retraining your metabolism and drinking water. You know, I'm a very active person, I drink a lot of coffee. But my exercise is for my mental wellness, I mean, the the physical benefit is, the physical benefit is a beautiful side effect. But running and sitting active for me has everything to do with mental health. But to your point, there are plenty of activities that can help you lose weight quickly, quickly. But until you learn how to how to retrain your metabolism and eat better to benefit your body, then yeah, it's just gonna come back. And so I love, I'm so passionate about helping people, like I said, it's not about losing weight, but it's about regaining control of your health. So that, you know, I'm 40 I don't and I see it and watch my parents and older family members even have a stepfather and uncle who since passed in a in a cousin who lives in Houston, and they're about the same age 75. And it's the difference between waking up and going from coffee to beer to scotch, to getting up and being conscious of what you're eating, moving your body, drinking water, being aware of what you're eating, I just don't want the latter part of my life to be dictated by doctor's appointments, and insurance coverage and medications. So if I can take the the knowledge that I've learned, and I'm continuing to learn and help and help provide that amazing set of tools to somebody else, so they can, you know, experience that freedom to that's, that's what drives me.

Unknown Speaker  37:31  
So it's a beautiful thing. It really is. And you can help a lot of people at the same time as as John says, Blair has grown so much since I first met her, she is just amazing. And by the way, I just want to give John a shout out. I think he's a pretty amazing dude.

Unknown Speaker  37:47  
He is he really is.

Unknown Speaker  37:49  
He's, he's one of the members of our group that I honestly, every time we have an interactive class where Allison does like live coaching, I'm always so grateful for John because he's one of the first people that will raise his hand. But he also like, he asks really good questions. And and like and his, his the issues he's getting at often reflect things going on in my life that I you know, like, I didn't even think of applying that to whatever we're talking about. But John, always ask questions that help my learning, like probably more than anybody else that I can point to. That's a member of our group, probably because he's willing to raise his hand and ask the questions more than anybody else.

Unknown Speaker  38:39  
He's got either braver has a Deathwish, one of the probably. Yeah. Although, you know, I know Allison, and I've worked with her a little bit and she's been on the show several times. She's a darling individual, but she can be tough as nails, yes, through her background, and where she came from, and all the things that she's gone through. And we are all a collection of our experiences. And if we can get the help at the right time that we need. So if you're listening to this, and you are feeling like you want to make a change in your life, I can't think of anybody better to do that with analysis and Robert since you can go to Alice And you can book an appointment with her she works all over the world just like Blair does. And like Jennifer does, and and also Blair I think that you are a real positive influence in your own right as well as his Jennifer, I think you're all all you guys in your chosen work that you're doing are sensational.

Unknown Speaker  39:42  
Thank you, Kevin.

Unknown Speaker  39:43  
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  39:45  
And Jennifer works with with people and their animals so that she can communicate with them and and that is what that is what floats your boat as it were right.

Unknown Speaker  39:55  
It is absolutely what floats my boat from the very first month. meant that I found out animal communication was a thing. I was like, holy cow, where do I sign up for that? It took me a really long time to get from like, wow, that's a thing. Where do I sign up to actually doing it professionally? But I got there. And that's the important part. And I absolutely love it. Like, I can't imagine something I would love more.

Unknown Speaker  40:27  
So if somebody has got an issue with their, their animal, what, what types of things do you help them with?

Unknown Speaker  40:34  
Oh, I all kinds of things. I've had, I had a dog literally tell me like, tell Mom, thanks for doing this because it helped just to get my issue out on the table. I've had other pets where there's something going on with the like, the blended family isn't working out. And the cats kind of get in the bud of things. And how can we make this work? Just like the gamut. I mean, I've been on the show and talked about talking to my European house spiders before so I'll talk to anything and and the the issues are so varied, it's really hard to to like say this is what I focus on.

Unknown Speaker  41:22  
Well, if you want to talk to spiders in my house, you better hurry. Because they're not gonna be around long.

Unknown Speaker  41:28  
Well, mating season's over at this point. So we don't have so many spiders running around Seattle right now.

Unknown Speaker  41:37  
Oh, just just a thought of a spider running around just kind of gets

Unknown Speaker  41:42  
there. They're looking for mates. They're not worried about us just wave as they go by.

Unknown Speaker  41:48  
Okay, yeah. So but I get it, I understand and, but, you know, one thing that you said that I wanted to touch bases on and that is that even in the animal world, you've got a family issues family dynamics within a family that has got multiple pets, is that is that fair?

Unknown Speaker  42:11  
Yeah. Oh, yeah. Um, you know, the, the cat that I was just talking about, there's two cats and a dog living there. And, and they it's a family that the two parents just blended, and between the human kids and the for kids and the parents and, you know, like, those blending families affects the pets just like it does the people.

Unknown Speaker  42:37  
That's interesting, you know, because there are there are people that think that animals are just, you know, dumb animal. And, and you you have in your work, you have determined that that's just really not the case.

Unknown Speaker  42:48  
It's absolutely not the case at all. I I have had animals tell me things that I am like, I gotta be Miss, like, I can't be getting this right. I'm missing the boat on this. This is too obvious, or this has happened in my life and like, like, This can't be it. And the more I disbelieve and think that it's something else, the more likely that they're human is to say, yeah, no, that's exactly what's going on. And it blows my mind. Every time I Mike, I have got to learn to start trusting those really weird ones. But I don't know if I'm ever gonna be able to. Because they just, you know, it's like, well, that's what happened to me when I was a kid. How can that be happening to a cat, you know? Out and but his mom went, yep, no, that's exactly what's happening. And I was like, Okay.

Unknown Speaker  43:44  
Well, you know, there's a certain point that you'll get to where you'll you'll trust everything that you say because you set your ego aside and it's, it all comes through. Now when it comes through for you. Is it come through via pictures, is it telepathy? Yeah, how do you hear them?

Unknown Speaker  44:03  
I get a combination of things. Sometimes I actually see words spelled out behind my eyes. Sometimes I get pictures, probably the most frequent is what I would call hearing it it's it's more like hearing a thought than it is like actually hearing something audible, but that's probably one of my more common ones for me. I've even been known to actually get the taste in my mouth. Especially when I ask a dog or a cat what their favorite treat is. I can usually tell you if it's beef or fish it's a weird one but it's one of the ways I get stuff.

Unknown Speaker  44:43  
So they can you actually can taste the dog treat or the cat treat or whatever it

Unknown Speaker  44:48  
is. Well, I've never tried one to see if it's a good point. But it's like you know what, what I think beef pate what tastes like if it was human food? Or, you know, salmon pate if it was human food? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  45:09  
Awesome. Awesome. By the way, there's I wanted to mention this blog because it you said it in passing. But your husband is a charter boat captain. Yes. That I cannot imagine how hard of a job that is. Because they get up at what, like three o'clock in the morning, and to get to the bait and to get everything all set up and lined up and then they're out all day and stuff like that.

Unknown Speaker  45:35  
Yeah, you know, in the crazy thing about about fishermen, you have in down here in the keys, you have commercial fishermen, there's still a pretty sizable commercial fishing industry here. And then you have recreational fishermen. Even a lot of these recreational fishermen, you know, Michael is so passionate about it. He's grew up, he grew up coming down here and he loves being out on the water. He doesn't have as much. Well, our spirituality is different. You know, he doesn't I grew up in the South, my faith is strong. He doesn't go to church, but he feels a strong connection to a higher power of the universe out on the water. And, and even after working 1215 hour days, sometimes on their days off to go out and fish for fun. They're, they're nuts. But yeah, yeah. I mean, it's, you know, people save all year to come spend a week to vacation down here. And so it can get lost in us. And we're working all the time to be able to continue to live here. But then when you get out on the water, you're like, yeah, that's why I work a lot of hours in a gazillion jobs to be able to live in this beautiful place. So even with even as being property owners and hurricanes and playing ridiculous insurance rates. Yes. I mean, you know, they call Key West key weird. We're all we're all here. There's all kinds of taglines. But yeah, yeah, it's it's a hard life. It's a it's a fun life. And it's one that takes a toll on your body. But he's, he loves it. He's very passionate about what he does.

Unknown Speaker  47:11  
Yeah, and you also mentioned that, of course, you're married and you've got to, and your spiritual practices are a little bit different. But you are accepting of them. I'm assuming.

Unknown Speaker  47:23  
I mean, that's, that's marriage. Right, Kevin?

Unknown Speaker  47:27  
If you want to stay that way. Yeah. You know, some of us don't kind of make it to the finish line. But that's okay.

Unknown Speaker  47:36  
No, it's not, you know, marriage is not for the faint of heart. And again, that's been that's been interesting to address and explore. And looking back at the model that I have for love and really had for have had have for love and relationship. I said, after my parents divorced, they both remarried. And I said, instead of two good parents, I have four awesome parents. So you know, letting go of, of i i idealistic expectations about how things are supposed to look, I think and being accepting of what they are, and, and looking at challenges as learning and teaching opportunities. You know, it's not easy to be in business together that, that that's the challenge on a relationship. But instead of saying, I don't know if I can do this anymore, I'm, you know, there's days where you just have to say, this is a period of growth. And so much of it is about a change in language and perspective and how you look at things.

Unknown Speaker  48:37  
You know, one of the things that I'm doing, I, you know, I've been doing this a while. And so I've got a catalogue of literally hundreds and hundreds of interviews that I've done. And, and you were just talking about conversations and and being married and stuff, I uncovered a conversation that I had with oh, she's the author of The Five Love Languages. Oh, yeah. And Mr. Chapman, and it was an interview that I did in 2003. And so we're bringing them back as and putting them back up as positive talk radio classics. Very cool, Kevin, because I've gotten tons of these things that are just sitting in a box. And they were on am radio and so I have the CD that I have CDs now CD for those of you who don't know what that is, I'm sorry. You know, but But anyway, so I'm taking those and bringing them back but the information of Gary Chapman, this has named the information of that book and the way he presents it during that interview is is remarkable and then there's a great help for and it's sold millions of books and stuff. So I'm bringing that back as well because because I They need to be heard. And in just like you two need to be heard, because you're you are two really cool people. And I'm glad that you found Alison to help you help yourself to become who you are so that you can help others. That's how the world's going to change.

Unknown Speaker  50:19  
Yeah, agreed. Absolutely. And I, you know, it's funny, you and I've talked about this before Kevin that, like before the pandemic, I have no social contact outside of my household. So it was literally my mom and the cats, occasionally my stepmom. But that was about it. And I now have like this huge community, both in Allison's group and, and community outside of it, and I'm doing this animal communication thing. And I, you know, sometimes I think that because I live with my mom, she doesn't notice stuff, but just this week, she was in a meeting and was talking about how much I've changed. And in the two years and, and, you know, like, I really, I have changed so much, even just what I would call the little things, like what Blair mentioned about when you run into a challenge, and how you look at it, where it used to be the smallest thing was like this catastrophe for me. And now big things happened. And I'm like, not, that's manageable. I can deal with that. That's that. I can deal with that. And that's okay. You know, and I think one of the best conversations I ever had with Allison was, I was worried about something one day and she said, Okay, so if that comes to pass, what's the absolute worst thing that could possibly happen? And I thought about it, and I Oh, well, I'd have to do this, this and that. And she said, but you could do it. And I was like, Yeah, I could, that's doable. And she went, Okay. And I went, Okay, I don't need to worry about this anymore. And it's, it's just small like this little things add up to really big things in much shorter periods of time than you think they're going to. I can't imagine having the amount of growth that that I've had in the last two years. under any other circumstances, like in two years, it would have been 10, or 15, or 20. Or you

Unknown Speaker  52:37  
needed a push, you've had the push and you have recognized it, you can move forward with it. And Blair, the same thing, you're getting your you can, it's great to have that support behind you and with you. And that's, that's really, that's really helpful. But I am a firm believer, and I told my son this, he's 34 years old. And last year, at this time, I said to him, he was in a two bedroom apartment, or excuse me, a one bedroom apartment that he hated, because he hated his neighbors. And he was in a job he didn't like, and he didn't have a girlfriend. And so none of this was going well and fast forward a year. And I said, this is what's going to happen for you. I said, you take it in a positive way you be grateful for your every day. And thing, great things are gonna happen for you. Well, you now has a house, in in down in Baton Roy, which is down way down south by by Olympia, and I don't go down there anyway. But down and down and Roy, he left that job and even has a job that they think he walks on water, because he does his job exceedingly well. So he's got a wonderful outlook about that. And now, he's got a girlfriend and with two kids. And so he's now got a whole family in one year. All of that thing, all of those things have changed for him. And it is a remarkable thing to see how quickly your life can change. If you're open to it. Do you agree with that?

Unknown Speaker  54:08  
Absolutely. percent,

Unknown Speaker  54:10  
especially if I think one of the biggest pivots that I made, and you kind of alluded to this a little bit and talking about your son is, is I used to focus on the negative, like everything I focused on the negative and, and I would look at that negative thing and imagine how much worse it could get. And in some ways, it was a really easy pivot to start focusing on the positive and in other ways it was really really hard because you have to be disciplined about and that was not one of my traits that I was really good at when I started this but but I like I now catch myself when I focus on the negative and it's like, Wait, stop that. Like, what's the good in this and let's focus on that and I feel so much better. And I can imagine the good things happening that I never used to be able to imagine.

Unknown Speaker  55:05  
Yeah, well can if you if you can imagine my son who was a negative thinker, and was always, this is wrong, and woe is me, and, and his father has a show called positive talk radio. And he thinks I'm crazy. Because I generally speaking, like, don't be positive, you can do this, it's going to change. It's going to work. No, it's not. I've done. So now. Now I say, So how was your life today? And he says, it's really pretty good. And I said, Do you have anything you'd like to tell me? And he says, No, Dad, I don't. Okay, fine. But, you know, it's because he's, he's a big boy. And he can do the likes, but it's, but we all and I firmly believe this. And you guys know it, because you've lived it. We can all make huge changes in our life if we choose to. Yes, yep. And we're gonna run out of time. And I want first of all, I want to thank both of you on very short notice, for coming and doing this. This has been a very good episode, I think, what do you think?

Unknown Speaker  56:06  
Yeah, I have enjoyed the heck out of it. I always enjoy being here with you, Kevin. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  56:11  
that's it. Thank you. I appreciate you greatly. And you know, what I want to do, I want to give you a present. I wanted because I do I do the shows from my house. But there is something about going to the studio for the K K NW Studios, which is in Factoria, which is real close to us. And it's on the fifth story of a beautiful building. And there are five radio stations there. And there are all these people wandering around. And I want to I want you and I to do a show from the studio.

Unknown Speaker  56:45  
Oh, I would love that How exciting.

Unknown Speaker  56:49  
It is a wonderful experience to do, if you've never done it before, because it's it's completely out of out of normal for for anybody. And it would be and there's the board operators there. And we all want to have a good time. So So I want to give you that. And so the next one we need to talk and we need to book that and set that up.

Unknown Speaker  57:08  
I will take you up on that 100%

Unknown Speaker  57:12  
and Blair the next time you come to Seattle, you're welcome to stay with Jennifer. Kent, stay with me. I have a one bedroom I have. This is one bedroom. I have the other bedroom and you we can't You can't stay there.

Unknown Speaker  57:30  
I haven't been to Seattle since 2011. My husband and I did a cross country road trip. I said I wanted to do that. And I think it's due time to get back out into the West Coast.

Unknown Speaker  57:41  
That you know, and I was in Arkansas for is working there. And they call us the Left Coast.

Unknown Speaker  57:47  
Yes. Yes. Well, you know, anything west of the Mississippi is out west. Yeah, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  57:55  
They call us because of our politics. I learned

Unknown Speaker  57:59  
when we were doing our road trip. And when I used to do it shows that they call it the you know, please I'm sorry, to the Midwestern states, but they call it the flyover states, you know, and yeah, but the Pacific Northwest is such a beautiful place. And I think, yeah, I think getting out there to see the the contingent, that's Wyler, and all and all the people in our community who are up there in the Pacific Northwest. So it's going to be you guys are heading to Atlanta next week. So eventually, we're gonna have to facilitate something where we get out there to the left coast, I'll take it,

Unknown Speaker  58:32  
you're gonna have a party, why, and one of one of the things that we're working on doing is doing something called positive talk live. So when I put that together, and I love to have you guys be part of it, and stuff, it's gonna take a while to put that together. But you know, because I'm slow. But other than that, and you know, but I want to give you guys a chance. First of all, we'll start with Jennifer and I'm gonna step aside and you have an opportunity to talk to the people that are listening now. And those that are going to be listening in later for ever tell him anything that you'd like them to know.

Unknown Speaker  59:10  
I think that we, the biggest thing that that I'm feeling called to say is that it doesn't matter what your situation is, there is always hope. And and I am absolutely proof positive of that. Two years ago, I was literally lying in bed watching TV 23 hours a day when I wasn't sleeping, and I might leave the house once every month or two maybe. And here I am now. You know, I've written chapters in two books, I talk to animals, which has been a lifelong dream. I am going to Atlanta for the third time in a year to give my second speech on stage. It's kind of unreal. But anything is possible.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:06  
And by the way, flying alone, from Seattle to Atlanta, in and back, is that takes a lot of intestinal fortitude. Congratulations. And I mean that sincerely. Thank you. Where,

Unknown Speaker  1:00:24  
you know, Kevin, I pick up on something we were talking about. I have one teeny tiny tattoo, I don't know if you can see it. Anyway, I swore I was not a big tattoo person. It's a palm tree. I got it with some friends before. Somebody that used to live here was a big inspiration and part of my life. It's has to meaning flexibility. And, you know, being able to withstand the storms, but have all these little catchphrases that I kind of used to remind myself throughout the day and talking about getting stuck in a negative mindset. Understanding number one, that's a natural human behavior to get stuck in that negative mindset. But then recognizing that where the mind goes, energy flows. And so we're thinking about all the stuff that doesn't work. stuff won't work. And it is a choice every single day, when we get up what we say to ourselves first thing in the morning, if it's here we go again. Or thank goodness, I woke up today. And there's going to be challenges, but how am I going to overcome them, and be grateful? And it's a choice every single day? And it does take this one, doesn't it Jennifer? But it takes discipline and it's not it's not perfect. And, you know, I have I've heard from other health care practitioners locally, like, Oh, I'm trying to refer a client to you, but they they can't relate because you know, you're young and you're fit. And it's so funny. You know what people see how they perceive you. But that's none of my business. But I'm so grateful to be able to talk with you, Kevin, to know Jennifer to be doing this work. You're worth it. If you're stuck, and you're feeling helpless, and you're feeling stuck in a negative mindset and things just aren't going to work out for you. They can and they will and it may not be the way that you envision but the universe does continuously conspire in our favor when we're open to it. And when we believe it so where the mind goes energy flows make sure that your mind is focusing on on the good because there is always good you know, people say how's your day going? Oh, this and that and I'm like well BC alternative doesn't it? You know anyway, so much gratitude for the opportunity to be here Kevin and to be part of this network and and you know, to share thank you for what you're doing for bringing people together on positive Talk Radio.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:53  
I'm trying I'm trying and listen, you guys are doing some great work and a really appreciate it. You know, one of the sayings that people use all the time that I wish people would get rid of from the vocabulary is when you say how are you doing today? Not too bad. Well, what does what the hell does that mean? I'm not too bad. That means I'm still alive. Is that is that the reference you're using? Can Why can't you say I'm great? I'm doing better every day. And Christine who's been hanging around just being quiet congratulations for being best selling authors the book is released today is behind the power to go to they can go to Amazon and anywhere to get it right

Unknown Speaker  1:03:38  
yep, and it's 99 cents today only then it'll go up so if you have any thoughts about getting it go grab it today it's less than a buck

Unknown Speaker  1:03:47  
99 cents and and go to Allison and you can buy it from there for heaven's sakes if it's for sale there too. Right

Unknown Speaker  1:03:55  
there there should at least be a link to the book.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:59  
Cool Cool. Well, and you guys have I fly carefully Jennifer and Blair you fly carefully because I know you're going north. And you guys have an awesome time next next week. Sounds like it's gonna be a lot of

Unknown Speaker  1:04:12  
fun. Thank you so much Kevin.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:16  
And then will you guys come back in and even though the events over will you come back and see me from time to time I get lonesome

Unknown Speaker  1:04:24  
Oh yeah. You're gonna have a hard time getting rid of us after after the last couple months.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:32  
I appreciate the heck out of you guys and and together we can make we can change the world. And I truly believe that so we've been we've been talking to Jennifer Wyler and Blair shaver shaver right. Thank you guys. Stay right there. I'll be right back. Hey, thanks for enjoying this episode all the way to the end. Please give us a like and some Subscribe to this channel. This has been a production of positive talk radio dotnet please visit our website oddly named positive talk radio dotnet for more details about us and our mission, which is to provide great positive programming designed to inspire us all. I'm Kevin Macdonald really proud of these shows, and I truly hope that you'll like them and share them with friends and family. So on behalf of our entire team, remember, be kind to one another because each other's all we got to do

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