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367 | Practice good energy with Selena Jones!

November 30, 2022

367 | Practice good energy with Selena Jones!
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Selena Jones in an Intuitive Energy Balancing Practitioner and angel communicator. She blends practical energy healing techniques with clairvoyance and intuition. Selena herself has humbly gone from skeptic to full time practitioner.

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Welcome to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas, one conversation at a time. So stay with us. Right now we present. A we're gonna talk about evolving ideas, one conversation at a time. And boy, is this going to be our conversation, I gotta tell you. I'm extremely grateful to have Celina Jones here today. She's an energy worker. She's a past life. Regression, Ernest, and she does some really cool stuff. And we're going to talk about that today. You know, we've been talking for about 10 minutes before we started the show. And she was like, What do you want to talk about? I don't know, what do you want to talk about? What's what's been on your mind lately. And so I, I kind of leading her down the path. And it turns out that she had a class that she did on Saturday and or this weekend, and, and all about past life regression and how it worked. And another way to look at it, and all of that. And so I prefaced it by saying, I want people to understand that your life did not begin when you were born, your life will not end when you die. And if I can get people to get that and understand that, that you were here before, you're going to be here after, then it makes what happens here, you can look at it in a completely different light. And that's one of the things that Selena does with people, is she's to help help them look at life, as it is in a different light. And so that is more complete of what we're all about, as spiritual beings, being in a physical body. Does that make sense? Selena, by the way, welcome to the show.

Hey, Kevin, thanks for having me back.

Anytime really, honestly. Yeah.

But yeah, that makes absolute perfect sense. And, you know, I love how, you know, even just as we were, you know, you're saying, Well, you know, I said, you know, so Well, I don't know, what's been on your mind. And of course, it was something you know, I've done past life regression training. I've been leading I've led hundreds people through regressions at this point, been doing this for over a decade. But you know, what you said was on your mind, I had just done eight hours worth of additional instruction yesterday on it. How random Kevin, look at that.

Well, you see, the way this show works, whether I want it to or not, it's hardly ever random. No, I go into a not having any idea what we're going to talk about. But it always ends up being relevant. And, and important. And it can end the whole design of which is to help somebody who's going to listen to it now, or somebody is going to listen to it later. Yeah. And so over time, we will have people that will contact you and say, you know, I saw you on this show. That was a while ago, and and I got your number from it. And so here we are. But I wanted to get rid of some of the fear around past life regressions? Because people go, I don't know if I could do that. What is that? Is that? Is that of the devil? Is? How does that work? To Satan do that and what do you do? You don't because people are afraid. And they're also afraid to hypnosis. should not be afraid of either one. Because then you're not going to make them stand naked in the middle of the street with a chicken over there,

you will not be acting like a chicken, I swear.

You might get naked in the middle of the street, but that's your own.

free will. Okay. So, if you're on the free, we'll bet Yeah.

Talk about Pathlight past life regression, how it works for your clients, because you've done hundreds of them. And they all this is presumptuous of me, but I'm assuming that they all have had a deep impact on their on their ability to affect their lives when they came back.

Well, there's certainly the potential I mean, that's that's the the very typical response I get. And which is why I do the past life work because that's what it did for me. All of the techniques that I do, I mean, I've been doing you know, I've been doing energy work, spiritual work, energy healing, all that. So I think both 15 years now, you know, I left we've spoken several times before, but you know, I left a very standard career because the universe hit me over the head and said, Come on, step in right step and step up do this. So, so both 15 years now that I've been doing this work and least 10 years ago, I think now I got, you know, certified number aggression and so hundreds and hundreds of people over the years since then. And so first of all, what's cool about it is regardless all walks of life, right? We're talking all ages, all all backgrounds, you know, I've done a few regressions, you know, English not being the first language or you know, with, you know, the translation stuff going on, and there's so many consistencies. It doesn't matter, your background, this human experience, and then the spiritual experience. It's so so similar. It's, it's amazing. So that just gives me confidence that, you know, we're doing something right. You know, we're tapping into some, some truths here. So,

you know, what I was just gonna say, what's interesting about the work that I'm doing now, is that I am talking to all kinds of people. People who've never met each other people who've never read the same books, and they all to a person are coming up with a very similar story of what happens, why we're here. What happens what before we were born when we die? It's amazing the similarities that I'm seeing from people who do not know each other. And and it's amazing to me, when I take that back, it's not amazing to me, because it turns out that that's the truth.

Yeah, it's fantastic is what it is.

I can't think of you know, you if you were to make a movie about what actually happens in our life, nobody, nobody would buy it, because they wouldn't believe it. It's so plausible.

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And so, you know, so I love doing regression work, because it you know, if we back up and say, what, what our past lives, like, what are we even talking about here. And it's this lifecycle of, you know, you know, gestation and you know, conception, gestation, birth, life death. And then, you know, there's the unknown. And it's that unknown, that that people are very fearful of, and of course, nobody wants to be in pain, right, which often precedes death. And so there's so much certainly within our within our culture anyway, there's so much fear around this, because there's, there's pain, or there's fear of pain, and then there's just the unknown. And we spend so much time making ourselves known or feel good, or working towards our life goals. The idea of that, just, you know, being gone in an instant, is very, very fearful. They're very fear inducing for people. And so, you know, my experience isn't everyone has, you know, everyone is a unique soul. So, you know, want us to take what works for you. So it was preferred to preface it by saying, you know, take what works for you, but my experience is when we start talking about this cycle, and then what happens after the physical death, is the soul is most certainly certainly alive. The soul the soul isn't, is is by no means just gone. And, you know, so there's this, this space in between lives, and it doesn't follow the chronological, you know, or the, you know, because when you're without a body, you're not on Earth, they know, the sun isn't rising and setting. So there's also time is very, very different and doesn't make sense, the way the human brain makes sense of it.

Got to ask you a couple of questions that people do when they start talking, because basically, what we're talking about is reincarnation. And when people started talking about reincarnation, it's like, I'm not gonna die and become a duck. I don't want to I that's not what I want. And and so some people think that and there are some cultures that believe that they come that people come back as, as cows and one in one sector and some others, but reincarnation is not about you just randomly reincarnate into something else, right?

No, definitely no randomness, it's so so I get my experience. Again, take what works for you. But you know, after after death of a body, the soul is in whatever you want to call it. And if this if this turns out to be heaven, if this is this, you know, space in between lives, however it is, it's a place where the soul is very much alive. And just having, again, different experiences. There's things that we can only experience in body, there's things that we can only experience when we're not in body and both are equally valuable. It is my it is certainly my firm belief that you know, as cliche as it sounds, that the whole point of all of this is to get to a place of love to get to a place of very of that high vibration. And so we kind of as as a soul, we make up lamb, you know, I'm gonna say we sit down with our guides, we sit down, you know, with, with angels, we sit down with a lot of other, you know, other other, you know, people involved. And we say, as a soul what can I do? What do I need to experience so that I have that opportunity to evolve into this place of well, and so will. So you know, if, and so we'd make in my experience, again, a loose plan. So okay, this time, I need to come down as female, I need to be in this part of the world, I need to be of this culture, to experience different opportunities of growth, then we all have free will. And it's a loose plan. You know, one thing that I do always say, and there's division amongst past life regression is so again, this is my opinion. But, you know, I don't believe that we come with the intention of being terribly abused. I don't believe that I don't believe an innocent child is going to come in, you know, and just take one for the team. I think we come in, kind of knowing things may not go well. But we're going to say, Well, I see the highest potential, you know, for these parents. And if these parents use their own freewill not to live to that potential. That that is a an incredible tragedy, but to say, well, the kid had it coming because they were bad in their past life, to say you deserve to be abused today, because you were bad the last time. That doesn't work for me.

I agree with you. I think don't we start? Because of because there is a winner. On the other side, we have got full knowledge of everything that our past lives where we've been what we've done all that. But we come here and we catch we catch a bad case of amnesia. Yes. So we're born and we don't remember any of those things, because we're here to start a new. Yeah.

Can you imagine the vendettas that would never go away. If we came back, remembering who had wronged us the last time didn't like the

Hatfields and McCoys generationally,

it would like it would certainly not go again, from talking evolution of the soul towards love, you know, that's not going to work, if you remember who, you know, who wronged you the last time around. So, you know, so but we make, but I do think, you know, we we, you know, we finish our lifetime here. And then we look at that checklist. What did we accomplish from a soul evolution? You know, I'm not looking at your bank account numbers, right? It's, you know, what did we accomplish? Did we move towards generosity? Did we move towards love? Do we move towards self respect? Did we, you know, how, how have we shifted, and we spend some time in growth and healing in spirit. Because there's things that you can only learn and do in spirit. There was a, there was a fantastic regression I did with someone, just last week, I think actually did a few regressions last week, but it was this person in the the lifetime that had come up very much did not believe in anything beyond, right. And so, you know, it was a woman that I was, you know, was a client of mine, but she was a man of the past life, and in that lifetime, had no spirituality did not believe in anything. And you see, the entire point of that life was when he died. And he saw that there was something on the other side. That was literally the entire point of that person's life, you as a soul went, Oh, my gosh, there's something greater. And that now set this person up to come in the current lifetime, where she was very spiritual, very much looking into all of these things, because it was this marvelous new adventure. You know, so So there's, you know, we look at that checklist. And that helps us to then set up for the next lifetime. What do we need? What can we do? Who do we want to be with? Who do we not want to be with, you know, what's best for us? Yeah,

learning how to understand that can be difficult for some, how do you help people understand as they go through the past life regressions, and what they are doing that, that this is all real, it's not fantasy, it's but it can has a can have a really positive outcome.

So, you know, I mean, first of all, I would say that people coming to me for a regression or looking for something, right, you know, if you've, if you've made if you've if you've, you know, made an appointment, you know, I've got I've got a bit of a waitlist. So if you've waited, you know, you've spent that time and then you you actually show up in my office or on Zoom. You know, you there's there's a reason, right, that you haven't been able to figure out you know, through whatever Also that you've done kind of more than a standard or Western, you know, exploration. But that trust that the images that you're seeing when you're in a regression, that the things that you're feeling that that is real. I guess the first way that I, you know, I talk to people is when you're doing a regression, the information comes quite often very quickly. And people will say, so I say, what year is it? And they'll say, Well, it's 1728. And then they'll say, but I don't know why I know that, like, well, because it's 17. You were there, right? You know, what's, what's your name, right? And they'll spit out a name, they'll be like, but I don't know, why don't we? Because that's your name. You were there. So, you know, one of the ways that helps us to make sense of it is that information comes so readily, because it's a memory, you're not making it up, it's a memory, you don't have to search for it, you know, it's, it's a memory.

Now, when it's a memory, is that coming from when you go into a past life? Is that coming from your brain? or is that coming from the accessing your spirit on the other side?

So what I would say is, it's, you know, the subconscious connected with your higher self for the spiritual self, I think we're, you know, our brains, in the human sense, right now, they don't need to access all of that information, you know, in our day to day lives. So we don't, but there is a way of accessing it, and where that is, you know, physically stored, whether it's deep in the recesses of the brain, you know, where we haven't figured it out scientifically yet, or whether we're connecting above I mean, I think we're connecting above personally, but I also don't think it matters as long as you're accessing it, you know, to me, but to me, you know, what I you know, I'm clairvoyant, because I can see the the chakras and the aura and that sort of thing. So when someone is having a really easy, I guess, I would say, experience regressing, their third eyes open, their crown chakra is open, there's, there's some, some angels in the room helping that to stay open safely to help that happen. And so the energy just flows right through when the information comes.

Do you ever have a session with somebody when their spirit guide will step in and say, Well, you know, what, probably not yet. But we don't want to give that information out yet. You ever had that happen?

Well, what we have had happen is someone is, first of all, when you if you can actually get into a regression, because there is you know, you do need to get in and be relaxed enough to get into, you know, a meditative state, you are not completely, you know, we use the word, you know, like, hypnotized, you're awake, but you are very relaxed. So it's, you know, it's a very, really interesting process, again, kind of the, the geeky side of me goes, so here's how the brainwaves are going. Right? But you are, you know, we get you physically relaxed, well, the brain is quite wide awake. And so when someone's you know, lying on my table, you know, I can see their eyelids fluttering like they're in that REM state. We're bypassing the conscious brain, but they're talking, they're aware, and they'll say, Well, you know, Selena, this and that, you know, you know, I'm not planting suggestions, I'm just asking questions. Okay, so look around, you know, what's the weather like, now? You know, wherever you just landed, you know, what are you wearing? So I'm just asking questions, and they're able to reiterate it. So you're very conscious during the whole thing. But you will only get the information that you need, you know, I and you know, that the the conscious mind has blocked out certain things because it's not helpful. And I do work with the angelic realm. So you know, when we're talking angels, and this isn't any any religious connection, there's beautiful high vibration beings that are very, very helpful. The they're not here to do our bidding, but they're helpful for our own evolution. So you call them in, and it's fantastic, as far as the amount of assistance and clarity they can give you. Yeah, go ahead.

I have a question about that. Because there are some people that will say that angels are a different species, if you will, then we are. And I'm of the understanding, at least for me, that it's not that they're a different species, it's that they've been around a lot longer, and therefore have gained a lot more experience. And but the energy is not different. It is the same because we are all one we're all the same. So which is right?

Which is right, so I'm going to give you an answer. Okay. So what I was saying, No, so here's, here's, here's my experience with angels. And it's if you if you start at the top and work backwards, I don't care what you want to call it God you know, source universe, whatever. Right. But if we are all created from that, you know, source of one love, right that one beautiful loving energy, if those are absolutely part of that, they are a creation of that same as we are no different. But I will say that most angels not all depending on on different, you know, law and other different experiences, but for the most part, they have not been human before and have not gone through our particular reincarnation cycle, they are doing their own thing. And so they are, they are very, very high vibration. But we all come from that same source. And the I just to share I was in a, in a meditation and got a really very funny, let's see, I think they don't take things too seriously, we take it so seriously, they really don't. So in working with them and how to ask for help, well, not passing the buck, because we got to do the work ourselves. involved by having somebody else do your homework,

I have tried that it doesn't work. Now I really just

but you know, they're. So they're saying, you know, you know that the kids game Snakes and Ladders, you roll the dice, and you move up the ladders, and you slide down with snakes. So they said, you know, when you call on your angels, it's like hitting a ladder, there, they'll help you to get more clarity to understand to get to your goal faster. And so they said, you know, like, you're still moving on the board. But if you ask for their help, they'll help you get to your goal faster if you're willing to accept. So I don't know if that brings clarity to it. But that's my experience. So

that helps a lot. Because the only question I would have is, if they've never experienced what it's like to be human. How do they relate to us as a human.

So if you need someone who's like, oh, man, I remember that nine to five job and that was brutal. Let me help you here. Talk to an ancestor talk to a spirit guide. If you need that really human, you know, down and dirty human experience. That would be the where to where to call, if you need more that alleviating spiritual experience, or you're like, I'm really not seeing any positives or any, you know, a way out of whatever, you know, tragedy I'm experiencing. Talk to the angels, because that's the vibration they're at. So

that makes perfect sense. Yeah.

So you know, different, you know, different, you know, hopefully we have, you know, maybe different friends that you talk to for different things, someone's going to understand one thing differently than another. Right? Yep. And and that's, that's how I see it. Sorry, I

got another question for you. Because here's another one that I've been, I've been pondering.

We have

an Einstein friend the other day that said, Well, I know that you have spiritual things, but you're gonna have to prove that to me. And I said, Well, does Einstein does he make sense to you said, Well, yes. I said, Okay, that's my point. Is that because Einstein said, that energy never dies, that it's here and it changes for him, but it's here as always has been, and always will be. Instant. So when we look at energy hour, I lost my train of thought, good heavens, how can that it'll come to me it'll come to Me

cannot be created or destroyed. That is that is a tenant of Einstein's theories. Absolutely.

I think, first of all, we're talking with Selina Jones and go to energy bouncing That's energy bouncing Is there another site you'd like to reference?

No, that is, that is my website. You know, I'm from there. You can find Instagram and Facebook and all that. But yeah, it's all on there.

So I was talking with my friend I then and, yeah, so So but I believe I understand that. All of this is it's real and it's not imaginary, and it's not made up. And you've you have talked to a lot of people that have been doing that had to have had readings, and I've had a couple of myself. And it's weird. It's like you are normal. You are cognizant. But your thought patterns are disrupted by something that just pops into your head. Yeah. And if you then doubt what just popped into your head, say I was having an issue with With being being alone and stuff like that, and I had a past life regression, and I went back to an Indian time. And I was the Indian person that I was with a 15 year old kid, who was being a 15 year old kid who was not following the directions of the tribe, and was seriously in getting into trouble. And so he actually was excommunicated from the tribe because he was not following the example and following the traditions and everything. So he ended up, off and I can still picture in my mind, the rock formations, that he stopped, because he was trying to get some shelter. And that's where he died.

Okay? So in that lifetime, if you're going out on your own, if you want to do your own thing, it means you have to be alone. That was that the kind of the lesson or that the soul took from that. And so in this lifetime, you get to say, actually, I can do my own thing. And I can welcome in something loving because I'm not going to get kicked out anymore,

right? Because I'm the one who I'm not dependent upon other people to determine my worth, who I am or what I'm doing. And so it's important and it's important to reach that conclusion that you're if you're going to step away from if everybody says, blue is actually black, and you say, No, that's blue, I swear, that's blue. And everybody says, No, that's black. And if you don't believe that, you can leave it's still blue. How you know, and then the if you are strong in your convictions, then you will leave it because you'll find other people that will say, No, you're right, that's blue. And they will, they will enter your life and be important to you.

Yeah, absolutely. And so so that is so what you just shared there that was the perfect example of how a past life can impact you in a negative way in this lifetime. But when you when you get to look at it and then

come back Celina,

come back, we're on we got we got held up for there just a second folks, our go to energy bouncing And you can find out more about processing. There she goes. There she comes. Okay. Now you're back.

Here we go. Yeah, I see. Yeah.

We just, we were just saying who you were and and

I can hear you. Or you could okay. You were just a spinny circle, the circle of life and death and reincarnation as it is right?

Well, you know, and that actually is a very good metaphor. There we go. Because like when we when we pass away, we're our little purfling. But we can still hear you.

This is so true. There is that, that that ability to access. But you know, as I was saying, it shows how much you have that experience you had, how much a past life can impact this life. Because you know, you experienced that loneliness and died alone for going against the grain. And so in this lifetime, you can gather that information. That's what a regression does, it allows you to access information, and then you have to do something with that. And so then you got this information. And you know, I did you did

do something with

Yeah, no, I did that. Because I I recognize that the tribe I was in was not going to serve me for my lifetime. And that if I continued to value what they wanted me to do, I was going to die. Okay, rather than to understand that they had a viewpoint, that was not my viewpoint, but that I was not I should not sacrifice my viewpoint to be part of the tribe to go out onto my own, and then we'll see what happens. Rather than not preparing for that. I was able to prepare for that. So that I it wasn't like I was going to go sit on a clump of rocks and and die of starvation.

Okay, so like what a what an impactful experience.

Oh, is and as you know, what's interesting about that is proven to be true. Yeah. That everybody that was in my prior tribe, there's no one left. No one because they're not the tribe that serves my soul's purpose. And there

you go. And this is why we do regressions. Yeah, it's, you know, so we, the soul considers this one long lifetime, the soul does not differentiate between that lifetime, or a previous one, or this one. This is, you know, in the same way, our childhood experiences have an impact on the the lens that how we view the world today, so to our past lives. So if we can, you know, find some origin or, or make peace, and see that, you know, the person who wronged us before, doesn't have that power in this lifetime or things like that, then we can, you know, work with it ourselves and go, Oh, okay, now I can move forward, and that it's no longer going to keep me tethered, you know, in fear or making decisions that aren't self, you know, serving my soul.

And that's why we're here is to serve our higher good and to began to become the grandest version of who we really are.

Most definitely, most definitely.

Most of the time, we don't look at it that way, because it's like, I can't do that. No, I can't do that. I'm not, you know, I'm not good enough to do that. Well. You need to you need to trust that you can, yeah, live your life. And that's really what you know, I Well, the biggest part of my message is is, is trust and talk to people like you, because you've got such spirit about you. And you've been down that road before. Did it happen for you? Did you place did you reach a point in your life? When? And I can't remember the past conversation? Sometimes we don't? Yeah, yeah. You know, and but did you reach a point where you said, I need to do this? I know you were in corporate America, and you were doing that and, and stuff. But we and then 15 years ago, did an angel come down and tap you on the head and say, Hello, me?

Yes. So I think most of us say, you know, we, we look at our, you know, Marvel origin stories here, right? We can, you know, most of us when you go back and you look at the origin story, so many people doing this work, are here because we have the rug pulled out from under us. We, you know, we had our university at the university, you know, hit us over the head with a two by four because, you know, we were very stubborn and didn't listen to the little whispers. So I was I was in corporate America, I was, I was a veterinary assistant. I did that for 15 years, I worked at hospitals I loved I always wanted to be a healer, I thought I was going to be like a nurse. And then I spent two years working in a nursing home. And so who there's a lot of humans here, and it got super into not. So I took the animal route. Like it's very peacefully here, and you know, and so, so, you know, I went to college, I did, I did a veterinary Assistance Program. And there was a point in my life where that was extremely fulfilling, filled me up. You know, I got to I got to do the healing work that I wanted to do. You know, I met my husband at the vet hospital, you know, so that was, that was wonderful. He showed up with his cat. So you know, this is a good thing, right? Yeah, his cat introduced us. It's a great story there. But in the end, you know, I mean, essentially, what happened was, I had a significant loss, and which I did what I always do at that point, you know, I had a young child, and I had the significant loss in my life. And I picked up and I carried on and I didn't take time to grieve. I didn't take time to heal. I didn't do any of that. And I had no spirituality at all to be very clear. If you told me 20 years ago that I'd be sitting here doing this I you know, I don't know what drugs you're taking, but that's lovely. I believed in none of this stuff, nothing nothing. And and then I had this you know, what, I didn't take care of myself. I didn't allow myself to grieve. I didn't even want to think about life after death. I, you know, who the hell knows? And you're never going to know so why bother thinking about it, just try to be a good person. And so then I got sick. And I went to numerous specialists over about eight months, and no one could quite figure it out. And so then, you know, the universe is fantastic, right? And I know I know at this point, I know it was my angels working for me. I won a gift certificate to get energy healing done. And I don't believe in energy healing at that point. But I'm just for it because you know, you get a realm of specialists that can't figure things out. You know, man, if an ultrasound can't figure it out, we're looking inside your body, right? And fix me take my science mind teach me. So I started taking courses and all of a sudden, my third eye cracked open, and suddenly I can see auras. And suddenly I'm like, Okay, I took this energy healing course, I'm gonna practice, I had to learn meditation to know any of that, I take this energy healing course. And all of a sudden, I'm practicing on somebody. And Archangel Michael shows up and essentially boots me on the head. And I've been seeing angels ever since that day.

And it's just been a progression of stuff that is by divine design. Most certainly, you know, and that's, that's how it happens for most people. Because most people that are open to it, they allow it to continue, some people will close it down. And if you close it down, they're not going to use it. So beautiful thing about we were talking about past life regression. And you know, what's going to happen, or next life is like, they take a longer view, when you said that, they don't look at this as in this life, they look at this as okay, you were driving this car for a period of time, and then you're gonna get out of that car, and you're gonna go get into another car. But it's just saying you're the same person who's driving both cars.

Absolutely. That's a perfect way of putting it. You know, I, you know, I see, you know, when we're when we do our life review, after you know, we've completed this lifetime, you know, we look at the checklist, so if there's things that didn't get checked off, try again. Yeah, well, we'll finish that list tomorrow. You don't have to do it all in one day. You can't, you can't do it all in one lifetime.

Well, and there's so much to do here. Yeah. But you don't want to be someone that is so dedicated to one particular purpose. You want to enjoy life. That's, I believe, that's why the Earth was created and the universe was created as a playground for us.

Well, like you know, like I said, the angels don't think take things nearly as seriously as we do. You know, there's there's always a, there's always a sense of humor, there's always a sense of levity. And you know, and that's done very respectfully. Some people have really horrible, awful life experiences, they're victims of, you know, terrible brutality and things like that. So, you know, talk to someone say, hey, why not? Right? I'm like, really, because, you know, I, you know, they they have immense poverty or, you know, have endured immense abuse or, you know, it's not easy for a lot of people so it's, it's in no way saying that, you know, we there isn't suffering and that everybody should just lighten all up. But really, there's a lot more going on. Than then what we're seeing on the surface most definitely there is there's a lot more support. And there is a lot of joy when you can when you when you can work with this and work with ourselves and such.

So are you saying that you remember John Travolta doing Michael? Yes. So is are they like that?

I actually so I would have to say I, for what I visualized, I don't know who they're, you know, was doing the research and such when they you know, created that costume, but it's a very typical image of what Archangel Michael shows up to, with with people, it was very the way the way they had dressed up John Travolta though they don't have human bodies, so they will project their image in a way that makes us feel safe and comfortable and all the rest. But that is a very typical vision of Archangel Michael,

because he had a he had a real good sense of humor and he didn't take anything seriously. And everything was gonna be just fine. Yeah, and stuff like that. So by the way, if somebody wants to contact you the best way through your website is that it is and by the way, you also mentioned that you have a bit of a waiting list so they need to get on to the waiting list

you know what you just through my website send me an email and and we can set up an appointment but at this point, yeah, it will be it will be some months from now. But most definitely fire me an email. I mean, I've always got online stuff going on like online group workshops and classes and such.

How does it feel to be because I'm sure that when you made the decision that this was what you were going to do and you had people in your life that said all Selena Selena, you know, you can do this if you want to do it on the side a little bit. But, but keep it keep your day job and, and stuff like that. And now you are successful at doing this. What do they say? Are they even still around?

You know, I mean, first I have to say and I think I've said this to you off camera before, bless my husband. Because you didn't know i. So I met him, you know, like in a veterinary hospital, right? You know, he brought in his sick cat. That is the woman he knew who had no spirituality and really liked animals, right. You know, and then fast forward, you know, a few years beyond that, and I'm leaving my day job. And I have got, you know, I you know, I'm zooming in from I'm in Ladner, which is a suburb of Vancouver, Canada. And this is, you know, Vancouver is a great big city. Ladner is a very tall, a tiny little suburb, right? You have to you have to go through a tunnel, there's a body of water, right. Um, and so I'm in this, like, you know, smaller town, you know, without any clients. And I, you know, I mean, I hadn't done this on the side for a little bit, but not, you know, I wasn't, I was like, Hey, guys, friends, family, tell your friends, right? Um, so bless that man for for supporting me through this. Because we were not in any way, you know, in a in a place of, you know, just just go blow money now, you know. But, you know, the people who don't want to get it still don't get it. And that's fine. I don't, I don't go to explain myself to anybody. That's one thing. I don't try to convince anybody of anything. If you're interested in finding me, you'll find me if you're not. That's cool. Great. I and so you know, the people who, you know, there's, there's the portion, you know, of people who are probably who are who are praying for my soul, right? Because I'm doing past life regressions and things like that, right? You know, there's, there's a couple of those around, and then people who, you know, are gonna snicker about it or, you know, but for the most part, you know, I've through this, you like you said, are they even around? Not really, you know, I've got a wonderful new group with me, who, again, are supportive and like minded, as I get to be as

well, and it's because of the work that you're doing, it needs to be done. Are you finding that there are more people open to it today than there were five years ago? Oh, absolutely. There are? It's part of me. Does that give you hope?

It does? Well, I mean, it when you're looking at things like you know, you know, medical care, collapsing, education, collapsing, political systems collapsing, the environment collapsing, you can have very little hope, right? You can really go to a dark place. You know, and I, you know, I have, my eldest is 18, and, you know, is very much aware of all of these dark things, you know, going, oh, you know, my friends, they were talking about the population of the planet, how unsustainable it is. And it's like, you can see that boy, we need hope. But then doing this, I mean, and I am fortunate, you know, I tell people, you don't meditate and all these things, but because day in and day out, it's literally my job, get grounded, get centered, and and connect upwards, I am, I have the benefit of really being forced to do this on an absolute daily basis. And there's so much more interest in it. And there's so much, you know, when I started doing this, so I'm in my mid 40s. So when I started doing this, you know, I was late 20s. And I was definitely the youngest of any of these, you know, groups that I wouldn't join, right, you know, I would show up with my wife. I mean, when I did some of my final training, I was about this pregnant Trados. So I'm showing up at these meetings, bouncing a baby and everybody's talking about the grandkids. And, and that shift has happened now where I'm looking around me and my mid 40s on many of these things, one of the more senior undergoing, okay, there's new generations of healers coming up, who totally are, you know, driven by their soul who know that this is the place to be, it's becoming a viable career option, you know, because you'd like this is not what the guidance counselor recommended in high school, right. You know, everything's paid for that. Right? So then like the college catalogs, the university catalogs, you'll pick your courses out. This was not an option, right?

It wasn't very It wasn't in that catalog, though. It really wasn't.

So um, you know, so I'm now seeing it as people going, you know, you know, the younger generation but you know, younger than mine, and this is an auction. I And how cool is that? Because people are seeking it out.

You know what's interesting about all of that, because I agree with you, I think that we are having a turn. We thought we were having one in the early 2000s. But that didn't, but then 911, and the Iraq, all that stuff, but I really think that we are making another turn of a lot of people becoming more aware. And then when you stop and think, you know, my mother was a fundamentalist Christian. And one time I said to her, you know, mom, there are at that time, there were, there's 7 billion people on the planet. The Earth is about a speck in a huge universe that's got more galaxies, than then we can count. And it's just an amazingly large, sophisticated, orderly place, even though it's got disorder to it and, and randomness and stuff. We really should be paying attention to everything that's going on, on the other side, because it's bigger than we can't fathom how big it is. Would you agree with them?

Oh, most definitely. And I and I don't think we chose, you know, a human incarnation. Because we were supposed to know it all. You know, we wouldn't you you would have incarnated somewhere else, somewhere different to some other form. As humans experiencing a human life here on Earth right now, we're not supposed to know it all.

I remember that. I just remember that question that I had. And it just came back. And that is this. We are an eternal being. We've been around for hundreds of 1000s of years, we will be around for many, many more millennia. I said this to one of my relatives one time, I said, you know, our soul is not innately human. And she said, What do you mean? It has to be human, as is said, No, because we're older than humanity itself. Now, human, the human form may be on other planets, which I suspect it is. And there may be some that are much older, but human life on this planet is 100 200,000 years old. That's nothing. In the end, I mean, the planet is 6 billion years old. Your Universe is 14 billion years old, which by the way, a billion years is 1000 million. We're talking old. Yeah, we're talking a big deal here. And, and so, we are much bigger, and much grander than we give ourselves credit for at least that's my opinion. What do you think?

Absolutely. This this idea that the soul is human, no, the soul is a soul. That's certainly not human. We're currently, you know, partnered with this human body, the soul, you know, said, if you want to, you know, experience bootcamp, you want you want to go through, like some really great evolutionary opportunities, evolution of the soul, to get to that space of love, try humanity, and about this current time, there's a lot of opportunities to grow.

Well, if this is, I've, I've been told many, many times, from psychics and other folks that this is a particularly difficult place to be.

Yeah, I'm gonna say where the bummer of the universe you know, there's, there's a, it is a difficult place to be, it is not the easiest place to, to, for your soul to show up in and to pair up with this human body. But because of that, there's so much potential. This is a place with extreme extreme potential. And, and so yeah, it's not an easy place. Not at all, but there's so much potential to, to grow and to bring so much light.

You know, what the really cool part about that is, is because this is not an easy place. And you knew that when you came here, every one of us is a warrior, and as well respected on the other side, because we chose to come here, and they all recognize how difficult it is. So you, you should be proud of yourself for doing this regardless of your situation.

Yeah, I fully agree with that. Absolutely. There's a you know, I think a lot of people come in especially and they'll come to me for regression or from some other type of energy healing and, and say, like, what the hell was I thinking? When I signed this soul contract and what the hell was I thinking? And oftentimes we get to the Foundation Well, here's, here's what you were thinking. And that was very altruistic and I'm really proud of you and good job and like, you know, Oh, it's okay, let's work through this, let's find some solutions because you're here to to experience some joy.

Exactly. And then if you decide that you really want to help other people, there's boundless opportunities for you to help people here,

wow, absolutely, there are boundless opportunities for, for helping for stepping into your higher purpose.

You know, Selena, I really enjoy talking with you, and you're gonna, I'm going to make you, I'm going to come up there to Canada, and I'm going to get you. And when we come on the show, again, go to energy balancing, I've just got a couple of moments left. So I want to set myself aside and give you the opportunity to tell our audience, the ones who are listening now, and the ones who will be hearing this, and seeing it in the future, anything you'd like them to know,

anything you'd like to know, you know, you you have done this before with me and handed it off. And so, you know, I, I should have known it was coming. But you know, I was far too engaged with you, Kevin. But, surprise, here you are. But really what it always comes to, and this is, you know, the information I'm receiving to share right now, is this idea of purpose. And so many people come and they, whether it's you know, they want to know, if my past lives with my current suffering, my current situation, what's, what's my purpose, or what's the purpose of it all. And going back to that space of we have this potential to grow, we have this potential to get to that place of love. And so look around you at what you can do. And that might just be self care, it might not be that you have to go be in service to someone else, it might be okay, time, time for that self worth that self care, or to step up and be a better person to someone else, find someone who needs who needs help. But that ability to, to get to that space of love. To me, that's the ultimate purpose. Within that we're going to come in as teachers, we're going to come in as healers, we're going to come in as builders and doers, but, but to get to that space, that evolution towards love. That's the purpose. That's the big one. And that's consistent in the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of regressions that I have done over the last decade. Plus

everybody wants to feel like they're part of the collective part of what's all there is, and that we are all one in the we are all connected. And if you believe that I honestly believe those four words, four words can change the world. We are all one that and know it and live every day by it. It would change everything.

It would change everything. You know, it's you can disagree with someone. But we're still all from the same source.

Yep. And we get the opportunity to disagree on the other side as well.

Because the soul is not dying.

No, no, it's not Selena Jones has been our guest she's a wonderful lady and and go to energy balancing and put your name in. And sometime about I don't know February March, we're gonna call and

that is that my close? I'm looking into me right now. But

but there's there's a you know, I do I do an online meditation on Zoom twice a month, full moons new moons. And I've always got workshops and classes and there's always room in those.

In all seriousness, I suggest, if you have it in your heart that you're saying is this all there is there has to be more start with the class A is a program that she runs, and then that'll get you the the foundation that you'll need to move forward in your life. And then you can decide whether or not you want to take the next step and have a one on one. Does that make sense?

That works. Thank you, Kevin.

Well, because you know, the thing is, when I first started this, I didn't even know that meditation was a thing. I had been told that meditation was of the devil. Oh, yeah. And then you don't learn you don't learn to do meditation because it's AVL. Yeah. And in the last 20 years, so much has changed. Now,

I've never been exposed to it till I had my mind, you know, experiences as I described earlier. It's changed my life. Like it's changed my life.

Not only has it changed your life, it's changed your family's life, the people around you and the hundreds of people that you've been able to touch and be able to help. Congratulations, and that's why you're here. Well, thank

you very much, Kevin. And thank you for For the platform that you provide for for for people like me being able to kind of geek out and talk about this stuff, because because I think I can get really geeky when I start talking about this stuff, and I have so much fun doing it. Yeah. Oh my gosh.

She's She's number one geek. So go go to energy balancing Selena, thank you. I've got to, I've got to run. But if you'll wait right there, I'll be right back. Thank you. Hey, thanks for enjoying this episode. All the way to the end. Please give us a like and subscribe to this channel. This has been a production of positive talk radio dotnet please visit our website oddly named positive talk radio dotnet for more details about us and our mission, which is to provide great positive programming designed to inspire us all. I'm Kevin McDonald. I'm proud of these shows, and I truly hope that you'll like them and share them with friends and family. So on behalf of our entire team, remember, be kind to one another because each other is all we got


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