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379 | Replenish your soul with Alena Chapman!

December 22, 2022

379 | Replenish your soul with Alena Chapman!
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Alena Chapman offers us ways past the prison of our inner critic & through any toxic relationships, addictions, & self-sabotage through activating our soul’s manifesto – which is always to heal.

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Welcome back to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas one conversation at a time. So come on over into our world. I know you'll like it. Because on today's show, boy are we lucky today I have to tell you we've got a wonderful guest for the entire hour. She has been a guest on ABC CBS told me if I'm name dropping PBS I Heart Radio Law of Attraction radio. She knows people like Bob Proctor and Elizabeth Gilbert and Dr. Wayne Dyer. May he rest in peace. And but first, I want to talk to Eric a little bit because he promised me that we were going to have a white Christmas now he's hedging his bets.

Never made that promise.

I know you never have but so we're not going to have a white Christmas is that is that oh,

we're going to have a wet Christmas. It looks like it's going to be quite a bit of rain this weekend. So but the good news is that a warm up. So we're looking at a high of around 54 On Christmas Day, which, hey, I'm not complaining about that.

Not Not a bit. By the way, if you're out and about driving today, and it is rush hour dirty in the Seattle area, please be careful, slowed down, allow enough room between you and the car in front of you. So that you don't have a problem that you're going to have to pay for. So it's really not a good idea. So just take your time, you're going to get there life is not always precious, and we don't want you to get hurt anyway. So thank you for that. And thank you, Eric, for being here. We have got one of the premier guests that I get to have on the show from from time to time. Her name is Elena Chapman. And she is a coach. She works with people about their toxic relationships and addictions and, and self sabotage, which we're going to talk a little bit about today. And also something that was really interesting for me, and that was our souls manifesto, which I haven't heard that described that way. But we're gonna talk about that we're gonna talk about all of that. So Elena, how are you? It's great to have you.

I'm doing fabulous. How are you? Kevin?

Oh, I couldn't I couldn't be better. And you know, in reading your, your bio and your work. And we are very much aligned to you and then the show? Because it sounds like that. Yeah, we're all about trying to help people understand and live the best life that they can. And to get rid of some of the things in our lives that don't serve us. Yes. A lot of times we do it to ourselves.

And most of the time, yes.

And you call it self sabotage, how do we get that

self sabotage? Well, what we have to understand that if we're living in our conscious mind, the forward mind, then we are pretty good. But a lot of times, we have so much stuff hidden in our subconscious mind, how we grew up what people told us about ourselves, it all relates to who we think we are, who we what this world, what we think of the world and how we see ourselves fitting into it. And with all that programming, sometimes we go on autopilot. And we think we're moving ahead, but then in that back of our head, there's somebody who said, but you're never had, you are never going to be good enough to do this. And before you know it, you're doing something in your career, for instance, that is sabotaging your whole career, or, or the job you want, just because of that little thought that is still back there. And we do that all. I mean, how many of us are on the road. And lots of times we get to our goal, and we don't know how we got there.

I used to drive a bus. I'm sad to say that I had that happen all the time.

Okay, that's because your subconscious, Your sub consciousness took control. Okay. And it knew where it was going. So there's no problem at all. And somewhere you're registering it, but you can't remember. Well, that's how we are in our lives. And so I've seen I have seen I have talked to people. I've had one girl tell me, Oh, I just took this job. And I add it has no advancement and it's not permanent. And when I had asked her previously what she wanted, she wanted a job that could she could just climb to the top that she would be there for life. So why why would she take the job that has nowhere to go? If what she wants is to move forward? Because there's something in her mind that is controlling her

Like she's not good enough, or

I'm not good enough, or I'm that's too, that's too long you you, you're gonna lose your freedom. It can be something like that even. It can be people are funny in the mind is a funny thing. You can believe that. Well that, yeah, it's too permanent, or it is something that I'm not going to be good enough when I get up, or it's called, It's actually called a fear of success. That's an actual thing. You know? Yeah, that one. And she might have that kind of feeling of, well, what happens if it really does turn out to be a job where I can succeed? Oh, what that that's fear of success?

Is that why a lot of people have that? Yeah, I think just just had a thought is that why if somebody goes on a tear and loses 75 or 100 pounds, and then all of a sudden look great, and but they, they still feel like they're a fat person inside. And they're more comfortable with that. And so they don't keep the weight off. And they return to the way they were? Is that part

of that? Yeah, eating is a funny relationship. And, and a lot of times, yep, they'll lose all the way. So many things happen. They can lose all that way. And then all of a sudden, the new attention they're getting and everything, it's just too much, or, and they're thinking, Okay, I don't feel good with this, I don't know what to do with it, they might be an introvert, and this is just too much. Or it could be that food, all of a sudden has always been a solace. And you've taken away that solace. So now they feel edgy, you know, and so they want that, or food has always been a reward. And so they haven't replaced that reward system properly. It could be so many things. And for the ones who still see their, their fat when they're not. That is, you know, that's a problem with their, their psyche, that they really have developed, usually in childhood, about their bodies. And they're never good enough, their bodies never going to be good enough. And they have to be thin, they have to be thin. And they really do not see themselves as thin. They do not see the damage they're doing. I once had a roommate who was like that when I was in college, it was amazing. And she was so skinny, and she did not see it.

It's the you know, the you remember the name Karen Carpenter?

Oh, gosh, yeah. Oh, my gosh, how sad.

I know, she was one of those that has such a talent. And she had the world at her feet. And yet at the same time, she always looked at herself as being fat. Yeah. So she ended up dying from that,

which is heart. Yeah. Yeah. The heart.

So I know that you have done a lot of research with various religions, spiritual modalities, and importantly, scientific research of how learning works.

Oh, yes. Because I'm fascinated. You know, and I. And I've always, I always thought I should have gone into psychology. In fact, I love human psychology, I was actually going to look and see if I could get certified in that. And I've worked with relationships through all of Indiana and the right relations program got certified in that, that was a lot of mind games, too. It always fascinated me, fascinated me that a woman who is so might be so old man, so abused in a relationship. And yet, and that person might even put their child in danger. And yet they want that person back. That just blew my mind. But, of course, when you're working with them, you understand that it's a very subtle game that a codependency has formed, and and that all the sense of worth, and all the sense of who you are comes from that person, because that's how they have cultivated the relationship. And when you see it that way, I was always blown sky high. And you can tell them and you can tell them and you can tell them, and then all of a sudden, you just, they'll hear the littlest thing and they crack and all of a sudden that person's out of their life. But you never know when it's gonna happen. I find that incredibly fascinating. You know, the human

brain. The brain is really an interesting concept because we've got stuff that we are aware of, but also there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes, that we're not aware of that stuff that happened to us when we were young or When the gotta heal.

Yeah, and if you don't take a look at it, you know, and I guess with a new fancy word, a shadow work, but it's also I wrote Hello soul. It's a book that I have out one book I have out. And I talk about this how you have to, you have to take a look at the subconscious, the things you've learned, you know, none of us grew up unscathed. And, and the learning process has always bad for heaven's sakes, you know, I hid my spirituality for ever. Because when I was seven, I was given a gift. And when my mother was scared to death, and she took me to the priest, and he said, You have to tame that girl's act of imagination. And I just learned keep your mouth shut. Oh, yeah, forever. And I just, you know, it took a lot for me to finally when people found out how I live and the vibration I'm always on, and why is she hardly ever in a bad mood if ever, and, and just and the keenness that I feel the empathy for people do not absorb it, all that stuff that I do in the coach, they always wonder, and it really is the spirituality. So when they found out how I live in the synchronicities and the true magic that happens, they said, You got to teach it. And I said, No way. No, you don't got to understand.

Alright, oh, people are those people are not gonna understand this.

Like me? Yeah. So I really, it took me like six months to look at that and say, Now, wait a minute, wait a minute, this. Is this really true? Now? I'm not that seven year old girl anymore? And why do I think is is it more important that people learn this so that they can be happier so that they can feel magic in their life? The synchronicities the really cool messages and understand them? Or is it? Do I have to hide this? And am I supposed to? And I finally, after doing the shadow work, I thought, You know what, I'm bringing it forward, and then that's just the way it's gonna be. And I just gave up that thought. But you have to be aware of it first.

And then everything from that day forward in your life changed in

everything? Yeah. Well, because fear, I gave up the fear. A lot of times our subconscious mind is giving us fear. It's a fear thing. If I do this, oh, no. You know, oh, my gosh, I've always dated bad boys. Oh, no, I can't do that. You know, and everybody goes in that category. So they stopped dating. You know what I mean? It's just, it's amazing. What our subconscious mind can create. And really, our subconscious mind can even create our reality.

It's, it's amazing and talking with you. The reason one of the reasons, there are many, one of the reasons I wanted to have you on the show is that this is such a common thing. This happens to everyone that's listening to this broadcast today. And that we have we don't lead our lives intentionally with the proper way that we would like to, we end up sabotaging ourselves. But before we go talk about that I, I would be remiss, because there are two of my favorite people. Bob Proctor who Oh, yeah. Who was in the secret? Yeah. And Wayne Dyer. Uh, you know, it's funny. I was. Wayne Dyer used to do a lot of PBS stuff. And I know, I ran across him on doing a PBS special and I said, this guy really resonates with me. He is really cool. What was it like to know them personally?

Well, I knew I was very young with Wayne Dyer. I didn't meet him several times. I studied all his programs. You know, I didn't work as closely as I did with Bob. But he I, I was totally in everything he did. And, and it got me I was 1817 and 18, and 19 and 20. And basically, I went to him because I wanted to know why everybody was so grouchy, and why nobody would want me to do what I wanted to do. That's why I went to Wayne Dyer. And I learned a lot. And then it wasn't until and then I went, though I had wonderful teachers here to Jeanne sharp way ahead of her time psychiatrists who said you got a gift and she got me into the right relations and working with people. I adored her. But then I met Bob Proctor at a really odd time. And I saw him in an email that said you need to come see me Hey, I said yes, I do. I'm there. I went to Canada. And I am Bob, I will always have an incredible special place in my heart I, I worked with he told me to stay home. He said, You know this stuff, why are you here? Well, all my friends were there, you know, and, and I just loved being there. And I ended up studying with Bob privately for a long time. And then I got to know him as a friend. And it's a funny story. Do we have time for a funny story?

Are we even finally we got all the time in the world? You bet. Well, this was good.

And I so Okay, so Bob, I've, I've been off more than I can chew. I had a friend convinced me to do an event in New York when I didn't have a crowd at all there. But yeah, he was gonna get everybody in. And while I'm watching money go flying out the door, and seats are not filled. And I'm very worried. So it's Sunday morning at 830 in the morning. And I'm like, I'm like tight as a drum. Okay, like, I'm like, What am I going to do? What am I? And I texted him, I said, Bob, and I know he gets up at five. So I said, Bob, I said, Can you chat. And he goes, sure to give me a call. So I call them and the first words this mouth where, you know, in 50 years of teaching, I have never taken a call on Sunday morning at nine o'clock. But the I just he said, what's going on, and I just unloaded everything, all my fears, all my subconscious fears, what crashing into that call, and he said, I'm scared, I'm losing millions, right? And he says, Are you doing your gratitudes? I was like, what? You know what? He was right? When I started doing it, I told him, I said, No, I'm not. And he says, start doing them. And that's all he told me. That's it. And so I went, and I went to my special place. And I took out my journal, and I looked at my I started doing my gratitudes. And it didn't happen right then. But by the time I did them again that evening, everything changed in my thought process. And, and it you know, people don't understand how those journals really work. And they do they change your perception. Because how could it not? You got to understand we get ourselves into cycles. And we, you know, we talk about when someone dies, and they die in a war or something, they end up on a loop. Okay, they're reliving that day all the time. Well, you know, movies, the Groundhog Day, well, guys, guess what? Those are cycles. And when you are always doing the things that sabotage or the things that, that that negativity, that sarcasm, and man, I could be queen of sarcasm, if I wanted to be, you can have that wonderful, that negative place, you can get caught in it like a loop where you can't get out because you can't see the door. And what the gratitude does when you do it properly. It raises you out of the cycle. That's what it does. It takes you out of the cycle, and you can start a new cycle, you start to notice things you never noticed, or you haven't noticed in months, you start to see some wonder, you start to say, Oh my God, I've got my children, I should be so blessed for that. Why am I worried about other stuff, you know, you start to look at the good things in your life. And that raises your vibration, your vibration, every part of your energy raises up. And then that's when the universe can start to talk to you. It cannot talk to you in that negative cycle that you put yourself in,

you know, one of the things that we are working really diligently at how positive talk radio is to bring people who can give out nuggets, nuggets of Hope nuggets of joy nuggets of taking care of yourselves and that that is a great one right there to be able to impart to the listener audience and it's a change that they can make today It doesn't require a lot of money. It doesn't require anything. But can you run through it real quick again on what the art of gratitude is and and how Bob Proctor taught it.

Oh, of course. Okay. All right. So it is gratitude guys. It is it is your time now. It's these people say Oh, Elena, I'm right. I'm saying it all the time. Ya know? Okay, just stop right there, you need to write it down. Why? Because there is connection from the brain to the hand. And when you write it down, it's almost like it's real. That comes out of the mind into reality. So get yourself, I get a really cool, cool, cool, cool. Journal that I love. Actually, guys, check out Amazon because I have gratitude, the attitude changer. It's a journal, it's actually a renewal. So if you're interested, but

hold on, we pass that too fast, say, slower, because somebody was out there going. How do I say, well, so let's say that again, oh, I have

a, I have a very complete journal for you. That does the gratitude you have every day of the week for a year, can't get away, Kenya. And you have also inspiration. And you get to reflect back on that day for the positiveness in the day, you get incredible mantras and quotes you can use through the day exercises for just every day, it's a really complete thing. And I'm actually so in belief of how this can revolutionize your whole life like a phoenix, you will just bloom. And that I am saying, for the first month, when you get the book, I'll I'm gonna get on with the people who bought the journal. And for once a week for the first month, I will get on with you. And make sure you're using it the way you can and also hear the winds you had and be a community and get you started to change you'll see in a month, you will definitely change. So

they can go to Amazon, and they can they can buy the book and then you'll you'll know that and then you'll be able to get in touch with them. Is that right? Yeah. Yeah. So what's the name of the book? Again, I want to make

gratitude the attitude changer. It's also a renewal. And it's, yeah, man, it's on there. We just got it out. I mean, I've had it for years, but I just because I use it. So I thought, You know what, I gotta spread this a little bit. Because when you got to write it down, you got it. You got to have a book, you do. Because it's a discipline, you're forming a discipline. And so if you only have that book, for your gratitude, and you always have it, it does something, it just does something. It's like, I can't wait to sit down and do my gratitude, you really get like that. And you really start to write down. I always, Bob used to say, I am so happy and grateful now that okay, what do I say? Thank you, thank you, thank you. That's what I write. And then I put four, and then I list five in the morning and five at night, things that I'm really grateful for. But here's the thing, this is big. You write it down, but then you stop. And then you read it out loud. And it's got to elicit a feeling in you. Vibration, vibration. And so when and vibration everybody says does universe hear your words, probably, but what it resonates with is vibration. You want to know why you're not manifesting vibration, you want to know why you don't have that love in your life vibration. It is vibration, it's universal. And so when you're reading your gratitudes back, you got to feel it. Like if you got to the big I have a big red dog, if I write it down, I say, I am so happy. And I see him licking my face and it just puts a smile on my face. You got to feel the gratitude. And then I always get quiet after that. And then I say okay, how can I serve today? And that's when I'll either get something there or something will show up during my day. And it always does. And then I always send love to people or situations that are bothering me. Yes, because you're in that high vibration. And I actually, you know, I have seen how when I send love after being on that high vibration, I actually see changes in that person or that situation. All of a sudden something will come in to change that situation. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, it's like magic. Or that person who was always grimacing at me is now smiling. What is that? Come on. It's vibration. It's the universe saying okay, Elena, you're sending them love they feel it. Let's come right back.

And that is that is universal energy. And Einstein proved it. And Tesla proved that the wrong kinds of folks. It's a scientific principle.

It is a scientific, oh my gosh, yeah. Yes, it is scientific, they all talk about energy. My son's a physicist, I have to pass everything by him. When I say No, Mom, you're stretching it No.

Physicist operates in the scientific mind, and a spiritual person operates on scientific plus the plus unknowing, I suspect very much you have a knowing of, of how it all works, and how it works for you.

Yes, yes, I do. I understand that vibration, when you get into a high vibration. And when then you start to open to that soul. And the soul is made up of many things. But it's definitely got a feminine side. And this is not just women. Every person, every living thing has a feminine and a masculine side, it's law of polarity. And when you start getting into the soul, that and you start listening, and you're at that high vibration, you can't help but just transcend into places of divinity and deep inside yourself. You just can't help it, because it's there. And that universe is so anxious to talk to you. It is so wanting to help you on this journey that it's going to talk to you, it just will. And for me, I'm guided, I'm guided to everything I do now, I see the signs. And if I ignore the signs, oh boy, that's not always so good.

Well, I have to confess here, if I if I can tell me if you think if you think I'm just kinda crazy, but I have wonderful things happen to me all the time. I get wonderful advice from people I have, I get to meet some of the most incredible people on the planet, you being all them. And one of the things that I regularly do is I have a conversation with my guides on the other side, because I know that they're there. And I always, always, always, when something like that. When something comes up, I always look up and I say thanks, guys.

Appreciate it. Yes, yes.

You guys, you guys.

Yeah. And that's why they are always there for you. You you live a different kinds of life. And I mean, you really see how things will just magically work out. You will see how your way. You. You never fall. No, you never fall. No, that doesn't mean you don't make mistakes. Because mistakes we learn. And we don't grow. If everything's just peachy keen, you will become the most egotistical happy person in the world.

And the whole design behind it is that we get to learn and we get to experience.

We're here for experience and creation. And so Oh, oh, I just got to note, guys, if you want that gratitude journal, it is on my website, which is might be easier than Amazon. It's Elena So if you want that, go ahead. And I'll be able to really register that you're there. That's really cool. But anyway, to get back to this, this amazing when you are okay, so what does it do it when you're guided? Yes, you do get things that resolve. You don't ever feel like you fall, you are never ever going to get yourself into such a predicament you can't get out. And everything you understand is a learning, learning and creating, learning and creating, becoming becoming. That's all part of why we're here. And you also have someone powerful, something very powerful and inner knowing that will guide you in every conversation. In a room when you walk in, you will know and a lot of times they will just channel things to you. And you'll think it's your own thought. And you will suddenly see that doors open that never opened before. I remember one time I was speaking in Los Angeles and I ended up in arrowhead California. And I was exhausted. Oh my gosh I was so exhausted. And I ended up staying in a haunted gas guest house which pretty used to but it was kind of fun. But I decided to get up early in the next morning and go for a hike and I went up into the mountains. It was like 737 o'clock in the morning, and I'm up into the mountains and I see this three trees sequoias, I think they're called. And I sat down between them because it was perfect for meditation, and I did a meditation. And when I woke to little sparrows were in front of me. And I said, Hey, guys, I said, Oh, I'm so glad you join me. I'm gonna walk down the mountain. Now. These two birds, I'm not kidding you guys, this is spirit. And they walked down in front of me, down the mountain, were walking the three of us. And then I saw a rock, and I and the sun was shining on it, I thought, I gotta lay on that rock. So I laid on the rock, and I fell asleep. I told you I was tired. And when I woke, those two little sparrows were still there, there was a rabbit of fox squirrels, everything is playing around me. Nobody is harming each other, just playing. And I call it my Snow White story. I have stuff like that, that happens to me all the time, you will see that nature opens up to you, you will see that people will open up to you, because they feel the vibration you're in. And they know that you have that inner knowing. They just know. And what a gift you can bring to the world, you know,

by by raising your vibration, you are raising your vibration, you are actually bringing a gift to the world. Yes, you are just by the very fact.

Well, actually you are. And if we get enough people who are raising their vibration, actually, you can change it. So it takes only like this assigned to go 13% of any population to change the mass consciousness of that population. That's all.

That's it. That's that's, that's that's super because we need that 13% is what

we need right now.

Yes, indeed. By the way, we're talking with Elena Chapman, she is a coach, she's go to Elena You can find out all about the things that she does. We need to take a really quick break and just can be like a minute and a half long because this is this conversation is too good. So if you guys will wait right there. We're going to do this real quick. And we'll be right back you're listening to positive talk radio on KK and w 11:50am.

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Yes, I would love to hear it.

I have been kicking around trying to put a team together that will work well with me and and that we can move together and we can also help of humanity and to help the the individual people that are listening to this, why it's so important for you to be here, and almost a year, and in July, my mother passed away. And it was well, she was 90, she had a great life. She went to break play bridge on Wednesday, she went out to dinner on Thursday, she went home at night. And so you know, if you got to go, that's the way to go. Nice way to go. I hope I hope I'm so lucky.

Me too.

And, but my sister knew of a funeral home, and she knew the owner. And so she called her and then we're gonna have a consultation with her while she wasn't available for the consultation. So I get on the Zoom call. And there's this person named Holly Berry. And so we talked about, you're not that Holly Berry? No, it's a little bit different. And, and we start talking, and she says, I noticed you've got headsets and all this kind of thing. And I said, Well, I do a podcast. And she said, Well, you know, I'm interested in podcasts. And so I gave her the one and she listened to a couple of them. She was also finishing school, she had to get her master's degree in business for heaven's sakes. And she said, I'm just taking the final test. And then by the end of the next month or two, I'll know. Well, suddenly, shock of shock, surprise of surprise, you heard her graduation came through like three or four days later. And then then she listened to the show. And so we started talking, and now she's my, what I call my master consultant. And she has been with me for a year, she doesn't extraordinary job, she keeps me relatively normal and my feet on the ground. But you know how that goes. But she's, those things happen to me all the time. Because I put out or, you know, I remember the conversation I had, and they answered me, it was like, you know, guys, I really, I'm tired of this dealing with, you know, folks that are not resonating with me, I need someone to resonate with who I am and what I want to achieve, and what I want to bring to the world via positive talk radio. And she showed up. And so she was another one that I said, Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it. Cool.

That's how it works. It really does work that way. But you've got to also be in that right vibration. You know, you've got to be in that vibration of gratitude of Wonder of yes, it's possible. I can accomplish what I can't get those people around me that will help support me, and then are like minded. And before you know it when you say Hey, guys, I want people around me. They're saying yes, you can because you're there. It's right there.

It's it really is a beautiful thing that I wish more people would rather than poopoo it rather than say no, that doesn't happen. Because progpow Bob Proctor was in the secret. And he was a strong proponent of the law of attraction and that the you can do it, you can have it. And he lived a very long prosperous life.

He did. He did, you know, and he didn't start out prosperous. His family was very poor. And so when he, you know, at first he was a fireman. And that's the only job he could get. He couldn't keep a job he used to say couldn't keep a job for more than a day. And then he met a man who said, look at you, you're always sick, you're always in debt. And I'm not. So who do you want to be like, and he gave him thinking Grow Rich. Earl Nightingale. That's who gave him the book. And that's what changed his life. He opened a cleaning business ended up all over the world with the cleaning business people just popped in first year, he ran himself ragged. And then when he needed someone, right down the street, there was this guy starting to clean. And he said, that turned out to be his partner for the rest for a very long time. And he that guy would get the cleaning team together and Bob would get the business. And they were all over the world. And he made millions doing that before he even started speaking about the secret. He just got so fascinated with what he was doing. How did he do this? And the thinking grow rich. He always had that thinking Grow Rich book in his hand. Always

know, the mentality that you had when you were younger. Was there a switch for you? Or have you always felt this this way that there was there was more for me when I was 42 It was like a switch turned off. It was like I woke up one day and said, Good Lord, why am I really here? And what am I here to do? And and I really want to do what I came here to do. And selling selling food to people or selling chicken to people ain't it?

Yeah, I You mean? Yeah, my life purpose or the spiritual thing?

I guess, what does it start with? I

think it starts more with the spiritual I kind of always did know, in my heart of hearts. Unfortunately. My father didn't agree. But I always thought, you know, I always had three loves in my life, as far as things my soul really craved. And that was music. Still love music. And music has a vibration that can just ascend. I think that's why I didn't do pot in high school, because I was too high on music, and, and then also plants. And then the third thing was spirituality. And in my life, I have done all three, you know, you're new, you know, you're a kid, and I live the magic forever, despite all odds, and then when I did, I lost the magic when I was about 3033 When I entered into a relationship that was very demanding that my father really wanted and it it really threw me for a loop. And it was very restrictive. And my world came crashing, I was living what I like to call the mundane. And, and I thought, one day I was on the road, and I just, I thought, Oh, my God, I'm not grateful. I was looking at the clouds. That's the first thing I realized, I'm not grateful. What what's wrong with me. And I found I was very negative, I was very sarcastic, because I couldn't do anything. It was awful. I did get beautiful three kids, I did do that. But other than that, nothing. And I was getting very frustrated. The marriage was a sham. And I thought, I've got to find my way back. And really, I was an unconscious competent before. You know, it all came to me, you know, the gifts at seven, were right there. And I was a little girl who put a little altar in a row when she was four or five. I mean, I was just born that way. It's when I lost it. And I had just find my way back. That's what I teach. Because then anyone can find their way back. You know,

isn't it true that most of us at one point or another in time, if we don't recognize it, when we're little, we lose it over time, because life keeps beating us up. It's like, a metaphor that I use as UCs and management was you take a guy, you blindfold them, you put them at the goal line of a football field, blindfold them turn around three times, and then tell him to walk to the other goal line. And every time he starts walking in the wrong direction, you hit him with a stick. Yep. Well, pretty soon he's gonna stop walking. Yes, it doesn't serve him to keep getting hit with a stick. Because you nobody likes that. So. And then. So that's kind of how our lives work. We ended up you know, the, the negativity, and then the bad things come. So we ended up stop walking, and then tell something comes along that says no, you know what, you can make it to the other side, you just need to take the blindfold off. And there you go.

That's exactly right. And it is it's a blindfold. It's a blindfold. And when you start to want to be happy, if you're saying, Okay, I'm sick of living this life, where you know, I'm dependent on coffee. I mean, I like coffee too, but I'm not dependent on it, there's a difference, or wine or anything else, you know, and I or I'm not happy, or I'm negative because of whatever. And I don't know, we seem to glorify the negative side of everything. And that's it's unimportant. That's what I want to tell you. It's unimportant. All those things you glorify, unimportant, they get you nowhere. You know, it doesn't matter if you come home and have a glass of wine for a while there after COVID Everybody had a glass of wine on every social media I could see. And I'm like, Guys, you're missing the point. This was a time for you to grow. You miss it. You're drinking wine and being Whoa, whoa, you know, just not upset with yourself in the world. And you just missed it. You missed it. Yeah, it's time. That was a time for us to start saying, wait a minute, there's got to be something better than staying in this house. There's got to be something better here. And instead of relying on something outside ourselves, but we've been trained to do that outside ourselves to gratify us. That's where that all comes from. And instead say, wait a minute, I'm gonna look inside. I'm gonna start doing the gratitudes these people are talking about I want to start listening to shows that show something about within me, what can I find in there? What am I about? What was my soul? What is that? And I'm sure my soul doesn't say this is what I'm here for. So what is it? And that is that is the whole thing, you know, and then you start to actually discover that. And you start to get guided when you get your first. I remember one time, I was in the car, and I decided to play that's why I wrote the book. Hello soul. I said, Hey, soul, are you there? I was driving. And I heard, yes, Elena, I'm always here. And I almost went off the road. I thought, oh, my gosh, oh, my God. I said, Oh, I want to talk to you so much. And that was off to the races. You know,

I don't want people to poopoo the thought that they can do this themselves. Of course, they can do it themselves. And and you can add simply simply, simply ask the question, and then quiet your mind. And listen.

And believe. Yes, you hear it, folks. You hear it? You see the messages. You see a hawk that flies right in front of your car, risking its life. Guess what? They're trying to talk to you. Spirits are trying to talk to you. That's what That poor bird was risking his life for everything is saying just believe. Just believe. When I heard that small voice, always loving. People always say how can I tell Elena? It's always loved. It is the loving, positive guiding voice. It is never harsh. It is never loud. And it is never, ever, ever critical. That is your subconscious mind.

Unlike your mother who may have been critical at one time or another and that's sometimes what you hear.

That's the subconscious mind. The mother or the father. Yeah, teachers.

Wasn't my mother, my mom, my mom. She was great lady. But she had a habit of saying, Well, you did a really nice job. But

oh, that but yeah.

So it got to the point where I heard it was like, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But I didn't get the guy never. Never got the compliment. But I got that. But you couldn't have done this better or that better? Because she didn't want me to get a big head and just kind of a weird it's constant. Yeah. But

what she was really teaching you is that there to focus on the the what you how you have to improve, to always, you know, because you didn't even hear the congratulations part. You she was training you to hear only the faults.

Yes. And so it magnified the faults that I presented and made it feel like the Okay, that's the truth. And that wasn't the truth. And it took them a long time to figure out. That wasn't true, mom.

Yeah, that's a cycle. Yeah. A belief system that caused the cycle. There you go. You lived it, you know? Yeah.

Yeah. And it was, it was years before I figured that I figured that out that it was it was that cycle that had to go. Or I was never going to accomplish anything that I chose to do in this life. And I wouldn't be sitting here on my deathbed years from now many hopefully, that I'd be sitting on my deathbed going, Gosh, you know, I really wanted to do radio, and I really wanted to make an regret. And regret is the worst thing that there

is you Yeah. And I hear so many. My dad when he was in hospice, I'd walk around and I saw I'd hear you know, they were all saying how I just wish I had done this. I wish I had forgiven I wish I had cared for my kids. I wish I wrote that book. And I thought oh my gosh, people, you know, regret it's awful road to pave. It's a terrible, anything. You know why you're living if you have regret? You have another day. You have a day tomorrow. You have time to change it.

That's why movies like Scrooge and stuff are were a big deal because that's exactly what they were talking about the census Christmas, bring that up, is that he was he was told and convinced that he needed to have regret for everything he done prior to but he still was alive. And he had the ability to change it. And so yeah, all of us that are here today.

Yeah, we do. Started tomorrow started this next minute. You know, that's what's so wonderful. We always have a new man A new day to start

speaking of having a new data start, since we're gonna run out of time, in just a couple of moments, you got a new program to make an announcement about?

I do I have a podcast that's going to probably be coming out pretty soon, probably next month. Because I'm getting so many wonderful guests. This podcast is awesome. Somebody described it as you're in a coffee shop talking and all these people are trying to listen.

Oh, you're not gonna believe this, you're not gonna believe I do. I do 15 minute interviews with people before production meetings. And witnesses. What I always say is, it's just like you and I go to Starbucks, and we get a cup of coffee. And we're sitting there, and we're talking, having a conversation, and the audience is sitting in the third chair.

That's right. That's, it's called the mystical muse. And it's, what I'm doing is I'm getting people like Kevin, and like my friend, Eva, and all these other beautiful people that I know that have had the spiritual way of living. And we talk about it. Now, why did we do that? What Why would I want to listen to a show like that? Because so much of our own life, where we're starting on, okay, maybe I want to start a spiritual journey. Maybe, maybe I just woke up. Maybe I've been on a spiritual journey. And it's been hard. Why has it been hard? So that's why I thought it's time to have a real talk. And there's so much misinformation out there. So I really thought with real conversation, conversations, fun conversations, we can talk about whatever comes up about our own spiritual journeys. I know no script or anything, oh, boy. And we start to just explore it, and show people that there really isn't it is so worth it, to go on this journey. And where we are where we had problems, what we have discovered what we do on a daily basis, how do we live our lives, it's a really cool show, and my guess have been fantastic. So and then once in a while when I go and visit, I tend to visit other shops, I learned really cool things. I have one interview with Renee. She has choose holistics in Missouri, there you go a plug for her, and I but she taught me something. And I love it. When someone teaches me something. She taught me how to she's a Reiki Master, and she taught me how to Access Consciousness. Now cool, now I can do it. But I have that interview on there too. So when I visit the shops, if someone has a really cool talent, then I'll highlight it in the show, too. So yeah, it's kind of a mixed bag, you'll have really cool stuff that you when you turn it on. It's like, what's she doing today?

You and I are trying and we're doing the same thing, because I'm doing the same thing with positive talk radio. And I want to thank you so much for being here.

And I want to thank you for having me. I've had so much fun with you.

It's a great time. And by the way, go to Elena And you can find out all the everything that you need to know about her. And look

at that gratitude journal hit is cool. And like I said, I'll be with you for a month. Oh my gosh, a whole month.

That's a gift. That's it is yeah, it is

actually very busy. But I want to make sure that's how important I think it is. So yeah,

you're you're you're so welcome. And speaking of which, I would like you to take the next steal we got about about a minute, I'd like to take the next minute and to tell our audience, the ones that are listening now. And the ones that are listening in the future, anything that you would like them to know how beautiful

a spirit is saying very, somewhat loud in a loving voice. To always the whole goal of us to be here is to complete our mission of our soul. And to learn that it is all about love and acceptance. And if we can understand love and acceptance, when we look at another person, it would change our whole world. And that's all we need. All we need. That's what spirit is saying right now. So the message is out there.

And I can tell you from experience being from talking to vice presidents of companies, to being a bus driver, talking to people that are addicted to whatever, that we are all people we are all one we can all work to Help each other live life just a little bit better. Again, Elena Chapman has been my guest and I tell you, you, you make my soul sing and I really appreciate having you here.

Well, thank you. Thank you had a wonderful time. I've really enjoyed talking to you.

And you'll come back.

I'll come back. Okay, I'll be on my show.

I will love to be on your show. You tell me when and I'll be there. Okay, we gotta go. And I want to thank everybody for being here. And remember everybody be kind to one another because each other's all we've got you next time.