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430 | Calling All Cool Moms! - Interview - Jenna Levine Liu

February 23, 2023

430 | Calling All Cool Moms! - Interview - Jenna Levine Liu
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Sixx Cool Moms was created to build a tight-knit community of fun moms and moms-to-be in different communities across the country. Each location will have regular meet-ups so that members can meet other moms in the area, and exchange advice and/or stories over a glass (or glasses) of wine! Why drink alone while crying in your closet, when you can drink while crying at a public location with new friends!

Events will include mommy date nights (lets face it; meeting friends as an adult is like dating), playdate opportunities for both working and stay at home moms, support groups for moms at all stages of parenting (it doesn’t get any easier!), mommy only vacations (what happens on a moms only vacation stays…on the internet for an eternity), networking opportunities for moms in business (boss babes welcome) , brunches, lunches, fancy dinners, and more…so much more.

Sixx Cool Moms is designed for fun moms with a great sense of humor and the desire to make lasting friendships. This group is for women who love their children, but also love having time away from said children to explore their own interests.

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