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455 | Conquering Life’s Battles! - Interview - Guy Morris

March 25, 2023

455 | Conquering Life’s Battles! - Interview - Guy Morris
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Guy Morris has led an extraordinary life. After escaping an abusive childhood at age 13 to become a homeless runaway, Guy worked alongside migrant workers before he earned three degrees by age 27, including acceptance to Harvard and scholarship award from University of Arizona for his innovations in building a macro-economic that out-performed the Federal Reserve.

A talented musician and composer, Guy has recorded multiple CDs and wrote songs published by Disney Records. His adventures led him from receiving cartel death threats in Latin America to shark diving in Moorea – from board room politics impacting early climate change studies to living on a 50-foot sailing yacht with a charter captain’s license. Every one of his stories and characters pull from a rich life of diverse experience along with deep, deep research.

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Guy MorrisProfile Photo

Guy Morris

Author, Speaker, Researcher

Retired from a 36-year leadership career with Fortune 100 software, high-tech and global energy, Guy Morris has also been a published song writer for Disney Records, screenplay writer for Sojourn Entertainment, a Coast Guard charter captain, a PADI diver, adventurer, and now, an author of intelligent, well-researched thrillers.
Since his 2021 debut as an indie-author, Guy has released three pulse-pounding thrillers inspired by true stories, actual technologies, true global politics and history.
Multiple Kirkus recommendations compared his style to Dan Brown. Guy's books have earned BookTrib’s Best 25 Favorite Books of 2021, Reader’s Favorite 2021 Gold Award, 2021 finalist for IAN Book of the Year, and semi-finalist for Cinematic Book. His articles have been published in Mystery & Suspense magazine. Guy has presented, moderated or served as a panelist for the Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Conference.
Guy is also a member of the Pacific Northwest Writer's Association, the International Thriller Writer's Association, Independent Book Publishers Association and founder for the Author Event Network association.
Author Event Network enables local Seattle and Portland authors to collaborate to sign books at community events, festivals and fairs to engage readers, build platform and sell more books at higher margins.

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Kevin McDonald


Creator and Host of Positive Talk Radio and its Parent Company