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460 | Navy Veteran to becoming an Author - Interview - G. S. Gerry

April 01, 2023

460 | Navy Veteran to becoming an Author - Interview - G. S. Gerry
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G. S. Gerry is the award-winning author of Meth Murder & Amazon. He is a father of 5, Navy veteran, cybersecurity expert, and tattoo enthusiast that is reinventing the art of storytelling and writing wrongs along the way. Gerry’s original writing style has been compared to the likes of Hunter S. Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk and Lemony Snicket. His books are quirky and utterly unique, jam-packed with humor, suspense, and satire. Gerry grew up in the world of books working for his father’s book bindery business when he was just a child. Little did he know the literary universe had something more in store for his life.

G. S. Gerry is an up and coming writer that came from nowhere to bring you a fresh perspective and unexpected comic relief. Just your average, everyday Joe Schmuckatelli with some wild stories to tell.

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