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464 | More about the PNW Collaborative Magazine! - Interview - Amber & Mitch

April 10, 2023

464 | More about the PNW Collaborative Magazine! - Interview - Amber & Mitch
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​Selected for accomplishment and her mindset of hard work and determination, Amber demonstrates what you can accomplish with the power of a voice and a crown. Amber is a nanny, storyteller, & puppeteer for children. Amber has also stepped into leadership and serves as an advocate for Children's Literature which includes reading & sharing traditional folk tales with her community.

Mitch, in the other hand, currently offer 15+ years of background in Sales and Marketing over multiple industries. I specialize in the training and development of sales for personal/business clients up to enterprise level.

Personal growth and development are my strong suites. If I can help someone achieve their goals and dreams while creating the best experience possible, that to me is the ultimate motivation.

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Mitch ParfittProfile Photo

Mitch Parfitt

One of my first long term Jobs was working at the movie theater. Always had a love for movies and music growing up and aspired to be an actor. I spent a year doing auditions all around seattle I was fortunate to be a Featured Extra in the movie “21 and Over”. Pursuit of acting slowed down with having my son but still have a passion around it among other aspects of theater. Currently working on a podcast project around movie reviews mixed with Whiskey tasting etc…Movie Buzzed coming soon.

Amber SmithProfile Photo

Amber Smith

Children’s Book Author

Bio - Amber is a self-taught folk artist from Redmond, Washington, specializing in the fiber-arts, wood craft, and lantern creation. Originally an Early Childhood Educator, Amber blended her experience in teaching natural science with her artistic nature, bringing together her passion for families and the Earth.

Kevin McDonaldProfile Photo

Kevin McDonald


Creator and Host of Positive Talk Radio and its Parent Company

Holly Berry

Creative Director

Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management

Creative Director for