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486 | Let Go of your Fears! - Interview - Kim Lengling

May 02, 2023

486 | Let Go of your Fears! - Interview - Kim Lengling
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Kim coordinates and is the lead author on a collaborative 3-book faith series, When Grace Found Me, with additional collaborative efforts to come in 2021. Kim has been writing since 2004 as a writer, author, and freelance writer.

Her writing showcases her faith and her emotional interpretation of nature and life and what it can teach us as we traverse this journey.

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Kim LenglingProfile Photo

Kim Lengling

Author, Podcast Host, TV Show Host

Kim shares her journey of living with PTSD, how she navigates through the tough days and how she turns dark moments into pieces of light and tosses them out into the world as a nugget of Hope.
Kim has been writing since 2004, showcasing her faith, nature, love of rescue animals, and living with PTSD.
She is the lead author and coordinator of a collaborative 3-book series titled When Grace Found Me and the soon-to-be-released book When Hope Found Me. In addition, she is the host of the Let Fear Bounce Podcast and The Write Stuff, the Author’s Voice TV Show on the Believe In Your Dreams TV Network and streaming on various streaming platforms.
You can regularly find Kim drinking coffee, walking in nature with her trusty rescue dog, Dexter, chatting with the critters, and coming up with new story ideas.

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Kevin McDonald


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