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493 | Prioritize YOUR Mental Health! - Interview - Lauren Fonvielle

May 10, 2023

493 | Prioritize YOUR Mental Health! - Interview - Lauren Fonvielle
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Hi! I’m Lauren, a former business coach turned Integrative Energy Practitioner specializing in helping smart, capable women find freedom from anxiety, stress and chronic pain that is holding them back.

I can show you how to transform all of the anxiety, stress and chronic pain, heal from the inside out and best of all, finally feel free to pursue what’s most important to you in your personal and professional life.

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Lauren FonvielleProfile Photo

Lauren Fonvielle

Integrative Energy Practitioner

Lauren is an Integrative Energy Practitioner, specializing in EFT/ Tapping for stress, anxiety, and limiting beliefs.
She guides her clients on a journey of self healing to breakthrough obstacles - physical, mental, or emotional that are keeping them stuck in life and business.

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Kevin McDonald


Creator and Host of Positive Talk Radio and its Parent Company