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76 | Danny Vann- Author “99 Days of 100% Encouragement”

March 21, 2022

76 | Danny Vann- Author “99 Days of 100% Encouragement”
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Born in 1953 the oldest of six kids, Danny Vann has faced many challenges in his life.  He is a former foster & trauma survivor and a prime example of how to overcome life’s obstacles.

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Born in 1953 the oldest of six kids, Danny Vann has faced many challenges in his life.  He is a former foster & trauma survivor and a prime example of how to overcome life’s obstacles. He has been inspiring and motivating people for decades through his professional music, corporate leadership and church fellowship roles. He began his 45 year entertaining career at 16 - performing around the USA, in Las Vegas and Internationally throughout Canada and Nova Scotia.  He was promoted to supervisor and speaker’s bureau in his 20’s and became a senior project manager for several multi-state - multi-million dollar computer projects in corporate America.  After open heart surgery and a heart attack 15 years later, he studied and became an ordained minister.  He is the Founder & Director of “The Aging Out Academy” - Where the journey from CHAOS to HOPE takes a huge leap forward.. Danny is also the author of  “99 Days of 100% Encouragement” - and  My Journey in the Shadow of “The King” - A story of hope and resilience...the discovery of a cherished life.

Personal Information Now, as an ONLINE/Webinar motivational speaker, he shares very plainly about his life’s journey. Danny brings a multitude of life experience - and Life-Hacks - to help others improve their life as they navigate their own journey. He encourages people not to panic about challenges along the way and sees all situations as opportunities for learning! His heart’s desire is to help others.  Danny Vann - FormerFoster-TraumaSurvivor ( or -------------------------------------------------------------

For all those Teens & 20-somethings without parents, Aging Out of Foster Homes - or NOW HOMELESS after emancipating to INDEPENDENCE! I've been there - and I want to HELP YOU find ways to SURVIVE! There are dozens of FREE programs and resources waiting to help you through these tough times. Free suitcase, cell phone, housing, free legal services, even free Life Coach & Mentoring FOR LIFE! Based on MY OWN story of orphanage-to-foster home-to alcoholic blended family & emancipation at 17.....I became successful in music (Las Vegas) AND in corporate America (middle management in computers) I'd LOVE to share my story and help ENCOURAGE those struggling in this crazy world today!

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DannyVann FormerFoster-TraumSurvivor

Author, Speaker, Consultant

A survivor of early childhood trauma, kinship care, Orphanage, Foster Care, reunification into an alcoholic and physically & emotionally violent step family, Danny emancipated out at 17 and never looked back! He says of his life today:
"As the oldest of six, encouraging came easy to me, though I first learned to aggravate and agitate, it wasn’t long before supporting and encouraging became my life-long passion. I discovered early that, although it was fun to lead my siblings into mischief and other ridiculous situations, encouraging them was much more rewarding."
What does this have to do with you and the rest of our topsy-turvy, self-centered, masochistic world? Plenty. With all the chaos and anti-culture everything whirling about like a devastating tornado, I’ve noticed some slivers of positive news popping up in the nightly news and on social media. People seem ready for some ENCOURAGING WORDS! And the timing couldn’t be better.
We can get through this! People come together and help each other during major disasters. There are always those that try to take advantage, but when we stick together, we can overcome. When we look for positive influences, we will see more positive ways to deal with stress and trauma.

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