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Top Podcasts Around The World

Top Podcasts Around The World

Are you a new podcaster, thinking about starting a podcast or need some research on Podcasts?  

If so, you are in luck!  Here at we are hard at work educating ourselves about the world of Podcasting while we grow.  It is our sincere pleasure to share some of the valuable statistics we have dug up.

Top Podcasts Around The World

Some of the fun questions that we found answers to: 

What software do podcasters use?

How many hours do podcast listeners spend weekly listening to podcasts?

How many people listen to podcasts?

Who listens to podcasts?

Here is a PDF download of our Podcast Industry Report this week.

What are some of the best reports and statistics that you've found recently on Podcasts?  We'd love to chat with you and hear what you've been excited the most about in Podcasting!  Be a guest on our show or email us at: