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Elisebeth VanderWeil, Ph.D., received her doctorate in Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University in 2007 and is currently Principal Consultant for Hand in the Dark Consulting. Her core commitment to opening ways for people to be wonderful called her to explore the emotional terrain of human group interaction in which the members don’t necessarily choose with whom they are interacting, i.e. classroom, workplace, and organizations. She has researched, taught, and presented on diversity issues, transformational adult learning, organization development, leadership, engaging with fear, and radical acceptance in the U.S. and Canada. Her consulting work focuses on assessment and evaluation for nonprofits, the cycles of learning and change, and leadership for new leaders. Her book, Apocalyptic Best Practices: a unique approach to fear and change, was published in 2020.

Sept. 23, 2022

273 | Dr. Elisebeth VanderWeil - An Amazing Author

Dr. Elisebeth VanderWeil helps people navigate sudden, massive change, and the fear that is inherent in that process. This book helps you reframe fear as an ally rather than an enemy. Check us out: Facebook - Instagram …

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