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Honoria DaSilva-Kilgore, Esq

With a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Regis College and a Juris Doctor in Law from Syracuse University College of Law, Honoria DaSilva-Kilgore has been practicing law for over 25 years. Her practice focuses on helping clients with numerous financial matters (real estate, estate, bankruptcy, debt, general matters) and long-term planning, yet one recurring theme that often crops up is the inadequate planning regarding higher education, which can often lead to negative long-term life consequences.
Honoria DaSilva-Kilgore founded PCCI on the belief that a college education is one of the most important tools that can be utilized for success and that all college bound students deserve to get good advice about where they should consider going and how to get there, in order to have the best shot at achieving their dreams. This takes preparation, time and research which most students and parents/guardians do not have the time to do on their own. That is where PCCI comes in. It is her belief that it is never too early to start preparing the high school student for success in college and to invest in their future.