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148 | Anne Scottlin - ”Joy Coach”

May 23, 2022

148 | Anne Scottlin - ”Joy Coach”
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I help you start celebrating your life again!

Hi! I’m Anne Scottlin . . .  

I help corporate leaders and entrepreneurs celebrate life again! I teach them how to harness the genius of Joy to maximize profits and their impact in the world.

I teach employees how to strategically take their emotional wellbeing to the next level for improved job performance, profitability and optimal work-life balance. It is my mission to help you and your teams reconnect to your joy, to give you tools and techniques to optimize your emotional wellness and reinvigorate your professional life. You deserve to thrive. 

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Anne Scottlin

Joy Expert and World Citizen

Anne Scottlin, MA, CPC, is a diversified entrepreneur, best-selling author, humanitarian and founder of The Power of Joy Institute. An emotional wellness expert, Anne has been working in the industries of motivation and emotional wellbeing for over a decade. She is a corporate educator, consultant, advisory board member and coach. Anne is also a Hollywood actress and influencer with a Twitter feed that draws millions of views a month. She produces a weekly podcast about Joy and emotional wellbeing in the workplace and beyond.

Anne is deeply inspired by nature and enjoys hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and world travel. She adores dogs and loves spending time with her three rescue Mini Schnauzers. Anne’s friends and clients know her for her warm empathy and joie de vivre.

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