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159 | Sandy Stamato - Transitional Coach and Author ” The Limb Dweller”

June 04, 2022

159 | Sandy Stamato - Transitional Coach and Author ” The Limb Dweller”
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“How to make friends with you inner critic”. a great episode!

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sandy stamato

Professional Transitional Coach

Sandy Stamato, founder of Limb Dweller Transitional Coaching - for women in the second half of their lives - is passionate about the work she does.
This often overlooked niche - Women age 50 plus - is coaching for women who know it's time to take stock and decide how to spend their precious life in this next, new phase of their lives. The reality is there is no DO OVER. This is it!

Sandy understands how vulnerable and terrifying it is to contemplate, What's next? After 35 years of marketing, advertising, business development consulting, and entrepreneurship, she found herself in the same position.
Her process is what she shares with her clients. Her regretless "second act" that she's now living is why she is so committed and passionate about helping other women on their paths.
She is compassionate, funny, and doesn't hold anything back in her coaching, podcast, and speaking engagements.

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Kevin McDonald


Creator and Host of Positive Talk Radio and its Parent Company