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207 | Audra Zimple - An Amazing Speaker and Life Coach

July 31, 2022

207 | Audra Zimple - An Amazing Speaker and Life Coach
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Audra is a featured speaker at the "Behind The Power" Event scheduled for October 19th to the 21st

  Audra Zimple

Having lived through a dark journey of clinical depression and emerged with more joy in her life than she previously could have imagined, Audra is passionate about helping women find their way back to their radiant light.  As an intuitive life coach, she excels at helping people grow with a powerful, yet gentle approach. She's a big believer in giving ourselves permission to shine through spirit-led self-care.


She lives with her husband, Stephen,  two sons, Wyatt and Logan, and Australian Shepherd, Bindi, in Cumming, Georgia.  She considers high-quality chocolate a necessity in life.


Be sure to request a free copy of The Pink Pages, a compilation of inspirational messages focused on leading you back to the wisdom of your heart.  Just go to this link to claim your gift,


To learn more about Audra's private coaching, visit her website,

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