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255 | Angela Orams - An Amazing Content Creator and Author

September 12, 2022

255 | Angela Orams - An Amazing Content Creator and Author
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Angela has provided written content for a wide range of categories including; children’s literature, product marketing, song writing, and screenwriting. She enjoys content creation, and directing animated shorts.

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Angela Orams


Angela Oram’s 'Sneaky Sophie & The Token Fairy' is a magical story that teaches children that we generally want more than we need and that giving, as opposed to receiving, is often what brings the most satisfaction. She would love to be a guest on the show to share her new work and this important message!

Sneaky Sophie is more than a book. It comes in a kit with a variety of tokens, some designed to be given to children after losing a tooth, others have messages of encouragement that can be given as a surprise or a reward for doing good deeds.

Angela is busy working on songs, screenplay, and upcoming books. She is a native of Houston, Texas, and is very excited to share her new book with her community and encourage kids to be their best selves!

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