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256 | The Future of Music - Amazing Duo of Sisters J!

September 15, 2022

256 | The Future of Music - Amazing Duo of Sisters J!
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Elisabeth just received her degree in music education with honors. Lily just graduated salutatorian and placed third in the nation with her vocal solos. Together they are Sisters J a musical group and chart topping group, with beautiful harmonies and a great song "Open When".

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[00:00:02.140] - Speaker 2
The following presentation is brought to you by Knmedia Pro. Please visit Knmedia Pro for more information. Now, stay right where you are as we present. Welcome to Positive Topic Talk Radio. Evolving ideas one conversation at a time, great guests, dynamic stories and interviews, plus new thoughts on a wide range of topics and concepts. I hope that you'll hang with me, Kevin McDonald, my friends, and of course, you, as together we work to understand why we are all here and what we can do to make our world a better place for all of us to be happy, be kind, and live in peace together.

[00:00:46.240] - Speaker 3
Yes, that's positive talk radio on a positive talk radio. I got to tell you, this is exciting. We've got a house full of people, and we've got some really cool sarah songwriters and producers and directors and actors and all that kind of stuff that we're going to play, why we're all here. And this is the reason why. This is sisters. J.

[00:01:40.250] - Speaker 1
Make no mistake we can't fool ourselves nothing we can do about the distance the miles between us a part of me is missy a road for every day we've been together open each one when you think of me.

[00:02:40.190] - Speaker 3
And that is Sisters J. That is their song, Open Wind, which is climbing in the charts all over the country and really all over the world. And we've got everybody that's involved with it, almost everybody. Lily is in school, so she might be joining us in a little bit. But we've got Mary Elizabeth Jackson. We've got Elizabeth Jackson, we've got Theo Perlman, who is a really talented producer, and Greg Wilson, who directed the video that we're going to play in a little bit. And it was really a cool experience for everybody, and it's a great video. And so let me start with the guy who directed it. Greg, you are an actor of note. You're a director, you are a teacher, an acting teacher. Where did you run into this group of fine people?

[00:03:35.810] - Speaker 4
Well, we've been with our theater company, actors Point Theater Company, here in the Nashville area. I had it in my brain that the best way to serve the community, certainly by bringing professional actors to our area and where we are part of Nashville, we're at we've got this beautiful lake that's available to us and so on and so forth. So, hey, we can do some things near the lake, all the things, anyway. But in order to really serve the area, if you really know Hendersonville, Tennessee, you know this. It's a 38 year old with two kids in a van. They go to church.

[00:04:12.320] - Speaker 3

[00:04:12.620] - Speaker 4
There's just a lot of people here with kids. And so I said, you know what? We got to serve the community good. We're going to offer programs for kids from elementary age all the way up through high school. And so we do that every summer and paired with the fact that the Jacksons and myself and my wife and so we were going to church together. That's kind of how we found each other, really. So Elizabeth and Lily have been with me for how many years, you guys?

[00:04:48.090] - Speaker 5
Ten years.

[00:04:49.850] - Speaker 4
Ten years. Yeah. I saw them being little kids and develop into the amazement that they both.

[00:04:59.010] - Speaker 3
Are, and they really are. They're wonderful singers, they're songwriters, they're actors, and they all get it from their mom. Who is Mary Elizabeth Jackson? She's an author. She is also an actor, and she's also a songwriter, and she's also now a podcaster. So what's the name of your podcast, by the way?

[00:05:23.110] - Speaker 5
No, it's called cover to cover.

[00:05:26.190] - Speaker 3
And what are you featuring in the podcast?

[00:05:29.280] - Speaker 5
Authors from around the world and everything about the writing world.

[00:05:34.470] - Speaker 3
Oh, that's really cool. Well, I wish you much success. You know, you've done it before and then you took a little break from it. Is that right?

[00:05:42.850] - Speaker 5
No, actually, I have had a live stream for over four years, and so that's called Right Corner Live Network. And you can find them. But I've decided to I've connected with Music, our company, and so I'm there like, hey, we want you to do a podcast with us. And I was like, all right, hey, let's do it. And so that's how that has come about. It's pretty exciting. And Greg is my intro and outro voice of the podcast. Sounds absolutely amazing. And it's exciting for us all to be able to work together on projects.

[00:06:18.690] - Speaker 3
You guys are such a talented group. You brought together a bunch of talented people. It really is remarkable. And Lily is going to be along in a little bit, but Elizabeth is one of the sisters, Jay. And how are you, Elizabeth?

[00:06:35.010] - Speaker 6
I'm doing well. I'm trying to survive student teaching right now, but it's been a great experience.

[00:06:41.490] - Speaker 3
Are you student teaching? Well, obviously you are. What are you teaching?

[00:06:46.210] - Speaker 6
I'm teaching band at an intermediate school and a high school right now.

[00:06:50.260] - Speaker 3
Oh, good for you. You're far too young to be a teacher. Young. You should still be in school like you in 8th grade or something.

[00:07:00.210] - Speaker 6
Let's go back to middle school.

[00:07:06.550] - Speaker 3
By the way, I just want to compliment you publicly. The video that you were in, your acting was just sensational.

[00:07:13.040] - Speaker 1
You did a great job.

[00:07:15.910] - Speaker 3
Craig is responsible for that. And Ted theo Perlman is responsible for the song. I can always tell when it's a great song, when everybody even though you guys have heard it, like a lot, you're still bopping to it a little bit because it's a great song. And who'd like to tell me how tell our audience how the song came to be.

[00:07:40.930] - Speaker 5
Well, Elizabeth and Thornton and I, last summer, we wrote the song, and it's based on actually a true life experience. Elizabeth's wife. Who is that, your wife?

[00:08:05.910] - Speaker 4
My life has changed, and that's my wife.

[00:08:08.310] - Speaker 3
Now she's here in spirit.

[00:08:15.430] - Speaker 5
That can happen.

[00:08:16.240] - Speaker 6

[00:08:16.730] - Speaker 5
J. I don't know. Thornton is not here right now, but he is one of the co writers on the song and the label the song is with. And we sat down and wrote this song last summer. We all kind of have these creative minds that just never right. Greg it never sleeps, it never turns off, it never goes to bed. It's constant 03:00 in the morning, 05:00 in the morning. I don't care what it is and when any of us are together, ideas come, hey, we should do this. Or hey, what about it? We do that. And so Elizabeth can tell you what this song Open when means to her. And it's really universal, isn't it, babe?

[00:09:00.370] - Speaker 6
It really doesn't necessarily have to be about a romantic partner. It can be about a friend, a family member, a loved one who lives far away. It's trying to bridge the gap of distance in whatever relationship you have, because distance can be difficult. And so it's about trying to make that easier.

[00:09:25.030] - Speaker 3
I was just going to ask, did you think this up and did you actually do this for somebody? How did you come up with the ideas? Brilliant.

[00:09:36.610] - Speaker 6
It wasn't necessarily an original idea. Some of them. Parts of it was. For my 16th birthday, one of my friends made me an open wind box. And then when I graduated high school, some of my friends made me an open wind box to take the college with me. So I had a part of home with me. Like, if I was having a bad day, I'm if I needed a hug or if I was having geico.


Mary Elizabeth Jackson and Sisters JProfile Photo

Mary Elizabeth Jackson and Sisters J

Music artists

Elisabeth and Lily Jackson are Sisters J—two amazingly talented harmonies that blend together in perfection. Effortlessly intertwining their vocals bringing an undeniable magical sound each time they perform. They have performed on local television, radio and national iHeart radio, churches, venues, and in countless show productions. In 2016 the girls were finalists in Hendersonville, Tennessee’s Got Talent and performed live in front of 15,000 people. In 2019 they released the song, You Shine Through on iTunes and all streaming services. Their newest song Open When was produced by legendary music producer Ted “Theo” Perlman and hit songwriter Thornton Cline. Elisabeth just received her degree in music education with honors. Lily just graduated salutatorian and placed third in the nation with her vocal solos. Both girls are multiple instrumentalists with their sites set for the top of the charts.

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