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257 | Daisy Paige - Author of Book ”Unexpected Moments”

September 16, 2022

257 | Daisy Paige - Author of Book ”Unexpected Moments”
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I'm the author of Unexpected Moments with a foreword by Kirk Cameron. I want to inspire others to know that they are not alone in their struggles or life’s circumstances. God never puts you through more than what you can handle. I was sexually, physically and mentally abused from a young child until my adult years. I have three adult children that I couldn't be more proud of after all the things they've been through and witnessed. There were times I didn't want to or almost didn’t make it through but by the Grace of God I made it.I believe I went through the things in my life to make me strong enough to face what is ahead of me. I've been diagnosed with a rare terminal neurological condition known as MSA or multiple system atrophy and only 4 out of every 100,000 people in the USA are diagnosed with it.

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Welcome to positive talk radio evolving ideas, one conversation at a time, great guests dynamic stories and interviews plus new thoughts on a wide range of topics and concepts. I hope that you'll hang with me Kevin MacDonald, my friends. And of course, you as together we work to understand why we are all here and what we can do to make our world a better place for all of us to be happy. Be kind and live in peace together. Yep, that's positive talk radio.

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Welcome, everybody to another episode of positive talk radio. My name is Kevin McDonald. I'm your host today. And we've got a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful guests on with us that we're going to be talking to for the next 40 minutes or so. And her name is Daisy, Paige. And Daisy. How are you today? I'm doing good. Kevin, thank you for asking. And thank you for having me on your show today. Oh, you're welcome. By the way, you have a wonderful, wonderful accent. Where are you? Northeast Texas, northeast Texas. It's Is it warm over there? And it's very warm. It's full. It's getting a little cooler though this past couple of days. So that's good. Oh, good. Why assume you have air conditioning and all of that. Absolutely have to down here. Can you imagine you're only I used to work at Arkansas. And where it can be like 90 degrees or 95 degrees and 95 degrees humidity. And there were people 100 years ago that didn't have air conditioning and they still lived here. Can you imagine? I remember going to my grandma's when I was younger. We have box pens in the windows. And that's all she had an I thought it was hot thing.

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Oh, yeah. It's a it's a it's amazing. So we're going to talk about your book today, which is called unexpected moments. Go ahead and tell us a little bit about yourself and what how the book came to be? Well, I'm from small town here in Texas flow to your master mela moved away a few times. But I can't ever be gone more than four and a half years or some trauma or tragedy always brings us back home.

Unknown Speaker  2:39  
I've got three grown children, and I couldn't be more proud of them all after everything they witnessed, you know, growing up, so that makes me happy.

Unknown Speaker  2:52  
They have they have a lot of was there a lot of trauma around when when they were younger? Yes, sir. Their father unfortunately was very abusive. It didn't matter if they were in the room or not. Oh, I'm so sorry.

Unknown Speaker  3:06  
I'm so sorry. And I assume that he's no longer around? No, he actually passed away in 2016.

Unknown Speaker  3:14  
I'm sorry to hear that. But it's better than he'd not be in your life if he was an abusive man. No, I actually divorced him when my son he's 27. Now was only five years old. So Oh, good, good. Well, so you've had, you've had quite a life and you've had a lot of things go on in your life.

Unknown Speaker  3:37  
What's going on now? Well, that's what bring me to where, why I wrote my book.

Unknown Speaker  3:46  
Last year, I was diagnosed with a very rare terminal neurological condition known as a hit Miss se, or multi system atrophy.

Unknown Speaker  3:57  
And I got a vision from God told who told me, you know, my time was there. But I must tell my story from beginning first.

Unknown Speaker  4:09  
And I couldn't imagine how I was going to do that. And

Unknown Speaker  4:15  
I was supposed to go to Vermont and see my best friend in October. She developed COVID. So we were able to go

Unknown Speaker  4:25  
and we were driving by a big church in Our Hometown on the sun. The marquee sign said Kirk Cameron will be in town the following week. So my husband asked me Bauer want to go there since I couldn't go to Vermont and I so Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  4:46  
So he still asked your mom if she wants to go with you. And so she allowed me I guess VIP tickets, where we got to go in early and ask, ask him questions and your patron

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
just taken with him.

Unknown Speaker  5:02  
And during the question and answer time I raised my hand and I got sharp, so put my hand down.

Unknown Speaker  5:09  
Then this gentleman in the middle of the row, he raises his hand and he said, Yes, sir.

Unknown Speaker  5:16  
Carter said, Yes, sir. And he said, down there on the end, there's a lady that wants to ask you a question. He looks at me says, Yes, ma'am, as a whole, no.

Unknown Speaker  5:27  

Unknown Speaker  5:30  
are you gonna have any serious reunions

Unknown Speaker  5:34  
from growing pains? And you said, Well, you know, Alan Thicke passed away, but we're planning on it. When Joanna Kearns and Jeremy Miller and Tracy go

Unknown Speaker  5:44  

Unknown Speaker  5:48  
I asked him, I said,

Unknown Speaker  5:51  
I was a teenager, you were my biggest fan. I was your biggest fan. I had your pictures posted all over my walls. And I wrote you nasty for an autographed picture and gave you three months and you never returned my letter. He didn't write me back or send me a picture. So I tore all your poster stand, so he must not care for his fades. And he said, I tell you what, I'll make that to you this evening. And then when it came Picture time,

Unknown Speaker  6:26  
I gave him one of those Lance Armstrong bracelets, they said defeat

Unknown Speaker  6:34  

Unknown Speaker  6:36  
he said that was to hell. And I said, Yes, it was. And he's all have to do a little research on it. And

Unknown Speaker  6:45  
he said, Let's talk more about it after the madness. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  6:50  
So after they may have little campfires outside and do some more singing and worshiping, when it was all over, I asked the security guard, I said, Could you see if cargo come inside my ticket for me? And he said, Yes, he wants to talk to you anyway. So okay, so cart comes over, and I'm in a wheelchair. So first thing he did was, he got on his knees and he asked me, Can I pray for you? I'm acid. You sure can say grab both money and say he prayed for me. And then I told him about my vision.

Unknown Speaker  7:28  
And he said, Well, how are you going to tell your story? I said, I don't know what to do. And he said, I think you should write a book. I said, Why haven't written anything but a point my whole life. And he said, Just pray about it. And God will give you the words, keep me updated. Here's my email address, and let me know how it's going. So that was in October, January 23, I was done with my book, I had dedicated two to three hours a day on it. And I prayed every day for God to give me the words. And he did they just flew out, you know,

Unknown Speaker  8:07  
flooded out, kept card updated. And when I finished it, he asked me to send him the manuscript. So I didn't. A week later, he sent me a foreword for the book.

Unknown Speaker  8:21  
And that is the foreword that is in the book, unexpected moments. And that is a really cool story. And he's a really good guy. He really is. It's a beautiful Ford. I wasn't expecting it takes a whole page up in my book.

Unknown Speaker  8:40  
I'd seen some 40 done for books, and they were just a couple of sentences, you know, so I wasn't expecting it. And still, every time I read it, it makes me tear up.

Unknown Speaker  8:51  
You touched his heart. He taught me I'm inspired. And can you believe that? Yes, I can. You were an inspiring young lady. Like me, he inspired me.

Unknown Speaker  9:05  
But see, that's, that's what makes life so beautiful is that we can inspire each other.

Unknown Speaker  9:11  
And that that is I'm so glad you told me that story that that is really, that's really cool. Because you know, that this whole process has been divinely inspired. Oh, absolutely. I know that God put him in my path that's for sure.

Unknown Speaker  9:29  

Unknown Speaker  9:32  
and he did it for a reason because your story and you and regardless of what happens in the future, you deserve to be

Unknown Speaker  9:44  
written about and your story kept alive for other people. Because you're not the first one to have this. You won't be the last and you can inspire people that that have got terminal conditions that was

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
They need to be

Unknown Speaker  10:02  
inspired. So and you and you're doing that, how do you feel about that, that must make you feel really

Unknown Speaker  10:09  
proud. It does an inch, you know, like you said, you know,

Unknown Speaker  10:18  
first of all, life expectancy of MSA is only five to seven years, and I'm in about four and a half year right now. So I am progressing a little more quickly, I'm getting some more symptoms faster than I was. So, um, but this book is gonna keep going on and on, through my children, you know, in the past, after my children are gone, the books alone be here. So that inspires me to know that I can keep inspiring people even after I'm no longer here.

Unknown Speaker  10:56  
Yeah, but you know, I firmly believe that, you'll be aware of what's happening because you're going to be in heaven.

Unknown Speaker  11:05  
And, and when we all are, you know, and that's, that's one of the reasons why I'm really pleased to be able to do this show with you is that I'm not as young as a spring chicken anymore. And, and one of these days is going to be my day. And I will have had the opportunity to interview somebody really professional. And, and thank you for that. Thank you for inspiring people, because you just didn't sit there and and say, What was me, you took action.

Unknown Speaker  11:40  
And I can't go out perfectly and physically do a book tour. So I'm gonna do what you call, I guess, a virtual book tour. And I've done about 33, podcasts and radio interviews. So I'm really working hard to get this story out there to people so that they can read it and be inspired, and motivated.

Unknown Speaker  12:07  
It's mainly about abuse and overcoming it. And knowing that I had God with me the whole time. And he doesn't put you through more than you can handle as long as you have faith. And you can believe that he'll lead you down the right path. But you have to watch for his sons and listen for a signals.

Unknown Speaker  12:27  
That's that is so true. That is so true that if you if you and that requires us all to pay attention a little bit, and some of us don't. And I think it would be it's a great example of a view that is helping someone pay attention. Or to learn how to do that it really is an art form or anything. Yes. And I will say because I was a Christian at the age of about eight. And then at the age of around nine, I found out that my real mother was not my stepmother was not my real mother. And after I found out that I began to be sexually molested for four and a half years. And then I was right. At 14 Then I was drugged. But with PCP and LSD side is bad things happening to me. Well, I had Bible studies every day went to church camp every summer, my recreational time was spent in my room studying my Bible and doing Bible devotions. I knew the Bible from the front to the back by the time I was nine and a half years old for you. And I'm like, wow, you know, why God Why are you putting me through all this pain? Well, I'm devoted Christian after my life to doing nothing but learning about you. And that makes me happy. But yet, I started shutter for in at 14 and charged him I felt his presence again. He told me, he wanted me rededicate my life because I'm gonna have a huge testimony that I'm gonna be able to share one day.

Unknown Speaker  14:16  
He know what he was right.

Unknown Speaker  14:19  
When he came back and said, now it's time for you to just tell your story from the beginning. Understood what that testimony was.

Unknown Speaker  14:27  
It's important and the reason and well you know why it's important. For those of you who may not

Unknown Speaker  14:35  
been through a lot, you came out the other side, you're what

Unknown Speaker  14:41  
I have a term that I use is called authentic grit.

Unknown Speaker  14:46  
And I use that term because it is somebody that is really brave, conscientious, kind, loving. And you You are an example of what I

Unknown Speaker  15:00  

Unknown Speaker  15:04  
because you're doing you're doing everything, you're doing your best. And, and you're, you're improving everybody. So, and we've got somebody that would like to chime in here, if you don't mind.

Unknown Speaker  15:18  
Michelle says, I'm so sorry for what you're going through. Michelle is a coach, and she is helping people to go through to get through that. And then she also says,

Unknown Speaker  15:33  
You are brave and strong, and God is with you. And that is that is absolutely so true.

Unknown Speaker  15:41  
And you are, you're a shining example of the type of individual

Unknown Speaker  15:48  
that can have a big impact. And and when you were 14, and you got that message that said, I am I want your your testimony is going to be a big deal. It's going to be a big deal.

Unknown Speaker  16:03  
It was my

Unknown Speaker  16:05  
husband lately for 11 years. I mean, there are so many other things that yeah, I'm just scratching the surface, it's all in my book.

Unknown Speaker  16:15  
The name of the book, again, is unexpected moments. And you need to and unexpected dash is where you can go to get more information about Daisy. But it's an Amazon and it's everywhere. And so please, please go get the book. And it is a grand testimonial about about the spirit of man and what was spared a woman and what you can accomplish that, that even though you went through all of that you still came out the other side. And you're a lovely, lovely person. Well, thank you, Kevin.

Unknown Speaker  16:52  
I want to share that if you get the book from my website, or ex libris x l IB, or is that more proceeds come in because I'm donating 10% of all proceeds to defeat him or save the charity that's going to research for cure to find, you know, for the for the disorder. Are they making any progress that you know have?

Unknown Speaker  17:21  
Not yet there's another clinical trial that is just coming up available probably next month, but my my specialist said he had hoped I would be eligible for it. But unfortunately, I progressed too far that I'm not going to be a fit for that.

Unknown Speaker  17:39  
study now.

Unknown Speaker  17:42  
So So I know that and this is a hard question. But

Unknown Speaker  17:48  
you're You're a tough cookie. And I know you can handle it. So I know that that

Unknown Speaker  17:54  
you have a timeline. And they've kind of given you a timeline. But you're you're you're tough. And

Unknown Speaker  18:03  
at one point at one point, though, that your your time will end here. And I know you know where you're going right? Oh, I definitely.

Unknown Speaker  18:12  
And your kids are grown? Yes, they are. And they have a wonderful stepfather that will be here for them as long as they can be here for each other.

Unknown Speaker  18:23  
But do you know what you're doing by doing interviews like this?

Unknown Speaker  18:28  
This interview will be up for the rest of time. Exactly. That was no thing I was gonna say all these interviews, you'll build fun. And now what I'm saying if I go on and I Googled JC page, all these interviews are popping up.

Unknown Speaker  18:43  
Yep. And this will be available to them that we can we can send them this in its entirety, so that they can have the mp4 so that they can do anything that they want to with it for the rest of it for the rest of time. So you're so not only will your children have it, but your grandchildren and your great grandchildren and your great grandchildren. Can I tell you a quick story about that? You sure can.

Unknown Speaker  19:13  
Because I'm, I'm a bit of a radio guy and I had something that I was calling family legacies. And so I took my equipment up to interviewed my dad. And subsequently he went into have surgery, and he passed away

Unknown Speaker  19:31  
have a stroke

Unknown Speaker  19:33  
while he was in the hospital. And so when we have this memorial service, I took that interview that I did with him and I cut it down a little bit to make it like a 10 minute long review of his life. And so we played it at his memorial service. He was able to talk in his own voice and was able to

Unknown Speaker  19:56  
relay that to the PA to the people that were there.

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
And there was a dry eye in the house, I can imagine, um,

Unknown Speaker  20:06  
I have already started writing what I call my celebration of life. I'm having my brain down related, you know, for them to research for MSA. So

Unknown Speaker  20:21  
I've already lined up what songs I want to play, and I'm working on putting a slideshow together for them to play. So that's off their shoulders, they don't have to worry about doing that for me.

Unknown Speaker  20:34  
I've already called the preacher in so he'll be the one to do the sermon services. So and what what we will do for you, with this interview that we are doing here is we will create a video short of a minute or so that will feature you and your words. And that will go up on all social media everywhere. And

Unknown Speaker  21:04  
we want to offer that to you. Is that okay? Sure. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker  21:10  
Can I take a moment and read Kirk Cameron's? For the foreword? Yes. Well, and Michelle?

Unknown Speaker  21:22  
Yes, share your story. Daisy, your story will inspire others, you are leaving a legacy. I think Kim Michelle, that means a lot to me. It means a lot to move to. Because I really think when I wrote this book, you know what a great

Unknown Speaker  21:39  
motivation is bright and it was going to be for people. But now that I keep hearing that it touches my heart every time because that's what I wanted to do. And to see that it is it is working.

Unknown Speaker  21:53  
It brings tears of joy. Some things aren't tears of sadness or tears of joy. Daisy, this was what you were destined to do.

Unknown Speaker  22:03  
And you are destined to to positively impact people. Not today, not tomorrow, but in 100 years from now.

Unknown Speaker  22:12  
That's the legacy. I don't know if you've read Have you read current cameras for Kevin? No, but go ahead and read it because the words that you are saying

Unknown Speaker  22:24  
is Kirk, so that's why I'm

Unknown Speaker  22:28  
well, he's a hell of a lot better looking, but I will consider that a real honor. So but go ahead.

Unknown Speaker  22:37  
Okay, it says it was an item not in Texas when I first met di Z. She came up in a wheelchair Nice to meet at the campfire. Her smile was bright. She shared her journey with me and told me she did not have much time left on earth. I told her to write down her story. And I would do anything I could to help share with the world.

Unknown Speaker  23:01  
Only spoke with her briefly. That not that harsh attitude and resilient spark Spirit inspired me.

Unknown Speaker  23:09  
I hope that this book of an individual's incredible journey throughout emotional physical and spiritual pain, and coming throughout the other side of tragedy. Still praising the Lord will encourage you in your present situation. diocese message will bring you comfort and remind you that you are not alone in your struggles or life circumstances. I pray for her words to bring you home. There is one who knows the plans he has for you plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 2911. Heart Cameron. That's beautiful. Is

Unknown Speaker  23:47  
that really is and you were you were really you would really inspired the man.

Unknown Speaker  23:55  
That is quite a shock.

Unknown Speaker  23:59  
What you know, you know something what I've learned Daisy is that, that it's not a matter of,

Unknown Speaker  24:06  
of fame of being famous. It's not a matter of of who you are, or it's a matter of well, it is a matter of who you are, not what people think you are. And he's he's a he's a good guy. And he takes you know, a lot of pride in what he does. He wants to

Unknown Speaker  24:26  
he wants to help you and you touched his heart. And that was that's really, really important.

Unknown Speaker  24:33  
If I touched his heart, it was going to touch a lot. It was going to touch people's heart, you know, because, yes, you've touched my heart.

Unknown Speaker  24:43  
I am I'm I couldn't be more honored to be sitting here talking with you.

Unknown Speaker  24:48  
Absolutely. It's my pleasure, Kevin, to be here to talk to you

Unknown Speaker  24:54  
and share my story. Absolutely. Well, you know,

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
The thing is, and Michelle will attest to this as well, is that we all go through trauma and pain and yours is more horrific than most I do have to say. But we all have got challenges in our life that we have to get through. And we're never alone. And no, we, we will survive anything. We just need, we just need to help each other, and to help from the Divine. Absolutely, I truly believe now that God put me through what he did, to make me strong enough to go through the what I have to face.

Unknown Speaker  25:42  
And to show others that as long as you have faith, you can make it through Anytime he's he's gonna always be there for you, and He will never put you through more than you can handle.

Unknown Speaker  25:54  
That is that that is true. And

Unknown Speaker  25:59  
I know that the timeline that you're talking about is is six months or eight months or 10 months or the the time really doesn't matter. It's you're doing everything that you can with the time that you have left, to leave an imprint and indelible imprint of your life and your legacy on everybody that who touches you, or will listen to this podcast. But we've had people listening today and they're giving thumbs up and they're giving hearts in there. And they are genuinely taken with your story and, and and the person that you are. And it's Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  26:40  
I want you to after this book came out, I started having a lot of dreams about heaven. And I believe I wouldn't make it till Christmas, you know that my time would come for Christmas. But I wrote a second book. And you have a second book in the works? Yes. I've just finished it about a week or so ago for you. What's it called? Beyond Heaven's gates. Awesome. What's the end, it's about your your visitation with going to heaven. I have had like, sometimes two weeks, two times a week, and they always picked up where they left off. So I believe that God wanted me to share, there is a heaven. And for those that didn't believe, and for those that even do believe, to give them peace, it gives me peace every day, my head gave me peace knowing that's why I'm calling, you know, he's playing. He's preparing my home for me.

Unknown Speaker  27:37  
Well, and he is and he, by the way, I've done a lot of research on near death experiences and, and then things like that, and, and, and talk to hospice people and stuff. And, and it's not. Number one, don't be scared. You have nothing to be scared of. It's going to it's going to be and you're and you're going to be in the hands of God, and he's going to take good care of you. You're going to have all your relatives, family and friends will be there. And it's going to be one heck of a party. Oh, yeah. That's one of the chapters. Actually, the second chapter in the book is called homecoming feast. And I saw this table that was as long as you can even see it. It was just full of all my favorite foods.

Unknown Speaker  28:30  
It was generation after generation, the people that I always see in pictures, you know, the generations just kept going down the line at a table. And you can eat like you do on Thanksgiving, and you didn't have that

Unknown Speaker  28:44  

Unknown Speaker  28:46  
as much as you want. You're as happy as could be. Yeah. Can I tell you a story real quick? Sure.

Unknown Speaker  28:54  
My brother passed away. It'll be two years in October. And the day that he passed away. My sister called me was a 15 in the morning, and my sister called me and said Randy's gone. He had stage four lung cancer. So it was terminal for a period of time and, and he he actually lived a couple of days longer than he thought he would but so he passed away. And my sister called me and we talked for a little bit and he was a little early for me to get up. So when we hung up, I put my head down and went back to sleep for a little bit. And I had a dream. And in this dream, there was a room full of people, young, beautiful looking people. And I could see we weaving his way through the crowd was my brother had, unlike me, who have no hair. He had a beautiful head of Auburn brown hair that was able to full head of hair. And I saw his head going amongst the crowd.

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
Then everybody was cheering for him, and hugging him. And, and stuff and, and so that was him that was that was the other side was God if you will, telling me that he's fine

Unknown Speaker  30:15  
and that he's happy, and his family is there and his friends are there and, and the the all the all the crap and all the pain and stuff that he went through in his life

Unknown Speaker  30:28  
and the same thing for you and you will be

Unknown Speaker  30:33  
envy, you will feel so special, you'll feel so good. And all the things that have gone on here will be gone. It's nice being there and being able to walk and run and

Unknown Speaker  30:47  
no pain, it was it was I didn't ever want to leave every time the train was in and I was like I'm not ready to to go back up be home soon. So, you know, that's, that's what everybody that that has a near death experience. They all say the same thing. But I don't want to go back, I'm happy to hear now. So and so, you know,

Unknown Speaker  31:12  
we all have our own time. And I know you've had a great deal of talk with your kids and with your, with your husband and stuff about all this and and I'm just glad that we can, we can provide a little bit more of a place for people to go to, to admire you, and your legacy. And by the way, get the book unexpected moments. The foreword is done by Kirk Cameron. And who is an actor of notes and and you deserve?

Unknown Speaker  31:44  
Get the book because it's worth it. It's going to have a great story to it. And you are. You're an incredible young lady. That's all I can tell you. Thank you and keep your eye out for the beyond the gates beyond heaven. Speights. What is it? What is it kind of publish? Well, why did my daughter she's to cover she made the cover design for unexpected moments. But beautiful, by the way. Thank you. Here's one way you can see a little bit.

Unknown Speaker  32:13  
Well, hold on. And let me see if I let me do this. I think I can hold on I can share the screen. And yes, I can. And this is. So this is her website.

Unknown Speaker  32:28  
And this is this is the book

Unknown Speaker  32:31  
they copy or that the

Unknown Speaker  32:35  
the artwork for the book and this is the cover of the book. So and this is this is your website. So but so when she finishes the

Unknown Speaker  32:47  
finishes the artwork, then then are you know, are you gonna self publish it? Or do you have somebody that's gonna publish it for you? Less time since I had a publisher do unexpended moment so kind of got to know the ropes of the publishing. I feel more confident with going through Amazon just self publishing. Very good. Well, would you do me a favor? Sure. When you publish the book, would you call me or email me so that I can have you back on so that we can talk about that book? Absolutely. My pleasure. And you can see the beautiful artwork that she does on this one. So neat. Now, I don't believe in coincidences. So I was gonna look on Google and see the gates kind of a little bit of an example of a gates that I saw.

Unknown Speaker  33:36  
When I went to heaven in my dream, right, in the first chapter is called The Golden Gate.

Unknown Speaker  33:42  
The very first image that I found, Were those the one that I saw, it was only missing diamonds on the gates and like diamond doorknobs and so

Unknown Speaker  33:56  
silhouettes were on the other side of the gates, I couldn't see who they were by seeing silhouettes and then clouds around them. And that's what she's worked. That's what the cover is gonna be. That is that is just awesome. That is just awesome. So, so but the book is written, it is. There's a little bit of things I want to do. I'm going to go with each chapter and just find a Bible verse that I can put under like the golden gates, the homecoming feasts, you know, how whatever each chapter is titled, pitiful bowel Barre Syndrome under age while she's working on the tavern. That's a pretty good idea. That's a that's a really good idea right there. And hit that again, I'm telling you, that's going to be wildly received. I have so I want it to be well that's it. That's awesome. And you're going to be here to become onto my show again so that we can talk about it. That's why I say now I don't believe I'm gonna be gone until I

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
After the first year, because God's given me a little bit more time to keep sharing some more stories about what's yet to come.

Unknown Speaker  35:09  
Yes, indeed, well, you know

Unknown Speaker  35:12  
why, like, I believe the Bible says that no one knows the time or the hour. Now, that's what that was on talking about his return. But also, no one knows the time of the hour of our death. And that's probably better off that way. And so it's not written yet. You, you you can in five years, I want to interview you again. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  35:35  
Oh, I don't want to do if I'm worried.

Unknown Speaker  35:40  
I understand. It's too painful.

Unknown Speaker  35:45  
No, I get it, I think. So. Daisy Paige has been our guest go to unexpected bash, pick up the book. You can get it through Amazon.

Unknown Speaker  35:59  
Or you can get it through her website, which is again, www got unexpected dash And I think she'll make a little bit more money if it goes through her website, too. Yes, or they can find me on Facebook under Daisy page, comma, author. And I have the link to the bookstore on the slavers because they only gave me so much bandwidth. So my, my website might not work. So I can go into the x Link and get it there too. They are unable to

Unknown Speaker  36:33  
Daisy, Daisy Paige, I want to thank you so much for being here. And what I'd like to do now is and I know I, we haven't talked about this beforehand, but I'm going to do this. Anyway, I'm going to step aside. And I would like you to tell our audience anything that you'd like them to know about anything. And before we go, so, young lady, the floor is yours. Why just like everyone to know that you shouldn't take life for granted. Don't take even the simple small tasks that you do as far as washing your hair, brushing your teeth, walking,

Unknown Speaker  37:12  
simple basic necessities, anything, enjoy life, but be thankful every day for even those little things that you are able to do. And don't take them for granted. If there's one thing that I could do, if I could go back, it would be to be thankful and not take for granted the little things in life.

Unknown Speaker  37:35  
And I want to thank you so much for being here. And you are you are an incredible soul and I you truly have authentic grit.

Unknown Speaker  37:47  
And you're going to help people understand and to get through some of the stuff that you've been through. And so So I want to thank you again for for coming here. It's been it's been an utter pleasure for me not to interview you. And it's been an honor to be here today, Kevin. And I can't wait to be back to talk to you about beyond Heaven's gates. That's exactly right. And we are going to do that and we'll get that we'll get that done and it's going to happen before Christmas.

Unknown Speaker  38:18  
Yes, it will.

Unknown Speaker  38:20  
That is just just amazing. So with that I there again go to unexpected dash Pick up the book unexpected moments Daisy page is the author. And she's a remarkable human being. And I want to thank you so much for being here young lady. Tie insecure have McCammon so if you will wait right there. I will be right back.

Unknown Speaker  38:47  
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