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262 | Vicky McGrath - An Amazing Psychic Reader!

September 22, 2022

262 | Vicky McGrath - An Amazing Psychic Reader!
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I am a channel/medium specializing in Meet Your Spirit Guide and Discover Your Life Purpose. I offer readings privately, in groups and at parties and events. I'd love to share with your guests how knowing their spirit guides and life purpose can benefit their lives.

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Unknown Speaker  0:03  
Welcome to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas, one conversation at a time. So stay with us. As right now, we present. Today we feature a wonderful gal by the name of Vicki McGrath and she is a psychic medium, and a channel. She does all kinds of wonderful stuff. And first of all, I got to ask you, what do you think of the new opening? It was great.

Unknown Speaker  0:31  
Yeah, very fun, and lively and upbeat, which is nice

Unknown Speaker  0:36  
and short. Find out one of the things that we've been toying with is that we want people to be able to get into the meat of what we're going to talk about earlier, so that they'll hang out a little bit with us if they're interested in the material that we have to present. Right. And so this is what we're doing today. And like I said, Vicki is a is a great psychic medium, she's got a class coming up that we're going to talk about, we're going to talk about spirit guides today. So I hope everybody stays with us if you have an understanding or wish to have an understanding of what a spirit guide is, and why they're important in our lives, and how they can help us kind of, you know, they have a 50,000 foot view so they can kind of guide us through before us to get to where we want to go. And is that is that an appropriate way to begin?

Unknown Speaker  1:31  
I think that's awesome. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  1:33  
Oh, thank you, thank you for being here. I just love I just love the work that you do. First of all, I want to make sure everybody understands that this is not woowoo, this is not out there kind of stuff. Basically, this is just energy. And real sense. We all are energetic beings in a body. And the people on the other side are energetic beings. Without a physical body, we have the ability to communicate, and some of us have used that muscle to a great degree. So they have refined the skills to be able to connect and to to work with the other side where a lot of us go. I don't know. And, and but you've refined your gifts. So and it's like it's like, just like a muscle like anything else. You're able to touch people and you're able to touch spirit guides on the other side and bring the folks together, am I representing that reasonably? Well,

Unknown Speaker  2:34  
I think that sounds fine. Or, you know, for me, as we've talked in, in previous discussions, I had a spontaneous spiritual awakening in December of 2020. And prior to that, I had no idea about the spirit world, or mediumship, or any of those things I literally had never seen a ghost or had us, you know, had an understanding of spirit guides at all. So I'm a relative newbie to this. So any of your audience that's listening and thinks, oh, these people they know so much they've been doing this their whole lives don't feel that way. That's not true at all. And I just love to share now how basically channeling what I what I call multi dimensional beings because as as I'll talk about today, they they represent or present to me in so many different ways. It's just, it's another opportunity to have communication beyond what we could possibly know, as humans in this human existence. And that's what I love about mediumship is just that I get to communicate with, with beings that I have had no idea where they're, and they tell me fabulous things about my clients and give my clients hope, and motivation and purpose, that they're traveling the path that they're meant to travel in this life.

Unknown Speaker  4:07  
She'll tell us what happened in 2020.

Unknown Speaker  4:12  
Well, as I like to say, in 2020, earlier on in 2020, I was suffering with a lot of anxiety and negative thinking. And I decided that I didn't want to travel that path. I was feeling very, very low and very, very badly. And so I began to research ways to change my mindset and create a more positive mindset for myself, which I did through primarily starting out with Dana Wilds material who she wrote a book train your brain. She has a podcast, positive mindset for entrepreneurs. She has a daily newsletter. She has lots of great resources available for training your brain to basically recognize and become aware of your negative thinking. And then replace the negative thoughts with more positive thoughts. Until basically you've drowned out for lack of a better word, the negative feelings and negative thoughts, the negative behaviors so that you can move forward feeling positive and motivated and excited about life as opposed to just living on repeat the same thoughts day in and day out. And what I found after I began that process was that I, as I felt better, and my my frequency or vibration raised, all of a sudden, I felt inspired to do things that I wouldn't normally do, and take actions that I would normally take. And among those was to sign up for a free five day summit on Facebook called Practical Magic. I have no idea. It was totally divine intervention. Otherwise, you know, never in my life have I ever thought about anything being magical. You know, I've read and watched Harry Potter, but it was a really part of my life. And so when I when I participated in that Practical Magic workshop, it's put on by a mother daughter duo. Michelle Lee and Megan Camille are the mother daughter, and they have Mystery School, the SOFIA Mystery School, and they put on this free workshop where it was, you know, multiple speakers at a typical summit that you attend. And at that summit, I just had the spontaneous awakening, I began to channel I began to visualize, I began to see things that I had never seen or are known about before. And all of a sudden, all of my Claire's were open, I was getting, you know, all kinds of Claire, Claire, downloads, information and things that I could never have possibly known before just started flooding into my, my consciousness. And that was really the beginning. For me, it was just so powerful, and so amazing, and so exciting. And everything that came through was was wonderful. It was love, it was joy, it was peace. It was fun. It was magic, it was wisdom, it there was nothing scary, there was nothing that frightened me, there was nothing about it at all, that was anything other than just pure love. And so that just got me so excited. And that really, that's where my journey began, I just went crazy with the, you know, the spiritual development, taking classes and becoming a medium and becoming a certified life purpose medium, and getting into teaching mediumship. So, I'm just so excited now that I I've discovered this, this life path and helping others to also, you know, open up to their own spiritual gifts. Every one of us is a medium, every single one of us has these innate gifts, it's just opening to them, and, and feeling the love and joy that comes along with them.

Unknown Speaker  8:11  
Did you ever stop to say to yourself, why me? Or did you ever ask them?

Unknown Speaker  8:16  
Why? Well, you know, from what I understand, through learning and researching and so on, is that, you know, before we come into this life, we're we're, we kind of meet with our spirit team, and we come up with a plan for our life to what we want to accomplish. And, you know, it's kind of set out about 80%, I think is kind of the the ratio 80% set out to, to what is, you know, what is wanted to accomplish, and this is in this lifetime, what your sole purpose is, or your life path is for this life, and the things that you're meant to achieve. And 20% is free will. So, you know, you can kind of go off course about 20% of the time. But then other 80% of the time, you know, you're you're being guided, whether you realize it or not. And when you've gone really far off track, something dramatic might happen, that will essentially knock you back onto track. And that's really what I kind of feel like that, that that you know, low energy negative vibe I had really fallen into that was really far off track. And maybe my life before that was still on track doing whatever I wanted to do, you know, to fulfill my life purpose, it didn't necessarily mean having my spiritual guides visible to me. But whatever I was doing prior to that was was working enough it was the 80% versus the 20%. And then I think probably what happened was that I just got too far off the rails and that's when I you know, was given that little seed Okay, sign up for this, this Practical Magic training and get back on track girl. So that's kind of what I feel from my research. is what happens, you know, we're all we're all here we choose our, our parents, we choose the life that we've, that we've, you know, we enter into, for reasons there's there's learning and absolutely everything that we're here for and to accomplish, and then we take that learning and move on to our next life and bring forward the things that we learn and keep progressing on our path from there.

Unknown Speaker  10:25  
It's interesting that I think everybody at one point or another, feels like, you know, there isn't enough. Why am I really here? And they really want to understand that. And, but not very many of us turn in that direction on some of us pray, and, and some of us will maybe meditate, but a lot of us don't listen to what's actually happening around us, and have faith and trust that what you're being told is actually real and genuine. Does that make sense? Oh, I

Unknown Speaker  11:01  
think that's very true. And I would say that as children, you know, we are, we are genuinely innately creative, and probably have a lot of our gifts open right from the beginning. But through the course of our lives, we're told, you know, you have a wild imagination, or that's not really real, or you are just, that's just fantasy. And so over time, we just kind of suppress all of our gifts, to fit into our families and to society and to our job, you know, wherever we are, we don't want to, you know, we don't want our teachers to think we're, we're silly, we want, we don't want our friends to think we're silly. So we just kind of suppress everything to fit in. And so, although it may seem like, you know, we're not really, we don't always have these gifts, I feel like we really all do start out with them. It's just that through programming of our, of our family of our community of our of the trajectory of our life, we shut down our gifts, or maybe something scary happened that you weren't prepared for, that you didn't have the training for, you didn't have anybody to ask about. And so, you know, as I go about my day, now, spontaneously, as I'm walking around my, my community, or whatever I notice, you know, if a child has a spirit guide, I'll they'll pop out, and they'll, they'll shows reveal themselves to me. And so now I kind of walk around and I smile, and I, I, you know, I giggle to myself, because I see that spirit guide, you know, they're guiding that child. And so I feel like that that's, that's, that's really the way it is that we start out with having all of our gifts, and we just generally shut them down. And some people never do some people, you know, this, the psychics and the clairvoyance that are are working on this their whole lives. Some people never shut down their gifts, and they can help a lot of people over the course of time. Both. Both Michelle Lee and Megan Camille, who did the Practical Magic workshop are that way, they both been open their whole lives. But I think for the most, for the most part, we just don't really know what's happening. And so we don't really listen to it, because we don't know we don't trust it. We don't know what it's trying to tell us. And we don't know how to use what it's telling us to move forward on our life. Because we probably don't even really know what our true life purposes.

Unknown Speaker  13:33  
Well, and that's, that's a big problem that really, most of us have no earthly idea. And we and we stumbled through it. But at the same time, I'd say real quick story, when my youngest son was four years old. And he and my wife at the time, were having a conversation. And she was telling him, You know, I think he'd done something, which he did a lot. And he was for, that's what happens. And he turned to her and said, Well, you know, last time when I was the mom, and the but since that time, you know, so that at that moment, he had a belief that he had seen something or believed that at one point in another lifetime that he was a mom and she was his son. And but then over time that went away. And he just it's all it's all gone now, but and he doesn't believe he thinks some of the people that I've talked to are just nuts. But you know, I'm, I'm trying to get him to understand a little bit more, but he'll he'll pick it up as he gets into his 40s and 50s and 60s, I think I hope

Unknown Speaker  14:43  
well, I think that you know, that's because, you know, there's no nobody does anything to generally to be mean. Everything that we we say to each other or children is meant to be well meaning to be well intentioned, you know, And so, you know what happened to him? Was that your response to that? That, you know, the point that he made was probably like, whoa, right. Right, you, you were probably taken aback, and he probably got frightened by that response and thought, Okay, I better not talk about that anymore. Right. And I think that's really what happens. And, you know, in Buddhist philosophy, we're all each other's mother, child, just, we're all we're all the same being ultimately, you know, there's there's only one being in the entire universe, the Divine One. And where we've all just reincarnated as each other's mother and child over, you know, millennial, so for him to recognize that, that, you know, that's exactly what it is he he just remembered in a past life that he was, in fact, the mom. I think that's awesome.

Unknown Speaker  16:02  
Yeah, well, you know, the interesting thing is in, in Buddhist philosophy, as you are right, I read a book, and 2001 when I kind of had my epiphany and my awakening, and it was called, conversations with God. And it was by Neale Donald Walsch, who I highly recommend that book, and if you would like to find out a little bit more about about why we're really here and who we really are, and so forth. And one of the things that he said, and I came across it I never had when I was 41, I'd never heard this before. And then at one point, God said to Neil, if you believe that sort of thing, he said, We are all one. And if you look at the concept of we are all one, it's a very simple concept. But it's also a very complicated concept. Because we are all one and why are we shooting each other? Why are we be mean to each other? Why aren't we being kind to one another, because we're all the same. We all come from the same place exactly what you just said. And so it's, it's really important that we look at it that way. Because that's really how it is. And we are, we are all, we're not disconnected from each other, we are all each other's keeper. And I think somebody said that in the Bible. As a matter of fact, you know, we take and we need to take care of each other and stuff like that. So it's really important, but we are going to talk about are there how's that for a segue?

Unknown Speaker  17:28  
It? Actually, is it what you're talking about is a great segue, because really, the reason why we get so off track, you know, the 20%, or whatever it is, off track of our life, is because we don't know, that we're being guided, or we don't know that, that we really do have a divine purpose in this life. And, and, you know, to the point of, you know, people doing things that we don't agree with, that that's just part of their experience, it's just, it's just experience, and it's just this lifetime, and then they learn from it, and they move on to the next lifetime. And hopefully, they're not doing that anymore. But, you know, I think in your, what you were about to say is, if we know that we are guided, and that we have a purpose, and that, you know, we know, especially that we have spirit guides in our lives all the time, telling us, you know, things and how to be and how to do things. I think that that would, that would help a lot of people understand why things happen the way they happen and to trust and believe that, that everything is for the highest good. And that they can they can choose, they can choose to be the conscious creators, along with their spirit guides, as opposed to just following along with the path of their life trajectory that as it has been to date.

Unknown Speaker  18:55  
I agree 100%, as a matter of fact, my I have a group, I have a boardroom. And I've got this group that sits around the boardroom, and they are plotting and planning every moment of my life, to try and steer me in the right direction so that I fulfill the destiny that I wanted to create for myself. And that's, that's in my world, that's their job is to help me fulfill my own destiny, which, before I was born, I came here and said, you know, this time around, I think I'd like to do this. And I'd like to be part of that. And one of that is to help people to be kind to be generous and to and to be, you know, to really work to help people and they are it's almost like, you know, like you have a picture in your mind. i It's like there's there's they've got this, they're in this boardroom and there's a picture of, of a moving picture in the middle of the boardroom and they are each of them are contributing ideas and thoughts and ways of of moving Bring me forward. And then there are other people like your guides show up and say, Well, you know, Vicky is doing this and we want to bring them together. And we'll do you know, you don't I mean, is that is that how it works at all?

Unknown Speaker  20:13  
Well, it works. It works individually and uniquely for every single being, surprisingly enough. But, you know, I think what we understand once we realize that we have spirit guides, is that there is a team guiding us, right, there is a team and for me, you know, the way they present for me is, is, is unique to how they would present to you. And I think the, the value of, of once you know, that you have those spirit guides, and that they're communicating to you all the time, and that they're communicating with others God's you know, this is the whole, the whole thing that I do when I'm channeling, as you know, my mediumship, I'm not the the one talking, I'm not the one, giving the information, right, my guides connect with my, with my clients guides. And together, they connect, and then that's what flows through me and comes out of my mouth is what they what they are showing me. Now for me, a lot of mine is what it sounds like for you, mine is very visual, I get pictures, I get very clear pictures of exactly what is happening, who's there, what they're saying. And it's very visual for me, other people, you know, they get, they get voices, or they get feelings. So everybody's different. But I think once you recognize that, that's what it is, then that's when you can really benefit from their guidance.

Unknown Speaker  21:51  
I gotta have to, because I've been dying to ask somebody and I got to ask you, because this, this recently happened. And, and I believe that it was from the Divine. And let me let me explain. I started positive talk radio back in 2003. I've been doing it off and on for the last 20 years with a break to drive a bus for 12 years. And because I was always trying to get money, enough to be able to do it, because it costs money to do this and, and to be on KK and W and, and to do all the things that I'm doing that are very important to me. And so not too long ago, it back in the spring, I just turned 65 September 11. So, so I just turned 16 birthday. Bye. Thank you very much. And, and I get this notice from a company that I worked for 20 years ago. And they said, You're turning 65 And you've got a pension coming. I had no earthly idea that that was even possible. I did not know that there was a pension that even exist at that time, or any of that stuff. And so I just, you know, I put it aside and, and said, okay, great, it's probably 20 bucks, or whatever it is. And and so I get this. So in August, I get this packet. And this packet says Well, here are your options. And this what you can do, and then and then and out of the out of your pension. And so I looked at the number, and I almost fell out of my chair, because it was a significant number that I had no idea was even coming. And it was like it was like a divine thing like it was set up 20 years ago, because I left that company to start doing the radio. So it was like setup 20 years ago for it to happen. So that it could come to play now. And it wasn't Can I ask you was that by divine planning and guidance?

Unknown Speaker  23:53  
I believe so. But you know, we never know how long something is going to take to manifest, right? We really don't we put the we put the intention or the energy out there in the form of our thoughts, right. Like, that's really how it works, we think I would really like to start a radio show, or I'd really like to start a podcast or I really like to write a book, or I'd really like to start my own business or I'd really like to travel the world or whatever it is, you know, we put the intention out there. And we can follow the sparkly bread crumbs that are left for us, right or we can ignore them and capelli it happens 20 years later, right? You just don't know. At some point, something happened where you allowed that to come in. And I can't I can't predict when that's going to happen for anybody. I can just tell them what I see when they when they you know when they're working with me. But I believe that that's true. I believe that we put these intentions out there. And that as long as we're alive. Everything we put out there that we want in our lives will will happen and we can just really just kind of expect it to happen. Just you know, put, assume that it's a cosmic order. Right. Okay, divine one. That's my cosmic order. And I'll see it when I see it.

Unknown Speaker  25:15  
No, do you talk to them like that? Because I do I talk to them like that all the time.

Unknown Speaker  25:21  
I write them letters. Okay, dear cosmic

Unknown Speaker  25:26  
when I got this packet, and I started laughing, and then I of course looked up, because that's where you look. You guys, you guys are too comical. You guys are amazing, because I put that intention out 20 years ago. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  25:43  
exactly. Exactly. But that's happened so much. You know, that's happened. For me. This is a this is totally off topic. But in 1999, I went to Hawaii to get married. Because I wanted to go and watch the Ironman World Championships, triathlon and Kona Hawaii. So I orchestrated my wedding to be around that timeframe, so that my fiance at the time, and I could watch the race. And it was fantastic. I was there for 14 hours watching the athletes swim bike and run across the coronal landscape. And I said at that, you know, I don't know what there is to judge my husband or to myself, but I said, I am doing this race one day, I am doing this race one day, and when you know it, in 2021, they offered me a slot. Wow, 22 years later, right? They offered me a slot. Now I have taken action and I have done triathlon ever since then, you know, I've done a few Iron Man's, but that, you know, I never in a million years would have imagined that that would that that would ever come to fruition, I thought I would have to outlive the competition.

Unknown Speaker  26:51  
By the way, they should call it an iron woman.

Unknown Speaker  26:55  
Yes, that debate continues. But it's just true. You know, what you're saying is that it is divine, it really is the divine delivering on, on the things that that you want in your life. Because the things that they deliver on are the things that are going to move you forward on your path, I think that's really key, right. So even if it takes 20 years, or 20, or more than 20 years, if it continues to contribute to your path forward and to continues to give you the the hope and the motivation to to you know, achieve your life purpose, then that's really what they want. Or they just want you to do what you're here to do. And they want to support you doing it.

Unknown Speaker  27:39  
I have maybe 10 or 15 stories, just like the one I just told of that where it is been by divine guidance that things just magically lined up the way they were supposed to line up. Does that mean that they didn't I mean, I had a period of time when I had a my life was a bad country music song. You know, my dad died, my dog died, I lost my house, my wife left and all that stuff, but, but it was, but overall everything lined up so that I could do what I'm doing today and talking to you today, which is the most important conversation that we're gonna have at this moment.

Unknown Speaker  28:18  
Right, exactly. And that's exactly it, you know, all of the things that have have occurred in our lives, whether they be perceived as good or bad, or are just lessons that we can use, and, and take to move forward.

Unknown Speaker  28:33  
And I believe that we are the sum total of our experiences. And the reason we have these experiences, so that when we as we accumulate them and learn from them as we keep going, then we develop who we really are, if we choose to. Right, so it's really as cool so, so I appreciate that. And we are gonna, I'm gonna get to this subject, I promise. We're gonna talk about lots of time. Yes, we do. We're gonna talk about the six reasons why you should listen to your spirit guides. Is that is that is that framed it? Right? That's right.

Unknown Speaker  29:13  
Yeah. So, um, do we want to quickly talk about, you know, who the spirit guides might be? Because you had kind of mentioned that, you know, what, maybe that might be a good framework for the discussion.

Unknown Speaker  29:27  
Yeah. Because some people would say, a spirit guide is or your guardian angel, or your angel. And, and and are they all the same? Are they all different? Are they you know, from my standpoint, I believe that they are the same, but they have a different level of expertise in what they and what they're doing, but I don't know that to be true either. Because I'm not there. I'm still here. At least Yeah, exactly. So what Are they describe them for us?

Unknown Speaker  30:01  
Yeah, I think you're probably right on, they're all of the above. You know, when I'm, when I'm channeling my own team, they are primarily of the elemental realm. So I channel my team is, you know, unicorns, wizards, fairies, dragons, elves, animals, spells. Angels, like my team is all of that. And so I, when I'm helping, you know what other people with readings around their spirit guides, who I see come in, they show up in all different ways. I've had angels, I've had pirates, I've had rabbits, I've had, you know, they, they're they are what's what's meaningful to the, to the human, right. And that's the, that's the bottom line. But they, I do believe that they have different different functions or different supports or different levels of support for their human mind, I also have a Pegasus, and the Pegasus for me shows up, when I am going to need some courage, that is my my spirit guide for courage. The unicorn shows up when it's time for me to lighten up and have a little fun, the fairy shows up when I need to, you know, create a little magic in my life. And the wizard is kind of like my, my guiding star. The wizard is always the kind of the, the wisdom. And so when I'm, when I'm, you know, channeling other people's guides, and they show up in the ways that they show up, they show up that way, because there's something that the that the person can interpret about their life. For example, one time I was channeling a spirit guide who turned out to be an angel. And the angel was telling me, while channeling through me, every imaginable detail of this, this individual's life as a child, like the fun things that she loves to do as a child in so much detail. She She just said to me that, you know, this is exactly what that angel was talking about. And these are the things that I did with my mom. And so they're they, they have different functions. And I believe, you know, the angels are probably, you know, super high level and probably have, you know, super high powers, and then you know, different but they're all different realms. And that's what I love about it is that, you know, I'm primarily channeled the the elemental realm, which I didn't even know existed, you know, I channel mermaids and merfolk. And, you know, like, things that you you never know about, except in books or fantasy land, right? So I think that the, you know, the value of, of knowing that that is that it's all it's all okay, and it's really just what's meaningful to each individual. And then we can we can extrapolate or interpret how it's meaningful to us. And what what that that interdimensional or multi dimensional being represents to us and brings to us and to our lives.

Unknown Speaker  33:36  
And they're not all that serious about it either.

Unknown Speaker  33:40  
Definitely not. And that's why I'd say, you know, I've never had anything but but wonderment, joy, you know, and I do, I do connect with other people who have, you know, who have different experiences than that, you know, who have had negative or frightening experiences to that. And I would say, you know, that is, is perhaps about a level of vibration that they're currently experiencing, right? That that's why it was so important for me to first get to that higher level of vibration before I could open up to my gifts, because at the lower level of vibration, something scary might have happened and I would want not want to do anything further with it. Right?

Unknown Speaker  34:28  
Is it true that well, let me ask you Okay, I just did it. Is it true that operate in a lower vibration does not allow you because the folks on the other side operate at a much higher vibrational level than we do? Because we're in a body and we're kind of you know, it's kind of slow and, and it's instant, but they operate at a higher vibration. So in order to win you had your your epiphany in order for you to reach your gifts. You have To raise your vibration, and then your guides kind of lowered their vibration, so you could meet in the middle is that is that that's how

Unknown Speaker  35:07  
i That's how I've been told as well. But you know, there are people who have who are in a low state O'Neill have a negative experience, right they experience paranormal beings or multi dimensional beings or or extraterrestrial beings, and it's frightening for them. So I think it's about the vibrational match more than it's about having to be at the high vibration. So if you're if you're, if you're open to experiencing multi dimensional beings, you might experience lower level multi dimensional beings and be frightened like ghosts or, you know, beings that have not transitioned through their, you know, whatever it is that they have to do to get on into the next life lifetime. But I think, for me, the the, the raising of the vibration was necessary for me to be open to my gifts and guides, as they wanted me to have them. And I think that's the that's the, that's the key piece there is that, you know, for me, that's what had to happen for me, it might not be what happens for everybody. But I really do encourage my clients, you know, to work on their vibration, and in order to be open to the guidance that they're getting all the time. And that will allow them to have those fun, joyful experiences and be playful and hopeful about it as opposed to being frightened off, right.

Unknown Speaker  36:50  
Oh, exactly. Now, I don't know if this happens for you. But I had a good friend of mine who was a psychic medium, and we've done hundreds of readings together on the air and, and elsewhere. And she would I and we I had a disclaimer that I would say at the beginning of the show, which is we want you to call because we want your loved ones to come through. However, if you're going to test her abilities, and you're going to be closed to the process, then do not bother to call because nothing is going to happen. Does that work in your world too?

Unknown Speaker  37:22  
Well actually know. What happens. If, if I'm, you know, if I'm if I'm doing a reading on a skeptic, as I call them, I will get loved ones that they don't know. And then it's difficult for them to verify or validate, right? Because they're skeptical. They don't want to believe so then they don't want to know who it is that's coming through, right. So I might just be getting, you know, being after being loved when after a loved one trying and trying and trying to say we're here. We're here. We're here. We're here. We're here. We love you. We want you to know that we're here. And the personal desire. I didn't really know my dad's family that well or I didn't really know my mom that well. Or, you know, I never really knew my mom's parents, you know, like, it's just that's what happens that for me, I still get their loved ones coming through. I still got there. The idea that they're supported and loved and that they can really feel hopeful and positive about their lives but they don't want to know they do they just they just deny that they don't they don't know who it is that's coming through.

Unknown Speaker  38:33  
Exactly. By the way, we are talking with Vicki McGrath, we'll go to Vicki MoGraph dot c a, because she's a she you know, liking

Unknown Speaker  38:43  
ca a

Unknown Speaker  38:45  
ca it's Becky McGrath dot c a, you know, and the really interesting thing is that in our lives, we tend to lose people as we go along. And the older you get got it, this getting old stuff sucks because people keep dying. And, you know, after that,

Unknown Speaker  39:09  
that's, that's because they choose. Right? If you look at the the reality is that the body really doesn't have to die. As early as we as we want it or as when we lead it. We just we give up we lose we lose hope. We aren't we aren't guided. We don't have our spiritual guides helping us. Right so some people leave because their their job is done. Because their mission is accomplished what they wanted to achieve in this life has been achieved. Some people want to achieve sickness and, and death and an illness and violence and trauma. And that's part of their learning curve. So you know, and some people some people are leaving now because they aren't interested in the higher the higher vibes or the new dimensions or the new five D reality or whatever the ascension process or whatever it is that you want to call it. that kind of a spiritual folk talk about. But, you know, I like to interrupt whenever people say, you know, we all die, we do all die of course we do, but I don't ever want anyone to think to themselves. Oh, I'm getting old I'm gonna die, because that's just that's just it's done. It's the that's the energy you're putting out there is the intention you're putting out there.

Unknown Speaker  40:22  
Yep. Well, the way I look at it is yeah, and you're familiar with John Edward, I would assume. And I've had him on the show before. And he's a he is also a an amazing guy. I just see my first car was a 1967 Fury three Plymouth. I had that car for, you know, a dozen years and, and I liked that car and stuff. But it finally gave up the ghost and died. Well, we have no idea where that car is today. And I just went and got into another car. So I didn't die by car did. That's kind of how I look at it like with human beings, our bodies do for whatever reason. And either we choose to, because we've got extra doors that we can take along the way. And if we choose to go, then we go. But we're not It's not us, we continue on. And, and as a matter of fact, I've told the story a couple of times about my brother's passing, and how he made it clear to me. And right after he had passed that, that he was being received. And it was a great big party. And stuff like that. Matter of fact, I've lost my brother, two years ago, next month, and my mother a year ago, in July. And it's interesting, because I talked to people about about them and psychics about them and stuff. And they've got some really interesting things to say about them. Is it? Is it part of what you can do to just think about somebody and they will show up for you? Or how does your mediumship work?

Unknown Speaker  41:56  
Well, I, my, my guides usually show up when I'm visualizing. So I start my day, you know, kind of preparing for my day. And I do a couple of visualization practices. And that's usually where they show up and they kind of you know, give me the the jolt of the day. But my past loved ones, they don't actually present themselves that way. Now mice, my spirit guides might be them. I don't know, they you know how my Spirit Guides present is meaningful for me, they don't show up as my mom, or my grandmother, or you know, some other past loved one, they show up as as, as I said, in the elemental realm. And maybe that's because, you know, I just I love that whole, that whole scene. As a child, I was a massive and still in a Disney fan and a Harry Potter fan and all of those things. So that's probably why they show up for me that way. But I don't actually see my past loved ones. When I'm getting a reading from someone else, either, you know, in practice, or whatever the case may be, my mom always shows up, she's the first she steps forward right away. And she's always showing up exactly as I would remember her, you know, in her garden or baking something or, you know, doing doing whatever, putting her hand on her hip and tapping her toe or you know, like, Whatever, whatever she would have been doing to me in my life. But I don't actually see them. I don't see them at all. And so it's nice that you do and that you can get that sense that they're okay. I think that's wonderful.

Unknown Speaker  43:39  
Well, you know, it's, I do have to say, it's interesting, because my mother Well, first of all, I've been doing this for a while. And I did have the show in 2003, like I said, and I had a lot of mediums on energy workers, energy healers, all of that. And she didn't believe any of that. None of that existed and she was a fundamentalist Christian. And so I always, I always have had in the last year, I've always had somebody that is that is a psychic or a medium. Does my mother have anything to say about the fact that it ain't like she thought it was going to be that it seems completely different than the one one person said she was surprised that there were so many people there and what is he doing here? And why she I love that. Yeah, because it's so it because there isn't really a in my way of thinking there really isn't a heaven and hell and and that we all we all come from the same place. We all get to go back to the same place, which is what we call home.

Unknown Speaker  44:51  
Yeah. And, you know, I also sort of think that, you know, once we're in the next realm, we really don't look like The way we looked as humans anymore, right? We're just light or sparkles or energy or whatever you want to call it. And, you know, we all know each other because it goes back to the fact that we're all the one and we've all been each other. And, you know, so I don't, I think that it's, they, the loved ones that come through only show up as themselves to be recognized by their humans, right? That that's not really how they how things are up there. So I can I can just imagine it's probably just like this blissful stream of sparkling sprinkles just floating along. I think it'll be great. I'm not looking forward to it. I don't want to go there yet. But hey,

Unknown Speaker  45:48  
well, you know, I know you probably have done some near death. People that have had near death experiences, and what they pretty much a lot of well, a lot of them will say, first of all, it's all just nothing but love. It is a wonderful place to be. And they're so happy. They don't want to come back. Yeah, because they recognize that way that that isn't the end, that's just a continuation, and that their family is going to be there soon enough. And but a lot of times they get sent back and then they have to you know, they've been in an accident and their bodies all broken. They have to regroup. Yeah, they have to agree group and go through all that. But, but that's great. So in the in the world of spirit guides, there are six things that we wanted to talk about, I knew we get to it eventually.

Unknown Speaker  46:40  
Well, I thought for your audience, it would be helpful for them to know the value of of knowing your spirit guides, so that if they have not yet encountered them, or if they want to know more about them, and they want to go to medium and discover who their spirit guides are, then they would they would benefit in knowing the six reasons why they should know their spirit guides. And so if it's okay, I will just start with the first one. And the first one is that you are never alone, just as we've been talking about your guides will be there guiding you, supporting you, and showing you the way every moment of your life. And I think, you know, for what I see in the world right now, where we are all so desperate for connection, that we are looking at social media, and falling into the social media rabbit hole, and never to emerge for 20 minutes and wonder what happened to that part of our lives. You know, we're looking for connection, but we don't, we don't we no longer know how to connect with our fellow fellow people, our fellow humans, because we feel so alone. And so I think that's knowing that you are never alone, that you can always just close your eyes, and ask your guide for support and love and guidance, and that they're always there for you. They're just waiting for you to talk to them. They're just waiting for you to ask them to help you. And so they can give you hope. And and you can feel that connection again. So that's, that's number one. You're never alone.

Unknown Speaker  48:21  
I liked that one. Because it's it's that and that's really true. Now some people would say, You mean they're always around? Every moment? What if I don't want them to be in the back of the room? Too bad. The way I look at it is like they used to have a body themselves. So they understand bodily functions, bodily needs, ends and stuff like that. And so for them it as an example, your dog, do you have a dog? Yes, I do. When you take your dog out to go potty and go poop, it doesn't bother you in the vet, except when you have to pick up the poop that always gets me. But it's just a normal part of life. And it's not it's not a big deal. We make it a big deal. But in their world, it's no longer a big deal. But they don't have to worry about that anymore. So maybe it's interesting Oh, that's gross. I never would have thought of that. Wow.

Unknown Speaker  49:37  
Oh, gosh. Okay, number two, you will always know the highest and best choice and decision in every situation. Oh, if you can call on your spirit guides, and you're feeling confused, you're feeling overwhelmed. You know, which you know, you're not sure which way to go. You can always depend on them. To show you the right step, the right, the right next step that they will sprinkle those sparkly breadcrumbs for you to follow. And all you have to do is just know that they're there for your highest and best good.

Unknown Speaker  50:16  
Absolutely. I concur. I concur, Doctor 100%.

Unknown Speaker  50:21  
Number three, if you feel like no one else believes in you, or they think you're crazy. And no one else wants you to succeed. Your spirit guides always do, they always want the highest and best for you. And they always want you to succeed in your life's purpose. And they always want you to achieve the mission that you came to do here in this life. So if you're feeling like no one believes in you, no one knows why you're on this mission or why you want to achieve these things. No one believes you can achieve the goals that you set out for yourself, even if it takes 20 years. Your guides are always there supporting you and pushing you along and poking you in the right direction.

Unknown Speaker  51:09  
You got to remember that on the other side, there is no time. So 20 years is a phenomenon only to us. Got it. You may have been like, like, Oh, this is what he wants. Okay, we'll set this up. And this will happen.

Unknown Speaker  51:22  
Right? Yeah, that's a great point. That's a really great point. And I think, you know, we as humans, we just are so fixated on this construct of time that we've created, right, and that it makes it very difficult for us to, to kind of leave that construct aside and just recognize you know, it, whatever we want to do will happen. We just have to expect it. And then they'll come and might be 20 years or might be longer we don't know, right?

Unknown Speaker  51:51  
And you got and please be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it.

Unknown Speaker  51:57  
And I'm sure many do

Unknown Speaker  52:00  
it can I tell you a quick story. I after the radio, and I got a job for King County driving a bus. And I did that for 12 years, and corrected my financial picture and got everything back on track again. And, and I had always said I want to do a podcast, I want to do radio show, I want to go back to doing what I love to do. And so, so two things I was driving with my son one day, and I said, you know there's a 55 plus community because I'm over 55 that we could that we could go to. And I want to check out there, what they got as far as housing goes. And I found the perfect place at the right price that I could buy. And it was really easy to do. And everything lined up surprises to shop means stop me if you've heard this before. everything lined up just perfectly for me to get this done. And then I was still driving a bus and then I was moving into my home and I went to get a lamp. And I have you ever fallen up the stairs?

Unknown Speaker  53:06  
Yes, with a coffee no less.

Unknown Speaker  53:10  
Well, I fell up the stairs. And I mean, I really fell hard. And I tore my rotator cuff on my right arm, oh brother had to have surgery on it. And so I was out of work. And then I was taking care of my son's dog tripped over the dog and fell on my other arm while the other one was still broken. I'm still being healed. And so I had to call 911 and say you've probably heard this. And I've actually said this. I said, I'm sure you've heard this before, but I fallen and I can't get up. And so she said an ambulance and they took me away and I had I tore my tricep muscle in the other arm and had to have that surgically repaired. And so then I'm so I got disability because I could no longer work. And so it was a little painful. But because I was able to do disability, I now have 808 100 shows up. And I've been able to do this, you know, five to seven to eight shows a week, because I love it and they set it all up. And I'm absolutely convinced that they set that whole scenario up to so that I can live in a place I can afford. While I wasn't working, my income went down. And I could do this. And I'm absolutely convinced that was by design.

Unknown Speaker  54:34  
Yeah. Now and you know, of course you hear these miracles every day all day because this is what you're doing now. So you know it happened the thing about it is that, you know, unless you realize that it's it's divinely guided, you know that it's a miracle. You might not even recognize you might not even think to yourself, oh, that's just so awesome. You know And thank thank whoever you know. But this happens for people all day every day, and they don't even recognize that their life is being divinely guided, right. And so I think if we can consciously become aware, then our guides really love recognition, they really want to know that you know that they're helping you, they really want you to thank them, so that they can shine even brighter and bring you even more, right, they really love it, they really, really love it, they want to help so much. And in when you thank them, and then when you are grateful, and, you know, you're you're in awe of the beauty and the things that are showing up then that I think that that's, you know, that's what they're there for, they really want. They really want you to feel amazing and grateful and good about the things that they're presenting to you.

Unknown Speaker  55:54  
Oh, I couldn't say I couldn't agree more. And if because when that happened to me, when I fell a couple of times, I had a choice. I can say, God, dang it, I hate this and that, and I, I feel so terrible about it. Matter of fact, when I was at the emergency room, after they fix the second arm, they were trying to figure out how to put both arms into some sort of device. Keep both arms and mobile. And they were what kept me like, Shit, I don't know how we're gonna get that done. And it was one of the nurses left and I could hear outside saying, Oh, that poor man.

Unknown Speaker  56:36  
It's like you see in those commercials where they've got their arms propped up like this.

Unknown Speaker  56:42  
Exactly. That's from my frame of reference. It was, thank God, thank you. You've accomplished what I needed to have done to get to where I want to go. And we have we had a long conversation. They and i Yes, that really well.

Unknown Speaker  56:59  
Yeah. And they were glad that you noticed. Right. They were glad

Unknown Speaker  57:04  
they get credit. The cool thing is they get credit for everything. Yeah. Because I'm just doing what they tell me to do. Right.

Unknown Speaker  57:12  
And that's the beauty of knowing your spirit guides. Right. But is the beauty of knowing your spirit guides is that you just know that everything is is the right thing. Everything is the right thing, even even if it doesn't seem like it is it is.

Unknown Speaker  57:25  
Right. When when when you're convinced that that how could you guys do this to me. And then but you see you don't get the the what I call the 50,000 foot view. Because they see the big picture, we just see the little microcosm, that is what our lives are at that very moment. Right. So are we on

Unknown Speaker  57:47  
that next? Number four, and this is perfect, actually, it's just like, we knew what we were doing here, Kevin, if you feel powerless, unsure, confused, turn the problem over to your spirit guides and ask for help. Right that that's great. You just say, okay, guides, really, I don't know what to do here. Help me out. And they'll send you the next sparkly breadcrumb and, and that's exactly what, you know, you you essentially just described it perfectly.

Unknown Speaker  58:17  
That is so true. I, I know it. There was a time with GE I used to be able to say, you know, I believe that? I don't believe stuff anymore. I know it. Yeah, it's true.

Unknown Speaker  58:29  
Right? Yeah. Okay, number five, you have a cosmic manager, always at your service to take care of order. Place your order with your guides and expect it to be taken care of. And this goes back to our conversation of you know, it might take in our minds 20 years, it might take a blink of an eye, it might take tripping over the dog, whatever it is, right? Once we've elicited the thought or the energy, it's done, it's taken care of. And so that's the that's number five. Shall we go on?

Unknown Speaker  59:08  
Yes, that's okay. Which is part of what we touched on number five quite a little bit. So first of all, what number six?

Unknown Speaker  59:15  
And finally but not finally, of course, and number six, you have someone to talk about your wildest dreams and someone to help you expand ever further. And this is the best part it and I know you know this, but every time something wonderful happens, something more wonderful happens after that. And so, you know, I have crazy crazy dreams. I don't tell anybody about those dreams because they're they're too crazy for humans to hear. And I don't want to hear their Oh, you're crazy when I tell them right so I just I just tell I just saw my gods. This is you know, and they Send me the exact information I need to execute the next step. It's, it's, it's a miracle, that's just amazing.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:10  
And it's happens all the time. If you if you if you're open to it. Now, as an example, I get messages through music, I do not know how they do this, I have no idea how they line it up so perfectly. But if I have a question, if I have a major quandary, if I'm concerned about something, and I turn on the radio, well, a song that speaks to what I'm thinking about, oftentimes appears as the next song on the radio, don't know how they they're pretty good about about doing stuff like that, or you in a myriad of different ways. They, they, they contact you, and they and they can touch your heart. And they can do it through other people, they can do it through any, they have infinite ways of getting to you. You just have to be open to it.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:01  
Yeah, 100%. And I hear a lot of people get the messages through songs. And I get a lot of messages from being out in nature. I'm a self described nature not and that's probably why I channeled the elemental realm. So you know, if I'm, if I'm out in nature, and I'm feeling awestruck by a landscape, or I'm feeling awestruck by being close to the lake, or whatever it is, then that's, that's something coming through. Right. That is there's a message coming through there. And I just, you know, it's just amazing that, that the expansion is just, it's just goes on and on. It's, it's amazing.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:38  
I just got the picture. Do you remember? Do you remember the old Disney movie? Oh,

Unknown Speaker  1:01:46  
Snow White? Yeah, of course,

Unknown Speaker  1:01:48  
when she's in the she's in the woods, and the birds come up. And that's, that was a picture that I have?

Unknown Speaker  1:01:59  
Well, I do love a Disney movie. And I do get a lot of Disney like downloads. So that's probably why your guides are like, Yep.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:12  
Well, I do want to ask you to ask them if if I'm doing this show if I'm on the right track? And can we do that? Can we do that real quick? Of course,

Unknown Speaker  1:02:20  
of course, you're on the right track? Yeah, of course, you're on the right track. The one thing that they have just, you know, they've poked at me a couple of times, and I'm sure you're probably already on this path. But you know, there's a whole new conversation around walkins. And I don't know whether you've had any people on the show who are self proclaimed walk ins. But that's I've heard that a couple times since I've been talking to you. So maybe that's something that you would be interested in researching and knowing more about.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:51  
Well, I there was a gentleman in 2003 that came in to the show when he said that he was a walk in. And but then I have trouble reconciling what happens to the original soul that's there. And where did his soul come from? And why did they switch was that a pre that was out of the agreement they meant ahead of time? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  1:03:16  
it's all part of that 80% In, from my perspective, that's all part of that 80% Is that they're, that they've already made that agreement that that's already going to happen. And that one soul is going to have a certain portion of time to do what they need to do and then someone else is going to come in. And I think what I've read about it is that there are just so many multi dimensional beings clamoring to have a chance to come to earth and be part of this human experience during this time of ascension or whatever it is that we're doing, growing spiritually as humans and other beings, that that that's how it's kind of going down now is that they're, you know, they're kind of swapping out in the same body.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:58  
I just had the Of course you did. I just had the impression. That's because I use the car reference

Unknown Speaker  1:04:09  
earlier. Yes. And that was a great reference. I really liked that, by the way.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:13  
But it's it's like somebody's buying a used car. Exactly. Exactly. You have a brand new car that you have you. You drive it for a number of years, and then you decide you don't want it or you want to upgrade or whatever. So you sell the car get out of the car. Somebody else buys the car and gets in the car.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:30  
Yep, exactly. And then they take off in your car. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  1:04:34  
yeah. Which is now their car, right? And you and you get to go do some other stuff that you want to do. Because the end you don't make sense because a lot of times the body is perfectly good. It still works just fine. But the soul that has accomplished what they came here to do, and rather than eliminate the body so that they can go they just check out and somebody else checks in.

Unknown Speaker  1:04:57  
I think that's right. And that's what that's what But I've understood in my in my little bit of research about it, because it's been kind of coming up for me as well.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:06  
Well, it makes sense. It makes perfect sense to me as much as anything else makes perfect sense to me. Is that one of those things, Vicki that that? Who knows, but but anything? Anything can happen?

Unknown Speaker  1:05:21  
Yeah. Agreed, agreed, and we just have to be open and and know that it's all for our highest good.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:28  
And then we're moving into a special time I really think that we were entering into a period that is going to be really interesting, don't you?

Unknown Speaker  1:05:38  
Yes, I really do. And I think that's why my, you know, awakening happened in 2020. Because it would had to happen, then, so that I could, you know, be on the right track, be on the right purpose, the right, you know, the right path now, so that I can help other people who, who are poised to open to their own gifts, and, you know, allow them to recognize that they do have gifts that they can use them, and that they can help others with their own gifts as well. And I think that's, you know, that's why the why it all happened for me the way it did.

Unknown Speaker  1:06:17  
I tell you, I can talk to you for hours, as a matter of fact, I have. But I want to get to get the class out there becoming a medium class, when is when are you going to do that? And how can they access that?

Unknown Speaker  1:06:30  
Well, I am going to be doing it in the fall, I have not yet finalized the time or details. So now is the perfect time, if you're interested in learning to become a medium, this will be the learning to become a medium. So channeling loved ones, for other people. And of course, if you're like Kevin your own, and then you can help other people, you know, have closure, understand that their loved ones are all around them supporting them. And so if people want to get on the waitlist, they can do that through my website, www dot Viki V i c k y McG And there's like a, you know, you basically have to sign up for my email list and then I'll have you on the waitlist, and then I can let you know when the classes is coming up. And then you can sign up and join me for that class when it comes out. And then from that, after that, I will be teaching spirit guides class. So meet your spirit guides class and also in the in further on in that I will be doing a discover your life purpose class. So if people are on my list that I know that they're interested, then I can keep them apprised.

Unknown Speaker  1:07:47  
Oh, very good. And somebody by the way that is exploring her spiritual guests. Her name is Kayla Mae. And she just she just gave gave us a thumbs up. And she is a budding superstar have you but she's, she's got a child just had a baby and has had some tragedy in her life. So but I just wanted to reach out to her and say thank you for listening, Kayla.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:13  
Yeah, great. So nice to have people here. It is,

Unknown Speaker  1:08:16  
indeed, we've got a couple of hearts, and a couple of thumbs up and stuff. So that's that's it. That's really cool. And I want to thank you for being here. And you're welcome to come back on the show. Anytime that you choose.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:31  
Well, I thank you, it is just great to have you doing this show. And being you know, the guiding light for your audience to to learn and to expand and grow and to know all the wonderful things that are available to them.

Unknown Speaker  1:08:49  
It is truly a remarkable life that we all get to have here. And if you choose, you can do anything that you want to. A lot of times we get bogged down. But at the end, that's why it's important to go talk to someone like Vicki who can who can help you get back on the path that you you designed for yourself. And your soul guides are charged with following your design to completion so that you will live the life that you choose to live so that you don't have to repeat the same things over and over. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  1:09:26  
yes, definitely. Those guides want you to progress.

Unknown Speaker  1:09:33  
So you don't have to repeat the same as Davao because you don't get to remember it's the in between lives and and so you start all over again and you get to do the same stuff again. And so we need we it will be better. You'd be better served to grow that breed. Yes. And Vicki McGrath, thank you so much for being here. Go to our website, again, which is www dot Viki And sign up, you can also test your intuition. And you can do, she got all kinds of stuff there for you to look at. I do. Thank you. So before we go, I want to give you a moment between you and the audience. Those people that are listening now, and that will be listening in the future, I'd like you to be able to tell them anything that you would like them to know.

Unknown Speaker  1:10:22  
Well, I think what I would just like to say is, you know, listen to the, to the episode, and listen to those six tips, and recognize the conversation between Kevin and I was spontaneous, or this was not pre scripted. This was, this was not predetermined, Kevin had no idea what I was going to talk about today, until I came on to the to the show. So recognize how aligned we are, in our, in our guides, in our thoughts in our progress on our path, and know that that is possible for you. And that you nearly you merely have to open up and recognize that all of all of your guides are there for you guiding you every step of the way. And you only need to open your mind and and love love to them and they're there for you.

Unknown Speaker  1:11:21  
I want to thank you again. And by the way, my gift, and how I utilize rather than being a medium or a psychic or an energy worker, My gift is that I can ask I can carry on a conversation like this, ask good questions. Keep it going, keep it informative. And that's that's what they put me on the planet here to do. Which is why they gave me that I had nothing to do with having this voice by the way, I didn't learn it. And nobody taught it to me, I ended but I, I've got it. And also, they gave me the experiences that I need to make this work. Right. And it's so so that is a gift. All of this for me is a gift from God. Or the source or whatever term you'd like to put it I tend to think that God is too restrictive, but that's just me

Unknown Speaker  1:12:13  
a conversation for another day.

Unknown Speaker  1:12:17  
Yes, a whole nother one. By the way, at four o'clock I'm going to do a show on KK and W I'm gonna have 13 people on the show, do you? I don't know how that's gonna happen so far. No kidding. I'm leaving. To make it so it's like like, non unintelligible thank you so much for being here.

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Thanks, Kevin. It was it was very much fun. If your way right

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there, I will be right back. Hey, thanks for enjoying this episode all the way to the end. Please give us a like and subscribe to this channel. This has been a production of positive talk radio dotnet please visit our website oddly named positive talk radio dotnet for more details about us and our mission, which is to provide great positive programming designed to inspire us all. I'm Kevin McDonald. I'm proud of these shows, and I'm truly hope that you'll like them and share them with friends and family. So on behalf of our entire team, remember, be kind

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