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277 | Kim Nishida - Founder of the As The Crow Flies Intuitive Arts

September 24, 2022

277 | Kim Nishida - Founder of the As The Crow Flies Intuitive Arts
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I'm the founder of As The Crow Flies Intuitive Arts where we believe you are worthy of your deepest dreams and desires.

I'm also a story shifting, energy aligning, intuitive coach, bestselling author and Soul Leader. I'm here to celebrate and honor the Real You. To help you reconnect with those parts of you that you might have put to the side, put on hold, or even buried for decades. I'm on a mission to help you remember and reclaim your true essence so that you can connect to your joy, your self-worth and your soul's purpose.

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Unknown Speaker  0:02  
Welcome to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas one conversation at a time. So stay with us as right now. We present

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Oh, now she's now she were here. And I that isn't? Dang it. Dang it. Dang, that's a new opening. And I there was one step I forgot. So I started talking and you were sitting in the background, and nobody could see you. But now they can't. So but that's that's what happens when you do live radio. So Right. They don't even we might even not even cut that out and stuff. But anyway, Kim ashita is with us. And she is an A intuitive. She is an energy worker. She has a website, which I invite you to go to, which is called soul connection., which is soul connection. And she's sitting right over there. So, Kim, thank you. I've been looking forward to doing this all day. Oh, me, too. I'm so glad to be here. Thanks for having me. It was so much fun. And so tell me a little bit about well,

Unknown Speaker  1:31  
I know that you were in behind the power. You spoke last year. And your what you talked about touched a lot of people in a real positive way. And can can we go down that road just a little bit and talk about that? Yeah, definitely. I first of all want to say that me speaking on a stage was a totally terrifying thing. And not something I'd ever dreamed I would do. And that's kind of what happens when you meet Allison Roberts and you start doing things that you never thought you would ever do.

Unknown Speaker  2:05  
Yeah, it's kind of feels like things are out of your control. But it was an amazing experience.

Unknown Speaker  2:10  
And the story I'll share with you really quickly. So Kevin, I, you know, I wrote a chapter in the first behind the power book.

Unknown Speaker  2:18  
And I shared that chapter with I was pretty darn proud of that chapter. I wrote it. I shared it with Allison. I'm like, What do you think? And she's like, Yeah, it's good. And I'm like, okay, good. I'm glad you think so. And she goes, but it's not good enough. And I know, right? And she goes, You're hiding, like you're hiding? And I said, No, it's a good chapter, I was actually kind of mad. I'm like, What are you talking about? And then, but I knew in my heart, she was right. So she's like, I'm not going to accept this chapter. And I said, Okay, fine. And there was a lot of, you know, wailing and gnashing of teeth and things. And it's like, Okay, let me write another chapter. And it was this chapter I never thought I would write. Because in that chapter, it started off with revealing I had an eating disorder when I was in college, and kind of that that whole thing that I, who wants to go public with that, right, so, but it was the right message to share. And I was glad that I did it. Then when it came time to do the talk, for some reason, so the chapter was really hard. For me, it was a struggle it was after she didn't accept the first one. It was a lot of work to get that second one out, and a lot of fear and a lot of stuff coming up. When it came time for the talk. However, it just came out of me like I, it wasn't even like,

Unknown Speaker  3:34  
I just knew what needed to be said. And it felt good. But I was I when I presented it to Allison and the group. They're like, it's perfect. Don't change a word. So I'm doing it on stage. I knew it was like I could feel it was like a soul connected message for me to share with whoever needed to hear it. I didn't know who.

Unknown Speaker  3:54  
But it felt good. And it was basically the story of, you know, I kind of I did a little bait and switch with the audience. I started off with a story I said, let me share a story with you. And I started sharing my story of who I am and how I grew up. youngest of three children and the only daughter

Unknown Speaker  4:12  
thought I was a burden. Like everyone felt sorry for my parents because I was an accident. No one. They didn't plan to have me. And so me too. Oh, really? Okay. Were you the youngest as well. I was in when I asked my mom.

Unknown Speaker  4:26  
What a Dad, what did you What did dad say when you told him you were pregnant with me? And she said, well, he wasn't too upset. Thanks, Mom.

Unknown Speaker  4:33  
No, when I asked my mom, he she's, she said, Well, your dad said, we'll figure something out. Like, it was kind of like, okay, well, we'll make it work kind of like that. It was just kind of like well, okay, I don't know what we're going to do, but we'll make it work.

Unknown Speaker  4:49  
And so I was on the stage sharing that story. And then I there was a pause and I just said, Oh my God. I am so sorry. I really need to start over. Is that okay with you if I start over it

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
Of course, everyone in the audience was like, oh my god, sure that's, that's fine. And I had people from home watching, I had like, co workers watching. And they were like, Oh my God, you never say, sorry, you never liked your speaking you never say sorry.

Unknown Speaker  5:14  
But I said, Okay, I'm going to start over. And I started over again with a completely different story. I'm the youngest of three children. And I was always loved and adored. My family cherished me. And, you know, so it was this whole other. The first story was the one I believed. And the second story was the true story, do you not? I mean, yeah. And by the way, that was brilliant of you to do that. Because when you did that, and you were vulnerable on stage, and you were like, oh, man, this isn't? This isn't right. You had everybody in your hip pocket at that moment? Because they then were they were vested in your success. That's true. Yeah. And I felt the love I look at look around and they're like, oh, yeah, it's okay, start over again. And then they're like, ah, we see what you did.

Unknown Speaker  6:01  
But I felt like I was living like, I had lived my life with that first story, but I didn't even know it was there. And so the rest of my talk went on to here's how it showed up in my life, I was a people pleaser, I felt like a fraud, like all these different things. And then my progressive journey to discovering the story, and deciding being committed to doing whatever it took to release it. Now,

Unknown Speaker  6:26  
when you discovered your story, did you discover that with the help of Alison, or were you already going down that road and sought her help? Because you knew that there was something that you needed to work on? It wasn't with Allison, but it was with somebody else. So in that talk, I shared that there was this other

Unknown Speaker  6:47  
intuitive person I know actually knew her as a business coach, but she's super intuitive, intuitive, her name's Teres. And there was a day where

Unknown Speaker  6:57  
I tell the story of how she Teres actually, I credit her for helping me get my husband. That's a whole nother story.

Unknown Speaker  7:04  
But I had the husband, we got the house, you know, I got my own business. Things weren't great with the business at the time, but life was pretty good. And there was I was driving down the road one day, like, I just come back from a run at the beach, I live in California. And I just was driving and I'm like, I told myself, Wow, I am so happy. Like, I have the man of my dreams. He loves me so much. And I actually said out loud, I am so happy, which I know is not something I've probably ever uttered out loud or even thought in my life before. And like, I don't even know, like less than 30 seconds after I said that I'm at a red light. And a van comes up behind me without even hitting the brakes. It slams right into me. Like it was like, I'm so happy. And then like bam.

Unknown Speaker  7:51  
And I felt like, you know, people say shit happens. But it's like, no, something is going on. Like the universe is like, you think you're happy. Let's fix that. Because that's not your reality. Your reality is you don't deserve to be happy. So let's get you back on track. And that's when I thought I need to fix this because I don't want to live my life that way. So I reached out to Teresa, and she helped me uncover the story, which I was horrified. I didn't know that story was there. How do you go through life and be living with a story? Because I think this is common to a lot of people is that they don't even recognize that the story is there yet. It's dominating their life. How did how did you come up with it that that you knew that Shore was even there?

Unknown Speaker  8:38  
Oh, gosh, it was a whole process of question. Inquiry. I can't even remember exactly how we came up with, like, we uncovered it. But I remember that moment of realization, and the knowing in my gut that it was true. Like that story was true that at something I believed like and there was just this, like,

Unknown Speaker  9:01  
my heart dropped into my stomach. I was just like, mortified first. Like, I went through all the stages. Like I was horrified. I was really sad. Then I got really angry. And it was all it was a day.

Unknown Speaker  9:15  
But, but it was definitely a lot of inquiry. And I've definitely been going down that road of like, personal development, right looking for answers. And I've been starting on that road for a while. I think I probably started on that road when I

Unknown Speaker  9:30  
became a coach. So I became like a life coach certified coach in 2003. So that's, you know, they can teach you all kinds of tools and stuff to help other people. But of course, you're always helping yourself at the same time. And that was 2003 they the the coaching phenomenon was just taking hold at that time. Yeah, yeah. And the because I was doing the radio show and suddenly all these coaches were getting certified and they wanted to come on the show and and stuff

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
And it was. But it's interesting that 20 years later, there are a lot of great the really good coaches are the ones that were intuitive by nature and could really delve into. And it's like, it's like, Alison, when she basically said, you know, Kim, this story is good, but it's bullshit, because it's not where you should be talking about. What you should be talking about is this. And it's real. And then she, she brought that out of you. And that's a good coach. Yeah, yeah, definitely. And I think a lot of when the coaching industry kind of

Unknown Speaker  10:36  
adopted the term coaching, right, because I think there were a lot of people doing this kind of work, but they didn't really have a name. And when they kind of defined it, and Thomas Leonard is kind of one of the he was often considered the father of coaching back in the day, he founded so many of the coaching organizations that exist today, before he passed away in 2003. I think he did pass away.

Unknown Speaker  11:00  
But I think when he described it, there are so many of us, who were like, Oh, my God, that's what I do, like, in their jobs in their lives. We were already doing it. We just didn't have a word for it. Do you know what I mean? Yeah, absolutely. So let's, let's talk about soul connection. What is soul connection? You know, and, you know, I know you're so you, you and I talked earlier, like you're very Woo, like,

Unknown Speaker  11:30  
so I can talk about anything, but like soul connection to me is just when you're connected with a true essence of your being. And I do believe that on at the end of the day, we're all connected. And we all come from the same place. And we're all you know, we're just different iterations in this lifetime. So it's really remembering that because when we come to this lifetime, we completely separate and forget most of us, not all of us. But most of us forget that we are connected to each other, and our own soul in that way. So it's just that's why we feel separate and lonely.

Unknown Speaker  12:07  
So getting back is I think, our journey of our whole life. And I don't know what you believe is like, it's just a journey back to remembering who we are.

Unknown Speaker  12:16  
Holy crap. Do you know who Donald Walsch is? Yes.

Unknown Speaker  12:23  
Yeah, with God, I've had a chance to interview him several times. Every one who is on track in his own path says virtually the same thing, whether it is whether the fact that like, in conversation with God, he says, We are all one. And we are all one, which is a very simplistic and very complicated statement all at the same time.

Unknown Speaker  12:52  
And, and that we are trying to remember, or remember or rejoin our, who we, the community of who we really are. And it's so it's powerful stuff that you're talking about, isn't it?

Unknown Speaker  13:07  
It's powerful. And it's so like you said, it's, it's simple, and it's not simple, it really is simple. But we make it very complex. Let's say that we make it very difficult

Unknown Speaker  13:20  
things as an example, when you when you take a look at the divisiveness of our society, whether you if you are a Christian, or a Jew, or an agnostic or, or whatever, we tend to categorize each other as different. When we are not, we are still all the same. We have the same DNA, we come from the same place, we have the same energy. And and we're going back to the same place as well, then you know that well, right, right. And well, I think a lot of it's taught, right, like we're taught how to see the world. Yes, we're taught how to categorize things. You know, unfortunately, it's only in all our parents and all of the people around us, teachers, everybody, they're only doing the best they can as well. They're only taking what they have been taught. So it's just and then you factor in, like you said, religion or society and culture. And that's all got to construct and it's just, it's hard. It's hard not to take it on. I mean, you're not rewarded if you don't take it on, right.

Unknown Speaker  14:28  
But the basic concept, the basic idea that you have here is to reconnect to your soul and your purpose and who you really are, and what you're what you're really here to accomplish and what you're really here to do. I think that's just fascinating work. One, I think that's what we're all longing for at the end of the day, whether we know it or not, you know, and that's why we get into careers that don't suit us, but because it's, there's a good logic for it. Right. And then you hear about people burning out or feeling unsafe.

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
Till then the midlife crisis, all of that stuff because they're not so connected. They're not doing it. No, it's almost like, presented as a pipe dream. Like, follow your bliss, right? That's almost like, oh, that's kind of hippie stuff. Like, it's not response. It's irresponsible to do that. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  15:20  
Yes. And and it's not. But you know, following your bliss is, gives that connotation that it is, but, but

Unknown Speaker  15:30  

Unknown Speaker  15:32  
everybody that I know, and I would be interested in your opinion on this, everybody that I know, at one point in their life, says, Why am I really here? And is this all there is? I mean, is it the two kids the picket fence, the dog, the house, the you know, the job, and then I retire and then I don't have enough money to go travel. So I have to sit in my house and watch 28 hours of TV a week, and sit there and wait till I die? Is that all there is there's got to be more than that. Everybody seems to go through that at one point in their lives. And I think it's their soul saying, Hey, stupid, I'm here.

Unknown Speaker  16:14  
I like it over here. Like,

Unknown Speaker  16:17  
you you got you got a whole agenda that you have to fill. And and that and by the way, you design the agenda yourself. And so I'm here to help you deal fulfill the agenda and what you had always wanted for yourself. And, but a lot of times it takes someone like you to be able to bring that out in us so that we can understand it.

Unknown Speaker  16:43  
Yeah, I definitely, it's hard to do it for yourself a lot of times, just because we're so we've been so well, especially.

Unknown Speaker  16:52  
I don't know, there's there's lots of people, I'm very, I don't like categorizing people, I know, there's so many different people, and we all have different perspectives. But if there's, if you're like me, you are kind of the person who was like, you were the good girl, you follow the rules, you try to make others happy.

Unknown Speaker  17:10  
And so kind of falling out of those lines would put you in danger, right to put you at risk of upsetting somebody.

Unknown Speaker  17:18  
And following your soul didn't seem like a safe thing. Because it's like, what is that? Like?

Unknown Speaker  17:25  
What is that follow your soul? You know, it's more like no, I need to know the rules. Tell me what, what's expected of me. And I'll just follow those rules. Again, of course, there's a lot of people who like, tell me what's expected of me. And I'm going to do completely the opposite, right? They're going to rebel. And I'm not going to do that. But I'm also not going to follow my soul.

Unknown Speaker  17:47  
And I think we get into this, it's the ego saying, This is who I am. I'm the good girl, or I'm the rebel. And so we fall into that and hold on to it tight, versus looking in and checking in and saying, Is this who I really am, you know, now becomes my identity. Well, now I have to be the rebel, because that's what people expect of me.

Unknown Speaker  18:08  
And how do you help people strengthen and heal their connection to their soul?

Unknown Speaker  18:16  
It's really, it's kind of like you're saying, like, we're all one. Like, it's so simple.

Unknown Speaker  18:22  
But it's not. But it's really is it's like, even when you're talking about like, you get to a point in life, where is that all or is? And I think, and we suffer, right? We suffer when we're thinking that? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  18:36  
And we've suffered, because we're not really being in the present moment. We're either regretting the past, or we're thinking about the future and how we don't have enough money. We haven't achieved what we wanted, we still need to do all these things. And so we're kind of not here. And so getting connected with the soul really, that I found, and there's so many different ways and I'm super, like, if you know me at all, it's like, I am super wrapped up in there's no like blueprint. There's no like, step by step thing you can do and be so connected. It's your personal journey. And you have to kind of play and discover some really into playing curiosity.

Unknown Speaker  19:17  
But it's really coming down to being present, whether that's through meditation, or, you know, being in nature, or whatever it happens to be, could be journaling. I don't know what, like it's different for different people, but it's just giving yourself the time and space to do that just to be present. And say,

Unknown Speaker  19:37  
even saying out loud or internally setting the intention, like I do want to connect with my soul. And I usually start if people are having trouble I start with heart connection.

Unknown Speaker  19:47  
Because to me, that's the gateway to the soul.

Unknown Speaker  19:51  
If you can, if you can understand and you can open your heart

Unknown Speaker  19:56  
energetically and and and

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
To really be open to, to other people and other experiences and and recognize that for good or for bad, it's all it's all actually, in my opinion, it's all good. Because it's the it's all the experience that we need to have to become the person that we have are designed to be. Absolutely. I totally agree with you on that. Yeah. So I got to ask you now, we've got, we've got our soul. Okay. And this is this is where it gets complicated for folks. We've got our soul, and then we've got spirit guides, and then we've got angels over here. And then how does that in your world? I know you've given them quite a little, little, a lot, a lot of thought about it. How does it all work?

Unknown Speaker  20:46  
I mean, how does it all work with it? Yeah, the angels. I'm glad you mentioned the angels, because they're always there. And like,

Unknown Speaker  20:53  
I feel like, you know, they're helping us along our way, right? And they're never thinking like, Oh, my God, what is she doing? Like, I can't believe she's doing that again. Like,

Unknown Speaker  21:04  
they're so loving, you know, they're just so encouraging and loving. And it's like, they're not judging us ever. And they're just so ready to help at any time. So they're, they're, they're, they're like, you have your soul. And I agree with what you said earlier, like when you said, like, Hey, you actually came up with this plan before you came into this life? It's like, we came up with our own agreements, before we came into the world. Do you know Dr. Sue mortar? Not yet, I hope to soon she is she explains it wonderfully. She has this lovely metaphor, I love her, called the bus stop conversation, where, you know, people are getting ready to come to this life and the souls with these beings, these presences are at the bus stop, and they're all talking to each other. Hey, what are you gonna go to Earth to experience? And so what's your journey? What are you going to do? And so we all come up with our own thing and, and ask others for help, hey, well, I really want to experience

Unknown Speaker  21:59  
shame, so I can heal from it, and then help others. And then someone will say, Well, I can help you with that I can come into your life and be your parent or you don't. So there's this conversation that happens. And then she talks about us, our souls coming to this lifetime. And she calls it the big splat. And when the big slap happens, we all just like, like our beings, just like out, and then it's the rest of our lives trying to recollect all those pieces. And I totally resonate with that. It's like, we have this soul. That's,

Unknown Speaker  22:31  
you know, I believe there's multiple lifetimes

Unknown Speaker  22:35  
that we keep coming back, there's things we've experienced.

Unknown Speaker  22:40  
And so it's just kind of this essence is kind of how I see it. And we just, we forget, like, if you call it a SWOT, or you just call it, we just disconnect.

Unknown Speaker  22:51  
And it's just that journey back to me, we're here to have a human experience. And that is not like all roses and sunshine, it's to experience things, the good and the bad, all of the emotions, all the feelings, and then to evolve. So, you know, what's really interesting about that is if you believe like I do, and it really is, in my world is more of a knowing now is that this is a grand illusion and a great game. Because at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter. Because if we survive it, and but this isn't who we are. So we still get to go back to heaven, or to home. I like to call it home or so. And and we can review what we did, and laugh about a cry about it a little bit. But but it at the end of the day, it doesn't define us. And it doesn't really matter. Because this is kind of like a grand stage play. So So you're right. It's like it's like a bus stop you what you want to you want to learn about forgiveness. Well, you know, I love you, dude. But I'll give you some to forgive about and stuff. And so you know, we so we can learn the lessons that we want to learn while we're here. But at the end of the day, on your last day, when when it's all said and done, and that you cross over. You're like, well, now I get to go back and do it again. Right, right. No, and I call it the great homecoming, you know, yes, it's that great homecoming, and, and it's so interesting how you you said like, it doesn't really matter at the end of the day doesn't really matter. But here on Earth, if you told most people that they would get very upset with you, they wouldn't get with you. Because it's it'd be like, No, it does matter. This is like we're all in it's high stakes. And that's how most people live their lives. This is a high stakes situation. Yep. And then the sin thing and all that kind of, you know, we've got a whole lot of, of stuff that we've put around our existence here.

Unknown Speaker  24:58  
And we forgot to

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
If we just care for each other, and be kind to one another, and and to relax and enjoy the life that we have, which means that I, you know, there are people that are going to listen to this in the future that I am going to implore them. Next time you leave your house, stop, look at the sky, look at the trees, look at the people around you. And just enjoy the moment.

Unknown Speaker  25:25  
Yeah, I think especially that's the like the talk about suffering, I think Buddhism, they talk about suffering quite a bit. And it's like a sufferings all illusion, it's an illusion, we make up with our minds. And when you really get quiet, and you're in that present moment, you're like, oh, actually, there's nothing that there's no suffering happening here.

Unknown Speaker  25:44  
Even if you're going through a really deep emotional time.

Unknown Speaker  25:48  
And I'm not trying to belittle or make light of whatever that time is, it's still

Unknown Speaker  25:55  
part of that whole

Unknown Speaker  25:58  
fullness of experience that we get to, to be here for. And it's a grand adventure.

Unknown Speaker  26:05  
I just love the concept of thing I think about this, you you get to

Unknown Speaker  26:12  
you get to be at home, and everything is perfect. And everybody loves each other. And it's just a perfect society. And then you get to come here, and you get to learn all about hate division and fear. And, and you forget everything that you know about the other side, and you have to spend your entire lifetime reacquiring that information and stuff and remembering who you really are. And sometimes some of us make it and some of us don't. Right. Although I feel like, you know, I feel like

Unknown Speaker  26:47  
what was it? 2012? Right. 2012 was the whole Mayan Calendar thing, right? Yes. And so 10 It's almost 10 years ago,

Unknown Speaker  26:59  
is amazing. So but I feel like since that time, and that's when Eckhart Tolle I guess he wrote that a new earth before that before 2012 He was referring to and I feel like there has been a super rise in consciousness, there's been the rise of the feminine, there's been like this, this urgency to get back into balance between masculine and feminine. And I feel like I've met more people, younger people who are coming to getting to the work sooner rather than later, like some of us, and they're learning it faster, they're more open, or they're even not having as much baggage, as a lot of other people did. So I feel like it's a good thing like we're churning. And

Unknown Speaker  27:41  
I faster. I couldn't agree more. by the, by the way, another thing that people get, and I get into trouble about is when I say there's a reason why we get old and die,

Unknown Speaker  27:52  
is so that the evolution of the consciousness will continue to move forward, because of people who have the same beliefs that they had in the 60s that they do now. And if those were allowed to continue, then there wouldn't be a moving forward of the consciousness. And that's one of the things that we are all tasked with doing is to move the consciousness forward. Do you agree with that part? I definitely agree with that. I mean, even if you look back at things, I mean, it's frustrating in some ways, because it feels like some things don't move very quickly at all.

Unknown Speaker  28:32  
Some things like racism don't seem to progress very far at all, even through decades, right.

Unknown Speaker  28:41  
But it is progressing. It's I can see like, especially like, oh my gosh, after 2020 Like things really started turning a little quicker.

Unknown Speaker  28:51  
And it's a lot of healing that needs to happen. I mean, it's the whole thing. There's a lot of healing that needs to happen. And I think sometimes people feel like, I just want to heal, like it's an easy thing. But it's not easy, necessarily. And it takes time. And so there has to be patience, there has to be compassion. There has to be

Unknown Speaker  29:14  
well, self compassion, I think that's that's the thing too, is we start to be really hard on ourselves.

Unknown Speaker  29:21  
I know I've been there that's that's been me. I've had to do a lot. I was like, this is this is so funny how we get I'm really into stories, Kevin, like the stories we tell ourselves in the stories we believe and the identities we take on and one identity I took on when I started the self help thing, or personal development was like, people talked a lot about healing and stuff like that. And that was like a trigger for me on like, healing. I don't need to be healed. Like I'm not broken. I don't need healing. That's not for me. That's for other people.

Unknown Speaker  29:53  
So I'm like I'm a person who doesn't need healing like, was like this little thing. I don't need that. So if you start talking about healing, I'm going to check

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
count mentally.

Unknown Speaker  30:02  
But healing doesn't need to happen. And it's once you kind of, it feels like a loss of control. If so, if somebody if you're a control freak, or recovering control freak like me,

Unknown Speaker  30:14  
then being vulnerable and open to healing can feel very unsafe

Unknown Speaker  30:22  
and alarming, and I bet it's really a beautiful thing. It's just not always easy. It just, we can't just blink and you're healed. Unfortunately, it seems to me that that takes a certain amount of life experience in to get to a certain point where you are then willing to say, because I've been, I've been through that as well, where you're saying, Nope, you know, I got this, I'm fine, I don't need anybody's help. I can do this by myself, just leave me the hell alone, I'm fine, thank you.

Unknown Speaker  30:57  
And you get to a point where then you open up, and you allow someone like you to work with you and to delve deep without judgment, without without any any repercussions of do being able to tell the story. And then you can let them let them go. It's but that's a hard place for some people to get to. It's hard. And I remember when I first started learning the concepts of coaching, and you had to be the best, the coaches are non, they don't judge you, right? They don't judge you at all, they don't get attached to your results or what happens. And that can be difficult.

Unknown Speaker  31:40  
And when you're that person for somebody, this is the thing that I I was a little surprised about when I first started coaching formally, was

Unknown Speaker  31:49  
if you're holding space for somebody in a non judgmental way, no matter what they're telling you, you're probably the first person who has ever done that for them. And it's such a gift, because we're all holding all the stuff inside feeling like people are going to judge us and there's gonna be repercussions or something.

Unknown Speaker  32:10  
And it's just just having the space to like, not be judged. Is so freeing. That's, that's healing and of itself, you know?

Unknown Speaker  32:21  
Oh, very much so very much. So is it as a coach

Unknown Speaker  32:26  
when somebody comes to you,

Unknown Speaker  32:28  
and they have a story, or they have got something that that you as a human being because you're a coach, but you're still a human being that you vehemently disagree with? How do you keep your judgment out?

Unknown Speaker  32:43  
That's hard. I remember like, I got I think I had like early days of coaching. I think there was somebody who she had some belief that was totally like, I totally got it my shit. I can't remember what it was about that it was about something that was like Fred, pretty black and white. For me. I feel like it was hunting or something. Like, I don't live in now like, okay, so I'm a I also am an animal kingdom, a communicator, like I'm vegetarian, I don't, you know, so hunting animals just doesn't make sense to me.

Unknown Speaker  33:13  
Most of the time, okay. I gotta tell you, because I know you're an animal communicator. And it seems to me that if you, if you can talk to the animals, you probably don't want to eat them anymore. You don't want to eat them. No, it's not not doable at all. So, you know, you just have to come to a place of love like this is this person's journey. You know, you love that person where they are, no matter what story they're wrapped up in. But then you can also lovingly say, and that's a story, you're wrapped. You're wrapped up in, right? Like, that's how Alison could do that. For me. It's like, Yeah, I'm gonna call you on your stuff. It's just like, I'm not judging you. And let's look at let's get curious about is this really you? Because we're holding on tight. And this is what happens is you hold on to an identity, like I held had an identity, I don't need to be healed. And then someone challenges that identity or questions it, then you really hold on tighter, right? Don't you ever do that? Like when someone's like, Well, no, you're not. And you're like, Yes, I am.

Unknown Speaker  34:16  
And so when you're like, Well, okay, I can see why.

Unknown Speaker  34:21  
The question I always go, my go to question is, is that serving you? You know, whatever this is that we're talking about? Is that serving you? And if it's serving you, and you feel it is with who you are today, it's different if it served you in the past? Is it serving you today? And if it is, then okay, that's, that's fine. You know, let's be fine about it. We don't need to judge it. We don't need to criticize. I don't expect people to be like me, you know?

Unknown Speaker  34:52  
Well, that's the interesting thing about the human experience is that we all get to have a different experience, even though we're having the same extreme

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
He's right, right. And you can see it like once you start to go around, and you see people getting angry and upset,

Unknown Speaker  35:09  
especially about something like politics. And you can see it's coming from. I'm right, you're wrong sort of thing. And it's really tight. And it's like, wow, it's really embedded in their identity.

Unknown Speaker  35:19  
And that's how, then there's no conversation happening. Because it's this wall that's put up, there's this deep divide of separation. And it's not opening up to love. And this whole, you couldn't say like, well, we're all one and connected.

Unknown Speaker  35:42  
Interestingly enough, I do have one of those people in one of those conversations in my life, which is

Unknown Speaker  35:52  
years ago, I had a drink as it goes back 20 years, I had a boss and he was a district sales manager. And, and I was the sales, the salesman and we became friends over time. And one of the, the cornerstones of his existence was integrity, the existence of truthfulness, integrity, and that you always do the right thing.

Unknown Speaker  36:17  
Fast forward 18 years. And we've, since he did not like President Obama, who I thought was maybe one of the best presidents we've ever had. And so we fell out of contact. And then then I then we contacted each other again, and he now is a firm believer in Donald Trump.

Unknown Speaker  36:42  
And that was not it was not possible for me. And I said, But But But Mike, what about your integrity? Your integrity is and truthfulness and honesty, and doing the right thing are really, really important to you. How can you defend somebody who doesn't uphold those values? And so because he wanted to be right, he was willing to trash his entire thing to go do something else, because then he could be right about that and disregard the things that he had held so closely to him in his earlier life. And it was it was for me, it was became a deal breaker, we could no longer even have a good conversation. Because

Unknown Speaker  37:33  
he, I couldn't trust that he was that he had integrity anymore, or that he will be honest about it. You know what I mean? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  37:42  
You know?

Unknown Speaker  37:47  
It's interest, like, I didn't think we'd go down this road, but um, I didn't either, but that's

Unknown Speaker  37:54  
as you as you said, when we started sometimes I just don't know where I'm gonna go. So we don't have to if you feel uncomfortable, no, no, it's not that at all. It's not that at all, um, I. So when I think Trump before Trump got elected, and he was considering running or something like that, or maybe he was even gotten the nomination to be the Republican nominee. And I had a client

Unknown Speaker  38:20  
who was who was Muslim. And he had written a beautiful book that eventually got published by Hay House, and he's just so spiritual. And he's such a beautiful human being, just a beautiful being. And just, and we were talking about Trump for some reason. And he's like, Gosh,

Unknown Speaker  38:38  
gosh, I hope he doesn't get elected.

Unknown Speaker  38:42  
He's not even American, this client of mine. And I said, Oh, gosh, no, I hope he doesn't either. But I could see it as a possibility. I can see it as a possibility, unfortunately, and I said, if it does happen, I can see why it might be a good thing. Because he's going to

Unknown Speaker  39:03  

Unknown Speaker  39:07  
the truth of what a lot is going on in this country. And it's not that he created people who had these ideas and beliefs that were similar to his they were already there. They just weren't being vocal and visible. So once you get that out there, then that starts a conversation. You know what I mean? So it was like, this whole thing happening and even with Trump, like, Okay, I'm not a Trump supporter.

Unknown Speaker  39:30  
At very far from it, I did my fair share of marching after he got elected.

Unknown Speaker  39:38  
And I've come to a place of seeing him from a place of love, because I see how very terrified he is. I in my mind, I've seen as a very scared

Unknown Speaker  39:51  
person who

Unknown Speaker  39:53  
does it has never felt loved.

Unknown Speaker  39:56  
So that's kind of where I'm coming from. Not that I do

Unknown Speaker  40:00  
like him at all, or I'm gonna do anything like I just,

Unknown Speaker  40:05  
but I see where he's coming from, he's in that place of not, his consciousness isn't there yet, and he feels not loved. So he's doing everything he can to get acceptance and approval, it's never enough. And this is what we all do. This is what we all do, when we don't feel loved. When we don't feel love, we're going to do whatever it takes to fill that hole, whether we know it or not, and whether we say it's love or not, you know?

Unknown Speaker  40:29  
No, I agree, I agree with you, 100%. And I'll even go and say this, that I think that Trump was

Unknown Speaker  40:38  
necessary for us to begin the healing process that was so deeply ingrained in some of us that nobody ever talked about, I 100 100% agree with you. Now people are talking about it, right, and then realizing that we have a long way to go, you can't heal these things without talking about it, you know, or even having the awareness. And I think that's, that's all of us, like,

Unknown Speaker  41:07  
you know, there's certain levels of awareness that we have. And

Unknown Speaker  41:13  
it's been a lot more, it's been waking up a lot, a lot of people. And I think that was necessary, not fun, like, if you have any astrologer friends.

Unknown Speaker  41:25  
And they saw this cataclysmic thing coming, you know, especially with 2020. And they're like, Yeah, this smell makes sense, this is what needed to happen. So that we can then move forward as

Unknown Speaker  41:38  
conscious beings.

Unknown Speaker  41:40  
It is everything is held in the shadows, which is where a lot of a lot of the negative human behaviors and the things are, they're kind of swept under the rug, they're held under the shadow so that what they don't need, so they never get exposed. So we don't talk about them, and we don't ever heal from them. And so it festers, and it becomes the interesting, it becomes the same over and over and over again. But you know, the thing that hardens me the most are the young people that are growing up in our country now. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  42:14  
It's as an example, racism is going to go the way of the dodo bird because kids, quite frankly, and and also the acceptance of other lifestyles.

Unknown Speaker  42:26  
Gay and lesbian people and, and, and all of that stuff is going to go away. Because the kids don't care. They've grown up with it.

Unknown Speaker  42:36  
They've grown? Yes, yes. And, you know, again, we're learning a lot of things. So there's this, there's groups of there's generations of people who just don't accept, you know, someone who thinks differently, acts differently, different values, and they teach that to their kids. And you can kind of see it, although I do I agree with you. I do see that it's, it's changed. I think the younger generations now are starting to think, question more for themselves, like they're learning to question more, whereas I think, earlier generations, we were taught not to question. We weren't rewarded for questioning. And so I think they're, I think definitely there's that's going on that they're questioning and I just feel like they're more. I'm seeing a lot more. I don't know if you're seeing this but and I live in California, so it's a pretty

Unknown Speaker  43:26  
you and I both live on what the is affectionately called in the middle of the country. Yep. Yeah, they live on the Left Coast out there.

Unknown Speaker  43:38  
So but I am seeing more.

Unknown Speaker  43:43  
Especially with girls, you know, there's a lot more confidence, you know, so one of my stories, too, is like, because I no one ever told me to do this. But for some reason Kevin got into my head because I wasn't worthy or all this stuff. I decided to follow my brother's footsteps who I really looked up to, and my father and I'm like, I'm gonna go to college to be an engineer. Okay, that could have that's the worst idea ever. So I applied to all these schools to be an engineer.

Unknown Speaker  44:11  
And I got into one, and I went there. In my first semester. It was like civil engineering. I didn't even know what it was. And the first class there was like, This is what civil engineering is. And I'm like, thinking to myself, I don't want to do

Unknown Speaker  44:27  
why am I here? And I had no aptitude. It was the worst experience ever. Actually, that's why I developed an eating disorder because I went from like a student to like a C minus student and it was horrifying. But my parents never judged me the whole time.

Unknown Speaker  44:43  
But one, I was in that place of like, following in those footsteps. I totally think I just lost my train of thought, Kevin.

Unknown Speaker  44:56  
You were following your footsteps. So let's see.

Unknown Speaker  45:00  
And I don't know, either, but that's okay.

Unknown Speaker  45:04  
It was a good story too. It was going to go, it was going somewhere. It'll come back, it'll come back. And that's the cool thing about it. Well, first of all, is do you do a lot of podcasts?

Unknown Speaker  45:15  
Um, no, not really. I like, I liked having this. I mean, I like having cool conversations for sure. Yes, it was see. And that's, if you haven't done this much, it's easier to lose your train of thought, and because you're a little nervous, and all that kind of stuff. And so as we do this more, and first of all, will you come back so that we can talk some more? Oh, I would love to Yeah, this is great. We can talk all day. I'm I'm in and thoroughly enraptured with, with your energy and who you are, and, and the types of things that you're working with, and, and to develop and to help people who are interested in getting in regaining their soul connection and, and really figuring out a different way to live. And like you said, you, by the way, I cannot see you in an engineering school of any kind of any way. I know what this point of the story was correct? Well, so at the time, so this was 1984 by 1984. And

Unknown Speaker  46:16  
when I was in this program,

Unknown Speaker  46:20  
this was at UC Berkeley, it was like 99%, men versus women. So I was one of like, maybe three women in the program or something like that. And my nephew, just graduated from UC Berkeley from the College of Engineering just this past May. And I went to his graduation, and I did not graduate from the College of Engineering vital.

Unknown Speaker  46:45  
Just Just to put that to rest. I had to change to English major, which was awesome. But he graduated, I went there. And there were so many women graduating, like in some departments, it was more women than men. And so I feel like this is what's happening like this is the tide turning.

Unknown Speaker  47:04  
With so many different things, because back in the day, back in the day, women were told they couldn't do things like science, like math. Remember, Barbie? Do you remember the talking Barbie who said, math is hard?

Unknown Speaker  47:19  
Like, this is what I grew up with math is hard. So I think things have really shifted quite a bit. There's more awareness. And that's how things slowly shift out. So racism, I think you're exactly right.

Unknown Speaker  47:34  
LBGT Q, more awareness, more awareness, and things becoming normal, even to the point with now and shows that we're watching on Netflix or whatever, whatever streaming platform, having more actors of color in roles than they ever used to have. You know, it's just, it's it's starting to, it hasn't gotten there yet. It hasn't gotten there yet. But we're trying to normalize things more. You know,

Unknown Speaker  48:02  
I remember the first interracial kiss on television. Do you remember that? Was that? In the Heat of the Night? That was not television? That was a movie? What was that? Star Trek?

Unknown Speaker  48:17  
The original series, and it was all her the communications she was she was a beautiful black woman.

Unknown Speaker  48:26  
And, and

Unknown Speaker  48:30  
Captain Kirk, and but they were, they were captured. And they in these people could do mind control. And so they kissed but it was a forced kiss because somebody else made them come together. And because they could control their body and their mind. So they made them do that. So it wasn't even a real kiss. But that was the first in the right. And that was like in 1968. Okay, that's why I don't remember it. But that was

Unknown Speaker  48:58  
but that I remember that show notes. So that was a big deal. I'm sure there was quite an uproar about that. Oh, it was a it was a big deal. It was a big deal. Well, you know, and all the way back to the in the late 50s. When you know, Lucy? I Love Lucy. Yeah, she was the first person to actually be really pregnant on on TV. I remember that I know is that so see, even though sometimes we feel like things have not changed very much. They actually have change. And to us, it feels very slow. But, you know, I think things can change like that sometimes. And the sad thing is, there are some people that really do not want change because they're scared of it.

Unknown Speaker  49:46  
They're frightened of the fact that they're going to lose their whatever it is that they think that they have that they really don't have to begin with. But they're scared of losing that. Well. That's understandable like that's where the compassion comes in. Because we're all

Unknown Speaker  50:00  
scared of I mean, change is scary.

Unknown Speaker  50:03  
Change is scary. And I think it's the whole identity though it's the ego. Like when you release and surrender to we're all one, that kind of thing. Like, we're all coming from the same place. We're all connected in some way. If you can finally get to that place, it feels so freeing. It's very empowering. There's no more, I gotta win, I got to beat these people. There's no competition. It just what when you're separate it is it's a very much a competition. And you feel like, well, if this person's winning, then I'm losing. And especially in this culture, and we reward winners, we don't look very well on losers, quote, unquote, losers. So that's, that's all wrapped up in identity. And there's so much wrapped up in our identity that it just, it makes it hard to unravel and let it go.

Unknown Speaker  50:53  
You know, what's what's really interesting for me, I have a saying that I say sometimes, and I say it sometimes just to irritate people, because it does. Because I because I say,

Unknown Speaker  51:06  
I just want you to know that your life is empty and meaningless.

Unknown Speaker  51:14  
And you can imagine the response I get like,

Unknown Speaker  51:18  
What do you mean, empty and meaningless? What do you mean? I've got value? I've got meaning, buddy, let me tell you. Yeah. So I say no, you understand the fact the matter is, every day when you get out of bed, you get to wake up and assign whatever meaning you want your life to have that day. And you get to fill it up with whatever makes you happy.

Unknown Speaker  51:40  
Yeah. And then they go.

Unknown Speaker  51:43  
Let me think about that.

Unknown Speaker  51:45  
Because it's hard for them to get the hard for some people to get through that. Because you're right. It's a competition. It's, it's get that extra buck, get a better house, get a better house in my name. And I did that when I was a kid, every, you know, until you learn that none of that matters. Well, you know, I like to say we live and breathe. Stories, we believe. And there's a bumper sticker, there's a there's a t shirt.

Unknown Speaker  52:12  
But that's so empowering to me, because you can we actually write our own story. So we could say like, Okay, well, this is a story, I believe it's, I don't like it. I don't want to keep it anymore, I can change it to something else. I just need to figure out what I want to change it to.

Unknown Speaker  52:27  
What's serving me today? And you know, you know, we don't, we can't, that's where the compassion comes in. Again, it's because we wrote a lot of stories for ourselves when we're very young. And we did what we needed to do to survive like it was it helped protect us and keep us safe at the time. But then the story that served you when you were five, maybe isn't the story that's going to serve you when you're 50. So it's just, you can now change, let the story someone gave to you, you can actually say, Okay, thank you for that story. And now I'm going to write a new one. You know about anything in your life? Well, just like for you, if you believe the story that you told yourself, when you were five, you would not be doing what you're doing today. Not No, I would not absolutely true. And so you've evolved through that over time, which is I think, what we are one of the things that we're here to do, and you should be congratulated for doing what you do. I've been told that you are an extraordinary visionary and a,

Unknown Speaker  53:27  
a intuitive and I think that somebody needs to come work with you. That's what I think, Oh, thank you. No, I just, I, this was not the work that I had ever planned to do. Like, right, you could figure that out. If I want to, I tried to be an engineer. I wasn't gonna plan to be like hanging up my shingle to be an intuitive healer or psychic or whatever. You know, that just wasn't on my path.

Unknown Speaker  53:53  
So but the fact that I've gotten to this place that I'm finally saying yes to my soul, because I've done so many things that my soul said, please don't do that. And I'm like, but now it makes sense. Like, this makes sense to do this thing. Now that I'm finally doing my soul work, it just is. So it's just so fun. Like, I just love it. It's fun. And

Unknown Speaker  54:16  
I love supporting others who are on the same path. Just because again, it's just like, I'm coming from love and compassion. And I know what it's like to be in that place of like, wrapped up in your story of thinking, like, you're not worthy. Like, I mean, like me, I'm not worthy. I don't deserve to exist. I mean, that's, that's a horrible story to have. So to actually say like, wow, I can actually release that story. That's cool. Right.

Unknown Speaker  54:42  
And that feels really good to help people in that way.

Unknown Speaker  54:46  
One thing I just have to tell you is I do try I try I really, really, really try. But I cannot sometimes get through traffic without getting mad at somebody and

Unknown Speaker  55:00  
You so But I try I really. So I'm still human, I've got lots of work to do. No, that's, that's part of the human experience, like Anger is an emotion as long as you don't get, like so wrapped up in the anger, that it then you know what I mean? Like, if you can feel the anger and let it express itself and move on.

Unknown Speaker  55:18  
There's nothing wrong with that. It's just, I don't know, I don't know, the whole Zen. The whole like, oh, like, I'm, I'm definitely not there. I mean, I still have all my stuff going on. And I freak out about things. And it's just, it's just part of being human. And it's kind of a cool thing. You know, you kind of see it that way. If you if, and as far as like the Zen thing goes, if you if you lose your emotions, in my opinion, you lose the good ones, as well as the bad ones.

Unknown Speaker  55:46  
So like when you when somebody hits a homerun is your team, and you jump up and down and say, Yay, if your zen like, you'd be okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  55:57  
You know, so it's different. And it would, it doesn't. For me, it doesn't work because I'm an emotional guy.

Unknown Speaker  56:05  
And I use all of my emotions, sometimes not for the greatest of ideas. But you know, that's, that's, we also, don't you think we have to forgive ourselves? Absolutely. And that's maybe the hardest one for some people, is to forgive ourselves. I mean, that's, that can that can be something that feels so uncomfortable, even the concept of it. But that's where, again, you're coming from compassion, like if you're gonna have self compassion, and just be like, we judge ourselves, Kevin, we judge ourselves so much.

Unknown Speaker  56:40  
If you can come from a place of like, you know what, I love myself, even though right?

Unknown Speaker  56:46  
Then that's all part of my journey. If we're getting on to like, Well, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, right? Even the mistakes we make the quote, unquote, mistakes,

Unknown Speaker  56:56  
they all happen for a reason, they all bring you to a certain place. And that's part of your journey. So

Unknown Speaker  57:03  
forgiveness is pretty key, though. And I just want to point out to everybody that even though you know, the, with the law of attraction, and and manifesting things, you can manifest something. And it may not happen in the time that you think that it should happen. Absolutely. I was I manifested something and 20 years ago that showed up this year. And I had no idea that it was happening. But I distinctly remember 20 years ago saying, Can you please give me something here to work with? And it took 20 years, but it's here.

Unknown Speaker  57:38  
There you go. Yeah, it definitely. That's what you have to do is, that's how law of attraction works to is like, you have to release right? Like you, you ask. But then there's this surrender. It's not like, you don't get tied up in your details of how and when it's supposed to happen. Because that's the logical mind saying, I'm going to control it in some way. And no, it's not about controlling it. It's about trusting and surrendering, which is to me is one of the hardest things I'm still wrestling with that, that trust surrender and faith. That's because I've operated very keenly for most of my life on logic.

Unknown Speaker  58:14  
That's what I was rewarded for. And so to kind of tell logic to take a backseat it's very hard for me

Unknown Speaker  58:20  
by the way, we've been talking with with Kim and pronounce your last name for me to make sure that we get it exactly right. I think Well, the way I say it is Nishida.

Unknown Speaker  58:30  
That's the Americanized version. It's probably because I'm I'm half Japanese half Korean, so it's probably Nishida, if you're going to be technical about it, but I just say Nishita given a very good thing you can go to soul connection. is one of our website. She's got a couple that you want to give out another one. Yeah, soul connection community is a great membership that I have. You can also get more info and some free like a free ebook for me at Soul Soul

Unknown Speaker  59:04  
Very cool. Very cool. Why we have to wrap this up. And I'm I need to have you back again, if you if you will be so kind. It's been so much fun. Kevin, I really have enjoyed this time. It's kind of flew by to be honest. It does. It does for me as well. But before we go, I want you to be able to tell our audience, the ones that are listening now. And the ones that will be listening in the future. Because here's the thing. And you You're right, well, you're just saying that you've got to create something and then just let it go. I create these episodes and then I say to the universe and to my guides. All right, I did my job. You do yours and get whoever needs this episode to put it in front of them. And that's the end. So with that, I want you to be able to tell our audience now or in the future, anything that you would like them to know.

Unknown Speaker  59:58  
You are powerful, more

Unknown Speaker  1:00:00  
Powerful then you know, you have this beautiful soul. It's not like

Unknown Speaker  1:00:06  
once you tap into that, then

Unknown Speaker  1:00:09  
it's just so freeing like you believe and trust it. Connection is easier than you think. And it can happen for you. Like all you can release all these stories and write a new one.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:24  
Tim macheda has been our guest and I want to thank you so much for being here. My pleasure, Kevin. Thank you. And if you wait right there, I'll need to do this and I'll be right back. You got Hey, thanks for enjoying this episode. All the way to the end. Please give us a like and subscribe to this channel. This has been a production of positive talk radio dotnet please visit our website oddly named positive talk radio dotnet for more details about us and our mission, which is to provide great positive programming designed to inspire us all. I'm Kevin Macdonald real I'm proud of these shows, and I truly hope that you'll like them and share them with friends and family. So on behalf of our entire team, remember, be kind to one another because each other's all we

Unknown Speaker  1:01:12  

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