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278 | Shiraz Baboo - Success Mindset Coach

September 24, 2022

278 | Shiraz Baboo - Success Mindset Coach
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The biggest lesson life has taught me is that your beliefs create your reality. It’s not the other way around. When you come to accept this then you get to a place where you can begin to change your beliefs and watch your reality change as a result. Here’s how this principle was shown in a huge way to me…

At the age of twenty-two, what seemed like a great life for me took a sudden turn as I was struck with arthritis. This was not just the “my joints hurt” kind. There were days when I would literally crawl to the bathroom to pee, struggling not to scream or cry from the amount of pain I was in. Everyone advised me to take arthritis medication, but I refused. You see, my mother had arthritis too and she’d been on many medications for years. While they helped her at times, she kept having to switch to new ones as her body stopped responding to each one. She also got addicted to pain killers for a time. On top of that, the side effects of the drugs left her legally blind and deteriorated other body functions. I was having none of that, no matter what pain I had to endure. Luckily, the disease would go into remission for periods. It was not until years later that I found out what triggered it.

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Unknown Speaker  0:03  
Welcome to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas, one conversation at a time. So, stay with us. Right now. We present

Unknown Speaker  0:16  
you with us today, we got a heck of a show for you today. And I'm glad that you are here. And if you're a coach, you really need to be here. But really, if you're just about anybody, Shiraz Baboo is with us and he is a coach and he actually coaches coaches. Let's see, how can I say this, he coaches coaches to be better coaches, and which is a wonderful locker up a wonderful way of, of, of being and I was gonna say occupation. That's what I was gonna say. It's a wonderful thing for you to be able to do. And if you want to go to his website, you could go to Shiraz. That's And you can find out all about him and his work.

Unknown Speaker  1:09  
extra shifts with an S, as interest shifts your reality your prospective trust. Yes. Yes, indeed. So.

Unknown Speaker  1:19  
So I so single English is my second language.

Unknown Speaker  1:24  
But it's great fun to have you here because you're going to talk to us about actually shifting your reality and it goes far beyond coaching. If you can use it in any any of life's pursuits that you want to have. Well, that'd be awkward way to say it. Yep. Because I mean,

Unknown Speaker  1:45  
it's not just that it's beyond the coaching, I found over 90% of the stuff I deal with to help people make, make people be better coaches has nothing to do with their coaching practice. So everything else leaks in and affects the practice. I can I can only imagine. Yeah, that's absolutely true. So. So how do you get one of the things that you do is you help people shift their mind shift their attitudes about certain things? How do you go about doing that?

Unknown Speaker  2:16  
Through years of actually, first of all, thank you, Kevin, for having me on.

Unknown Speaker  2:21  
Even going to the bathroom, I forgot to thank you for being here.

Unknown Speaker  2:26  
I'm glad to have you. Because in this day and age, every one of us wants to do and have the life that we truly want to have. But we've got things that block our ability to get that done. And a lot of times we don't even know what that is. And that's the biggest problem because you don't know what it is. And when I work with people, and I have a conversation with you, I can actually tell when your conscious beliefs match your unconscious beliefs. And that's fun.

Unknown Speaker  2:59  
I got a feeling like I'm gonna be a guinea pig. In this episode, we can make you a guinea pig if you want.

Unknown Speaker  3:05  
Well, what's one of the things I like about doing this is I get to talk to some of the most incredible people. And I take advantage of that whenever I can. So

Unknown Speaker  3:16  
yeah, so you bet. So when you talk about what you just said, expound on that a little bit. Oh, but say, okay.

Unknown Speaker  3:29  
So one weird little quirk about me is when energy shifts around me, I tend to yawn and cough. And, and it doesn't have to be just between you and me. It could be the people watching the show, I could go into reaction. I know it sounds a little weird and crazy, but people in the mood get it. And so people just hearing what I said, we're going into reaction, and I was I was gonna start to cough there. So I know we're starting off weird, but this is just where we're starting off.

Unknown Speaker  3:57  
Being able to tell when people are telling, telling themselves the truth, is a very, very cool skill to have. And I call it a skill because it is teachable. I didn't used to be able to do it. I learned how to do it. I teach people how to do it. And so when someone comes to you, let's say a coach comes to me and says, I don't have enough clients. I'm like, Okay, I need a lot more clients. I'm like, Nope, that did not come up true.

Unknown Speaker  4:22  
They're like, What do you mean? Of course, I need clients. I'm like, No, the phrase I need clients is not coming up true for you. So part of me was thinking I don't need clients, or getting clients will be bad for me. So let's find out what that's all about.

Unknown Speaker  4:38  
And then we start going down the rabbit hole.

Unknown Speaker  4:42  
That's, that's, that's really interesting. Because, see, and I don't call a woowoo because I think it's just energy it is and you're able to tap in to an energy that you've learned over time how to do and it's just kind of like everything else.

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
like a muscle, you exercise it. And so you, you can use it that way. So, so you're basically a human lie detector, pretty much. Yeah. That's that's a pretty, I don't know how good a skill that is.

Unknown Speaker  5:14  
It makes for interesting conversations.

Unknown Speaker  5:17  
In a session, it's great. When I'm just out in the socializing. It can be interesting. I remember being out and chatting with with someone and he was talking about his band. And he said, Oh, you know, we've got a lot of gigs here in Toronto where I am. And I'm really enjoying it. I love the reactions from the crowd. I love sharing my original music, and, but we're going to start a road tour soon. And I can't wait to get my music out to the rest of the world. And I just watched his energy drop, even though he was like, I can't wait is energy just. And as he kept talking little things from clues, he said, from words and phrases, I realized he's so scared that once he goes out of the comfort zone of Toronto, where he knows everyone likes him, people might say, Oh, he's musics not that good. Alright, I don't I don't like it. I don't like the way the band performs. And he was afraid of all that judgment. And so even though he talks about getting on bigger stages, and more exposure, his whole body will say, No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker  6:13  
No, that's, that can affect the energy around him and other people as well. Yeah. That's, that is amazing. Now, when you see energy? Well, let me ask you, do you see energy? Or is it

Unknown Speaker  6:26  
a feeling that you get? Or is it an emotional attachment that you have? And how does it work for you? It's everything.

Unknown Speaker  6:33  
And this is one thing I learned a while ago, because you hear about people and they they see it or they feel it, or they talk about how they do it. And for a while I was trying to perceive all this based on what other people were saying.

Unknown Speaker  6:48  
And after a while I said, You know what? No, however it wants to show up. Let it show up for me. And it turns out, it shows up for me in every way possible, based on who I'm interacting with.

Unknown Speaker  7:00  

Unknown Speaker  7:02  
that's, that's got to be kind of intimidating for somebody that is like a narcissist or an incessant liar, or somebody like that. Because Because you call him out on all the time. Yeah. But it also makes for some interesting things. Because like, there was one client I have that when she's not in her truth, or when something comes up that internally she doesn't want to deal with. She can taste that she can physically taste the achiness of that limiting belief or horrible past experience, or whatever it is. And because I'm so in sync with her, we'll be working together. It's especially amusing in a group that I say something and then we both go, oh, at the same time.

Unknown Speaker  7:50  
Well, that is funny.

Unknown Speaker  7:52  
And but it's, it's true. How to how did you decide that you wanted to get into this and learn all about it so that you could use it to practice it? So my journey started when I got rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 22. Oh, that's terrible. It was terrible, right. I mean, I was a bodybuilder I was studying to be a doctor. So I had like that ideal life ahead of me. And then within months, I was in pain in every single joint in my body, like every joint. And there were mornings where I would be trying to walk. But the cartilage had deteriorated between my legs and my ankles, and I could feel the bones grinding against each other.

Unknown Speaker  8:38  
Yeah, and there were evenings where I sit my dinner through a straw because my job was so swollen and painful. I couldn't move it.

Unknown Speaker  8:44  
So I was just trying to get nutrients in me anywhere I could. So this became my life. Oh, man, you were sick. I mean, that's, that's awful. Yeah, it was. And you know, some people may not relate to that, that kind of pain. But I think most people can relate to, I've got the plan. I've got my whole life set, and then out of nowhere, bam.

Unknown Speaker  9:05  
It's gone. And you're just left scrambling, trying to figure out what to do with your life what you're supposed to do now, why this happened to you? I mean, I was like, What did I do to deserve this?

Unknown Speaker  9:17  
I must have done something or this horrible thing wouldn't happen to me. And and but that's what you tell yourself and you go into the self blame, you go into pity for yourself, and all these emotions come up. But eventually I managed to get back into the swing and start to create a life with the arthritis is just part of what was going on. And arthritic buildup of pain tolerance fairly quickly. But the interesting is, thing is it still takes a lot of effort. It'll take anywhere from two to 10 times as much energy for an arthritic to do the same thing a normal person can do. Yep, right. Oh, no, I've got it too. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  9:58  
And so this is this is my life.

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
I went back to work, I decided to switch majors I became a software designer and procreate program. It's so cool.

Unknown Speaker  10:10  
I've ever had problems with words just like you today. This is interesting.

Unknown Speaker  10:14  
Because there's so much energy flowing.

Unknown Speaker  10:17  
So yeah, became a project manager. And, you know, I go to work every day in pain, but I'm able to hold myself and people didn't realize how much pain I was in, but I made my life work. And, and I in the meantime, I was trying everything. I was trying medication, I was trying supplements and diets, I was trying

Unknown Speaker  10:33  
acupuncture yoga magnets, I tried. If someone said, here's the newest concoction that's out there, that's made my arthritis go away. I try that. And, and nothing worked. Well, actually, everything worked for a little while, and then it just stopped. It's like my body built up an immunity to any solution that I could come up with. Oh, wow. Yeah. And it was almost 20 years later that I finally met the guy that just redefined reality for me.

Unknown Speaker  11:03  
I am so you lived with rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years? Almost. Yeah, that's would be horrible. I mean, because like, I've had both my hips replaced, and I swear to you, if I lived in 100 years ago, before they had the ability to replace hips, I'd be dead now. Yeah. Because you can't, you can't do anything. If it's bone on bone, and, and or your knees and all that. So. So in the end, then people say, Well, you know, why don't you just get out and walk? It's like, Sure.

Unknown Speaker  11:35  
That's a good idea. And it was funny, because I did get out and walk. But by the time I was in my late 20s, I was doing that little old man shuffle, you're hunched over, and just moving along. And you know, and you're getting passed by people that are older, like that are like 60 and 70. And you know, what the hell, man?

Unknown Speaker  11:57  
Oh, that would be awful. That'd be awful. Why? So tell us about the guy who changed your life. So because I was I had flown to India, I expected this guy to do some sort of energy healing, Reiki kind of like, we're just going to heal your body first. Like that's, that's really what I expected. But this guy just sits me down and talks to me for about two weeks. And it's like being with a psychiatrist. He's asked me all these questions, but he's not trying to solve anything. He's just gathering all the information about what happened to my life.

Unknown Speaker  12:29  
And at the end of the two weeks, he says, Shiraz, you believe you're responsible for everyone in your life?

Unknown Speaker  12:37  
No, I don't.

Unknown Speaker  12:40  
That's crazy.

Unknown Speaker  12:44  
He said, I know you don't think that. But from everything you've told me, you've created the belief that you need to be responsible for everyone. And it started when you were eight years old.

Unknown Speaker  12:55  
So I said, Okay, I know I'm a responsible person. I don't think I'm responsible for everyone. And even if I was, what does this have to do with arthritis?

Unknown Speaker  13:05  
And he said, Well, you don't want to be responsible for everyone. I'm like, yeah, duh. Like, and he said, if you're lying in bed in pain, you don't have to be responsible for anyone. And you don't have to feel guilty about it. If people can see you're struggling just to get through your day, no one's gonna ask you to take care of them. It's the solution for a problem you don't realize you have.

Unknown Speaker  13:30  
That's pretty brilliant. Because there are a lot of people that would like to, I don't want to do this. So I'll just lie in bed and pretend I can't do it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  13:39  
Yeah, but here's the thing. Some people will do that and pretend they can't do it. But some people will proactively create an illness or a situation. So they don't have to do it. So they don't have to feel guilty.

Unknown Speaker  13:51  
Most of the illnesses in the world are solutions to problems people don't realize they have.

Unknown Speaker  13:58  
Oh, that's interesting. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  14:01  
And you and so you dealt with that? And then did that help you? So I said to him, so wait a sec, if what you're saying is true, all I have to do is say I'm not going to be responsible for anyone but me. And I shouldn't have arthritis. It'll just go away. And he just looked at me straight face. He goes, Yeah, if you believe it, deep down inside, that you don't need to be responsible, then you don't need the arthritis. So I just gathered my will in that moment. And I said, I'm not going to be responsible for anyone, but me. And you know what happened?

Unknown Speaker  14:36  
No, nothing.

Unknown Speaker  14:41  

Unknown Speaker  14:43  
I was thinking there's gonna be a miracle here. No, there wasn't. But the next morning I woke up, no pain, no inflammation, more mobility. I could even breathe better was really weird feeling breathing, being much easier for myself because I didn't realize how much I was struggling till it was not

Unknown Speaker  14:59  
and so on.

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
freaking out,

Unknown Speaker  15:01  
just like, needlessly, so I can understand why. Yeah. And I'm checking my body out. And I'm like, What is going on now the damage from the arthritis was still there. Yeah. And I've been working to repair the damage. And that's been coming along. And like my wrist used to be frozen. And now I'm getting movement coming back and stuff. So.

Unknown Speaker  15:21  
And this is a really important lesson for people. Because sometimes you get miracles. And sometimes you get journey, the release of the arthritis was a miracle, the repairing of my body is journey, it's a journey. But if you're not willing to have the journey, you don't get the miracles. And I see a lot of people are just looking for a miracle, I just need the miracle. I just want the miracles. It doesn't work that way.

Unknown Speaker  15:43  
So now here's the here's the fun part. There was a track at the place we were staying. And I was out on that track, and I was passing everyone that day

Unknown Speaker  15:55  
is happening. It has to be really, really freeing because I know what it's like it's been it's been years since I've been able because of my hips and my back and all that I haven't been able to run or sprint.

Unknown Speaker  16:09  
And since I've for you know a while, but it must be freeing to be able to do something like that, that you weren't able to do. And now you can do it. It's got to be a real motivating factor for you to do more. It's incredible because now I can run I can sprint, the cartilage is regrown. Everything is being repaired to my body. And it's amazing. All right. But the lesson I took away from this is, and the through further research, I found out that your brain prioritizes the avoidance of emotional distress over physical circumstances.

Unknown Speaker  16:49  
It does not give a crap about any of your physical circumstances, just the emotions you experience.

Unknown Speaker  16:57  
All right, it's arthritis is better than guilt.

Unknown Speaker  17:01  
That's it that is really interesting. And so you've learned that now are you helping people and, and work at using those techniques to help people and heal people? So it's I do I do have healings occurring with people, but I'm working more with like with coaches, helping them with their business, helping them with their life. And we do get healings occurring as a result of that. Because like one, one person I was working with, she had fibromyalgia. And she'd been suffering for years. And as I talked to her, I said, Oh, quit your job. She's like, What?

Unknown Speaker  17:37  
What's your job? She goes, I can't quit my job. So why can't you could show I've been working for there for years, I've got a pension there, I lose my pension. It's the only thing I need I know how to do. And I said do you love your job because I hate my job.

Unknown Speaker  17:51  
And I said your body has come up with a way to keep you at a minimal amount of hours at your job. And it's called fibromyalgia.

Unknown Speaker  18:00  
And eventually, I got her to quit her job. And two days later, the fibromyalgia was gone.

Unknown Speaker  18:07  
It's amazing what the mind is capable of. Yep.

Unknown Speaker  18:11  
So and this is what happens with every situation now. And it's not just like we're talking about body. But

Unknown Speaker  18:17  
like I said, Without if I say, what's the problem? They say I need more clients. No, you don't want more clients? Why don't I want more clients. For instance, one client I was working with, she could never get more than four clients a month, she does one on one coaching. I think it's like $2,000. So she's still making a decent living 2000 times for each month. But she wanted six or seven, that would be her sweet spot where she's helping more people. She's got a nice income, and everything's just flowing in her life, never more than four people. And when we looked at what was going on, it turns out that she had this, this unconscious belief that if she goes past four, it's not going to be five or six or seven, it's going to be 15 or 30 or 40.

Unknown Speaker  19:02  
And that's just too many that would be completely overwhelming for one on one coaching. She's making up a story that doesn't even exist yet. But that's the thing. You're avoiding the possibility of the emotional distress, not the emotional distress. And people might say well she doesn't have to say yes to all these clients. No, she was a grief and trauma counselor.

Unknown Speaker  19:23  
If she says yes to someone coming to her to help against trauma she'd feel like absolute crap there would be so much shame and her mind says okay after for your choices are overwhelmed or shame take your pick

Unknown Speaker  19:38  
and and just how is she doing now? To she? By the time after we got her to realize what was going on and shift her beliefs. By that afternoon of that session. She was five clients by the next week. She was at six clients and now she consistently gets six or seven clients every single month,

Unknown Speaker  19:56  
which gives her a nice income makes her happy and she

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
She's not overwhelmed. And she's not overwhelmed. And if she gets more than that, she just sends them to any of her colleagues and she can get an affiliate cheat.

Unknown Speaker  20:08  
So she Win Win, win win win. Yeah, that's, that's, that's really cool. So, if somebody was, so when somebody comes to you, how does the process work?

Unknown Speaker  20:19  
So we we look at what is the I like to start with? What's the biggest issue you have? And we and I started talking to you and find out where the initial blocks are. And when we start shifting the blocks, and it's bringing up the awareness and asking, Are you are you ready to let go of that story? Right? Are you willing to step out of the story you've been for years? And and this is the thing and I say it that way? Are you willing to step out of that story? Because the one thing I want to be clear with the people I work with, is I'm getting you to the problem. You're the one stepping out of the problem.

Unknown Speaker  20:48  
I'm not here to save you, I'm here to guide you. So you can save yourself.

Unknown Speaker  20:54  
I get it. Okay. And at the same time, you know, when someone's being less than truthful with you? Yes. And even when they say yes, I'm willing to step out of the problem. I can tell when it's real, or it's not real. And I'll say, No, you're not not ready. So let's let's look at what else is in there.

Unknown Speaker  21:12  
And I recall that when we talked the first time that you kind of went down that road with me just a little bit didn't go very far. Just and it was one of those things where I was like, No, I don't think so. But but it was, but it was a real deal. So, let's let's let's play a little game. You and I by the way, first of all, if you want to find out more about Sharise Babu, that's right, right Sherry's Shiraz, Lectron,

Unknown Speaker  21:44  
Shiraz, Van Babu, you can go to his website, which is Shiraz And that's with an S at the end. And then you can find out more about him. Your work is fascinating. Do you find yourself fascinated by it? Are you amazed by it? Every now and then, every now and then, yesterday, I was in a summit and we had these seven minute breakout sessions where we're supposed to teach a lesson in seven minutes. And I was able to do the explanation which took like two minutes,

Unknown Speaker  22:19  
do a session and then do a wrap up conversation, which was like another one or two minutes. So I was causing people to shift their reality in like three minutes in less. And the group was sitting there going, what the hell is going on?

Unknown Speaker  22:37  
I can only imagine how do you get a lot of people to go watch his energy stuff? Is it is it I can't believe that you're doing all that stuff, whatever it is. No, you're and you're here's the other thing, this is the cool thing, because you attract into your reality, what your stories are all about. And when I started doing this, I was nervous about it. And I thought, okay, what are people going to think? And so the people that started showing up going, Oh, it's this energy stuff? Like, what is this? Does it really work? One of my friends called me an unlicensed psychiatrist. So it was, it was kind of interesting. But when when I made the shift and said, Okay, first of all, I'm not going to react, they're going to think what they're going to think so I'm just not going to let it affect me. Then it started to slow down. And then when when I really just didn't really care about it. The people I meet, I'll go, wow, that's really cool. So those people that are out there that are going to say, Well, that's all crap, they just don't show up in my world.

Unknown Speaker  23:35  
Isn't now that is something that you can teach anybody to do. Yes. And, and because a lot of times we get, we keep getting hit with the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. And this time, it's going to be different and that kind of stuff. Let me give you an example. From my own life. I have all I've been doing this a while I did it in 2003. And for a year and then I had to give it up for a while and I've always wanted to have a co host. I always wanted to have somebody to banter back and forth with it's never worked out. Because we've never had we've never vibrated at the same level for whatever reason. And it never is to this day. It still has never worked out. Why is that? Do you want to co host?

Unknown Speaker  24:31  
No. Okay, so that no, that actually did not come up. True. So you do want to kowtow co hosts will any co host be good enough?

Unknown Speaker  24:41  
Yes. Okay, that's not quite true. There's a pushback on that.

Unknown Speaker  24:48  
So if you believe that no co host is going to be good enough, you're only going to interview co hosts that aren't good enough.

Unknown Speaker  24:58  
Oh no, you

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
The way it works, right? Because that's the way your beliefs are going. And the cool thing is when you keep interviewing calls, and then are good enough, you get to be right about your story that the other co hosts aren't going to be good enough. People love being right, you get a dopamine hit from being right. And then you get in a dopamine addiction to finding bad co hosts, or really bad calls, but out of alignment, co hosts for you. So if I were to shift my thinking into I looking for the absolute best co hosts, that I can, I guess one of my fears would be that they'd be better than me. Yeah, that just came up when you were saying that I could feel that.

Unknown Speaker  25:36  
I was about to say it, you said it first.

Unknown Speaker  25:40  
So, so what I'm actually looking for then is somebody that is good, but not great. Because then know what you want is to not fear your co host being better than you.

Unknown Speaker  25:57  
Right, because that's the fear of embarrassment, or shame or not enoughness. And that's all emotional stuff, and your brain prioritizes, the avoidance of those emotional feelings over the physical circumstances, which is why you don't get a co host. Now, if you have an amazing co host. And this is the thing, when you're willing to have a co host that is way better than you, then you tend to get the co host that matches you perfectly, because there's no resistance, I don't care if he's better, I don't care if he's worst, I just looking for a really great time of the show. When there's no resistance, everything shows up. And usually the best thing for you shows up. But as long as there's resistance, as long as he's not better than me, or she's not better than me, as long as long as you know, everyone's like, it's Kevin show, but that's the sidekick or whatever it is, then then that's resistance to getting what you want. Right? And this is a big thing with people with money. It's like people want money, as long as people don't come asking me for it. As long as it doesn't change who I am. As long as I don't have to pay more taxes, like and that's all saying I don't want money, I don't want money. I don't want money.

Unknown Speaker  26:58  
And so they don't get money, and so they don't get money.

Unknown Speaker  27:03  
I got a question for you. Okay. And when by the by the way, that is very, very true. Because my first reaction about about having a really, really good co host is that I don't want them to overshadow me. Or, or into you know what I mean? And so it makes it. So how do I? So I can eliminate that by just the wild telling me how can I eliminate that. So you've got to look at it this way. This is where your life is right now. This is where you want to be all the wonderful things the best possible life. This is the horrible things. So where I am now awesome co host co host that overshadows me. Okay. What however much was like we think that okay, I'm willing to go all the way here, but I'm only willing to go a little bit this way. Right. So this is the kind of life I'm willing to create. But everything works on resistance. So however much you're resisting this way, you're actually resisting this way, the exact same amount.

Unknown Speaker  28:01  
Oh, wow. So when you're willing to have a co host that completely overshadows you, this opens up. And the cool thing is, when you've opened this up in this complete willingness, you tend to only get this stuff, but you can't trick it, you can't say okay, I'm willing, and then expect that to show up, you have to truly be willing, for all possibilities show up. And then the best possibilities tend to show up.

Unknown Speaker  28:23  
That that is that is amazing. And that is amazing. Now this this actually works with like your your work and what you do works with like the law of attraction and, and a bunch and, and a bunch of other stuff. So I have a real quick quick another quick question for you. And which is that when I was doing the show in 2003, I was trying really hard to manifest money because I needed the money to do the show because it was costing me you know, like two grand a week to do the show. And, and but it never showed up. And it never showed up. And so I ended up having to go away from the show and do some other stuff until I was able to come back. But then this year, right now when i right when I turned 65 I found a pension found me that I had no idea that was even out there. That was 20 years old. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  29:15  
How hard were you trying to make money for the show this year? I'm not that's the point.

Unknown Speaker  29:22  
trying really hard is actually creating resistance.

Unknown Speaker  29:26  
Isn't that isn't that's just because see, I'm setting up now because of where I live in the the the money that I have that's ongoing. I don't need to generate any money for the show. Yeah, need energy is resistance. And this is why it gets so hard for people because I don't have money. I need money. I've got to find a way to make money or all of that is resistance. And it goes against what we've been taught and that Oh, I don't have any money. So I should just relax and not worry. Well, yeah, it doesn't mean you don't do anything. You still take action, but you can take that action without worrying or with

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
Pouring, and most people do it with Waring, which gives them less Miss smaller results, you can still get results, but you'll get them way better. When you're more relaxed when you're in a happier zone, that rather than when you're worried, frustrated, or terrified, see, and that's in 2003. That was the driving force behind everything. Because I needed to, I needed to make a certain amount of money in order to make it pay. And it wasn't it wasn't happening. And so I ended up having to give it up. But 20 years later, it's just manifested. And it's just, it's just there. It's just easy. Yeah, I went through a similar thing in that

Unknown Speaker  30:39  
there was a period in my life where I went from making those, this was the funniest thing, because I'm trying to use this law of attraction stuff, I'm still trying to figure it all out. And I'm like, I've been doing six figures for years. But I looked at all this law of attraction stuff. And I've watched the secret of that time, and I was all hyped up on it. And like, I can go to seven figures from six figures if I just use this stuff. So I started applying the techniques. And I went from six figures to zero figures.

Unknown Speaker  31:07  
For two years, I made zero income, not even a little bit to two years zero income, with the thought that I'm still going to break through this and make at least figures, six figures if not seven. And so I kept spending, like I was making six figures.

Unknown Speaker  31:26  
So imagine that bank account.

Unknown Speaker  31:30  
Okay. And so eventually, it got to a point where I was paying one credit card off with the other credit card. And I got done. And I got to the point where I finally made that last payment so that there was no room on either credit card.

Unknown Speaker  31:43  
And I was panicked, I was worried what am I going to do now at that point I'd been couchsurfing from with family members. Because I had no place to live, I was about $80,000 in debt. And

Unknown Speaker  31:56  
at something just inside me just said, Stop worrying. And just let go.

Unknown Speaker  32:02  
And that doesn't mean just give up. It means keep doing what you're doing. But just let go of all this worry, like all the frustration and the fear. And I said, you know, nothing else has worked. And some of those lessons were in the secret and stuff, but you can't see them when you're in the middle of all this crap. But something just told me just let it go. And two days later, I got a job for $90,000 a year.

Unknown Speaker  32:30  
And it just showed up, it just showed up out of the blue. I didn't even like I didn't even apply for it. Someone said, Hey, there's this job. I think you'd be perfect for it. Why don't you go check it out. And I just got it

Unknown Speaker  32:45  
didn't at that point to just did you say, This is really weird, but it works. Yeah, that's when I really got it. And that's when I started just not worrying and not panicking and going with things. And one of the stories because they all your stories once you once you lock them in, and you just think this is just what happens to me. One of the stories I locked in was

Unknown Speaker  33:06  
if if ever I'm low on money, some something will happen. This is hitting some people in the audience or

Unknown Speaker  33:14  
whenever I'm losing money, something will happen to cause money to show up. I don't know what, but something will happen to cause money to show up. And what was really interesting, a couple of years ago, like right in the middle of COVID. I had this, this $3,000 unexpected bill come up. And I'm like 3000 Oh my god, what the hell and there was a momentary panic. And I'm like, wait, what's the story? Something will come up to take care of this. I don't know what it is, but something will come up. And a few days later, one of my clients called me and said, I want to take your energetic magic class. And I'm like, and I was looking at it. It's December. And she's like, Yeah, so I said, people don't come to the classes at the end of the December. They're spending all their money on Christmas presents. And she's like, but it's COVID. I've got nothing to do. I'm bored. I want to take your class. And I said, Okay, I'll put it out there. I'll post that the class is happening. But I need at least one other person in the class because you have to work together to learn the techniques. And if one person shows up, we'll do the class. If not, then I'm gonna have to get I'm just gonna cancel it. And she's like, Okay, I got nothing to lose. I'm not doing anything anyway. And it's a $500 class. 10 people signed up

Unknown Speaker  34:27  
a week before Christmas, 10 people signed up for that class, because you didn't put any limitations on it. And you just put it out there and let it be. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  34:36  
That's that is so interesting. In my experience, this time doing the radio show and the podcast and everything I'm doing is so different than it was the last time because I'm not afraid. It's not I'm not seeking the two May and money honestly, it just it just does show up. And so that's the end

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
I'm hopeful. I'm hopeful to make this this podcast and the radio show and everything I'm doing work really well so that I can pay the team around me and and do what I need to do. Am I lying to you now? That actually Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  35:15  
Am I lying about?

Unknown Speaker  35:18  
Okay, so before we go there, I want to clear the other thing that because we just like to sort of skip by that. Are you willing to step out of the story that you have to make sure your co host never overshadows you? Yes.

Unknown Speaker  35:45  
Energy on that one. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  35:50  
All right. Yeah, no, I do this all the time. It was. Yeah. It was just it just we did declare. And then it was just a whole bunch more than what I'm yawning. It's just still continuing the energies moving. And I can feel it hit some of the people in the audience, too. They've had issues with partners,

Unknown Speaker  36:06  
being overshadowed shattered by partners. So anyone that says yes, when I when I put the clearing, it hits them. Because you're the one doing it. I'm just the guide.

Unknown Speaker  36:14  
Right. So way cool. Yeah. So here's the thing with employees, are you responsible for all your employees? No, that's not coming up true.

Unknown Speaker  36:24  

Unknown Speaker  36:26  
And this is, this is the thing with a lot of business owners, and this is what stops a lot of entrepreneurs by from getting employees because they think they're now responsible for the employees, you're responsible for providing a healthy work environment in which they can thrive. If they choose not to, that's on them, that's not on you, you are not responsible for them. But if you think you're responsible for every one of your employees, that every employee you add becomes a burden to you.

Unknown Speaker  36:53  
And you'll, and every person has a maximum of that burden that they can so if that's as big as their their business can grow.

Unknown Speaker  37:00  
So when you're when you're willing to, to create the environment for the for the employees, to pay the employees, and to do everything without being responsible for them. That's when you can cause all that expansion.

Unknown Speaker  37:15  
So are you willing to destroy your belief that you have to be responsible for every one of your employees? Yes.

Unknown Speaker  37:40  
I have one of my employees in the Philippines, she's She's really nice. And I She's so worried I can tell every now that she's so worried about keeping her job and screwing up and doing whatever. And last year,

Unknown Speaker  37:54  
she sends she she says, I need to have a meeting with you. And I'm like, okay, and she said, I, I want you to know that for the next few weeks, things are going to be a little slow on my part for responding to you. And I'm like, why is that she goes because I'm going to have to give birth in about a week. And I'm like, you've been working pregnant.

Unknown Speaker  38:16  
And, and I said, yeah, no, that's not going to happen. She goes, what and I said, you're taking the next month off with pay.

Unknown Speaker  38:26  
And then we're gonna make sure your workload isn't that heavy afterwards. And so I've made sure she was it's light until she's had a handle on the baby. And then we can go back to the regular stuff. But she was just like, like, freaking out when Wait, what.

Unknown Speaker  38:39  
And then I sent her extra money as a baby bonus. But it wasn't out of responsibility for her. It was just I'd love to do this for her.

Unknown Speaker  38:49  
Then and that's that's how I feel about the folks that I have surrounded myself with.

Unknown Speaker  38:55  
I want the company to be a success so that I can pay them what I would love to be able to pay them.

Unknown Speaker  39:03  
Does that ring true? That is true. But the whole thing is you're saying it now from a place of this would be a wonderful possibility rather than I have the responsibility to make sure they get paid that much.

Unknown Speaker  39:15  
Which was a heavy energy. Yes. Yeah. Yes, I, I can't I can't do any and you're right. I can't, I can't.

Unknown Speaker  39:26  
I can't command other people to do stuff. But I really wants to provide an environment to where they can thrive as a human being, and really do well and feel good about themselves and the life that they have. And we all work together for the betterment of of everybody involved.

Unknown Speaker  39:46  
That's an that's really that really is what I would like to create. Yep. And that's and that's a wonderful way to go about it. One of the things that you know, I grew up with and this is this is where the arthritis came from, as well.

Unknown Speaker  40:00  
And it seems like it's noble. And it seems like what you should do and the belief you should have is from spider man with great power comes great responsibility with great responsibilities a burden and crippling, literally crippling for me. Well, no.

Unknown Speaker  40:13  
But with great power comes great choice. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  40:20  
Yes, it does. Yes, it does. You are you, I have to tell you, you're brilliant.

Unknown Speaker  40:27  
But you know that?

Unknown Speaker  40:29  
I am. And I'm not. That's the funny part of it. Because a lot of times when I'm working, because I'm just connected. I'm just getting the information. And there's been times where I've given a lecture and someone comes up to me afterwards and said, Could you repeat what you said about this thing? Because it was absolutely brilliant. I'm like I said, What?

Unknown Speaker  40:49  
And then they figure it out? And they'd say, and I'm like, wow, that is brilliant. Yeah, I didn't say that. No, you were up there. I said, Yeah, I know, I said it. But I didn't say that. That was just information coming out. It just came through you. Yeah. And so you feel you're connected to the other side to the source to get your guides, whoever, whoever the entities, and the thoughts and the energy may be, you're connected to all these folks? Well, everyone is, I know, but they don't believe it. So how can we get every end here? How can we get everybody to believe that they're all connected? And that we're all one and that we can all work together? And we can all have a terrific life together if we choose to? Well, I mean, you have to get through each individual's defenses of what reality is.

Unknown Speaker  41:34  
That's, that's the problem. Because I remember I talked about this, and one of my friends said, given what you can do, you could just go to the Middle East and create world peace. And I said, Yeah, he said, Are you being serious? I said, but they have to want it.

Unknown Speaker  41:47  

Unknown Speaker  41:49  
they have to believe that it's possible. Yeah. And it means shattering belief systems that especially religious belief systems, and most people aren't willing to go there. But I had to go there for my own well being. And then once I got there, and I started creating things that I started to seeing magic show up in my life, I'm like, oh, no, no, this absolutely works.

Unknown Speaker  42:11  
One time, we were going out to a party, and we, they didn't get tickets, they said, let's go to this party, and we get there. And there's a lineup that's 100 meters long for ticket holders. And then there's a short one for the people with tickets. And so we get into the the, the one for people without tickets, and sorry, the people without without tickets, and we're waiting, and we're waiting and seeing how slowly we're moving. And I did the math, and I said we're gonna get in there around midnight. It's 7pm. We're gonna get in there.

Unknown Speaker  42:41  
And they're like, well show us your magic. Why don't you just magic as in? And I'm like, okay, challenge accepted.

Unknown Speaker  42:51  
So they said, so what do we do? I said, we head over here. Why? I don't know. I'm being told, let's head over here. I'm now connected. Let's just do this. And so we walked right by the whole ticket, wait, waiting for ticket line, we start walking by the ticket holders line. And they look at me go we don't have tickets. We can't get in the ticket holders line. I said, I'm not saying we're getting the ticket holders. Like I'm being told to walk by the ticket holders line. And as we're continuing to walk one, one girl, there she goes. No, I'm not feeling it. I don't want to do this. Let's just go do something else. And so then her boyfriend says, Are you sure? And she says, yeah, he goes, anyone wants some tickets for tonight. And I'm like, I'll take those. Thank you got in line. 10 minutes later we're in.

Unknown Speaker  43:31  
And some people will say my what a coincidence. Yeah. But that had nothing to do with it. It happens so often, that it can't be coincident, everyone has experienced this. How many times have you thought about someone and they call?

Unknown Speaker  43:46  
Yep, you're connected? It happens too often for it to be coincidence.

Unknown Speaker  43:52  
It's a remarkable it's really is, again, is a cool concept if you understand it. But you know, do you feel you have to look for stuff? Do you have to look for connections and stuff? Or does it just kind of now your your muscle is very well developed? So it just comes to you, right? No, I mean, you have to you have to set the intention of this is what I want. Right? But once you set that out, and then just start taking action, all these things just start to show up on the side that you wouldn't expect. Like tomorrow, I'm leaving for Vegas for this event. And so sometimes they're big, and sometimes they're small, but I just got a call from someone today. And they said, Oh, you know what, we can't actually go and we've prepaid for our room at the hotel that we're all staying at. And I'm like, Okay, what's this got to do with me? said, Well, it's at a lower rate than yours and we can't pay so can you just pay us less than you would have paid the hotel? Take our room? Oh, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker  44:47  
That's an easy deal. Yeah, so I saved like 100 bucks for just sitting around taking a call. So now are you going to Vegas? I'm going to Vegas tomorrow. Red 32

Unknown Speaker  44:58  
Always bet on black

Unknown Speaker  45:03  
But 32 doesn't come in black, it's red 32

Unknown Speaker  45:09  
I always try and get people to that they go to Vegas if they just put a chip on red 32 and see what happens. If I'm buying a roulette wheel, I will put a chip on red 32 You're one of the few people that actually get that reference. So you must have been in the casino before. Yeah, I've been in multiple casinos. The crazy thing with casinos in me is I walk in with as much money as I walk out with, right. And it's crazy, because I went out on window and I'm gonna lose and lose and lose, but I never lose more. It just I ended up going oh, I'm back where I started.

Unknown Speaker  45:42  
And that's the best way to play. Yeah, I enjoy it. Yeah. And rather than lose it, see, I don't gamble because I lose. Now, maybe that is a self limiting belief all by itself. Would that be true? Yes, absolutely. Just like my my story is a limiting belief, because I always breakeven rather than win. But I don't mind that one. Because I'm not a big gambler. I don't care.

Unknown Speaker  46:05  
Exactly. It's so if somebody wants to contact you and work with you, how do they get that done? Shiraz? you can contact me set up an appointment, we can discuss what the biggest issue that's holding you back in? And how you can deal with it. And when somebody works with you, or you work when you work with somebody, is it multiple sessions? Is it 90 minute sessions? How does it work? So here's here's the thing.

Unknown Speaker  46:31  
It takes the average person six months of continuous work to completely shift their reality, even if they see results the first day, because you're addicted to your current reality. And even though you might have changes, you will go into withdrawal and pull yourself back. If you've ever been to a workshop, or gone through a program and come out of it and everything changed and things were going really well. And then you lost it.

Unknown Speaker  46:56  
Yes, sir. That was the addiction pulling you back. And it doesn't feel like that's what's going on. It feels like oh, well, this just happened and this was happening and the circumstances. But it's actually you creating everything, and using that withdrawal to pull yourself back to the original state. So when people work with me, often they start to feel different within the first session, they start to see changes within a few sessions, if not that first session. But we have to keep working until it's stable. And it's and it's not going to go away. And so I have personal a personal transformation program where I work with you until whatever we decide we're going to work on is changed. I don't say we work on everything, because then I'll work with you for the rest of your life because you've got a lifetime of crap and you but we pick that biggest thing. And we work through it with it till it's gone. But I also have a monthly program where it's a group program. And each month we work on different themes and just pull that out for the whole group. And the cool thing is, someone else in the group will say, I got this going on, you're like, oh my god, I totally have that going. I didn't know it till you said it, but then gets clear for the whole group. And that becomes a community of like minded people that can

Unknown Speaker  48:03  
have you found that, that when a group of people get together like that, that the change that they can create is enormous. It's It's amazing. And the whole thing about that group is I always tell people, if you want to be in this group, this group is about growth and change and higher ambitions. If you want to come into this group to be saved from your current life, you will not get in this group. I don't want that energy. I don't want that attitude in there.

Unknown Speaker  48:27  
So that's yeah, those are the people in the group. So if you want to be surrounded by those people that are striving for better lives and creating them, then come on in the group

Unknown Speaker  48:37  
but don't

Unknown Speaker  48:39  
be labor what you're doing now and and try and get out of what you're doing now. Be willing to open yourself up into change. Yep.

Unknown Speaker  48:48  
That's that's really cool. And and because you are a truth teller and a you can tell when somebody's lying.

Unknown Speaker  48:58  
It's would be you'd be a marvelous facilitator.

Unknown Speaker  49:02  
I hope so. Yeah. It's been good so far.

Unknown Speaker  49:07  
Very good. So if they go to your website, and I'm looking

Unknown Speaker  49:12  
I'm looking here at it and

Unknown Speaker  49:16  
you also do hypnotherapy? Is that right? No, no, no. What's, what is that I'm seeing on your website. Oh, I worked with a Hypnotherapist. She has a testimonial. Oh, very nice. Yes. He worked on my fear of success, which was blocking me from getting more clients. Oh, this is Gary. We're talking about

Unknown Speaker  49:34  
a different one. There's a bunch of them

Unknown Speaker  49:41  
and, and we touch they were scared of getting too busy or

Unknown Speaker  49:47  
Yeah, fear of success, actually, for that particular one. It was I'll get I'll become successful. A lot of people will see me they're all gonna judge me. I'm gonna have to deal with all that judgment. But I don't

Unknown Speaker  50:00  
When it comes to from what's what's success, so it's better not to get the clients and not to do well and stay small and invisible.

Unknown Speaker  50:08  
I got one for you. I want to be a nationally known talk already gone down. I don't know what you're about to say who it's already dropped. Okay, I want to be

Unknown Speaker  50:24  
I want to be a anonymous radio host. That gets lots of people that came up true. Anonymous came up true.

Unknown Speaker  50:34  
I wacky I can absolutely believe that though. What do you think I would do radio? Okay.

Unknown Speaker  50:40  
Would you like to be a nationally recognized radio host? I would love to be a nationally recognized radio host because I can help more people. Okay, that's not coming up. True. So there's the thing about being put in the spotlight that's holding you back?

Unknown Speaker  50:55  
You Yeah, because I'm not that pretty.

Unknown Speaker  51:02  
Say was radio?

Unknown Speaker  51:05  
Well, but

Unknown Speaker  51:08  
even even in radio, you know? I don't know. But okay, but here's the thing, Kevin. Number one, you're pretty. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  51:19  
too, if you're worried about how people are going to perceive you from how you look, or you're worried about judgment, either how you look, or how you show up, you're going to make sure you stay small and invisible.

Unknown Speaker  51:29  
And invisible is relative, because you've got this people are seeing you, but it's not the national and millions of people tuning in, at least I don't know. I don't know exactly how many people watch them. I know. It's, it's, it's good. But it feels like it's not where you exactly you you think you want to be at? So you you have to here's and here's the thing, it's just like, with the with the co host that we're having you, you have to be willing for people to hate your guts. As your as your success grows, as well as love you.

Unknown Speaker  52:02  
Right. And most people don't want that. Oh, that's a tough one. Right? But I look at it in terms of percentages. If for every 1000 People I impact and change the lives and help. One person hates my guts and wants me to die and just think Shiraz is the worst person ever. Then I want 1000 People

Unknown Speaker  52:24  
wanting me to die and hating my guts because that means a million people are benefiting from what I do.

Unknown Speaker  52:31  

Unknown Speaker  52:32  
That's it right? But most people go by, okay, I can have one or two, but I can't get to 10 or, and I don't look at it in terms of numbers I took I look at in percentage I make sure I'm, I'm putting so much good out there. I'm doing such a contribution, that that ratio is lots and lots of people loving me and a few people hating me because some people are going to hate you just for existing and just for being successful. Even if you're a wonderful person, they'll find it because that's where they live. Because your success is threatening their reality of everything has to be hard and everything has to be a struggle.

Unknown Speaker  53:01  
What's gonna happen?

Unknown Speaker  53:04  
That is and that's, that's one of those, that's one of those things that, you know, I want to put on a positive show, which is why it's called positive talk radio. And, and so I think everybody should come together and sing Kumbaya and love each other and all that kind of stuff. And there are there are people in our world that regardless of what you say, they're gonna say, Oh, that's a bunch of fucking bullshit. Yeah, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker  53:27  
And so many people are letting that minority keep them, keep them from growing in their business, in their money in their relationships, because they don't want those vocal minority to say anything about them.

Unknown Speaker  53:42  
But they're going to anyway, but they're going to anyway. But again, your brain is doing whatever it can to avoid the possibility of emotional distress, primarily guilt, shame, and heartbreak.

Unknown Speaker  53:56  
That's just brilliant. That's it. That's it. I'm going to have to hire your ass is what I'm going to happen.

Unknown Speaker  54:02  
Because you are very, you are very talented trees. And I and I want to thank you for being here. Can I? Will you come back and so that we can do a radio show on KK and w? And then we might be able to take some calls? Yeah, absolutely. Now can you do this with somebody on on like, on the on the phone kind of thing? I've done it through text.

Unknown Speaker  54:28  
Now that's amazing. Because but text has its own energy than that. Yeah. And it's not like I'm getting the energy of the text. I'm getting the energy of the person where they are as they're doing the text. So I don't care where you are. I'm just reading the energy of who you're being. Now when you when you are doing this work, and you're coughing and stuff is up because the energy is just

Unknown Speaker  54:51  
growing around you or it's going up or is it going down? Where it's when there's these big shifts in energy, I yawn and I cough and I don't know what

Unknown Speaker  55:00  
I that's just the way my body reacts and everyone's body reacts differently to energetic shifts. And the most common thing I see is yawning, or people feeling like energy in their body that feels released, like they feel lighter all of a sudden. Those are the two most common things I see. But I've seen burping I've seen people get hot or cold. I've seen little muscle twitches like it's it's it's the gamut. It's the full gamut of whatever happens happens. I was doing a workshop one time and this one guy went to the bathroom every 20 minutes, because that's how we process that he had to go pee.

Unknown Speaker  55:33  
Oh, either that or we had a prostate problem one of the I didn't actually ask. But like when I when I looked, it was always after a big clearing he, he'd run.

Unknown Speaker  55:43  
Oh, that is that is so funny. I want to thank you for being here. It's been it's been a pleasure, I'm going to and I'm going to set myself aside for a moment, I'd like you to tell our audience anything that you would like them to know.

Unknown Speaker  55:56  
It's, it's all about emotion. And most of the time you're trying to avoid bad emotion. But when you embrace good emotions, you get better and better results. And your body is addicted to your current emotional state. So if you get out of frustration, get out of fear, get out of anger and get into happiness, your body will become addicted to that. And it will cause more happiness to show up. My body is addicted to laughter. So I find a way to go off every single day whether I want to or not, because the addictions there. So imagine if you got yourself addicted to laughter or joy, or love or gratitude, what kind of life you'd be creating.

Unknown Speaker  56:37  
That isn't that is amazing. And by the way, these these shows, I'm addicted to them because they make me feel so good.

Unknown Speaker  56:45  

Unknown Speaker  56:49  
Exactly. And don't call me a liar about that. But I came up true.

Unknown Speaker  56:54  
It's full, it's so true when I have the opportunity to talk to someone like you who can make a genuine difference in people's lives. And I'm providing that gateway because there's somebody out there, well, you know this, there's somebody out there that is going to need this information. And they're going to tune into this, and you're going to be there, and then they're going to contact you. And they're going to say I don't know why I was just listening to this podcast, and I just found it and here it is. And that's how it works a lot of the time, you know this, this is cool.

Unknown Speaker  57:26  
It is really on sometime I have to tell you the story of of how the universe has made it so that I can do this. Oh, I would love to hear that.

Unknown Speaker  57:37  
Well, just real quickly, I was driving I did the radio show in 2003. I failed, but I love doing the work and just really loved it. And but I had to go get a real like a real job. As it turns out the one of the gals that I worked with who is a psychic medium on on the show, had a partner who worked for King County Metro as a supervisor in the bus depot. And and so she called me and I got a job with King County Metro for the for 12 years driving a bus and made pretty good money and right in my financial ship and everything was all better now. And then, three years ago now, I was 63. And I said I said to the universe because I often talk to the universe, I talk to my guides and say I really would like to do the podcast and radio show full time. Please

Unknown Speaker  58:33  
be careful what you wish for. Because Because

Unknown Speaker  58:37  
most son and I were driving around and we went and I said there's a 55 plus community over here. Let's go here I want to see something. And so we came here, I ended up buying a a mobile home where I live. Now I paid kit was able to pay cash for it. And so it reduced my financial burden significantly. So I didn't need to make any money to do this.

Unknown Speaker  59:01  
And I could do it, you know, and just have fun with it. And then I was

Unknown Speaker  59:07  
I was moving in here. And I was carrying a lamp in and I have stairs in the front here. I tripped on the stairs, and the lamp was in my arm and for somebody I made it. Go kind of Kitty Wampus and I ripped my entire rotator cuff on my right side and had to have surgery on that. And so I had the surgery and a month later a month and a half later I was

Unknown Speaker  59:35  
sitting here in my house with my son's new eight week old Labrador Retriever and I was starting to walk and the dog got caught up with my feet. I fell and tore the tricep muscle in my left arm. And so I and it was so bad that I couldn't get up.

Unknown Speaker  59:56  
I had to call the emergency folks and they came and got me

Unknown Speaker  1:00:00  
And, and took me in, I had to have surgery on that. But the outcome of all that was I couldn't work anymore. And of course, because I, I had disability at work, and so I was financially going to be okay and financially fine until I turned, you know, 65, which I just did now. So I could do this full time, which is exactly what I wanted. But they made sure that I couldn't do the other things, or anything else. But this, yeah, sometimes they got to do that to make sure you stay on task. And so this is this is my task, and I'm working to do it better and better all the time. And what why having guests like you is really important to the show and for the health of it, and I thank you, thank you for having me on. And just just for future reference, if you decide you want something again, when you don't hesitate and go into it full on the bad stuff doesn't have to happen before you actually

Unknown Speaker  1:00:56  
once he they knew that because I have two sons that both are not necessarily financially independent. And I needed to make a certain amount of money for them, so that they could borrow money from me all the time.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:11  
I was resistant you to retiring and doing it for so they said okay, well, this is what you want. And so we're gonna make it happen for you. And they did. I'm glad it happened and maybe not quite in the way it happened. But I'm glad

Unknown Speaker  1:01:28  
I am too. I'm all well now and I've and all that zooms that well. I'm although I heard a lot and I can't work but I'm I'm okay, so.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:38  
So everything, everything worked out just fine for me. So and but I believe so I believe in what you are saying wholeheartedly and how you work with people to help them

Unknown Speaker  1:01:50  
change and shift their mentality and what's going on with them so that they can do whatever it is that they want to do. And I love the fact that you're able to tell when somebody's telling the truth or not.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:03  
But you didn't call me a liar when I was telling that story. So they must be true.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:09  
The story is true. I'm pretty sure the story is true.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:13  
Yes, but But how that how the story came about and why it came about. Oh no. And I totally get how it came about and why Yeah, I mean there's little nuances in there this is why I brought up you know, you can have it without having the injuries.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:27  
So that that other than that yeah, everything was was bang on.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:33  
I want to thank you sir for being here. And and again, how do they get a hold of you if they want to talk to you Shiraz

Unknown Speaker  1:02:42  
It's been a pleasure having you I'll send you a link so that we can rebook you on kick NW when you come back, I've had a great time. I had a great time thing. Let's do it again. Okay, that will be that will be awesome. Thank you so much for being here. Wait right there. And I'll be right back. Thank you. Hey, thanks for enjoying this episode. All the way to the end. Please give us a like and subscribe to this channel. This has been a production of positive talk radio dotnet please visit our website oddly named positive talk For more details about us and our mission, which is to provide great positive programming designed to inspire us all. I'm Kevin McDonald, and I'm proud of these shows, and I truly hope that you'll like them and share them with friends and family. So on behalf of our entire team, remember, be kind to one another because each other's all we got to

Unknown Speaker  1:03:33  

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