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302 | Tye Glover - Positive Coach

September 30, 2022

302 | Tye Glover - Positive Coach
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I have been an innovator for over 35 years. Through the ups and downs of marriage, births, divorce, and soaring unemployment rates, I gained the life experience of knowing exactly how it felt to lack the resources needed to bring my projects to fruition.

My job is to teach Innovators how to progress viable ideas even if they’ve been abandoned many times before. I help the ideator change the way by which they view the delivery and completion.

I learned how to adapt and convert seemingly insurmountable challenges into the important virtue of patience by transforming my mindset.

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Tye GloverProfile Photo

Tye Glover

Chief Creative Officer

Beyond typical entrepreneurial coaching, positive thinking, and endlessly repeated, superficial "high-fives" to the traditional capitalistic mindset of "you can do this if you have faith," Think Different Nation presents a new way of understanding one's Competitive Advantage. It offers a methodology and platform for Thinking In Scale and Relaxing through the process.

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Kevin McDonald


Creator and Host of Positive Talk Radio and its Parent Company