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308 | Erin MacCoy - Spiritual and Business Coach

October 01, 2022

308 | Erin MacCoy - Spiritual and Business Coach
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Early on, I developed the gift of insight and a deep resonance into the feelings of others. To me, growing up, this was both a blessing and a curse being able to hear the thoughts of others, tune into their emotions, good or not so good, and be utterly confused as to why I was able to do this. These were the early days of developing and depending upon my intuition to guide me. Sometimes, when I spoke my truth, people would look at me flabbergasted wondering how I “could possibly know that”.

This, to me, is my calling and my honor. I help women discover and reconnect more deeply and soulfully with themselves so that they can live a meaningful, joyful, and easier life.

As an intuitive, empath, and certified coach, I encourage, guide, and witness the personal and spiritual development of these heart-centered badasses every day.

I feel incredibly blessed.

If you’re looking to consciously create the world you want to live in, let’s connect. I would love to learn more about you and your gifts.

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Unknown Speaker  0:03  
Welcome to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas, one conversation at a time. So stay with us. As right now, we present. And welcome back again to the same show just a few minutes ago, but I had I had an issue no, not that kind. I had somebody come to my door, and I had to answer them because I had to get them on their way and all that kind of good stuff. So we're gonna set this up and do it again. Because Aaron, Matt coy is what she is, I was clear and confident to say Matt coy. Yeah, you got McCoy. Because that would mean that you are from Ireland, not from Scotland

Unknown Speaker  0:51  
is right. As we discussed, that's another show. Another show we should go into our past lives.

Unknown Speaker  0:57  
Exactly what we are going to talk about that again, a little bit because I just I it's, it's, well, I'll tell you the story why that interests me so much. But first, let's I want to introduce you. Because you are a spiritual and business coach, and you work with people to help them live their lives, and correct me if I'm wrong, but live their lives more completely, more fully, and achieving everything that they would like, as a matter of fact, you just coined a term that I may steal from you. Do you tell something called spiritual potency, I love to see, well, I love you. And you just came up with that just while you were waiting for us to get go.

Unknown Speaker  1:39  
I just I just had this sort of like moment of thinking about how energy, how everything is energy, we've talked about that before, and just how the more that you are in alignment with your energy, the deeper your spiritual potency is and how critical it is to use your energy wisely in order to tap into that potency.

Unknown Speaker  2:04  
And if you decide that you want to have higher vibration via higher energy, you can create that, can't you?

Unknown Speaker  2:12  
Absolutely. Oh my god, yeah, everything is energy. I mean, the work that I do is mostly in the vein of helping sensitives or empaths, or creatives. iNtuitives people who have been told their whole lives, they're there too much, they're too sensitive. They're you know, they've been made to feel like they need to dim their light, that my work is to help them use their energy, their most precious beautiful energy in a way that creates a ripple effect across their lives, their businesses, and mostly nourishes the relationship to the self. That's the most important relationship we ever have. So,

Unknown Speaker  2:54  
and most people don't even recognize that there that relationship even exists.

Unknown Speaker  2:58  
Right? I think people spend way too much time listening and taking in the external and they forget to stay true to the innate truth, the heart, you know,

Unknown Speaker  3:10  
how do you teach people to do that? Oh, my

Unknown Speaker  3:12  
gosh, well, because I I'm a, I'm a hybrid coach, I work on, you know, life coaching on one hand, but my background is in business strategy. So I've spent the last 10 years specifically coaching entrepreneurs to build businesses and successful businesses, but it's only been in the last few years, that I have gone deeper into the life coaching or the spiritual coaching got certified in that, because I am super, super Woo, I love I love all things around energy and learning more about the self. And you know, I've just always been like that. So now I do this integrated approach. So when I come into an engagement with a client, whether or not they're an entrepreneur or not, my focus is on what's going on with your energy. How are you tapping in to what makes you special. And let's start with understanding how to give back to yourself so that you can show up fully in complete self expression for others, and of course, your business or your career and your family and all that stuff. But it all starts with the foundation. And so, you know, I have this strategic background, but I also use tools in my practice, like you know, working on mindset, building good habits, but I'm also very very interested in a tool called Human Design and that is an energetic blueprint of your of your life, how you're designed to use your energy so it's this wonderful way to like bring the whoo and bring the you know, strategy together and then be able to create and design something that's really in super tight alignment with who you are but yet has the flexible Ready to move with your your desires and your intuition?

Unknown Speaker  5:04  
I am so glad that you are into human design because I had mine

Unknown Speaker  5:10  
done. Oh, I was gonna ask you if you had yours done.

Unknown Speaker  5:13  
I did in and I don't have it with me, because she just she still has it but I should ask for it. Yeah. But in the end, for those of you that don't know what that is to explain what human design is,

Unknown Speaker  5:26  
Human Design is an energetic system that is all encompassing, it is a robust system that is based on astrology, numerology, Kabbalah, the E Ching, quantum physics, and the chakra system. And so by using your birthdate and your birth time, and where you're born, you're able to access this incredible, this incredible tool that shows you essentially how you were designed to make decisions, what your life's purpose is, providing you're in your highest self, where you can find the best and most, you know, the easiest way to flow in life, as opposed to be in resistance with what life presents you. It's very fascinating. And, you know, I started learning about it, and 2017, a friend of mine bought me a reading through her friend who was learning about it. And this, the reading was extensive. And I'll tell you, I could not read it for like six months, it was too much information. And that's human design is now being parsed out and, and sort of like incrementally shared by a number of people who are studying it in a way that's a little bit more digestible and bite sized. But at first, it's like, whoa, too much information. And so, you know, I took a little time to absorb what human design was showing me. And then I started getting voracious about it, and reading and talking to people and studying and things like that. And so I do bring that tool into my into my work, and it sets the table for the discovery of what's really meaningful for people. It's very cool.

Unknown Speaker  7:14  
In mine, let me let me set it up because you've got these centers, and they're like seven or eight or nine centers, right? That you are and then they're either colored or they're

Unknown Speaker  7:28  
clear, right? defined or undefined. Yeah. defined

Unknown Speaker  7:31  
or undefined. Now, the gal who did my reading said that I'm unusual, in that the only one that was clear was my heart chakra. Oh, interesting. All the other ones were colored amps and stuff. And I didn't exactly know what that meant. Can you kind of explain

Unknown Speaker  7:50  
that? Oh, my gosh, well, there's so much to that. whether something's defined or undefined, is how you approach situations in life. And, you know, the, the, the centers are, you know, you have to know one thing to know another thing. So it'd be interesting to know what your design is. You know, to really understand what that means. I haven't seen a chart with a with a solitary undefined heart chakra before that's interesting. And like I said, I'm still really learning as I go, because it is robust. I have like books and, you know, papers everywhere about people's design. Do you remember what your your overarching profile was? No. Is it been a while it's okay. We don't have to go into that. We should do that. Next time we meet though. I'd love to do a human design deep dive with you. That'd be fun.

Unknown Speaker  8:46  
That really would be fun. I would enjoy doing that. So 911, eight o'clock. Idaho Falls.

Unknown Speaker  8:53  
Oh, God. I think Idaho. Idaho Falls. I drove through there a few

Unknown Speaker  8:58  
years ago. Yeah. So did I took very little time.

Unknown Speaker  9:01  
Yeah, I know. 911 8pm, Idaho. Oh, 8am 8am. What? Year? 57. Okay. All right. We'll talk about that. Another another session. We'll talk about

Unknown Speaker  9:17  
time. If you have a chance to do that. I would love to I would love to do a deeper dive in into that. As I like to think I'm on purpose, and I'm doing what I shouldn't be doing. Well, let me put it another way. I know that I'm doing what I should be doing. But I don't know if I'm doing it as well as I could be doing. Does that make sense?

Unknown Speaker  9:35  
Yeah. Well, let's talk about for a second how you make decisions. So answer me this. Are you someone who you know, trust your gut, or do you need to sleep on it? I trust my gut. Yeah, you are a sacral authority, which means that you do best when presented with options. So if I were if I were to say Would you like to go for sushi tonight? Or would you like to go for Mexican? What comes up for you? Thanks again, right instant, right? It's like, Yeah, I'm gonna go for Taco. I want tacos. Yeah, it's the same thing. I'm also a sacral authority. I also trust my gut. Like, that's how I make decisions. If I don't feel the full body. Yes. And it's the same thing for you, then you should not be doing it. If you hesitate, or you are it's a no, it's, it's totally goes against your design.

Unknown Speaker  10:31  
No, and I use muscle testing a lot to Oh, yeah, right. Okay, to do that, and the way that I do and that's the people, some people do it differently. They hold our arm up. And then if somebody's trying to push down, yeah, I use these these two, like this. And if I can pull it apart, it's a no, if I can't pull it apart, it is a yes. That makes sense. Yeah. Okay. And so often, I have not been able to figure it out yet. But it's true. It works. Because there are times when there are times when I'll try and lie to myself.

Unknown Speaker  11:10  
To see if you can, you can actually works.

Unknown Speaker  11:12  
And works. Yeah. Because I can't lie to myself. Yeah, when I do that then and stuff. So it's just an increasingly has me interested in the dynamics of it, the energy of it, as it is all part of the grand design. Yeah. Because like I've got, I've got a roomful of guides up, up up above. And by the way, my guides are talking to your guides.

Unknown Speaker  11:42  
Oh, they're having a blast. By the way. There's like some sort of party going on up there right now. I feel the energy, like all through me, it's all happening. It's great. Yeah. Cuz

Unknown Speaker  11:51  
they're like saying, Well, how can we work this? And how do we get this done and stuff like that? And that's why I follow my heart, because it's not me. It's, it comes from the grand design and the people that are working with me, on the other side. And so if I feel strongly that I should do something, I do it. If I don't feel that I should do it, that I that I don't do it. And that includes working with certain people and not working with certain people and that kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker  12:22  
Yeah, I mean, you know, what you feel like when you are in resistance with your design? It's absolute frustration. Right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  12:35  
Oh, it is, and, and my, my guides, and I've told this story before, but do you haven't heard it, I don't think say play along. Exactly. My guides are, are to the point where they know me so well, that they know that that sometimes they have to make sure that I'm clear about what I should be doing and should not be doing. Let me give you an example. Before I started this, or after I started this, it was my independence report is where I started. And it was to declare our independence from a division and fear. But that appeared to be too political for some folks on the look of it. So back to positive talk radio, which I had been doing for all these years. And, and that seems to be a much better fit and been doing that for it's we changed it about a year ago now. So it's going really well. But when I when I first started, I was a bus driver for King County Metro. I even drove to West Seattle several times in different buses and stuff like that over the years. So I was making good money as a as a bus driver. And I don't know, people know that. But you can make decent money and all that kind of stuff. And but I said I said to the universe one day, I said, I really would rather if I could podcasts all the time, if I could do the radio show, again, if I can really put out a positive message and talk to great people, and a positive thing. And, and so I was driving with my son one day, and we are going by SeaTac. And I said you know there's this place I want to check out. So I checked it was a 55 Plus mobile home park. So I checked it there happened to be just happened to be a realtor right there. Oh, just surprise. Yep. And we went to the end, I said, are just some properties here. And she said yeah. And she showed me one. And I said well, it's okay, but they don't really like it. It's kind of dated and stuff like that. And we were on the way back to the office to drop us into to say goodbye to her and we were traveling right behind her. She stopped at where I'm living now. And she said you know, I don't represent this house, but I thought you might like to see it. And so I walked in and said this is the Place and the price was right and could afford it and stuff knew just right. Absolutely everything just lined up just lined up absolutely perfectly. And, and so because what I wanted to do was set myself up so that when I retired in that 66 I could I afford to live here and, and be able to do what I want given, you know, limited finances and stuff. Sure, sure. And so I was moving in here and to this and I was carrying a lamp, and I tripped over the top stair and fell. And not only did I break the lamp, but I tore my rotator cuff on my right arm completely off.

Unknown Speaker  15:42  
Oh, okay. No, I won't you know how that works. But they're like,

Unknown Speaker  15:48  
that's not good. No, that's not a light injury.

Unknown Speaker  15:53  
No, when they when they opened me up to fix it. I look like a rose with a bone sticking out of it, Lord. And so I had that surgery. And it was obviously it was out of work. And then my son got a Labrador Retriever. And there was eight months old, and no, eight weeks old. And he wanted me to babysit him for a day. So I did the dog got caught up between my feet and I fell again. And this time for my right, or my left. Tricep off. And And

Unknown Speaker  16:28  
wow, universe be gentle with me. Wow.

Unknown Speaker  16:32  
And and it was one of those things where I called 911. Because there was nobody that I knew that was real close.

Unknown Speaker  16:39  
And I couldn't dial the phone. So there's

Unknown Speaker  16:43  
at this point, he was hiding in the corner because I stepped on him. Oh, baby. Yeah, he was scared. And so I called and I said, Now I know you've probably heard this before. But I've fallen and I can't get

Unknown Speaker  16:57  
up right, of course, of course. So

Unknown Speaker  17:01  
I had to go to the emergency room, I again, have another surgery again. And then I was no longer able to work.

Unknown Speaker  17:07  
And you started podcasting full time, then six or seven podcasts

Unknown Speaker  17:11  
a week. Every week for the I've had I have over 800 Or no 750 podcasts that are done over the last two and a half years or so. Because I just love doing it. And it's and talking to people like you. It this is beyond pleasure for me.

Unknown Speaker  17:32  
Oh, well. And let's acknowledge the very concept of Be very careful how you wish for things. And yeah, universe be gentle. Oh my gosh, wow.

Unknown Speaker  17:47  
Because what they were saying was, well, we're gonna make sure that you can't work anymore,

Unknown Speaker  17:52  
right? There's no halfway. Yeah. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  17:57  
you have to be in, you have did so that's how I live my life these days is by if I'm supposed to do and I know that I'm supposed to be doing it. And so I do it. and stuff. So and just like you, that's why that's why you coaching people to live both in the human business world, and also to utilizing their spiritual gifts I think is brilliant.

Unknown Speaker  18:24  
Thank you, I came to it. Like I said, you know, a career of marketing strategy and marketing management and things like that. And, you know, I liked what I did before I did it, it was interesting, and I worked hard and all that stuff, but it didn't light me up. You know, like, it's, there's a big difference between doing what you know, you're good at, and doing what drives you to, you know, just be so alive and so vital. And so feeling so purposeful. And when the pandemic hit for me, I noticed a few things. Number one, the walls of compartmentalized business fell. And suddenly we were all these humans having a collective experience, which was, which created a ton of intimacy and, you know, lots of informality and like human experience, we were no longer like, leave your work at work. Take you know, you've got your home life here. Now. It's like, oh, the dog and the cat are in the Zoom call and the kids crying and I'm in my pajamas and over. There's my husband, he's not wearing pants, you know all the things right? So there was that but it also really just gave me the time to slow down and go Hold on a second. This is a global pandemic and wow. And I have the opportunity here to dive in to some of the places that I feel are meaningful for me and see how they can apply to the new normal molar the way forward or whatever you want to call it. And for me, that was the gut, the gut instinct kicking in the sacral. Going, bam, this is it. Yeah, this is where you're going to do your highest good. This is where you're going to be able to help more people. This is where you're going to meet people in new ways. And, you know, develop relationship based engagements that are, that are life changing, not just business changing, but life changing for people. And that's, that's powerful. To me, my purpose is to help people expand their consciousness like that is, that is what I'm here to do when I'm in the deepest alignment with my highest self.

Unknown Speaker  20:39  
And that is a great core mission to have. Yeah, because you can, you can literally impact not only the people that work with you, but their families, their business, everything around them, it can change, it can change and their whole way of being.

Unknown Speaker  20:54  
Yeah. And that's, that's, you know, I do feel it's my personal mission, to bring more of myself to what I do, to show people that if they bring more of themselves to what they do, and so on, and so on, and so on. That's that's the ripple reflect the fact that this planet needs is more people showing up feeling, nourished feeling in alignment with their so their selves and being able to bring their gifts forward and shine. I mean, life, this life is too short to mess around and not do the things that you love to do. You know,

Unknown Speaker  21:31  
it really is and and if you don't fall, I call it following your passion. And if you've got if you're passionate about something, even if you can't make it a career right now, you can still pursue it to whatever degree you can, and you still have balance in your life, but it gives your life meaning.

Unknown Speaker  21:52  
Mm hmm, exactly. And I,

Unknown Speaker  21:55  
my parents, grandparents, you know, a lot of people that I've known, they go through life, and they don't act on what they would really have wanted to do. I'll give you an example. My father was an executive for Nordstrom for 35 years. He also in college, in high school, and college was a scratch golfer. And he thought that he could become a professional golfer. But then he married my mom, and then kids came along, and that dream. And so he wasn't able to so his entire life, in his mind, when he got to the end of it was a waste, wow. I determined that I wasn't going to allow that to happen to me, which is why I do this, because this is my passion, talking to you and getting people to hear what you have to say, is awfully important to me.

Unknown Speaker  22:53  
I can't wait to see your human design. Now I want to I'm going to do this after we get off this call and send you some information because I have some ideas of where probably you are in the design. But I'm glad that you are another person in this world who recognizes that the more people who are following their passion or finding a purposeful path, that that's I think core to our survival. You know,

Unknown Speaker  23:22  
I couldn't agree more. I really think that if you're if you are so busy following your path, and your your your passion, and your destiny, and you're really feeling like you're into it, you don't have time for hate division and fear. Sure. Yeah. At least you have less time.

Unknown Speaker  23:44  
I hope so too.

Unknown Speaker  23:46  
You know, but it's it seems important. So the work you're doing with everybody you work with is is really cool. And do you feel like you're following your passion though?

Unknown Speaker  23:54  
Yeah, I absolutely, absolutely am on the right path. And you know, it's it's interesting because, you know, like I said before, my my career in marketing was very fast paced, you know, I was involved in you know, running my tail off and producing and you know, productivity and get these things in at was so high, high energy and high stress. And the very first thing that I do with my clients now is something that I had to do for myself, which was slow down, which for my design is really hard to do because I am designed to do to multitask and do all the things I'm really good at it. But I had to like take take the gas or the foot off the gas and just like spend more time devoted to myself and like before I went out and went high speed for things. Now I spend way more time being reflective, taking care of myself meditating whatever or else like, I have a spiritual practice that supports me in being present for others. And that's what I teach my clients, very first thing I do, what do we need to do to slow you down so that you can actually hear the inner voice that's asking to be heard craving, crying to be heard.

Unknown Speaker  25:20  
And a one point will be heard whether you wanted to or not.

Unknown Speaker  25:24  
Yeah, it might say some things you don't want to hear.

Unknown Speaker  25:28  
Exactly, you know, you are in, in this is the first time that we've met, but you're the type of person that I really liked working with, when I was in the corporate world. You got things done, you were, uh, you were high energy, let's, let's go to this and get it done. And, and a lot of things, a lot of positive things happen because of that. But at the same time, it's not healthy for you either.

Unknown Speaker  25:56  
No, and I and when I was in my 30s, I went through a divorce, and, you know, producing at a high level doing all the things, you know, my relationship was breaking up. And I started to have crippling panic attacks. I could not even get in a car and drive. And my bosses were like, hey, you need to come in, you need to be here did that did it and I could not I was so crippled with anxiety. Because I was moving so fast and trying to move, move past all the pain and anxiety I was in that it was just sabotaging myself. And so I had to, again, pivot and take a take a step back and go, Well, wait a second, I cannot live my life with anxiety in the way that I want to. And so that's another piece of the transformations I've made in my life is managing anxiety and thriving in a in a space where I feel safe. And that is always coming back to this.

Unknown Speaker  27:00  
You know, I'm super, I'm shocked. I truly am shocked. Because I assume that you are in your 30s. Now, you

Unknown Speaker  27:07  
again a delight. Yeah, not in my 30s. But thank you.

Unknown Speaker  27:15  
Thank you, you have the energy of a young person who is vivacious and this is really working to change the world. We can do this together you and I?

Unknown Speaker  27:26  
Well, I think we are right now. I do. I think this you know, wherever this goes in the world where you're the transmission is it is providing information and education and love to others.

Unknown Speaker  27:42  
And I Yes, I believe that. And that takes, you know, we can week as a planet we can get together and we can all do this together. Or we can only do it all together. And so we've got to move. There's some significant changes that we have to make. One of my favorite things is that I truly believe that. You know who Neale Donald Walsch is, of course,

Unknown Speaker  28:02  
one of the very first books I read was Conversations with God when I was doing in my spiritual journey, for sure.

Unknown Speaker  28:09  
Me too. Me too. And the the one line that in that book that I kept reading over and over again, is and was trying to examine the consequences of it was, we are all one. Which is a very simple concept, but it's a very complex concept. Oh, yeah, it's both. And it's and it's it's really is remarkable that we are working together. And everybody that I talked to who is of a spiritual nature that has gone down this road a little bit. We're all saying the same thing. independently of one another, right. Which is remarkable. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  28:52  
Yeah. You know, my, for one of my first spiritual teachers brought around the Neale Donald Walsch book, to me when I was in my 20s. And he was just like, shining the light on how much we are one. And at the time, no one, no one knew how to talk about that or saying anything about that. Nope. And now, like, as the consciousness is raising on the planet, that concept has, it's like, what is old is new again, you know, and it's, it's quite refreshing to see, you know, people of all ages, finally, kind of clicking into that. Wow, you know, everything is related. Everyone's together, you know, we're all in this together.

Unknown Speaker  29:40  
Yeah. And it all has to do with the energy. Right? And it has to do with all of it. Because it's all it's all in sciences proving this now 20 years ago, when he wrote the 23 or four years ago when he wrote those books, that was it was a wild ride concept. And, as a matter of fact, he was on the radio station in Seattle. I've interviewed him several times. He's Oh, he's a wonderfully flawed human being, Oh, awesome. He was on a radio station in Seattle, he was talking about conversation with God and, and the host was a Catholic. And he said, Well, what about going to hell? And Neil said, there is no hell. It was that that raised, the guy almost threw him out of the station,

Unknown Speaker  30:24  
shut it down, shut it all down.

Unknown Speaker  30:29  
Exactly. But nowadays, more and more people are recognizing that if we are all one, and if God is everywhere, then then everywhere God is, or the universe is, there can't be a place where he's not. So therefore, it's illogical to assume that hell actually exists. Right? Hmm. So you know, and by the way, my first book, and that, when I was starting, my spiritual journey was called a journey of souls.

Unknown Speaker  30:56  
Oh, I remember a journey of souls. Who is that by again?

Unknown Speaker  31:00  
Dr. Michael Newton. Right, right. Yes,

Unknown Speaker  31:03  
I can. Yeah, that that is something I need to return to. It's great. There's so much out there that still stands the test of time. You know, like, even if it's written 40 years ago, it's great.

Unknown Speaker  31:15  
Yeah. And the premise of his book is, he was a, he's a hypnotherapist, and he, by accident, took somebody into a past life. And then he decided to figure out a little bit more. And so he put people have deep hypnosis, and was able to take them not only to a past life, but through the death experience, to the other side, to what their life was, like, in between lines. Right. Cool. And I was just, I was taken with that. That was, you know, it's, there was that book, because a friend of mine, I, because I had all these questions. And they said, We don't go to a metaphysical library, and and, and pick up the first book that speaks to you. And that was that book. That changed literally changed my life. That led to the first radio show that led to all of that. And then that's led to all of this, and the culmination of which is, I get to meet Aaron. Oh, my

Unknown Speaker  32:14  
God, how cool is this? I got to meet Kevin McDonald. Yes, indeed, you are a delight. Thank you for having me today, really enjoy our conversations,

Unknown Speaker  32:25  
you have to do more? Well, I interrupted with conversation because somebody was knocking on my my studio door, because I had to go do something. And so we had to restart again. But, but and so this is shorter than I would like it to be. But I you have a commitment that I need to honor that commitment with you. So I want to give you a moment or two to tell our audience anything that you would like to know.

Unknown Speaker  32:49  
Oh, my goodness, well, I I would offer that if anyone is interested in in finding what's next in a way that is meaningful, I would love to have a conversation with them. I I am, as I said, really honored to show up for my clients in a way that gives them the space to do that exploration. So you know, I would I welcome any sort of conversations around purpose and business, you know, spiritual business, raising consciousness and living the best freakin life you can because life is short here. Got lots of lessons to learn, right?

Unknown Speaker  33:36  
Yes, indeed. Well, and lots of experiences to have because we combination of all of our experiences over time. Absolutely. Yes, she's really cool. And one of the experiences that I'm going to have with you is we're going to do a show on KK and w. And I'd like to talk to you about marketing of a spiritual nature for my radio show, because I want more people to hear it.

Unknown Speaker  33:57  
All right. I'm in let's talk anytime happy to help.

Unknown Speaker  34:01  
Absolutely. Well, you're you're a phenomenal person. And if somebody wants to get a hold of you, how do they do that? Well,

Unknown Speaker  34:08  
you can find me on the on the have you heard of the worldwide web? I've heard of that? Yeah, yeah. It's I think it's real. Anyway, you can find me at Aaron McCoy And I'm also on Facebook and Instagram under my name Aaron McCoy. And anyone who wants to learn a little bit more about what I do can download. I have a freebie section on my website. And you can grab a purposeful post it's tool, you can grab a spiritual entrepreneur balance checklist, and then I also have journal prompts on there that are helping my clients start to really dive into what's meaningful for them.

Unknown Speaker  34:49  
So isn't this cool that I can I can show you what this is

Unknown Speaker  34:53  
crazy. Ah, technology's working for us

Unknown Speaker  34:57  
to watch and if you want to work with her Uh, let me go, you've got I've got a minute and a half left to keep you. So free strategy call with her and you can discover expand yourself integration, you can do all this if you're seeking a deeper sense of confidence, increased peace and ease, a stronger relationship to self, a deeper spiritual or mindful practice permission and space to show up. Unapologetically and authentically. I love that hack. Yeah. And and Aaron is Matt coy has been has been our guest, and go to Erin McCoy. That's M A C. C OY And do work with her. She is She is you will feel better just by being around her energy.

Unknown Speaker  35:51  
Oh, my goodness. Thank you so much, Kevin. I appreciate the time spent here today. It means a lot to me to hang out with you and talk about all this wonderful stuff.

Unknown Speaker  36:00  
Well, since you and I are our neighbors, we're going to we're going to be hanging out a little bit more.

Unknown Speaker  36:05  
All right. I love it. Let's do it.

Unknown Speaker  36:07  
So go do what you got to do. And I want to thank you so much for being here. Hanging out. Hold on real quick. I got to do this. And but you can go if you need to. Hey, thanks for enjoying this episode all the way to the end. Please give us a like and subscribe to this channel. This has been a production of positive talk radio dotnet please visit our website oddly named positive talk radio dotnet for more details about us and our mission, which is to provide great positive programming designed to inspire us all. I'm Kevin McDonald. I'm proud of the shows and I truly hope that you'll like them and share them with friends and family. So on behalf of our entire team, remember, be kind to one another because each other's all we done

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