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310 | Selena Jones is back on Positive Talk Radio!

October 03, 2022

310 | Selena Jones is back on Positive Talk Radio!
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Selena Jones in an Intuitive Energy Balancing Practitioner and angel communicator. She blends practical energy healing techniques with clairvoyance and intuition. Selena herself has humbly gone from skeptic to full time practitioner.

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Unknown Speaker  0:03  
Welcome to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas, one conversation at a time. So stay with us. Right now we present

Unknown Speaker  0:17  
who have no idea who I brought to see you today, you're gonna enjoy this show a whole lot. I hope my guest today is and angelic should declare victory voice. She's an angelic and angelic channel. I've been talking too much and I can't talk well, English is my second language.

Unknown Speaker  0:39  
And she approaches everything with a balance and practical background and a very deep belief in the attitude of gratitude. And her name is Selena Jones. Miss Jones. It's so nice to have you here again. It's so nice to be back.

Unknown Speaker  0:55  
It's Yes, we have we have a good time. Every time we talk and and you are you are just something special. Oh, well, thank you. And I do have a good time. Every time we talk, really. We have fun. We have fun. We do. And he wants. And you pointedly pointed out earlier that if you didn't like it, you wouldn't be back. So I take it.

Unknown Speaker  1:19  
Take it as a huge compliment that you come back and see me from from time to time because I really truly value what you do, and how you can help people.

Unknown Speaker  1:29  
Thank you. And it's not that we're just you know, doing this for fun swapping comments here. But I truly value what you do, Kevin, honestly, because the fact that you can, you know, get on and organize all of this and reach an audience is, is incredibly valuable right now. So thank you. Well, thank you so much. You know what's interesting about that as I go, and when I do the shows, and I get to talk to people like you and I go, Holy crap. Two years ago, there was nothing here. And now I've got I'm on all the social media channels I'm on. Do we do we do YouTube and we do podcasts when we do all of that all together. So it's it really is. For me, it's it's a passionate project. And it's something that I that I really have wanted to do my entire life. And this is the culmination of that. Do you find that there are people who get lucky enough like I feel like I am to be able to live their passion, even if it doesn't necessarily

Unknown Speaker  2:33  
make them a boatload of money, but they can live their passion and really have fun. Do you talk to people like that? I can honestly say I am that person. You know, this is I still Yes. Because you know, this is

Unknown Speaker  2:47  
the this is not the career that like the career counselor in high school suggested I do. Right. I went to school for something quite different. No one sat me down and said have you considered you know, really pushing clairvoyants for a career path?

Unknown Speaker  3:04  
So, you know, I went to school for something quite different and which was, which was great. I worked I worked in veterinary hospitals for about 15 years and beautiful filled my soul all the rest. But this was always looming in the background is something that needed to happen and

Unknown Speaker  3:21  
the universe conspired to to bring me where I am today and you know, over a decade and now

Unknown Speaker  3:29  
I don't have bad workdays, you know, I get to, I get to see people one on one who have this amazing stories and some are very tragic, and you know, so it's not like everything's like, oh, you know, rah, rah, happy, happy. But I get to sit every day and tell people okay, here's what your aura looks like, here are the angels around you. Here's what I see. Okay, this is, this is where I see a blockage that we can do something about. And I don't have bad workdays describe what it's like to be in universal alignment.

Unknown Speaker  4:06  
So I'm gonna take that as a compliment. If you think I'm in universal alignment.

Unknown Speaker  4:12  
You just said that 10 years ago was you found Universe had in?

Unknown Speaker  4:19  
So what I didn't say is I felt like kicking and screaming.

Unknown Speaker  4:24  

Unknown Speaker  4:25  
But, but you know, for me, too. I mean, I can tell you, I don't know what you were doing at 530 this morning, but I was at 530 this morning going. Okay, angels, I need a miracle solution for a particular issue. Yeah. If you were sleeping, I'm envious because that's what I wanted to be doing.

Unknown Speaker  4:45  
But at 530 this morning, a problem was presented to me and I had no idea what to do. And so I sat there and I got into my alignment.

Unknown Speaker  4:57  
And I called on

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron, and a few other people I'm working with right now. And I said, I don't know how to solve this, but someone who's very important to me is hurting very deeply.

Unknown Speaker  5:10  
I need a miracle. And.

Unknown Speaker  5:13  
And as I was, as I was waiting for us to connect online, I'm now in my office, and I reflected on everything that's transpired since 530. This morning. And I just stopped, I said, You gave me the miracle. Thanks, guys, the solution to what needed to happen? Can you do that I do. Okay, that I will, I will stop what I'm doing, when I recognize things are beyond my control, but they're going really well. And it's kind of everything's kind of lining up. And then I'll stop and say, thanks, guys, that that was really great.

Unknown Speaker  5:51  
You know, because they, they want to be appreciated too. Well, and you know, it is that if you're in a space of gratitude,

Unknown Speaker  6:00  
that's, that's so much alignment that allows for more things to be grateful to come in. And so when you can, when you can surrender and say, I don't know how to navigate this, but I know I've got a team with me. And, and then I know, I'll be grateful in not too long from now.

Unknown Speaker  6:19  
And so that if that's universal alignments, then then it feels like being able to pause and go, thank you. Thanks, guys. You know, thanks for making my Friday. This is this is good. Now, I kind of asked you, because it's a bit of a quandary. And that is, I've been doing this since 2003. And I've talked to psychics and mediums and energy workers and social workers and hypnotherapist and, and a whole wide range of folks. So for me, what you and I are talking about is not new, it's not abnormal. It's not weird. It's not woowoo. It's just the way things are, how do I convince people in my world that they say things like, well, you know, I don't like the psychic stuff, because I don't understand it, and it scares me, and the and stuff, how do you how do you talk to people like that? To get them to understand, there's nothing scary about it, there's nothing weird about it. It's just energy. It's just energy. So I mean, the first thing I would say is, you know, how do you convince somebody you can't, someone has to experience it, too. You know, there's, if you had asked me, you know, 20 years ago, if I'd be doing this when I was like, in school, taking my biology courses, so that I could work in the vet hospitals, you know, I just no way I would have believed in any of this stuff.

Unknown Speaker  7:45  
Here I am, two decades later, it's it's my career, and it fills my days, and it fills my heart. So, you know, I needed to experience, you know, for sure, but it's now that I'm here. Well, of course, it's normal and natural. And, you know, all of the stuff that we're talking about this is natural human ability. There is it is 100%, natural human ability. We just haven't been taught how to use it. So it's education, is what I would say, as I say, Well, if you're interested, I can tell you how it works, or at least in my experience, how it works. Well, you know, it's interesting that you say that, because originally, when I started my walk, and trying to understand how this all came together, I had never gone to a psychic medium, I'd never meditated and never done any of those things. Because I grew up, I grew up in a Christian home, and then meditation is not right. It's bad. And yeah, going to a medium or going to a psychic is of the devil and stuff. So I never did any of that. But then

Unknown Speaker  8:51  
I wanted to go down and discover a spiritual paths. And so the first show that I did was on a que la ye in Tacoma, and it was called Spirit talk. And we were going to talk about meditation and spirits and all that kind of stuff. And I didn't know anything about it. I really didn't. And so we went into a metaphysical shop one time looking for advertising. And the owner of the shop brings this gal up to us, and her name is Ken Miller. And she said, you have got, I mean, got to talk to this woman, because she is just amazing. And and so me not knowing anything. And I I had my friend who was a co host at the time. I said, Well, why don't you go interviewer and get a reading from her and see what you think. So he and a buddy went to her and did a reading and during the course of that reading, she said something about your grandfather is here and he wants to talk about a bathroom or a tub or something and alcohol and I don't I don't understand what that means or

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
idea that means, and so they and they didn't either. So they went home and the young man whose grandfather came through, talk to his mom and said, Mom, you have any idea what we're talking about when we're talking about bathrooms and booze and all this? He said,

Unknown Speaker  10:21  
How did you know that?

Unknown Speaker  10:24  
Love it.

Unknown Speaker  10:26  
And he said, know what? Your grandfather in the 30s when the during Prohibition? Did bathtub gin?

Unknown Speaker  10:36  
Nobody got the reference, including those medium, because she didn't know because this happened in the 30s. None of us. Yeah. So they didn't know she didn't know. And then he saw when he relayed that story to me. And it was like, I can't believe it. They talked about bathtub, Jim. And we didn't know what that was. And and so I got to the idea that this is real.

Unknown Speaker  11:03  
This isn't woowoo This isn't. This isn't crackpot stuff. This isn't. But devils over here and Gods over here, yes, or no? And all of that. And it but it took you're right. It takes a little bit of experience to learn those things. So that you can in the meantime, Kim Miller and I became very good friends. She was on my show, probably, oh, 60 or 70, maybe 100 times. She had readings all over the place. We went to venues, we did readings, we did all kinds of things. And and I came to understand that she was really honestly, real now. Was she perfect? No, no, none of us. But and sometimes she would get something that didn't appear to be right or whatever. But But it turned out to be really right. Can I tell you the story that just absolutely confirmed it for me? Go for it.

Unknown Speaker  12:00  
My sister in law passed away

Unknown Speaker  12:04  
in 2000 and late 2002. Right before I started the show in 2003. So we were gonna have a memorial service for her. And it was the first week of the show. And it was on a Friday. And Kim was with me. And she had done a bunch of readings. And I said we're having a memorial service for my sister lot today. Does she have any messages for us? And like Kim said, Well, generally I don't I'm not able to contact people who've just passed. Because they it's like they've got to go through orientation. They got a bunch of stuff they got to do before I can really reach them. And but in but she says something about yellow roses.

Unknown Speaker  12:44  
So I go home to my wife and I say Kim said made a reference to yellow roses and Sandy, do that strike anything for you? Nope. Do I have no idea what that means? I don't know that you liked them or not. And so we met with my brother along we went to she's buried. And now so is he because he committed suicide five months later. But they're both buried in the same.

Unknown Speaker  13:10  
I think it's Washington or so the same place in Renton that Jimi Hendrix is buried. Okay. And so we're there and we're, we've got, you know, they've got a little chapel there that they do the services and stuff. And our side of the family is there and we're dressed in suits. The other side came up in Harley's in with colors on, and that kind of stuff. And so it was kind of an economy, different groups. And then I saw the flower truck, the flower truck that was going to drop the flowers off for the service. And that clicked in my mind. Oh, yeah. Yellow roses. maybe that has something to do that. So we signed in. So we all get together. And we, after we find out that, you know, we're all together kind of, in that. We all we all go when we sign in and stuff. And then we go sit down. And in the front of the church and I kid you not. There were two large arrangements. One was yellow roses, amongst a greens and, and others. And the other one was an easel. That was is really expensive to do. But it was an easel of a heart. And it was all white carnations in the heart, except there was a smaller heart in the middle of it. That was filled with yellow roses. Wow. Kim never met her. I didn't know it. Yeah, no, I'm not even sure. But her other side of the family knew it. And that was as Kim described to me later. She said that's why she said yellow roses was because she couldn't talk but you want to do you to know that she was going to be there.

Unknown Speaker  14:53  
Perfect. You know?

Unknown Speaker  14:57  
I love it.

Unknown Speaker  14:59  
So it's one of the

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
Stories. It's like, okay, how can you not?

Unknown Speaker  15:05  
There I saw the whole thing like, how can you not believe that this is real. And then the more I got into it and talked to Gregg Braden and some other folks, I understand now that it's just energy, it's not something to be scared of, it's just energy.

Unknown Speaker  15:20  
And, you know, so much of it is, you know, as humans.

Unknown Speaker  15:26  
Because, you know, vision is such an important, you know, it's of our senses, our vision is our primary thing. And if we can't see it, we just don't believe it's there. That's something that I definitely noticed. I, yesterday, I had a lovely client, who, again, this is very quite foreign to her, but

Unknown Speaker  15:48  
I let her through meditation of, you know, connecting with her body, because there's some physical stuff going on, that doctors can't figure out. And we're trying to get some messages from the body. And essentially, her third eye opened in the session, and she's able to see all these colors. And, you know, and this is right here, and that's the Archangel Michael sending out that's his aura color. That's what you're seeing. And she, you know, came out and, you know, tears streaming down and said, You know, I believe in logic, I believe in all this. I don't believe what I just saw, but I have to believe that I just saw, and, and it was just and she just, you know, and you know, your jaw hanging open and, and that time, there's a little bit of a language barrier with us. But, you know, as we're working through it all, she's going like, no, no, no, no, but I saw I cannot see it. I can't unsee this.

Unknown Speaker  16:40  
There's too late I've already seen they can't do it. Yeah. And you know, was able to corroborate, you know, everything that we talked about? So yeah, if we don't see it, we don't believe it. So there you go. So, so you know, your sister in law presents the yellow roses, and then you can see it can actually see it.

Unknown Speaker  16:56  
Yeah. And it was clear from what my brother in law said at the service, and everything that she was clearly there. And oh, yeah. And they usually are, they usually are at services. Not not at all uncommon to be their service. Yeah. And it's so true. And so I'm working to, because positive talk radio is, is a wide variety of shows, we do talk to all kinds of different people about all kinds of different things.

Unknown Speaker  17:31  
And I keep getting people wanting to niche me down wanting to narrow the focus, and the psychic stuff and, and things like that, which I am fascinated by. They're saying that's, that's that retard your audience growth? Because a lot of people don't necessarily believe in that, and stuff like that. I don't agree with that fundamental approach.

Unknown Speaker  17:58  
What do you think I should be doing?

Unknown Speaker  18:02  
Well, I mean, if you were, you know, my clients sitting in front of you, I'd say, Well, put your hands on your heart, and what's your heart, one, want more than anything else? Getting body messages, like that is incredible. But if we're actually talking, where do I see the interest come in?

Unknown Speaker  18:20  
You know, I started like yourself with not a lot of knowledge about any of this, this was certainly not my background. And I started with, you know, no clients at all? Well, let's be honest, right? Bless my husband, such an incredibly supportive man, I'm like, Hey, so I'm like quitting my job that's like, stable and such.

Unknown Speaker  18:44  
And I'm gonna do this, because this is, you know, what I need to do.

Unknown Speaker  18:48  
And I'm sitting here with a very full schedule. So, there's, there's absolutely interested in and it's only growing,

Unknown Speaker  18:58  
you know, this is, you know, I think, normalizing, like you said, it's just energy, but normalizing it. And also, knowing that you don't have to, there's, it's a very broad spectrum. So someone doesn't necessarily have to want to talk to people on the other side or want to talk about past lives. They might just want to say, you know, what I said, you know, what's, what's your heart, say, you know, get their own messages. These are all so many different things within it, someone might be completely into astrology and someone's gonna, that does nothing for me. However, I really want to know, you know, how Graf was doing.

Unknown Speaker  19:36  
So it is such a broad range and, and no, I wouldn't think I wouldn't think being narrow is limiting things in the same you know, I don't have a marketing background. I understand you know, maybe the marketing people are saying that and completely respect that they have a degree that I do not have.

Unknown Speaker  19:55  
A you have something that they don't have is that you follow your intuition.

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
That's the only thing that has kept me out of trouble. And this is what I've learned, as soon as you don't follow your intuition, boom, you will hit that brick wall.

Unknown Speaker  20:11  
That is so true and it but you do such a terrific job of it and you went from zero clients to a full schedule,

Unknown Speaker  20:20  
I would like you to be on the radio show a lot, because I find you fascinating. And you're, you're you've got great energy, and you're a wonderful human being. And so I absolutely refuse to give up doing the things that I'm doing that can help people understand, as an example, when somebody passes away, they're still there for you.

Unknown Speaker  20:43  
That your feeling that you need to grieve them is, I think in in my world, feeling like you need to grieve them, you're grieving for yourself, but you're not, that's not what they want for you know, they want you to live every day of your life to its absolute fullest extent. And if you're grieving and missing them and not doing that, then you're not doing what they want you to do. Am I wrong in that?

Unknown Speaker  21:13  
No, you're not wrong in that, you know, I will say at least in my experience,

Unknown Speaker  21:18  
you know, when when people come in, and you know, I had someone not too long ago,

Unknown Speaker  21:25  
if you can kind of picture Italian family and the matriarch passed, you know, Mama passed, right. And she had a lot of stuff that came from the old country and all of this, and there's this, we don't need this. What what do we do with all of it, because it's mom's It's mom's stuff, and we don't want to get rid of it, because it was so special to her, and mom came is that we need that stuff. I don't, I don't eat that stuff anymore.

Unknown Speaker  21:52  
You know, I and she was completely appreciative. So you know, keep, you know, this particular person us was asked to keep something that was significant.

Unknown Speaker  22:02  
I wouldn't need the rest of it. It's okay. You know, give it to someone who might appreciate it, but I don't need it to you don't have to hold on to my stuff. You, I know you remember me. And so I that tends, not always, but that tends to be the most common thing that I see. So, you know, we're grieving the transition, we're grieving that we're not sitting there holding their hand. And you know, that sort of thing, of course. And that's, you know, that's a testament to how important they were. But life, in the physical sense, is meant to be lived. And life. On the other side, there's, there's things at least again, in my experience, there's things that you can only do in a physical body, and that's why we choose it. And there's things that we can only do in spirit, and we need to be living our spirit life there. So our soul is still growing. And so we agree with that transition.

Unknown Speaker  22:58  
I agree. 100%. And, you know, John Edward, as a psychic medium,

Unknown Speaker  23:04  
lady, he was doing a group session. And the lady said,

Unknown Speaker  23:10  
I feel really badly because

Unknown Speaker  23:14  
we cremated my son, because I forgot to he told me he wanted to be buried.

Unknown Speaker  23:20  
And John looked at her and said, after 35 years of doing this work, I can confidently tell you that nobody cares.

Unknown Speaker  23:29  
Yes, love that.

Unknown Speaker  23:33  
Because that's like in the He also explained it's like

Unknown Speaker  23:38  
my first car was a 1967 Fury three Plymouth when that car died and went to the graveyard and went to the end, I got another car.

Unknown Speaker  23:49  
But that car was not me. The car was something that I was in that I drove, but when that car was when it was over, I I was still me when I got out of that car. And I would you consider that to be an accurate representation of what happens to us when we cross over.

Unknown Speaker  24:07  
I would I would also say though, I find sometimes people focus so much on the spiritual that they disregard the body. So well, we do not need the body after you know, after you know, we've passed it, you know, I've signed all the organ donor forms. Don't need it. If you can, if you can use my heart, my whatever, go for it. I will need it when I'm gone.

Unknown Speaker  24:29  
So I fully have no, you know, I couldn't care less we may whatever, right? But and yeah, when your soul steps out of the body, you are absolutely still you and the things that make you and while you're in the body, you've got to make friends though.

Unknown Speaker  24:47  
I find a lot of people go, no focus on the spirit. It's empty. Just a vessel. It's just a vessel going well, yeah, but the vessel would probably appreciate if you went for a walk once in a while, you know and

Unknown Speaker  24:59  
here we

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
wouldn't be even if, even if you've got a car. And you don't change the oil in it when it's exactly there we go that works that works for the car reference.

Unknown Speaker  25:11  
Exactly. So yeah, you got to change the transmission, and you got to, or the cars gonna die and the headlights are working, you know, it's safer that way. Exactly. You don't want the car and car to die prematurely.

Unknown Speaker  25:27  
You know, but by the way, we're talking with Selena Jones. And you can go to her website, which again, is energy balancing And she's got a newsletter, and she's got workshops coming up, and she's got an online zoom class coming up, which is Sunday, October 8, the ninth, no eights at Oh, at seven or 9pm. I can, honestly I can't, we're all good.

Unknown Speaker  25:54  
Sunday, October 8, from seven to 9pm. And the next move meditation Tuesday, October 25, Sunday at 9pm. And you can go there sign up for those. And it's all virtually online. So there can be a whole bunch of you. And you can all have a good time doing it. And have a good time do it. And your your you are delightful, and then you'd make a heck of a host. So that's really good. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  26:20  
So so there and

Unknown Speaker  26:24  
how do you work your spirit guide channeling night, I don't know, I gotta I got a way, way, way, way way, I gotta ask you this. Instead,

Unknown Speaker  26:35  
I went to a group class, and it was learning how to speak to your spirit guides, and how to and and one of the sessions was that you are going to invite your spirit guide inside of you to be part of you to kind of CO mingle with you and stuff. And so when you go into meditation and stuff like ants, and one guy was he was having an Indian experience with his was a spirit guide. My this my spirit guide could only sit there and laugh and he laughed in a way that i i Don't laugh, it was completely different. Why would that be?

Unknown Speaker  27:18  
Well, so if first I guess if we're going to define spirit guide, so let's do the things I've learned. So if we define spirit guy, because you know, I work with the because we can have a lot of different guides. So we've got our angelic guides, and angels are different, at least by my definition are different than spirit guides. Angels are their own their own kind of sovereign beings, but they're, you know, from a very different beautiful, beautiful positive vibration. Now, when we're talking spirit guides, that is generally speaking, someone who has been alive before usually been human before,

Unknown Speaker  27:55  
but they are currently in spirit. So we are embody, they are in spirit. And it is someone who is of a very positive high vibration, that they are able to offer us guidance from the spirit realm. So they are a spirit guide.

Unknown Speaker  28:12  
So you know, just because just because someone in your family has died, doesn't mean they're suddenly going to be your spirit guide. You know, we know one of the one of the psychic development courses taking years ago, it was about spirit guides, you know, the instructor said, Okay, so for this particular unit, we're working with our ancestral spirit guides, these are our ancestors. So you're going to pick an ancestor of yours, that you knew in life who has died, and we're going to connect with them, and go on, don't necessarily know there's a lot of recently passed ancestors of mine that I would kind of want guidance from.

Unknown Speaker  28:49  

Unknown Speaker  28:51  
might need to go a little farther back. Yeah. And I can also say I'm very, very blessed that I haven't had a lot of death in my family as well, and certainly not, you know, those years ago.

Unknown Speaker  29:01  
So you know, just because someone has died doesn't necessarily mean that they are going to be a spirit guide. But it's someone who is in spirit and is of a positive vibration that they can connect with you and offer guidance and guidance that is you know, without the ego.

Unknown Speaker  29:18  
So, to go back to go back then to your question, so you have the spirit guide come in, who is laughing? And you could tell it wasn't you because it wasn't your left? Right. And so, it depends, I would say a few different things at the time. So first of all, you know when they say laughter is the best medicine. It is a wonderful, wonderful way of raising your vibration. Laughter will bring you right up. And that's why you know, sometimes when something is an absolute disaster, that you know life is a dumpster fire your day has gone so horribly wrong and use

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
sit there, and you just have to laugh at yourself in the end. That is a wonderful healing tool that we do for ourselves to raise our vibration, so that we're not sinking into a deep depression. So laughter is a great healing tool.

Unknown Speaker  30:14  
I never heard it put that way. That's awesome. That's so so the way I can look at it now is that that spirit guide was helping me and attempting for me to raise my vibration. Absolutely. And because you invited that guide in, you allowed that partnership in that moment to happen. Because that's the other thing, our guides, they work on free will we have free will, if we don't want help. Even if we're asking for it, if we truly don't want the help, we won't get it. We have to be out of our ego place and be willing to receive.

Unknown Speaker  30:52  
That for some people is hard all by itself.

Unknown Speaker  30:55  
Getting out of your ego. Yeah, I think it's a lifelong challenge for most of us. And yes, so out of my ego, and then something happens and you watch yourself emotionally reacting.

Unknown Speaker  31:09  
Back to the drawing board.

Unknown Speaker  31:12  
I'm still learning and trying to learn how to drive younger people.

Unknown Speaker  31:18  
And sometimes sometimes it's a challenge. Sometimes it's a big challenge to you to allow people to be who they are. And and stuff. It's It's remarkable. So when you do a

Unknown Speaker  31:32  
Oh, you there's so much here I want to talk to you about

Unknown Speaker  31:37  
pendulum and muscle testing.

Unknown Speaker  31:40  
I do muscle testing in a real simple way. And you tell me whether or not but it seems to work for me because it's like, I take these fingers like this. Like this. And when and if it breaks, it's a no. If it holds solid, it's a yes. Absolutely. That is muscle testing. 101 A one you don't need any equipment. Yep, I when I teach it, I do it like this. If you can break the race, then then the answers are no.

Unknown Speaker  32:11  
Well, so let me play with this.

Unknown Speaker  32:14  

Unknown Speaker  32:16  
Selena a great interview? And she true what she does?

Unknown Speaker  32:21  
I cannot cannot break.

Unknown Speaker  32:25  
I can

Unknown Speaker  32:28  
No, no, watch this. And this is this is real folks. I'm not making this up. I'm not doing this for theatrics. I'm trying to hold it the same way that I was Selena Jones is a fake?

Unknown Speaker  32:42  
I can't hold them together? If so, yeah, you can do that. If you go to the meat market? Is this the right meat that I should have? If you are the vegetables or anything? So how do you teach people to do that? So this is one of those things where it's an absolutely natural human ability. Nobody ever taught us. That's all.

Unknown Speaker  33:03  
And I was, you know, I was first exposed to this many years ago, at with a naturopath who didn't explain it at all, just did some muscle testing and sent me home with some medication. And

Unknown Speaker  33:15  
it was expensive. And I had some

Unknown Speaker  33:18  

Unknown Speaker  33:21  
you know, this is this was a long time ago, when you know, and and so, okay, you know, let me let me learn about this. And let me explore it. And when I did my Emotion Code certification, that's when I really got into it and went, Oh, well, somebody should be teaching this, because it makes such a difference.

Unknown Speaker  33:42  
So So muscle testing, if we're gonna go just the very basics of the science behind it, you're using the muscles in the body, and you're testing the strength of the muscles when your muscles stay strong, something as positive and healthy. When muscles go weak, something is not positive for you or it's not for your best. And this goes the same biological mechanism of like a polygraph lie detector test. You know, when you say something positive or truthful, you know, it affects your heart rate, your breath weight rate, you know, your pupils dilate or you know, when you say something's you know, it's a lie, you get a different physiological response. You're, you know, pupils, you start to sweat that sort of thing, your breath changes. And that's we've got the electrical impulses happening in our brain, and they affect all of these systems, they also affect your muscle strength. So from a deep you know, from our own inner knowing, and I definitely believe that you know, there's a deep spiritual connection getting our guidance there. When you work with, there's all different types of you can use any muscle in the body. And so when we're using our different muscles,

Unknown Speaker  34:51  
if it stays strong, and we're not in our ego, you can make any answer happen that you want of course, right. But when you're when you're not in you

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
rego you can say, yeah, the loops stay strong or they pull apart. And that will tell you, I have strength. That means it's an alignment. It's right with my body. But it's weak.

Unknown Speaker  35:13  
But you can't pull yourself. Because if you legitimately, at least in my, yeah, my world, if I legitimately do it an honest, true test, and I'm not trying to manipulate it in any way, it always comes out to be true. Not everything's true, but it always comes out to be correct, I should say, yes, yes, it's an accurate form of testing.

Unknown Speaker  35:37  
And it's, I think it's important to know what you can test, what's an appropriate thing to test as well. You know, one of the things that, you know, cuz I, you know, I teach this, of course, and there's many different, you know, muscles you can use and techniques and stuff. But, you know, one of the things that I've seen the traps people come in, you know, should I leave this relationship, you know, does this person is this person thinking about me, that sort of thing. So, you know, it's one of those, you don't use muscle testing for all NASA, all major life decisions, you can use it to help you to work through your own feelings to work through what's working best for you.

Unknown Speaker  36:13  
And so it's a collaborative tool, but I use it, you know, regularly, like, almost daily, you know, honestly, you know, it's not just for you know, is this gonna, you know, is this you know, these vegetables good for me? Is this causing allergies, definitely used for allergies, allergy testing quite a bit, you know, is this what I'm reacting to? Is that, you know, things like that. You can also use it if you've lost something, you can't find your keys or your phone. You know, I go standing in my living room, right. Okay. Is it in? Is it in the house? Yes. Okay. Is it in this room? Yep. And it's down the middle. So on this side of the room, no, because if I'm outside of the room, I can get to the quadrant, I can get to the area of my home where I have lost that thing. And it's underneath, you know, one of my teenagers has come in and tossed a jacket on top, and

Unknown Speaker  36:58  
lo and behold,

Unknown Speaker  37:02  
like really a fantastic tool, so many things. And it's, and it's because you work in conjunction with the folks on the other side, they know where to work, and they're trying to help you out. Absolutely, absolutely. And, you know, so it's muscle testing, you can use your fingers and all that, and, and pendulums, right, which are just another form, it's dependent on moves it because so many find, you know, psychics and such, they'll use pendulums. And people have no idea what it is. And again, if you don't know how it's moving, why the pendulum is moving, then there's fear or distrust. I'm always just trying to take that out of it. So the pendulum moves because the muscles in my hand are moving.

Unknown Speaker  37:41  
Because I love little testing. So for me, a yes, answer is forward and back and show me a no answer. And to know is side to side for me, and other people's make, makes, you know, spin clockwise counterclockwise, but it's because the muscles My hands are moving. It's not magic, right? It's I love my pendulum. But it's a heavy ball in the stream. Right?

Unknown Speaker  38:03  
Well, I have to tell you,

Unknown Speaker  38:06  
by the way, Kayla is watching for the first time thank you, Kayla, for coming on.

Unknown Speaker  38:11  
It's good to have a question that you don't like to ask. Selena, you're more than welcome to do that. So you can you can just type in anything. And you could chime in on the comment section. And we'll ask the question, together with the asker with her. Do you remember a guy by the name? The Amazing Kreskin.

Unknown Speaker  38:32  
Ah, you know what I know I, when you say it, I know it. But no, I can't place it. He was a guy that was a mentalist. And he had a television program. And he also had a board game. And the board game he can't he can't buy it anymore, because it had a pendulum in it. And within this with a state of our

Unknown Speaker  38:56  
religious dichotomy that we got going on, there would be lots of people that would say, that's the devil. You can't have that. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker  39:07  
And so that's why I want to take take that fear out of it. And I love my pencil, it's heavy pulling the string. Here's how it's working. Here's how you're connecting. This is you this is your heart. And this is your team working with you. See, and you and I are of the frame and say mind, we'd like to I'd like to demystify it, so that people get the fact that it's, it's just energy and, you know, I use the television as a great example. Or, of course, now it's cable. In the olden days, we had five channels, and we had what are called rabbit ears. And that's what you put the human. You're too young to remember that. But you know what we did? I did, we had 11 channels, but you're also connected with me from Canada. So at least one of them was French, which was useless for me.

Unknown Speaker  39:57  
And so you know, you'd have rabbit ears and they would pull the same

Unknown Speaker  40:00  
Go out of the sky. And then you would have a picture on the TV, or the radio in your car. Do you ever see the radios the signals? Of course not. But it but because we've got verifiable proof that it actually works. We believe in it.

Unknown Speaker  40:17  
But so here's some

Unknown Speaker  40:21  
this is

Unknown Speaker  40:24  
Kayla again, what can you tell me regarding some health issues I've been experiencing? Can he is that possible for us to go down that road a little bit? I can go down that road a little bit. So okay, so Kayla, um, what I can tell you is so

Unknown Speaker  40:41  
so you have by asking me this question you've entered, you've given me permission to give you an energetic reading just clear, as we're, we're talking with that.

Unknown Speaker  40:50  
And so, you know, I'm not, you know, getting medical advice, but I can tell you what I'm what I'm seeing. And there. So energy comes in God source universe, through the crown flows through the body goes out, the hands goes out the feet, that's the typical

Unknown Speaker  41:08  
thinking, Permission granted. So what I am seeing is

Unknown Speaker  41:14  
belly area and just a little bit below, there's things like all blocked in there.

Unknown Speaker  41:21  
So I don't know if there's been pain or anything in there, or if it's inflammation as a result of that that's happening in other parts of the body. But things appear to be quite blocked. So kind of belly area and a little bit low from an energetic standpoint,

Unknown Speaker  41:37  
that can also be affecting the back seeing space on the back. But that appears to be blocked up. And so if you picture like a pipe, and there's a blockage somewhere, what happens is the water comes in, and either it's not going to trickle down. So if you're blocked, you know, the belly of the pelvis energetically, it won't be going down your legs down your feet, just like that clogged pipe, so you're not able to get grounded and connected, you're also not able to get the old water out to let new water in. Right, so let new energy flow in. Also, if you've got that blockage there, you put the water and it's going to start coming back up and dirty water coming back up. So sometimes when I see a blockage here, someone's like, Well, I've been having heart palpitations. And it's actually because the energy is coming back up, and you're not the new stuffs not coming in, or we've got you know, physical pain in that spot. And it's that spot where we're having pain just below the blockage because there's not the energy flowing down.

Unknown Speaker  42:40  
But definitely, it's there's also inflammation as a result of it. So

Unknown Speaker  42:47  
one of the things that you can do is some basic chakra clearing exercises. So chakra chakra, clearing exercises, makes a lot of sense. She says, Okay, and so if you, you can, you can Google Images, and see basic, basic chakra colors. And so there's seven main ones on the physical body, there's concilium, little tiny ones. And this chakra is above and below us as well.

Unknown Speaker  43:15  
Chakras are the main energy centers of the body. So they're just like the heart, the lungs, these are our organs, our main organs, shockers at the same, there's seven main ones, they follow the rainbow. So there's one, the root at the base of the spine, then there's one that's going to be at the pelvic area, one at the belly, the heart, the throat, third eye and crown.

Unknown Speaker  43:38  
If you go have a look online, find a chakra picture and the ECheck colors. So what I recommend doing is you just sit quietly. And if you can imagine it if your visual. Imagine the Root Chakra, it's right at the base of the spine should be a ball of red light in your mind, just start shining it, polish it up until it's a bright red ball. And then the next one's orange, and then yellow, and then at the heart is green. And just in your mind, just clean them up to the sparkling rainbow. You're all the way up till seven and then picture either white or gold light coming down.

Unknown Speaker  44:15  
And the whole thing can take 10 minutes can take a lot longer if you want to. But if you can do something like that daily, hopefully help the energy flowing through when things flow, everything works better. So it might be you do that for a week and all of a sudden things are flowing better and it can be Oh, all of a sudden you're feeling better or it can be both the medication that your physician prescribed is starting to work better now.

Unknown Speaker  44:44  
Or it can be that when you're in that, that flow that all of a sudden, the right health care practitioner, you're in alignment with them and someone you're talking to a friend about your health and all of a sudden, you connect with some new

Unknown Speaker  45:00  
You know, health care person who is able to bring you down the right path. So it can be a healer within itself, you know, or healing to take care of the we're healing itself. Or it can just bring you into alignment so that things work better or you connect better with other people. That's how I look at.

Unknown Speaker  45:19  
No know, Kayla, what do you think we have? Does that? I don't use that, that makes a lot of sense. Do you think you can do about chakra exercises like she requested?

Unknown Speaker  45:32  
And while we wait for that,

Unknown Speaker  45:35  
are you You are really good.

Unknown Speaker  45:37  
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  45:39  
Maybe that's why you've got a lot of business going, huh. You know, but you know, it's also one of those where, you know, as you were talking about, you know, your dear friend earlier, you know, he met early on, there mostly hits, there's an occasional miss. And you just have to say, this is what I'm seeing. I hope that makes sense.

Unknown Speaker  46:01  
She's gonna give it a try. Now, before she goes away, I wanted to ask you, but blockage that she's experiencing energetically? Could that be brought on by stress by problems at home by things that she needs to work on? To clear those out? as well? As, are they connected in any way? Oh, absolutely. These can be so there's so many reasons, you know, this is a whole, this, this is a whole show within itself as to why we have you know, issues in physical spaces. So absolutely, stress can completely bring things on, you know, I find, you know, you know, when I'm, when I'm stressed, I can feel my heart getting tighter, you know, and so it's okay, you know, it's clear the heart and that's relaxed, you know, this is where, you know, I tend to hold my stress, other people are going to get in their stomach and things like that. It can, it can be a stress response. It can be because you've had a negative interaction with somebody, and now we've got like, energetic, you know, chords, or, you know, we call psychic attack, you know, someone's sending you, you know, they're, they're mad at you, they're sending you anger, energy, and that's hit me in the body. It can be a past life trauma that has carried through that something has triggered. That's a that's an absolute thing. You know, I, for the most part, I you know, I am healthy. I've worn glasses almost my entire life since I was quite young. And, you know, there's ankle issues, you know, I've been able to resolve a lot of my own health stuff, I've got a pretty good toolkit. I've never been able to work my eyes. I've got like, weird, like, you know, astigmatism and all sorts of other stuff. And so, you know, I was in meditation at one one time. So I really want to explore my vision, because this is one thing I've never been able to, you know, really, you know, heal, right.

Unknown Speaker  47:52  
And I absolutely went into the past life where I was clairvoyant, and I wasn't smart about it. I, I shared it with everybody because I wanted to great. They didn't think it was an issue. And it was an issue for people.

Unknown Speaker  48:07  
And so in that particular life, I was blinded, because people thought that that would make a difference in the clairvoyance, which it doesn't, you know, you can be blind and be completely clairvoyant.

Unknown Speaker  48:19  
They actually are blind. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know, we're talking like witch trials and things like that. Oh, well, so yeah. Oh, good. Good times, right. So as a result in this lifetime, my body has said, How about we just put a nice physical shield in front of your eyes so that you feel safe to go and be clairvoyant and talk to people about it. And I haven't been able to jump through that one. So now I'm just gonna Okay. And the other piece that they've given me is with having a relatively poor vision, it's if I am overwhelmed by my my physical stimulation.

Unknown Speaker  48:58  
I can take my glasses off and you know, weren't you're on a screen, you know, maybe a foot and a half in front of me, I can't see a damn thing.

Unknown Speaker  49:07  
And done physical, you know, visit visual stimulation, literally cut out. And that also helps to I don't get overwhelmed or burned out. That's when we talk about Kayla. I'll say, by the way, Kayla, you need to send us a check. I'm kidding.

Unknown Speaker  49:25  
She would like to find out something from her past lives. And first of all, Kayla, let me let me follow up on what Selena said about, about pain from a past life. The very book the first book I took picked up when I wanted to begin a spiritual spiritual journey was journey and souls by Dr. Michael noon. And he had a gentleman come to him who'd had a pain in his side for ever, and so they went into doing the hypnosis. Then he he accidentally crossed into a path

Unknown Speaker  50:00  
Life. And the gentleman was able to describe now, doctor, keep in mind, Dr. Newton was a hypnotherapist and a researcher. So what he did was, he was able to go back, find out the the

Unknown Speaker  50:15  
patch that the guys was on the guy's arm, where he's where that unit served, and what battles they were in. And the gentleman while he was there, he was killed by somebody being letting him in the side. And, and so they cleared it. And he'd never had a problem since that can happen Kansas? Oh, absolutely. You know, I've been I've been doing past life regression with people for you know, again, many, many people now. And it's amazing, some of the stuff that that comes up. And yeah, when you can cross reference it historically, that's, you know, that's certainly happened more than once. It's amazing, because it's, it's, again, you want this proof, and to say, you know, I had somebody a little while ago, now we, you know, talk about she could so clearly see, you know, there's horses and carriages in the name of the of the town on this, you know, wooden sign hanging from a shop. And none of us had ever heard of this town before. And she goes into Google's a year in this town, and it's a place that no longer exists. You know, it was a it was a horse, you know, stock we know when people the horse and carriages, but after cars came in, they didn't need to have that town. And so it no longer exists. So but you know, when you can historically see this stuff. It's again, that proof that Oh, wow. And absolutely it can I've definitely seen it resolved medical issues that we can where's this from? Yeah, these pains. You know, asthma so often is a result of a previous lifetime, where there's been, like a fire or things like that, and, you know, smoke inhalation. And people come in with asthma, things like that many times. I'm convinced that I was at the Battle of the Little Bighorn

Unknown Speaker  51:59  
in Montana, because I ever since I was a little kid, I was always interested in that particular battle, and George Custer, and how that all played out and stuff, so And to this day, when I think about it, I can actually hear saddles and and horses and, and sabers, rattling and all that kind of stuff. So I think it can happen to all of us. And so, but she's wondering about

Unknown Speaker  52:24  
I wonder if me being blind as a bat my whole life as has a lot connected to any past lives.

Unknown Speaker  52:35  
So um, I see that I'm not connecting with I'm not able to see that one. And also, isn't that interesting is could see the whole aura, the whole energy is where things were stuck. No problem. I'm not able to see I'm not able to dip into one of your past lives right now unfortunately, Kayla, I'm that information has not been given to me. So what that means is, from my perspective, first of all, either it's not something that

Unknown Speaker  53:01  
I that's appropriate for me to delve into, maybe there's some privacy stuff that would come up that just it's not appropriate, or it's not right timing for you to see some of that stuff. And so,

Unknown Speaker  53:14  
so that, that I am not that I'm not seeing I'm looking at your passwords, really. Kayla says, and I'm unfortunately, I'm not able to see your past lives right now or anything about that. I can definitely say that.

Unknown Speaker  53:27  
You know, there's, it's not difficult to get into our past lives to see them ourselves. If, if it's the right timing, for us, it's about relaxing and doing a guided meditation. And I love doing past life work. But unfortunately, I'm not able to, to read any of your past lives right now. And sometimes, correct me if I'm wrong, I

Unknown Speaker  53:50  
think sometimes that has to do with the fact that because you're working in conjunction with your spirit guides and your angels, that there is something that you are need to do in this life, go before you find out more about what's going on in your past lives because they're not relevant to this life. Or they could be really relevant. But see, that's one of the reasons why. And you correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I'm right in this, that we, we do a contract before we get here. And we have a good idea of what it is we want to accomplish in this life and, and we pick our body, we pick our parents, we pick all of those things. And then we come down here and we enter the body about the end of the first trimester or maybe the second trimester, and then we forget everything.

Unknown Speaker  54:43  
Because we're not supposed to remember it because it will taint our experience this time, if we have a memory of an experience from last time. So am I correct in that 100% Can you imagine the vendettas

Unknown Speaker  55:00  
wouldn't go away. If we came in and remembering all of this stuff.

Unknown Speaker  55:06  
You really, you know, and that's the perfect example. Can you imagine the vendettas

Unknown Speaker  55:12  
or you know, coming in with, you know, shame or guilt and that sort of thing that we don't need to carry. Now children oftentimes remember past lives. But it does, it does fade. And when we're in the right space, we do have access to some of our past lives, but it has to be at the right time. You know, and I know my son is a teenager now, but when he was when he was quite young, just talking, you know, just able to talk not much beyond that. He had one of those little, you know, little school rulers, right? The the short ones, and he'd walk around pretending was a cane, you look like Yoda. Right? You walk in.

Unknown Speaker  55:50  
And, and you know, because he had one of his older sister, you take her and you pretending okay. And he was just talking. So I know that this is the right time when they still have memories. And so let's go, you know, do you remember? Do you remember who your parents used to be? Nothing? Do you remember? You know what it was? Like? Do you remember that? I get nothing out of them finally said, Do you remember when you were an old man, I got a complete story out of him, that there's no way he had access to that he had this old old truck. And just like it was like old Ford trucks. And the he was with the old lady. And they had cut down a tree, because the tree was falling over. And you had to back the truck up to put the pieces of the tree in. And the old lady was there. And he was the old man and the Tigers were in the modern, the whole thing.

Unknown Speaker  56:36  
He was two and a half grade. Exactly, yeah. Now my son did the same thing to my he and

Unknown Speaker  56:44  
my ex wife were having an argument about something. And he was like three, or she was telling him what to do or whatever. And he looked at it. And he said, Well, you know, when I was a mom, and you were the kids?

Unknown Speaker  56:59  
She said, Oh, wow. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  57:03  
But but in the end he he was he was absolutely. You know, and I don't know where? Where he would have gotten that

Unknown Speaker  57:10  
sense. No, no. And that's, you know, the purity of the memory of the kids at that age. Absolutely. It's really is amazing.

Unknown Speaker  57:20  
I want to thank you for doing this and being here today, will you come back and play with me some more, I will come back and play with you some more. We can talk past lives and any of that stuff. This is this is so much fun for me. We haven't even got through your hippopotamus training, though. That's not it, but whole pono pono. That's the one. We haven't done that. We haven't done angels in spirit guy getting to know your universal support team. And there's so much more.

Unknown Speaker  57:50  
I really, I really liked the way that you approach it, how good you are at it. And you've got a really caring positive heart. Well, thank you very much, Kevin. And you know, as I said, at the beginning, thank you for for doing what you're doing and giving those of us a platform to take the whoo out of it.

Unknown Speaker  58:08  
You got to you really do God's do because what's going to happen, I think, in the next 30 or 40 years is there's going to be some real

Unknown Speaker  58:19  
break breakthroughs, as far as the difference between our physical self and our spiritual self. And what we cannot see now what they cannot measure. It's like, Hey, I always get a kick out of people and doctors and scientists that say, This is what happens when you die. And when you have a near death experience, you're not really having a near death experience. What's happening is your brain firing this and so you can see in your brain is still functioning for another. Several minutes. Yeah. So you can see, that doesn't explain why you're on the ceiling looking down at your body. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker  58:55  
Absolutely. And it's okay to say I don't know. Yeah. And I think a lot of

Unknown Speaker  59:03  
people in the scientific community struggle with that.

Unknown Speaker  59:06  
Well, no, they're not allowed to not know everything. Yeah. And, you know, if it's not quantifiable, then you know, it's not, you know, it's not real. But of course, the science will catch up, you know?

Unknown Speaker  59:22  
Have I told you my favorite Johnson, John Edward story.

Unknown Speaker  59:25  
Tell me your favorite John Edward story. This is real quick. Well, first of all, I was talking, I was driving my boss because I was a bus driver for a long time. And I was driving, and there was a science major.

Unknown Speaker  59:37  
I think it was biology or something. And I started talking about a mediums and she said, That's not possible. They don't exist. And I said, really?

Unknown Speaker  59:48  
Why is that? And they said, because what they're doing is what's called a cold reading. They're anticipating what you're doing, or they're talking to your friends or they're looking on Facebook, and they're finding something out about you.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:00  
You, and then they can talk about you. And I was thinking about that when I interviewed John Edward. John Edward is a psychic medium. He lives in New York, I live in Seattle, I arranged for there to be five or six calls for him to because my friends wanted to talk to him, of course. So I arranged he was on going to be on the show, I arranged for five or six people. The first one was my sister. And, and so John Edward is a very professional man, but he doesn't come on and chitchat. He was scheduled on the 10 He got there at 959 59. And so we're gonna do the show go right into the show, which we did, didn't even have a chance to talk about anything. And so I didn't have a chance to tell him that I had calls lined up or anything like that. So we just went on the show. And the first person that puts my sister to talk to him. And because we have a common bond of everything that happened, when my grandparents and my, my mom, and, you know, birthdays and all that stuff, I knew what he was talking about, as did she, but she was on the spot. And you tend to forget things when you're on the spot like that. And so you talked about the death of my grandfather, he talked about the death of my other grandfather talked about my dad's dying, my dad dying and what had happened with him, and the end that way. And my sister that were the letter R meant something to her. And she said, Well, I have a brother named Randy, she totally forgot her husband's name is Roger. And,

Unknown Speaker  1:01:34  
and may is an important month to you? And she said, Well, yeah, that's my birthday, and my grandkids are all born in May. And stuff. So and so he was so right on about all of this stuff.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:47  
That it's not and again, he's in New York, he this is not on video, this is just audio, and he picked it to the tee that I cannot, I can't come up with a reason how that can happen any other way.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:02  
It's all energy, like you keep saying, right. It's all energy, you just gotta tune into the frequency and,

Unknown Speaker  1:02:09  
and and you can pick it up.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:13  
Yep, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker  1:02:15  
Oh, no, no, it's it's just about tuning into the frequency. And you can pick up on these things. And just like what happened with that with lovely kala there, I was able to easily pick up on the energy flow. But I wasn't able to pick up on the past lives. So it's also going to be right timing, right connection. But I mean, it happens. But what she needed was the energy work, she didn't need to know about her past lives. Exactly, because it wasn't right timing. Exactly. I'm gonna set myself aside here, I would like you to talk to our audience, the ones that are listening now, and the ones that will be listening in the future, and we've had a few that have been listening to us. So I would love for you to tell them anything that you would like them to know.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:01  
Anything that I would like them to know, well, a big part of what we've been seeing today, really is about how this is all natural, this is all normal, how you can all do it. And it's true. You know, there's,

Unknown Speaker  1:03:15  
you know, there's going to be some things that maybe you'll have more skill in than something else. You know, the example I always give, is, you can give me piano lessons, I'll learn to play the piano, I will probably never be, you know, a concert pianist, right? That's not necessarily where my skill will take me. But I can, I can certainly learn how to, you know, if I if I put the work in, because I've got fingers, and I've got ears and that's all you really need, right? I'm not gonna be great, but I get I got the fingers in the ears, right.

Unknown Speaker  1:03:44  
And so this is all natural human ability. And some people might be better at medium shifts, some people might be better, more at, you know, feeling the energy and doing a hands on reading and things like that. But all of this work, this is completely unnatural. This is human ability. This isn't some something you know, only for a select few. And there's, you know, opening yourself up to talking to your angels to receiving the messages, like uh, you know, so one of the biggest things you can do is place your hand on your heart and just say you know, what, do you want me to know my heart right? What do I need to know right now and receive these messages so everybody's got it we can all do it time to trust yourself and and it comes in and trust that intuition. Not you know, not every mentor is going to be the right one for you. Not every, you know, energetic modality is going to be right. Trust your guts, you know, trust that gut feeling. And then just what I need to know now is it'll come

Unknown Speaker  1:04:54  
and go to energy balancing where you can

Unknown Speaker  1:05:00  
I get all kinds of stuff about Selena and

Unknown Speaker  1:05:05  
and you can book us a conference with her or you can join a group with her because they have group meditations and group

Unknown Speaker  1:05:13  
exercises that that would be a lot of fun for you to do. I highly encourage people to do that.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:20  
It's really, it's

Unknown Speaker  1:05:23  
no, I can say it. It's life changing.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:29  
Well, thank you. And I mean, it's it changed my life, which is why I do it now. Because it changed my life.

Unknown Speaker  1:05:37  
Yep, it's life changing. So, thank you. You're gonna come back and do this again. And we have so I have so much fun talking to you. It's so much fun. Well, thank you, Kevin. And I would love to come back and do it again. And I we always have fun. You do indeed we do. Indeed. If you wait right there. I got to do this and I'll be alright, the bank. Sounds good. Thanks for enjoying this episode. All the way to the end. Please give us a like and subscribe to this channel. This has been a production of positive talk Please visit our website oddly named positive talk For more details about us and our mission, which is to provide great positive programming designed to inspire us all. I'm Kevin McDonald, and I'm proud of these shows, and I truly hope that you'll like them and share them with friends and family. So on behalf of our entire team, remember, be kind to one another because each other's all we got to

Unknown Speaker  1:06:31  

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Selena Jones

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Selena Jones in an Intuitive Energy Balancing Practitioner and angel communicator. She blends practical energy healing techniques with clairvoyance and intuition. Selena herself has humbly gone from skeptic to full time practitioner.

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