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334 | Dr. Brent Satterfield on Positive Talk Radio!

October 10, 2022

334 | Dr. Brent Satterfield on Positive Talk Radio!
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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
This is a production of km media dot Pro. Welcome back to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas one conversation at a time. So come on over into our world. I know you'll like it. Because on today's show, we are honored to interview Dr. Brent Satterfield. That He's the inventor of DNA, and the author of bringing heaven home. We weren't meant to do it alone. We've got a guest with us today that I've been looking forward to talk to him with for a long while. He's written a book and he but before we get into the book, I have to ask you, because you're one of those, you're one of those people that you invented something that's really, really cool or had a hand in it. And that's DNA testing. Can you talk a little bit about that to begin with?

Unknown Speaker  1:00  
Sure. I have a background as a bio engineer, got a PhD from Arizona State University. And I've spent the last number of years working with different governments in the developing world, to create DNA testing technologies to pick up the different types of infectious disease that they that they most deal with in those countries. And along the way, there was a company here in the US that I became involved in, that picked up some of my technologies, and they developed a test for the Coronavirus, and their most recent pandemic, that test has been distributed all over the world to millions of people. And it's been exciting to be a part of that.

Unknown Speaker  1:49  
So so it's pretty, it's pretty good for me to say that you're an educated man. And you've you've been around and you've worked really hard at what you do, correct? That's correct. You know, one of the things that I that I was looking at today, because, well, just a real quick story, I have to tell you, because DNA testing has really come to the forefront of what is happening in the world today. And I'll give you an example. There was a guy that I used to sell food for a living, and he was kitchen guy in, in a small restaurant. And he was kind of kind of odd and kind of weird, and that kind of thing and, and come to find out that the government set a trap for him and gave him an I had no idea that, that if you lick an envelope, and then you send it to a place, they can analyze the DNA and find out about you, and what's your DNA. And so I lost contact with this gentleman for a number of years. But as it turns out, I was watching the TV, I was watching the news. And here this man was as they carted him off to jail because he had his DNA had proven that he had killed an 11 year old child, and it had gone cold. And they didn't have the ability to do attach him to it. But then they did. And now we're finding out that the DNA is helping to solve a lot of old crimes that that people committed, and they never were able to get tagged with. So the DNA of it really is exciting what you guys are doing with DNA.

Unknown Speaker  3:31  
It really is, is and you know, same technology I use in the police reports and to solve crimes that we use in diagnosing disease. It's just instead of identifying a killer or a criminal, you're identifying the viral culprit, the bacteria that's causing the problem. So it's still identifying the culprit just with viruses instead of people.

Unknown Speaker  3:56  
Well, and and it's actually a lot more widespread to do what you do because you're you're helping millions of people of figure out what what disease they have and how to fix it and all that kind of stuff. So I really applaud you for what you do. It's that you should you should your mom should be very proud of you. She is so so let's i Let's talk in the in a Bible i You came here to talk about today. And that is the book that you wrote. I'm very interested in it in its properties and what in what conclusions you've come to. And the name of the book is bringing heaven home. And by the way, this is Brent scatter field. He's PhD which occurred but he says just call him brand. And he's the author of this book. How long has a book been out now?

Unknown Speaker  4:47  
Published on January 14, so it's been out about a month.

Unknown Speaker  4:51  
Ah, it's hot, hot, hot, hot, hot. So it's it's right there in the end. And I'm glad that I'm glad that you're here to talk about it because it is as well, I lost my brother in the fall. He passed away, and death and dying. And what happens afterward has become a huge, a huge deal for really for humanity. There depending on which religion you are, however you phrase it, or if you're spiritual rather than that, and, and so forth, but it's, but you've, you've really had an interesting time with that particular subject, haven't you? So explain that you can't just leave it there. explain, explain, explain what happened, what is your story.

Unknown Speaker  5:45  
So I kind of a conservative Christian background. And I've had a number of experiences that at one point in my life, I wouldn't have believed were possible. I, but experiences where I found myself in my body, and having a conversation with God, understanding aspects of my life aspects of things that are happening in the world around us that, like I said, I just never would have imagined before. And I've had a series of these experiences. I, traditionally, you read about these types of experiences where somebody dies, and they they have an out of body experience, and then they come back and share what they saw on the other side. And I'm not sure any of mine that I actually died, I had a few where I, you know, I felt like my heart was going to explode. And I, I was afraid that I was going to die, but I never ended up in an emergency room. No doctor bills associated with it, but having the same type of experience.

Unknown Speaker  6:51  
Well, that's that's pretty cool. Because you I'm glad you didn't have any doctor bills, and I'm glad you didn't, what they call a near death experience, or in D. Because that would be too painful to recover from and I know people that have had those and it takes a long time. But so we for you do was it? Like was there an epiphany for you to what how, how did that come about that you that you ended up face to face with with with God.

Unknown Speaker  7:25  
The first experience, I was talking with a woman who'd had a series of Near Death Experiences herself. And her first one, she died in a plane crash. And then the other ones, she had another three after that, where she died from complications due to the plane crash. And each one she got to meet God and converse with them. And so when she came back, one of the gifts that she received on the side was the ability to help people cross over and have their own experience without having to die. And it's one of those details that people who have near death experiences they they rarely share. But some of them when they come back from the other side, their their change today, they see things that other people don't see they they hear things, they understand things. And one of her particular gifts was to help people have that transition. And so the first one I had was was facilitated as it were. The second time it was more spontaneous, where I wasn't expecting it at all and I just felt a sudden rush of energy all over my body felt like pins and needles just but 1000s of times more intense to where my whole body went numb. I couldn't feel my face. I felt this eruption go off in my stomach. Like it felt like a volcanic eruption or an explosion almost so that that pins and needles beetles feeling just was much more intense. And it moved up into my heart. And when it got to my heart it stopped being fun because that was the part where I thought wait a minute, I think I'm having a heart attack. But as it was i i no longer feared the other side I no longer feared death in fact, if there's anything to be afraid of, it seems like it's life. It's not that but so so I surrendered i let go i felt my heart explode. And I came through into the other side where I spent multiple hours and heavenly state and had experience with God and other beings.

Unknown Speaker  9:41  
And what did they have to say for themselves? What did I imagine God saying? We you're not supposed to be here. You're still alive out there. But

Unknown Speaker  9:53  
yeah. So my first encounter so this kind of walking forward from the second experience that I just started describing with the pins and needles feeling and everything. The first experience on the other side was just being in a state of light. And by light, it's a, it was like a feeling that was so joyful, so beautiful, so loving, that I felt like my whole body would have disintegrated if it had been there. Kind of like, you can imagine the heat that scientists talk about in the Big Bang, so hot that it melts, the atoms that make up the sun. So you might imagine a heat that could melt the sun, there is this feeling of just joy, that the overall sensation was, if my body had been there, I wouldn't I mean, I, it would not have continued. And that light also just had, it was like a feeling of understanding of everything that had gone on in my life up to that point in time. And kind of like if you could just spend years just downloading research on the internet, and just going through one web page after another and just getting all of these downloads, I accept that they're like, my ability to think wasn't limited. And so I could trace down all of these different understandings all at the same time. And it was, it was just beautiful, the whole thing created by this, like an explosion of bliss, of joy, of Wonder of just tears and weeping. And after I'd been in that space for probably 1015 minutes, that was when the first person appeared. And coming from my background, the individual of greatest religious significance was Jesus. And so he was the first person to come to me. And he spent a great deal of time talking to me. And unfortunately, it was it was nothing like you said, You shouldn't be here go home. Or the biggest surprise that I found in meeting Jesus, it wasn't the love because I always expected him to be a loving being an any was because like the feeling of having Jesus look into my eyes, was one of just being melted from the inside out. It because it's almost like all the places inside of you that that you carry around on a day to day basis that you hope nobody else can ever see or touch or it's like he was looking right into that. But instead of judging the way that each of us would judge each other. It's like he was looking past it. It's like I knew he could see it. But he's looking past it into something that none of us really ever see in each other or in ourselves, which is just this amazing space of love and connection to God. And as he would look into it, it's like there would be this understanding that just washed over you. That was Wow, all of these things that I have judged myself for. I thought that I just wasn't enough. None of that's true. And so I guess the first surprising thing for me was that in that space, none of the judgments that I had expected from from my life experience, like none of those judgments were there. There it was this absolute understanding of there is no judgment in heaven. It's it is love. It is the release from judgment, judgment. It's something we deal with here with each other. But there is this love that releases us. The second thing that surprised me was that Jesus laughs and, and going because we know in all the records we have of Jesus, like he was a very serious person and he cried, he wept. But in that space, he laughs and his laughter is the most beautiful, wonderful and healing thing in the world. And it it changed me in a way of like, my life was too serious, I need to have more laughter I need to be more full of the joy that is on that side. But third thing that I learned was that there was like, a surprising to me is that the difference between here and there is not as big as we think it is. And it's a difference that by doing all the stuff that you talk about in your podcast, healing these divisions between, you know, just just releasing the fear, the guilt, the shame, the judgment, these these divisions we have between each other.

Unknown Speaker  14:34  
That is a process where we can find healing individually and as a society to start feeling more of those heavenly feelings here in the body. And that that was a huge, huge part of the experience I had there just seeing this healing that was to take place on an individual level and on a global level. That would lead us to have the kind of love that they have over there on that side. To have it here in the body.

Unknown Speaker  15:01  
Because over there, there is no division. There is no hate, there is no fear, there is no, I'm better than you or you're not as good as I am, we are all equal, we are all part of the same. We're all part of the same energy. And, you know, the thoughts that you went through when you got there, and you had what I would term to be a life review. And you got an opportunity to review the good things that you did the not so good thing you did, and, and all and all of that. And then and then the meat and the meat with with Jesus, which is a divine being. And what did you What did you think? Well, what was crossing your mind? If you were like, Holy Moses, what's happening?

Unknown Speaker  15:51  
So there's an expression we use all the time down here, which is I've died and gone to heaven. And that's kind of what I was thinking. Because it was, it was so beautiful. It was the sense of everything makes sense, like every pain, every misunderstanding, every what I thought was a bad decision. It just all made sense. And to the point where it wasn't just that he wasn't judgment judging me, it was that I was no longer judging myself. And it wasn't like I was a bad person before. I mean, I had at least in the way that society labels good and bad people. I was trying to DNA tests to help people in the developing world so that they wouldn't have to suffer so much. Right. And so you think, okay, that's, that's, that's a reasonable life, you know. But still, there was this recognition that no matter what kind of life we live, each one of us has moments and places where we judge ourselves, we feel insufficient, we feel we're not quite measuring up. And it was in those spaces where there's this recognition of Oh, my goodness, like the worst things we think we can do here. We just we don't understand, we don't see it, the way that it's seen. On the other side, we don't comprehend the learning that we're going through, we don't comprehend the nature of our being, which, which is love. So but it's so there was this huge release. And to say that it was a release is almost like, it's not enough. Because the the it's so if you could compare another release in life, for it for those who had positive sexual experiences, and that kind of earliest, where there's this bliss, this opening this letting go. And if you could take that on a spiritual level and multiply it by 1000, where you're just melting down in tears and thinking, I understand. I get it all makes sense. And so it, it was beautiful. There was a part of me thinking that I was never coming back here to this place of

Unknown Speaker  18:14  
stay here, this is kind of cool.

Unknown Speaker  18:16  
Yeah, it certainly was. But at the same time, like the fear of being in this state, it's, it's like you don't you don't think about this being a fearful state or a hurting state until you get into a place that's all love. And then all of a sudden you go Wait, that place is hell, I don't want to go back there. But

Unknown Speaker  18:36  
that might be doing you know, it might be literally.

Unknown Speaker  18:41  
But but it's a loving hell, it's a hell that's designed to, to help us undergo a transformation where we can perceive and receive joy that is far greater than we could if we hadn't come through this place. And so it's like a cocoon for a caterpillar. We're like caterpillars going into cocoon, and we're incubating ready to become butterflies.

Unknown Speaker  19:03  
Yeah. Well, yeah, that's great. That's, that's great. So I got to ask you today you spent time with him. And but in your book, your detail, are there's a lot more going on than we have any idea about?

Unknown Speaker  19:19  
Yes. So is there a specific direction you want me to take that?

Unknown Speaker  19:26  
No, take it tell you where you well, because I have to say, I have a little joke that I tell about my brother, my brother just was a fundamentalist Christian. And he was very concrete, very narrow in his views about heaven and hell, and what happens when we go there? And like even when he passed away, you know where I'm going with this. You eat for hay in October, and I can just see him going to heaven and saying, Well, no, no, wait, wait, wait, wait. You mean you mean that this is just love and everybody is everybody's in love and ready to go? I mean, my brother gets to go here, I work so hard. And you know, when you understand where I go, is that we don't understand what relationship our earthly life has to the afterlife, and how it's all connected. But it's all connected in a very positive, loving way.

Unknown Speaker  20:22  
It absolutely is.

Unknown Speaker  20:25  
Wherever you want to go, wherever you want to go.

Unknown Speaker  20:30  
You know, a lot of people like to emphasize this whole moment of realization, and you get to the other side and go, Oh, wow, I had it wrong, you know, maybe I should have done it this way or that way. And, and you can spend your whole life thinking that, you know, life is one way, and then to get to that point, and see it differently. It isn't like you spend the rest of eternity going, Oh, crap. And by IMS stop, there's a moment of deep realization of, Oh, I understand what my body was doing, but you're no longer associated with your body. And so it's like, yeah, my body had this experience. But it's almost like, you were just getting a front row seat to a movie that your body was going through. And you understand the reasons why it went through those things. Even the mistake and understanding becomes part of a bigger lesson that that contributes to an expanding joy on the other side. Wow. So it kind of takes away all the charge for me, I was coming out of this whole conservative Christian kind of mindset as well of there's a right way. And there's a wrong way. And you better do it, right. Because otherwise, you're going to spend the rest of eternity, if not in Hell, at least regretting wishing that you've done something a little more. And what I didn't understand is so much of that. That had nothing to do with God, that had everything to do with the relationship I had with my dad when I was younger, and just never quite measuring up, always worrying that I was going to disappoint him somehow. And I knew I had a great dad. And again, I'm not saying there was anything inappropriate there. But just, he's a wonderful dad. But just like many of our parents are imperfect. And no matter how hard we try to be those perfect parents, after seeing the examples of our parents, we run into some of the same types of mistakes, just because we don't comprehend the love that exists on the other side. So all of us fall short. But recognizing that so many of my conservative beliefs were they were outgrowth of the way that I experienced my dad growing up. And so when I understood love, I understood it through the perspective that I had with my earthly parents. I understood it through what I saw on TV, I understood it through what I saw in other relationships. And so when people said God loved me, I'm automatically thinking, Oh, it must be like that. And not realizing that word completely misleads us. God doesn't love us the way people love us, fortunately, it would be hell of if if you did it really. So getting to the other side, tasting that experiencing it, you can't come back the same person. You can't. Because everything that your whole life was built on all the beliefs that you've never stopped to analyze, that go into making you who you are, the way that you interact with the world, all of the changes, just in a moment, because you realize that love isn't what you thought it was. It's this other thing, it's so much more wonderful. And so it provides room for you to start accepting self, to see all of the foibles, the the imperfections, and just love and accept self as it is today. And in that space to start seeing other people the same way to give them that same patience, that same room, to learn to experience to grow. So I'd say that's probably the biggest thing that I experienced there. But as you bring up, you know, the whole religious concept, one of the things that shocked me, too, is that as my experiences continued, I had multiple of these. I wasn't just seeing Christian religious symbols, I was being shown things from other religions as well. And understanding that heaven is a lot bigger than what people imagine it that we are each in our own relationship with God and we are creating the types of experiences that will help us understand the direction we want to go. And on the other side, it's almost like heaven is it's this idea of infinite growth where you can take wherever it is that you're learning and just grow in it forever and ever and ever. But instead of just being one direction like Growing in one concept or understanding it is, it's like a composite of almost an infinite number of understandings and ways that you can grow. And so any one of those paths that you can grow in, you can have experience with God, you can understand God, it's welcome. It's like, it's like almost like the science of divinity, where each one of us is learning something unique

Unknown Speaker  25:27  
about how this world works about how God works. And you can't really create a hierarchy of these experiences and say, This one is better than that one. They're different. Like, you know, apples and oranges are two different types of fruits. And I may prefer oranges over apples, but that doesn't mean that one is morally superior. They're different flavors, different experiences. And so that was very real for me was that the these different ways of experiencing God, they weren't just metaphorical like, like a whole bunch of different paths leading to the same place, they were actually different experiences, different fruits, different flavors. And that that was a huge surprise for me, as well as they haven't. It's just more diverse than anything I've ever imagined.

Unknown Speaker  26:10  
You could spend eternity there, then,

Unknown Speaker  26:13  
yeah, in any one of those, you could just pick one and spend an eternity. Or you can go to another and go for eternity. Or you can try to work with the composite the integration of them. So there's so many different ways to experience it. And it's all based on how do you as an individual feel loved? How do you as an individual express love, and then stepping into that space and honoring it?

Unknown Speaker  26:37  
So So Brenda, can I ask you, because I've studied the near death experiences I've had hit him hypnosis sessions, where I go back to previous lives. And I go back to life between lives. And I'm a firm believer, and in all of that, that the we're all one, and we're but so while you were standing there, and you were immersed in the love of God, and the and the and the wonderfulness of heaven, and all the things that you can do there? And did you ask him at one point? What the hell did you make? That year, this will be so much more fun.

Unknown Speaker  27:19  
I don't know if when you're, if when you were a kid, if you ever had an experience that was just so fun, that you never stop and ask questions like you're on this ride, and you're just going wherever the right leads you. And there are moments. I mean, because there were questions I did have. But, you know, it was one of those things in hindsight of like, dang, maybe maybe that would have been a great question to ask him. But I did see that. It's like what we're doing here on the earth and what's happening in heaven, they're not disconnected, it's is the sense of, if we can pull this off, if we can go from the state we're in right now with all this political division and, you know, international violence and everything else. pandemics, whatever it may be, if we can go from this space where our hearts are prone to contract and fear and hurt in judgment, and instead, be able to create a movement strong enough where all of us start to open. So feel the love of heaven, what I saw was that there was this effect that would start and it would happen at first with one individual than another where people would start to pop like popcorn. And by pop, I don't mean like explode like a tick or something. But pop as in this immense heavenly joy, of an understanding of why it all is how it came to be, where they start to live walking in these bodies in that heavenly state. And that after enough pot is almost like when the popcorn hits the right temperature and all starts going off, that everybody left in the world at that time, it all started popping together. And that there would be this huge explosion of joy. And what I saw was that this explosion of joy in this world was connected to the joy that is on the other side, that that this world rising that it changing, that it becoming a heavenly loving place. It somehow augmented the joy of those on the other side. So there there seem to be there seemed to be purpose in it without anybody ever coming out and saying, here's the purpose, and here's why it was done. And, and it was just one of those things where in that space, my heart just accepted it. And we just Yes, of course it is what it is. And there's no reason to question it because it's just beautiful. And my whole inner being is weeping from the joy and from the beauty of it. And so why would it be any different? There's just no question.

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
I couldn't agree more. The experience you have had was really profound. But there are people that are here that are working towards what you just said, which is developing a way for us to get along for us to recognize that we're all one, we all want the same things from life, we want to happy family, we want to, we want to love people we want to care. And that we can do that. But in order to do that, we have to recognize that we are all one that we got to get rid of hate division and fear. Because if we don't do that, then the divide stays up and the word divided, we cannot win. We need to get together and we need to be together. I'm so proud of you doing what you're doing. Because it is it's so needed, it is so needed. And and I applaud, I applaud you greatly. Now, I got to ask you, though, when you're on the other side, did you get to see some of your relatives? And then did you talk to anybody like that.

Unknown Speaker  31:05  
So my experiences did not include my relatives. And I know that there are a lot of people out there that did. And the the main figures in mine, I saw Jesus a couple times. And Jesus led me into the presence of somebody else that I identified with as, as my my father, like a spiritual father as it were. But and he would be the one that I would have identified with God. And yet, there is this relationship with the physical being, that you would call God and then also the light that is in everything. And it is something that it's probably simpler described, and I'm making it out to be. But that, if that light, that's an everything that is this loving intelligence could be embodied in a single individual. That's who I kind of thought as of as father. And then he in turn, led me into the presence of somebody else, who I understood was my spiritual mother. And so to the extent that there was a male and female aspect of this, this divine light, it was just, it was phenomenal. I mean, as much joy as I had coming into the presence of Jesus, it was like this explosion in my heart of euphoria of bliss of every feeling I've ever wanted to have or ever felt like I was missing. And then him taking me into the presence of my father who identified as God. It was that that even bigger explosion, just like it was as if I had never felt loved before and thought, wow. Because coming out of the Christian background, there's this thought, like, well, if Jesus needs to intercede with God, then God must be this mean angry old man or something. And that wasn't the case at all, it was almost like, Oh, my goodness, Jesus is just a big enter this love thing. And this person is even more of that. And it was just, it was a beautiful thing to be in the mother figure, my mother, it was even that again, I've just, Oh, God is not just masculine, there's a feminine element to it. And that feminine element, for me was completion. It felt like, just every day like eternity just became complete. But but instead of eternity, like in a time based here to forever it was, if you could turn it on its side so you could experience eternity at a moment and just feel completion. That's kind of how it felt, being with her. And then, God then showed me the light, like how it worked, I the kind of the structure of heaven, how it grows, how it how the joy is created. And I was led to understand that even as it is in heaven, so it is it on Earth, that that there are thoughts that we put into our hearts that go out into the light and they bring back to us what we send out. And this is one of the reasons for healing the heart is what we everybody keeps waiting for the world to get better before they feel better. And that's backward. That we have to allow our hearts to start to open to heal first. And then the world will start reflecting back to us this change inside and as more of us do that we're going to see bigger and bigger changes in the world. And those changes they don't have to be scary. They can be fun.

Unknown Speaker  34:48  
I got to ask you, Doc because you know you've you've got a PhD you you are a learned man, you're a scientific man. This had to at one point in time, blow your mind If this was happening to you, it goes against, you know, a lot of the stuff that the science would teach you. How did you reconcile all that? And why was it you have this adventure and not somebody else?

Unknown Speaker  35:18  
That's a wonderful question. I haven't figured that one out about why or is it?

Unknown Speaker  35:24  
Well, I can tell you is part of it, I think, is that if you are scientific man, you've got your chops you've done, you've done the work you you've been able to help millions of people. And maybe that partially, that was a reward for you to to because you really have helped mankind to a great degree. And so they said, Well, you know, let's talk to this guy a little bit more.

Unknown Speaker  35:52  
Maybe, you know, I, after all my experiences, I actually went back and studied, started studying other near death experiences, because I wanted to see what people were seeing on the other side, I just all, most of my adulthood, I didn't want to read anybody else's experiences, because I was thinking, that can't be real. And I didn't want to read things that people were seeing that contradicted my religious beliefs. And then all of a sudden, I'm seeing things that contradict my religious beliefs. And then they didn't really contradict them, but they didn't really coincide. Either. It was like, if you took all the words that I was taught in Sunday school, and then just gave it a totally different meaning, just throughout the meaning that everybody thinks it means. Bring in this heavenly love. And then all of a sudden, it's like, oh, now it makes sense. But but it no longer allowed me to fit inside that culture.

Unknown Speaker  36:46  
Exactly. Because, Glen,

Unknown Speaker  36:52  
just the way that they saw things, the way that I saw things, just almost opposite, because the religion was was still based on this idea of you gotta get it right, or there's this judgment, and I'm thinking about, there is no judgment, not from God, there is from us. And so getting it right, is about figuring out that we are loved no matter what it's about, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker  37:22  
I was just gonna say that your love no matter what, which then by definition, removes hell as an option.

Unknown Speaker  37:32  
It does. Because you no longer choose that. In theory, if you want to create such a place you want to go there, you can have that experience, people in near death experiences are sometimes shown that, but they're not shown that to go there, they're shown it to say, Hey, you're loved so much. If you want to go to the experience and create this, you can, at which point, they start having a change in thought and thinking I don't want to create that I want to create something different. So yeah, so there was a big difference. With with my religious perceptions, the science. I don't know that I had as much of a problem with that. It almost it almost ease the conflict between religion and science, oh, good, more, because just going into that space and recognizing, okay, there is a law as it were, that this world is made on and scientists are studying that law, the assumption they're making is that law cannot change. And what I understood is that the law is changeable. And that as we change our hearts, that the laws that scientists study are going to evolve. And so it kind of moves you into a place where you start asking the question, do I want to study the changeable law as it pertains to this world? Where do I want to study the laws that allow us to change the laws to to create something more beautiful in this world?

Unknown Speaker  39:05  
So your belief now is that we are in control of our own destiny?

Unknown Speaker  39:09  
Absolutely. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker  39:13  
Which which is you know, when when you look at the the conflict or the confines of a particular belief structure, and you believe that you can't change anything that that, oh, well, that's just the way it goes. That's just the way we are, I'm just going to try and be a good person. It changes completely when you when you open up to the concept that you can make you can be the change, you can make the change that can affect the world and, and with other people with other kernels of popcorn popping at the same time. As as that changes it'd be it hits critical mass, which is a scientific term, I think. And then then then change can happen and we can then have heaven on earth.

Unknown Speaker  39:57  
And I think it's a relieving concept to me realize that your way of seeing the world is not the only way to I mean, the first experience, I came back from it and almost reinforced my religious beliefs of like, okay, well, maybe there's not a hell, maybe there's no judgment, but I still feel like my way is the right way. And it was only as I had more that I stepped back and said, Okay, I have no idea what's going on. Like Heaven is bigger, God is bigger. And so but to realize that there are kernels of popcorn, popping in other cultures, and other religions and other belief systems, it means that you're not alone. That that feeling of all while I want the world to change, I still know how to do it, that you don't have to take care of the hole, you just need to understand what is it that you came to do. And it's not even like this pressure of something that you have to go and do. Because that pressure of feeling like you have to is actually moving you out of the space that heaven is in, which is a space of joy, a space of love of if your heart was absolutely open and free. If you were a little child in a meadow and heaven just chasing after butterflies without a care in the world. What would you do, because there wouldn't be any obligation or any have tattoos, it would just arise from your heart being open, spontaneous action. And to the extent that each one of us start tapping into that joy, each in our own cultures, we do have an influence. I mean, you're here doing these YouTube videos and podcasts and other things, trying to bring people together on this conversation of healing division. And that's having an effect. And there's a ripple effect that goes out from that. And as each one of us interacts in our own way, in our own space, and maybe that's simply just showing up, it's the choice to wake up in the morning and do it again. It has an effect. And so we can let go of the responsibility that we're the ones that have to change it. Because there is an intelligence inside of us and inside of everything that wants this change as much as we do, and even more. So the more that we open up to that intelligence, it's already in our hearts, the more that we feel that love the more that we walk in stuck with it, the more change that we're gonna see, not because we did it with our hands, but because actual power came in to help with that transition.

Unknown Speaker  42:32  
Well, you know, it's interesting that you say that, because in my in my little world was in with the podcast that I do, because this is my passion. I just, I just love doing I love talking. And, and, and trying to create something a little bit different. I have given it over. Which means that I'm I'm not interested, I don't care who listens to it, I don't care how many people listen to it, the right people will. And those are those are coming from a different place than me. I can't control that all I can do is to is to provide a forum for people like you who have come here and talk to folks to give them something to think about. And that's that's that's what I believe what God is. And I would love to have your experience without the near death thing that that but but I would love to I would love to be to get the you know, confirmation, but it doesn't matter. Because I know what I believe is that I just need to provide a space for people like you to make other people think and if we can do that then and I really thank you for reaching out. I know you reached out based upon what I have out there and I really appreciate you doing that. That makes me

Unknown Speaker  43:50  
very happy. thrilled that you had me on your show. So to

Unknown Speaker  43:58  
do this was matter of fact, I'm here in the are you are you available Sunday morning, the 28th of February,

Unknown Speaker  44:07  
Sunday morning the 28th

Unknown Speaker  44:10  
at 9am Pacific.

Unknown Speaker  44:13  
I am Pacific I should be yes.

Unknown Speaker  44:18  
I could I would love to have you on I do I do a radio show live over the air. On some I'm doing a little commercial here by the way over the air on Sunday mornings. It's called positive talk with Kevin MacDonald and it's from nine till noon. And I would love to have you on from nine to 10 to talk about your book and and all of this because it's it's so needed. And this goes out over Seattle which is the 12th largest media market and all of that I would love to have you do that if you if you're if you're able to do that. Either that either that either February or March one of the two. You'll get the

Unknown Speaker  44:54  
sounds good. I think February 28 should be just fine. So you want to yeah shoot me a confirmation email. And

Unknown Speaker  45:03  
I'll do that and we will and we're gonna we're gonna book it because this information is so important. It's so vital. And let me stop and tell you that there are I've heard what you're telling me before. From and but I haven't heard it put in the way that you're putting it because you were there. And it good it adds confirmation and validity to everything that I believe that there is no hell that we are, we are loved and other we can we can all work together to achieve something great. If we choose to or we can choose not to in which case, we will have to be either I believe in reincarnation personally. But I whether you do or not, it doesn't matter. I didn't have to ask though. Did you ask that question? Do we have to come back and do this again?

Unknown Speaker  45:59  
I did not ask that question.

Unknown Speaker  46:02  
Understand, because it would be overwhelming to be in the presence of all of this love. And all of these people it's like, in your, in your mind was opening up to so many things anyway, that it's hard to hard to do that. But that's okay. I just you may you may go back and do by the way, is there a second book in the works that we're talking? By the way bringing heaven home is the name of the book, you must go buy it. That's my rule, your role? You do whatever you please, I think I think it would be a really fascinating, fascinating read. So so please, please do that. But But now, we've talked about the first couple of times, how many times have you done this?

Unknown Speaker  46:52  
Multiple. And the it's in terms of the intensity of that type of an experience. The I've had four, that would be that kind of a crossover experience with that intensity. What I've discovered, you kind of alluded to this earlier is it's you'd love to have that personal confirmation without having to die to go do that, but but to have that experience. And what I've understood, what I've seen is that each of us has a light in our hearts, we all have an internal compass. And sometimes that compass is hard to hear, because all the emotional stuff in our lives is just shutting us down. But when our hearts are open, you kind of get this feeling of this feels right, this feels good. This feels like where I want to go. And that feeling is as valid as being in God's presence. The difference is, is it's not coupled with this intensity of euphoric joy and explosion of bliss. And I understand that the beginning of the end kind of theory. And for some reason, the mind wants to say, well, because this one was coupled with his bliss, but it's valid. And this one down here is not as valid because it wasn't coupled with that bliss. But it's the same intelligence.

Unknown Speaker  48:20  
Yeah. Yeah. Well, go ahead, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker  48:27  
It's the same intelligence moving you. And the beauty is because you haven't had all of that extra joy. You're a little bit more humble, perhaps, in your approach to Well, I felt these things. And I think this is what's going on. And sometimes for those of us who've been in another space, and like, well, especially coming out of a conservative background and authoritative background is like, well, I saw God. So now I know. And this is how it works. And I, I felt that way. I went through that after my first. And maybe even my second experience to a certain degree was kind of in that space. Well, I saw so now I know what's going on. And then to realize that, yeah, so what I saw, but it was like a drop in an infinite bucket. And so there's more to see there's more to understand and that maybe having a little more humility helps. So. Yeah. So I think that your experience and experience of your listeners, when they really stop and they connect with their heart and they listen with your heart is telling them that's valid. It's beautiful. And the question is, are you going to trust your heart as much as all the other voices in the world? Are you going to trust your heart as much as everything that your parents told you or society told you? Or are you going to listen? And open your heart and trust that even if you make no mistake, it's all beautiful, but there really is no mistake as long as we keep learning as long as we keep learning from things.

Unknown Speaker  49:57  
You know, what you're what you're saying has a A lot of validity to it, because there are times when I will read something. And I will go, that's it. There's, there's, there's a book called Journey of souls that talks about taking people into hypnosis. And then they have the same kind of experience that you had on the other side. And then to a person, they all roughly describe what you're describing, it's a place of love, total acceptance, that we view it is, from our perspective down here differently than they view it from up there. And so when you're down here, and this is what I implore people, is when you're down here in something feels right. If something feels like it's, it's be at a song, be it something that you, you part of a movie, as on Sunday, listening to someone like you, it's like one of them that has always got to me and I heard it, you know, during it was from the movie Braveheart. And you'd think that's a real, you know, a macho type movie. But there was a point in that where he says, where his father says, who's on who had died. And he turns to him, and he says, Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it. And so for me, that was like, ah, because that God, it was like, it was like, your heart is free, follow it, and follow the love that you have with it. That's, that's what I got out of that. And so you have the experience, but only from the standpoint that you can come back to us and say, You don't need to have that you can exactly, we can still believe that you can still do it, just follow your heart.

Unknown Speaker  51:40  
And it's almost more beautiful, when you can trust your heart without having to have that type of an experience. It's just that absolute trust that faith that surrender, it's, it is a beautiful thing.

Unknown Speaker  51:57  
So I gotta ask you, you've had all these experiences, you've written the book. I sense there's another book coming? Should be? And what do you what are you going to do now that now that you, what are you gonna do with the rest of your life? Are you still doing the DNA stuff? You know, what, what are your plans, sir?

Unknown Speaker  52:19  
So, right now, my plan is to, to participate in a few more podcasts a few more places to to create some publicity for the book, I'm, you know, there is there's the professional side of life, the things that you do to make sure that you've got your needs met, that you're providing for yourself, and you're doing that in an honorable way. And so, to the extent that I continue to have a meaningful role in the scientific world, I'm happy to play that. And you know what the future holds after that, I don't know. But it'll be really interesting to see, my heart has become much more interested in connecting with people like you, with people like your listeners. And just sharing, because I, after being on the other side, there was this sense that nothing we can achieve in this life, nothing we can do with our hands, really has the same level of satisfaction as when we connect with another human being. And to the extent that there are those of us out there who are looking, we're trying to understand what's going on in this life of ours, we're trying to understand what's going on in our hearts. It's an amazing thing, to run into somebody else who may be from a different culture belief set, and then find that they have like a missing piece to your puzzle. And so I find that there isn't really a division between those who've had experiences like mine and those who have not, meaning that I can learn just as much from people who haven't had those experiences as they can learn from me. And so it's just joyful, to connect with people who are coming from all these different backgrounds to see what they're learning to see what their understanding, because there is a learning that takes place, even outside of what it is we're seeing with our mouths. Like like in my first experience with a woman who died in a plane crash. She and I will the thing that triggered that it was so interesting. Like I came in to see her. And it was like this feeling inside of me like I had a piece of her heart like I had a puzzle piece for her. And I saw in my mind, my vision of myself placing my hand on her heart. And I started to reach out to place my hand on her heart and I got self conscious like, oh my gosh, that's on her chest and maybe I shouldn't do that. But she understood She like saw what it was that I was trying to do. And she says that's where Jesus puts his hand and she grabs my hand and just puts it right on her chest. And as soon as she did, there's this explosion of just energy in me. And so we hadn't had any dialogue. It wasn't like I said something smart. And she said something smarter. It was just two people that happened to have pieces of each other's puzzle that came together in the same place at the same time. And they had a meaningful interaction. And that meaningful interaction caused an explosion inside of me caused me to move into a space that I'd never experienced before, that I didn't know was possible. And so likewise, I just have that ongoing interest, to meet with others to facilitate those types of interactions. As people come together, they feel their hearts changed. They feel confirmation of things that their hearts have been telling them. And they have courage to let their heart start creating those things, the more of us that feel that permission to start believing the most beautiful things in our hearts, the more that we are going to see shift not only in our own lives, but in the world around us.

Unknown Speaker  56:15  
And you know, what's really cool, that you're going to run into now that the book has been out, and it's been out for a whole month now, maybe not even not even a month, what you're gonna find is what I find is that the work that you're doing the work that I'm doing, I affect people that I'll never know, yes, people that I'll never meet, will have the work that I do, and bringing people like you to them has an impact. And it has a positive impact. And that's all I need. I let all that spirit, I'll let God decide how he wants to use all of that. None of my business, all I do is follow and do do what my heart tells me to do. And this is what it tells me to do so and you're the same way. So you're gonna have people that are going to email you in the future that year, they're going to tell you you change their life. And there is no nothing more sacred and rewarding than that. So I applaud you, thank you. It really is it really is true, and you deserve, you deserve all everything that you can get monetary reward and stuff all that stuff will come. But just just the just the love and care of your fellow man. And you'll get that, and you have that. So I appreciate it. So you were coming up on the hour dammit, darn it.

Unknown Speaker  57:47  
But, but I what I'd like to do is to give you an opportunity to talk to the audience, both the audience that's here now, because we have people listening here now. And also, this is going to be a podcast, and it's going to be a YouTube event. So whatever you'd like to tell them, I would love for you to speak from your heart to tell them

Unknown Speaker  58:10  
I just want to say that your experience matters. That no matter what you've been through in your life, how insignificant or how difficult, it absolutely matters. The relationship between us and heaven is a beautiful thing. And as much as there is this reverence from us towards the divine, there almost is this. On the other side, there is a reverence for our experience. And there is no one else in this world that can replicate what you are experiencing right now. You have the only view that sits from inside your body with the things that you understand the way that you see the world. It matters. It's beautiful, you matter. And if you ever wonder what it is that you're supposed to be doing next is listen to your heart. Imagine yourself happy. Imagine yourself free. Imagine yourself connected. And sometimes that can be hard to do if life feels like it hasn't treated you very well. But imagine it anyway until you can feel your heart start to respond until it starts to open. And wherever you see yourself when your heart opens. That is probably where you ought to be

Unknown Speaker  59:43  
That's brilliant.

Unknown Speaker  59:46  
Because I'm sure I could keep talking for a while and Kevin but I just realized we hit the hour so

Unknown Speaker  59:54  
well in this case that doesn't matter. So if if the if there's because what you're saying is beautiful and He is something that people need to hear. But it's okay. That we're all right. Even though even if you've been abused, even if there have been problems, even if you're not, you're, you're still loved. And you're not alone.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:15  
Absolutely. Having celebrates our belly flops.

Unknown Speaker  1:00:20  
They, and I tend to think they get the biggest kick out of it. Because I think there is a lot of

Unknown Speaker  1:00:26  
there is there is and we don't like to think about people laughing at our pain and our suffering. And it isn't like that, because they're not laughing at us. But it's that we don't share the proper perspective yet. And once we share that same perspective, we'll find ourselves laughing with them. And it's the most healing thing because in a moment, an instant, this heaviness that feels like it would never lift is gone. And so the heaviest things that we face in this life, they're insubstantial. They're very substantial here, the very real here but they're insubstantial. And there is a day a moment and understanding that comes when it's just like a night dream, like waking up and realizing oh, I understand now why that was there's no more happiness. It's gone.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:20  
So I'm assuming you're not scared of death anymore.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:23  
Now, I am more scared of life.

Unknown Speaker  1:01:30  
Oh, I can I can totally get that I can totally get that. So it Dr. Brent. It's been great having you here and, and I look forward to having you. And by the way, it's Brent scatter field and the Satterfield. Sorry about that. I am famous for massacring names just Satterfield the PhD, and he's written the book bringing heaven home, Amazon's got it. I got it. They got a great big thing on the top of the paid for you. So and your entire bio and all that kind of stuff. So get the book. It will be a life changing experience if you choose it to be anything else you'd like to answer?

Unknown Speaker  1:02:19  
No, I feel good

Unknown Speaker  1:02:28  
hey, and thanks for listening to this episode all the way to the end. Hey, pretty cool. Don't forget to follow us so you can receive regular updates and new posts and remember, take care of each other because each other as always see you next time.

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