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343 | Matthew Stapley does Psychic Readings on Positive Talk Radio!

October 26, 2022

343 | Matthew Stapley does Psychic Readings on Positive Talk Radio!
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Matthew Stapley is a naturally gifted, full-sensory psychic-medium, ordained and licensed minister, inspirational speaker and healing facilitator.

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On this program are those of the hosts guests and callers and are not necessarily those of KK and W its management or other advertisers. This program is sponsored by km radio Productions, LLC.

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This is a production of km media dot Pro. Welcome back to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas one conversation at a time. So come on over into our world. I know you'll like it. Because on today's show, why have we got a good one for you? Today we feature Matthew Stapley is here. He's a psychic medium. He is famous all over the country. And also Dana Parker is with us from inner world movement. And we're going to have just a great show. It's one of those shows I really liked. Because I could just say, and next up our caller is and then I shut up for 10 minutes. So works out perfectly for me. So Nathan, how are you?

Unknown Speaker  1:04  
I'm doing well. Kevin happy to rain is back. And by any chance for you snoring last night.

Unknown Speaker  1:09  
I am sorry.

Unknown Speaker  1:11  
It's raining, it's pouring in some old man out there is snoring?

Unknown Speaker  1:16  
Well, I will tell you that. That's why I live alone. Because I don't I hate to go to the I ate when I was younger, to go to bed, you know, with my wife in our king sized bed. And then I would wake up and she wouldn't be gone because you wanted to actually sleep and stuff. So you know, it's one of those one of those things that it just happened. So

Unknown Speaker  1:38  
you called it?

Unknown Speaker  1:41  
Exactly so so I'm Matthew, how are you?

Unknown Speaker  1:44  
I'm doing well. How are you guys doing? Thanks for having me back on your show.

Unknown Speaker  1:48  
Oh, yesterday I tell you what, it's it's so much fun and I knew are so gifted it with what you do. And you're you're telling us, you know, you can always tell somebody by the level of their success. Because you opened up your calendar and it filled it 11 minutes. That's, that is just remarkable.

Unknown Speaker  2:07  
Thank you. It was It was intense. And

Unknown Speaker  2:10  
yeah, I that out a little bit.

Unknown Speaker  2:13  
But I thank you.

Unknown Speaker  2:15  
And so I hope you got some rest, because I'm afraid that we're going to be very busy today.

Unknown Speaker  2:21  
I did. I did get some rest. I'm ready to go.

Unknown Speaker  2:25  
Oh, very good. Well, this is one of those shows I really liked because I don't have to do much. And then Dana and Matthew are going to work together with our guests, our callers. And we've already got a couple lined up and and so I think that as soon as Nathan's available to make the switchover We'll kiss he's also surprisingly enough. He's on the phone talking to somebody else. So. So Nathan, I Are we and he's typing now. So but But Nathan, we might as well just jump in and take calls right away. Don't you think

Unknown Speaker  2:58  
we are ready to take our calls and we do have full phone lines right now. So when somebody hangs up their call, that will be your cue to dial 425-373-5527. We also have a toll free in line at 1-888-298-5569. Let's get the show on the road. Our first caller is Caprice calling from North Carolina.

Unknown Speaker  3:20  
Hello, Caprice? How are you? I'm good. How

Unknown Speaker  3:23  
are you? Well,

Unknown Speaker  3:25  
awesome. Thank you. I'm so lucky that Matthew is here. And Dana is here and you're here. And we're going to have a great time.

Unknown Speaker  3:32  
I'm so excited. I can't believe I got through. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  3:35  
You or the early bird catches

Unknown Speaker  3:38  
the worm as it were. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker  3:42  
Matthew is right there.

Unknown Speaker  3:43  
What can we do for you today? Caprice?

Unknown Speaker  3:46  
Hey, Matthew, I was just wondering if you can pull any message out in the atmosphere? For me my question that is that my heart is I was wondering if you might be able to tell me what my mom was wanting to talk about with me before she passed that we didn't have the opportunity to do all right,

Unknown Speaker  4:04  
we can definitely give it a whirl and see what happens. So let me tune into your energy here. Okay. All right. So as I'm stepping into your energy first, I just want to touch base on your aura colors that I can see around you because I like them. First of all, they're awesome, worth talking about. So when I was stepping into your energy field, I could see a lot of orange, yellow and blue around you. And blue to me is a color that I get to see fairly frequently. And to me it represents healing energy, it represents being somebody who can hold space for the growth of others. The orange was interesting to me because it was all around your solar plexus and your throat both and the solar plexus is like our health, vitality, strength. Willpower in the throat is our ability to communicate. And orange to me is about breakthroughs. It's about overcoming obstacles that have to do with our empowerment and our ability to voice our opinions and what we want and need and all of that. So those three colors are really really positive. The other color that I could kind of see in the edges of your energy was a lot of yellow. And yellow to me is about moments of pause like not true stagnancy. But moments where everything in our life just quiet and we just kind of want to go within ourselves and not really necessarily be hugely part of the world around us know what I'm asking for your mother to step forward, I do get a female spirit coming forward very slowly, but she is coming forward. And whether it's your mother or somebody else, I will do my best to bring through message. So the first thing that I can feel, as this woman stepping in is, I can't really take a deep breath. So to me, that usually means that there were issues in her lungs or with her breathing are in the chest area. And then the other thing that I could feel was right on the the frontal front right side of my head, like my brain started to feel zappi. So I think she may have had, whoever this has had more than one physical issue leading up to her passing, personality wise, I feel like this person comes through with a lot of love. I feel like she was a very sensitive person. I feel like she also had a heck of a lot of strength is in the way that I think she was very resourceful and very, very resilient. And I don't think that her life was particularly easy, but I feel like she was a very, very strong person. Can you understand that as anybody that has passed?

Unknown Speaker  6:15  
Yeah, it actually could be my mom that that very, she was very strong and independent, and not an easy life. The head part? I'm not sure I've I always thought that she died from a heart condition. I wasn't aware of anything in our head, but it could be it could be

Unknown Speaker  6:33  
alright, well, let's see if I can answer your question. So the question was, and I always look when I'm doing a reading, like 90%, or more of the information has to be accurate for me to continue. And I think, other than the head thing, it sounds like it fits. So

Unknown Speaker  6:47  
let's Yeah, you nailed everything else so far. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  6:50  
Awesome. Let's see if we can connect with her. So I'm asking what were you What did she want to talk to you? What did you want to this is gonna sound really, really strange. But she's not giving me like any major thing. She's giving me this feeling that like, the way that she's describing to me is kind of almost funny. But she's talking about like, you know, when you see a really good deal for something on TV, and you want some your friends to know about it, so you call them. It's something like that she's given me this feeling of mental cloudiness. And this feeling of like wanting to talk to you about something, it felt very important to her. But she's giving me this feeling that in hindsight, it wasn't necessarily that important. And I wish that I had a deeper answer for you. But she's giving me this feeling that it was like not super crazy important. Now, that said, she does have another message for you. And the message is talking about your life path. And she's saying that you're on the verge of a new chapter within your path. She's giving me this feeling of November being a really fresh start for you. And she says that she's excited about this for you. She's also talking about another woman who's alive, that is connected to you, that is distance. So whether it's emotional distance, or physical distance, or both, she says this person will come back towards you or towards family in the month of December, right around the 27th. And she says to be patient with this person as they step back into your life, so I'm not really sure who she's talking about. Other than that, it will be somebody who has been distant or emotionally disconnected, returning, and I feel like it will be a positive thing, but patients will be required.

Unknown Speaker  8:28  
Okay, okay. Wow. Well, that's a lot to look forward to. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  8:33  
You've got a good path ahead. You have to let us know who that was when it happens in December.

Unknown Speaker  8:40  
I will I will I watch your show all the time. So I will I will type it in there. So I'll let you know.

Unknown Speaker  8:45  
Awesome. That sounds good. Thank you for calling it. Oh, Dana, did you have anything you wanted to add?

Unknown Speaker  8:50  
I just I think the what I wanted to and what I sensed and felt into was her deep love for you. She really did have a very deep love for you. And that's kind of the feeling I got as she was passing and is that she just it was like, it's such an honor to be to have been your mother. That's the feeling.

Unknown Speaker  9:17  
Well, thank you for that. There was always some she wasn't how do you describe it? The kind of person who showed emotions very often. Yeah, that meant a lot actually, to hear that. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  9:28  
Thank you. Absolutely.

Unknown Speaker  9:30  
Thank you for calling in.

Unknown Speaker  9:33  
Thanks, guys. Have a good day. Thank you for your

Unknown Speaker  9:35  
praise. And that's that's why we have the two of you together because it's kind of like toast with a little bit of jam on it. You have the staple and then we've got just a little bit of extra flavor I think is just awesome. So that does open up a phone line. Nathan tell them how they can get on.

Unknown Speaker  9:53  
They can call us at 425-373-5527 or toll free at 88829 85569 A line is now open. So if you've been trying to call us and getting like a busy signal or not getting through, now's the time, we'll get you in. All right, let's go ahead and take our next caller. We're gonna head up north to Canada for a few callers. Now, we have Chris calling from Canada. Welcome to the show.

Unknown Speaker  10:17  
Hey, guys, thanks so much for having me on. Appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker  10:19  
You bet. You're Chris. Welcome. Hey, I

Unknown Speaker  10:22  
recognize that handsome voice. How are you, Chris? Good. How are you, Matt? Good. Thanks. What can we do for you? Well,

Unknown Speaker  10:30  
first of all, thanks a lot for taking the time. I don't really have a specific question. I was just hoping that if somebody wanted to come forward and tell me something that I might need to know, that might be what I want to know,

Unknown Speaker  10:40  
I guess. Yeah, let's do it. So I'm going to tune into your energy, and we'll see what we get. So as I'm stepping into your energy field, I want to talk a little bit about about big changes. So they're showing me my symbol for very quick change. And this is a tornado which I know sounds terrifying. But really, it's it I promise, control symbol, as scary as it might sound. But the tornado is showing up in January for you right in the last two weeks of January. And they're showing me that this will largely be around work or career path. And this is coming more from your spirit guides rather than a loved one. But they're showing me big changes around your business around career. In the last two weeks of January, they're saying a decision will have to be made, they're showing me a fork in the road. And so I feel like this is a decision about not really what you're offering so much is where you're offering it. So it could be an opportunity to move the location of your work. Or to add something new to it, I feel really good about this. I'm also being shown a mother figure who is on earth, that will be going through some health issues right around that same time. But I'm being told that it's important that she knows that everything is going to be okay that she's going to fully overcome whatever problem this is. And also very, very quickly, they're showing me big changes for her as well. And they're saying that these changes are coming from within. So these are mental emotional changes. They're saying that she may feel a little bit. I don't want to use the word lost, but uncertain of what path to take, or what she should be focusing her energy on. And I'm being shown that that right now she's just supposed to focus on actually just like day to day stuff, staying mindful bringing herself whatever she needs within her life for healing or peace or both of those things. And then a new path will present itself around February or March, and then she will have something to act on that feels very concrete. So that's what I get when I tune in generally for you.

Unknown Speaker  12:27  
That's amazing. That's really awesome. Thank you so much for that.

Unknown Speaker  12:30  
You're welcome. It was nice to hear your voice.

Unknown Speaker  12:34  
Thank you. I would love if I can to just add some things that I'm sensing as I tune in. I want to share as I'm tuning into all of your support and guides around you, like you are the message that keeps coming through and I want to there's so many thoughts and ideas, but you're such an incredible individual that brings so much light and goodness into the world, just your presence. And a reminder that your words have so much power in the people around you that your words, it's so interesting that I get I feel emotional, how beautiful you're so loved, you're so supported. And you're very influential in your interactions in this world. And so just a reminder that your presence and your words, and your heart really do matter in this life and make a huge difference and in contribution to good.

Unknown Speaker  13:35  
That's totally amazing. I really appreciate you guys time. And it's it's pretty, pretty inspirational. So thank you so much, guys.

Unknown Speaker  13:41  
Thanks for calling in.

Unknown Speaker  13:43  
Thanks for all you do, Chris. Thank you guys.

Unknown Speaker  13:47  
I just want to say something really quick, because I know we've got a lot of callers. But Chris is somebody that I've known for a long time and the amount of good things that he does, like Dana was so spot on the amount of good things he does for the community that he's helped like, people with homelessness, he's helped people with hair donations for cancer. Like like a million things. This guy is one of the most community minded people I've ever met in my entire life. And he runs a beautiful barber shop called King zone here in Ottawa. And he is worth even just stopping in to say hello, yeah, the most vibrant people anybody could ever hope to meet. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  14:28  
when I tuned into him, it was it was incredible, almost like it was just an honor to be present with him in this moment. And I it's so interesting to have had that experience. And I love people. I mean, I can love almost anyone I need but that was profoundly beautiful. And I just it was an honor to connect with him today. So thanks for that.

Unknown Speaker  14:49  
Well, you know, Matthew When you're here, we're gonna have to get Dana a box of Kleenex.

Unknown Speaker  14:54  
That's it seems like I'll email her some

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
Hey, Nathan, we're continuing down the hit parade that does open up a full phone line. And we're gonna fill in here in a second. But go ahead.

Unknown Speaker  15:07  
Our phone number is 425373 or 5527 to fill up that phone line or toll free at 1-888-298-5569. Let's take our next caller June, calling from Prince Edward Island in Canada. Welcome to the show. June. You're live with Kevin, Dana and Matthew. Hey, Jim.

Unknown Speaker  15:27  
Hi. Hi, Matthew. Hey, Jude. Amazing when I'm hearing I'm good. Thank

Unknown Speaker  15:32  

Unknown Speaker  15:34  
I was just wondering if you could tune into what's coming up for me in the work front?

Unknown Speaker  15:39  
Maybe mom and dad have some suggestions on if I'm on the right path?

Unknown Speaker  15:44  
Yeah, let's take a look. So let me tune into your energy. Oh, my pleasure. All right. So work. Okay. So immediately, immediately, I'm being brought into a few different time periods coming up. So one is November. So next month. The other one is like a window of time between January and the end of March. So these two time periods, I see the potential for significant change in those times. November is interesting, because they're showing me a feeling of being caught in the grind. So what that means is just in routine and not being able to break out of it, it doesn't feel bad. But what they're showing me is that within you, I see new ideas coming in at that time, I can also see a woman whose name starts with like a CH sound. So it could be Charlene Cheryl, somebody like that. I don't necessarily know, it's somebody that is somebody who's even close to you. But I see this person in front of you before the end of November. And they're giving you some kind of suggestion as to what you could do to shift your work life. And then that January to March period is what I'm actually excited about. Because that's where I see change, they're saying that, you're going to have a new opportunity that will sort of show up I think, as a result of your hard work. And you will have a decision to make a round that before the end of March because this decision will bring with it a huge amount of change possibly, as far as is changing where you're living, like it might even be changing, like moving out of Prince Edward Island or something like that, I see a lot of potential to shift things. The other timeframe that I got was June of 2023. And that other, that's another opportunity for change. That one's a really, really big one, the only thing I'm not clear on is if you have to go through the January to March opportunity in order to get to the June one I honestly can't tell. But if you you know, get into June of next year, that that opportunity for work or whatever is really, really amazing. They're wanting to talk a little bit about your, your caring for yourself, like your self care, and things like that. They're saying that there's a lot of drain in your energy field. And this I think is partially from just the state of the world. Like I don't know if you've looked out your window recently, but it's a little intense. Part of it is that it's an empathic drain. The other part of it, I feel, is healing or clearing up things from the past and these past things. It's not just one thing, it's a bunch of a whole bunch of little tiny things. And I feel like you've actively, especially probably subconsciously been clearing these things up over the last year. And so that also feels like it's taking a little bit of your energy. But by the end of November, I see that process is being complete, I can feel a man around you that passed from something that spread through the body or moved around. So usually cancer will feel like that for me. And I feel like he was a very gentle soul. I feel like he was somebody that was fairly introverted. I get a feeling that he was all hard, even though I think he was very intelligent, had a strong mind. I think he felt everything at a deep level. And I also want to say this man does not feel altra elderly to me at his time of death. So I don't place him in his you know, like, late 90s or something. I think he was a bit younger than that. But whoever he is, he's, he's around you, and he's sending you a lot of love. He's also showing me him walking along. It's near water, but it's almost like a cliff. And he showed me walking along this cliff and he's got a big beautiful white dog with him. I'm not sure where the dog would fit into this. It could be symbolic just representing loyalty, but he is walking his dog along this cliff and I can see the sun coming up over the water. And I just feel like my heart is expanding and filling with a million pounds of love. And the last thing is gonna sound really weird. June but he's showing me a jar of pennies. And as you know, and I know, pennies don't exist in Canada anymore. They show me a jar of coins or a jar of pennies. I'm not sure what to do with it, but I will. I will give it to you anyway. It's the my mother. Okay, cool. Awesome. I hope other half Got it. Okay, awesome. So it's something that you can relate to. Yeah, he's definitely with you definitely around you. Definitely. Kids. Oh, beautiful. I really love that. The last thing I'm getting sorry, he's wanting to talk about mold issues, either in your space or the space of a family member like physical house. If somebody's been having lung issues, I would recommend checking that out as a possible cause.

Unknown Speaker  20:27  
Okay, that again, lung issues. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  20:29  
if somebody has been having lung issues, he's saying to check the house for mold as a as a possible as a possible cause of this problem. More mold? Oh, yeah. Like in the walls or something?

Unknown Speaker  20:41  
Yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  20:42  
Mold is nasty stuff.

Unknown Speaker  20:46  
Yeah. Well, thank you for calling in. Dana, did you have anything you want to add? Yeah, just one

Unknown Speaker  20:50  
thing that I felt to add as, as you're cleaning and clearing up that those all those little things in your space, I kept getting this feeling to recommend binario beats. And you can find those online. Just on YouTube from healing binario it's B I N A U? r a l binario. B. I R? Bin. A Ural? Yeah. And you can find that on YouTube for healing and cleaning up some of those things. And that I've loved and seen great success for so.

Unknown Speaker  21:32  
Well, thank you so much for giving us a call. I hope that helped you.

Unknown Speaker  21:36  
Yes. I'm sure it did. But the move scary.

Unknown Speaker  21:41  
It will be a choice. Don't worry. It's not like a half two. For sure.

Unknown Speaker  21:46  
Yeah. Yeah. All righty. Thanks so much for giving us a call.

Unknown Speaker  21:50  
Thanks for calling June.

Unknown Speaker  21:53  
Have a great day. And we are we are still packed on the phone lines. Matthew, by the way, I want to do this a bunch of times today, let's give out your information so that you can get even busier.

Unknown Speaker  22:04  
Oh, okay. People can find me primarily honestly, on Facebook, I go live there mostly five days a week during the day, and twice a week, most of the time at in the evenings. And it's psychic, or you can search Matthew Stapley. Or go to my website, Matthew And I've started doing a new thing on my daily lives where people can write in a letter of either a spiritual experience a paranormal experience, a concept they want to discuss, and we have this awesome big group discussion all about whatever it is that they write into. And if they don't want to leave their name, they can just pick a golden girl to be and I'm more than happy with that.

Unknown Speaker  22:46  
I love that. And Dana, your information, if somebody would like your extraordinary intuitive coach was women to a great degree, if somebody would like to contact you. How do they do that?

Unknown Speaker  22:58  
Yeah, it's inner world. is where you can find me.

Unknown Speaker  23:04  
And if you want to go to positive talk radio dotnet and drop me a line, I can make sure that you get a hold of both of these people, because it's they really are important. As a matter of fact, you guys are so important that I just asked the boss and the boss said, we're gonna go ahead and dispense with the commercials so that we can go commercial free so that we can get as many people in to talk to you today as possible. So we're going to we're going to do that. By the way. I'm the boss. So I was a shortcut. Oh, Nathan, we've got more people to talk to. Lots and

Unknown Speaker  23:37  
lots of people today. Let's go ahead and take their next caller is still remaining in Canada is Serena, welcome to the show. Serena. You're live with Kevin Dana and Matthew on positive talk radio.

Unknown Speaker  23:49  
Arena. Hi, I'm so excited. Matthew, I'm such a big fan. Are you doing such? You inspire me every day? I just had a question. Just general life work reading maybe? Any message from my loved one?

Unknown Speaker  24:04  
Sure. Sorry. Can Can we can we go over that one time because I my my headphones were a jerk for a second. So it was I heard you say love life career and loved ones.

Unknown Speaker  24:18  
So just a general reading maybe like a life. Okay, got any messages from any loved one?

Unknown Speaker  24:25  
Sure. Let's see what we get. All right, no problem. So the first thing I want to do I want to talk about this read that I can see in your energy field. So read to me depending on the shade means completely different things and you've got like at least two shades of red. So the first shade of red that I saw was over your heart center. And to me, it's a vibrant, beautiful read and this is what I see as empathic ability this is like when you're feeling everything from the world around you. The other red that I could see was around the the edges of your energy field especially in the lower part it was a dark red, which to me is like anxiety or feeling on edge or not. Rivas are ungrounded. And I want to say that I see that red shifting in the not so distant future, they're saying that you've carried this color for about four or five years now pretty intensely. So if the last four or five years have been a roller coaster of anxiety, and WTF Ness, it wouldn't really surprised me at all. But they're showing me that this is going to shift really early in 2023. And I feel like you'll finally be able to take a deep breath and actually just, you know, be present and not be so overwhelmed, which is good, they are showing me some significant change, especially in and after the spring of 2023. And a lot of these changes, I feel have to do with even things that have physical level for you. So having more physical energy in your body, I see a realignment happening at that time where you actually feel your strength again, and you can feel your empowerment again. And I just see all of that being really positive. So it's not really a specific life path prediction, but it is one saying that you are, you know, you're not in any way far gone, you're absolutely heading through this challenge, but you are going to come out of it. And when you do, you're going to be in some pretty amazing shape. So I would say mark down March 28 29, of 2023, because that's the specific date that I see there's a rebirth taking place for you, and it looks positive, really positive to me. Let's see if we can get anything else for you. I can feel a man stepping in. But this is weird, because he's not stepping in right next to your energy, which is always puzzling for me when I have to try to interpret what that means. Because sometimes it can mean that they either weren't that close to you, or it could mean they're coming through because you know somebody that that knows them. So I'm just going to bring through the evidence. And we'll see what comes through. So this man was not old at his time of passing, I could play some middle aged at the very most. So he could have been in his 40s or 50s or something like that. He's showing up with a very heavy heart on Earth. So to me, that means he was very troubled emotionally. And I think mentally as well. I don't think it was troubled in terms of anger, but he's given me a feeling of a lot of either like depression or really heavy, heavy things like that. He will not tell me what his cause of death is, which is strange, because that's usually the first thing they'll show me. But he's giving me a cause of death that came on very quickly. Or very suddenly, he's talking about somebody named Sandy or Sandra, I know your name is Serena. But he's talking about someone named Sandy or Sandra who is important to him as well as the dog Cujo, which I know is obviously Stephen King, but I believe he's referencing somebody who had a dog by that name on Earth, he's showing me the 19th of a month is important to him. So this could be birth death, or something else is significant. So whoever this is, he's around you, for some reason, Serena. But he's step by step, just a little off to the side of you. So to me that makes to interpret can you understand somebody like that? Yeah, yeah, you. Alright, let's do that. Everything. 100%. Wow. All right. Let's see. Let's see. Oh, you're welcome. Let's see what the message is.

Unknown Speaker  28:06  
We're talking about my brother. And. And you're right, I'll send you a private message today. And I'll let you know that

Unknown Speaker  28:15  
I would love to to read it. Let me see what he wants to say. So the first thing that he's showing me is yellow flowers, which to me is always a symbol that I use for an apology. And when I'm asking him what the apology has to do with he's talking about pushing people away. So like, emotionally pushing people away, or something like that, especially in the last part of his life. He wants you to know that he loves you very much. He's also taking responsibility for things he could not be to take responsibility for on Earth. And he's being very specific that he couldn't take this responsibility on earth because of his mental emotional struggle that he could not see what he had done wrong. He's given me this feeling that he was just wired a little bit differently than other people. So he wants to claim responsibility for causing hardship or something. He's not really telling me what but he is bringing this through. He's saying that and there's

Unknown Speaker  29:07  
so right spot on spot on. Oh, thank

Unknown Speaker  29:11  
you. There's a there's an older woman stepping forward beside him. And she comes in as either a mother or a grandmother figure. And I feel like on Earth, she, if I'm being totally honest, had two sides to her that were not like one was really positive and loving and one was not so positive and loving. And I feel like she would flip back and forth between these two almost personality styles. I feel like when she passed away, I get I get a really woozy feeling in my head. So to me, this is usually brain problems or mind problems. I don't think this is a particularly recent passing. She's also bringing me out into the middle of absolutely nowhere. So to me, this usually means like small town or country living or something like that. And she's saying that she's sending you ancestral healing, so healing to do with difficulties passed from one generation to another and she says that this is where your over responsibility comes into play, where you just want to take responsibility for everything that that happens even things you have no control over there could literally be a tornado in like China, and you will somehow relate it to your fault. And she says, and I'm being sarcastic with that or exaggerating, but she says that totally. Okay, good. She says that she's sending you healing so that you no longer feel the need to take this responsibility. Now, the last thing I have for you is another man that's coming for the pathway from kidney problems or something in his lower back is where I'm feeling it. Or that was at least an involvement in his time of death, because I also feel weird in my chest, and it feels like heart lung. So I think he had two things going on. I also want to say that on Earth, this man may have struggled either with addictions or something similar to that, because I can smell alcohol, which is just a symbol for addiction. And he's coming forward. And he says that he's so grateful for the family that he had on Earth, even though he sometimes had trouble letting his walls down. He always felt loved. And he always tried to show love to other people. He's also bringing me to the month of March, as well as the month of May is important to him. So again, that could be birth death, or to other significant events, but he sends a lot of love. And he says that you're gonna get and then he's saying you just got a new bedspread, or you're about to buy whatever that is, there's happiness and joy around it sounds random, but that's what's coming in.

Unknown Speaker  31:25  

Unknown Speaker  31:28  
And Serena, yeah, I mean, that was that was a lot. So

Unknown Speaker  31:32  
in everything that I thought of, of Matthew, you've got my grandmother, my dad and my brother. And so amazing.

Unknown Speaker  31:42  
If you can't remember everything, if you can't remember everything that you just heard, you can always go to and it'll be up by the first part of the week, positive talk and get the audio. And you can go to our YouTube page, which is positive talk radio on YouTube, and you'll be able to watch the entire show. So you can you can do that so that you can then have a pencil and a pen and a piece of paper so that you can write it all down.

Unknown Speaker  32:09  
Thank you so much. Thank you so much, Matthew.

Unknown Speaker  32:12  
Oh, my pleasure. Thank you for calling this and Dana, do you have anything you want to add?

Unknown Speaker  32:15  
There's a woman there's a woman that's like one of your greatest cheerleaders. She's connected to you. I feel like a relative somehow, but she is like, she just keeps jumping up and down, jumping up and down for joy, celebrating your life celebrating you. In times of need. She's like speaking in your ear positivity, cheering you on, like encouraging you. So opening up your heart to her, and letting those words inspire you. And she says she looks young to me, and she may even still be alive. I am not really sure.

Unknown Speaker  32:47  
But Danny, you got it. You got the fourth person. Oh my gosh, she's

Unknown Speaker  32:51  
like, so happy to be your biggest cheerleader. It is like a soul fulfilling experience for her. So

Unknown Speaker  33:00  
okay, you got confirmed everything. Thank

Unknown Speaker  33:03  
you for calling in.

Unknown Speaker  33:05  
Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker  33:06  
It was it was destiny. Thank you, thank you. And again, go to positive talk radio dotnet. And you'll be able to listen to this in its entirety. Again, daily. You're awesome, Matthew. You know, you're just incredible. And the I'm gonna make you come back all the time, because you're just

Unknown Speaker  33:23  
so much fun. I like Matthew, when when we get on this call together. My all of a sudden on my whole energies, like let's play. Let's play. Let's play. Every time it is the most like I cannot stop smiling over here because it's so much fun. It is with you. Well, thank you. I love the man that you are and deeply value and appreciate what you do.

Unknown Speaker  33:45  
Oh, thank you. And likewise, you know, I always think you and me work really well together.

Unknown Speaker  33:52  
Is there a word for the metaphysical zoomies?

Unknown Speaker  33:56  

Unknown Speaker  33:59  
Nathan, I would really like us to take the call from like, I don't know, maybe around here. Sooner or later. We can do that.

Unknown Speaker  34:06  
Well, we'll just need to grab our passport or enhanced driver's license because we are going to head back to our local Seattle and speak wisdom men. Welcome to the show. Lynn. You're live on positive talk radio with Kevin MacDonald, Dana Parker and Matthew Stapley.

Unknown Speaker  34:20  
Hi, thank you. Hi, Matthew. Hey,

Unknown Speaker  34:22  
Lynn, how are you?

Unknown Speaker  34:24  
I'm good. I'm calling to see if you get any messages from the other side for me.

Unknown Speaker  34:28  
All right, let's see what we get. Is there any anything specific you want me to look out for you?

Unknown Speaker  34:34  
You mean on this side or the other side?

Unknown Speaker  34:36  
Either way, either one just general health. General Health All right. Let's see. The reason I'm asking is I did not write when I wrote your name down on my paper. I didn't get anyone jumping forward. So let's see about your health. And obviously I have to start off by saying I'm not a doctor, but I will tell you what I see psychically. Alright, so as I'm tuning into your energy field, so the first thing I want to see say is I see A lot of various shades of blue around you. And blue to me is always healing energy. And this is, this is happening on two levels because they can see a healing energy coming off of you, which means that you hold a healing vibration for the world around you, they can also see like a deep blue coming towards you, which to me is healing at a physical level, a lot of it looks like it's going into your hip area, your legs, knees, and feet, and that part of your body. And so to me, this is talking at the very least, you know, being able to, to bring support to yourself, but I think this is actually physical healing or regeneration that is happening in that area of the body. The other thing that I can feel where I can feel it is in my abdominal area. So like my GI system, I can also see the dark blue there as well. So if there are any issues that are happening, I do think that you're going to be able to overcome them. I'm not overly worried about about your health, I feel like you're heading in a good direction, at least from a psychic perspective. Dana, what do you what do you see?

Unknown Speaker  35:58  
I, when I tune into it, it feels the sense of your body is calling for peace, like peaceful music, peaceful, just peace, whatever the things in your life, maybe you find some YouTube, healing sounds, things like that, but that your body wants the sounds of peace, to bring that into your life regularly and daily, kind of as an act of self love for your body and what it's doing for you. That's, that's one of the biggest things that I tuned into. Well, Matthews

Unknown Speaker  36:34  
totally tuned into to physical problems that I've had right now. So I appreciate that. And then maybe my relatives are on a field trip.

Unknown Speaker  36:46  
I think they're around you, for sure. But then the around you and me being able to talk to them are two totally different things. That said, I do want to say that I feel like you got a ball rolling in August to do with your health, that's actually a positive ball. So whether was seeing a doctor at that time or whatever, I feel like you're on the right track for healing these issues. And I do see that at the end of January, beginning of February, like I could place it as the last week of January and or the first week of February. I do see you in front of a doctor at that time. And I feel like you are on the third and possibly and possibly the fourth floor, obviously not at the same time of a medical building. And I feel like whoever that person is, they're going to have really good suggestions, especially with your knees or the leg stuff. I feel like they're going to offer you some way of helping it or fixing the problem or whatever this feels like it's happening on more than one level like one area, I can see his nerves. The other part that I can see his joints. So I see this issue being in more than one more than one body system. But I do feel like whoever that doctor is of that medical practitioners, they'll be able to give you some really amazing advice opportunities are something to repair this and I think that you are going to which is fantastic. Thank

Unknown Speaker  38:05  

Unknown Speaker  38:06  
You're welcome. My pleasure. Okay, bye. Bye. Bye. Oh, room 203 and 304 to be specific in that building.

Unknown Speaker  38:16  
Oh, very good. I think she's gone. And let's say we're going to run out of time if we're not very careful because we also want Nathan to do some readings too. Don't we?

Unknown Speaker  38:24  
Athan totally needs to do some readings.

Unknown Speaker  38:27  
All right, let me read off this little thing here that says our next caller is Desi in Edmonds on mine to show Stacy, you're live on positive talk radio with Kevin MacDonald and Matthew Stapley. And Dana Parker.

Unknown Speaker  38:42  
Well, thank you so much. And thank you, all of you for putting the show together today. It's really a joy to listen to.

Unknown Speaker  38:49  
I'm glad you I'm glad you like it.

Unknown Speaker  38:51  
Yeah. Thanks for calling. What can you do for you?

Unknown Speaker  38:55  
Well, I'm calling in I want to know what my Spirit Guides. Think about a trip that I'm have scheduled to start tomorrow. Oh, I wonder what their input is.

Unknown Speaker  39:07  
It's kind of late now.

Unknown Speaker  39:10  
Never too late. That's true.

Unknown Speaker  39:13  
Okay, let me I have been on the fence completely about the whole thing. So I'm like, I'm still on the fence. Are there?

Unknown Speaker  39:21  
Are there two stops or two locations in this trip? Yeah. Okay. I just want to make sure I'm in the right. Energy of the question. So, you know, actually, I feel like, say, I feel like it's gonna be totally fine. Like, I don't see any major crisis concerns, at least not that they're showing me but they are showing me you know, when we can get excited about going somewhere and then when we get there, we're like, wow, this is underwhelming like that. I'm getting a little bit of that from the second location. I don't feel like I don't feel like it's going to be a bad trip. I don't see anything bad happening. I see. think good things will come from it. But it almost feels like a little bit of tiredness. Like when you finally get on the road or you get, you know, to these locations, you're kind of just like a little bagged. And that would be the only thing that I can see, I think it's still worth going for sure. I mean, I don't think it's going to be a terrible experience or anything like that. They're saying that one way to make the most of it is to allow yourself rest while you're traveling or while you're on this trip or at these locations, allow yourself to shift your perspective on it. They're saying if you put more of a purpose to the trips, you're actually going to feel like a personal purpose to the trips, you're going to feel a lot better about them. So maybe have like a goal of some kind. As you as you're going on this trip, it could be even something like, you know, to reconnect with yourself or to take a breather, from your day to day life or whatever, if you have like a kind of a solid idea of what you want to accomplish. Even if it's something just within yourself, that is going to change the energy of this completely for you in a very positive way.

Unknown Speaker  40:59  
Whoo, I like that.

Unknown Speaker  41:03  
There's one guy that's like, and if you want a little adventure, I can make some things happen for you. If there's any point within which you want a little adventure, it could be fun. And so putting that out there and maybe, yeah, just a little adventure that could be really enjoyable for your soul really soulful feeling. Joy, you know, then you have a guide that's really willing and open.

Unknown Speaker  41:30  
Are you playing the matchmaker suddenly? Just asking you, Dana, she was playing gold of a matchmaker.

Unknown Speaker  41:42  
I don't know I actually, I was just listening. Okay, possibilities. And your intention is everything. They actually I just feel like your guides are willing to do whatever your heart desires to support you

Unknown Speaker  41:58  
are so great. I appreciate you sharing that part. May I ask one other question? Well, thank you for that. Well, there's okay. So part of it is about my work. And then part of it is about I've been working to clear my kidneys over the last year. And just wondering what's going on in that arena if I'm on the right track with that.

Unknown Speaker  42:23  
So do you know if it's particularly nephritis that you have going on in your kidney like swelling of the nephrons?

Unknown Speaker  42:30  
I apologize, I don't even know what nephritis says it was a year ago, I had a oh, I've never had a kidney stone in my life. And then I had some emotional stuff I've been working through over the last several years. And then I suddenly popped up with this ginormous kidney. And I had it removed. Easily.

Unknown Speaker  42:53  
I feel I do feel like there. I mean, again, not a doctor, but I do feel like there's still inflammation in your kidneys. But that said, I don't think it's permanent, I think you'll be able to fix it. I think that I would talk to a health care provider about what you're using to clear your kidneys because I'm wondering if it might be something that's a little bit harsh for them, or something like that, okay. I mean, like a doctor or naturopath or somebody would know whether that was the case, but I do pick up on something about the left one feeling a little stressed. And I feel like like I'm not afraid when I see it, I just I think that I would just double check whatever regimen you're using. Okay, that may turn out to be totally fine and that you just need to keep doing it. But I do pick up on icy red and the left kidney. So to me that's just like a little bit of inflammation.

Unknown Speaker  43:50  
And a lot of Yeah, two things on an energetic emotional level, just that that came through for me is one, maybe writing some letters to your kidneys like really communicating opening up that door of communication with your body is particularly your kidneys and your left kidney. Like as if you're writing a letter to a friend and then listening to what it has to say back. That way you're working together as a team. And then the other thing is there's a book called The secret language of your body by ina Seagal that is an incredible book that actually talks about energetically flushing and clearing your your different organs, which is kidneys is one of them. So I highly recommend that that book.

Unknown Speaker  44:33  
Oh, I have it and do you know how many people i i take photographs of the pages and send them off? Oh, I love

Unknown Speaker  44:39  
that book. I have three copies. I have three copies to different places because it's been an incredible book. So I'm so happy to have that awesome use it me too.

Unknown Speaker  44:48  
That is my universe speaking through you saying? So. Okay, thank you for that.

Unknown Speaker  44:55  
Thank you so much. Thanks so much. Have an awesome day. Thank you. And Nathan, we were gonna have to hurry through now. So

Unknown Speaker  45:05  
getting short on time here probably got about maybe four minutes for each caller. But our next caller is Theresa and Michigan. Welcome to the show, Theresa. You're now live on positive talk radio.

Unknown Speaker  45:16  
Hi, thank you. I guess I'm just looking for something possibly general in my life and then maybe from loved ones that have passed friends and family.

Unknown Speaker  45:29  
Okay. All right. Dana, do you want to start? Oh,

Unknown Speaker  45:33  

Unknown Speaker  45:36  
I love the way you do that, like surprise. Here you go.

Unknown Speaker  45:38  
Surprise. Yes, I'm

Unknown Speaker  45:44  
okay. Matthew, I

Unknown Speaker  45:45  
think you I'm actually gonna, like, will you start?

Unknown Speaker  45:49  
Are we gonna have to rock paper scissors?

Unknown Speaker  45:53  
pressure of the time was like, oh,

Unknown Speaker  45:55  
okay, no worries, let's see what he gets Risa. So as I'm stepping into your energy field, I want to talk a little bit about some of the aura colors that I see around you as well. So the first color that I that I saw when I stepped into your field was a lot of yellow. And yellow to me is all about stagnancy, or a pause moment, somebody earlier in the show had that color around them as well. And the other color that I can see beside it is a lot of green and green is about going within the self and journeying within yourself. And they're showing me that this is something that is coming on the horizon like very present into near future of a needing to go within yourself, they're showing me your guides are showing me like the idea of skeletons in the closet, not that you're hiding anything, it's nothing like that. But it's addressing the things that have been beneath the surface. And in my mind's eye can see the nine of swords tarot card and the nine of swords is about having to deal with the things that that are challenging that we don't really necessarily want to look at is the idea of what we don't work through day by day can haunt us by night. And they're showing me that there's some things that have been trying to surface within you for a while for you to process them and heal them. And a lot of it has to do with the way that you see yourself, and the relationship that you have with yourself. And I feel like a big part of this healing will be about unlearning things that you were taught by other people about who you are, and what you should be doing and what your focus should be, and all and all of that. They're showing me that from November in for a few months, these things will surface so it may come in the form of old memories or thoughts or even just raw emotions. But your guides are saying it's really important that you allow these things to come up and out. Because once it's released, they're saying you're going to feel so much lighter and so much better on every level, including at a at a physical body health level, because I think a lot of these things have been stored in your physical body, but they're showing me that, that this is a positive process, that it's that it's been trying to come for a little while. But I also get when we're busy and we're tired already, we don't really want to deal with those things. They're showing me that the opportunity is coming back in the very near future and it's going to be very, very positive. So that's what I that's what I get for you, Teresa.

Unknown Speaker  48:12  
Okay, touches something.

Unknown Speaker  48:15  
All right, good. And Dana.

Unknown Speaker  48:17  
Yeah, the thing that that I sense is there, there's a particularly something with a close mail that that has been under the surface that that wants to be looked at, and when the time is right, and when it feels best for you. Doing so will actually help in that process of feeling lighter, and releasing some of those old stories of how you perceived that those experiences with this particular male will will then help you see yourself differently see yourself in a different way. And kind of open up a new a new perspective of the truth about you. Okay.

Unknown Speaker  49:04  
I understand

Unknown Speaker  49:07  
your path ahead. Looks. looks very good. It does look good. Very good.

Unknown Speaker  49:13  
That sounds exciting. Any buddy trying to

Unknown Speaker  49:20  
spirit I didn't pick up on anybody. I think your guides hijack that, at least on my side.

Unknown Speaker  49:28  
And, and Theresa, we're running out of time. And unfortunately, we've got a finite amount of time. But I want to thank you for giving us a call. And I hope it helped. Thank you. Bye bye. Bye bye. You know, you know, Matthew, it's really cool that the when we talk to people and you touch people you really do with what you were then and the two of you. i They you work so well together. It's just a lot of fun. I do so will you come back next month I'm gonna get your commitment now.

Unknown Speaker  49:57  
Yes, I will. Of course I will. That's not even a question. Should I do with my rubber crystal balls? Wow, what I was never allowed back to cake. And for that, I'm sure

Unknown Speaker  50:11  
well, I know you're dizzy, you are helpful and you and you can really touch people. And that's that's part of the premise of the show is to touch people in a positive way, then we've got one more caller but to get to and then we're going to get your information out again.

Unknown Speaker  50:26  
Our last caller of the day is Murray calling from Virginia. Welcome to the show, Marie. You're now live on positive talk radio, Jaron Virginie? How are you? Good, you?

Unknown Speaker  50:39  
were awesome. Thank you. Matthew is right there just for you.

Unknown Speaker  50:43  
Hey, Marie, what can I do for you?

Unknown Speaker  50:49  
I was just I'm actually calling because I wanted to get a little bit of spiritual guide from from my spiritual guidance.

Unknown Speaker  50:56  
Sure, we can totally do that. So let me tune into your energy, let's see what we get. So they're immediately showing me a lot of purple around you in purple, to me represents psychic ability, intuitive ability, the ability to connect yourself, which is really cool. And they're showing me that your intuition has been heightening over the last year, or especially with the last few months. And they're showing me that this is going to continue, this is going to continue to happen. And they're also talking about changes around relationships for you. So this to me, I don't think it's just like love life relationships, or just family, they're showing me relationships in general are going to be shifting for you. And I feel like this will happen in December in January, and they're giving me a really good feeling about a part of this shift I feel is you bringing in some very solid boundaries with other people and being a little bit more protective of your own energy and what you're what you're the amount of energy that you're putting out into the world around you, they're showing me a very positive shift with that, where you're going to be able to kind of voice your your needs a little bit more, including your need for your own space. So that looks very, very positive to me. And I feel like beyond that, Marie, I just see continued growth for you within your path, I think that you are coming into a period of your life where things are going to be very clear and straightforward. And I feel like the messier things have already happened, at least for this chapter. I feel like the messier things have already happened. And now it's just about almost like putting your foot down a little bit and deciding what you will and will not take on from the world around you.

Unknown Speaker  52:33  
Yeah, that definitely sounds right. Good. My intuitions have been very spiked up there. Especially when it comes to like my relationship and things like that. I've been having like a lot of trees that my Spirit Guides are trying to warn me with. And I just feel like it's more with my family, my relationships. And like you said, putting my foot down. And, you know, being able to see what's right and what's wrong.

Unknown Speaker  53:13  
Yeah, and it feels like you're gonna be able to do all of that, like, I'm not even worried about it. I think sometimes when it comes to putting your foot down and having healthy boundaries, the hardest part is really just getting started. And it's something that just takes practice. And, you know, usually when we start doing that people freak out, because, you know, they're not used to saying no, for example, but I feel like this is going to be something that you're absolutely going to be able to master it. Like I'm not even concerned about it at all. I feel like it's just beginning the process. That's gonna be the challenging part. Dana, we've

Unknown Speaker  53:45  
got about 30 seconds.

Unknown Speaker  53:46  
The last thing I would add those boundaries are super, super important. And also a grounding practice. Because once you open up those spiritual gifts, we often get very much in the ethereal. And so having a practice that keeps you grounded in this life to feels important to add to, to what you are doing.

Unknown Speaker  54:06  
Thank you, thank you. I really appreciate that. That That brings me into a whole new mindset.

Unknown Speaker  54:14  
Thank you for calling in.

Unknown Speaker  54:15  
Thank you, Marie Curie.

Unknown Speaker  54:17  
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  54:18  
Have a great day. And Matthew, I wanted to say first of all your information please on how people get ahold of you.

Unknown Speaker  54:25  
Mostly on Facebook. So, psychic, also Matthew for all of my events, classes, and other things.

Unknown Speaker  54:36  
And I know you do a lot of media and I am really honored that you'll come back on a regular basis to do this show. It really really makes me proud. You know

Unknown Speaker  54:46  
what I love coming on this show you all of you guys are amazing. And the callers are always amazing. And I always have a really awesome time here. So thank you for inviting me back.

Unknown Speaker  54:55  
Always, always Dana, your information please.

Unknown Speaker  54:58  
In our world movement. dot com

Unknown Speaker  55:01  
and go there. If you want an intuitive life coach, if you're especially she works with women to a great degree, and does does some really cool stuff. I'm really excited that that you guys are here. And we've had, we've had a really good time. And we've had an impactful time with it with everybody in the end. You even probably got some tears out of some folks. And so I thought that was really cool.

Unknown Speaker  55:21  
Including me. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  55:24  
Yes. And we've got about 20 seconds. Matthew, anything you'd like to add real quick.

Unknown Speaker  55:33  
You know, I think going forward at least over the next month, I think it's important that people really give themselves the time that they need to process whatever they are going through and that they're

Unknown Speaker  55:43  
awesome. And by the way, take care of one another because you know each other is all we got. We'll see you next time on Monday at 9am. Have a great day,

Unknown Speaker  55:50  
everybody. All right, I'll clear. Thank you, sir. Go live on traffic.

Unknown Speaker  56:02  
Okay. You guys were just phenomenal today. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  56:08  
Thank you guys. And I'm really sorry about how that came out of my mouth. Because okay, because we jokingly say twist my rubber dick in this house. And I was trying to like not say that. So of course I came up with something just as bad. But yeah, I will come back. Invited.

Unknown Speaker  56:32  
Know, you, you you really are and we, you okay, as we go down the road. We'll get famous together. All right.

Unknown Speaker  56:39  
It was really nice to see you guys.

Unknown Speaker  56:42  
I know you to Matthew. It was so much fun. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  56:46  
Oh, thank you guys. And likewise. And Kevin sent me some dates and I'll pick one like, whenever whenever you send it. Yep.

Unknown Speaker  56:53  
I'll pick another Friday. By the way. Dana in November, we're moving on Monday show from 9am to 3pm. Whoa. So So that's, that's fun. So in any event, Dan, if you got a moment to talk, I'll give it I'll call you in a second if you do

Unknown Speaker  57:10  
later. Okay. Matthew, thank

Unknown Speaker  57:12  
you. Thank you. Bye.

Unknown Speaker  57:15  
Okay. Bye, everybody.

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