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348 | The LEGEND David Essel on Positive Talk Radio at KKNW 1150AM!

November 03, 2022

348 | The LEGEND David Essel on Positive Talk Radio at KKNW 1150AM!
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David himself struggled for many years with anxiety, depression and addiction. His experience, 43 years as a counselor, master life coach and more, has led him to dedicating the rest of his life to helping others struggling with these issues and more. David essel’s mission is to inspire 2 million people or more everyday, regardless of their current circumstances, problems or massive goals!

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
This is a production of K M media dot pro Welcome back to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas one conversation at a time so come on over into our world I know you'll like it because on today's show you're not gonna believe the we have a gentleman that has been in the new thought movement for almost as long as Benny has been alive

Unknown Speaker  0:30  
Oh wow. John thrown heat right away throaty

Unknown Speaker  0:37  
exit exactly as a matter of fact, many David Essel is our guest for the entire hour and he has been on KK and W several times and and it's one of you know he's been on wasn't Aeon the name escapes me real quick. She's on right after me, though. Oh, you mean Dr.

Unknown Speaker  1:00  
Pat show? Doctor? Yes. Transformation talk radio. Yeah. So he's been he's back. He's back.

Unknown Speaker  1:06  
Yes, he's been around for a long time he is, you know, he's the gentleman that I have to say is that we owe a lot to him. Because he's been doing this for 40 years. And he was a leader in the new thought movement. Jenny McCarthy says that he is the new leader, the positive thinking movement, and, and he's got 12 books out, we're going to talk about his latest book. He's worth listening to ladies and gentlemen, and I'm really pleased that he is taking the time to join us this morning. By the way, I do have to say, I'll say this is the top and probably at the end as well. Bending, I'm moving I'm leaving you I'm sorry.

Unknown Speaker  1:49  
That's quite alright, Kevin, but it's for a good cause, so to speak.

Unknown Speaker  1:53  
It is we are moving to 3pm on Mondays. And we will continue on at 4pm on Wednesdays and at noon on Fridays.

Unknown Speaker  2:03  
Yeah, same day, Monday, just a little bit later. So you know, you can get your beauty sleep. It's totally understandable.

Unknown Speaker  2:10  
And you understand why I need my beauty slide. You get it? You get it. So the gentleman we're talking to this morning, he's written 12 books, we're going to talk about his latest book, because it's very apropos for this particular time in our history. And, David, welcome to the show. How are you?

Unknown Speaker  2:31  
I Kevin great to be back with you, you know, exciting. And it's just so fun to have Benny here because of course, another show with Dr. Pat. I've been on and have known Benny for a number of years. But I remember our last show that we did together Kevin was absolutely freakin awesome. And one of the things I said back then is you know, your questions are always spot on. Giving your host a chance to express their emotions is something that a lot of hosts have never mastered. And you did a phenomenal job at that. And today, we get a chance to really help this country. I mean, really help it. I have never in 43 years of being a counselor and executive coach and all the different stuff I do. I've never seen Kevin, the absolute devastation, not just from the recent hurricane we went through in Florida, which is still wreaking hell, on the state of Florida where I happen to live. But I mean, from COVID to today, the world has shifted so dramatically, and we need to be uplifted. We need messages other than mainstream media, telling us how horrendous everything is because there's good stuff happening out there. And there are good books, Mine just happens to be one of millions that can help people heal right now.

Unknown Speaker  3:44  
And the name of that book is

Unknown Speaker  3:47  
the name of the book is helping Americans heal the ultimate guide to healing during these challenging times.

Unknown Speaker  3:54  
I gotta tell you, this is the week if I could have you on at any given time, this would be the week. We've got the midterm elections coming up. We've got a lot of divisiveness in the country. And a lot of people are feeling lost. They really are. And they don't, they don't feel like they've got that they need to heal, but they don't know how and this book will help them with mourning. Yeah. And

Unknown Speaker  4:21  
Kevin, something you just said is dead on. And in the book we have about 100 writings on different topics. Everything from how to deal with ADD to anxiety, depression, PTSD, suicidal ideation, from family, breakups, marriage, breakups, career decisions, I mean, everything is in there. And then we also have an article in there called the world is grieving. And what most people don't understand, like I stay away from the news I ask people to stay away from the news. You know, you can find out in 10 minutes today everything that's going on, just go over to your net neighbor's house, walk next door to the cubicle. What whatever is missing, someone is going to be able to tell you, you don't have to be engaged in it. But listen, the more we're engaged with social media with a regular media, not you guys, because you guys are doing positive stuff. But you know, the more we're engaged, the more we get sucked into the vortex of what's called mass consciousness. In other words, prior to COVID, we may not have had people that were as willing to be politically as divisive as they are today. COVID open up this doorway that even Meek little 86 year old moms have a voice on social media screaming about hating this President and loving this president. And what's happened is, is that when we get caught up in the negativity and sensationalism of media, we can't differentiate most of us that a lot of it is put in front of us to get us emotionally excited. It doesn't mean it's factual at all. It means it's sensational. So if you believe everything you read everything you watch everything you listen to, and you go and regurgitate and re vomit, the vomit that you've just accepted from regular media, you are not helping this world. And plus, you're a codependent human being, if all you're doing is regurgitating what you hear on Fox, MSNBC, NBC, blah, blah, blah, whatever the channels are, all you're doing is regurgitate. And listen, Kevin, I've got a great story of how I used to do this all the time. I'm not pointing fingers, I did it in my industry, from 1980 to 1996, I promoted 40 weeks a year traveling, this ridiculous concept called the law of attraction, whatever you believe and put out in the universe must respond in kind. If that was true, Kevin would not have a show. I wouldn't have books to write if all you had to do was think positive crap and have vision boards and affirmations. And your world would become beautiful, great. Well, I used to teach that it doesn't work that way. And if it does, it's called a miracle. So I have to come back. And I have to say, Hey, listen, I've made errors, too. I bought into mass consciousness, you know, my gurus, my teachers, who I believed without fail, and I should not have, it doesn't mean they're bad people, it just means they got sucked into the vortex as well. So unfollowing and following, just like we're doing with today's media, Kevin, people aren't thinking we have a country that has no more ability to think for themselves. They think from what they see, watch read listen to. But there's very few independent thinkers today. And hopefully on this show, we can start to broaden some minds for people to take care of themselves. Because with self care, you can become a more critical thinker.

Unknown Speaker  7:46  
I think that's a beautiful concept. It really is. But I gotta ask you, though, 40 years ago, none of this existed. You're like one of the very first people that was out there with a message like this. What was it like 40 years ago? I mean, I remember 40 years ago, but I wasn't involved with a PA 20 years ago, like my where I came into it, but you you've been doing it for so long. And it's in you said the most interesting thing. You said that you're an author of 12 books. And your first five or six books didn't really sell very well. And they and but you didn't give up? You kept going? That's the cool thing.

Unknown Speaker  8:30  
Yeah, you know, it was a different world. Kevin, I mean, 40 years ago on media was totally different. 40 years ago, speaking was very different. You know, 40 years ago, people were much more open minded, believe it or not, you know, to the fact that maybe there's a different opinion other than mine, that we've lost that, you know, whatever your opinion is, you believe it's godlike. And, you know, and that's, and the other thing that's ramped up over the last 40 years, that's really kind of sad. And the reason why so many people are in such terrible shape, is that 40 years ago, you know, we actually believed that taking care of ourselves was an important part of our existence. We, you know, 40 years ago, instant gratification was not something even though it's, it's always been around, people have always wanted, you know, to make money without doing work. And people have always wanted to have a relationship where they didn't have to work they found their soulmate and never argued for the rest of their life. Of course, there was that stuff 40 years ago, you know, but it was never as prevalent as it is right now. I mean, when I work with clients from all over the world, and the very first thing when they sign up one on one is I say to them, you know, and I just wrote this on on on Facebook last night. If you're struggling with anxiety, and it's been going on for a while, please don't do anxiety work for 30 days and think you're going to heal. Please don't do grief work for 30 days and think it's over with please don't do work, you know, to change your body for 30 Because we're so into this freakin instant gratification mindset. it. And that's not the way the world works. And it's not the way it's ever worked. You know, Colonel Sanders made his first million dollars, and he opened up KFC at 68 years of aid. Wow, 68 he spent from 20 to 68, peddling this damn chicken. And then at 68, he blows the doors open becomes a millionaire at 88, he becomes a billionaire. But let's slow down. This is the way people create success 90% of the time, you know, you might have that 10% Kevin, that just happened to be in the right place at the right time. And you know, and I'm not taking away anything from those people. And a year down the road, they're making a million a year where their best friend it took 10 years to make 300,000 a year, you know, so there are people that happen to be maybe a little luckier, you know, maybe in the right place the right time, maybe they had the right connection, and I didn't have the right connection, which is why it took 20 years of writing books before anyone paid attention to my book writing. But, you know, that's been something that we've worked with a lot of people and especially today be patient with change. There's so many forces from the outside world hitting you negativity, I mentioned the media, the war in Ukraine, inflation, our upcoming political, you know, the voting and just what you say seven days or something like that, you know, the vaccine crap is still out there, you know, there's all kinds of insanity still going on. So when we look at what we're being hit with today, versus 40 years ago, oh, my god is night and day, Kevin. We didn't have this tragedy after tragedy after tragedy that affected the whole country 40 years ago, like this. Now, they say that, you know, I forget when the Spanish flu was 1916 or something like that. But is that right? But okay, now, I wasn't around back then physically, of course, I've always been hanging around this earth, spiritually bugging the crap out of people when I'm not in physical form. I just love doing that, Kevin, but, you know, in 1916, I wasn't here. I don't know if at the same time the Spanish Flu hit, that there was, you know, major war that could lead to, you know, Armageddon, that there was this incredible political divisiveness at the level that we have today. We've always had racial dysfunction, we've always had racial dysfunction. We've always had racial dysfunction in case someone hadn't heard occurs two times. Okay, so that could have been going on back then. Right. But I don't believe that the world was crumbling the way it seems to be today. Now, my most optimistic friends that are therapists will say the same thing Carlos Santana said 25 years ago, when I went to a concert, and there was something going on in the world, there was a lot of problems at this time when I was at Carlos Santana's concert. And he said this.

Unknown Speaker  12:56  
He said Mother Earth is simply removing a coat that needed to be removed a couple years ago. And balance will come back into the world once she's removed this coat. Now the coat he was referring to was climate challenges and wars and all this other kinds of stuff. But, you know, he was just saying that this is part of the cycle of life going through periods of dysfunction, and Mother Nature's removing her code. And within six months, a year, two years, things will be back to balance. In this case, I think it's going to take a lot longer than two months, or six years or whatever for the world to come back to balance, because we've gotten so out of balance. But here's the good news. And I want people to really listen to this. Regardless of what's going on around you, you have the power to be so impactful. If you follow your internal intuitive voice, your guidance from within, and stay as an independent human being, not getting suckered into belief systems that are not yours, but are being projected by television, social media, your friends, whatever it might be. If you can stay an independent person, look to help people and daily basis give that smile to someone when you don't want to give someone a compliment. When you're feeling down yourself, volunteer. If you have the time. These are all signs of the independent person disengage from arguing about politics, wars, pandemics. It's not just disengage. This is the world of the independent person, Kevin, is that they choose not to be engaged in arguments in the gym, or arguments at home, or arguments at work. You know, they just go oh, that's your opinion about the Republicans. Oh, that's your opinion about the Democrats. Oh, that's your opinion about Ukraine. Thank you for sharing. Yep. And just maybe, that that's an independent human being. They don't need to get suckered in and prove that they're right and this other person is wrong. The way that the world has been set up right now. They're very comfortable being non committal to having a response when someone says what do you think about the presidential election? An independent person may say, you know, I have my thoughts, but they're really aren't important. They're just important to me. That would be an independent person. Because they know they're being suckered in to an argument if they say the thing that's opposite of the person so humbly asking the damn question. There is no humble questions when it comes to politics or pandemics, etc. People are looking for an edge. They're looking to get you on the side. But what we teach and you'll read in this book, helping Americans heal, you'll read the art of disengagement, and how when you disengage from potentially explosive or argumentative situations, you are teaching the world how to heal, you're teaching your children, when your children see you turning the news off. They're watching you, when they hear you not get into a discussion about the political scene or the war. They're paying attention. But the flip side is true, too. If you are adamant that you have a message that's 100% Correct. And everyone has to hear it every day your children are hearing that arrogance. They're hearing that divisiveness and they are willingly found you down that road to hell, Kevin,

Unknown Speaker  16:12  
I got to ask you, what do you think? Because 40 years ago, we did not have social media. None of that was out there. How has that impacted us over the last 40 year? I mean, it's I think it's had a great impact. What do you think?

Unknown Speaker  16:25  
You know, if anyone goes to my Facebook pages right now, and I encourage you to my Instagram page, you know, I encourage you, it's just David Essel, right. If you go there, you will see puppy dog towels, sunsets, motivational statements, you'll see articles you know, we just donated time and money to a huge Children's Hospital. That's what you're going to see on any of my LinkedIn profile. Everything is the same it's all positive news. It's all uplifting news. There's no divisiveness on any of my pages. And if someone tries to post underneath something I post something divisive I just don't respond. If it's a a personal attack, Kevin I just delete their comment and I don't respond right but from my perspective, the way that I work social media it's a freakin miracle man. I can lifts people in in China that would have never heard of me before. I can live people who live next door to me that don't know who the hell I am. I can do great work in social media. Unfortunately, you and I, maybe maybe 10% of people on social media have really a clue of what social media is about. The rest of us have gotten suckered into the vortex of arguing righteousness, impatience, irritability, arrogance, all of the crap but you won't find that anywhere on David vessels pages. So I encourage you go into my pages see what it's like, if you've never seen clean Facebook pages if you've never seen clean YouTube pages, I mean, I make fun of myself you know, I goofed around and everything as a matter of fact, I posted this thing on Instagram and I put Am I the only person on Instagram that doesn't have a My fans only page and if you guys know what a my fans only pages it's these pages where women try to get you to pay two bucks or 100 bucks a month to see them in lingerie or nude or whatever it might be right and bathing suits and and no David Essel will not have a bathing suit page where you pay me $2 A month or $100. So but you know, I goof around Kevin, I have fun, you know, and but then I'm also very serious. I'll give tips on depression, anxiety, grief, I lost my mom and dad in the last year and a half, I'm still going through grief. I will for a while now. Now the grief has shifted to about maybe 60% or 70% Oh my god complete adoration of my mom and dad complete love for them. And then 20 to 30% is hysterical tears, you know, I mean, just like holy crap, it's still here. I haven't moved through it all. And I share that you know, on social media, so we can use social media as an amazing platform for inspiration, growth. And I love that. And Kevin, if more people start to really listen to what you and I are saying, and follow the sanity that I'm offering, that is going to be a major way we can help heal this country too.

Unknown Speaker  19:27  
It's an amazing thing when you are doing such good work, and you're not taking the negative side of it. You're not picking fights and stuff like that, you know, it changes you. You don't want to do that you want to be kind. You want to understand how people are living. It's very, very dysfunctional lives because of everything was going along. And in the end. It's it's great that you're doing that i just i That's why I love having you on the show. You're just awesome.

Unknown Speaker  19:57  
Thank you Kevin. I've got a great story, you know, we certify people to become Executive Master life coaches so they can go out and do the work that I do. And we had a gentleman that was going through the course and he was getting right to the end of it. And we teach people how to use social media correctly. You know, I mean, when you go through the course, you're a leader. Now, man, don't be putting out BS if you're going to be certified by David. So I don't want any bs of you putting your crap out on social media, because it reflects on me, not only does it reflect on you, but it reflects on me too. So I, we're in our final couple of weeks of the course. And then he says, I've got to be honest with you. I've been doing something that I'm not proud of, and you won't be proud of it either. But I've got to tell you what I've done. He said, I'm very political. I've never told you that David. And right away, I knew there was going to be a problem coming down the road for him, you know, and he said, so there's this woman on on Twitter that I continue to argue with, you know, she's pro whatever, you know, side of the political equation, and I'm the opposite. And I had posted a couple days ago that I was finishing up my life coach certification. And she had posted something that I had posted this really negative comment. And underneath that, she said, and you actually are thinking about calling yourself a life coach, question mark. And Kevin woke him up. And it should be the same. If someone posts a bunch of nonsense some which say, and you consider yourself a good parent, because your children can read these comments. And you consider yourself a good teacher. And you consider yourself a good attorney. And you consider yourself a good doctor, and you wouldn't go down the line. But here's a guy that is promoting the fact that he's becoming certified to help this world heal. He's becoming certified to help people get in a good mood, and he's bashing someone. And so he said to me, David, it's changed my life forever. Her comment woke me up, I have deleted every negative thing I've put out on Twitter, and I'm starting over fresh. And Kevin, That's music to my ears. And let me mention something because people should know this statistic.

Unknown Speaker  22:11  
You either positively or directly, negatively affects seven people every day, at a minimum, those seven people that you positively or negatively affect also affects seven people every day in the minimum. And those people who they have been negatively or positively affected through three or four people down the chain from you are reaching out and affecting seven more people. So when you think about it, your negative post on social media isn't just for the two people that like it, or two people that hate it, or whatever. Everyone sees it, and they're affected. Kevin, no one can see that crap and not be affected. So if you want to be a positive force in this world, you know, it's not just your arrogant comment that you're right, and everyone's wrong. That's the problem. It's the trickle down effect. It that it continues to sink lower and lower, and then the bottom feeders, you know, those those those leeches in this world that love to take this stuff and blow it up, and I'm gonna mention a name here. And if you have to edit it out, edit it out. Alex Jones is one of those people. Alex Jones is one of those leeches in society. Now you can say I'm being highly judgmental, and I am. And I'm going to tell you why. One of my best friends is Scarlet Lewis, Scarlet Lewis, his son Jesse was murdered. And then Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. Alex Jones has the balls to go up to these parents that have lost their children open the door with a camera in their face and saying this is all a cover up. Your child is still alive. Where's your child? We know the government created this as a cover up. I mean, my God cabin, you know, he's just been fined something like a billion dollars or whatever. And he's got to be taken, but put somewhere. His messages are so destructive. And of course, underneath someone like that, who is a leech, you will find leeches attached to him spreading the same insanity. And if I didn't have a close friend who lost her son, and that dam massacre, I wouldn't be as profoundly upset as I am right now that we have people like this. And then we have the leeches underneath him that are all codependent human beings they can't think for themselves, and they're attracted to sensationalism and sensationalism gets blown up. This is what I want to get blown up. I want you to follow me and I want you to blow up the hell out of your social media by doing the same crap I'm doing. Let's go in the opposite direction instead of following these freakin idiots that are bringing this country down and helping to fuel The hatred to fuel the divisiveness let's go in the opposite direction. conda David Essel on Facebook conda David Essel on LinkedIn conda David Essel on Instagram, and I'm not the only hero here. I say that in parentheses. I'm not the only good guy. There's millions of us out there. But sensationalism gets attention. So let's start being sensational about how positive we are, and how we're moving through mountains. And I'm having a tough day, but I'm not giving up, you know, let's start turning that social media world into something that can lift this country instead of destroy it as it is right now.

Unknown Speaker  25:38  
Have you heard of that? That old thing? Would you rather have a million dollars or a penny doubled every day? Yes. That's how it works for us. Amen. Because if we have a positive impact, we can double our penny every day. Amen. And that turns into a national movement. At the same time, we can also do what Mr. Jones has done. And that is bring a a group of people that resonate with his message for whatever reason, I can't imagine. And then it grows in a negative way. So but you have got a positive, you can have a positive attitude, and a positive impact on everybody you touch every day. And that's one of the things that I really strive to do is to in my personal life, just be just be kind. Just be kind to

Unknown Speaker  26:33  
people. Kevin, let's go back to this. 40 years ago, you asked me that question. You know, there's been a lot of positive changes in 40 years, and I want to mention some of them. 40 years ago, I would have never stopped a homeless man on the street or a homeless woman and talk to them. Okay. 40 years ago, I was pretty naive, pretty ignorant. And like most people, I was afraid of the homeless, you know, they were dangerous. They were drug addicts. They were killers that whatever, they're right. Okay. 20 years ago, or no more. 30 years ago, I had some of the most incredible experiences with homeless men, that totally shifted, you know, so much so that I'll put post on, on on all my social media from time to time. If you see a homeless person look in their eyes and say, Hello, allow them to feel human. Think about that. Allow them to feel human now. 40 years ago, I didn't have the strength or the wherewithal or the knowledge to do this and to make a difference. Now what I do, Kevin, is that, you know, ever since COVID, hit in a lot of cities around the country, when you pull up to a red light where there's an arrow, there'll be a medium there, and there's homeless people panhandling. And it happens all the time in the city I'm living in. And so I'll roll down the window. I'll hand them a couple dollars. But first, I'll say hey, what's your first name? And they'll go, Mark, I go, Mark, great to meet you. Yeah. How are you doing today? Have you made enough money for food? You know, he goes, Well, you know, it's interesting to you ask. It's a Thursday, and Thursdays are usually pretty good days. But today hasn't been good. And I'll just put $2 out and I'll go, God, Mark, I hope your day gets better. I look forward to seeing you soon. The next day, I see Mark again, right. And so I start to create this and I'll tell you something, Kevin, it is such a benefit to me to see their face light up with no teeth, their you know, their look to be 90. They're all like 30s and 40s because of addiction and mental health issues and all these other kinds of things. But when I see that Toothless smile light up, because I said good morning to them. It is so worth it. Now, 40 years ago, I didn't know that that I had that power. And everyone has that power. Now, you're down a dark alley, you see a homeless person, totally different scenario. Okay. I don't know what's going on in that dark alley. I'm talking about reasonable ways to treat human beings. The homeless are human. It's the same thing with someone in a wheelchair. It's the same, you know, like, we've got to know 40 years ago, seeing someone in a wheelchair would make me a little anxious nervous, do I say Hi, mister handicapped person? I'm, you know, what do I do? 40 years later, it's conversation, man. Don't worry about what you're saying. Treat them as humans. And so Kevin, there's some things that we've really done well over 40 years, like the expansion I'm talking about here. And then there are still a lot of things that we have to be very careful of technology can be great. And it can also be the worst thing in the world.

Unknown Speaker  29:32  
I couldn't agree more. Matter of fact, you were you had me you had me thinking about, you know, I believe that in the experiences of our life, that things happen to us for a reason, and that we grow from them all and that at one time, I tell you, David at one time, I flew around the country with a company credit card and could throw the card down and could buy drinks for the anybody wanted and we had dinner and I would go to sit and vice president's offices and We would talk about I was selling chicken as a matter of fact. And I was do that and fly around the country and all of that stay in room, nice places and all of that. Fast forward 20 years, I'm driving a metro bus in downtown Seattle. Right. And I get to meet what we affectionately called the bottom third of society and the bottom 3% Actually, and what I learned from that is that, whether it's a vice president of a major company that you're sitting there talking to, or it's a guy that's got 50 cents to his name, and can't afford his bus fare, they're a human being, and you have got the opportunity and the and, in my opinion, the obligation to treat them like an equal person than an equal human being. And that makes you feel so much better. And Kevin,

Unknown Speaker  30:48  
you know, you're so right on and I got to share this story. A number of years ago, I'm living in Sarasota, Florida down by this marina, this Marina was beautiful, it had rolling green areas, and the homeless would congregate there during the day, because it was so beautiful, right on the water. I mean, they would, you know, roll out their their blankets or knapsack. And, of course, the police would go around and rile them up every once in a while. But for the most part, it was really peaceful. I would run through that parking lot of the Marina every day, and I would have shorts on and I'd be sweating my butt off, and I never had any money with me. But every day out of the bushes would come this guy and his name was Mark. And he'd come out and he was like, probably 35. And he looked at he had no teeth. He was just really, really in bad shape. And he goes, Excuse me, sir. I just need $2 To get back to my my brother who's going to get me a job in construction. It was the same story every day. It happens all around the world. You know? I'd say mark, good to see you. And he looked at me go. Have we met before I go, Mark, we've met every day for the past 30 days. Hmm. And you know, he was just out of it. You know, he just he couldn't remember anything. And I said, Mark, listen, we do this dance all the time. You know, I don't run with money in my pocket. And I put my hands in my pocket. And I go, Oh my God, there's $1 Bill, this is so weird. So I pull it out. And I go to hand it to him, Kevin and it's a five. Now this is hilarious, David. So I started to pull it back. Right? I go, Oh my God, I don't mind given a couple of dollars, but a five. And he had seen it. And so I said, Okay, I can't pull it back. So I handed it to him. And I blessed it. And I said, Mark, I'm blessing that money. Use it for your highest good, please. Whatever that means to you. But please use it for your highest good. And he took it and he said, Oh my God, it's a five. I said I know Mark. Honestly, I thought it was a one. Go ahead. Go ahead and keep it and he goes, I can't take it without giving you something in return. I said Mark, trust me, whatever you have, I don't need he goes no, no, no. And he starts going through it has to have said Kevin and he's polling. So I go Mark, I don't need a thing. I'm fine. He goes, Okay, wait a minute. I still can't walk let you walk away. You gave me a $5. Bill. I'll tell you what. I make up stories really good. And I can make up one really fast. Can I give you that for your $5? I got Mark, how long is the story? He goes no more than five minutes. Kevin, I'm sitting there going? Oh my god. I mark. Go ahead. Kevin. He had me from the first word. The story was so powerful. It was five minutes long. And at the end of it, I looked at him and I said, You are incredible. Have you ever thought about writing? He goes no, I don't even know how to write. I said that story you told me is so powerful. Do you mind if I put it in a book? He goes, Oh, God, no, you gave me $5. Do whatever you want with it. I said Mark, I'm gonna give you credit.

Unknown Speaker  33:35  
I don't have let me see if I have a copy of it. I don't have a copy right here. I'm gonna hold out.

Unknown Speaker  33:43  
And he's leaving his chair and he's going off to looking for a book and now he's coming back to his chair and back.

Unknown Speaker  33:49  
Okay, I wish I had a copy because this is one of the most impactful books I ever wrote that the skeleton of the book was given to me by a homeless man. When I say the skeleton, he probably gave me about six paragraphs of the book. And then I expounded on it. But the name of the book is called Rockstar. Find finding your purpose for God in life. And the story is amazing. And I'm going to give you the gist of it and it's going to blow your mind Kevin. The book became a number one bestseller. It was the fastest bestseller we ever had. The story is this it's the story of a rock. The life of a rock now, Kevin, besides those things that were sold years ago what what were they called that the big rock thing? Oh, it was that pet rock? Pet Rock. Okay. Besides the pet rock. I've never heard of anyone telling a story about the life of a rock in a desert for God's sake. The story starts out with here's this rock in the desert knowing that he has a purpose in life but he hasn't been used for His purpose yet. And so he's sitting in the desert, and he's optimistic and everything else. He's got friends all around them sticks and stones and boulders and, and everything else is all around him. But he doesn't know why he's here. But he knows there's a massive purpose. So one day he hears all these footsteps in the desert. And he goes, Oh my gosh, someone's going to use me for a purpose. I heard that they're building a merchant castle in the middle of the desert, and I'm going to be part of the merchant castles wall. And all the men come and they build the castle. And he's not chosen. Him and a few other little stones and sticks were left behind. And he starts to get depressed. And a period of time goes by and he hears men coming back, he goes, Oh, they're going to build a moat, I'm going to be the most important rock in the wall of the moat, protecting the castle. And these men are going around building this moat. The moat is finished. He wasn't chosen. And he starts to go into depression. Kevin, have you ever seen the expression on a rock face who's depressed?

Unknown Speaker  36:01  
Quite frankly, though,

Unknown Speaker  36:03  
it's a sad sight, Kevin, it's not pretty okay. And he starts sinking into the sand, he was losing hope. But then there was this little spark in his heart, that tells him don't give up, skinny back to the surface, put your face to the sun, praise God, that you're gonna find your purpose in life. And he does it. And he does it over and over and over. And he goes through the ups and downs that we are going through right now in society. You know, all we found a breakthrough for COVID Oh, we didn't, oh, there's a new variant, we got a breakthrough. Oh, we don't, it's the same stuff. Oh, we have a new president. And we're happy or not, oh, we're have elections were happening. It's the same thing we're going through right now. But he never gives up. And he starts to lean on his faith. And I'm going to tell you the end of the story. Even though I encourage people to buy the book, it's great for kids, it's great for adults. He's just about to give up one day, when he hears these massive footprints coming towards him about 100 years yards away, and it's shaking the desert floor, massive. And he goes, What is going on, is my purpose going to be now stomped by something coming through the desert. And then the next thing he's feels is this little pitter patter of feet, a young child younger child, a younger boy, circling him in the sand, and he goes, What's going on, I hear these monster footsteps. And then there's this young boy or this young man walking around me. The next thing he knows he's picked up off the sand, he goes, I'm gonna find my purpose, I'm gonna find my purpose. And before he knows it, he's thrown a million miles an hour through the air. And he goes as this it, I'm just gonna fly. And then bam, he hits a mountain. And this rock falls to the sand. And he says is that it? My purpose was a fly through the air and to hit a mountain and to land in the sand. And then a minute later, the largest crash in the world happens right next to him. And then he hears the scream of victory 1000s and 1000s of men running towards this little rock. And he was picked up by King David.

Unknown Speaker  38:22  
I knew that's where you were going with that.

Unknown Speaker  38:25  
He was the rock that found his purpose in saving the armies of David. And that message was given to me Kevin by a homeless man who I never saw again. I kept running the same time, the same direction I want to come through and tell them that I'm writing this book and I dedicated it to mark the homeless man. I could never give him a copy. I could never find him again, I pray to god he's well. But this is what happens when we start to pay attention to people around us people who we think have nothing to teach us people who we think are wrong. People who we think are lazy, slovenly, whatever dirty whatever it might be. And I'm not just talking about the homeless. We have had a tendency in the last number of years to become highly judgmental, highly righteous individuals in this society. Were willing to give our opinion and to put people down at a moment's notice. We're willing to do whatever it takes to make us look good and someone else look bad. Now, am I saying this is 100% of the US population? Nope. I'm sure not because there's Kevin and I. But I am saying that there's a majority of people that have not even understood you know, in addiction, Kevin, we say that what was once our vices are now habits and that's a song from the Doobie Brothers. And what that means is, is that you know, every once in a while we'd have a glass of wine on a weekend and now we're having 10 glasses of wine four days a week or seven days a week. And that habit has turned into a vise. And the same thing has happened over the last three to four years. Some of the softest commerce Most Beautiful People have turned so hard edge and so negative and so argumentative, and it's over time and what they've created is the new known kn o w n. These former really kind, compassionate loving people have been sucked into the vortex of the news. And they become a highly arrogant, highly opinionated Is this the whole country? No, no, no, no, no. But if you resonate with what I'm saying, we can change. You know, I have a gentleman that came in and he said, I'm angry all the time. Kevin, I get this constantly in my office. I'm always irritable. I'm always angry. I had a guy on the phone today saying, I'm driving through traffic, and I want to rip everyone's heads off, you know. And we're starting to see this irritability come to the surface, this anger come to the surface. So I said to this gentleman, hey, listen, you've been coming in every week for three to four weeks now. And all you talk about is your anger. Here's your exercise for next week. I want you to write down everything you watch. Everything you listened to everything you read for seven straight days. And underneath the show, the book, the article, the podcast, I want you to write about the one or two or three positive messages you've gotten from what you've watched, listened to or read. He came in the next week, Kevin, and I want to show I have it right here. What he brought in, this is what he came in the next week with.

Unknown Speaker  41:15  
And I'm looking at an empty pad.

Unknown Speaker  41:17  
It's an empty freakin legal pad. He came in and he looked at me and he goes, there's no one that could have gotten through to me, the way you did with that exercise, if you would have told me to stop listening and reading and watching everything I would have said if you He said, But you made me go and look for the positive David, there was nothing positive, though everyone was screaming at each other. Everyone was right. And everyone else was wrong. Who's on the other side? He changed his life that day, Kevin, that one experience changed him. He is the most compassionate, loving man. He's off of all media. And it works. Now. Can you watch the media and not taken the negativity? Good luck.

Unknown Speaker  42:02  
We didn't say it's hard. It really is hard. I know, I used to be a news junkie. I'm not a US news junkie anymore, because it's just hard. It's hard to watch. It really is. And it doesn't give you anything positive. You know, I have a homeless story that I can I tell you this story real quick. I was leaving the Safeway where I normally shop. And I hardly ever have any money in my wallet, I use my card and, and stuff. I don't ever have any money. But in this particular case, I had two bills, they were $20 bills. And a lady on my was I was going to my car. And this happens to me quite a little bit because I get messages through music. And so I was on my way to my car. And this lovely lady comes up to me and says, Can you help us please, I really want to get a loaf of bread. Can I get a look? Could you help me with a couple of bucks to get a loaf of bread? And I pulled my wallet out? And I did the same thing that you did. You pull your wallet out. And then you look and you go oh crap, all I got is 220s. And you can't, you know, put the wallet back and say oh, just fooled you. So I gave her $20 bill. Wow. And she looked at me and she goes, now we can have grilled cheese sandwiches.

Unknown Speaker  43:23  
Yeah, see, that's beautiful. So I get

Unknown Speaker  43:25  
in my car. I turn on the I turn on the engine and I have a radio station that I listen to. And the first words that come out of the radio where I think I've can't remember the name of the band. But Benny would know but it's, it's give a little bit. Oh, yeah. Give a little bit. And he was like, you just give a little bit and that was my reward from the university.

Unknown Speaker  43:50  
Yeah, totally. Totally. And you know, I want to say this. The times we're in I want to repeat this because I don't want people to think that I'm some hard acids coming down on

Unknown Speaker  44:02  
you are you are the most gentle soul that I know.

Unknown Speaker  44:04  
And I feel that way. Thank you, Kevin. I feel that way. And I feel my only purpose on earth really is to help. It really is. I'm not here to create divisiveness. I never talk politics. I don't tell anyone who I vote for why I vote for them. I don't talk to people about my stance on the vaccine. I don't talk to people my stance on Ukraine, Russia. I don't talk about any of my stances because it doesn't matter. It's just my opinion. And my opinion, quite frankly, doesn't matter. But because we're in such on precedent at times, which is why I wrote the book helping Americans heal because it has 100 writings and you will find yourself and solutions for anxiety, irritability, procrastination, weight gain, relationship challenges, career challenges, PTSD, you know, I have a story in there. Most people don't understand and I don't know if people can see it, but the name of the book is helping Americans heal the altar. MIT healing guide during these challenging times, it's available on Amazon. But I want to tell the story if we have time about a woman with PTSD. Yes, we have time. Yep. Okay. So she came to me and most people don't understand PTSD. And this is the reason I wrote the book. Most people don't understand where depression comes from which we say in the book, anxiety we say in the book, insomnia, we say, I mean, we we really do give an extreme amount of answers for all the challenges we're going through. So this woman calls me and she says, Hey, listen, I don't even know if you can help me. I'm dealing with some kind of depression. I just don't feel like doing anything, David. It's probably low grade depression, but I'm just lost. And so I said, Well, tell me your story. You know, so here's her story since COVID, began, she got divorced, right, about eight months after COVID started. Within the first year, she lost her job. In the second year, she lost her home. And in that second year, she lost both of her dogs. And I'm listening to the story. And I'm asking her symptoms, she can eat some people overeat. She started to drink more than than normal, but she cannot get a good night's sleep ever. She's struggling finding a job. She's struggling finding a place to live, she stopped. And I stopped her. And I said, Ma'am, I said, Listen, this is not low grade, clinical depression. This is full blown PTSD. This is what I hear when I work with a veteran that's come back from overseas. This is PTSD. You have anxiety, depression, you haven't mentioned anything about suicide, but you have hopelessness, you have apathy. You have procrastination, I said, this is PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, we treat that very differently than standalone anxiety, standalone depression. I mean, this is the mother lode, the perfect storm. PTSD is the perfect storm of all human storms. And so we started working with her on each individual area, Kevin, in order, it took us a year and a half to get just getting her back on her feet right now. But you know, a lot of people don't understand I couldn't have PTSD, because of listen, if you've lost a loved one, in the last three years, if you've lost a job a pat, if you've lost a best friend, you may be experiencing anxiety, depression. But if that grief is deep enough, it can easily go right into PTSD, which is one of the most difficult emotional and mental health orders to treat, because it's so multifaceted. But we know how to treat it. It just takes time.

Unknown Speaker  47:36  
It's kind of like a bad country music song what she was, you know, she lost her house, she lost. And I really think that we all at one point in our lives, we all go through that one point, you know, I at one point, I lost my dad, I lost my dog, my, my wife left, I lost the house. I declared bankruptcy, I ran into a bridge, you know, all kinds of weird stuff. But it depends on how you choose to handle it. Or if you've got a support network around you to be able to get that done.

Unknown Speaker  48:05  
You just said something huge. So you know, the support network. And part of the support network guys is what you watch, listen to and read. Please don't let this slip by. That's a support network. You know, I have a I have a woman I started with last week. And what we try to get all of our clients to do and eventually they all do it is the first 20 minutes and then we bring it to an hour but we start clients at 20 minutes with no electronics for the first 20 minutes of the morning. Nothing no news, no tax, no email, no social media, nothing for 20 minutes, no, eventually we get them to an hour. We take that time for prayer, meditation, journaling, reading inspirational books, a book in your hand, like a real real book, not your Kindle, nothing to do with electronics. Okay. And so she was talking to me about her how her whole life is out of balance. And I said, How do you start your day? She goes, it doesn't matter how I start my day, David, I can't sleep at night, son, I know. How do you start your day, the first two hours of every day are political news junkie stuff, first two hours. So if anyone's going to start your day with media, you're going to start your day in the hole. Now, in order to get her to believe that I had to ask her to not watch any media for three days in a row. And here's the signs that you want to look for. She went through withdrawal. Kevin, I couldn't believe it. But she couldn't do it for three days in a row. On the second day, she started getting extremely anxious. And then the third day she just turned it back on. Now, I just started working with her. So I'm told her it's going to be we're going to take time, we're gonna have patience, but she's created that belief system, that it's crucial for her to stay in the know, to find out what's going on. And I tell everyone, if a hurricane is coming, my neighbors are going to tell me Okay, so I don't have to worry about being tuned into the news for anything and I keep saying I've said this earlier in today's show Go. Trust yourself. Take the first 20 minutes to start with sit in nature. Write about gratitude. I don't care how tough things are, there's always something that you can find gratitude for. Make a decision, that you're not going to procrastinate on things that are really important to your mind, body spirit relationships, we can start to change this country. Kevin, your show is one of those ways we can start to change this country, because there's very few hosts out there having individuals on that are talking about positive change. Most hosts love sensationalism. You're one of the anti sensational host, in my opinion, you know, you're looking to help this world, which is what I've been doing for 43 years, and I'm never quitting. I'll be doing this at 100.

Unknown Speaker  50:45  
Yes, as well. You should be. Because it amazes me now you're, you're just a titch older than I am. And you've got amazing energy. And you you believe in what you're doing. And that is the key, isn't it?

Unknown Speaker  50:59  
You know what? Well, I'll tell you why. Belief goes stronger with the risks that you take. Your beliefs get more ingrained, when you're willing to go against the crowd, when you know what you believe is the right thing for you. Now, my beliefs have changed over the years. It's not like I still believe everything I believed 40 years ago, for God's sake, I used to teach the law of attraction. I do not teach it anymore, because it is not true. Right? So our beliefs can change. But the way you get your belief super strong, is by being secure, is by standing in the fire. Your beliefs will get stronger. When someone tells you you're wrong. And you don't argue your beliefs. You don't need to argue they're your beliefs. You don't need to defend them. You don't need to explain them. You don't need to try to convince someone that they're wrong and your beliefs are right. Just live your beliefs. You know, my dad died nine months ago. I'm sorry. And thank you. And I gotta tell you something cool is How about my dad. My dad was an introvert. He was an accountant. He really didn't do much outside of he took care of us, you know, the best he could. But the coolest thing my dad didn't when we talk about belief systems that he always wanted to be an altar boy in in the Catholic Church when he was a child. But he had to work on Sundays to bring in money for the family because they had no money. At 72, my dad became an altar boy, for 10 years. He was in the church seven days a week as an altar boy, you can make a difference in this world at any age, he lifted people's spirits by seeing a 72 year old become an altar boy. He lifted people through his actions, not his words, Kevin, by serving his community, he lifted people, every person he saw loved him. Because of his actions, his integrity. I asked everyone listening today, make a difference. Make a difference in someone else's life. Do something different. Don't follow the crowd, follow your heart and soul. You have so much power that might be untapped. And when you tap into it, you'll be changed forever. That's the reason I'm on Kevin's show. I'm not here just to sell books, or just to sell me I'm here to encourage you to tap into that incredible potential that Gandhi had. Mandela had Mother Teresa had, we all have the same freakin potential Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, for God's sake, we all have the same potential to change the world. And it begins one day at a time, one statement at a time, one action at a time that you repeat over and over and over again until you are so radically changed as a human being you wake up and you go, who the hell am I? When did I get so nice? When did I get so compassionate? When when when then you know, you've hit a home run?

Unknown Speaker  53:54  
Exactly, exactly. By the way, we've been talking with David. So go to David And you can that's a jumping off point to a myriad of different things that you can learn from him and his writings. He's got 12 books out there. He's, he's a marvelous individual. He was in the radio business for a long time. He's done. He's done it all. And he must be really proud of yourself.

Unknown Speaker  54:20  
Kevin, I'm really happy with myself, you know, I mean, it's not that I don't struggle guys. I'm not some Pollyanna guy without any, you know, challenges. I've got enough challenges in my life, but I really liked who I become. And I think that's important. You know, my dad said to my brother 100 times the proudest I am of your brother David is his long term sobriety that he's never broken. That long term sobriety has opened my heart to be more compassionate, loving and caring. And when people go to our site, Kevin, and they join our free program helping Americans heal just like the book. They'll get our other book on positive thinking absolutely free at talk

Unknown Speaker  54:57  
Perfect and thank you so much for being here. And thank you everybody for listening and by the way, be kind to one another because each other is all we've got. We'll see you on Wednesday and four. Have a great day everybody

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