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361 | Your Go-To Business Coach, Erin MacCoy!

November 22, 2022

361 | Your Go-To Business Coach, Erin MacCoy!
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Early on, I developed the gift of insight and a deep resonance into the feelings of others. To me, growing up, this was both a blessing and a curse being able to hear the thoughts of others, tune into their emotions, good or not so good, and be utterly confused as to why I was able to do this. These were the early days of developing and depending upon my intuition to guide me. Sometimes, when I spoke my truth, people would look at me flabbergasted wondering how I “could possibly know that”.

This, to me, is my calling and my honor. I help women discover and reconnect more deeply and soulfully with themselves so that they can live a meaningful, joyful, and easier life.

As an intuitive, empath, and certified coach, I encourage, guide, and witness the personal and spiritual development of these heart-centered badasses every day.

I feel incredibly blessed.

If you’re looking to consciously create the world you want to live in, let’s connect. I would love to learn more about you and your gifts.

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This is a production of km media dot Pro. Welcome back to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas one conversation at a time. So come on over into our world. I know you'll like it. Because on today's show today we feature a local gal that I just swallowed wrong and fired me very much. My name is Kevin McDonald, the coffee one and this is positive talk radio. And we've got a gal she's local. She's here so you can actually benefit from her experience and who she is and what she does. And we're gonna get into all of that. I'm just thrilled to death to have you here, Erin. But first, we've got to talk to Nathan and say, Hey, Nathan, how are you today?

Good morning, Kevin. I'm not the only one here or you're not the only one. Great to be back with you after taking a little short vacation off.

Well, you needed to take the time Eric did a fine job and but we we always appreciate having you here. You add soo much to the show.

I missed your last week. Oh,

that's special. i It's nice to be missed. As it's been such a long time since anybody missed me. Nevermind. So in any event, Aaron McCoy is with us? Yes. Boy,

Max coy McElroy.

Not see. I'm like McDonald, not McDonald's. So that's that. And so there you are. And welcome to the show. How are you today?

I'm doing really great. Thanks for having me, it's really a pleasure to hang out with you both Nathan right there, Kevin right over here. Love it.

And today, we are going to open up the phone lines and let people come and talk to you. But first of all, we need to let them know what they can come and talk to you about. And so let's talk about you and your coaching and your your gifts that you've had, you've had the gift of insights, since you were very little. And you've been working with that your entire life. And you employ it in the coaching that you do and and trying to help and predominantly women, which is I'm fascinated with because I think that that is such a really, you know, you guys, as an you guys and women, I suppose it would be you guys gals as gals you spend all of your time caring for other people helping other people out and a lot of times you are the last ones to get taken care of. Totally. And that's and that needs to change in my opinion. Because you Well you're welcome if you're a by the way, I got to ask Nathan Nathan. Yeah, do you know how to cook?

Do I know how to cook? I'm a mean microwave user. Hey, I can like nobody else.

By the way, I gotta tell you I used to do Thanksgiving meals for my family for 15 people by myself.

Oh my gosh Wow.

So I know how to make stuffing mashed potatoes jams and and I've got a killer recipe for Turkey. So before the show ends I'm going to give people the recipe that I use for Turkey and and it comes out just beautifully but we're not going to do that right now. So you're gonna have to wait. You have to wait until we get around to it.

I know what the main ingredient is.

Turkey How did you know? Well I'm a little psychic myself quite frankly. Same thing and but Aaron on goods and let's focus on you for a little bit before we talk about stuffing turkeys. This is a tough time of year for people.

It is it is the holidays are definitely a challenge for a lot of people and to go back to what you said about women giving of themselves before giving to them giving of themselves before they get back to themselves. This is a time of year where that happens more than ever I mean posting people you know running ragged to make sure all the details are are pulled together it can be really exhausting. You know it's it's hard time on the energy of, of women for sure.

Well, you know what, I've never understood it but it happens this way where Thanksgiving which everybody considers to be a day off. In a lot of cases. It's not for the hostess who is putting it all together while the men are sipping beer and having hot wings in the living room watching football. Sure. The women of the of the house are putting everything together and not in all houses in my hand. No. Yeah. In my house. I did I did mostly a lot of the cooking because I grew up in the restaurant bit So okay, yeah, I enjoyed it. But, but a lot of guys are not interested or are gifted at that. And so they want to sit, and I work hard all the time. It's Thanksgiving, I'm going to take the day off, but they fail to recognize that somebody's not taking the day off.

Well, let me go back to your turkey, your turkey recipe, what time does the turkey going on in your house with that recipe?

It will go in at about six 6am to 6:30am. So that it can be done by 230 ish, three.

Sure. So I mean, that in itself makes for a long day for any home cook, you know, who's who's preparing a meal, and then hosting people to celebrate and share in in the, in the feast. So that's a long day. And watching the after the bird is quite the Endeavor sometimes.

And I'll tell you, Thanksgiving is a tough meal to do, because it's hard to get everything done at the same time. And everything served hot.

Right? Yeah, the coordination is magical, really to get it right.

It really is. And so somebody's got to be really aware of how it all works, and to make it happen the way it's supposed to. And so you don't get a chance to just kind of hang out and just play around because you've got so much to do. And then the last 30 minutes are like crazy, because you want to get the turkey done, and you want to get the mashed potatoes.

And gravy better be hot. Tip boy, no kidding. Right there. coagulative is not exactly. Timing in itself.

And mashed potatoes is the same thing. Nobody wants the cold mashed potatoes. Nope. And so it's really is a really is tough. And so you've got to be really together with it and what you do and and you help women? Well, let me ask you, how do you help women? Well,

let's go back to the fact that I'm a coach, I'm a spiritual, intuitive business and life coach who supports overwhelm sensitive, empathic, creative women, to turn their sensitivity into a superpower. And that essentially means that I help women give back to themselves first without apology, and to lead with the heart confidently and boldly. And that sometimes really does take a partnership with somebody else, you know, we're, we're alone a lot. In our heads in our minds, we, you know, the longest relationship we have with anyone is with ourselves. And, you know, we spend a lot of time, you know, really just too alone, working out our thoughts. And so women are, you know, doing a lot of shoulds, they're, you know, I've got to do this, I need to do that there's a lot of external pressure to perform to, to be on all the time. And so my work really focuses on slowing down and returning to the unique gifts you were born with. And bringing those forward and leading with that as opposed as opposed to leading from a place of, you know, I should do this, I should do that I need to do this, I need to do that. So I help women with giving them permission to just slow it down and really listen in on what's important to them.

I have some women in my own life, who are will just say driven. They're they're, they're driven to wild. No, they're driving, mostly because they're taking the kids to soccer. They're taking the kids to baseball, they're doing all of these things, and they've got an entire list of stuff. And even when their health begins to fail, and the back starts to hurt and stuff like that. They don't feel whatever, for whatever reason, and I'm going to ask you, why isn't it that they don't feel like they can take a break, that they've got to continue to go at a breakneck pace to keep it all together?

Wow, well, I can speak for myself, as somebody who grew up understanding that I needed to push hard to get everything done. And I put a lot of expectations on myself to be a high achieving, you know, type A, get it all done. That's how people are going to respect me. That's how people people will like me more if I get it all done. And that is immediately leads to burnout. I mean, we burn out so quickly, and I think that programming or that kind of upbringing is pretty normal with a lot of women. It's like, you got to you got to hustle. And and you've got to keep going and you've got you've got a lot of people depending on you, and we forget to take care of ourselves. Do we really do?

Why do women feel that way? Is it is it because of their upbringing? Is it because of how their moms ran their house and, and they feel like they've got to compete with somebody who really doesn't even exist?

Well, our mothers definitely are the first people we look at as, as models for how to get things done. You know, mothers work really hard. You know, they just, they just, they're, that's the role that they're they're playing is just to work really super hard. And be there for the kids. And, you know, I think of the the analogy, or the visual of the mama bird giving the baby bird food, you know, the mama bird goes out and finds it, and then she like, literally, you know, throws up on the baby bird with all this food, and the baby birds like, oh, okay, we're eating now. Great, I rely on my mom to bring me sustenance. And that I think, you know, I can't speak for all women, I don't try. But I definitely in the client work that I do see a lot of women who are, you know, making sure the kids eat before they do. And you know, all this stuff that the baby bird in the mama bird, visual, I just explained, it's like, mama bird will provide, you know,

yep. Now you also use your intuitive gifts when you're working with people. How does that play out? And how does that tune in? How do you tune into your clients?

Well, one of the tools that I use is meditation, and I often teach my clients a number of self care tools, or even spiritual tools to help them listen to, you know, more innately to themselves and their inner truth. But for me, it's about getting quiet. And even as a young girl, I can remember, you know, being struck with the the knowledge that someone was going to say something, someone, someone's going to do something or say something, and I would be right, you know, I'd be able to guess what they were going to say, and I'd be gait a be able to predict what they were going to do. And that comes from really being acutely aware of their body language of their energy level of their, you know, just sort of presence. And that is what I call tuning in to my own intuition. And like you said, the intuitive gift right there. So when I work with my clients, meditation, and getting quiet now helps me tune in to them and understand at a deeper level, at a soul level at a cellular level. How they're going to learn best and feel the most supported. So you know, I bring, I bring that gift with me, but I also have a background in business and marketing strategy. And so if they have a business, we are melding together like a, you know, like a tapestry weaving together this tapestry of like, you know, practical strategy with like, let's feel into that. Let's see how you feel about, you know, trying this business strategy out or whatever does that feel aligned with you, I give space for that alignment. And that's one of my gifts too.

And most women that are in business, while most people that are in business, they can't separate, it's very difficult to separate home life from work life. They're all intertwined. And if if your work life isn't going well, sometimes that bleeds over to your home life and vice versa. Totally. Yeah, it makes it really tough. Yeah, to really tough for folks. And so if you are in that place, and you're just driving around Seattle right now, and you're in that place, we would love for you to give us a call, and that you can talk to Aaron about what's going on with you and we can put her gifts to the test, if you will, oh, my goodness. No, no pressure, no pressure. And But Nathan, if somebody wants to give us a call, how does they do that?

They can just give us a call at 425-373-5527 or if you want a toll free line, it'll be 1-888-298-5569.

And don't forget before the end of the show, I'm gonna give you a killer recipe about Turkey. So don't go anywhere. Because it's it's important and you will get rave reviews I promise or errands. It's Aaron's idea. I'm not going to take care of responsibility for nothing, which I find is little in a lot of cases. The man of the house don't want to necessarily take responsibility for what's going on inside the house.

I will I will add I will update you on that Turkey recipe and give you my favorite Thanksgiving recipe to that's easy. Oh, cool is easy, easy appetizer. Oh, cool.

That would be, that would be awesome. So, so hang out with us because we're going to do we're going to do that. And now, in your bio, it says that, that you were intuitive as a kid, but you didn't really know how to handle that. I'm of the mind that we all have a level of intuitive Ness. We can call upon when we need to, if we choose to, but a lot of us don't. Why did you choose to

ignore it?

Did you ignore it for a period?

Oh, yeah, I mean, people would look at me strangely, when I'd be able to finish their sentences, when I'd be able to, you know, just really tune into them and call them out of, of whatever they were feeling. And eventually, I learned to so many people in the sensitive world or the empathic world or the intuitive world downplay that gift, because from the outside, people are like, how did you know that? You're weird? What's wrong with you, you know, like, they, they have this reaction to it, that it's something bad or wrong. And that's not true. It just, it just is it's just a it's just a part of our, you know, makeup, shall we say, you know, when you're an intuitive. So yeah, I for a long time, you know, I would keep it under the radar. And I would just sort of sneak it in a little bit here and there. But it wasn't until I began to realize in my early 20s, that I was only doing a disservice to myself, and not allowing my gift to thrive, and to grow and to develop. And so, you know, like I said, meditation has really helped it when you know, when I get calm, when I get quiet, I can really dig into that. And it becomes a becomes like a living, breathing entity of its own. It's cool. And it's much better now I use it so much more actively than I did when I was a kid being told, Oh, that's weird, you're weird or whatever. So,

you know, it's interesting that we've talked about that, because I was thinking about this earlier this morning, which is where I do most of my thinking is in you know, when the lights are out and, and stuff. And I was thinking to myself that and correct me if I'm wrong, okay, because I've got this voice that's in my head. And I will hear this voice. When, as an example, I'm about ready to leave my house. And my cell phone is sitting on my desk. And I'll get the I'll get this message that says, Well, you better take your cell phone. Is I am I weird? Or is it? Because then what I'll do they used to say nah, I won't worry about it. And inevitably, whenever I did that, and I left the house and didn't follow that voice. I would need the cell phone. Mm hmm. So is that do you experience that it? Or is that just kind of my weird way of of reacting reacting to things?

No, no, I think listening to that voice or that intuition is really important. And I you know, I experienced that too. It's like, oh, yeah, oh, God, like don't take this is where it happens for me. Since we're in Seattle. This is very relatable. I will be driving and I'll hear this voice inside going and I not you know, when when I'm driving, I'm not necessarily using any apps for traffic or anything. I'm just like, focused on driving. And I'll I'll hear this. Don't take 99 today. Don't do it 99 is clogged or some sort of like that just does not feel right. And I'll tell you if I take another route and totally avoid 99 In this instance, I will have a much more peaceful drive. Calm drive less traffic drive.

You mean you're going to drive it without having Nathan tell you what's going on.

It's funny report as you were saying that I was just looking at what's going on in traffic and right now on State Route 99 southbound just south of royal Brome way there's an obstruction blocking the center lane.

See it happened right there.

See that in that incredible and and so you understand.

Sorry, that's funny. I was looking at your face Nathan and you just look so shocked that was awesome. But yeah, I listened to that, that voice. It's like don't do it. Or or this is where you need to go. And I lean into that because when I don't Oh, that's when I go, Oh, I didn't and I listen to that voice. Right? Same as the cell phone, right?

Yep, I get the same thing with my keys, I get the same thing with, with any anything that I'm going to be doing. And I even get messages like if I'm driving as an exam, and every light is turning into a red light. You ever had one of those days where you're late for an appointment and every light is red? Totally. And and so you're getting angrier and angrier and angrier because you need to get to this appointment? And, and I'll get a voice in my head that says, Would you relax, you're gonna be fine. You're gonna get there on time. And we're just testing you. And so and so I'll I'll laugh and then I'll relax and then I'll get there on time. And it won't matter. So I spent all of this time getting all twitterpated

I love that word.

Nathan has twitterpated a word.

I mean, something there is a word like, like twits going around on Twitter.

While the Twitter's going away, but never know that I'm not going there. That's a whole other show. A whole nother show. No Twitter fan. And I think that was cartoon. Er was also in there. It's like, anyway.

So if you know what twitterpated what the origin of twitterpated is, please call in at 206 or whatever the number is. 4253.


Oh, no kidding. It is a cartoon. Yeah. Okay, cool.

It might be from the rabbit. I'm on toy the painted? I don't know. So anyway. But that's the but that's what we do is we get ourselves all worked up. And when we get ourselves all worked out for nothing. Here's the

quote, the owl says nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime.

Oh, my God, this is amazing. I love this.

Everybody needs to independent? I'm not sure I'm not sure that means when I think it means then. Anyway.

It's overcome by romantic feelings.

That didn't mean what I thought it meant. So we all

learn something here today, which is cool. Or we're reminded way deep somewhere in our consciousness when we saw Bambi. Maybe we be you know, got it from there.

So if you if you are driving home tonight, and you're thinking to yourself, well, how can I present and what I want to talk about with my significant other, just say, Hey, honey, let's get twitterpated tonight and see what they say.

That's the way to open a conversation. I like that,

it will open it, I hope it doesn't. But you know, who knows. But in any event, we're talking with Aaron McElroy, she is from around here. So you can go to Aaron McCoy And you can and you can get the information that you need to contact her. She's a lovely person, she's very talented at what she does. And including in that is coaching and marketing for women in business. I had a gal on yesterday on Wednesday, two of them actually. And they were telling us the difference between women in small businesses and men in small businesses. As far as the financing that they get, how the percentage of of women are being able to get financing, and stuff like that. It's really night and day between men and women. And I'm, I would like to see that change. And you're working to see that change, too.

Yeah, my personal mission is to give women more tools to do what they love and be who they are. So that the ripple effect is across all areas of their life, in their relationships in the planet. So, you know, flipping the script on some of our traditional ways of doing things I think women have have the potential and a real opening right now to do just that. And I love supporting that.

How did you decide to get into that segment of coaching?

Well, I became an entrepreneur by accident. And I like quite literally was let go from a job that I didn't love and it was a great blessing. And I started my my business sort of, you know, putting a note on LinkedIn and saying Does anybody need marketing help? I mean, that's where I started with with consulting and coaching. And I got three clients from that LinkedIn post. It was amazing. And so I started my business like that. And so I was an unexpected entrepreneur and, man, you know, the fact that I came from a marketing and business back background, I think really helped me. But so many women do not have that entrepreneurial knowledge, like how do I start a business? And how do I market it? And how do you know all of those questions, they just want to do something, you know, with their passion and turn that into a business. So they like, logistics around building a thriving business, you know, that isn't necessarily something they come with when they start a business. So I did, I had, I had this wonderful background. And so it became really important to me as I grew my consultancy, and then my coaching practice, to help other women with those kinds of logistics, but also to help them shift the mindset that they either couldn't do it or didn't deserve the wealth and prosperity that could come from doing what they love, or integrating their values into their business. And so it's like my personal mission to help more women do that, because we need more people helping, you know, helping each other in this way. And both men and women alike. So it's a personal thing, for sure.

It's a really cool personal thing. And I'm, I'm, I'm committed to the belief that nothing happens by chance that it was the you losing that job at that time, was not only not an accident, it was but we had divine purpose behind it, for sure. For sure, I think that everyone who is as we negotiate through life, we all have a tendency to go, Oh, that was a bad experience, or that was terrible, or, or I'm not, I'm, you know, the things that are going on with us, we don't recognize the value, that everything that we have that goes on with us, is designed for greater purpose for us to get us to where we want to go. I know that for at least in my, in my experience, How about yours? Is that is that?

Absolutely. I think that, that being able to have the presence of mind to accept that everything that happens to you is for you, you know that that it is for, there's a divine aspect to it, you know, to help you seize the opportunities to live more purposefully to to be more present in your own human experience as you go through life. When I lost the job, I mean, for about a minute, I was like, oh, oh, that hurt a little my ego was like, hey, but then I looked at it from the aspect of they gave me severance, they gave me unemployment, I have this opportunity to try something new, I was bored in the job anyway. You know, like, wow, I get to try something new, it was so magical to take that leap and terrifying as well. But I loved the idea of the catalyst came in this way for me. And it's just been like that, you know, that was why only 10 years ago that that all happened. And man, I'm so glad it did. Because I am so much more in alignment with what I'm supposed to be here doing on this planet at this time.

And that was all by divine intention. Have you ever heard the story of the 50,000 foot view?

Do tell.

I strongly believe that since we are here on this planet, and we are here to walk amongst the trees, we get to be in the middle of the forest. Now if you've been in the middle of a forest, especially around here, there's a lot of trees, and you cannot see very far you can't see far and heavy you can't see far behind you. You have got a guide, or guides or angels or whatever that are on the other side that they get the 50,000 foot view, they get the pull back to and they see where you are. They see where you want you where you have made it plain where you want to go. And then their job is to determine how are we going to get you there. And so as you're walking amongst the trees and you're going one tree in front of the you're walking one sea, you have to have a little you have to trust and you have to have faith that your guides are going to take you in the direction that you yourself want to go. Sometimes you get off track. And so what happens then you get nudged back on the track. Sure. Yeah. And stuff like that. And what do you think of that analogy?

Oh my god. Well, divine GPS. Yes, please.

Exactly. Yeah, that's what that is. By the way. We're talking with Aaron McCoy. And if you'd like to give us a call, you can at 425-373-5527 We need to take a break real quick for just just I promise it's gonna be two minutes and then We're gonna talk about recipes for Thanksgiving turkey recipe and Aaron's got an appetizer recipe, and Nathan's got a microwave that we're going to use.

Plus a horror story from one of my Thanksgivings. Oh, I love it.

We'll be right back in just two minutes I promised don't go anywhere.

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And welcome everybody back to positive talk radio. It is a Friday afternoon. And I'm just glad that you're all here. We're talking with Aaron McCoy, who's a business and marketing coach. I got to ask you, how did that commercial sound was it? Was it okay,

that was pretty darn good. I like that you offer all those. Those wonderful services to support people is amazing. You have an amazing radio voice. So you know, it's kind of a twofer right there.

Well, and I do I do voiceovers, and I do I can do. I've done audiobooks, and stuff like that. So I can do all of that kind of thing. And if you're interested in in somebody with a dynamic radio voice,

there it is. There it is. I love it.

So, but, Eric, if you want to go to Aaron McCoy, you can find out all about her and the work that she does. She is by the way, I'm gonna stress this again. She is local. She lives here, and one of these days. Nathan, we're gonna come see you on a Friday.

I would love to have you here.

I definitely want to come see where you are. Since your view is so nice.

He's on the fifth floor of a beautiful building and then Factoria on a hill.

I can probably see your house from here.

I'll keep well actually from where you are. You can probably see both Kevin's and my house because I remember where Kevin lives.

I'm really tall. Just jump up and wave. You'll probably see me.

Yes, yes, he is. Wow. So we promised and I want to honor the promise that we made that we're going to tell you about a couple of recipes. But first, Nathan's got me intrigued with a horror story that happened on Thanksgiving. I've got another horror story but this is this is a real horror story that that Anyway,

anyway. It's kind of things where you don't get what you expect. And I was going through the Thanksgiving you know lineup and going through all the dishes dishing off my plate, go through that Turkey and get all everything and it gets into mashed potatoes like oh, they made a lot of mashed potatoes this year. So I just grabbed some mashed potatoes and long story short went to the table and started eating got to the mashed potatoes like these mashed potatoes. They don't really taste that good. I don't really want to offend the person that made them but how do you screw up mashed potatoes? And well, later on in the meal somebody is talking to says oh, so and so. Your mashed cauliflower is really good. Oh, that's why so my horror story is never put the mashed cauliflower if you make it right next to the mashed potatoes. They might taste really good for people that like cauliflower. But if you're not a fan of stock vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower like me, you're not going to be in for a very good treat.

Ah, what a horrible surprise

back and got what was actually the mashed potatoes. I was like, Oh, this is so much better.

And because you were so looking, you know that first bite of mashed potatoes was at Thanksgiving is just magical. And so it really is cool to do and, and. And when it turns out to be something that you don't expect, it can be life changing, you need to go see a coach and I've got a coach for you.

Well, I could coach you on I certainly could coach you on potatoes if you wanted because one of my favorite things to make Thanksgiving and I discovered this years and years ago and my husband and I were dating and I was trying to impress his family. So I made a for Thanksgiving, we had a potato bar. So we had mashed potatoes, we had Scalloped Potatoes, we had all different kinds of potatoes. And the PS two resistance was I took hashbrowns and I waffle iron them. And so we had waffle iron hash brown potatoes as one of the potato. Oh my God, my brothers in law. Were like, you gotta marry this girl. You gotta marry her. She made hash brown potatoes in the waffle iron. I'm like, That's it. So potato bar at Thanksgiving. There's your coaching right there, do it

and play some sort of like potato roulette and sticks and mashed cauliflower and somewhere in there.

I do sneak that in now. So if you're listening family, you should know mashed cauliflower does make an appearance and in one dish or two

now do you mix them with the with?

Yeah, yeah, I my one brother in law cannot tell. He's just so excited to see potatoes. He thinks they're potatoes, but they're actually blended with potato.

Just leave him to his fantasies. That's right. Yeah, that's, that's what they're really, you said you had a recipe for an appetizer.

I do. So one of my favorite appetizer. Easy appetizer, you take a pie plate, you put a round of brie in the pie plate, you turn the oven on to 350 Put the round of brie in the pie plate. And you take like canned or jarred cranberry sauce. And then you just put the cranberry sauce around the brie in the pie plate. And then you put it in the oven. And you bake it for like until the brie is all bubbly and it sort of expands out and then you have this like wonderful sort of fruity, cheesy and you know, delicious sort of dip. And you serve it with crackers. It's so easy. I mean, it's it's a round of brie, and enough of your you know, cranberry sauce or whatever. Around the outside. It's done. People eat never leave any never leave any of that behind.

It's it's colorful, it's flavorful. It's warm, and it's hot. And that would be

Yeah, another then here's a little extract. So I'm Canadian, and back in my Canadian days of living in Canada, that that particular recipe was the round of brie. And then you get some maple syrup. You melt the brie and the maple syrup together, you just drizzle of maple syrup overtop of the brie. Bake it and then you put crushed pecans on it. And then you eat it with crackers and drooling now Thank you, Kevin and Nathan. Thank

you aren't You are so welcome. All right, well, I'm gonna I'm gonna give you my and this recipe that I have for Turkey is very simple, but it's very tried and true. Okay. So what you do, first of all, if anybody who's listening here if you put bread stuffing into a turkey, you're going to have a dry Turkey because what happens is the moisture from the bird itself is absorbed in the bread. And so the turkey comes out a lot drier. So never put stuffing into the bird itself. You cook it on the outside, you put it in in Nathan's microwave, folks, we'll be over in a little while. And, and so but what you do is you take the turkey and you take and by the way you take both ends out of it, the the giblets and all of that from one end and and you make sure that both cavities are clear. And then you take apples, oranges, garlic, cloves, and and then you dice them up and you put them and that's what you stuffed the turkey with. And onions and onions. And then you use just salt and pepper and you cook all of that in there the turkey will come out a lot more flavorful. It'll come out it'll have a slight lemony orange scent to it and it'll be a very moist and tender and people will go oh my gosh, what did you do to that Turkey is wonderful. So there

Oh, I love the fruit idea.

Yeah, because what happens is the fruit will eggs will as as it as it cooks in sends its flavors into the meat and stuff like that. So it's it's really as simple but it is very forgiving. So you, you know how you're always stressing that the turkey is going to be overcooked by the time everything else is done. And and stuff this has very forgiving. So you've got a lot of time before you have to worry about getting dry and all that kind of stuff. So that's my contribution. I've done it for years. And I've had people all the time say, that is really good, especially, especially at Chick fil A turkey leg with, with kind of an orange glaze feel to it's really, it's really good.

So do you do anything to the skin?

No, I Well, I used like, what you'd see you what you do is you put butter over the top of it when you're gonna put it in the oven. And then you put a foil wrap around it kind of a tent around the the bird itself, so that it doesn't brown up prematurely. And then about a half hour before the turkey is done, then you take the the tent off the foil tents off, and then that will brown the turkey for you. So because if you if you leave the turkey, just naked on top for six hours, it's going to be dry and burnt and all that kind of stuff. Yeah,

that's true.

So thank you for reminding me of that. Because that's an important component of doing that. And then you could put like Johnny's on it or, or accent or something like that. If you want to do that. On the skin on the outside.

I am so hungry now. Nathan, are you making lunch?

It's right around that time, isn't it?

Check me out around now with mashed cauliflower.

Stuff haunting me.

I'm gonna think of you when I'm making mashed potatoes this week, Nathan, you can make

it just put like a little label next to it or maybe put it on a different section of the table.

So I'm curious when you do mashed potatoes made out of a cauliflower? Do you just cook the heck out of the cauliflower and then mash it up?

Well, you can, you can certainly I would. You know, in my in my world, I would roast ahead of cauliflower with some spices on it or just even salt and pepper, simple, little olive oil and then when it was roasted, then I would blend it in the blender or the food processor. And then I would make my potatoes and I would make sure that they're around the same consistency. So if you'd like a really smooth potato, you're gonna rice the potatoes in a ricer or blended up whatever. And make sure they're sort of the same consistency and then put them together with the milk and the butter and the whatever else sour cream or whatever. You know, thickening agent you use and it's seriously like I will do you know a bowl of mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower and nobody knows the difference. And I you know, I Nathan, I'm sending you the recipe. I'm sending it to you. Yeah, actually, you can buy cauliflower already already blended up. It's called rice, cauliflower, and you can get it in the frozen section, typically or the freshman section. So let's work.

And the reason you would do make, I suppose that there is a real solid reason why you would use cauliflower instead of good old baked mashed potatoes. Is it because it's lower in calories? It's better?

Yeah, it's about adding more vegetables, low calorie vegetables into your meal.

So you're tricking your family. Is that what you're telling me? Oh, totally. Yeah,

I do it all the time. I do it with I do it with lasagna i do i I will throw things into things that they have no idea like, I make a meatloaf. I make a meatloaf that they're just they cry. They're like, get us we want to eat the meatloaf. And I'm like, great. And I use ground turkey. And they have no idea. We think it's beef because I just it's all about the seasoning and the way that mushrooms are involved for that. So it's I took them that just because I want they're all you know, a little bit more healthful food would be good for everybody.

Okay, when you're coming to the studio next time, we're going to do a blind test you're going to have one bowl of mashed potatoes. One bowl of mashed cauliflower. You're not gonna tell me which one it is and see if I can figure out which one it is.

Oh my god, you know that would be really fun and actually would be a great video promo for this show would be Nathan trying out the cauliflower versus potatoes. Use it on your social media use it in your, you know, YouTube channel, whatever. Oh, they would watch that. I would watch that on repeat

challenge except Uh, all right.


That would be that would be a lot of fun to do. So next time that you and we're gonna do a Friday or Wednesday afternoon, not probably more like Friday because traffic is better at noon than it is at four. We'll go out to dinner and have mashed

potatoes and mashed cauliflower. Yeah, I

mean, we can do that and and stuff. So it's, it's, again, by the way, I earned McCoy. She is a coaching phenom, and then locally and also is very intuitive in what she does. And she she's all about helping people. And so, so get in touch with her that that would be awesome. You know, when I was a kid. Now, I predate some of you by quite a few years now. And when I was a kid, my mother tried to fool us by using half and half of milk and powdered milk at the same time. Wow. And that didn't go over well, at all. Those days. powder milk was like,

yeah, like paste. Yeah,

yeah. So but but she felt that she didn't. They didn't they didn't have a lot of money back then. So they were trying to get by, but

hey, that's better than just water. I mean, a lot of people just put water in potatoes.

Yeah, that's true. Yeah, but you can't put water on your cereal, which is what a stapler was.

Oh, sorry. I'm still thinking about the potato.

I can't believe that anybody if you're gonna make mashed potatoes, they're gonna make mashed potatoes. And if you're going to garlic mash with a little pepper, and and with butter and all that. They're designed to be as unhealthy as can be. And so if you want to do something else do something else. But if you want to do mashed potatoes do that. It's like it like have you ever been to the Midwest? Yes. They're heavy into gravies. Oh, yeah.

Oh my God. And they put tater tots or potato chips on everything, which pretty much is just amazing.

Yeah, yeah. And that's why they're their lifespans little

sounds a whole different lifestyle. For sure.

Yeah, it really is. So So do you do you have a family that that you get together with on Thanksgiving,

um, my husband's family are local. And we are going to get together and do some sort of really easy take out something this year nobody's cooking. Nobody has the energy. My my parents in law are both in their mid 80s. So they just, you know, it's going to be super simple. And my family's in Canada. So I do Thanksgiving with them in October when real Thanksgiving is. So

those of you who don't know, Thanksgiving in Canada is a different date is the United States. That's true. Me, I'd be aware that it is.

Um, you know, I believe it has something to do with some sort of historical event. But I honestly, I don't really care. Because it's just another opportunity to have turkey dinner. And that's, you know, I'll be honest, that's my transparency right there. I love the meal that comes with thanksgiving. So October, November, December, all opportunities for Turkey. You know, Christmas to Thanksgiving. So sounds pretty good.

Absolutely. Now, there are people and I made a reference to Rocky earlier. Whereas he and Adrian have left their house and, and Polly had thrown the turkey into the backyard. And then Adrian said, but Rocky, it's Thanksgiving. And there are a lot of people in our culture right now that are saying to themselves, yeah, well tell you what's thanksgiving for me. It's you know, like, Thursday.

Is that your Sylvester Stallone impression? Just there? Right there.

You Well, yeah. You're weird. You're in? Yeah. Oh. It's a turkey. Yeah. And of course, Polly got the leg and then he threw the rest of it out in the backyard.

Right. Oh, my God. Well, what's your favorite Rocky movie? Probably rocky three. Really? Interesting. Okay. Yes. Although

I did, can I tell you the story about Rocky? Yes. I was living in Portland at the time I was with my girlfriend there and we went to see a movie that we heard nothing about. And she was she'd heard that it was a good movie. But we haven't seen any promos for it or anything. And it was rocky, rocky one. And I was so impressed with the movie. And I loved it so much that I decided that I was going to become a professional boxer.

Wow. So what happened next Did you gym membership trainer. What

I went down to there was a gym on it was called the Eagles gym and seventh and union. And that's where professional fighters trained. That were in those These days long ago, Boone Kirkland was there I bar Arrington was there. There were other other fighters that were there. And there was a gentleman by the name of Joe Toro, who was a professional trainer manager. And I went and talked to him and and he, I was five, eight, and 170 180 pounds. And he said, Well, you're not going to have to lose 30 pounds, but I think you'd be okay. And so I started working out and, and every day, on the way there, I would be going there, and the theme from Rocky would play on the bench. And then, and so, right. Trigun was getting into shape, and was getting better at it. And he said to me, he honestly said to me, and he said, Look, man, I'm a professional trainer. I think you could be champion to the world. Oh, that's what I said. Yeah. So the I can be champion to the world. And he said, Yeah, you're just gonna have to work really hard at it. But you're fast. You've got a punch. That is one of the other guys said, you hit somebody in his shoulder, and it makes us clean bleed. Because which is not a night for most people. That wouldn't be a compliment for if you're a boxer.

Right? That is. Yeah.

And so I was getting into shape getting into shape. And one of the places one of the things that they did is they took fighters, amateur fighters up to Monroe, reformatory, and we would fight the inmates. And you said, Well, don't worry about it, you're going to we're going to match you with a guy who's your likability and has never fought and never been in the ring and, and stuff like that, so that you can learn from together and learn how to do that. And as well, okay, I'll do that. And so we went up there. And first of all, I don't recommend anybody ever going to prison, even if you're visiting. It sucks. And so we get we get there and the bleachers are full of people. On one side, the bleachers are full of white people with a couple of black people are fixed. And the other one is black people, that couple of white people, and it's because of the relationship bound and that kind of stuff. So, and it was you it was creepy, to say the least because these guys, these guys were bloodthirsty and, and so what I didn't realize was me being just a kid, I was thinking boxing was a game. Boxing is not a game for somebody who's been in trouble for most of their life, and are in prison. And all they do is have time to work out and to get their frustrations out on some poor white kid who came up to thinking it was just a game. So I get into the ring and I have a and I I fight with with this guy and I one round one, I almost knocked him out. And then I decided to conserve my energy and a little bit and so came out for round two. And he started to take advantage and just started to beat me and and had me up at one point had me up against the ropes. Oh God. And if you listen, if you ever listened to the referee, he'll say protect yourself at all times. Well, he had me up against the ropes, the referee stepped in to break us up. I dropped my hands and he hit me, knocked me out broke my cheek. Wow. Oh my God. Now I tell you that story. And then I had to go to the hospital. And then I had to have surgery to replace my cheek or fix my cheek and all that. I tell people that I could have been a champion boxer. But the reason that God did not want me to do that as he wanted me to keep a brain in my head. Well, he taught me early and completely that this is not for you. So even though it was a bad experience, it was a good experience. That makes sense.

Yeah, well, quite the experience. You could have been a contender. To do it.

I've never told that story on the radios. So I want to thank you for letting me do that.

Thank you for sharing. That was very interesting. I see you in a whole new light.

I was a tough kid. But I'm not as I'm not a tough kid anymore. I've got a softer side by the way. Aaron McCoy has been our guest she's gonna come back often, because I just love talking to you.

Oh, back atcha Kevin, Nathan, you too.

Taste Test? Yes,

you too. Thanks for having me. This has been super fun. And I'm starving. So I'm gonna go try to find some lunch after this.

Absolutely. Go go grab some lunch. By the way. I want to set myself aside and I want to give you the opportunity to tell our audience you got about 3540 seconds, tell our audience anything that you would like them to know. Um,

well if you're interested in talking to me or sharing a little bit about where you are in your purse mile journey. You can find me at Aaron McElroy

Very good. And she is she's dynamic. She can help you with your business. She thinks in a marketing way all the time. So we're gonna have to talk more about. You got it, Kevin. So, thank you for being here. And Nathan, I'm welcome back. I'm glad that you You're back.

Thank you, Kevin.

It's been it's been a great show. And by the way, go to positive talk radio dotnet. If you want to find out more about me and the show and what we're doing, if this is your first time here, where the hell have you been for the last 18 years? So in any event, thank you so much. And by the way, be kind to one another because you know, each other's all we've got. We'll see you Monday morning, Monday afternoon or three

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