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363 | The Amazing Amy & Nancy Harrington - Founder of Passionistas Project!

November 24, 2022

363 | The Amazing Amy & Nancy Harrington - Founder of Passionistas Project!
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We're huge pop culture fans. In fact, you could say it's our passion. Growing up, we developed a love of TV, movies, music, and food as well as a fascination with celebrity. This blog is where all our passions collide.

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Welcome back to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas one conversation at a time. So come on over into our world. I know you'll like it. Because on today's show,

today's show we are gifted, we've got three absolutely beautifully lovely ladies who are passionate about what they do in their own right. Two of them are sisters, and they we've had him on the show before and they're, they're awesome. And we've and we're going to talk about today's subject is going to talk about we're going to talk about women's businesses and the Christmas holidays. And we have a special announcement that they're going to be making here during the course of the show. But first, a first Eric, how are you? Hey, good afternoon, Kevin. Good to talk to you again. I'm doing great. So you're gonna get tired of me being here? Monday and Wednesday. Never Never. Oh, now stop. I know you do this just because nevermind. But it's great to have you here and the weather's nice today. It's a little cold. Can you warm it up a bit, though. I'll see what I could do. Appreciate it. I appreciate it. And our co host today is dynamically a wonderful young lady. Her name is Holly. And as she works with me, she does an outstanding job of helping me as some great, great questions and, and getting really involved in what we're doing here today. We've got a really cool show for you. And I hope you'll stay for the entire time. Because we're talking with Nancy and Amy Harrington and they aren't Holly Who are they? They are the founders of the Passion Easter's project. Ah, I wish I could say that. I'm not even gonna give it a try. So I'm gonna throw to you every time. I need to say the passing whatever they are project.

I'm good for it.

I appreciate that. Because somehow, apparently, either my moustache gets in the way or perhaps it was the oral surgery I had yesterday. I just want to take a moment to give you crazy kudos. You're the only person I know that had oral surgery the day before still goes to work. And somehow you can still talk and I can understand what you're saying. It's amazing, impressive. Wow, as we had they, it was actually good, not not horrible as it could have been. But then I'm in the process of having implants done.

And by the way, if you are in the Kent area,

you need to go talk to Dr. Stephen Kim. He has an extraordinary dentist. And it keeps me without too much pain. So that's awfully nice.

And it's great. So So Holly, but thank you. I wasn't sure if I was gonna make it today either.

I'm glad you did. I seriously would have rescheduled everyone for you. I'm amazed you didn't go

up. I didn't because I wanted to do this show. Dang it because the two people that we have with us are just really remarkable human beings and they are what and we turned the phrase I did this back in 2003. We call them angels among us and you two are certainly fall into the category of angels among us. So first of all, who'd like to go first to tell us a little bit about the passion needless to Tali, you got really close to fashionistas project

would like to start, I'll go first. So the patch release this project is Amy and Nancy Harrington. We are sisters. And we both left our careers in Hollywood to set out on a path together and we landed in the world of celebrity interviews. Last time we were on the show. We had a really fun time with Kevin talking about some of those memories and who the different people we've interviewed.

But a few years ago, we decided to use our interview skills and start to shine a light on women who were following their passions to inspire other women to do the same thing. So we started a podcast. We have a subscription box that's filled with products by women owned businesses. And we have an annual summit and that's a women's equality summit and we bring together women from marginalized communities to talk about the issues that impact them most. And so and starting today we are officially announcing we just started the passion Ystos women own directory and it is one stop shopping.

It is a one stop shopping destination where you can go and do all of your holiday shopping. All from women owned businesses, we have 150 over 150 listings

And it includes food and books and bath and beauty products and clothing and accessories and games and crafts and florists

and, and just amazing things. And it also includes a list of nonprofits and a list of services that are all women owned and women run. So it's a really great fun place to go do your holiday shopping, and we just link right through to their websites, we don't take a cut of the business or anything, it just goes straight to the women so that you can go right to their sites and buy directly from them.

I think that there's a lot of folks that would like to buy from local businesses that are owner operator type businesses, rather than the big, you know, mega stores, and then when they get enough business, but we need to keep smaller businesses, women owned businesses, particularly alive and doing well. And so I really appreciate what you guys are doing. And I hear there's a florist in there somewhere. Holly? Yes, we're adding a florist. Holly, can you tell us more about the florist that we're adding? I would love to. So this florist is actually one of Kevin's sponsors. And during this episode, one protocol or anybody that calls in to talk to Amy and Nancy and find out more about the passion Easter's project can get a Christmas ornament mailed anywhere in the continental US and is a natural their regular florists but then they do a lot of drop ship and print on demand as well.

So give us a call and talk to Eric and then you will he'll get your number in and then we will send you a Christmas ornament. Because after all, it is the season.

Although Thanksgiving isn't here yet, but it's coming quickly. Very quickly. So how did you run across? Or how long did it take you to develop 150 women owned businesses and how did you vet them all? Well, they are our passion, Easter's they are women that we have interviewed for our podcast, or have been guests on Facebook Live or Instagram Live or LinkedIn live with us or have been in our subscription box, or have spoken at one of our events. So we this is an initial launch with the women we know who we thought would want to participate. We're opening it up to people we don't know. And and we are accepting applications to be a part of the directory for women and non binary people. But as of right now everybody in the directory has the passion Easter's stamp of approval we have, you know, eaten their food or read their books or benefited from their coaching or know people that have and and so yeah, that's kind of like the Good Housekeeping stamp of approval. They're all passionist as approved. So

Oh, that's cool. So you should go to where do they go to find out find the directory? The passion East is There's a tab for the directory.

Oh, very good. Is it up and running now? It is. Oh, congratulations, Holly. That's a lot of work in.

That's an amazing amount of work. I'm on the website now. So if I go there, am I hitting the shot button or

that holiday directory? Yeah, yeah. And you can also just do pashminas project backslash directory, and it will take you right to it. Oh, and you'll see Holley, it'll tell you it, you'll get to the bottom of a section because we've divided it between products services, and 501 C three charities. So when you get to the bottom of a section, you can load more in that section. Obviously all the products aren't showing up at first glance, but if you load more and keep loading more and keep loading unloading, you'll get lots and lots of businesses to look at. We're really excited about the variety of products well and you've done such a good job too. I know the listeners can't see this but when you go to T h e p a SS IO N ISDA p r o On that holiday directory there each section has like a little tile with even an image so you can kind of see what the products or services are.

You know, wanted people to be able to know you know, we wanted to lay it out so it was like go to products and all of the food people are together all of the books are together. You know if you're in the market for something specific you want

A bed and bath Pro are a bath and beauty product, you can go to the product section and look at the top of those those individual listings. And it says what category the product is in. So you can, you know, oh, I want to get a book, but I don't know what kind of book go down to the section that has books in it. And you can get a novel or a cookbook or a self help book. So we tried to make it really logical. So you didn't have to, you don't have to know, the companies or products, you could go and browse and really explore and stumble upon things, which is one of our favorite things that we've done over the years is we've, you know, we're on this spiderweb of women and businesses. And so we keep finding new people and connecting with new people. And that's really how we laid this out. So you can discover you don't have to, you don't have to have any advanced knowledge to come and shop here. And I just wanted to point out that this is not necessarily just for women, only men can go there too. And you can pick up your favorite bubble bath, if you need to go have a bubble bath and have a beer bubble bath on a football on the on the screen in your bathroom. That's I think that's my version of heaven. And you know, think of that, think of the brownie points, you'll get men if you go to the women own directory and shop for the women in your life from women owned brands, and then you can brag to them about how you supported women. So it's a win win, you know? Yeah. And if you don't know, like, where do I go to buy lipstick for my wife or, you know, beauty products from my wife will come to our directory and go to Lumia beauty and know that it's like a hip new high quality, you know, beauty brand of the day that's really up and coming and impress your wife or girlfriend with your you know, insider knowledge of being a cool guy who knows about the next big women on brand.

I'm not sure but

as a guy, I can walk into Nordstrom and I can look at the beauty products and I'm like, deer in the headlights. I'm lost. I couldn't tell you what is decent. It

used to buy stuff by the gallon van. And she didn't like that very well. So

I have no earthly idea what any of it was and and still don't to this man to this day. So the people that you have on there, and several of them I've had on the show are very, very talented at what they do.

Oh, yeah. And I have to say you are like the favorite man of the passion. He says, We were on a call today with Judy. Julie DeLuca Collins. And we mentioned to you with reference to something choosing Oh, I love Kevin and Selena and Luna and Dr. Melissa bird, everybody just adores you. So you are you get the passion East is seal of approval, as well. Well, I tell you I am I am a firm believer in the rights of women. And that you need to have every opportunity that every man in the planet has in business personally and professionally, and all over and stuff like that. So it's it's really important. And I've I know, I've asked you guys this question before. But I had a couple of holes drilled in my head yesterday. So it's kind of kind of escaped me. So

you guys were interviewing celebrities, Danny DeVito. And Carol Burnett, and all these people on the red carpet. You had a following you had all that you gave? What? Drove What drove you to give that all up to do what you're doing now, which is really, angels among us type work?

Well, we still do some of that we haven't given it up entirely. We still do interviews with celebrities here and there, though not as much. But the reason why we started the passion East project is we just had this nagging feeling that as much as we loved what we were doing. And it was really fun. And it was great that we got to do it together. And we always did pop culture content from a very positive perspective. But we just had this nagging feeling that we wanted to be doing something more impactful and, and making a change in the world. And you know, it really started to hit home in 2016 during the presidential election and when Hillary Clinton who was lover or hater she's a brilliant woman who did not get elected president basically because she was a woman. And

and also the me to movement was really kicking into high gear the time's up movement was in. We were hearing all these stories of women that was so, so important and so powerful, but also horrifying and sad.

And we weren't we wanted to use our skills as interviewers to talk to women who were doing positive things and who are empowered women and strong women and share their stories. So to inspire other women to follow their passions. So that's where the whole that's that was the seed of the whole fashionistas project. We are a kindred spirits unite.

And along with along with Holly speaking of which Holly is going to be giving away for our sponsor, natural design a Christmas ornament. And if you want to give us a call, you can do that right now. And she's gonna give you the number. I believe that number is 425-373-5527. And you can ask Amy and Nancy all kinds of questions. They love to talk to people. And every caller today gets Christmas ornament from a natural Every color. Yep, one per color. Wow, aren't you aren't you special? That that's your that's really cool. And, and I it's fun to talk to you guys in regards to the women owned businesses? Do the people that I've talked to that, that you've that are in your group? They all tell me that the it's it's very challenging to be a a woman owned business, from the point of financing to the from all aspects of it is in your experience? Is it more difficult for a woman to start and to grow a business than it is for a man? Definitely. I mean, we know we have some stats, because we thought you might ask this

42% of small businesses are owned by women, right?

On average, women receive a loan size of $59,857. So $60,000. On average, male entrepreneurs get loans around $156,000. So almost three times as much.

And of venture capital, again, women are 42% of small businesses 2.3% of venture capital funding goes to women. And that's actually dropped, it dropped down in 2000 and 1902. From 2.8%. So it was 2.8. Now it's 2.3 have dropped point 5%. So we're not we're not even going in as in many topics that we won't dive into today, we're going the wrong way, in a lot of ways. So those are just a few facts. And I don't think people really understand because it's you again, it's something like we went back and double check before we came on. Because we kept thinking

we can't be right about this. If we check it every time we think about it. But women couldn't get a loan a business loan on their own until 1988. Isn't that so mind blowing? That still blows my mind. Right? And it wasn't until 1974. That woman, a woman could get a credit card without her husband's signature.

So and then just one other fact that's really interesting is two thirds of all patents

come from all male teams, or individual male inventors. And only 6% of patents are for individual female inventors. And pretty much like 0% of women teams of inventors. So we can't we don't get as many patterns. We we don't get the same amount of money for loans. We don't get the same venture capital funding. Yet we're it we're starting new businesses at a rate of 1821 new businesses per day.


The US I assume in the US? Yeah. Yeah. So businesses a day. That's cool. And generating like 1.6 I think was 1.6 million. And point eight women, women owned businesses generate an average of $1.8 trillion per year. But we don't get the same amount of funding and employ 9.4 million people.

I would just like I want to highlight that number. Nine point what 9.4 million employees

It is imperative for our culture to survive for our people to survive the we support small businesses. I can't tell you how important that well you should know how important that is. Because we're we are employing employing 9 million people in small women in small businesses. It's really is an important aspect of of what you guys are highlighting. I know the answer to this, I'm hoping is

Not true. Say it ain't so. But why are the numbers so skewed the way that they are? Kevin's

the girl on the back Holly,

it could it could be worded as structural and systemic barriers.

Good. That's a very nice way to put that is that should be your new teacher make that your merge

overcoming structural and systemic barriers which which would mean structural would be it's not designed for because somebody chose way back when? Well first of all, I let's go back to the eighth 1988 thing.

It was a really 1988 The the What was that, that they got? The women couldn't get a business loan, yeah, we could get loans. That wasn't those 25 years ago or something like that. And to this day, we still get a third of the money that men get when we apply for a business loan on average. And I can tell you, I know a lot of small business owners that are men and they're not managing their money all that well. And the and women can do abs, there is no reason why that exists. No, no. Oh, yeah, go ahead.

Go ahead.

There was another really cool stat that I found on try good by, where they're talking on their blog about women owned small businesses. And one of the other things they found is that 63% of the women owned businesses were funded by the founders own savings because of the barrier to be able to get capital. Yeah.


It's a you know, one of the gals that I interviewed I, the, the one who's got the makeup line.

Yeah, Roxy, Kim, Roxy, and she started her business, in a kiosk in a mall, that her mother gave her $500 to seed money. So to start that business, so she went to the malls and I've got this money, and I want to do a kiosk and I want to do okay, we'll put you over here. He put her in a partially closed section of the mall. All the other stores had gone bankrupt and rounded. And she was sitting there all by herself. So being a remarkable business person, she did not take no for an answer. And she would go to the food court, and she would drag people down to her place to work and to buy makeup and to and to get beauty tips and that sort of thing. He saw that being he's a dumb man, but he's not a really dumb man because he saw dollar signs. And so he said, she is attracting business. So now I'll move her up. So you know where he put her

right next to Victoria's Secret.

So if so then she had to prove herself but now and now she's got a corporation and she's doing really, really quite well. She's a rock star. She she's in Alta on She's in JC Penney, she is mark our word. She is going to be the new Estee Lauder. She's

a rock star. Yeah. And you know, we know we were saying a minute ago that 2% of women get that 2.3% of veteran venture capital goes to women. Point Oh 6% goes to women owned black businesses. So Kim Roxy is a total superstar.

Is she one of the holiday directory people she is she is the unique beauty is in the holiday directory. And it's an amazing line of makeup that that she created and it's all it's all vegan it's all cruelty free vegan makeup.

And she's scared about it because her mom passed away from cancer. And

and it's because they think that part of the reason her mom got cancer is because black women and women minority women tend to have makeup that's really more toxic, more toxic. And so Kim did this to honor her mother.

So it is actually talk to talk. What is that the baby powder stuff the Yeah, talcum talcum powder, not compounded and it's all free of that. Because that apparently is is a they're discovering now is a very toxic, toxic substance.

So let's play the one episode I was able to hear I loved when you were talking to her Kevin it looks like on positive talk Both episodes 285 and 260. People look up Kim, Roxy or Aleksei or lemak la m i k you can hear those episodes.

You are so talented. Thank you.

We also gave her our

are passionate Easter's persist Nova award this year because she's just such a rockstar. She's our rising star. So we honored her this year because she's such an inspiration to she had a you know a had. And she's the first to say it she had a lot of troubles in their teen years. And and it's just overcome so much by sheer willpower and determination. And now she's raising a beautiful daughter that's named after her mother and she's just, we can't say enough good things you should all listen to Kim Roxy's interviews with Kevin and Holly.

Episode A coincidentally our episode with her went live today. Yeah, our interview from the summit went live as our podcast interview today. So Kim Roxy day

where can they find that interview that you did with her, you can find that at the passion East backslash podcast,

I want to tell everybody something that's listening to this show. And if you happen to be a woman, and you're listening to this show, we have got three powerful people here. And if you have a design, if you have a thought, if you have a passion, if you make if you make the best chocolate chip cookie in the world, and you want to get the word out about what you do, and to create a business around that, or whatever your passion is, I implore you, not only will you get a Christmas ornament, but you can talk to some people that have gained and who can, if they can't, they can lead you to a place that can so that you can live out your passion. And I really want one person that's living, or that's well living, of course,

I'm sorry, so holes in my head, but listening to the show, that will give us a call. So they can you can hook up with these people and can take you to the right direction. So that you can start your own business so that you have an opportunity to make yourself and your family and your situation so much better. And somebody out there I know you do. I know you're listening. You need to have, you know you're in your car. You're you're just finishing work. You don't like what you're doing all that well. You really wish that you could do something else. Do something for yourself for your family. Give us a call. And you can do that right now, Holly, we didn't take a break, but Holly's gonna give her the phone numbers before we go to break. That is 425-373-5527. And we're just going to take like a two minute break. So I hope everybody stays with us and we will be right back. You're listening to positive talk radio. And this is one of our sponsors who I think that you will like dearly.

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They are the passion Easter's project. And there's nothing short of remarkable and they're working with with women and women's owned businesses. Because we've got to get out of the dark ages. We really do.

Webinars are that's half our country. It amazes me that half our country are we aren't treating the same as the other half. And it's even worse when you start getting into you know, disabilities and all that kind of stuff. And so want to thank you personally and, and and thank you on behalf of the audience, for what you guys are doing. It really is remarkable and we just love having you on the show.

Well, thank you. We love being here. And we love doing what we

Do I mean it's it's it's a passion project for us, no pun intended. So we really appreciate when we get recognized and we'd love to spread the word. So we were always thankful that you have us on. No pun accepted that perfect way to be. And thank you, Holly, do you got a question for them? Oh, I can always have a question.


just kind of mentioned that. Occasionally I do that to her. And it's just like, throwing her to the wolves and say, Okay, you deal with a kid. And she doesn't she does a great job of doing that. So. So I appreciate that. I try. I try.

I don't mean to do that to you. Honestly, I know. It's actually kind of fun. I mean, especially when we're live on air. Like, who knows how many 1000s of people are listening right now. Luckily, none of them are calling in yet now.

But I actually thought of something really cool. So that article that I mentioned earlier from try Goodbye It actually listed 1234567 brands, one of them I actually love and buy, and they're all owned by men, and I ended the article with next time you go to buy something, see, just do at least 1015 minutes, see if you can find you know, a woman owned business that can give you the same product. Right? Oh, cool. So Amy and Nancy have that they have a directory of over 150 of them on the Fashionistas I would love to call out the brands. And if you can think of a replacement on your website, feel free to call out that name or say pass and I'll go to the next one. There's six of them ready? All right. Here we go first one Lululemon?

What the heck is that?

For Kevin and for all the guys out there that have women that are into yoga and tight fitting.

Lululemon is like, you know, the leggings and all that jazz. Oh, I've seen those.

Don't think we have a specific women's wear although I mean you can start just by going Spanx and buying. They have all kinds of workout clothes. And Spanx is a huge women owned brand. So I would start there. On our directory one one clothing thing we have that's really cool. Again, not exercise. But the first thing that popped into my head is a company called berries, b e r i e z. And it's founded by a woman named Emma Zach. She's a young woman in her 20s and she loves vintage clothing, when she's a has a curvy body. And it's really hard to buy vintage when you have that body type. And she wanted women in her category clothing wise to be able to find vintage type pieces like she wanted. So she started this clothing line called berries. And it's it's, you know, vintage clothing for curvy women. Some of its actual vintage pieces, and some of it are kind of reproduction of vintage clothing. So I would say Spanx for workout and berries. If you're looking for a cool fashion line. Oh, do we have one now one other is and again, I'm not 100% Sure they have workout stuff, but it's a clothing line called Top it off accessories. And they have beautiful scarves and and sweaters and they I think they might have some leggings and stuff like that. And fun fact about them is we we claim we discovered them.

I don't claim that we discovered them a week late, but they are now going to skyrocket because they were just on last week became but was were put on Oprah's list of favorite things. They have these amazing plaid gloves. That's on Oprah's list of favorite things. So they are going to be too too huge for us soon. Yeah, and I do think they have they have some workouts? Yeah.

Well, good stuff. It's just the incredibly tight stuff and that any man will anyway.

Yeah, actually, it's some of these buttons, same categories. So you may have already answered it, but a low yoga and prana prana is the one I am like a sucker for and they do like jeans and like other more relaxed fits as well. Yeah, those are both good. Those are good outlets for those types of things, too. And the other thing that's really cool. We have a woman in the dirty has a company called cute laces and it started with shoe laces.

And they're really cool. They're all they have fun little designs on them, and like countless options, but she started making these amazing yoga bags that

they're hard to describe it. You basically can can slide your yoga mat into them and then you can carry on

They're stuff and they're beautiful. And so if you go look under cute laces if you're if you love yoga and that kind of exercise accessories, I would check out cute laces and you'll that will lead you to her yoga bags and everything. I have to interrupt here because somebody in our audience is saying to me, would you okay, you're telling us all these things that we should go by? Could you tell us where to go buy a mat? Yeah. So give us a give us the website again, where they can go to pick up all of these items and to and to go shopping digitally. It is the passion Easter's backslash directory. Okay, make sure you write that down, everybody one more time, please. The passion Easter's pa SS IO n is T A s

35:48 backslash directory. And they are all 100% women owned businesses. Holly Go ahead. So I'm have I will say some have male partners, but every every business has at least one female founder.

Cool. Yeah. And if you're on their website, it's also a tab called Holiday directory as well.

So the next one is Sephora.

Yep. Yeah. We have great we have tons of great bath and beauty products. Make we already talked about we have lion and Rose. So we have Kara balms.

Who else is in there? Rude. Rude cosmetics. That's another great cosmetics line.

Ish skincare is up in the Pacific Northwest, I believe is HQ. beautiful, amazing products.

Bath accessory company. Yeah. Yeah. Listen, a lot of these. We actually have a decent amount of women up in the Pacific Northwest for people that are listening like that line and Rose if you have not tried. I know everybody's like, Oh, yeah, pretty soaps. And they think that all pretty soaps are made equal. Until you open the package of lying and Rose soap. And it is the most gorgeous thing you'll ever smell. Is it lie and like the animal? Yes. Yeah. You know,

I kind of admit that. I've all these companies Holly that you've named. If you were to line me up and say, Is it a food? Is it a clothing line? Isn't a car I couldn't I get it wrong? I have no earthly idea who any of these people are, apparently and I thought I was pretty well read like apparently

the directory cabin

or or I'm not going to ever buy spandex for myself. That's probably

not my case. Go ahead, Holly. But if you do buy spandex out of your shop, Kevin your Swag Shop. You gotta you gotta send it to the team.

Ah, not a prayer, my dear Nana.

Okay, so the next one says, newly and you you fly clothing. It looks like it's actually one of those clothing rental companies. And I haven't used one of those before. But I have read about them. That's interesting. We don't have a clothing rental company. But what we do have, which is really cool is there's a company called cabbie, which is female founded. And the way cabbie works, it's almost it. It's kind of like Tupperware and I only compare it to that in its structure in that they have representatives who can either do in person or online parties, or one on one consulting. So we have a woman named Deborah Snyder, who's our cabbie rep. And, and so what happens is, every season, Kathy puts out their their new line. And there's a certain number of new pieces, and there's always some classic staple items that stay up there. And basically, you get on a one on one call or have a party with Deb and Deb helps you figure out what what fits your personal style, you know, without she's like, girls, you gotta layer like we you know, we in the summer, we have our sleeveless T shirts on or whatever. And she's like put a jacket on over it usually looks so muddy. And that's why Nancy looks so good today. So not only do you get access to these really cool, beautiful high end clothes, that, frankly are not at high end prices. They're really reasonable for what they are. But you also get someone who can tell you like those pants not so much. But why don't you try this cut instead, these look much better on you. So cabbie is is my answer to that.

And I learned so much on this show.

I just learned that See, I knew that there was a tuck shop where a guy could go and get a tux

But the fitting is not precise. And because you're just gonna be wearing it for one day, are there places where women can actually rent clothes that that are then fitted to them?

no earthly idea, you know, to like buy a like, let's say for us to go to the Emmys and be on the red carpet. So when we work on the Emmys red carpet, we have to dress in gowns. Even though we're lugging gear and out in the heat for five hours sweating profusely, we have to and the guys who work there have to be in full tuxedos with ties. So you have to dress like you're going to the event.

And to if you want to get like a super nice gown for an event like that it's can be high hundreds to 1000s of dollars. So if you can rent a gown for a couple of 100 and know that it's like a gorgeous high end gown, it's totally worth it.

So a dress that you were once and never wear again. So if you can rent it. It's great. Yeah. So if like I wanted to rent a gown, and if I went out on Saturday night, I could do that. Oh, totally. Oh, perfect. Okay.

I'm just kidding.

All right, are down at the last few. The next one is Tiffany and Company. The only thing I really know about them personally is the lamps and that goes way back. So Tiffany come to the jewelry company jewelry. Yeah. Yeah. We have a lot of jewelry stuff because our passion is this project pack. Every quarter includes a charm bracelet with a and every quarter we include a charm. So we've worked with lots of jewelers from blushing our company who makes amazing earrings and necklaces to who made these new.

Yes, yep. Yes. Very pretty. For those of you who can't see them, yes, for the people on the radio, I know that was exciting.

They are handmade. They're literally hand thread with multicolored thread. They're gorgeous.

Yeah, we have K and K minerals, who has all sorts of gorgeous gemstones and minerals and things like that. We have just dangles jewelry, we have all about charms theology by Heather so we can't read them all because we'll be here forever, but we have a lot of jewelry on the site. Yeah, and a lot of them either sell the findings and things like that. So you can make your own jewelry and a lot of them actually make jewelry as well. So it kind of falls under the jewelry and crafting categories. So there's some fun stuff that you can actually buy and make yourself to the now the the rock and gem company What's that one called again, the U. K and K minerals. Because I interviewed a guy just the other day, who is

she had it in her head that she needed to spread hope. So what she did is she went and she had these rocks, the engraved with in gold letters with the word hope. And then so she goes around the community and gives a and she calls it a drop of hope. And she just drops it in somebody's hand and and doesn't say anything to him. It just says Have a blessed day. And here you go. And I've been looking for somebody to do that. Can they are they someone that I could call to talk about doing that with? I'm sure you could Yes, yeah, yeah, we can hook you up

go to the directory

we'll just go to the directory but I had been looking for somebody to do that for us because I think everybody should have a drop of hope in their pocket that they can give to somebody at a moment's notice. I love that idea of that. So we're gonna put it on picking out holiday we're gonna put this on the store to


and the last one only last one is should know shouldn't now um Well I would say the closest thing we have to Chanel

is two things one is trying to just get to the I think Nam that

well first of all we have no this is gonna sound crazy because I know Chanel is super high end but stick with me on this one. We have a woman named Marilyn Opus who is an Avon representative. And I know that sounds super dated and you know your mom in the suburbs kind of thing but Avon is not what you remember it to be. And we actually buy a ton of makeup through Avon and Marilyn is a stylist. She's a hairstylist. She's a makeup artist. So she knows

how this stuff actually should work and does work on you. And they have a ton of different perfumes and all kinds of Bath and beauty products actually in clothing now and stuff so. So Ava, I would check out Marilyn Opus because she Maryland loves old Hollywood and glamour. So she could probably tell you like, what Avon has got that smells Chanel like and doesn't cost Chanel prices.

And then there's some, you know, artisanal women that we have, there's

a company called

man who's the not my circus, not my monkeys. Oh, yeah. I love that thing.

Oh, I'll find her in a sec. Warm human sweat. She's Commons. Yep. So she has all kinds of sprays and aromatherapy and mindfulness sprays. Yeah. And then they all have cool names like that, like not my circus, not my monkeys, we've had them in the box. So she her products smell really good. And there's another company called pinup cosmetics, and they do natural vegan, retro flair stuff. They actually use their facial wash, wash, it's a rose, facial wash. And it's like, you know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you're just super stressed out thinking about all the things that are gonna You gotta do during the day and you just wash your face with this rose, place facial wash, and it instantly calms you down, because it just smells so good. So she has products that also I would say are better than Chanel.

So if you want to, if you want to stink, good or if you know somebody that you'd like to help stink, good. You can go to the pastor nation, who I almost said it the pastor, Holly, passion Easter's You can go there and go to the directory. And you can find somebody that and it won't even be a gamble that they're gonna sell you of this if you can find somebody to help. You're the one that you love. Think the way that you want them to.

And what's his Christmas more than that?

Exactly. It's it's always nice to have somebody's think the way you want them to.

Can we get that audio soundbite to use as a commercial for

you can have anything that you want, guys, you guys are just phenomenal. It's just great to have you here and and we love the work that you're doing on behalf of the planet on behalf of women everywhere. And again, if you want to give us a call, you've only got like three minutes, so you're gonna have to be quick as a bunny. But if you want to give us a call at 425-373-5527 I will give you a Christmas ornament that you can stick on your tree when it comes to that time in a month and a half. So anyway, Holly before we let these fine ladies go Gemini have the thoughts. Any other questions ask them well, a thought I so voting with your dollars especially if you're middle or lower class is really hard. But finding information like this is a goldmine because it gives you the resources and not just one or two but they have 150 Women owned or run businesses in their directory. So that's what I'm most excited about. Is that the vote with your dollar thing, it's even easier now. Well, and to that point too we have things that you know these women have products that cost a couple dollars you can buy a charm for a charm bracelet for 50 cents and it's a unique and beautiful gift. Or we have artists who are creating original art and you can buy if you've got the means you can buy someone you know a one of a kind portrait from a trained classic artists for a couple 1000 bucks. So the price range there's something for everybody price range and especially this year when we know how difficult it is for so many people to be getting freaked out about Christmas and how they're going to afford presents. Their these presents are unique. They're not like Kevin said the beginning like you're not just going to Amazon and buying whatever is going to get here tomorrow. They're really beautiful in a lot of cases handcrafted artisanal products, and a lot of them aren't expensive and you can get really unique gifts for people this way. Great stocking stuffers, everything.

It's really important that we support our local communities and these are all community based. And so it's it's really as important to take care of each other. And that's a that's a great way to do it. And and you'll find that I think it'll make you feel better too.

Yep, so definitely. So before we go, we've just got about four minutes left, I've got two minutes for each me, I'd like we're gonna set ourselves aside. And I would like the two of you. And we'll start with, we'll start alphabetically. Amy first, tell our audience anything that you would like them to know. Oh, boy.

Kevin to a

very short time. I think first and foremost, I would like people to know that the passion used his project, which is the directory and the podcast, it you know, LinkedIn, audio lives, and our annual summit and all these things. It's a community that is just growing and growing, and it is a safe and welcoming place. And our goal, our mission in life is to support women, non binary people, self identifying women, marginalized women, women who just feel like they're not being heard. Our goal is to give you a platform where you can come and be heard and meet other people who want to listen to you and commiserate with you. So everybody's welcome. Passion Easter's project calm, you can find all our social media, if you're feeling left out or listened to come, and we will listen.

And see, well, you've had to make me follow that and you give.

Thanks. I'm gonna, I'm going to do a shameless plug. Amy said all the really nice stuff, I'm going to do a shameless plug for ourselves. One of the products in the directory is our product. It's the fashionistas project pack. And it's a quarterly subscription box filled with products by women owned businesses. So if you buy our PAC, you support this next box has seven women own business products in it, it's got an apron, it's got amazing pancake mix. It's got this really fun game called Bananagrams. All seven, it's seven women own businesses. So you can buy that pack for a loved one for Christmas. Or you can get them a subscription. So every quarter, they get a new box. So that's in the directory as well. The passion is just project pack. And a portion of that goes to support a women owned charity as well. So it's perfect. Holly, you get the last word. This was an awesome show. You'll be able to hear it on our website at positive talk When we get it uploaded, and soon we'll have it on YouTube as well. And stuff like that. You know, we've had one show that's been downloaded 15,000 times. I'm so proud of us. We're doing better and we're growing. And please pay attention and and listen to positive talk radio dotnet It'll do you good. And thank you so much for being here. All you guys Nancy and Amy and Holly and be kind to one another because each other is all we got. We'll see you Friday at noon.


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