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365 | Channeling Positive Energy with Rhiannon Heins!

November 29, 2022

365 | Channeling Positive Energy with Rhiannon Heins!
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Intuitive Channel, Energy-Worker, Founder Of The Intuitive Rebirth Energy-Work Method & Sacred Online Store And Author Of The Keepers Of The Light Codes.

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to Federal Way, stay tuned coming up it's positive talk radio with Kevin Macdonald

NBC News Radio I'm Chris garage you police investigating the murders of four University of Idaho students are also looking into a report that one victim Kaley gun calvess may have had a stalker Moscow Police Captain Roger linear says they're trying to determine whether that's true.

We have followed up looking at specific timeframes and specific areas of town. So far we have not been able to corroborate it, but we're not done looking into that piece of information.

Police have received over 1000 tips and conducted 150 interviews. They haven't identified a suspect or found the murder weapon which is believed to be a knife. Georgia Supreme Court is allowing early voting in the state senate runoff election, which is a defeat for Republicans who had appealed a lower court's ruling allowing early voting this Saturday. The election is between Democratic senator Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker. Republicans argued early voting on that day shouldn't be allowed because it violates state law prohibiting voting on a Saturday if there's a holiday on the Thursday or Friday before Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is thanking the US for another $400 million weapons package to aid in the war against Russia. Solinsky said in a tweet that the military package will save lives and enable Ukraine to continue its resistance against the Russian invasion. He said Ukraine will not be scared by cowardly inhumane terrorist attacks by Russian war criminals. This Thanksgiving it may be cheaper to let somebody else do all the cooking and cleaning

or kind of thinking about it thinking about a twice we might just go away it might be less expensive to go out and

inflation has seen price increases in virtually all Thanksgiving foods, including the turkey. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the cost of dining out has risen at a lower rate than the cost of dining in eating at home has risen more than 12% in the last year. While eating out is up less than 9% New York City officials are ready to kick off the holiday season with the Macy's 96 annual Thanksgiving Day Parade which is tomorrow. Mayor Eric Adams says the parade is just the beginning of holiday festivities.

I'm Chris garage to NBC News Radio take a moment and rate your lifestyle on a scale of one to 10 one is a life that's nothing like the life you were promised after getting good grades a college degree and a good job in corporate America. 10 is a life of your dreams. If you answered anything less than a 10 tune into the Dell Wamsley radio show del self made millionaire and founder of lifestyles unlimited we'll show you how to live the life of your dreams and pay for it with passive income joined Dell at his new times. Mondays 10am to noon, and Fridays 5pm to 6pm right here on KK and W Time now for a quick look at our K K NW weather outlook. Tonight Partly cloudy, we'll see a low ramp 39 increase in clouds for Thanksgiving with a high near 53 and a low round 44 rainy Friday ahead with a high near 48 and a low around 39. Rain likely again Saturday with a high near 47 and a low Rob 40. Rain Sunday high near 46. Low around 36. Have a happy Thanksgiving. The views expressed

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This is a production of km media dot Pro. Welcome back to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas one conversation at a time. So come on over into our world. I know you'll like it. Because on today's show. We are blessed to have a really cool guest today and she's world renowned. She's a intuitive channel and author and she actually lives in the future. Okay, maybe you don't believe that. And but anyway, it's eight o'clock in the morning, her time on Thursday. First of all, Eric, how are you today?

I'm doing well. Kevin, good afternoon and happy Thanksgiving Eve

in unless you're in Australia, in which case it's Thanksgiving day already?

Well, I'm not sure if they celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, but I would bet they would do it on a different day than us.

I imagine you did. Because Canada does it in October. That's right. Yeah. So winter.

Seasons are backwards. For us. In Australia, I would imagine. So I would imagine it would be around fall for Australia. So probably springtime there. I mean, we'll have to ask our wonderful guests here today about this because one of my

god that's how powerful she is.

Hey, I had no idea it was thanks, Thanksgiving a few so that's how little we celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia. We did not have this celebration called Thanksgiving. Well that's about Christmas.

Yeah, well in in Australia it's Thanksgiving every day that you don't have a spider in the in the in the visor of your car or you don't have a snake in the toilet. So any day is a good day in Australia when that doesn't happen,

don't you mean it's good I

mentioned before, prior to that Eric has got a terrific Australian accent mine sounds more like garbage, but that's okay.

But yeah, I love that. Um, I live pretty deep in the bush so quite deep in the forest. So there are more days that I have spiders in the house and in my car than days that I don't so you develop a little bit of like a tolerance for the creepy crawlies.

You've got to know you don't you move to Seattle is what you do. Are you do that? Yeah.

Yeah, because creepy crawlies are not my my thing. And you've also are blessed with having like the nine most deadly snakes in the world. There and stuff like that. So congratulations on on, on being able to put up with that.

Thank you. Thanks. I have a very nice, thanks. I have a much lower tolerance well, but they do get around.

As long as they stay out of your shoes, then you know, it's probably okay. Right?

Yeah, when you live quite remote, like what you do the secret is you don't leave your shoes outside your shoes stay inside. Always.

And don't you always shake your shoes out before you put them on?

Yeah, yeah, if you keep them outside, it's advisable for sure. But, but most Israelis wouldn't even agree with this. Because in the city, in the city, there's like no snakes, there's no spiders, but but here where I live, we have plenty of both.

You've been gifted to have them all. That's, that's just how special you are.

It's worth it to be surrounded by the trees and all that other beautiful creatures. That's well worth it.

Yes, indeed. So we're gonna talk to you, you are an intuitive channel, you're an author, you're an energy worker, you're helping to change the planet in a big way. Tell us about your work.

Thanks, Kevin. Um, yes, as you say, I, I am a channel and I've, I've spent a lot of that time with that energy writing. So as a channel, it's, it's nothing extra ordinary, right, we all are connected, and we're all channels. So the more time we spend connecting to our heart and connecting to our own inner voice, the more we can start to cultivate these skills. And for me, I've spent a lot of time tuning into my heart a lot of time, cultivating the skill. And I've found that over the years, what I've been able to hear and feel and see is the messages have become more and more profound. And rather than just being messages for me over the years, I've found that these messages actually intended for other people. So I've translated that into my energy work sessions, where I know that I'm receiving wisdom for how I can assist my clients through moving energy and clearing what doesn't serve. And then I've had messages that are intended for the collective so I've moved those messages into, into my writing and into my books. But um, yeah, and now as well. I've teaching this way of doing energy work teaching, healers, how to channel how to channel for their clients and how to move energy in a way that's just intended for that one person with the directions of spirit. So that's, that's my work and it's, it's pretty magical right now actually.

Would you explain to me why it is that bad people like you are able to access it and a lot of people don't think that they're capable of accessing spirit or channeling or, or listening to their inner voice. What? What is it about us that keeps us doubting so much?

Yeah, well, that's the key word actually, Kevin, really, that word doubt is the main killer of intuition. Because as human beings we are innately gifted with a very strong inner compass that directs us in the way that allows us to experience life and its fullest potential. So when we all have that inner compass, and it's all innate for each of us, it is incredibly powerful. But the biggest key A lot of intuition, the biggest killer of our own ability to listen to that inner compass is our doubt that it's there. So the moment that somebody says I don't think I'm very intuitive, or I don't trust my intuition, the all these I am statements are creating that reality. But But if someone could lean into trust for whatever amount of intuition is present, then trust is the thing that allows our intuition to blossom. So let's say for example, someone has a very strong feeling that they should have a bath. That could be their intuitive compass, right, the inner compass, showing them how to really heal and give themselves what they need on any given day. So if someone could hear that inner voice is here, I'm gonna take, I'm gonna have a bar, and treat that inner wisdom as though it's the wisdom of the Bible. Right? Treat that inner wisdom and give it so much respect, then all of a sudden, that that opens trust. And then that intuition will start to come on more and more and more but doubt, the answer question is doubt, doubt is the biggest killer. And then alongside that, it's there. It's the inability to pause, and listen. So that example of I need to have a bath that only comes when it's like, you take a breath. What do I need, I need to have a bath. But most people are a lot of people don't even give themselves even that it will be there'll be caught up in the busyness caught up in the thinking of all the things that they need to do, worrying about the future, thinking about the past. And there's no time to even hear that innate wisdom of the body. So the two things that need to happen to really bring online, the intuition is coming into the body, pausing enough to come out of the mind, and then trusting that you're so incredibly intuitive already. And that all you need to do is pause and listen.

Pausing and listening is a is an art form, that many people and you know, I'd never been to Australia, one of these days, I will go there, if I get to stay in a hotel that's got multiple floors, and I can be up there. But most people in this country, don't take the time, or the energy that it takes to listen and to be quiet. Because we're so busy doing, we're human with, you know, we're kind of like human doings when we cease to be human beings, and we're now human doings, and that that causes problems for us.

Massively, but this is, it's you know, it's not our fault. This is the society that we've been, that we've been introduced to from childhood, we've been, like, brought up in a world that says the busier you are the better. And you know, you even hear people you hear conversations like well, how have you been? Oh, yeah, keeping really busy, like, like, it's virtuous, you know. And it's, it's not, it's actually very, very distracting. But it's busyness that that keeps the system afloat. It's busyness and disconnection from self that keeps all of these systems every single system around us from economics to education, it's busyness and disconnection from self that keeps these systems afloat because everyone is just doing they're playing their role as a cog in the wheel. So you can see why society has created a program, a conditioning that keeps people from pausing and connecting to self because if everybody paused and connected to self, then they probably wouldn't have any interest in doing the job that feels deeply unfulfilling. And then all of a sudden, our society would have to completely collapse and rebuild, probably much further much better. So it's not our fault as a society that we struggle to be, we've been brought up to do and do and do as though the more we do, the more successful we'll become. But when we can just sit and be and feel everything that is wrong with our life and everything that is right with our life, for all of the pain that is present and all of the joy that is present, then we understand we get understand very, very clearly actually, how we can direct our energy for the highest good of self and in that the highest good of humanity. So use go ahead, discomfort sorry, going, Kevin. Well, no, I

was just gonna ask you because you hear that those are those are actually became kind of buzzwords. You know, live your highest self be, be who you really are. How do you know who you want to be and who you are destined to be? In this life

so when you when you ask yourself that from the mind, that can actually create a lot of suffering in itself. Because someone who's in a job that's unfulfilling might think, of course, I want to do a job as that's fulfilling, I have no idea what that is start. And I don't know what my special gifts, I don't know what I'm here to do. And a lot of people have that idea of like, their full expression of self right up on a pedestal. And I've seen, I've seen that suffering play out in a lot of people, my husband was really in that for a while. Not anymore, which is awesome. But self, like self, it's not an elaborate thing. And service is not an elaborate thing. So when you release all expectations of yourself, and who you could be in this lifetime, and you just sit, just sit and just feel your heart. And just ask your heart. What would I love to do today? If I could do anything today? What would it be? What would really feel fully in alignment for me, could be like, alright, I feel like recording me speaking into a microphone, then I'm gonna put it on my Facebook cuz I feel like writing something, or I feel like hanging out with my best friend. And going out for a coffee, right? If you're listening to your heart, you are always acting in alignment with your highest self, you are always acting in alignment with your absolute purpose. And your purpose on one day could be to speak into a microphone, and then you have an epic radio show. Your purpose one day could be to meet your friend for coffee. Because in that moment, you're going to say something to her that just makes her world transform, you're going to just be say the exact right thing at the exact right time. So we can't plan or put expectations on ourselves. But how we need to look or be in the future. Our highest self and our fullest expression of ourselves comes from just acting from the heart now, and it will transform into b it will transform into be something transformed to be something really beautiful, but you don't need to worry about that. Just acting from the heart now is full alignment with your highest self full alignment with your complete expression of self.

By the way, we're talking with Rhiannon Hinds. And if you want to go to intuitive, you can find out more about her. She also has got a book that is coming out in 2022, which is you know, like now. So tell us a little bit about and I you know the keepers of the light codes. Talk about that a little bit. How did that book come to be? I know it's a channeled text to initiate Lightworkers in light workers into their soul led missions here on planet Earth. How did that did? You did? Were you being quiet and it just came to you? Did you ask for the information? How did all that work?

Um, yeah. So I very clearly was told a couple of years ago that soon I will be writing a book and I was like, Oh, this is very exciting. So I kept trying to sit down and write the book. But it was like crickets. It wasn't coming through. I really wanted to write the book. And I was just like, Nope, no book isn't ready. And I write about this aspect, actually, at the start of the book. And it was like there was a really big piece that I needed to learn before I could write the book. And what that was was, I had really put my channeling and my spiritual practice, like right up on a pedestal. Like, every time I was channeling, I was sitting down, I was doing this certain practice to connect, it was all very perfect. And it was like I had separated my spirituality from my human life, right. And human life was just this like this 3d experience series of events. And then my spiritual practice was what happened when I close my eyes and said, a beautiful prayer. So this was what I needed to bridge in order to be able to channel the book. And this is what I write about in the opening chapter. So at the time, when the book was ready to come through, I had a I had a nearly two year old and I was like quite heavily pregnant. And I was so nauseous like I was really struggling with that pregnancy. And my two year old as they all was like a full Livewire and I was just really tired. I had no time to do my meditation practice. I wasn't doing anything I was just like felt really trapped in that 3d reality that I had separated from my spiritual reality. So it was like I had to integrate something I had to anchor all the magic of my spiritual practice into my life. And I started to so I started to feel these energies anchor into my waking experience. So I was always walking, taking my little one for a walk in the pram. And at the time we were living on this beautiful coastline. And as I was walking in my feeling my heart really open looking at the sparkling water of the ocean. And I was feeling those energies of my meditation. And then once I was starting to do that, more often than not in my waking life, it was like, Okay, now this book is ready to come through. Because this is the lesson in the book. It's that all of this is the magic. All of this is our spiritual practice this conversation that we're having your listeners as they listen, Justin, they're sitting and being that's the spiritual practice when they eat dinner. That's their spiritual practice. So as I was ready to write this book, you know, I couldn't write it like on my computer, I was because at the time, then I had a newborn and a two year old. I was like, huh, pretty busy, right. And that's the only way my two year old would sleep as if I drove around in the car. So at like, 11am, every day, I put the two babies in the car, I go for a drive, and we live somewhere that's so beautiful. So just park up amongst the trees, and I put the windows down, listen to the birds, grab my phone, take a few breaths. And then most of that book was written on Google docs on my phone, sitting in a parked car. And that's the message of the book. It's like we need to get our spiritual practice right off that pedestal. The idea of channeling and intuition right off that pedestal and just realize that this is it like life? Is it and we can have this magic flowing through us in every single moment?

I believe? Well, no, let me put it another way. I know, for me, and I can't speak to anybody else. But I know for me that my life is a expression of experiences that were all designed to put me in this chair today to talk to you today. Am I wrong?

100% right, it's an eye getting like four chills as you say that. Because we it's the same for all of us all of our so called failures and triumphs and twists and turns like you can see the perfect orchestration. That brings us to this perfect point now, I'm going for cold as you say that, Kevin? Yeah, going forward. Going so cold, I get all cold, you know, cold shivers, cold chills.

Oh, cool. Oh, cool. Because because that's that's how I feel that I'm a little bit older than you. And you got two beautiful young daughters that you're taking care of, and a husband and it's nothing. So I, I've lived life a while. And I've noticed that in the living of my life, that it has set itself up practically perfectly, to teach me the lessons that I need to learn when I need to learn them to understand who I am. And to move through it. I believe that that's how we all are. If we take the time to observe who we are, am I right?

100% I feel that I feel that so strongly. And I feel that there's like a current, there's an energetic current. That is the energetic current of divine creation. And like we're always being guided to live in that current. There's always these like sparkly opportunities that present themselves and like, we just have to keep saying yes, and keep stepping into the fear and doing these things. And then when we start to live life like that, it starts to get miraculous, like miraculous. And you can feel that in every single decision. And every opportunity. There's a divine orchestration, leading us to where we need to go.

And some of it may not necessarily be easy. Some of them may be may require a little bit of pain and a little bit of learning about about who you are. A good example would be, I wanted to start restart my podcast and to do the radio show. And this goes back coming up on three years. And I was I had a full time job and I was working and doing really quite well at it. Thank you very much. And I made the mistake of saying I really want to retire so that I can do this full time. And so I was moving into my new place that I can afford easily and and was going to set myself up for my retirement years and I was moving in and I fell tore my rotator cuff I've had to have surgery. Two months later, I fell again, had to have another surgery, I was out of work, and was told I couldn't go back to doing what I was doing. And so I needed to be medically retired. And so I said, I think I'll do my podcast now. Because this is what I, this is what I wanted to do. And this is and sometimes, so sometimes it can be it can we look at like, I got told a couple of times, when I was in medical facility, the nurse nurse would say, oh, that poor man, he's got both of his arms are damaged, and he can't do anything. And I was happy. Because I was getting to a new place.

Yeah, that's, it's amazing. It's amazing. And then because you're seeing the blessing, you're because you're seeing the blessing in life is flowing. But what a lot of people do, who are so fearful of change, and so fearful of up leveling in the way that they need to that when they get that injury when they fall and tear their rotator cuff that they will just freeze and panic and do anything that they can to. To to clasp on to their old life. Are you still there given? Seems like it's frozen? Okay, cool. Yeah. Just the video first. Yeah. So it's like, they'll do anything to hold on to their old life, they won't allow the flow to happen for them. And that was a very, like, a very symbolic moment in my life. Like, at a very early age. I was extreme Good girl. Like to the extreme. So when I was 22, I had this like, really good job in an office that made me so miserable. And I had a mortgage and I had a fiance and I was doing like life at a really young age. And I just was so depressed, I just couldn't believe that this was life. And I was just started to meditate, I started to open up to different energies. And one day I saw a job that just like sparkled on the internet. And it was to be a lecturer in massage. And I had previously qualified a massage and I've been working in it a little bit. And I thought, I'm too young to do that job. I'm not good enough. And all these thoughts came through. But sometimes I just go for it Rhiannon. And I did. And I had such a crippling fear of public speaking, and really low self worth. And for the job interview, it was like I had to present this information for to aboard like a panel interview. And I had to do like a Yeah, like actually stand in front of them. And it was public speaking. And it was so terrifying. And I felt so sick for the days leading up to it. And that morning, I just sat in the car outside the interview, and I just prayed. And I prayed. And I went in to do that interview and an energy came through me and it was like I was making jokes. I was like speaking so well. And I got that job. And then my life changed. But I could have easily not stepped up because the fear was so great. The unworthiness was so great. And I just trusted my heart and took the initiation. I accepted the initiation. And that was it was that moment there that my life really started to change quickly.

That's a beautiful story. And when we come back, we need to take a real quick break. But when we come back, I want to talk about initiating change in your life, and also accepting it and being open to it and really being excited about it. Because change in my world changes in the exciting thing. But in the enemy that we're going to talk about that Rhiannon Hines is our guest. She is a intuitive channel. She does some work with some great people. She works with hundreds of people all over the planet. She is really gifted at what she does. And if you go to her website, intuitive You can find out more about her. And you can also want to give her her book and her ebook. Keepers of the light codes is the name of the book and they came up when the what month did it come out?

It just came out last month actually it's even out like a month and a half. Yeah.

Have you gotten any reviews yet on how it's doing?

Yeah, it's going really well. It's going really well.

And she means with that smile.

Yeah, it's going well, thanks.

That is just awesome. So if you'll wait right there and everybody stay right here because we've got a lot more to do. And we may even open the phone lines up but if you've got a question for her that you'd like to ask it a little bit by one Well, we'll see. We'll see where we go from here. But we're going to talk about initiating change and not being so dang fearful of the unknown because the unknown can be a beautiful thing. You're listening to the positive talk radio right here on KK and w 11:50am. And we'll be right back after these messages. Hey there, I'm excited that you're listening right now. And if you like what we're doing here, you're gonna love positive talk radio dotnet on positive talk Each show which is recorded live is packed with positive information with real people discussing real issues and positive solutions that can work for everyone. I hope that you'll join us on positive talk radio dotnet and listen to all 340 Plus shows, I think it's worth your time. That's just me. That's positive talk radio dotnet your home for great progressive positive podcast.

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And welcome back to positive talk radio. My name is Kevin McDonald, and you're listening to well, you're listening to positive talk radio. And you're listening to Rhiannon Hines, she is from Australia. She's a channel, she is a mother of two, I think there's still two isn't it. And she's an energy worker. And she worked with people individually. And you can take a course from her. And there's lots of things go to intuitive And you can find out a lot more about her and what she's doing. And one of the things that that I wanted to talk to you about is that I think that there's a point in time Alicia was in my life. And most people that I know, Rihanna, that there's a point in time when they get fed up, they get fed up with the status quo of what they've been doing what they've been told that they should be doing. You know them the, in my case, it was the picket fence and the House and the wife and the 2.3 kids and the dog and the cat. And that that was that was what life was. And that's what I should be happy about. And there was a point in time where it became like, not so much. I'm not interested in doing that anymore. I don't like I want to understand why I'm really here. There's a reason why we're all here. And what what is my particular reason for being here? And is this all there is? Because if that's all there is, it's not enough. And that's when I made a turn. And at the end of 20 years, I'm here talking to you. And it's important, but why do we resist change so much?

Yeah, why do we resist change? The biggest thing that comes through is fear. It's scary to it's scary to change. And it's scary to leap into the unknown. And so many of us where we are all sold, the idea that the white picket fence is success. So when you achieve that in your life, like you are Kevin, you had a good job and you're living in the house, and you've got the family and it's all you've ticked all the boxes, then you think, why do I feel so unfulfilled, and most people assume that because that's the idea of success. If they're not fulfilled in that, then they must be broken. And most people start to assume that they are broken and they work on fixing what is broken within them. So they might medicate with antidepressants so or numb out completely through alcohol or whatever it is, because they must be broken for not feeling so joyful or believing and taking all these goals. But the truth is this idea of success that has been painted around us is completely broken, because it doesn't take into consideration our true measures of success which is joy, fulfillment and love, love through our work love through our relationships, and love through our experience of life. So for most people who haven't understood that love and joy are the true measures of success, to leave what is technically good and successful and jump into the unknown is just ludicrous. It's crazy. So most people will never do it. They will never ever do it. But then when you start to ask yourself those amazing questions like what you started to ask yourself, is there more to life than this? What am I here to do? When you're asking yourself these incredible questions, then your life cannot help but change doors will start to open because you've connected with spirit, you've connected with God. And you've asked those questions and truth and spirits tries, then starts to bring you the answers, right. But then in doing that, you are going to have to get uncomfortable, and most people won't get uncomfortable because of the fear, fear of the unknown fear, if I jump now, will I fall? Or will I be swept up? What will I do? All of these questions provoked, so much fear and so much uncertainty. But then what people a lot of people don't realize that it's in jumping into the fear that they are initiated, that they will rise up, and that they that become the person that they need to be in order to experience more joy, more love and more fulfillment. So it's that fear that keeps people prisoner imprisoned,

I got to ask you, and this and this just came out of the blue, so I'm, it didn't come from me. So it came from somewhere else. But I wanted to ask you, we all look at our life, light from the day that we're born till the day we die. But that's not the sum total of who we are. And that's not the sum total of the parts, we need to start looking at what we were doing before we came here, what we're going to do after we leave here, as more of a total picture list, that's my thoughts on it. What do you think about that? Is that Is that true? Or should we concentrate just on the physical physical ness and and the the 70 or 80 years that we get here?

I agree with you 100%. Kevin, like, in thinking that from birth to death is, is our finite experience. It's actually quite terrifying, big, because, you know, of course, then we're going to cling to every year, like as it goes by, like we're running out of time. But this incarnation, these years between this birth and this death, I just a drop in the ocean, it doesn't start when we're born, it doesn't end when we die. It's continual. And we are all of the wisdom of everything that our soul has ever experienced in every single lifetime, we all have that wisdom, now. And after we die after our bodies leave this planet, that wisdom, it doesn't leave, that wisdom doesn't die, that wisdom and that awareness lives on. And if we feel and know that truth, then this human experience becomes more of a game, it becomes more of a dance, and we don't have to take it so seriously. So it's so important. What you've just said, is so important. And then a lot of people as well, something that is paralyzing for many is a fear of death in the unconscious. So if you look at the last few years as they've played out, really, there's an unconscious fear of death, because there is a collective. There is a collective, like dissonance with the idea that we are souls. So most people think that death is the end. So if something comes in and brings the potential idea of death, and it's terrifying, you know, do everything that they can to resist that. But when you know that you're an infinite soul experiencing human life in this now present moment, then death, the idea of death completely changes. And it becomes something that is more of a curious idea, more of an intriguing idea. And then all of a sudden, we live life more fearlessly. And so what you've said is so important, Kevin, it's so important.

I really, thank you for thank you for saying that. I had no idea that you know, but you you're a very intelligent woman, you've got a lot going on with you. And one of the things that you talk about in your book, I do believe and correct me if I'm wrong, but you talk about the collective and how our entire the big Big changes are afoot on the on the entire planet as far as our consciousness is gone. And you've been told some things about that, haven't you that you put in the book?

Yeah, I really do feel a positive wave of change across the planet. And don't let yourself Have buy into anything that could tell you otherwise, humanity is upgrading rapidly. And I always like to use the analogy of we only notice within our own body, what needs to be healed, when it is ready to be healed, we're not showing the traumas of our past lives and our past, before they're ready to be healed, we're only showing them when they're ready. So if you take that out to a planetary in a collective scale, it might seem like there is more darkness, it might seem like there is more suffering, but it's nothing that hasn't been there before. It's just coming into the collective awareness. Because we are that ready to heal, we have that ready to transmute it. And that's why it feels hectic, because we're in this deep healing, seeing the truth and, and transmuting that darkness into more light into more love.

You know, I do a lot of reading of near death or near death experiences, and, and things in the wind what to, to almost a person, they all say is there on the other side, which I call home. There really is only two things that we have here. And that is love. And that is fear. If you live in fear, then the dark side can come to you. If you live in love, then everything is is more loving, more caring, and and things work out and things work out better. That's, that's how we're designed to be but a lot of us live in fear, because that's what we're told, is to avoid and which causes fear of itself.

Yeah, yeah. And it's funny because love and fear, they are so closely connected, you can access love so easily through that portal of fear. And it's incredible to when you have that awareness, it's incredible how you start to transform your own fear. So like, for example, maybe the first time you did your first radio show, you probably would have had fear come up all these ideas and doubts, maybe you didn't, but maybe you did. So all these fears probably came up, right. And like you didn't allow them to transfer, you didn't allow them to change what you were doing, you would have just been present with them, you would have acknowledged them witnessed them, and done it anyway. And your heart would have worn just opened, and all that fear would have transmuted into love. So when we have fear, we can either contract and contract and contract or we can expand. And when we contract, we go into more fear. And when we expand into the fear, we always step into love. That's beautiful. This is what's happening on our planet, because fear is coming up thank you, because fear is coming up. And there is suppose I suppose there is a lot to potentially fear. And when something comes up, that brings you into a space of fear. So it doesn't matter how your doesn't matter what your idea of is of what's going on on the planet right now. It doesn't matter what your version is, right? There's no matter what version you live in, there's always something to fear. So if you allow that fear to take hold of you and you make your decisions from that fear, you're going to contract and contract and go inwards and start to really resist everything that's around you. But if instead you feel the fear, and you think for I'm going to do life anyway, I'm going to step into life, I'm going to embrace life, and love comes through like an absolute wave, a wave that moves you forward into a more beautiful expression of life.

You give me hope.

There's a lot to be grateful for.

I agree with you. And that's and I one of the experiences that I've had is that times are different now than when I started doing positive talk radio 20 years ago, people are a lot more open. They are interested in positive change. They're tired of the what's been going on. And there is a lot of people that are like you that are coming forward, that are providing us with a blueprint, if you will, of how to live your life more authentically, and more real and happier and being able to help the planet because we're all one And we're all connected, to help each of us live our lives just a little bit better. And I thank you for the work that you're doing. Thank you.

Wow, right back to you look at the work you're doing. And you're definitely that voice as well. So thank you for your work.

What Thank you. Thank you very much, Jimmy. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, it's a it's a mutual admiration society that we are having here. But I gotta tell you, this, this woman is very talented. She's very grounded. She is interested in helping you and helping the planet. And if you want to get in contact with her, you can always go to intuitive And you can work with her. And because technology is kind of cool Rhiannon because technology has changed. Now you can work with anybody all over the world.

And yeah, and I do, that's mind blowing. I live like 20 minutes from the nearest convenience store. And I'm having conversations, and I'm having conversations with you and your listeners. In the States, it's pretty amazing.

It really is. And then the, and perhaps that is one of the steps that was necessary isn't like we talked about before, each experience that we have each step that you go through, it's necessary to get one to the other to that, it's like being in a forest and walking one step in front of the other. And you can't see the trees through the trees. But you can continue to walk into trust that you're walking in the right direction. And somebody up there's got a 50,000 foot view that there's taking care of you and making sure you're continuing to walk in the right direction. And if you if you get off on the wrong direction, you're guided gently back, and sometimes not so gently back, but you're guided back to where you need to be walking and need to be moving forward. And that's I think we as were one of the one of the steps that we've had to go through is separateness and now with the internet and with the ability for us to communicate in a worldwide way, we can now have a much bigger impact than or much less positive processing than we could before. And maybe it was because they were waiting for that ability to happen. And if you look at the of how it was 50 years ago, we can do this twice, well, 20 years ago, and now we can so maybe maybe you're right, maybe now's the time for immense positive change.

I feel it is I feel that the internet is just such an amazing gift. And I always fight I always do work with people over zoom like and connect in this way. And it always blows my mind that energy that I feel, you know, like I can feel your energy. And it's like, it's doesn't make sense. It's just a screen doesn't make sense to the logical mind. But I know how it would feel to be sitting right beside you, you know, and I'm sure you can feel the same with me. And it's because we are all so connected. We are also connected. And I feel like the technology has caught up now with consciousness and vice versa. And we can have these amazingly empowering conversations and create a little web of light across the world epic.

I want to run an experiment and I wanted to I wanted to people that are that anybody that's listening. If you're listening to the show right now, I want you to be quiet for just a moment and feel genuinely feel into the energy of this broadcast. And you will feel that there is energy behind it. And that is something that you can, this is our gift to you that you can carry and take with you. Because this is I firmly believe that that if you are open to it, and you trust and don't doubt it, that you will feel the energy behind this broadcast. Do you think that's true?

Absolutely, of course, and the more people trust what they're feeling, the more strong those feelings will get. And that comes full circle back to what we discussed at the beginning. That whatever, whatever your listeners are feeling, whatever they're experiencing, whatever little voice comes through, the more they trust and know that that is exactly the truth, the more the messages of truth will pour through.

You are in a really outstanding individual in the end, I really enjoy talking to you. Will you come back and we do this more?

Absolutely. I really enjoyed talking to you and you're so complimentary. Always leave me really, really great.

Well, it's only because you are and see. That's one of the things that I've learned And over time, because I, when I first started doing this, in 2003, I would have an interview like this. And it would make me feel really, really, really good. And I didn't know why. And but it really would. You really gave me energy to continue out through the day. And that really made my heart sing. And now I know why that is, is because I know that we're doing what needs to be done, what should be happening in our world today. And we're putting out a message that has divine influence. I believe that and do you?

Yeah, of course, this is why like, for anyone that's living and working from their heart, there isn't a day of work really, is that it's so fun. Like, I love my work so much. It just gives me so much energy. And the energy that comes through just always blows my mind and moves me and this is the experience we should all be having through our work, or through our days and our life.

And you created this all out of thin air.

You Yeah, as we all do, when we create, we just create with our intention. And then we just let sauce do the rest. That's like what you've done with this show, you set an intention. And then it's like, show me show me show me the way show me how to make this happen. We all create out of thin air.

And for those of you that say all come on, it doesn't work like that I am proof. I am living proof. And I've got example, upon example, upon example, that I can prove to you that my every step that I've taken, both good and bad, has led me to this moment, and I couldn't I couldn't be more pleased with it. And it's because of, of my intention, which was to do this so long ago, and there have been ups and downs and I my life was a bad country music song for a while, and and stuff like that. But those those things all generated to create something a little bit better. I know that happened to your life, I think it happens in all of our lives. And it's how we choose to respond to it, not react to it, respond to those challenges as something that we can learn from and move forward from and, and actually be grateful and bless them. Because there's there's some things in my life that I've actually was, you know, the divorce and things like that, that at the end of the day, I could bless them and say, Thank you. That's what I needed.

Yeah, for sure. And I think that's like a really beautiful takeaway from your listeners as well is that if there's an intention there like a really clear intention about what they truly would love their life to look and feel like a clear vision and a clear intention from the heart. And then really, like see it and feel it and know that that is what you want. And that is the life that you're here to live. And then ask for help. And then trust every single step of the way. Like you you're led to a divorce, like you are led into a bad country music song type situation, but you trust every single step of the way. And you don't resist the change in very, very rapidly, you will see everything that you've ever wanted all around you within you very, very quickly. It's all about trust and surrender and setting a clear intention.

You know, I was telling talking to somebody earlier. And I was saying, you know, because she was saying that very much. She's an energy healer, she's in Florida. And she was talking the same way. And I said you know, it's weird. I've been talking to people a lot and a lot of different places that don't know each other that haven't been to the same classes. They haven't gone to the read the same books, but they're all saying the same thing. At the same time and you are you are also doing the same thing. So I what I want to do now because we're running out of time but I wanted to give you ample opportunity to tell the audience is listening now and those that will be listening in the future on the podcast and on YouTube and everywhere else I can get you to to talk to them and and tell them anything that you would like them to know.

Yeah, I just want to really close with that, that idea around trust. So trust is something that might sound hard to achieve, but it's something that you can train yourself to do. And you train yourself by training yourself to change your thoughts and to change your perceptions. So every time something happens in your life, can you trust that it is happening for you. And every time you see yourself doubting that truth, doubting with your mind, notice that thought and change that thought. When something happens, like an event beyond your control, and you start to judge that event with your mind and judge that event as bad through your perceptions, can you come into your heart and train yourself to find acceptance and to trust perfection of that moment. So this is a training. This is a training that you can take yourself through, just by each and every day, all day, noticing your mind, and upgrading your thoughts, consciously, to thoughts of trust, thoughts of gratitude and thoughts of love. And that is something that anyone can start doing now. And then every moment going forward for

you what's really cool about that, you don't need to go buy anything. You don't need to go earn anything. You already have it within you.

Huh, exactly.

By the way, we've been talking with Rhiannon, Rhiannon Haines, and go to intuitive I'll pick up a book, you can get it through ebook, paperback. It's been out a month, it's doing fabulously well, I, I suspect over time is going to be an Amazon Amazon bestseller. And she worked with hundreds of SRE goods. And at the end.

It was it was great to number one and a few countries are really really quickly. So yeah.

So now we can we have to update your website to say, an Amazon number one best selling author.

Yeah, I do need to claim that

you need you've earned it. So in claim at the end, and by the way, I know that you believe the same thing that I do this for this broadcast and what I do with this radio, I just do it and where who hears it, and who heeds it and listens to it. That's not my decision to make. All I do is to do this work and then then I let the universe decide who's going to hear it and how it's going to impact their own lives. And I know you feel the same way I think yeah, very very good. Rihanna. It's such a pleasure. Yeah,

exactly. And we all have a message we all have our tribe across the world who needs to hear us

Yep, and as you know, you know your back okay. Did you want to finish that thought before we go?

Yeah, but everyone our unique message is intended to reach whoever it needs to reach and they're the exact people that we'll find out exactly. I couldn't agree more.

And that's that's the so if you want to go to positive talk That would be great. And I've got I had 340 Now I've got like 370 shows up up there. They're all really good quality I do the if I did say so myself. But I want to thank Rhiannon I'm for being here and thank you so much go to intuitive and pick up a copy of the Amazon best selling authors book which is called Tell Me keepers of the white tongue thank you so much for everybody for being here and thank you again and be kind to one another because we're each other's all we've got and Matthew Stapley will be here on Friday so come back

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