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374 | Exciting topics discussed with the one and only Allyson Roberts!

December 13, 2022

374 | Exciting topics discussed with the one and only Allyson Roberts!
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Allyson returns to talk about how she can help you live the life you were born to! She does this by helping you see that there is a better way to be.

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This is a production of km media dot Pro. Welcome back to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas one conversation at a time. So come on over into our world. I know you'll like it. Because on today's show today, ladies and gentlemen, we get to feature one of the top 100 coaches in the world. Today. Yes, I did say the world today. Her name is Allison Roberts. And she is with us for the entire hour. I hope that you'll stay with us because we've got lots to discuss, including. Oh, by the way, Eric? Yes. There's our producer. Happy Monday. Happy Monday. Do you realize that it is December already? December 5 already? Yeah. Holy crap. You're right. What happened on the fourth for the first they're gone already. I don't know what happened to the last four years to be honest. It just disappeared like that. But it amazes me how much time is going. It's supposed to slow down when you get older so that you can live your last live last few years and relative peace and harmony and they can last longer. They are going so dang fast. It's hard to believe. True enough. And and by the way, is it gonna snow anymore? Are we done with that? We may see a few flakes but it looks like it's warming up. And mostly it's just going to be raining. Well, I couldn't live with the rainy part. It's a it's a it's a sliding on the slushy part that I don't like very much. I hear that. Yeah. So it looks like you're gonna be in good shape. Oh, very good. Very good. I know you just did the weather. But I wasn't listening. So I have to do it again for me. So thank you very much. Yeah, Eric and Alison, it is such a pleasure to see you again. You look beautiful, darling.

You You look beautiful. So

you don't have to lie. Come on. This is Radio,

your light is shining bright.

There's so much fun to talk to you the last time that we had an opportunity was right before your event that you had in October. And I want touch bases with that. Because sadly, I wasn't able to attend. And I apologize for that. But But you had a great time. And it was a powerful event. Tell us about it.

It was amazing. So in 2021, we kicked off behind the power during COVID. And we had 27 People come in person which I was thrilled about. And this year, we had 71 people. Wow. Yeah. So we tripled attendance, which was fantastic. A week before the event, our ba company told us that they weren't going to be able to do a virtual option. So we did not have a virtual option. We only had a in person attendance. But you know, I don't think I'm gonna offer a virtual option. Because we were able to really build a strong community while we were there. And it just, it was phenomenal. It was incredible. Well, that's

what it is about the work that you do, because when in preparation for behind the power, I had the opportunity to interview all the speakers that were going to be there during the during the event. And there there are some remarkable people. And there are some that have gone through some remarkable things. One of which was you know, the two people that three people actually, one's name is John and he's a he's an incredible young man. And he's a he's an awesome dude. But the ones that got me the most was the gal that that and you'll know her name is Jennifer. I believe that yes. Fingers Jennifer that said at one time that that she was in bed like 20 hours a day and maybe it wasn't. Was that Jennifer? Okay, good. Yeah, I was. I was worried there for a second.

Yeah, no, Jennifer and yeah, embed 20 hours a day. Sick, depressed, hopeless, all the things and man she is just kickin, she's thriving. She's out at appointments and working and up and around us. It's amazing.

And that's gonna be heartwarming. It is she's

flying all over the place now and she's just she's living.

You know, and the other one that and her name escapes me at that, but you will remind me because it's it. This is an incredible story. And I want to have her back on again because she lives in the keys and she's got a little sanctuary. It's not a large sanctuary. But what she does She specializes in end of life care for dogs.

Yes. And Kevin, since the event, her name's Karen Thomas. That's Payton's promise. Since the event Her work has exploded. I mean, she is so busy, she's doing so many amazing, incredible things getting dogs adopted, that were unadoptable, and bringing dogs that are older, like, back to life literally back to like, burning, you know, their trust, and just, it's she's just, she's an angel, she really,

most of these dogs are considered terminal. And she and she saves a lot of them from the the shelter. And because in some cases, it's a kill shelter. And so she saves them. And the other thing that she does that I find, really, I don't know how she does it, I couldn't do it, I just couldn't do it is that she takes care of dogs on their last day. She gives them the best experience that animal can have on the last day they're on this planet. And as he is she you're right, she is absolutely an angel.

She has she had then she you know, at seven years old, she saw the vision and got the calling to do the work. And it's just, it's, it's a miracle. That's what it is.

And you know, what was interesting about all of those, and those people that I just mentioned, is they all came to me through you because of the work you've done with them. Yeah, yeah. Pretty remarkable.

Lady. It's such a privilege and honor.

I get to talk to a lot of coaches, but I don't get to talk to a lot of coaches. associates for lack of a better term, I was gonna say patients, but I can't say that. But but people that are that hire you to work with them. And they are to one two person, they they think you walk on water?

Well, I don't. But but I you know, I think what it is, Kevin is that they, they know that I truly love them because I do. I'm in this work, not for the money, but for their results. Yes, I make money, I have bills to pay, but I'm not one of these coaches that is, you know, hoping that my I'm gonna have $100,000 month and, you know, make $10 million a year even though you know, I'm not, hey, celebrities, if you're out there, and you will not hire me for that much. I'm not saying I'm not hireable. But what I'm saying is that their result, their ability to do a 180 in their lives and actually overcome trauma, not just deal with it, but actually really overcome it and finally put it to bed, put it to rest. That's why, you know, they give me the credit, but the credit is really belongs back to them. Because they're the ones that are doing the work. They're the ones that are taking the work seriously and applying it to their lives every day. And because of that, they have a new experience. They get to go out and live amazing, beautiful. Just their dream lines, and they're doing it all of them are doing it.

Is it fair to say that you're kind of like a mirror for them?

I I would hope that that's the case. Yes. You know, I have put a lot of my own trauma and arrest. And I definitely strive every single day to be better today than I was yesterday. And I feel like I do lead by example. You know, I know how to have a really hard conversation with people when they aren't showing up for themselves. You know, I think a lot of coaches shy away from being like, listen, the reason that you're not seeing any results is because you're just not doing work. A lot of coaches are afraid to talk like that because they're afraid that they're gonna get fired. If someone fires me that is on them. You know, I can't and I've never I rarely ever get fired. Because I do have the hard conversations and I'm having those hard conversations from a place of of love. Because when people hire me, it's like, you're hiring me to build a new life for yourself to have a better relationship with money, to have a better relationship with love to have a better relationship with your body, to even have a better relationship with your past. And so if they're not doing the work, they're not going to see those results. And I think that that's why my clients love me. That's because when they are stuck and struggling, I don't just play along with them. And I'm not like, Oh, you poor baby. I'm sorry. I'm like, Well, this is not going to work. And we need to turn this around.

Every person that I talked to said that in spades that you don't let them get away with the basically the bullcrap that we all tell ourselves,

yep, that's it.

That's and that serves them because they recognize, even as it comes out of our mouth, we realize and recognize the bullcrap that we're trying to sell.

That's true. Yeah. And, you know, one of the things that I have people do, when they first start working with me, is creating a vision for themselves. And most of us, our vision is too small. So if your vision isn't just scaring the absolute crap out of yourself, then you're just basically what you're doing is you're just setting a goal. And a goal that is really achievable, so that you can say, Oh, I did this thing. You can't get away with that with me, either. So when people come, they're like, I'm like, you've got to create a vision, like, what is your vision? I will keep pushing them, and pushing them and pushing them. You know, John's a great example. When he and I first started working together. I was like, John, you're miserable in your job? You know, What vision do you have for yourself? And he's like to find another job. And I'm like, that's not really a vision, you know? And he was like, Well, if I hadn't had vision, I would just leave all of this stuff behind and never work in this place. Again, I'm like, great. That's your vision. That's what we're going for. And he's like, Yeah, but Yeah, crazy. You're crazy enough that you are and I'm like, I am crazy. And I want you to get crazy with me. And then not too long. After that. He left the Coast Guard. And he had been in the Coast Guard for three decades. And the last decade was not a happy one for him. He is he's a different person. He is peaceful. He is learning how to become the best version of John. Karen is learning how to become the best version of herself. Jennifer is learning to be calm, because we're always becoming we're becoming until we take our very last breath.

And we would be helpful if we recognize that. Yeah. And a lot of us don't recognize that. Well, we don't know. It's or it's too hard. Or I can't or, you know, I've got stories about people that have made that Paramount switch from it's, this is really hard to know, this is easy. I can do this. Yeah. And it makes it it makes a ton of difference. It makes it a ton of stuff. Well, Allison, by the way, we're talking with Allison Roberts, go to Allison And you can find out all the information you need. She's got an event coming up in February, that we're going to talk about, but before February comes, we have January. And we do have we have a couple things I want to I want to say here. First of all, I understand that December for many people is a very, very, very difficult time. And there's a lot of grief around and a lot of people have passed for whatever reason people tend to I have a funeral directors, a friend of mine, and people tend to pass right after Christmas, because we want to make it through there and then stuff. So there's a lot of a lot of grief and a lot of negative and also your family may not be together and there may be strife and you're you know, all that stuff happens in right about now in December, but then, but then January comes in we're sitting there going okay, so now what? So I'm asking you Okay, Alison, so now what what are we doing January?

Well, can I address December 1? Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Okay, so I was having this conversation earlier this morning. Somebody? Yeah. And somebody was very resistant to me saying the things I'm getting ready to say and after I spent For a solid hour with them, they were like, know what everything that you said, makes a lot of sense. So if you're listening, I want you to just take a deep breath. Because this is like something, some new information and your brain may I just immediately rejected that. So I want you to just take some deep breath. And just tell yourself right now, I am open to there being a better way for me and December. So, December, historically, for me has not been the best month, I used to start dreading December and July, August, September, and then it's just, I mean, come Halloween, I was already just white knuckling my way through Thanksgiving, Christmas, just give me two January, just give me the January. So because I had a very strong agreement in my brain, that Christmas and December, and the holidays are really, really, really, really hard. So first of all, that's a really strong agreement. And you don't have to live in that agreement anymore if you don't want to. And that doesn't mean that we get all Pollyanna and skip around and be like, Wait, can't wait for Christmas. That's not what it mean. What it means is that, while you acknowledge your grief, whatever that grief might be, and I and we do want to acknowledge it, and just be like, hello, great. I see you, I feel you, I know that you're here, you can also decide that you are going to create some new traditions for yourself, that you are going to approach December completely different than the way that you've ever approached it before. And you can make December, your month for it to be whatever you want it to be, so that you're not living in the pain of Christmas Past. And that's all I have to say about that.

That is really a wonderful opportunity for people to take it upon themselves to do that. As an example. Allison, you and I haven't talked about this before. But there was a period of a number of years when my family had Chinese food on Christmas. Do you know why?

The Christmas story? Yeah, gotta go eat Chinese food?

No, it's because that's the only restaurants that were open because we were near a hospital because somebody was in the hospital, either my mom or my dad, or my grandmother or somebody. And so we in order for us to get together as a family, we ended up going to a rather trajectory in a Chinese restaurant because nothing else was open. And so Christmas became our What the hell is gonna happen this year? Who's it gonna happen to? So that's, that's typical, I think of all of us to some degree, that it happens because I don't know anybody that says, Oh, God, thank God Christmas is coming. I'm so excited about it. Well, there are a few. I but there are most of us, it's, it's kind of an anti climatic thing. But you can, but I love what you're saying. Because you can change it,

you can change it, you know, and I grew up in a in a household where my mother was, I cannot say this delusional. And so she wanted a Hallmark Christmas every year. And, you know, my dad had a really hard time dealing with her anger and narcissism 364 days out of the year, so that one day out of the year was not just like, oh, let's all just be Santa Claus and have like this amazing time now. So growing up was very stressful. Anyway, and Christmas was always just very weird. Anyway. And then my parents got divorced. And then Christmas became even weirder. And then you know, all the things right? So we all have our like Hanukkah, Christmas, Thanksgiving stories where we can sit around the campfire and be like, Oh, I'm gonna outdo you with my Christmas story or I'm gonna outdo you with my so I'm just going to tell you this year, guys, lady, ladies and gentlemen, let this year be the year that you don't want to go home for Christmas. Because you're only going out of obligation and you're dreading it. Don't go home. For Christmas, the summer out, are saying, um, if this is a year that you're just like, I don't want to deal with my alcoholic parents anymore, or my this or that or that. Just decide that you know what? I'm not going to deal with all of that. Like, you have the power and you have the permission. So which leads me to January?

Yeah, January. Thank God January is finally. Yeah. Well, what about January?

Well, January, you know, New Year's Eve, everybody's like, Oh, New Year's resolutions, and most people don't keep them. I mean, honestly, before COVID Not anymore. But before COVID Everything's will be C right. But you see, used to be before Christ. And now it's before COVID. That's right. So my friend owns a gym, and she literally counted on January to pay her rent the entire year. Like, every year, for decades, she would just be like, ooh, January come in. Come in, I'm going to be rolling in the dough rolling in the dough, and then her gym would be empty. Come February 10. Ish. No more people. Note that her rent was paid for the year so she didn't have to watching. I mean, anybody that came in after February's just a bonus, because all these people had joined the gym as their New Year's resolution, and then petered out. So here's the thing, guys, don't wait until December the 31st. When you've had too much champagne, to write down five resolutions on a napkin, I want you to create a vision for yourself. A vision, vision is everything. So the very first step to doing that is look at this year 2022. What didn't happen, that you really wished had happened? You know, love, money, your health, your family? Like? What were your obstacle? What worked in your life, and what didn't work? Answering this questions, and reflecting back on this past year, it's going to help you figure out what you really, really want. Not what you should do, not what your doctor said to do, not what Kevin said to do on the radio two months ago, like what you really, really want. And once you have that, then you can come up with your goals around how to get you to what you really want. Because no one is going to do anything. No one does anything meaningful without a vision and a goal. That's just true. Do you agree with me, Kevin or disagree?

Oh, absolutely. I agree with you, you. If you just you know, go floating around a long life without a goal, without this real desire to do something, number one number, you're wasting your life. And number two, you're not going to get anything done. And you're not going to enjoy everything that you have. What I believe is that you are entitled to the most perfect life for you. And you're proving that with the people you're working with. I've seen that. But you're entitled to have a beautiful, wonderful, wonderful life. But nobody's going to give it to you. Now, you get to you get to go play with it. And that's right, and have fun with it.

Yes. And so after you create your vision, and you write down some some goal, then what I want you to do is set a timer on your phone for 17 minutes, not 15 not 2017 There's a reason for that. And I want you to close your eyes and picture yourself at the end of 2023. Who are you at? What are you wearing? How much money is in your bank account? What is your body feel like? What is your heart feel like? What is your soul? Feel like? What have you had to let go up to gain what you've gained? Who knew has come into your world? So, how many clients do you have? If you own a business? What is your boss, like, if you are employed, I want you to really get there and be there and why 17 minutes, because 15 minutes, we're gonna keep opening up your eyes, seeing how much time you have left, and 20 minutes, you're gonna wander off into some world that doesn't have anything to do with your vision. There's some kind of magic in 17 minutes, you can do anything for 17 minutes. So once you are in that space, where you really can see your future self, I want you to ask that version of you. And I'm having deja vu right now. So this is really, really important for someone who's listening or watching this. So I want you to ask that person who's sitting in December, and 2023. Ask them, What do I need from you to get me where it is that I want to go. And your future self will tell you exactly what you need. Maybe your future self will look at you and say, hey, you know what? You need to be more committed. Or why don't you give your television away to Goodwill, or buy some journals and start writing. But I promise you, your future person will tell you exactly what you need. And then I want you to as soon as you open your eyes, write everything down that you saw, write everything down that you felt, write everything down that you heard, and then build a month to month plan from that vision. It's like, felt great. It's felt great, but you have to live it. You got to do it.

And that's the exciting part.

That is the exciting part. ever done that. Kevin? Have you ever visualized your future self?

We gotta take a break real quick. Yes, I have. And I'll tell you that story when we come back because it bears repeating. But we're talking with Allison Roberts go to Allison And she is a favorite and positive talk radio. And she's also one of the top 100 coaches in the world and has documented so there. So I'd like to thank her for being here. We're going to return after these couple of minutes, just two minutes, just stay right where you are. We got more good stuff coming up, including the fact that one of the gifts that she has, is that she is also very intuitive. And so she can help you with your intuitive side to get to where you read where you not only say you want to go, but in your heart where you really deep down, want to be and want to go. We'll be right back. You're listening to the positive talk radio on KK and w 11:50am. Hey there, I'm excited that you're listening right now. And if you like what we're doing here, you're gonna love positive talk radio dotnet on positive talk Each show which is recorded live is packed with positive information with real people discussing real issues and positive solutions that can work for everyone. I hope that you'll join us on positive talk radio dotnet and listen to all 340 Plus shows. I think it's worth your time. But then that's just me that's positive talk radio dotnet your home for great progressive positive podcast.

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And welcome back everybody to positive talk radio. It is a Monday afternoon. And this is our new time by the way, which is at 3pm on Mondays and 4pm on Wednesdays and noon on Fridays. It's when we all get to come to you and I can bring some of the most qualified and intuitive people and just plain gifted smart people that I know. And Allison Roberts is one of them. And I tell you, Allison and the feedback I'm getting from the show is you know you always have such interesting guests on and you're right they Do because I have got some really cool people that I've come to know over time. And, and this is just so you know, because you mentioned that, you know, did I ever have a goal ever have a dream, this is my dream, sitting here talking to you talking to other people with you, that can make a different difference and change their lives, whether they want to or not, they can listen to it, and somebody. And every time I do this show, I know that somebody's listening, that what we talk about will make a difference in their life. And that's what's important to me. And that's why it is so important that this show grows and develops into a mega blockbuster hit not for me, not for my ego or whatever that might be, but because we can help more people. And that's, that's why I really enjoy having people like you on because you you touch people, you help people. I have proof. I know it for a fact. And that is so cool. So thank you for being here.

Of course. Yeah. You know, I don't know if you noticed, but I'm doing a TED talk in April. What a TED talk. Oh, you are? Yeah, that's for you. When is that happening? April the eighth, the day before Easter. And you know what? I was born the day before Easter. So you can't make that stuff

up? No, that's synchronicity at its finest.

Yeah, exactly. And the reason I'm saying that is because the whole reason of me wanting to do a TED talk, is to teach more people about the power of our mind. And the the horror that can happen when we are not critical thinkers. And we just believe every single thing that our parents taught us to believe or taught us to think. And we just grow up these manufactured copies of other people instead of becoming our true, authentic, intuitive, because we're all intuitive selves. And I agree with you, Kevin, your show needs to be honest to God, it needs to be like on television, I think

I couldn't agree more is that now that will take a leap. But I would really I, I would really like to do that. But we you know what we're going to do? Well, I better not say, but big changes are coming. If I can swing it and come the first of the year that I need to talk to you about and we'll talk about off air. But everybody that I'm talking to, I had a guy call today from a nationally known syndicated internet radio station, who said, I've listened to your show, and I want to have you I want to host your show on our network. And now he did say it was a sales guy. So there's a financial thing involved, but of course, but more so it's to get the word to whatever it is that you choose to do. Now, this is for me, this isn't for anybody else. But for me, this is what I choose to do. Because I love people. I love the I love what I do. And it's not me. See, this is the beautiful part is it's not me, I don't I bring people on like you and you do all the work. You do all the lifting. All I do is enjoy the conversation.

I love that. But you know, I hear you. I mean, listen. People that live their passion, like you and me come in. We live our passion. It's not always easy to live our passion. And, you know, I I wake up every morning, I meditate for my clients, I surround all of them with 1000s of angels I and I intercede for them, I pray on their behalf. Just in case they might not have asked themselves for what it is that they need. I do a lot of work behind the thing that my clients never ever see for them. And I don't think that you can do the work on that level. If it's not your passion.

That's that is that is so true. And by the way, the other thing that you said that I wanted to touch on which was it mean following your heart. One of my favorite lines in the world is your heart is free, have the courage to follow it. And if you follow your heart it may not be Easy. No, I make I make a joke that after I did positive talk radio, which by the way, in January, it will be 20 years.

And the amazing Congratulation.

Thank You that we started positive talk. And now we're back and all that. But in that period, I joked that I had a bad country music song period. And I did. Everyone that was around me at that time, that was doubting the fact that I should be doing the radio that I should be doing what I'm doing, that I'm creating this are now no longer in my life.

Yep, Me too. Me too. I had doubters.

And in the end, it's important that that you not allow your doubters to sway the day to win over. Oh, yeah, you're probably right. I can't do that. I'm not who the hell do I think I am? Uh, you know, and because people will tell you that other than out of their own insecurities or whatever they they got. And it has nothing to do with you. Right? But if you allow them to do that, then they win. And so don't allow that.

Do you agree? Yeah. And the thing that I that I really want people to understand is that people want us to be like them so that they feel safe.

Yep, you're absolutely right.

Yeah, it's all about the safety. And so that's why we should never ever take anything personally. Even the compliments even the you know, I love you. So like my clients, you know, telling you Oh, no, we love I don't take that personally. I appreciate it. But I don't even take the compliments personally. Because if not, nothing that they're saying, really is about me. It's really about them. So what they're saying when they say, oh my gosh, I love our food so much. But they're saying as I love my life now. I love my life. Now,

that's the end to have to a person and there were 13 of them. And they all spoke at the at the event behind the power. They they all to a person said, it's not about that Allison is this wonderful? Guru that walks on water? And does it said she just showed me who I am? And who can be? Yeah. But the thing that you don't do is you don't sugarcoat it. You make sure that people know that, that where they stand, and that they want to change. You can.

Yeah, sure. Can I put in the work? Yeah. And you have to be brave, you know, and, and my four year old little grandson asked me the other day when we were standing in line for a roller coaster at Disney. He's like, you know, gammy what, what is brave? And I said, Brave is when you're scared, but you do it anyway. And that is what all 13 of the authors and speakers have behind the power they were terrified but they did it anyway their brain. And so we can either get into our fear every day and make a ton a million excuses. It's raining, it's cold, it's dark. I'm not going to make the commitment to walk tonight. I'm not going to you know do whatever whatever in whatever way we can make them all day long. But if we're brave, which it does take bravery to become yourself. It does. If you're brave. You do it anyway. You just do it anyway.

By the way, I can't believe that anybody on this planet has the right to call you Grammy you're way too young to be a Grammy well when one you can win a Grammy but you can't be a Grammy How about that?

Well, he actually called me Jami without our

okay Dami Okay, yeah.

And I yeah, I am old enough. I'm old enough and I love it.

Well, you are you are a phenomenal human being and and, and I really appreciate I really do appreciate you. And I thank you. Thank you. I accept that because you are you're you're one of the first ones that came on my show when I changed it from my independence report to positive talk radio. And that turned out to be a really good idea. And you kind of helped me inspire that to go back to my roots and to do Oh talk radio because it's, it's an important it's important thing to do. And, and I really had so much fun doing this This is like, like the, it's just phenomenal. But enough about me. Let's talk about that. So to help somebody in January, February, March timeframe, to feel better about themselves to, you know, because January is easy. January, everybody's I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do this.

Oh, January is so easy. It's so easy. That's why that's,

that's why I had a friend of mine one time say, you know, every time we go to the gym, it's fall, he said, Well, when you go January, January, we wouldn't be empty. So how do you keep up the momentum? How do you do make the desire to make the changes, do the vision, and then make it stick,

you have to build a bridge inside of your mind. From your old stories and your old comfort zone, you have to create a new comfort zone and new stories. And the way that you build that bridge is with discipline, commitment, a plan, a vision, and usually a guide. I have my own coaches, I highly recommend coaches, to to everyone. Because there's something about the human spirit. And it might be because, you know, we're all conditioned from the age of like five or six, to go to school or be homeschooled, or whichever the case may be where, you know, we have accountability. We know we have to turn in homework, we have to make the grade, you have to behave, we have to be on our best, you know all the things right. And so I think it's just ingrained in us that we perform better if we have some, some accountability. And so, you know, people are like, someone asked me today, what you know, when are you going to fire your coaches out, then you've had coaches for 10 years, I'm like, I'm never gonna fire my coaches, because they see my blind spots. And they talk to me the way I talk to my clients, which is, you know, you're kind of in a lame out story right now. And I really don't think that that story that you're in is going to get you very far. So let's go back to the original story that you created when you wanted to do the thing when, before you petered out. And now you don't have any motivation. Let's go back to that story that you first created. And I think without that accountability, it's a very, it takes a very special kind of person to stay on track and not slip back into old patterns.

How do you because you know, you are successful. I knew when you're, when your coach turns around and says, you know, Allison, you're just not doing what you said you were going to do? It's like, no, wait a minute, I remember the top 100 coaches in the world. I've got, you know, I'm good. I've got all these people. What the hell do you mean, you're telling me that? Did you ever have that ego response?

Um, yes, 10 years ago, I did. And I had to eat my own words very, very quickly. My very first coach with Lisa Nichols, from the secret. She is very no nonsense, and I just I love her to pieces. But I think that I wanted her to rescue me. I wanted Lisa to do the heavy lifting. I wanted Lisa to, to praise me and lift me up and do all the work for me. And, and I'm paying you all this money. That was my, you know, that was my whole thing. It's like, I'm paying you all this money. And all you do is tell me that I'm how I'm doing everything wrong. And you know, it's like, well, if he would start listening to me, then your life would probably start to turn around and you would probably start to feel a lot better. I mean, it was just like, it was that kind of conversation of just like Ouch, you know, but she was right. I wasn't listening to her. I had very big goals and a very big vision and I wanted instant success. Especially because I was paying her a lot of money out Wanted instant gratification I wanted, you know, I wanted to be the top 100 coaches in the world, when I was just literally really getting started in the field of what I call coaching I had been in the world of healing and therapy and all of that before. And then I've stepped deep into coaching, wanting, wanting to be a better version of Allison without being willing, I'm actually getting choked up when I'm thinking about it without without being willing to, to look at the parts of me, Kevin, that were working against me. And it was, I'll never forget where I was, I'll never forget what time it was. And I just had a very clear, Chris moment. You are standing in your own way often, and you're not doing the work. And you're not listening. You're not applying yourself. You're wanting this big thing. But you're wanting the money that you paid, this very famous person has had all of its success, to be the success. And it was probably the reason that I'm sitting here today is because of Lisa and and her very honest words with me and me being willing, on some level, to really take those words, and it changed my life forever.

That's a really hard conversation to have with yourself.

Oh, man, it was gut wrenching. I remember, I was on a beach in Florida. And you know, thank goodness that no one was around, as they probably want to call the police. But I was just like screaming at the top of my lungs, I feel like I was really saying just years of pain and suffering and also releasing all the meaning that I gave that pain and suffering and all of the all of the victim threads that were inside of me that, that that just wanted so much for someone to just see my pain and do something about it. And and the person that needed to do something about it was myself.

That's a beautiful story. Because I think we all I think every one of us comes to a point like that in our lives when we're when we're not happy with what where we are, and has to be more. I know, I had that conversation with myself, you know, 20 years ago, which is, is this all there is? You know, I'm a corporate guy I've got I was a district sales manager, I had 12 reports I did all you know, made good money and had the house and the wife and the kids. And is this all there is? And why am I really here? And how can I be of service. And it took me a long time. And I just want you to assure everybody that even when you set those goals, and you and you set your vision board, and you put all those things into action, it doesn't necessarily mean they're going to happen tomorrow, or day after tomorrow, they're going to happen when the universe decides it's time for it to happen. And it's all in divine timing. Do you agree with that?

I do and it may not even happen in 2023. But here's the thing.

I the best way I can you describe this is that if your vision is, uh, let's just say your vision is a palm tree. The universe may lead you to an orange tree instead of the palm tree. Because you have to experience the orange tree in order to get to the palm tree. So let go of the outcome. Let go of what it's supposed to look like. And just keep focused on the vision and just follow inspire action. One foot in front of the other. I promise you guys, you will find me and write me and thank me if you just follow just that by itself.

It is it's awesome to have you here. And I want to thank you again, for coming back. Alice Roberts has been our guest. And you can go to Allison Now, I want to alert you, here's an alert coming up your way. You've got a program coming up in February that I want to touch on before we go. Tell us about it?

Well, it is, I've changed the name of it for five years, it's been painless pivots to power. And I decided that to to go into 2023 It's painless pivots to purpose. Because when we are in our purpose, we are also in our power. And I was charging for it. And now it's going back to being free. Hello, and you're welcome. So yeah, so it's gonna be February the I think we're starting the 20 something. But guys, here's the deal, I think, I think it's the 20 yet. That's it, I can't remember. Anyway, here's the deal. If you want to know more information about it, you can go to elephant That's a ll y fo and Robert. So I'm doing Kevin's show, right You can go there and fill in, I am not a spammer, I promise you, you're not going to get mail email from me every single day being like, Hey, what's going on? Hey, you gotta buy this thing from me. Yay. Go and sign up, you're gonna get a free meditation from me that that in and of itself is life changing. But then when the time comes, you will start receiving emails of how to join us for free, inside painless pivots to purpose. And you do not want to miss this free webinar. It's a live webinar, it's not pre recorded, you actually really do get me. You don't have to pay money to have me answer your questions. I'm there for you. I'm serving you for three delicious days of content. That is, it's life changing. That's all I can say about it.

Everybody that was a speaker at at beyond the power had started out with painless pivots to purpose, I can't even say hey, I did okay. With painless pivots to purpose. And they were so taken with that course, that they had to do more. And that's that's when you know you're on the right track. When you are following your heart and following your passion and you run into something that you know, you have to continue to do. That's when you know you're on your purpose. My right

eye. Yeah, absolutely 10,000%.

And we've only got a couple of minutes left to Allison before we gotta go. But so I want to give you I'm gonna step aside and I want you from your heart to tell our audience anything you'd like them to know.

First of all, you are not your pain, you are not your past. And you are not the hurtful words that people have directed in, in your, on your path and toward you. You are amazing, you are beautiful. You are powerful, simply because you breathe. If you don't believe me, just know that when you were born, the only thing that every single person in the room was hoping was going to happen is that you were going to take your first breath. And that is how you know that you are worthy. Simply because you breathe. So tonight, when you're lying down in your bed, I want you to just be willing to believe that you are not worthy. And I'll promise you, if you just start there. Were like that's going to look completely different in a week and two weeks in a month and you won't even recognize yourself in a year.

And ignore those voices that say you're not good enough. Yeah,

well tell me ignore them. Just say hey, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna believe you today.

That is that's a that's a better way to put it than just to ignore them. Because if you ignore them, they're not gonna go away.

They're just gonna get

That's That's it. Allison, I want to thank you so much. And when you come back Can we can can I guarantee that we're going to have you back on? Absolutely. That would be that would be sheer joy on and I want to thank you for doing this and for you for listening. I and if you're sitting in your parking lot or in your driveway because you just you got home 20 minutes ago, but you don't have an am radio in your house. Thank you, because I hope this meant something to you because it happens all the time. You'd be amazed how often that happens. Allison during the show so I want to thank you for being here and and thank Eric for hosting us on KK and W and I hope everybody has a great day and just remember, take care of each other because each other is all we've got. We'll see you Wednesday at four o'clock.


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