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383 | An Amazing Energy Healer, Chel Benyair!

December 28, 2022

383 | An Amazing Energy Healer, Chel Benyair!
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From an early age, I have always been passionate about my own self growth and very sensitive to energy. I have healed myself from multiple past traumas that created self-limiting beliefs as well as physical symptoms.

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0:00 This is a production of km media dot Pro. 0:08 Welcome back to positive talk radio. Our goal is simple to explore evolving ideas one conversation at a time. So come on over into our world, I know you'll like it. Because on today's show, 0:22 today's show, we're gonna talk about energy. And we're going to talk about Reiki and how you can live your life a little bit better, and energetically, but first, speaking of living your life better, I have to ask my friend, Nathan over there, how was your Christmas, it was great and happy post Christmas Day to you, you know, we have a fancy word for the day before Christmas, which is Eve, but I don't know if we have a fancy word for after Christmas. I mean, thank God, it's over a day. 0:54 So I was trying to wish you a happy whatever that would be. But I can't think of it. Now I think thank God year over day, because you know, we spend two months getting ready for it and stuff like that. But then it's when it's you're good, you're tired and then and then you've got all this stuff to put away that you spent two months getting out and, and all that and you're having leftovers if you're if if you gotta beat ham or whatever, and people gonna You're gonna eat ham for like a week and stuff. So thank God it's over. And now we get to move on to the New Year. And when it's really exciting time to start writing our to do lists, to do lists in our wannabes, and our shouldn't be ease and all that kind of get resolutions, resolutions that you're going to keep for a grand whole three days. Exactly. And then you're going to drop out of them and go back. But do you know, if there are people on this planet who can help us who can help us live our lives a little bit more authentically and a little bit more real? I was gonna say realer, but I don't think that's what word isn't fun or can be a word then why not really? 1:58 I guess I I don't know. But anyway, shallows with us. And shell because I'm not French. And I don't speak French. I might not pronounce your last name. Right. So what is your last name? In French? It's been year. 2:18 I was gonna say there was a good, I thought there was may have been a car, or there was that there wasn't anyway. So welcome to the show. How are you? Great, thank you. How are you? I'm awesome. Thank you. I'm, I'm very glad that the life continues to move on. And we are now post Christmas and on to New Years. And then And then because I think that 2023 is going to be a big year. I think it's gonna be a really good year, what do you think? I definitely think it's gonna be a big year, I think it totally depends on where you are in your life and your lessons as to how easy or difficult it will be for you. Sometimes University has to smack us over the head with a frying pan if we have not been taking the messages that it's been sending us. So some years are like that. And some years are a little bit more in the flow. And it just depends. So I usually take this corridor of time that you guys were just talking about. And instead of creating resolutions for what I want to do better next year, I look back at the year that has just passed and I I look for patterns, cycles, lessons to be learned. And I try to glean as much from that year as I can in that last week. So that I can see where I have room for growth. And it can be more of an informed, 3:41 informed conversation with myself based on what I just went through and what it is that I want to see next. But that this window of time is really special because we can we're sort of we've got one foot in each year, this week, you know, and so we can look back at what we did well, and what we didn't do well, what our lessons were what showed up for us consistently. And then where it is we want to go next year. 4:08 Oh, honestly, you have to be what you're doing that evaluation of yourself? Can you lie to yourself a little bit because some of the things may not have been not that good? Well, some of them aren't right. But you can just hope that you can make them a little easier. And awareness is the first step to that. just becoming aware of what's really going on what's really showing up for you and how 4:31 is it possible for us to know that or are weak tend to be blind to it? And we need somebody else's help in understanding? That's a good question. I mean, I think there's a lot that you can do on your own. 4:47 You know, you can look for patterns if you consistently date someone who doesn't have time for you. And there's a pattern in that for you. Right so what is that telling you? It's telling you that you don't value 5:00 yourself enough to be with someone who puts you first. You don't put yourself first in your own life. So you can look at that pattern if that happens over and over again. And usually when we're on our fifth guy like that, we're like, Why do I keep dating these kinds of guys. And then the pattern shows up in a really 5:19 hard to ignore way. But if you're at the beginning of a pattern, and it's just beginning to show up, sometimes you need someone to help you find that or sometimes, you know, we look at the surface of it, and not necessarily the root cause. And we tend to treat the symptom instead of the actual issue. So it can be both, you can do a lot of work on your own. But then sometimes we need someone to help us. It's always good to have that support. 5:49 Somebody who knows who either has been there, or can call you out on your stuff. Because we all have stuff that we need to get called out on, because we don't want to be called out on it. We don't talk about it. So it's really handy to have somebody like that. Now you are if I was to ask you shall what is it that you do? What would you say? 6:14 Well, first, I would start by saying that I'm a Reiki Master. So I am an energy wellness practitioner. I also am a certified sound healer. So that means I play with crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls. And I know the science behind healing properties of sound. And then I also know how to read the Akashic Records, the Akashic records are 6:40 sort of like the energetic story of your soul, and where it's been through past lives, and 6:50 other incarnations, and what the concurrent lessons are what you brought into this life to learn what contracts you have with other people. I'm also a sacred space holder. So I think when you said it's important to have someone who supports you, I think the most important thing about a person that supports you is that you feel safe with them. Because you can't get vulnerable if you don't feel safe. And so one of the things that I find is the most important and the most, the thing I'm most proud of about my work is that I am very good at being a non judgmental, safe space for people's vulnerability. Everybody needs that safe space where they can let it all out and know that they're not going to get hit over the head, or thought lesser than, because we all got words. And some of our words are harder to see than others and, and we try really hard not to expose them to other people. But sometimes it's necessary and only if we're gonna get past them. If we're going to clean up the warts we got to get past him, don't you think? Yeah, and we unfortunately live in a society right now where everyone on social media is trying to show you how perfect they are. And they go to great lengths to do that. And so when you feel like you are with someone who you can show the absolute opposite of that, too. That's a very special thing. That's you know, that's important. It's important. I remember, when I was a salesman, I was a traveling salesman. And I spent a week in Vegas one time. And because we were going to be there for a weekend when I was part of a large 8:29 convention, they gave us very nice rooms. Ryan was a suite. And he was in the king size bed and had a little mini kitchen and all that kind of it probably was his biggest one is probably was like 700 800 square feet. But one of the features of it was it had a mirror over the bed. 8:50 And of course, I was not zoom. My wife was not with me at that time. But But I remember waking up in the morning one day and going 8:59 oh, that's what I look like in the morning. 9:03 So you know, it's it's really good to have people around you that really care for you. And, and even when you're not looking so good in the morning when you first kid up, they still care for you and still love you. Yeah, well, there are pluses and minuses to everything. I mean, when you're on your back with a mirror over your head, everything looks firmer and tighter. It sort of slides backwards, right? So 9:26 in some ways you look better that way you'd like you'd like to think but suddenly, in some ways not but I don't know. So. So basically, you're an energy worker. Yes, I help people live better lives. And I want to talk to you about the Akashic records because that now that that process for you, it's not like because somebody who I'm sure would like to call in and see if you can touch bases with them on that, but it's not that simple. It takes a little bit of time for you to put that together. I'm like I'm crying. 10:00 I've done that, right? Yes. So it can be done in distance, meaning that I don't have to have you right in front of me. But I do have to tap into your energy, I have to connect to your records. And that takes a few minutes, you know, that's not an instantaneous thing. It's, it's not a for me, I mean, maybe for some people, it would be quicker. But for me, I have initially connected the land that you were on in that past life, that's the first thing that I see is the land. And then in connecting to that land, I determined around about a year, and you know, where you were, and what the circumstances of that life was, and sort of that external information. And then, once I have that sort of concrete base, then we can move forward into, you know, what were the circumstances of that life emotionally, energetically? Why are we looking at it now, what is concurrent to the current life that you're in, because you never really see a past life that isn't somehow related to your current life, there's some overlap there as far as contracts or people in your life or lessons that you're learning. So you know, it takes a few minutes to really get into the meat of that. How did you learn all of this? Because it's not like it's a community college class, or you can take it says, So tell me, give me your background? How did you learn all this stuff? Sure, well, that actually, you can learn on your own. There is a book, it's called, How to read the Akashic records. And it's by Linda house, she is known as the 11:36 a four most authority on the Akashic records. But you can also take classes for that, it just depends on your level of 11:47 need, as far as you know, having someone sort of guide you through the process, it can be self guided, it's like all healing, you can do it by yourself, or you can do it with someone, if you need someone to hold your hand and help you through it, you can do that too. But in in terms of Akashic records, I did read that book, and I picked it up years and years ago, actually. And I, there's a process for how to begin to read those records. And I tried it and it did not work, I did not see anything. And I put it down and years and years went by and I did a lot of work on myself. And eventually I picked it up again and try it again. And I was astounded at the information that I was able to connect into. So I did it for myself every day for 30 days, got a lot of interesting information, then started doing it for my friends. They got a lot out of it as well. And so then I just started, you know, doing it for people I didn't know, and just seeing how far I could go with it. And then it became a service that I offer in my business. Now, are you familiar with John Edward? Yes. When I had him on my show, and we were talking about how he sees things and how it works for him, and he says it's kind of like a daydream. It's not something that he's creating, but it's there, and he can see it. And it's kind of like a daydream when he sets his his mind aside to it. Is that kind of what it's like for you? Is that what you see? Or is it more pronounced? Is it is it more like a vivid dream? I don't know. You tell me what's it like? Well, I think everyone has their own sort of abilities. You know, there are so many Claire's there's Claire cognizance, Claire audio audience 13:39 clairvoyance, clairsentience, so you can feel, see, hear and know things. And for me, I tend to see things very visually in and that's been across the board. Like in meditation, I see things in my Reiki practice, I see things. So for me visuals come in pretty easily. So for me, when it begins, it starts out like a movie, I would actually describe it as like a movie screen that I'm watching. 14:06 And like I said, it always starts with sort of this pan shot of the land and and where we are, and sort of the environment fills in first, and then and then the characters come in. So I would describe it more as like watching a movie. But I've also had past life regressions, which are slightly different from Akashic readings like a past life regression is when you go to someone who is 14:31 certified in past life regressions and through a series of hypnotic suggestions, they put you into a state where you tell yourself a story of your own past life. And they ask questions and sort of guide you through the process but you are telling yourself the story. And you're also aware enough to remember what it is you're saying. So that's a past life regression. Those usually take three or four hours. And you tell yourself the story and Akashic Record reading is an hour 15:00 or, and someone else is telling you the story. So you have like a mediator in between. 15:07 So for both of these things, the past life regressions that I've done on my own, or with a guide, or with the Akashic records for me, it's always visual. So it does always started visually. But like I said, it's more of a movie. Very cool. By the way, if you're listening to this, and you would like to understand more about our past lives and live between lives, I have a book recommendation for you. And it's good. It's called Journey and souls, and or destiny of souls by Dr. Michael Newton. And he was the very first book I picked up way back when, when I had a friend of mine, tell me, Well, you know, you should go to a metaphysical bookstore, and buy the first book that speaks to you. I did, and that was it. And a talk about past lives, life between lives, the contracts that we create, and all the things that you have kind of blended together with Akashic records and also past life regression. So it's kind of all and it's, and it's all real. And it's how I you know, sometimes I get frustrated, because I really want people to understand that a lot of this is real. And it's not, it's not airy fairy, and it's not out there. It's just energy. How do you describe it for people so that they understand that it's not a concept that is so foreign are so out there that you have to have like your, your half stars and moon hat on to and and your magic wand and stuff? And to be really out there? That is just energy and it's part of everyday life? How do you describe it? 16:48 That's a great question. Well, speaking to what you just said about Dr. Newton's book, what's great about him is that he came in, he came into the metaphysical world from a scientific background, right? Yeah, he, he comes at it from the science of it and proving it through science. And so a lot of people need that, you know, to make it feel real, to make it feel like it's not something woowoo that's a term that I think it's overused. And so that is a great book, if you're not coming from a place of really feeling like this is real, because there's a lot of science backing up what he has to say. 17:25 But there's science and everything that is metaphysical. It's just, it hasn't been clear cut enough. Because we're not taught this in school. So it's like, you have to pull the information from all these different resources. So Albert Einstein said that everything is energy, of course, right? He is the forefather of quantum physics, which is a huge part of what we learn in energy work. 17:52 And then you've got Dr. Newton, you've got all kinds of scientists that are actually proving all of this, there's a whole lot of science behind sound healing, and how 18:01 you know, certain hertz frequencies can put us into a healing state and help us heal from surgery quicker. And there have been scientific studies around those things. So there, there is actually a lot of science, but it's not all in one cohesive place. So you have to really work hard to find the proof. So the way that I explain energy is that 18:26 as I mentioned, it has been around it has been stated by many scientists, you know, nothing is ever created or destroyed. As Albert Einstein said, it just simply transforms. And so if that is the case, with, you know, scientific particles like neutrons and electrons and and all of that, then why is that not the case with our souls, and never made any sense to me that my soul would only live one life and then it would go retire somewhere and never come back and never learned anything else and just be done. So my first book that I picked up was 19:07 many lives many masters. Oh, yes, that's an excellent book as well. And that's from a therapist point of view coming into these past life ideas. And so for me, past lives, really were the opening the portal that I walked through saying, this makes sense to me, I can't imagine that I'm only supposed to be here once. For other people, that's a much larger leap. And, and it's hard to believe that because of whatever you were taught as a child, so that was an easy entry point for me. So energy for me is about understanding how everything is connected. Most things that show up in the body begin as a belief first. And then that belief creates a thought the thought creates an emotion and then the emotion that we hold, creates pain, potentially. So it's all connected. 20:00 If everything is connected, your energy field is connected to mine, everything is connected to everything all of the time. And if COVID showed us anything, that's what it showed us is that everything is connected, and we're all in the same boat all the time. And everything that we do, interacts with everyone else. 20:19 I couldn't have said that better myself, that's very, very, very good. By the way, if you would like to give us a call, and and and talk to shell, if you have a question about any of these concepts that we're talking about, that you really don't understand and would like, and would like some clarifications, you can, you can do certainly do that, if you also want to talk about the healing process of sound healing and some of the other modalities she does, you can give us a call. And Nathan's gonna give you the number right now that phone number is 425-373-5527, or toll free at 1-888-298-5569. 20:57 And thank you, Nathan, you know, and shell, I think part of the problem is, is that the concepts that you and I are talking about, really are brand new, because Einstein lived in the in the late era of the 20th century. And in the 18th century, and prior to that, the concept of energy Well, heck, the concept of whether the earth was round, even though there are some people who still say it's flat, unbelievably enough, 21:25 whether it was round, or flat, is a relatively new concept, I mean, that that didn't get solved, and for about 500 years ago. And so when we're looking at at how things actually work, and you look at the universe, the absolute immense size of it, and how long the Earth has been here, which is I'm getting through, I'm getting getting to my point in just a second how long the Earth has been here, which is four and a half billion years, the universe has been around for 16 plus billion years. And to say that, okay, 22:03 your soul is going to be created, it's going to live here for 6070, maybe 80 years, and then it's going to retire. And that's going to be hit, you don't have a chance to know everything you can't possibly know everything in 60 or 70 years. I'm a short, fat white guy, I'll never know what it's like to be a tall, black lady from Nairobi, or, or to be six foot six, like Nathan is, unless I have the opportunity. I'll never know what a woman feels like when it goes to MC. There's lots and lots of things that we really don't understand. 22:41 But we should be looking along those lines. Does that make sense? Because that was always one of the things show that I was that just amaze me is that if this thing is so big, there's so much we don't know. And that to say that it doesn't exist, or it's woowoo? Or it's, you know, it just doesn't make any sense to me. Okay, I'm done talking about yourself. What do you think? 23:04 Well, I 23:06 agree with many of the things you said, I mean, it's actually they're all very old concepts. I mean, the Vedic mysteries are 4000 years old, the Upanishads by the Indian mystics talked about all have this 4000 years ago, but what happened is that we got disconnected from this information. So 23:27 the powers that be saw an opportunity to control the information that you are actually a sovereign being and that you can participate in your own healing. And they came in and sort of threw all that out, and you know, cut off our access to that information about how we can heal ourselves. And so a lot of that is 23:50 been passed down verbally through indigenous culture. And fortunately, through that, we've been able to access some very old history about this information, but it's certainly not something that's in our culture now. We are very much led to believe that there are certain ways of healing 24:12 that are actually quite detrimental to our health. And I think there's now this new turn in society of people saying now you know, I want to be healthier I know that there's more to this the Earth does produce herbs that are meant to help us and you know, indigenous cultures have relied on those things for 1000s of years and there's some some some intelligence here that we need to get back. 24:39 Well, I couldn't agree more and where do you Well, I was gonna, I was gonna ask you why do you think that happened, but I know why it happened. From it's all about money and power. Everything is about money and power. And if you can control people and you can control the Masters if you because if you believe, the year or so, the you have the ability to 25:00 he'll yourself and and not depend upon somebody else, or to live your life independently of other people and other things, then they you don't need them. And so therefore, you don't have to worry about giving them money and stuff. And so I get it. It really is. 25:18 It's too bad that that has gone on for as long as it has. Do you feel like it's changing that we are waking up? I definitely do. I definitely do. I mean, I think there is, 25:30 there is a movement that is gaining power every day with the number of people that are coming online or waking up or lighting up or are finding modalities that work for them. And there are so many of them across the board, I mean, from aromatherapy, to herbalism, to breath work, to talk therapy, to somatic therapy, to energy work to sound healing. I mean, there are so many, many modalities that can speak to a person and draw them into this world, that we're only going to increase in numbers. And the world that we're talking about is not a scary place. It's a place of acceptance and love. Would you agree with that? Absolutely. It's also not about bypassing though. So you know, there is a process by which when you begin your spiritual journey, it's called the dark night of the soul, which is where you kind of dive into some of the things that a lot of us try to push away. And so there it's not all light and love and butterflies and rainbows and leprechauns and whatever else it is some deeper, denser emotions that we have to go through and really feel and release in order to become a clear conduit for that higher vibrational energy. But it isn't that part of our experiential journey, that we are, that we're here to do that we're here to accomplish it. It's part, it's part of the experience that we have of our life that we we go through them, and then we learn from them. And then we are able to raise our vibration and do different things. Would you agree with them? I would say that's the realest journey we can take. 27:10 And if you're aware of that, then they can be something that you can 27:16 understand and work through rather than not understand. Why did this happen happen to me? I hear that a lot. Why did this have had weird happen to me? Why did it happen to me? Well, I don't because maybe you asked for it. Or maybe it was something that you needed. And it was an experience that you can learn from so that you can help somebody else through. And that sort of thing would be would that? Does that make sense to you? Absolutely. I believe that we sign up for our lessons before we actually show up on this planet in newborn form. We know what it is that we want to learn and do and grow. And every experience from that point forward is meant to help us focus in on that. Some of them are hard lessons, and some of them are easier lessons. But trauma is not actually what happens to us. It's our response to what happened. So the trauma is more internal than external. And I think that our society right now looks at that a little wrong. We've got it focused on an external, this happened to me? Well, actually, your trauma that you're carrying is your response to what happened to you. And if you can unravel your response, then it won't hold any power over you anymore. 28:33 That is great. No, by the way, we need to take a break. And I want to let people know about your website, which is insight and Correct. Yes. And yeah, and shell and you're like, 28:48 I can't pronounce your last name. I'm so sorry. It's okay. Most people call me Ben. Yeah. Which is a donut in French. It's actually been Yeah, we're all very good. And so shall donut is with us today. 29:03 And I want to take a quick break and we'll be right back. But then I want to get into for the second half of the show. 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And you say, Well, how do I do that I gotta go to the doctor and I gotta get prescriptions and physical therapy and all that our guests Shar or shell right here will tell you that you can heal yourself. And we're going to talk about that right now. Shall how are you? Great, you know, now you've got donated my head. So I keep wanting to call you donate, I'm not going to do that. But 31:44 but shall again, go to the inside and illumination back calm. And you can find out all the information about her her work. And you can hire her to work with you. Because sometimes we just need that extra push over. So explain explain what you do to help people heal. 32:04 Well, I'm a Reiki practitioner. So I usually like to start with Reiki, if I'm going to work with someone for a long time, just because your body actually says a lot about where you are and what you're holding. And so I find that when I can connect into your energy field, 32:23 either in distance or in person, then I know a little bit more about what's really going on. And then we get into talking. So I have a piece of my work. That's called transformation partnerships. So that sort of like spiritual coaching. And so that would be the piece where you would tell me what it is that you are looking to 32:47 transform, and to release and to invite in. And, you know, it's interesting to match the things that we say, with what our body is holding. Sometimes they match up, and sometimes they don't. And so I find that these two things layered together really nicely. So then we move into the talking piece. And then, you know, depending on what you need, I have some clients that I have, you know, created custom meditations for because they wanted to work on a specific goal. They had a lot of anxiety or potentially people pleasing, and they wanted to unravel something like that. So then we can do that through meditation through the consistent use of meditation. 33:33 I also do sound healing, and Akashic Record readings to see how far back 33:40 that pattern Mako 33:43 tell me about sound healing, how does it work. So 33:48 there are certain frequencies. So first of all, you have to believe that everything vibrates, which is proven by science, we're all vibratory 33:59 beings, you know our cells vibrate. So if we are made up of cells and water, water vibrates, then you have to then by extension, believe that we are vibrating beings, and so is everything else in our world. So depending on your vibratory rate, if you are vibrating at a fast pace or slower pace, there's the overlap of, you know, 34:22 higher consciousness, higher means higher vibration, meaning vibrates quicker. 34:29 If you're at a higher rate than your you're in your optimal level, if you are at a lower rate than your feelings of heaviness and denseness maybe some of the tougher emotions like fear, worry, anxiety. So these these things have a vibratory rate. So there are different frequencies that have been attuned to the optimum frequency for your chakras. So in all 35:00 with my work, I work with the chakras, which are seven main body energetic wheels. We have way more than that, but we've been taught about seven. And so right now that's the gateway for most people. So you have seven energy centers in your body. And these crystal bowls have been attuned to the perfect frequency for that chakra. So if you are using that bowl, and you're listening to it consistently for 20 minutes, and it's vibrating at the rate in which a perfectly aligned root chakra chakra would be vibrating, then eventually through entrainment, which is the scientific process, your body will begin to match that frequency, and it will start vibrating at a different rate without necessarily having to process a lot of memory or trauma or emotion, you can just match that level. So there has been scientific studies that for instance, brandenburg's Concerto Number three is at a frequency that when listened to for 20 minutes or more after surgery has been proven to shorten your recovery time, 36:10 or your healing time so that you are fully recovered. So sound is actually and has been, from the beginning of time, something that heals us, sounds music makes us feel better, it makes us feel emotion. And whether there are words to that music or not, it will still touch your heart and touch your chakras and help you heal. 36:33 I think that's that's a great description of it. And and because it's all just energy, again, energy and vibration, energy and vibration, I got a party trick for you. You want to do a party trick 36:46 to data that New Year's Eve is coming up. So what I want you to do on New Year's Eve, is when you go to your friend's house, 36:55 during the course of the evening, I want you to say I've got a party trick for you. And you have them stand up. Just have somebody stand up with their 37:06 kind of parallel to you. So they're got their, their, their front and their back is 37:14 how can I describe this, I've never tried this before. This is this is flying without a net here. Okay. So what you do is you have somebody be parallel to you, so that you've got like their right arm or your left arm is here, their body, the right arm is farther away from you, okay, you have them, close their eyes, 37:35 close their eyes, and then you take your hands, no more, no less than two to four inches to their body. And take and start moving your hands slowly back and forth, 37:49 back and forth. You know what you'll find? Their body starts moving to in concert with your hands moving back and forth, and they won't even know it. So they will start moving. And that's just the energy that we all have. I hope that makes sense to anybody. I just want to be clear, we're facing each other right? Now you're not facing each other. They are. They're facing away from you like okay, like, but we're facing the same direction. 38:22 No. So whether it be perpend ticular, that 38:26 that would that would be that I didn't take geometry and 38:34 shell Does that make sense? Have you have you ever tried that little party trick? I have not. But I do often tell people that you can take your two hands yourself, you can rub them together for you know, 30 seconds. And then you can stop and put your hands into a circular motion, like you're holding a ball and you can feel the heat. And it can actually feel you can feel the resistance of the energy. So it can actually feel like you're holding a ball. And that is you know, something you can do on your own. And that proves you know, the energy can be felt. So we are energetic beings. And if you don't believe it, I would like you to go to forest and walk up to a large tree and just put your hands on the tree, and you will feel its vibration. 39:22 It is the coolest thing because that tree is alive. And it's a vibrating thing, and you will feel it. And so that's what I'm talking about woowoo cookie stuff here, which is I think a technical term, but we're talking about real stuff real, real ways to to help yourself heal and to understand how the process works. And so I'll ask you, how does the process work? How do you how do you heal yourself? Well, to your point just now, I mean, everyone has experienced that where you walk into a room or a party or a conference space and you just feel something right you feel like 40:00 I'm happier, or you feel like something has just happened in that space, maybe there was an argument or, you know, everyone has felt that they have walked into a space and gone, Oh, this feels good, or this feels bad. So everybody has the ability to read energy in that way, you know, you can meet a person for the first time and you're standing in front of them and your energetic fields are overlapping, because our energetic fields are at least three feet outside of our physical bodies. So my physical body is standing in front of your physical body, but our energetic bodies are overlapping, and I can feel if I feel good around you, or if I don't feel good around you. And you know, people will say, I don't know, there was just something about that person, I didn't feel good around them, or that person made me feel great. And your mood can change very quickly. And that is literally just the overlapping of energy and our ability to feel another person's energy. 40:55 It's important to know that because you can you can really make some determinations about what's happening around you, and and by feeling the energy. Now, you didn't always have you didn't always have the skills that you have now, how long did it take you? And how did you develop the skills that you have now? 41:16 Well, for a very long time, I operated from a very unconscious wounded place. As a young adult, you know, I was 41:26 not in any way healed, I was very unhealed person. And 41:32 I had to go through some very difficult lessons and realize that the life I was creating was really one that was unconscious, and not for my higher benefit. And so through that process of realizing that I was sort of slowly destroying myself, I looked for something that would help. And I went on a spiritual journey, I did a lot of the modalities that are offered out there for people 42:03 looking for what would help me and many of them spoke to me, some of them didn't. And it was a 10 year process, really, to learn how to live a conscious life and to put myself first and to unlearn a lot of the conditioning and the patterning that I had taken on as a child or as a young adult. 42:24 And, and then move forward in a different way. So for me in my practice, now, the first thing that I did was I became a Reiki Master through the three levels of learning about the energy and then certified in sound healing. And then like I said, I taught myself Akashic Record reading and, but I also have always had 42:46 an interest in self improvement. And you know, way before the holistic movement, when we were going to bookstores to get books, and it was called personal growth, I would go to the personal growth section and learn how to try to improve myself. So it's been a journey that I have been drawn to for a very long time, because I feel like we are meant to be our best selves. And the way that we do that is by releasing what is not serving us by becoming aware of what we're doing unconsciously, and begin to call in consciously what it is that we want for ourselves. Have you found that over the course of that 10 year period that people looked at you and said, show you what's going on with you, you're changing is I like to change, it's great, but what's happening with you? Did you have anybody talk to you like that? Almost everyone in my life, I, I had lost a lot of friendships, I was married and divorced. You know, as as you go through a significant change like that, you know, you your environment is based on who you are at any given time. And when you begin to change your environment usually has to change as well. And so a significant change in my outer world a lot of people didn't understand it. Along the way, a lot of people have thought I was a little nuts along the way and, and then there are some people that are still around that have said okay, now I can see what it is you were talking about all those years ago, I thought you were crazy, but now I can see. So yeah, it comes with its own 44:26 profit and loss. And you're helping people that are accepting though because that, ladies and gentlemen, that's what we just described there, it's all about vibration. You when you are of a higher vibration is difficult for people of a lower vibration to hang with you because if the energy doesn't match very well, so it will so by people that are also in this on the same path as you that are growing their energy the same way at the same time, they tend to become closer to you and it becomes 45:00 is a much better relationship. Is that Is that close? Am I right? Absolutely. I think the way it begins for most people is you say, I've got this friend or this family member or this person in my life, this co worker, someone who I feel really bad around all the time. And it feels like if I am with this person, they are a bad influence, or I'm not really able to achieve everything that I want to achieve when I'm spending a lot of time with this person. So I need to create some distance here. And then when I create distance, then I'm able to ask myself what it is that I want to participate in, and then I go and I find something that is a higher vibration, or I find a person that's a higher vibration, and then, and then that person feels very differently. And then I feel very differently with that person. You know, Oprah says that you should spend time with five people you most want to be like, or the five people around you or are who your most be like. And so there is that quality of vibration there in your environment. And so most people begin to feel like, Oh, I've met this person that makes me feel great, or I've met this person, and I don't feel good around them. And that's your first clue as to if that's a higher vibration, or a lower vibration. And oftentimes, you'll feel right away. I'll give you an example. The first time I met Nathan, when we started doing work at the radio, when I started working at the radio station again. And I just thought he was a horrible human. No, I'm kidding. 46:29 He wasn't he was just awesome. He made it flow. And when you're in that kind of flow with another human being, or another animal or another entity, you can you can make it flow and it can be very positive for for everybody concerned. 46:45 And I just, I just love that. So he probably thinks I'm an idiot, but that's okay. You know? 46:52 Well, are you gonna say anything? 46:55 There's nothing to say I don't think you're an idiot. Oh, well see, now the T has to say that because it's like my show and all that. But that's, that's great. So in your world, then things have changed for you. And what do you see? What do you see you doing next? I would like to get into the retreat space. So I for before I started my spiritual journey, and then threw out some portions of my spiritual journey. I was a wedding planner. So I planned very high end sort of platinum weddings for some celebrities and people of notable background. And I did that for a very long time. And it was a very interesting career plans, didn't you? I did that port portrait event in France. I did that in the US. And then I moved to France. And I started my own company in France. And that was more destination weddings. So I have a large background with planning events, and hospitality. So I think that I would really like to start to use that background to create retreats. And that way, I'm not limited to just my, 48:12 my local local area of the world, but those can, you know, be in any given area of the country or even destinations beyond that, and then I can work with more people. I understand that there's a friend of the show that has been on before her name is Alyssa, you're talking about doing something with can we share a little bit about that? Just a little peek under the blanket? Sure. Yeah. Well, with with a lot of these healing modalities, there are so many of them. And so Alyssa has very complementary healing modalities to what I offer, she does Theta Healing, which is about uncovering the subconscious beliefs that are part of your conditioning and that are affecting your life. And so I am meeting her in our local area here, we bartered she gave me Theta Healing, I gave her Reiki healing. And we realized how complimentary these two things were. So we are looking to join forces soon. And what she will be doing is guiding you through a theta healing process where she asks very specific questions, uncovering ancestral, 49:23 ancestral healing that needs to take place past life, healing, subconscious healing. And then what I found through that is I actually found an attachment which is an energetic entity in and of itself in my throat, as she uncovered something for me. And then I needed to release that and so I needed someone that was, you know, 49:46 practiced in in energy healing, to help me release that attachment. And so we realize that you know, if that does come up for someone in her Theta Healing, then with the support of Reiki at the same time, we 50:00 and release that attachment immediately. So we are going to join forces into Theta Healing and Reiki healing at the same time, and we've had a few clients and it has been unbelievably 50:13 powerful. It's very deep healing, because it's not only what's stored in the body, but what's stored in the unconscious and the subconscious. And you've got two healers there supporting you through the process. So it's, it's something that we're really excited about. Well, when you get to that point, you're gonna have to come back and we're gonna have to talk about it again, I know you're scheduled to be on another podcast, but I'm i My KK and W listeners that are near and dear to my heart. So I want to get that out there for them as well. And make sure that they, they hear all of that. And again, the 50:46 shell has been our guest today. And your last name again, Please my dear Ben year, Ben Yair, I should have had it up here, shell been here and go to our website, which is insight and elimination, that calm I love that insight and And you've learned all about her her services, resources, and contact and and I think it's I think it's great, and congratulations on your journey. You're not You're far from done. You're a young lady yet, but you've got lots and lots to do. And so congratulations on all of that. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. It's a pleasure to be here. It's pleasure to have you here. And by the way, starting next week, God willing, and the creek don't rise, we will be live on YouTube on KK and w 11:50am. So stay tuned for that. And that'll be positive talk radio, and it'll be live on YouTube, as well as you can listen to us here on as you're driving around the byways and highways of Seattle. No, I did want to give shell the opportunity. 51:58 Everybody wants to? 52:00 Well, not everybody, but I would love for you to tell us a little bit about anything that you would like us to know, something that's on your heart that you feel can benefit my audience, and I would really appreciate you doing them. All right, well, thank you for that opportunity. I am very passionate in being an educator for people to realize the connection between your thoughts and beliefs and the pain that manifests in your physical body. So as you mentioned earlier today, 52:33 you know, people feel like healing does that mean I need to go to the doctor does that mean I need to get a prescription. You know, we have these external things that we go and seek out when we're not feeling our best when we have pain in the body. But what I am learning through my process is that typically, our physical pain is a warning, though, for unprocessed emotion that we have in our energetic field. So we have been moving too fast and not processing our emotions, or it's something that we want don't want to deal with and we push it down or we push it away. Well, like I said, energy is never destroyed. So it's just transformed, it goes somewhere else and it stays in our field. And it gets closer and closer into our physical body until it actually shows up in our physical body. If it stays unprocessed, and it creates pain. And then the pain is meant to get our attention. The pain is saying something is happening here, you're holding something. And so I'm taking this course right now, but shows 53:34 which emotions we hold in which ways in our body through which systems in which organs and there's a direct correlation through Chinese medicine and several other modalities that show us if you've got, you know, a pulled muscle in your neck, it's probably something that's has to do with your heart and you're guarding your heart and so you're pulling this muscle and you're 54:00 closing in on your heart. So there's there's this fascinating world that I just can't wait to, for it to become mainstream where there are you know, ties between emotion and physical pain and so going to a doctor and getting another drug is not necessarily the answer to unraveling your pain. It can be a journey into your own emotions and then learning how to live pain free forever. 54:27 That's a beautiful statement and thank you very much. And so shall Ben year has been Hey about that has been our guest today. I want to thank you so much for being here. And by the way, remember everybody that 54:41 kind of or not kind of chiropractor and, 54:45 and acupuncture, at one time were considered not very real sciences and now they've also been proven that they can help people so don't poopoo the energy don't poopoo what we're talking about today, it is actually very real and 55:00 I want to thank sharp for being here again, go to insight and find out more about her. And I want to thank everybody for being here. We're getting excited. We've only got two more shows of this whole year. Man as time has gone by so fast. I want to thank everybody for being here and just remember, take care of each other because you know each other is all we got. We'll see you Wednesday at four

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