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421 | Empowering Women - Interview - Angie Monko

February 11, 2023

421 | Empowering Women - Interview - Angie Monko
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I’m Angie Monko.

I am a life coach for intuitive women leaders. I guide them to clear barriers to their success and expand their potential so they can feel relaxed, supported and free to create a life they love. In other words I help them to be themselves.

I support women leaders by helping them identify the overwhelm, and work through their pain and past traumas by providing a safe space for them to heal.

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Angie MonkoProfile Photo

Angie Monko

Holistic Divorce Coach

Angie Monko is the owner of Harmony Harbor Coaching since 2008 and a Holistic Women’s Divorce Coach. She guides women to heal from the trauma of divorce so they can get their lives back move forward stronger and happier into their next chapter.

Angie created this safe space for women to become Loving Self-Advocates, where they honor and respect themselves.

Under Angie’s guidance in her workshops, retreats, private coaching and online programs, women are becoming healthy and vital leaders for themselves, their family, friends and all they influence. By healing their heart from the trauma of divorce and replacing harmful beliefs about their worthiness and deservingness with beliefs that affirm “I AM ENOUGH,” they are able to advocate for their needs to be met in a healthy way, receive support, and take actions that align with their spirit, heartfelt values and desires.

Angie has certifications in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Hypnosis and The Healing Codes and is well-versed in Donna Eden energy medicine, all designed to reprogram their thinking and heal their heart at an energetic, root cause level.

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Kevin McDonald


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