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428 | Taking Courage! - Interview - Shana Francesca feat. Dana Parker

February 18, 2023

428 | Taking Courage! - Interview - Shana Francesca feat. Dana Parker
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My name is Shana Francesca and I am a professional life designer, speaker and writer. I help people live more joyful and fulfilled lives by speaking about Life Design.

From an early age I have been fascinated by the power of intention, the way that what we say affects our perception of reality, the way our physical surroundings reflect back to us our beliefs and our beliefs about ourselves.

Fifteen years into my career and five years into founding what is now Concinnate, I continue to lean into what it means to be a leader. My purpose is to empower us all to live more intentional, connected and authentic lives-to design our lives and by doing so, experience untold depths of Joy.

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Kevin McDonaldProfile Photo

Kevin McDonald


Creator and Host of Positive Talk Radio and its Parent Company

Dana ParkerProfile Photo

Dana Parker


Dana Parker is a passionate transformational speaker and trainer -- facilitating in the personal development world for over a decade. Dana understands that real success comes from a multi-faceted approach towards the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual areas of life. Dana’s also striving to change the speed in which we address Mental Wellness on a global scale, bringing a knowledge of mindfulness, mental and emotional strength training and other critical components to those struggling. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique approach that is "Distinctly Dana,” making her an incredible coach and leader supporting others in their next steps towards experiencing joy!

Shana FrancescaProfile Photo

Shana Francesca

Life Designer / Founder/ Speaker/ Writer

Shana Francesca is a speaker, writer and entrepreneur. Shana has been interviewed on more than 50 podcasts worldwide and has been published in Medium, Authority Magazine & Shoutout LA and emotional intelligence + magazine. She helps people live more joyful and connected lives through the principles of life design. Shana believes our present and future are transformed when we infuse our lives with intention, we design our lives and realize the power in accepting ourselves as the author of our story.