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434 | The Power of Listening to Your Heart! - Interview - Dr. Madalina Petrescu & Cris Agafi

March 01, 2023

434 | The Power of Listening to Your Heart! - Interview - Dr. Madalina Petrescu & Cris Agafi
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About Dr. Madalina Patrescu:
I have always been attracted to the space of the heart and the healing arts. I became a cardiologist in 2004 and work at Swedish Medical Center. My specialty in cardiology has been centered in structural heart and serving as director of the Echocardiography Laboratory, as well as engaged in Population Health initiatives for patients with valvular heart disease. I have served in other leadership positions including as Chair of the Board for our group and have served as faculty on national valve conferences for the past decade.

About Cris Agafi:
Personal Coach and Co-Creator of the HeartQ Transformational Program Cris has been on a personal development journey for over a decade, being part of numerous deep personal discovery experiences such as The Hoffman Process, Landmark, the Mankind Process, just to mention a few.

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Kevin McDonaldProfile Photo

Kevin McDonald


Creator and Host of Positive Talk Radio and its Parent Company

Cris AgafiProfile Photo

Cris Agafi

Best selling author / Co-creator of HeartQ / Mens heart intelligence coach

Cris Agafi, is a heart intelligence coach and best-selling author, co-creator of HeartQ™ and the Heart Intelligent Lifestyle™. Cris guides others in finding the inner knowing of their heart, connecting to their innate heart intelligence and designing an aligned and fulfilling life.

Unable to be authentic and not really knowing himself in the past Cris didn’t realize this lack of trust in his own inner voice muted his intuition. He felt unclear, uncertain, confused, and lost.

After about 10 years of his inner journey, Cris was brought face to face with the importance of self-honesty and awareness of the shadows of his unconscious. He became intentional and dedicated his life to personal and spiritual development.

Cris learned to trust his intuition again and to distinguish between his heart’s true desires and the ego’s attachments.

Recognizing every interaction offers the potential to turn triggers into gifts, he has crafted a process that he’s eager to share with others struggling to know themselves.

Journey with Cris back to your heart and find power and inner peace in your own authenticity