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440 | Taking Control Over Your Life! - Interview - Rodolfo De Angeli

March 07, 2023

440 | Taking Control Over Your Life! - Interview - Rodolfo De Angeli
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Over the past 12 years, Rodolfo has helped tens of thousands of committed men and women conquer fears, heal trauma and find their bliss.

After a long-troubled life experiencing childhood trauma, sexual abuse, a failed first marriage, time in prison, and severe anxiety to bring him to the edge of attempting suicide in 2010, he was able to defy the odds and overcome adversity.

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Kevin McDonald


Creator and Host of Positive Talk Radio and its Parent Company

Rodolfo De AngeliProfile Photo

Rodolfo De Angeli

Rodolfo is a husband, a mentor, and a modern-day shaman who has built a following of thousands of people worldwide over the past 12 years. Through his companies Life Artist Mastery and Ancient Ceremonies, he helps people conquer their fears, heal trauma, and find their bliss. His mission is to encourage holistic healing, profound spiritual realization, dynamic personal empowerment, and lasting positive life transformation through a fusion of modern strategies and ancient practices. Rodolfo dedicates part of his life to improving some of northern Peru's indigenous tribes' lives through philanthropy. He is married to his wife, Grace, and lives in Melbourne, Australia.