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448 | When Your Partner Says #MeToo - Interview - Shaun Hamilton

March 17, 2023

448 | When Your Partner Says #MeToo - Interview - Shaun Hamilton
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"When Your Partner Says #MeToo: Your Role And Responsibilities In Their Recovery Process" is a powerful and vulnerable book by author Shaun Hamilton that offers practical insights and strategies to help partners navigate the complex and emotional journey of supporting their loved ones through recovery from sexual violence.

Through his own journey of supporting his loved one through the healing process, Shaun gained firsthand insight into the complex emotions, challenges, and uncertainties that partners face. His vulnerability and openness about his own struggles and mistakes provide readers with a sense of empathy and understanding that is essential in supporting loved ones who have experienced sexual violence. By sharing his story and offering practical guidance, Shaun's book empowers partners to become better allies and advocates, creating a more supportive and healing environment for survivors.