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452 | Life of a Successful Vocal Coach! - Interview - Judy Rodman

March 21, 2023

452 | Life of a Successful Vocal Coach! - Interview - Judy Rodman
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Judy Mae Rodman is an American country music singer and songwriter. In the mid-1980s, she was a successful recording artist; making it all the way to number one on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart in 1986 with the song "Until I Met You." She also won the Academy of Country Music's "Top New Female Vocalist" award in 1985.

Today, Rodman is a singer, songwriter, producer and vocal instructor in Nashville, Tennessee. Her recorded songs include LeAnn Rimes's number-one hit "One Way Ticket (Because I Can)" (co-written with Keith Hinton). She has also developed Power, Path & Performance; a vocal technique she teaches and sells on CDs.

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Judy RodmanProfile Photo

Judy Rodman

Vocalist/Vocal Coach

Judy Rodman is an award-winning vocal coach, recording artist, live stage and media performer, public speaker, author, blogger, podcaster, songwriter, and studio producer.
Named ‘Best Vocal Coach” by Nashville Music Pros and "Vocal Coach in Residence by TC Helicon's Voicecouncil Magazine, Judy teaches singers and speakers globally online. She does studio track and/or vocal production both in-person and online, arranges and arranges/records backing vocals in her office and in studio. Her clients include major and indie recording artists and labels, artist development companies, touring and studio background singers, public speakers, media personnel, teachers and voiceover talent. Her students and recording clients have appeared on The Today Show, Letterman, Ellen Degeneres, The Voice, American Idol, America's Got Talent, Grammys, CMA, and ACM Awards Shows, Rolling Stone and People Magazines, New York Times Best Seller list.
Judy is member of SAG-AFTRA, AFM, NATS, BMI
Other awards:
Winner of ACM ‘New Female Vocalist’, Billboard ‘Top New Country Female’, BMI ‘Million-air’ Award.
Longer bio on website.

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Kevin McDonald


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