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461 | Importance of Teaching! - Interview - Dr. Danny Brassell

April 01, 2023

461 | Importance of Teaching! - Interview - Dr. Danny Brassell
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For nearly three decades, Dr. Danny Brassell has served as an educational advisor to students ranging from preschoolers to rocket scientists. While he has held a variety of titles and worked with leaders from a variety of fields and disciplines, Danny has always considered himself first and foremost a teacher.

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Dr. Danny BrassellProfile Photo

Dr. Danny Brassell

Speaker | Author | Coach | Results Leader

A highly-sought after speaker, trainer and coach known as “Jim Carrey with a Ph.D.,” Dr. Danny Brassell has spoken to over 3,500 audiences worldwide and authored 16 books, including his latest, Leadership Begins with Motivation. He coaches business owners, entrepreneurs and executives how to increase their income, freedom and impact by creating engaging presentations.

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Kevin McDonald


Creator and Host of Positive Talk Radio and its Parent Company