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490 | Intimacy Myths & Facts - Interview - Amy Color

May 08, 2023

490 | Intimacy Myths & Facts - Interview - Amy Color
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I’m Amy Color, The Intimacy Coach and like all great coaches I’m here to get you results. I’ve created techniques that help bypass the fight or flight reflex of the brain, activate the parasympathetic nervous system keeping you feeling secure and connected. Cumulative positive pleasurable experiences rewire your brain and body for connection.

I’m trained and certified in multiple modalities including: Imago, Gottman, PACT, IITAP Addiction, Tantra, Sexological Bodywork, Couples Coaching, Erotic Intelligence and more. I am particularly experienced in coaching men as they navigate their connections in business and personal relationship.

The solutions I’ve created are based on nearly two decades of my research, study and experience creating a real alternative to traditional talk therapy. Intimacy Coaching changes the way people connect and heals the space between them. My revolutionary techniques build new neuropathways for the brain, rewiring the nervous system building the body’s communication bond and trust. I’ve helped thousands of individuals and couples in various stages of life, relationships and physical and mental abilities to feel connected, understood, safe and accepted.

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Amy ColorProfile Photo

Amy Color

The Intimacy Coach

Amy Color is The Intimacy Coach. She helps people with sexual shame and relationship issues feel safe to connect, communicate, and explore whole body sensual pleasure, together. She delivered a memorable TEDtalk Better Intimacy for Better Sex with over 1M views. She wrote: The Huddle: How to Score In Sex & Love. Her revolutionary online program the Intimacy Game Plan is a step-by-step formula to a playful relationship ~ without just talking.

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